Category: The Son of Darkness Saga

  • 020 Christmas Memories

    020 Christmas Memories

    [Evangeline is sure Christmas is her favorite holiday, right next to Valentine\’s Day!] -02:02 Dec 22 [Gabriel is not feeling as celebratory as his wife it seems!] -02:03 Dec 22 Evangeline: *It seemed the natural way of things for her to be more excited than Gabriel. She had a tree and was trying to untangle…

  • 030 The Power of a Song

    030 The Power of a Song

    [Evangeline is wearing a whispy dress and today is a little more anxious than normal. She was currently lighting candles in the ballroom.] -10:19 Aug 13 [Gabriel is attempting to track down a serial killer … but is being blocked at every turn.] -10:21 Aug 13 Gabriel: *He approaches the abandoned castle at the top…