020 The Wolfe Family

Wolfe family in Montana! Ciara displays a liking to children, while becoming suspicious at the lack of mention of Conrad’s direct family. No one ever speaks about them! She’s slowly trying to drag information out of people. Everyone adores Leon who is a delight to children and adults too! Lily finds herself stalked by an infatuated Cousin Jimmy who thinks she’s his future wife! Aunties dodge Ciara’s questioning to switch the focus to her and Leon. Ciara mentions that Lily never met her real father, and she’d like to keep it that way! She also admits that she wouldn’t mind having more children, but she doesn’t want to date anyone again because people always leave her.

Lily escapes Cousin Jimmy to chat with Leon outside. She tells Leon about how her mother used to be, and how she talked about him. She also says she thinks Leon would be pretty perfect as a dad. Spying Jimmy, she runs off to hide in the barn. There she finds Conrad also hiding from his family. Conrad manages to distract Cousin Jimmy away. Conrad asks if Lily is liking it there and Lily admits it’s a little strange being around all the normal people, but a good kind of strange. They chat a bit and Lily asks about riding one of the horses, confessing she’s a smidgen afraid of them.

Ciara goes outside to fetch Leon for dinner. She asks the kids if they want to see a dirt-disappearing magic trick… and gets the hose to wash down Leon! He manages to turn off the water and grabs Ciara for a big wet dirty hug! When she tried to knock him down he took her with him, and both splatted wrestling in the mud. Lily and Conrad spy them, deeming it’s safer to leave them be! Leon and Ciara have to remove those muddy clothes before going inside, and Leon seems to have no problem stripping naked. Ciara is once again startled and pretty mad that he’s going to run inside butt naked! Poor Abigail fainted dead away from the sight of a naked Leon! Ciara seems to have a serious problem in see and thinking about Leon naked.

During dinner the family start questioning Conrad about his actual job. He tells them he is an errand boy and Lily lets slip that he is her bodyguard. …because of the reporters and paparazzi! Conrad escapes to the front porch as these questions are a little rough on him and Lily follows. She offers him a cookie, having noticed there’s a lot he doesn’t speak about with his family and he apologizes about walking out. Lily asks if he thinks everything might happen for reason, even bad things. Which leads to him saying he probably wouldn’t have been a hunter if those bad things didn’t happen. Lily stats she wondered what would have happened to her if he hadn’t. They have a good conversation about life!

At dinner the ladies are bringing up Ciara and Leon again, mentioning how romantic they are. Ciara claims she doesn’t find Leon very romantic, but does say he was entertaining. Leon asks Ciara to dance, and she accepts reluctantly. Leons says he never would have left if he had the choice. Ciara found it hard to stay angry, but said she was going to anyway because he never said goodbye. He states he never wants to leave again, and he’ll prove it to her!

  1. Lily tells Leon he’d be a perfect dad. Lily seems to think everything happens for a reason, even the bad. She’s glad to have met Conrad!
  2. Conrad seems uncomfortable about things dealing with his family, but Lily gives him a new perspective on things.
  3. Ciara is suspicious about Conrad. She’s admits being angry with Leon for disappearing.
  4. Leon tells Ciara he never wants to leave again, and intends to prove it.
[Lily is in charge, because her mother is playing with babies.] -03:40 Oct 17

Auntie Marigold is in the kitchen with a few of the women’s gossiping up a storm about those men! “Freddie got his head stuck in the fence and it took three hours to get him free. If they hadn’t of tried that butter, I doubt the goats would have been over there bothering them!”

[Conrad somehow ended up mingling with the family members!] -03:43 Oct 17

Leon: *Has somehow wound up playing with the little ones too! Oooff! He just got tackled to the ground from behind by a swarm of kids!*

Ciara: *Balancing a kid on her hip while seeming to ignore the fact her hair was being pulled, came perfectly natural to Ciara! Now that she was able to see a great deal of Conrad’s family, she was finding it peculiar that no one mentioned his parents or siblings!* I imagine that was a sight to see.

Conrad: No, Uncle Rufus, I hadn’t gone off to join the circus. I live in the city, remember? *He was off to the side, trying to find a quiet corner to just sit down in. But everytime he tried, another family member popped up. And they always asked the same questions!* -03:46 Oct 17
Lily: *For now she was getting away with hiding in a corner just watching and listening to people chatter. It was refreshing to watch her mother be so natural, though! Ever since she got back, Ciara had been dreadfully insane!* -03:47 Oct 17

Uncle Rufus, nearly seventy years old, bent over and missing all of his hair squinted. “Eh … You sure, sonny? Ya look like ya went and joined the circus!”

