020 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding Plans

Ciara and Leon doing wedding plans.

[Ciara is planning a wedding. And this time it\’s not to a vampire!] -05:46 Jun 23
[Leon was so very certain he\’d escaped wedding preparations for sure!] -05:49 Jun 23
Ciara: I’m not having some stupid run-away eloping wedding, and I don’t care if you like Elvis! We’re not having a Elvis preacher! -05:50 Jun 23
Leon: *The "Shot-Down-Puppy-Dog" look was clear on his face! An Elvis preacher was very classy!* Can we at least have an Elvis entertainer? -05:53 Jun 23
Ciara: No! But we can play Elvis music during the reception if you promise not to start howling. *Ciara had a clipboard and large folder. It had magazine clippings, papers, fabric samples.. This wedding was important and she wanted single last detail to be PERFECT. Today they would see about fitting for Leon’s tux and taste testing wedding cakes!* -05:56 Jun 23
Leon: *Oh, a compromise! Compromises were good, especially since Cissy had shot down pretty much all of his ideas up to this point!* Elvis music for the reception and I promise not to start howling. Wolf’s honor. We’re having the ceremony and reception somewhere outside, yes? -05:59 Jun 23
Ciara: We’re sure as hell not hosting it in a church. *She didn’t have anything against churches, but considering her guest list was going to including people like Gabriel Carnatelli, it was better not to piss God off.* There are huge garden sites all over the city, but I like the idea of having it at the Lake House too. What do you think? -06:02 Jun 23
Leon: *He threw her a sheepish grin!* I love it. Then Sherman and his family could watch the ceremony and everything. He promised to introduce me to the kids the next time we visited. -06:06 Jun 23
Ciara: That’s good. You don’t have much of a choice! *Ciara stuck out her tongue at him, just in time for them to arrive at the Tailor’s. It was one of those ridiculously fancy places, but it specialized in suits and tuxes for men. She intended for Leon to look better than he ever had in his entire life!* -06:08 Jun 23
Leon: *The sheepish grin turned wolfish!* I love you, too, Cissy. *He couldn’t resist and he sneaked in a quick kiss on her lips.* -06:11 Jun 23
Ciara: *Ciara couldn’t help a wicked sort of grin as she pulled him inside the shop.* Do you? Because you might change your mind in a few minutes. We’re going to Wolf Modeling while we find you the right suit. -06:14 Jun 23
Leon: *Inside! There was a thoughtful expression on Leon’s face as he thought about it. Then he finally nodded.* Yep. I’m a wolf. Wolves don’t mate unless it’s the real deal. -06:17 Jun 23
Ciara: I think you’re making that up, but I’ll believe it anyway. *She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning around to tuck her clipboard under her arm and clap her hands!* Jeoff! I have your model! -06:21 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon took a deep breath when Ciara turned to call the guy.* As long as he keeps his hands where I can see ’em. *He muttered. He wasn’t too keen on normal humans who he didn’t know touching him.* -06:22 Jun 23

Jeoff was definitely a man to worry about! His clothes were stylish and attractive, but his vest was a flaming hot pink! He clapped his hands together and practically chirped with glee when he appeared from the back room with some articles thrown over his arms. “Fabulous! Is this husband number four, Darling? He is SO much cuter than that last one! Why, look at those buns! I could take a bite out of them!”

Ciara: He bites back, Jeoff, I’d be careful. *Ciara responded with a wide smirk.* -06:25 Jun 23

“Oooooh! I like them kinky! Well, well, come here Mister Biter! Come stand here in front of the mirror and let me have a good look at you!” He motioned his hands towards the set of mirrors at the corner.

Leon: *He raised an eyebrow.* And I haven’t gotten a rabies shot in a real long time. -06:26 Jun 23
Leon: *He cast a "You’re serious about this" look at Ciara before moving over to stand by the mirrors!* -06:27 Jun 23

“You little rogue, you. I’ll let you have a nibble – rabies or not!” Jeoff wiggled his eyebrows over in Ciara’s direction, before he was rubbing his chin and stepping cicles around Leon. “Let’s see, let’s see. Nice rear. Broad shoulders. Look at these arms! You must be able to lift cars over your head!” Jeoff was using his measuring tape, but he didn’t hesitate to take a good squeeze too!

