019 Ciara and Leon Meet the Little Devil

Ciara and Leon meet Vlamerias.

[Evangeline has taken to Meri perfectly! The fledgling oracle hunters on the other hand…] -02:16 Jun 10
[Vlamerias didn’t realize humans were so fragile!] -02:17 Jun 10
Evangeline: I know they wear a lot of armor and padding, but it still hurts to get thrown across the room. *At least no one was thrown out a window!* -02:18 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She blinked and leaned over one of the new hunters! Then she nudged his side with a toe to see if he was still awake!* -02:19 Jun 10

“Ow.” That poor hunter! All he did was grab the lady! She said take out the head monster! Others were still snickering!

Evangeline: Don’t you beasts snicker! This is a perfect example of always being on guard! You never know when a little girl is going to throw you across the room! *She pointed a finger down at the hunter for someone to come and take him off to the infirmary!* -02:23 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She scratched her head as she stood and looked over her shoulder at the Bright Lady!* But he is still alive, yes, Mommy …? *The Bright Lady had said not to kill the humans but she had been awfully gentle that time!* -02:24 Jun 10

Those hunters did an amazing job of keeping a straight face as two of them walked across the room to take the wounded hunter away!

Evangeline: Of course he is! He might be exagerating it just a smidge. *When they wanted to escape they ow’ed and pouted about injuries… Most of the time she’d let them, but Gabriel would always make them suck it up!* I suppose that is enough for today! Maybe tomorrow people won’t be so easily jumped on! -02:28 Jun 10

There was a knock on the door, followed by a chuckle! A young were in human form, dark brown hair and eyes, was standing there! “Nice job, Evangeline. And your new assistant.” Caleb smiled.

Evangeline: *A smile!* It wasn’t a bad class. It’s always hardest for the newbies to get used to us. *It took weeks just to get newbies to understand it wasn’t a joke and to figure out what they can get away with and what they can’t!* -02:34 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She skipped to Evangeline’s side and didn’t notice the hunters giving her a wide berth! She grinned!* That was fun! I didn’t think I’d get them this time. *Those hunters could be sneaky but her Glaër was much sneakier!* -02:37 Jun 10

Caleb winked. “Keep up the good work. See you later.” He waved and walked away!

Vlamerias: *GRROWWL!! She blinked and giggled!* I’m hungry. Can we get something to eat now? I could eat a house! -02:42 Jun 10
Evangeline: Yes! I think it’s well past lunch time! *Taking Meri’s hand, she led her out. She was pretty hungry herself and they were having special meatballs in the cafeteria today!* -02:44 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *Such wonderful food! She was heaping up nearly everything they served … except for the stuff Evangeline called vegetables! Those weren’t as tasty as everything else! Her plate was so huge, it was a wonder she could see where she was going!* Do you think Glaër will join us for lunch? -02:47 Jun 10
Evangeline: He might be busy today, but we will see him tonight for sure. *She rest a hand on Meri’s head to turn her towards a table before she ate everything the cafeteria had to offer today!* -02:54 Jun 10

Ciara: I am glad to see the Oracle rumor mill isn’t entirely filled with nonsense. *Announced Ms. Grey from behind Evangeline! Most of the times the rumors were ridiculous, and she assumed these were just the same. But here was Evangeline with a wedding ring and a little girl that looked suspiciously like her.* Why the hell are you stealing my spotlight, Evangeline?

Vlamerias: *That got Evangeline a wistful sigh from Meri! The little devil was a true romantic! She spent a lot of time with Dark and the Warrior Lady while Bright Lady and her Glaër were together! She pouted a bit when she realized they were walking away from the table with all the food! She leaned to one side to get a glimpse at the human lady!* -02:59 Jun 10

Leon: *He was standing behind and to one side of Ciara! He gave a wolfish grin!* You’re a cute one. Cissy and I had to see things for ourselves. She was pretty sure the hunters were seeing things.

Evangeline: Ms. Grey! *Drats! She nearly forgot about Ms. Grey’s engagment!* I am sure all the gossip will die out quick. This is Meri! -03:01 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She blinked up at Ms Grey and the wolf!* Hello! Am I in trouble ’cause I threw that hunter in class today? *Bright Lady had said humans wouldn’t take well to being thrown around by a little girl! But she wasn’t a girl … she was a devil! That was different!* -03:03 Jun 10

Ciara: Even has Gabriel’s habits. Please tell me this isn’t really your daughter. The thought of a minature Gabriel running around is almost as bad as fully grown clone.

Evangeline: *Sheepishly, she shook her head.* She is Gabriel’s familiar. I am trying to teach her to be a little more gentle with the hunters! -03:09 Jun 10

Leon: *He blinked when Meri said that! Then he laughed!* One thing’s for sure, it’s never a dull moment at Oracle. My name’s Leon. So if you have any trouble with the weres here, let me know. *He told Meri.* Humans, vampires, and everyone else are Cissy’s department.