Leon: OOofff! *Someone else had jumped on his back! Two more little feet were using him as a trampoline! He glanced over his shoulder, reached back and tickled the back of the little’s knees!* Ha! Take that!

“We took pictures for the family album, of course.” Auntie Marigold was laughing as she fussed with whatever she was cooking. “At the moment it looks like that man of yours is gonna end up with his head in a fence with the way those kids are jumping on him!”

Conrad: *Glanced around!* Look, there’s Auntie Millie! *He pointed over Uncle Rufus’ shoulder to Auntie Millie chatting with Cousin Matthew! And quickly ducked away to the barn!* -03:51 Oct 17

Uncle Rufus slowly turned, squinting. “Eh … Aunt Millie?” But he couldn’t make her out!

But he slowly trudged along in the direction Conrad had pointed in, forgetting all about him!

Ciara: Serves him right for rolling around on the ground. *She pried tiny hands off her hair to switch that baby to her other arm.* Conrad seems to be fine with little monsters too. Good training with his sisters, I take it?

Leon: *Grinned wolfishly as the little girl in the pink overalls squealed and quickly jumped off of him! Then it was only a matter of tickling a few more childrens’ legs before he was free! He rolled onto his stomach and got on his hands and knees!* That’s it! All that tickling has made me hungry … for you! *He started crawling after them on his hands and knees!*

“Look at the time, Mari! Shouldn’t we be er … checking the cookies right about now?” Cousin Sarah suggested!

“He’s really a joy to those kids! They’re practically his little soldiers. Conrad even has them trained for little recon missions, it’s so adorable!” Auntie Marigold dodged another question with skill!

Cousin Jimmy plopped down next to Lily, casting her a big wide braces filled grin! “Hiii.” He sighed! “Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?”

Conrad: *Closed the barn door behind him and sighed in relief! Phew! He’d thought he’d never get any peace and quiet! Maybe coming here had been a bad idea after all … He walked away from the door to the horse stalls! On the other hand, it had done some good to get the Greys out of the city. Even if for only a short time.* -03:57 Oct 17

Leon: *Kids went squealing and screaming in all directions!* I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll eat ya all for er … lunch! Or dinner! Or maybe lunch and dinner! Hey, I might even have a few of you for breakfast and a snack!

Lily: *Cough!Choke! Lily had to take a swallow of her drink!* Not really? -03:59 Oct 17

Ciara: *Dodged again. They were good… very good.* Learned from his father, maybe?

“Jimmy, leave that girl alone!” Auntie Marigold was checking on those cookies! “Speaking of fathers, that Leon would make a rather handsome husband, if I do say so myself! If I weren’t married, I’d snatch up a man like that!”

Leon: *Seemed puzzled when they all ran away! He sat back on his ankles and scratched his head!* Hey, you guys act like you’ve never seen a wolf before!

A couple of the kids, a girl named Matilda, and a boy named Chris came back. “Leon … You’re a wolf trying to eat us!” she said with her hands on her hips. “Of course we’re running away!”

Jimmy scooted over closer to Lily. “I don’t have a girlfriend. Been saving myself for the perfect woman and wow, you sure are perfect!”

Leon: *Blinked!* Oh yeah. *He suddenly lunged forward, closing the gap between himself and the two of them and snatching them up!* Guess I shouldn’t be doing this then. *And he started to tickle them!*

Lily: ..I haven’t seen Conrad all morning, I better go make sure he’s still alive! *Lily eeaaased from her chair and towards the door… before she promptly escaped outside to find Leon torturing children!* -04:06 Oct 17

Leon: *Looked up as Lily approached! By now Chris had his arms around his neck and was on his back and Matilda was on Chris’ back!* Hey, Lily! Having fun?

Ciara: Leon is a disaster waiting to happen. *Temporarily distracted she spied to see what he was doing… Just as she thought.* That man doesn’t have a serious bone in his body.

“So … how long have you and Leon known each other?” Sarah asked, curious.

Lily: Amused, I think. Everyone seems to think you’re so handsome and they want to marry you. -04:10 Oct 17

Leon: *Chuckled softly, easily fending off the little ones and staying upright!* Really …? Man, there was a time when I would’ve seriously considered taking up an offer like that.

Ciara: Since we were kids. Not much older than these rugrats, really. It was a long time ago, though.

Lily: You don’t plan on getting married now? *She crossed her arms, occasionally side stepping a kid trying to tackle leap on to Leon!* -04:14 Oct 17

“Ah … Childhood friendship that blossoms into romance … How … romantic!” Sarah giggled!