Leon: *Leon gave him a warning growl! Where he was about to bite, lust would be the last thing on Jeoff’s mind!* … And break a human who stands 5’8" and weighs approximately 125 lbs in half. -06:31 Jun 23
[Leon has timed out.] -07:08 Jun 23

“Fiesty! Oooooo! I see why you’re maryring this one, Darling!” he gave Leon a little swat on the shoulder, before kneeling down to get measurements of his legs. “What you’ll need is something that moves and breaths. I’m sure you’re a real beast in bed!”

[Leon groaned inwardly! So much for using the \”tough\” approach!] -07:22 Jun 23
Leon: *So he settled for just standing still for awhile!* Yeah, just something that doesn’t make me look like some stiffnecked, white collared pencil-pusher. -07:25 Jun 23
Ciara: I agree. I don’t want to marry some boring old pencil pusher. *Ciara was grinning like a fiend. Jeoff always made wedding plans entertaining, and even though she actually LOVED this fiancee, it was still fun getting a little revenge and having Leon teased. This will teach him not to chew on her damned shoes.* -07:28 Jun 23

“I’m thinking 80’s GLAM rock! We’ll spike up his hair, slap him in a nice tight pair of white leather pants and let this manly chest go bare! Here, lets get this shirt off so I can get a better look.” Jeoff swatted his measure tape at Leon’s shirt.

Leon: Oh hell no. *He growled.* I am not going bare with you, Kid. And I don’t like leather. It itches like hell. -07:53 Jun 23

“Don’t be bashfull, I need these measurements and the best way to get them is getting YOU, my manly strumpet, down to your undies! Chop, chop!” Jeoff was taking this all in stride – after all, he had to deal with this often!

Ciara: *Ciara was now biting her lip and trying not to start snickering. Kid? Really… It was always interesting to see Leon get serious or pissed off about something. It was a stark contrast to his behavior most of the time.* He does need correct measurements. Everything needs to be just right. -07:56 Jun 23
[Leon looked ready to pounce Jeoff and tear his throat out!] -08:00 Jun 23

“Just right, indeed! My, I remember that, what was his name? Something Charles? He was quite the nightmare in these fittings, and I swear, Darling here scared the devil out of me and nearly stabbed the man with one of the fabric needles! Her sense of humor is just killer!” Jeoff wasn’t even waiting for Leon to pull off his own clothes, he was attempting to undo shirt buttons himself!

[Ciara has timed out.] -09:10 Jun 23
[Leon has timed out.] -09:10 Jun 23
Leon: … This had better be one hell of a tux. *Leon muttered, forcing himself not to tear Jeoff apart. Cissy would never let him hear the end of it. He turned away from Jeoff while he undid his buttons.* -09:10 Jun 23
[Ciara is entertained.] -09:11 Jun 23
Ciara: I’m sure there won’t be easy reason for stabbing Leon. I’d like to put him in classic black, but without a tie or anything like that. But something well tailored. -09:13 Jun 23
Ciara: *ANY reason -09:14 Jun 23
Leon: *He blinked! That was a warning if he ever heard one … He pushed off his pants but kept it and his shirt in his hands. It was different taking his clothes off when it was just him or Cissy or them and … whoever happened to be around compared to a moment like THIS!* -09:15 Jun 23

Jeoff tapped his tape in his hands while he nodded appreciatively! Clearly Jeoff enjoyed the view! “I know just the thing, Darling, just the thing!” He disappeared for a moment in the back room before he returned with a few different styles of pants and a couple of jackets. He thrust the first set at Leon. “Try this one on, Mister Biter!”

Leon: *Leon did his best to IGNORE that appreciative look but when Jeoff left, he glanced over at Cissy with a glower … Once the man returned, he grabbed the clothes, threw his own over the back of a chair, and slipped them on!* -09:18 Jun 23
Ciara: *This time she couldn’t help but snicker softly.* Now if you will pose, so I can see how this looks? Otherwise I might have to leave you here with Jeoff while I visit the cake shop. -09:20 Jun 23
Leon: You wouldn’t dare! … *But she was giving him a look of her own and with a huff and a roll of his eyes, he held his arms up and apart and turned around.* Sheesh, the things I do for love … *He grumbled under his breath.* -09:22 Jun 23

“Don’t you worry, Darling! I’ll make sure to have the right suit so you and your delicious love and continue with your plans.” commented Jeoff, whose hands were now adjusted the jacket and moving down to tug on the waistband of the pants and make sure that was enough room in the front!

