020 Christmas Memories

[Evangeline is sure Christmas is her favorite holiday, right next to Valentine\’s Day!] -02:02 Dec 22
[Gabriel is not feeling as celebratory as his wife it seems!] -02:03 Dec 22
Evangeline: *It seemed the natural way of things for her to be more excited than Gabriel. She had a tree and was trying to untangle herself from long strings of lights, while Alex sat on the floor playing with a plushie snowman!* I don’t quite remember these strings being so long! -02:05 Dec 22
Gabriel: *He was standing beside her, watching Alex play and now raised an eyebrow at her!* … You do not need so many lights. *He bent to crouch beside her and help untangle her.* -02:06 Dec 22
Evangeline: It’s his first christmas and everything should be as glittery as possible! Santa brings more presents when there is a pretty tree. *She watched him carefully, unwinding more wires.* It’s a holiday, it’s all right to relax and not think so hard? -02:09 Dec 22
Gabriel: I do not think so hard. It merely makes sense not to use so much lights. *He glanced up at the tree as two pixies flew out from the branches, playing tag with one another. They suddenly froze in place when they realized they’d been caught!* -02:11 Dec 22

One of them curtseyed! “Greetings, Dark King and Bright Queen and young Prince!” The other hid behind the first. “Hehe, we are … sorry?” -Gabriel

Evangeline: I am fairly certain it isn’t the lights you’re thinking about. *When he turned, she leaned forward to kiss his cheek with a grin.* Happy Christmas, little faeries! -02:12 Dec 22

“Hello!” they both chimed, smiling brightly at Evangeline. Then they zipped away as soon as they realized Gabriel’s attention was on them! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Now I am faerieless… I suppose you’ll just have to help me with the tree! *Evangeline shifted to her feet, picking up the untangled lights as she stood. It was so much easier to move now that she wasn’t as big as a house!* -02:22 Dec 22
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. He never did understand why Evangeline felt this holiday was so important but … it made her happy. He stood as well.* Very well. -02:32 Dec 22
Evangeline: *She answered his musing without even needing to read his thoughts– after handing him one end of the strings.* Traditions like this give structure and something to look forward to! … Also, good memories! *If she grinned anywider her face would be sore!* Do you remember our first Christmas..? You gave me my only Christmas kiss and said I could ask for another whenever I wished. -02:35 Dec 22
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You were concerned when no one approached you or kissed you. -02:38 Dec 22
Evangeline: When someone is wearing mistletoe, you are supposed to kiss them after all. …But I am glad that you are the only one who did. You even asked me to dance and I didn’t have to talk you in to it! *In fact she had a christmas ornament in her box for that memory too. She picked up a box to dig around in it. All of her ornaments were for a special memory!* -02:41 Dec 22
Gabriel: *As she reminisced, he watched her look for her decorations. There were so many in that box and in the other boxes she’d asked him to bring.** -02:55 Dec 22
Evangeline: *She held one out for him, a couple dancing. One in black and one in green!* See! And about the free kisses you promised me…? -02:59 Dec 22

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