“What does he think about Lily’s father? I bet he’s viciously jealous of the man!” said Marigold!

Leon: OOoff! Ack! Hey! *He fell sideways and landed on his side! The kids began to laugh when he started moving like a worm! Or a snake, as one child pointed out!* Well, I do … It’s just … Well, back in the day, I would’ve been flirting and charming those ladies.

Ciara: *Ciara had pretty much given up trying to explain that there wasn’t anything romantic about it!* He’s thankfully never met the guy. Neither has Lily for that matter. Hopefully I’ll keep it that way. *Especially considering Lily’s father was the last man she ever wanted to see again! Only a step below those damned Carnatellis!*

Lily: *That earned him a raised eyebrow in response!* ..and you’re not flirting and charming with ladies now? -04:18 Oct 17

Leon: Um … Just being friendly. *He gave a shrug while still wiggling like a worm–or a snake–which made the kids giggle even more!*

“Has Lily ever asked about her father?” Sarah wondered, curious!

Ciara: *…and now it was her turn to carefully dodge questons!* When she was small, she did once or twice… She never seemed to notice anything was missing from our family.

Lily: *He was pretty ridiculous rolling around on the ground like that. Lily was about as amused as all the kids were. …It’s no wonder her mother thought he was infuriating, she never had fun anymore!* Friendly, like with moma? -04:24 Oct 17

“You’re such a strong woman, Ms Grey!” Sarah exclaimed! “Why, I know a ton of other women who could never have bounced back … and with a child to boot!”

Leon: Oh no. Your mother is different. *He replied, casually, matter-of-fact. He went from being a worm-snake to being … a wolf. He got on his hands and knees and shook the grass from his clothes. That made the kids squeal and run to escape being covered in grass and dirt too!* I’ve always treated your mother differently, even when we were kids. *He stood and ruffled his hair to get some grass and dirt out. He paused to pull a twig from his hair.*

“It’s so hard for single mothers today. But, it’s nice that there’s a man around now and Lily seems to like him just fine! Have you thought about having anymore children?” questioned Marigold!

Lily: I guess if you flirted with her, she would have socked your nose off. *Lily stuffed her hands in her pockets as she eyed him.* She’s never really been all that involved with men. At least not when I was little. -04:30 Oct 17

Ciara: *Ciara laughed, and she wasn’t sure herself if it was because she was annoyed or amused! She grinned at the babe she had in her hands.* I wouldn’t mind some little boys like this one.

Leon: *Chuckled softly when she mentioned him getting “socked”.* Yeah, good point. *He scratched his head.* Really? Hm. I’m sure there’s a real good reason why. Or a whole bunch of reasons why. Hey, did you know the werewolf gene is only found in males? Just a random fact.

Lily: *That had her wondering if they had kids, if she’d have puppies for brothers… Also a funny thought!* She talked about you an awful lot, though. For awhile I thought you were my father. -04:38 Oct 17

An arm wrapped around Ciara’s shoulder, good old Ned! “If you need a man to make babies with, I’m sure available. I an arm wrestle any man here under the table!”

Ciara: *Ciara handed the kid over to Uncle Ned with a wide grin!* You already have plenty of kids, Ned. Any more and your wife is going to shoot you.

Leon: Wow. *He sidestepped a kid trying to tackle him from behind and snatched one up as the little girl ran past. He lifted her into the air as she giggled and with his hands on her hips, she spread her arms and flew like an airplane!* To be honest, a man would be priviledged to have you as a daughter. I’m not much of a father figure, though. *He laughed softly.*

Lily: *Lily slowly smiled.* I think you’re pretty perfect. *..And then she caught Jimmy out of the corner of her eye!* …I gotta go! *She dashed off for..for… the barn!* -04:45 Oct 17

Leon: *Blinked! Totally caught by surprise by that! He stopped twirling the girl around and both of them watched Lily take off! It dawned on him when he looked in the direction Lily had glanced in.* Oohh … *He and the girl said at the same time.*

And then Jimmy went running by! “Hey Lily! Do you like Mega Doctor Dangeroid comics…~!”

Conrad: *Was petting Old Maverick’s nose when the barn door opened!* Lily? Everything alright? -04:51 Oct 17
Lily: *She quickly closed the barn door behind her, and leaned on it!* ….Jimmy is pretty weird. -04:53 Oct 17

“Besides … she’s already got a man, Ned,” Sarah explained.