Ciara: I do like this one. I think if you tucked in the waist, it’d look brilliant. Then a nice white shirt. Silk, prefferably, with the traditional collar. I don’t want the asian collars, he’d probably stand around all day gasping for freedom. -09:32 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon ran his tongue over his teeth before he literally bit into something–or someone! He growled and shied away when one of Jeoff’s hands got a little too close to his crotch.* Watch it, Kid. -09:33 Jun 23

“Will do, Darling! I’ll have this one sized just right.” Jeoff slapped Leon on the rear! “You’re free Hotpants! Get out of those and back in to your own clothes.” With a giggle, Jeoff moved away to write down all the measurements and instructions.

Leon: *He growled again after being slapped and stalked over to the chair his clothes were on! He wasn’t modest by any standards but like hell if he was going to give Jeoff any chance to get in more groping! He put his own clothes on while grumbling under his breath and stalked right past Ciara for the door!* -09:40 Jun 23
Ciara: *…she couldn’t stand it anymore! Now she was laughing! She took a moment to suggest a few other things to Jeoff, and signed off the papers for the dates she’d need the suit by before she followed after Leon with a cat-eat-canary grin.* You don’t think Jeoff is charming? -09:42 Jun 23
Leon: Hahaha, very funny. *Leon growled, dusting his sleeves off.* I think he’s lucky you two are close or you’d be looking for a new tailor. -09:43 Jun 23
Ciara: I still find it hard to believe you could ever bite some poor innocent man. When normally you’re so sweet and charming. *She flashed him a wide smile.* -09:44 Jun 23
Leon: *He stopped and huffed lightly.* It’s a lot easier when said innocent man keeps his hands to himself. *He grumbled, remembering why he didn’t like strange people touching him. He had enough of that for several lifetimes.* … What’s next. -09:46 Jun 23
Ciara: The fun part. Tasting cakes and picking out our favorite. *She took his arm, still giving that smile.* Unless you’re fed up with this wedding stuff and want to go home. -09:50 Jun 23
Leon: *She smiled … and like that, he found himself smiling back. No wolfish grin, just a genuine smile. For her, he was going to put the past behind him, start fresh, a new chapter of his life.* Cake, huh? I think I could hang on a little longer for that … *He blinked.* Unless this caterer or baker you had in mind also has itchy fingers. -09:52 Jun 23
Ciara: Uh, no. She’s quite the cranky old woman, but seeing as she makes the best cake in town and we’ll be talking to whomever happens to be working today, I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about. *Besides, she’d probably shoot anyone that was seriously feeling him up. Jeoff wasn’t a threat, but anyone else…!* -09:54 Jun 23
Leon: Oh, alright then. *Leon couldn’t resist–he kissed her on the forehead.* I love you, Cissy. *He murmured just loud enough for her to hear. He knew she didn’t like public announcements that didn’t involve the public! With Ciara, private matters STAYED private!* -10:02 Jun 23
Ciara: Don’t get all mushy on me now. You haven’t even tried the cake yet. *It was a fake frown she gave him, even as she linked her hand with his and led him down the sidewalk.* -10:05 Jun 23
Leon: *There was that wolfish grin of his!* Yes, ma’am. Are you sure we can’t have steak-flavored cake? No one’s ever had one of those at their wedding, I’m sure. -10:09 Jun 23