Vlamerias: *A frown that looked a lot like Evangeline’s when someone was being especially difficult!* But I told Mommy I am trying to be gentle. You humans are very fragile. -03:11 Jun 10

Ciara: I’m not concerned with the hunters. I am concerned with you running off and getting married while ~I~ am trying to plan a wedding. *Good lord! Familiar or not, the resemblance was insane! It’s not wonder everyone in Oracle were chattering like maniacs!*

Evangeline: We didn’t exactly plan it, it just happened! …but now you have a perfectly adorable little girl for your flower girl? -03:14 Jun 10

Leon: *His wolfish grin turned a bit sheepish as he scratched his head!* If you want to get started on a family, Cissy, I’m all for it. *Now it was wolfish again!*

Vlamerias: *She blinked! And blinked again!* Bright Lady made a contract with a devil … so she and Glaër bonded to save her! *Whatever was a flower girl?!* -03:16 Jun 10

Ciara: *She cast Leon a scowl. Just like a man to not understand the importance of being the spotlight of your wedding!* Life Bond, yes, I have heard. Gabriel picked a fine time to come to his senses! …and yes! I think flower girl is suitable enough.

Leon: *He coughed politely into a fist! Yeah, he’d tried talking Cissy into having a small affair but she had steadfastly refused. And to make her point, she’d pulled out her fencing sword! For something that resembled a giant needle, that thing could hurt!* Heh heh. See, one position taken care of … Now I just gotta land me a best man. *He blinked.* Hey, Evangeline, do you think Gabriel would mind …?

Evangeline: Oh! That’ll be lovely! You should ask him! He’d be very handsome all dressed up. -03:26 Jun 10

Ciara: I find it hard to imagine Gabriel standing still long enough for a ceremony. Maybe if you tie a string to him.

Leon: *He scratched his head.* It’d be awkward to ask Nicholas. He’s with the Living Grave. But … it’s worth a shot. *Another wolfish grin!* But Gabriel is bound to be there anyways. The wedding of one Ms Ciara Grey is sure to be the spotlight of news everywhere. Oracle, the world, everywhere.

Ciara: It WAS spotlight news until Evangeline had to get herself married and have a fast-growing love child! All I’ve been hearing is ‘so romantic’ and ‘so adorable’. With smatterings of horrified whispering.

Leon: *A soft smile!* You’ll make wedding magazine covers for years to come. And you have to remember, for all the romance, Evangeline and Gabriel are a secret to people outside of Oracle. You have millions of people to wow and dazzle, Cissy.

Evangeline: *Cough! Surely gossip wasn’t that bad!* Yes, that’s true! And you’ll be having an actual wedding ceremony with guests and witnesses! -03:37 Jun 10

Leon: Media coverage, a lovely dress people would kill for, fantastic food to hold over one very nervous wolf, wedding rings people would give their right arms for. *A wolfish grin!* And then some.

Ciara: *Ciara was appeased… for now! After all, this gossip was sure to die out before her wedding. It better.* So I will. You’ll need to get a nice dress and make sure Gabriel doesn’t wear that damned coat of his. …and if he’s going to wear those guns, he better hide them.

Evangeline: *Er… well, she wasn’t sure how she was going to find the right dress, but getting Gabriel out of his coat shouldn’t be too hard… would it?* Of course, Ms. Grey! You really have nothing to worry about! -03:44 Jun 10

Leon: … Can we have a steak buffet? *He figured that if there was ever a good time to ask (AGAIN!) now would be the time!*

Ciara: We’re going to have a broccoli buffet if you’e not careful! I’m going to grab my coffee and get back to work. Do stay out of trouble, Evangeline.

Leon: *Leon’s face fell! Anything but broccoli and his expression said as much! … Well, nearly anything but broccoli. If it was green, orange, red, or white and it wasn’t classified as meat or at least a fruit, it was evil incarnate!* Yes, Cissy. See you later, Evangeline. Meri. *He’ll see about tracking Gabriel down later … or what seemed to work better, just keeping an eye out for him!*

Evangeline: Yes, Ms. Grey. Bye Leon! *A big smile! Poor Leon! At least Ms. Grey wouldn’t really have a broccoli buffet!* That went a lot better than I expected! I thought she might rant a bit longer. -03:52 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She blinked and blinked! There were a lot of things they talked about that didn’t make sense! But there was one thing that stuck out the most!* Mommy, what’s a flower girl? -03:57 Jun 10
Evangeline: That is the girl that drops flower petals down the isle before the bride walks down it! There are a lot of little traditions for human weddings and Ms. Grey intends to have a very fancy one! *Weddings had never been something she had thought a lot about herself, but when she thought about it now, she couldn’t imagine anything sweeter than bonding with Grabriel. She grinned!* -04:02 Jun 10
Vlamerias: Oohh … Okay! *She was silent for a few minutes as she thought about that! Her father’s souls almost never mentioned traditions like those! It was rare when you were able to get one to stop moping about losing his soul to a devil!* Can we eat now …? -04:03 Jun 10
Evangeline: *Blink! Evangeline laughed softly.* Yes, we can eat now! *Finding the perfect place to sit, she eased in to a chair and sipped from her glass.* -04:06 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *As soon as Meri had set her plate down and gotten settled down in her own seat, she was eating that heap of food! … With the help of a fork, of course! No matter how often she and the Bright Lady ate at the cafeteria, her eating always drew stares! Even from the weres who were used to eating large quantities of food!* -04:08 Jun 10
Evangeline: What do you think about going for a walk after lunch? We can see ducks at the park, or maybe even visit the zoo! *The zoo would be a fun expirience! There was lots of animals there!* -04:12 Jun 10
Vlamerias: *She remembered the ducks! Bright Lady had warned her not to eat those after she had chased them around the park!* The zoo! Father’s souls mentioned those once or twice! He said he was killed by a lion after sticking his head into its mouth! -04:16 Jun 10

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