Conrad: *Smiled.* If that’s who’s following you, you’d better bar the door or something. You can come and meet Maverick here. -04:55 Oct 17

Ciara: *An exasperated sigh, as she rubbed for forhead!* He’s not my man! I am absolutely never going to date anyone ever again!

Lily: *Lily moved away from the door, to eye the horse carefully! She didn’t think she’d ever seen one up close and personal before. They were a lot bigger than she thought!* He’s pretty tall… -04:58 Oct 17

“Why not?” Sarah asked.

“After seeing Ned, I’d not want to date either!” chirped Marigold, shooing the man away!

Conrad: Yeah but he’s pretty mellow. Back in the day, he used to go out with my uncles to round up the sheep or the cattle. Now he takes it easy. *He went back to stroking the horse’s nose.* I guess it’s too early to start thinking everyone will be on their way home. -05:01 Oct 17

Ciara: *Sliding in to a chair, she had that imperious look on her face again.* I have no desire to get involved with someone just to have them take off on me again. It’s so much simplier not to bother with them at all.

Lily: *Sloowly she reached out and softly poked the horse’s neck with a finger. Upon finding that safe, she gave him a good pet. Horses were softer than she thought too!* Do you know how to ride horses? -05:04 Oct 17
Conrad: Yep. *He nodded and watched as she started to pet Maverick.* Used to come out every summer to ride horses. Then I moved here. I could never ride professional, though. You know, competitions or shows or anything. -05:08 Oct 17

Jimmy popped his head in to the barn! “There you are, Lily! Hey Conrad! Wow, you sure can run fast, it’s a good thing I saw you come in here!”

Sarah slowly nodded. “Ah …” She blinked. “Which reminds me. Bertie overreacted again. I went into town the other day and she was on one of her rampages. Thought someone else had taken a liking to her man. You know, Luke.

Conrad: Hey, Jimmy. Was that your Special Edition of Mega Doctor Dangeroid, Issue … 37 that I saw the twins playing tug of war with? -05:12 Oct 17

“Not again!” cried Jimmy! He was shooting out of there like lightning, wailing about his comic!

Lily: *A relieved sigh!* ..Did you ever run around in a cowboy hat and stuff? -05:15 Oct 17
Conrad: *Went to the door and barred it as soon as he spotted Jimmy running off. He chuckled softly.* Works everytime. -05:15 Oct 17
Conrad: There was this one time at Halloween when I wore the hat, the vest, and those leggings that go over the pants. -05:16 Oct 17

“Good lord, that Bertie! Now there is a woman that can’t just let things go!” said Marigold. “Look at the time! Ms. Grey, you ought to go fetch Leon and bring him inside for something cool to drink! He’s liable to pass right out rolling out there with those kids all day!”

Lily: *Lily smirked, patting the horse. Maybe later she’d see about trying to ride one, that’d be interesting!* Do you think my mother likes it here? Being around all the people? -05:19 Oct 17

Ciara: Should I give you a few minutes to gossip about us while we’re outside? *Said Ciara, at least in good humor as she slid out of her chair and went for the door.* At least do me the favor of making it flattering gossip!

Conrad: She’s definitely enjoying the babies. I saw the way she was holding Baby Tracey earlier. *He was silent for a moment.* Are … you liking it here? *He asked, petting and looking at Maverick.* -05:22 Oct 17
Lily: *Lily blinked, looking a bit surprised at the question and then having to take a few moments to really think about it.* It’s a little stange sometimes… but a nice strange. I like all the talking. -05:27 Oct 17

Leon: *Still rolling around the ground! He and the kids were trying to see who could cover themselves with grass and dirt the most!*

Conrad: *He nodded.* That’s good to hear. You and your mom deserve the peace and quiet. *He laughed softly.* Well, the peace and quiet of nature. That doesn’t describe my family. -05:31 Oct 17

Ciara: *And that is what Ciara had to walk outside and find. …She stood there for a moment with her hands on her hips watching kids and grown adult rolling in the grass!* You missed a spot, Leon.

Leon: *Stopped and glanced over his shoulder!* … Really? *He had turn around in circles, like a dog–or in this case, a wolf–chasing his own tail. He finally stopped when he spotted it.* Awh man! *He huffed and looked over at the kids.* Guess I don’t win … *The kids went “Awhh …” for him and patted him on the hands and sides.*

Lily: She really wanted this. All the family stuff, that is. We’d visit my grandparents sometimes at that summer house, but it was kinda of awkward there. I don’t think they approved of me too much. *She had to measure the horse’s ears with her fingers… Horses could probably hear everything!* -05:34 Oct 17

Maverick’s ears twitched! They were awfully sensitive!