Ciara: I’m not eating a damned steak flavored cake. You’re getting steak for the dinner, is that not enough? *She didn’t even want to imagine a steak flavored cake, and was making the face to match her thoughts!* -10:10 Jun 23
Leon: Heh heh. You can’t blame a wolf for trying. *The grin turned a bit sheepish. He scratched the back of his head.* It seems kind of unreal, doesn’t it? The fact we’re getting married … to each other. -10:12 Jun 23
Ciara: I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve been daydreaming about marrying you since we were kids. I didn’t expect you to have a tail when we did it, but it seems natural enough. *…and about time! She was almost too old for more children!* -10:15 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon blinked.* Really …? Back then, all I wanted to do was bust down more of your castles and scare the pants off of Victor. Pain in the ass that he was. *He still couldn’t believe Victor had turned out to be the bad guy. Pain, sure, but working for the government and trying to throw him back like that … An involuntary shudder ran through him! Like he wanted to go back there again!* -10:21 Jun 23
Ciara: *She almost looked offended. Almost.* I AM a girl. Girls do that sort of thing. *Mentioning Victor brought up a lot of pissed off feelings she didn’t want to deal with today. Today was about her and Leon and their future. Not the bullshit of their history.* You were my best friend. Everyone else didn’t compare. -10:26 Jun 23
Leon: *He grinned!* I’ll be the most affectionate and loving husband I can be, Cissy. Just you wait and see. *He looked up as they approached the cake shop.* This is the place …? -10:29 Jun 23
Ciara: You sound like Evangeline. *She made another face. As they neared the cake shop, she nodded!* It’s not one of the more flashy expensive places, but the cakes are beautifully crafted. -10:31 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon laughed softly.* Or maybe you just like the fact that I’m the real deal. *He sniffed the air and didn’t look subtle doing it!* It does smell pretty good! -10:34 Jun 23
Ciara: Uh huh. What makes you think I want you running around being all cheerful and sweet and cuddlie? ….And do you think Gabriel actually allows that woman to be all over him when they’re alone? *First Gabriel was avoiding her, and then Ciara found out they were "married". She’d love to know how Evangeline pulled that off. The woman was probably evil herself.* -10:37 Jun 23
Leon: *He gave her a wolfish pout!* But, Cissy, this is how I usually am. And you can’t blame me if I seem extra … affectionate. I’m just real happy. I get to be with you and I can tell the world to go to hell if it doesn’t like it. -10:41 Jun 23
Ciara: *Damned wolfy pouting! Most of the time it was a futile effort, but occasionally he’d throw out a really good one that was too damned cute to resist. Ciara rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath as she tugged him inside the shop.* All right! Christ, just don’t make that face at me! Be cuddlie if you dare. -10:44 Jun 23
Leon: *Oooff! He got pulled into the shop and a bell rang as the door closed behind them!* I can’t believe we’re gonna have so many guests there. *He mentioned as he looked around.* -10:49 Jun 23
Ciara: Do you really want to tell the entire Oracle Organization, plus all of those wereclans they aren’t invited? *The place smell divine! There were several cakes on display, from fancy oranate wedding cakes, to silly styles for parties or events.* -10:50 Jun 23