Ciara: *Ciara bit her bottom lip in a painfully obvious attempt at trying not to smirk.* On the bright side, you won’t have to sit in the bath nearly as long as everyone else.

Conrad: As you saw, I have more than enough family to go around. Looks like everyone is here this year. Even Aunt Bobbie from California and Uncle Thaddeus from Alaska. -05:37 Oct 17

“And you get to go to dinner sooner, Leon!” one of the kids added!

Leon: Really? *He blinked and then broke out into a wolfish grin.* Oh yay! Oh yay! Oh yay oh yay oh yay! *He started to jump up and down! Taking their cue from him, all the kids started to cheer and jump up and down with him, too!*

Lily: At this rate, I think me and Jimmy will be married by next spring. *Lily grinned.* Does Maverick take people for rides at all or is he in retirement? -05:40 Oct 17
Conrad: *Nodded.* He sure does. But he can only take one person at a time. Why do you ask? -05:42 Oct 17

Ciara: *Wrapping an arm around her waist and covering her mouth with her hand, snicking was not an option!* It’s going to take your hours to get clean, though… I imagine you might not make it out until breakfast.

Lily: Just a little curious. Would I be able to ride him? -05:44 Oct 17

Leon: *He immediately stopped jumping up and down and cheering, as did the kids!* Awh man!

Ciara: …Ah! But I have an idea. How many of you little munchinks want to see me do an amazing magic trick and make all that dirt dissappear?

The kids began to jump up and down and raise their hands. There was a chorus of “I do! I do!” and “Me! Me!” and “I wanna see! I wanna see!”

Conrad: I don’t see why not. As long as someone went with you. -05:49 Oct 17

Ciara: Wonderful! First… I need Leon to close his eyes so I can say the magic words!

Lily: I’m sure not running off on a horse by myself, that’s for sure. …You could take me, couldn’t you? -05:51 Oct 17
Conrad: *Chuckles softly.* Okay, okay, stupid thing to say. But yeah, sure I could. *He nodded further down the barn.* I could use another of the horses. When did you want to go? -05:53 Oct 17

Leon: *Raised an eyebrow and gave her a suspicious look.* Hm. *He looked down at all the hopeful kids.* Oh alright … *He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.*

Ciara: *A brilliant smile on her face, she waltzed right over to the side of the house and fetched the sprayhose. Making sure it was on she aimed at Leon!* Let’s see… those magic words you told me once. Oh yes, ‘One, two, peekaboo, Cissy have some water!’ *A little squeeze of the trigger and she sprayed him down good! Right in the face!*

Leon: *Sputtering up water! He quickly dashed for her, reaching out to grab the hose away from her as the kids squealed and ran away!*

Lily: Tomorrow maybe. I think that’s enough time to convince myself that horses aren’t scary. -05:57 Oct 17

Ciara: *Wicked laughter as she backed out of the way and sidestepped his grasping! She wasn’t kidding about getting that dirt, she was hosing him down good!*

Conrad: *Nodded.* Tomorrow it is. I’ll be sure to whisk you away before Jimmy spots you. Goodnight, Maverick. *He started walking to the barn door.* -06:00 Oct 17
Leon: *Crouched down and suddenly pounced at her! He was soaked and wet!* -04:18 Oct 18
Ciara: *Sidestep and relentness spraying!* What’s the matter, Leon! Don’t you like baths? -04:20 Oct 18
Leon: *Too busy sputtering to answer! Instead, he decides to stop things at the source and tracked the hose down to the water pipe where he turned it off and twisted the hose off of the pipe for good measure! No more water from that hose!* -04:23 Oct 18

Lily: *Lily patted the nice horse goodbye to follow Conrad. … He was pretty good at getting rid of Jimmy!*

Ciara: *Spray! Spray..! Drip… Ciara frowned!* Hey, I wasn’t finished with that yet. * …She flashed her most brilliant innocent smile!* -04:25 Oct 18
Leon: *Huffed.* I wish to differ, Cissy. *He looked down at himself, then up at her and grinned wolfishly. He ran toward her and threw his arms around her, pulling her against him to give her a nice, big hug!* -04:26 Oct 18
Ciara: …!! *She tried to back up and run but…!! She shrieked!! Wet! Muddy! Wolf!!* Getoffgetoffgetoff..!! -04:28 Oct 18
Leon: *He was rubbing his face against her and getting her all wet and muddy!* Sharing is caring, Cissy! -04:30 Oct 18

Conrad: *Stretched his arms over his head as they walked to the house.* It’s strange being back. But I don’t know if that’s because of all the memories I have here or because I’m so used to the city.

Ciara: So.. gross..!! *A hand pressed at his chin trying to push him off! Her nice shirt! She hooked a leg around his knee so she could shove him to the ground!* -04:34 Oct 18

Lily: Kind of like me going home to Shades? Only without the werewolf, gnome wars and security codes?

Leon: *Timber! Down Leon went! Unfortunately for Ciara, his arms were locked around her so tightly, he was taking her down with him and in a big puddle of mud that she had created while hosing him down!* -04:39 Oct 18
Ciara: *Another shriek followed by a Splat! It that was the way it’s gonne be…! Ciara made sure to have a nice handful of mud before she painted it across his face!* -04:43 Oct 18
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -05:49 Oct 18
[Leon was being splattered with mud right across his face! Ew!] -03:37 Oct 19
[Ciara doesn\’t like getting her nice pretty shirts dirty, no matter how easy she could mud wrestle Leon!] -03:37 Oct 19
Leon: *Bleh! He wiped that mud off and looked from the mud in his hand to Ciara and back again! And … he put that mud right into her hair! Well, the one part that hadn’t been muddy before!* -03:38 Oct 19

Conrad: *Walking toward the house with Lily when he spotted …!* Now there’s something you don’t see every day. *He remarked, taking a good look at Ms Grey and Leon.*

Lily: *Lily paused and gave a dubious stare!* …That couldn’t be my mother.

Ciara: *A gasp followed by a growl! Ciara scrambled to tackle him, planning to face plant him in the dirt! He’ll EAT that mud!* -03:41 Oct 19

Conrad: *Quite frankly he was having trouble believing that himself! It made him wonder how this all could have happened!*

Leon: *Still flashing that wolfish grin, he fell back but he took Ciara with him again! She landed right on top of him and he was already rolling on top of her!* Just like old times, eh, Cissy? -03:45 Oct 19

Lily: …Do you thik we should get the hose on them? *Then again, if getting involved meant rolling in the maybe they shouldn’t get involved!*

Ciara: Yes! Another nice designer shirt that I’ll never get clean! *An exasperated sigh! She gives up! It was a lot easier to pin him when he didn’t have wolfy muscles!* You look ridiculous. -03:48 Oct 19

Conrad: I’m for leaving them alone and going to eat dinner. We can check on them later. *He started walking again but gave Leon and Ms Grey a wide berth.*

Lily: *The thought of her mommy making Leon eat mudpies for dinner had her grinning as she trailed behind Conrad.*

Leon: *Blink! Blink when she mentions the designer shirt.* Why are you wearing a designer shirt out here? *He grinned wolfishly.* I get that a lot. *He got off of her and was sitting back on his ankles, looking down at himself.* Nothing like a good mud wrestle before dinner. Even if it means having to wash in cold water. -03:51 Oct 19

As soon as they were inside the door, Sarah waved at them over the heads of the family members still standing in line. The women who had cooked dinner were helping things along by serving the little ones first, then the older members, and finally everyone else.

Ciara: *Sitting up slowly, she tried to no avail to remove as much mud from herself as possible!* Tshirts are for boys! *Hopping to her feet, she didn’t neglect to give him a good shove over again. Serves him right!* For once having Trinny around to poof us clean would be so useful! -03:55 Oct 19

Conrad: *Got into line behind Lily.* Maybe it’s true and the Montana air makes people do strange things.

Speaking of strange things, Jimmy appeared behind Conrad. “That was a dirty trick! My comics are safe and sound in the lock box.”

Leon: *Chuckled softly when she shoved him over again. He did fall back but only a little and he didn’t make any splashes of mud. He got up and went over to the hose. He turned the water on full blast and started shooting that mud off!*

Lily: They were strange to begin with… *She replied slowly, turning around to spy at Jimmy and make sure he stayed put!*

Conrad: *Glanced over his shoulder.* Really …? Then … what’s this? *He pulled something out of his jacket. What appeared to be torn pieces of comic book! They were so mangled it was hard to tell just what comic book it was!*

Jimmy snatched the comic out of Conrad’s hands, giving a mornful (yet comical!) cry! “No! My poor precious, what have they done to you?! Now I’ll never afford that car to impress Lily with! Noo…”

Lily: Why would I be impressed by a car? *Wait, did she say that out loud? Well, at least Jimmy was too busy being depressed over his poor comic!*

Conrad: Check it out. *He said as they got to the tables and he picked up a plate and some utensils.* Potato and mac salad and some BBQ ribs.