The shop was quiet, but quickly someone dressed in normal clothes and wearing a colorful apron came out to greet them. “Hi there! Are you the afternoon appointment, or would you like to just take a look around at things?” she asked!

Ciara: I’m Ms. Grey, we’re here to try some of the samples and choose the bridal and grooms cakes. *She was tempted to ask about wolf-flavorings just to tease, but then Leon would give that pout again!* -10:56 Jun 23

“Right! Okay, follow me back here! We have a whole table set up and each of the pieces has a card describing the cake batter and the icing. You can also mix and match. There’s a booklet with pictures for the design of the cake itself, or we can work with you to make a unique design. Here we go!” She led them through the back where there was even more cakes designs up, and a table with a whole selection of slices with different tastes! “I’ll just come back in a moment when you’re ready or if you have any questions!”

Leon: *When they were alone, Leon could only stand there and barely avoided not gawking!* Wow … I had no idea they had so many … choices for wedding cakes. *He scratched his head. He didn’t know where to start!* -11:04 Jun 23
Ciara: Thought it was just going to be chocolate versus vanilla, did you? *Ciara smirked, pulling his hand and tugging him to the far end of the table. She handed him one of the samples.* There’s everything from buttercream to raspberry. But I’m not sure how I feel about the fruit mixes… -11:07 Jun 23
Leon: Heh heh. *He was scratching the back of his head again.* Uh … Yeah. *He looked around.* Something like that. *He took the sample and sniffed it.* Mint chocolate chip? -11:14 Jun 23
Ciara: *She leaned to review the info card and nodded.* Yep. I wonder if you guess the entire selection just with your nose? *She flashed him a grin! What was the use of having a wolf if you didn’t play with him!* -11:16 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon laughed as he looked at her.* That’s a fun idea. *He ate the sample.* Mmm … And this cake is pretty good, too. *Fortunately there were two samples each so Ciara could have one!* -11:22 Jun 23
Ciara: *Taking the extra piece she popped it in her mouth and shrugged! Not right for her, but Lily would probably devour it in three seconds. She picked up the next sample.* I am trying to imagine Evangeline dragging Gabriel through something like this, and almost disappointed she didn’t. That probably would have been hilarious. -11:26 Jun 23
Leon: *Leon grinned at the thought of Gabriel and Evangeline tasting cakes.* He’s probably too busy running off, killing something. *He went quiet when he realized he didn’t have a best man yet. And he had no idea what grooms did before the wedding in those bachelor parties!* Hey, Cissy, who are you going to pick for your maid of honor? -11:31 Jun 23
Ciara: *That was a good question. She frowned as she thought about it.* I don’t know. It’s not like I have many female friends. *Ciara cast a smirk before trying another of the cakes.* I might have asked Lily, but she seems to be disgusted with the thought of pretty pink bridesmaid dresses. -11:35 Jun 23
Leon: She might be too busy making sure everything goes smoothly. She’s been pushing to get us married for a long time now. Chocolate chantilly. *He tried the next sample. It was really pretty funny how Lily had often mentioned he would be a great dad … Hell, if it hadn’t been for her, he would never have worked up the courage to ask Ciara out on a date!* -11:40 Jun 23
Ciara: I hate to admit it, and I’ll kill you if you tell her, but I may ask Evangeline. Despite how irritatingly friendly she is, she’s been a good friend. *Chocolate Chantilly, she’ll keep that one in mind! Ciara handed him the next sample.* -11:43 Jun 23
Leon: Your secret is safe with me. *He said with a grin! He took a sniff … and another sniff … then made a face!* Strawberry kiwi. -11:49 Jun 23
Ciara: I dare you to eat it! *She’s not going to, but she’d love to see him eat it!* -11:51 Jun 23
Leon: Ehh … *Leon raised an eyebrow at the sample as if it was going to bite him!* … How about you go first? -11:52 Jun 23
Ciara: There’s no way I’m eating a strawberry kiwi cake. You try it! -11:53 Jun 23
Leon: Hey now. Why do I have to try something you won’t even try …? -11:54 Jun 23
Ciara: Because I dared you to do it. That’s the rules of a dare. *She smirked!* -11:55 Jun 23
Leon: *He blinked! Damn, she got him there! And the rules of dare were crystal clear! He grumbled under his breath, shut his eyes … and then popped it into his mouth! Chew, chew … SWALLOW! He made a face as it went down and stuck his tongue out.* Gah! -12:00 Jun 24
Ciara: *Ciara pointed at him and laughed! It must have been disgusting!* Good, hmm? -12:04 Jun 24
Leon: Let me put it this way … *Leon grabbed a napkin and tried rubbing the taste off of his tongue with it!* Whoever thought strawberries and kiwis were a good combination, especially as cake flavors needs to be shot and hung out on a clothes line somewhere. -12:07 Jun 24
Ciara: See, I knew the fruity ones were a bad idea. We’ll stick with things that actually taste good. *She was still snickering at though, even as she handed him another of the samples!* -12:08 Jun 24