Ciara: *Ciara grossed her arms shifting from one foot to another, eyeing a wet muddy Leon with impatience!* You’re taking forever! -04:04 Oct 19
Leon: I’m almost done. *But it seemed ages before he finally handed the water hose to her. Then he started to strip his wet clothes off right then and there to lie them over the fence!* -04:06 Oct 19

Lily: *It was very easy to forget about Jimmy with so much food! If Leon wasn’t her father, they had plenty enough in common about dinner! For a small girl, she could fill a plate!*

Ciara: *She was trying to rinse herself, but it was rather hard to pay attention to what she was doing with him getting naked in the yard! ..Not that she hadn’t already seen him naked, which had her turning around quickly and cursing at her own red face! Stupid Leon! Cough!* -04:09 Oct 19
Leon: *Looked up in the middle of stripping! He had one leg out of his pants and was working to get the other one out!* You’re not catching a cold now, are you, Cissy? *He asked, oblivious to the discomfort he was causing her.* -04:10 Oct 19

After getting their food, there was only the matter of squeezing themselves into an empty place on one of the many tables set up under a tent on the opposite side of the house from where Ciara and Leon were!

Ciara: *Ciara cleared her throat taking great pains to not turn around and just rinse her hair without incident!* Of course not! -04:12 Oct 19

Jimmy rebounded pretty fast, practically diving in to a free seat by Lily! “Have I told you about my collection of Nether Army Orc Action figures? They came special with issues number 60 through 70!”

Lily: *Lily stopped mid chew of a potato wedge!* Mrrph? Jimmy… *She muttered… Lily looked down to eye his chair, and considered pushing him aside a few inches with her foot!*

Leon: Damn. I forgot about a towel. Do you need one, Cissy? *He said, walking toward the house!* -04:20 Oct 19
Ciara: *Ciara spun around!* You’re not running around naked are you?! Oh jesus! *She moved quickly to cover her eyes! All that skin… why’d he have to be a man!* -04:22 Oct 19

Conrad: *Munching on his green salad. He’d practically soaked it in ranch.* Jimmy, give Lily a break, will you? At least give her time to eat and digest her food.

“You just want to hog her for yourself. A girl like Lily should be free like a wild stallion!” Jimmy was a little dramatic, but he WAS in drama club after all! He was also cracking an eye open to make sure his heartful words were getting a good reaction!

Leon: *Looked down at himself.* What? Too much, huh? I’m not about to put those soaked clothes back on. Be better if I went wolf? -04:27 Oct 19
Ciara: *She wasn’t looking. She was NOT looking.* A wolf can’t go running around Conrad’s family’s house! ..just… run then! Before anyone sees you! -04:28 Oct 19

Conrad: Or … it could be that it’s rude to not let people eat in peace. *He replied before taking a bite out of his chicken.*

Leon: *Walking again!* And break my neck when I fall …? I’ll be back as soon as I can. *And then he was gone!* -04:30 Oct 19

Lily: *Lily choked on her dinner! But at least it was from trying not to snicker! Jimmy went from creepy to just silly!*

Jimmy wilted! “You’re a right prat, Conrad! Blocking a guy’s groove and all!” But he behaved for now to eat his dinner!

Ciara: *While he was gone, she pulled off her clothes, save for her nice petty lingere… At least THAT wasn’t stained with mud! Once thruroughly rinsed, she was trying to scrub her shirt down and cursing Leon’s naked behind!* -04:36 Oct 19

“Conrad, explain to your uncle what you actually do for a living so he’ll stop saying you’re a circus freak!” complained Marigold who was getting fed up with the old man!

Leon: *Saw one of Conrad’s female cousins coming toward him as he was walking toward the stairs that led to the room he and Conrad were sharing. There had to be a couple of extra towels in there somewhere …* Hey, Abigail. *He said, with a wave.* -04:39 Oct 19

Abigail stopped dead in her tracks and her mouth dropped. She nearly dropped the basket of folded laundry she was holding! She was speechless and didn’t recover until Leon had long gone! … Then she fainted!

Conrad: *Swallowed his chicken and froze!* I’m … an errand boy for a company downtown. *He said. He put the half-eaten chicken down and stood up to take his plate and drink. It looked like he was done eating!*

“See, dear. He’s got a nice job and all. Is that how you two met, Lily? Him running errands for your family?”

Lily: He’s my bodyguard mostly. *Lily shrugged a shoulder licking barbecue sauce off her fingers, and casting Conrad a curious look!*

Conrad: *After taking care of his food and dishes, he stepped outside on the front porch and sat down the steps overlooking the dirt road that ran back to the main one. He took a few deep breaths, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.*

“Bodyguard!” exclaimed Marigold! “On on earth does a boy go from errands to guarding!”