Leon: *He gave her a fake glare as he took the next sample.* I’m so glad I was able to confirm you theory, Cissy. *He sniffed the next sample warily.* Hm. Cheesecake. *He popped that into his mouth.* Mm … Not as bad as the strawberry kiwi. -12:15 Jun 24
Ciara: You can’t go wrong with cheesecake in most cases. *She smirked at him, before trying the piece.* So far I like the chocolate chantilly the most. Though… that strawberry-kiwi did sound amusing. -12:18 Jun 24
Leon: *Leon blinked at her! … And then he gave her a sideways glance!* You’re just brining up the strawberry kiwi because you want to tease me mercilessly! -12:21 Jun 24
Ciara: When do I ever tease you? I am the nicest person in the universe. *Ciara even gave him her most innocent and adorable look!* -12:25 Jun 24
Leon: *He snorted!* Sure, you are … *He looked for and picked up the next piece.* Double chocolate fudge. *He ate that one.* Wow … talk about chocolatey. -12:32 Jun 24
Ciara: *She tried that one, and shrugged her shoulders again. Another piece that Lily would probably enjoy!* Hmm… How about we stuff all of these in your mouth real quick and see which flavor stands out the best? -12:42 Jun 24
Leon: *He blinked!* But … there are probably more of them with fruits and … who knows what else in here! Like … liver! *He made a face at that!* -01:08 Jun 24
Ciara: Liver is meat! You actually have a problem with something that’s meat? *She looked at him incredulously before rolling her eyes.* They don’t make cakes out liver. -01:10 Jun 24
Leon: Yeah … When people keep telling you, you have to eat something … Of course you’re gonna have a problem with it when you get older. You never did try my Grandma’s liver surprise … -01:12 Jun 24
Ciara: Frankly, I don’t want to try anything with surprise in the name. Here, pick which one you like for your cake. I’m keeping the chocolate chantilly. *A woman knows what she likes when she tastes it!* -01:14 Jun 24
Leon: I thought we were only having one cake? Are we having three cakes instead? A wedding cake, your cake, and mine? -01:15 Jun 24
Leon: *-minus the first ? -01:16 Jun 24
Ciara: I swear! Didn’t I drag you through enough pretend weddings for you to know how this is supposed to roll? There is the bride’s cake, *She pointed to herself.* and the groom’s cake. *She pointed to him.* …and just because it’s your cake, doesn’t mean it can be made of steak. There’s guests to consider. -01:17 Jun 24
Leon: *Leon was silent for a moment as he thought back.* Mm … Nope. I don’t remember a dang thing. Then again, I was a kid. I pretty much tuned everything out. But now that I think about it, that would explain why I was always full by the time we were done … *He blinked when she explained things to him. Frankly, he thought the guests could get their own damn cake but Cissy was the expert here so he’d keep his mouth shut.* Awh alright. *He glanced around.* Hm. -01:19 Jun 24
Ciara: Uh huh. You only paid attention when it was convenient I see. *He was a boy, she didn’t expect any less! While he was attempting to make a reason choice, she tried a few of the other cakes. …It was so hard to stop eating once you got started!* -01:24 Jun 24
Leon: *He was the damnest time trying to pick a cake flavor. There were just so many of them -01:44 Jun 24
Leon: *! (Stupid enter button) -01:44 Jun 24
Ciara: *She watched for a moment before crossing her arms around her clipboard and tapping her foot on the floor.* …We could get a steak flavored cake. …But you’re the one that has to ask for it! -01:46 Jun 24
Leon: *Leon paused in the middle of stuffing another sample into his mouth … and slowly chewed! Steak flavored cake! Sweet! But as he was chewing …* Mmm. You know, I think I’ll go with this one. Devil’s food. It’s nice and soft but it’s not over-er … chocolatey. -01:54 Jun 24
Ciara: Devil’s food, huh? Sounds appropriate for our guests. From what I hear, Gabriel has some new pet… demon child thing. *She took out a pencil to mark the choices down on her clipboard… The cake designs she already had mapped out!* -01:56 Jun 24
Leon: *He blinked and was thoughtful for awhile.* Oh yeah … The one that’s supposed to look like him and Evangeline. It sounds pretty funny to me. Funny as in ironic and … totally disturbing. -01:57 Jun 24
Ciara: I glad I’m not the only one that thinks it’s disturbing. Gabriel having children is bad enough, but with Evangeline… It’s just insane. -02:01 Jun 24
Leon: *Leon grinned!* First things first. Let’s handle all of this stuff before we start thinking about the disturbing matters of one Gabriel Carnatelli and one Evangeline Clark. -02:02 Jun 24
Ciara: She may as well be Evangeline Carnatelli now. *She gave a mock shudder before leading the way out of the room back to the front. She grinned at the lady.* The bride’s cake will be the chocolate chantilly and the groom’s in devils food. These, *She pulled a piece of paper from the folder to set on the counter.* are the designs. All the other information is already here. -02:05 Jun 24
Leon: *He flashed a wolfish grin!* I guess even four hundred-plus old vampires can get struck by the love bug. *And boy did Gabriel have it bad!* -02:07 Jun 24

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