Leon: *With a towel around his waist and a pair of jeans and t-shirt over one shoulder, he paused in the hallway to check on the fainted Abigail.* Poor gal … working herself to the bone. *He sighed and shook his head and then continued on his way!* Cissy, I got you a towel! *He exclaimed, probably a little too loud for Ciara’s liking!*

Lily: When moma gets mad and doesn’t like me leaving the house by myself. *It was too easy to forget that her family wasn’t exactly normal! But she could still tell the truth without getting Conrad in trouble.* …The reporters and paparazzi?

Ciara: It’s about ti-..ime. *Ack! She forgot and turned around! Blocking her eyes with one hand, she tossed her clothes on the fense and held out a hand for the towel! If her face was still red, she was going to kill him!* -04:52 Oct 19

“oh, yes! I almost forgot! I thought your mother looked familiar. Don’t you worry none then, about our Conrad. I’m sure if any reporters hassled you, they’d get a good sock in the face!”

Leon: *Still oblivious to what his nakedness was doing to her, he handed her the towel. Then he pulled the towel around his waist off so he could dry himself a little more! Of course, it was hard to resist the instinct to just shake all that water off!* -04:59 Oct 19
Ciara: *She pulled the towel over her head to dry her hair and to flat out avoid looking at him.* Aren’t you the least bit worried about someone catching you naked? -05:00 Oct 19
Leon: Nope. Why should I …? *Fortunately, he was slipping his pants on by now but he was still taking his damn time doing it!* -05:01 Oct 19

Lily: I do feel better with him around. *An empty plate, Lily was up and taking care of it before Jimmy thought it was an invitation to bother her again! She waved to Marigold before escaping!*

Ciara: *Ciara chided herself for being stupid. She was a grown women, has seen men naked, had sex, a baby, and everything under the sun. This should not be a problem. She pulled that towel off her head to dry her arms, and with her most ‘do not care’ expression made sure to ignore him!* I guess you’re right. Run around naked all you please! -05:05 Oct 19
Leon: *Small shrug. He really didn’t get why Cissy was making such a big deal about being naked. But he had to think of the comfort of the women around him so on went the t-shirt. And not a moment too soon because he was starving!* I hope they saved us some food! *He went right for the kitchen to spy himself a nice meal!* -05:08 Oct 19

Conrad: *Deep breath … Deep breath … He could get over this. He’d gotten over a lot of things. He closed his eyes, took several more deep breaths.*

Ciara: *Stupid wolf, with his messy wet hair and… Ciara wrapped herself in the towel as she stomped off for her room. Dry clothes for her, and no more Leon! How the hell would he like it if she ran around naked!* -05:10 Oct 19

Lily: *Lily found Conrad out on the porch, and without a word she sat down beside him and offered one of the cookies she managed to snatch.*

Of course there was still food left for Leon! He was given a plate and let loose on the food, piling it so high many thought it was going to fall over!

Conrad: *Looked up when Lily sat down beside him and accepted the cookie.* Thanks. Aunt Gladys makes some of the greatest cookies.

Ciara: *She was cursing Leon still as put on some dry clothes and clipped her hair on top of her head. Ciara had all the imperiousness of a queen when she entered the kitchen!* -05:15 Oct 19

Sarah greeted Ciara as she walked into the kitchen and offered her a plate, adding that they still had plenty of food for her!

Leon: *Has by now, taken an open seat and was grinding the food like he hadn’t eaten in a week! More than a few of the Wolfe family comment on his great appetite!* -05:18 Oct 19

Lily: Marigold said you’d sock a paparazzi in the nose. I thought it was kind of funny.

Ciara: *A brilliant smile for Sarah as Ciara picked and choose… being much more modest about her dinner, and taking seat a good distance at Leon… Mostly so she could more easily pretend he wasn’t there. He might as well be eating naked because she- Damnit! Think about something else!* -05:20 Oct 19

Conrad: *Had to smile and chuckle softly at that!* Yeah … that is a pretty funny picture. *A few moments of silence, of him just looking out at the road.* Sorry that I … you know … just left like that.

Leon: *Still wolfing down that food! He really was hungry! All that wrestling and running around had him starving!* -05:25 Oct 19

Lily: It’s not too awful. I escaped Jimmy before he started talking again. …There’s a lot of things you don’t talk about with them.

Conrad: *Deep sigh!* No … No, I don’t. I try to keep them in the dark. The whole hunting thing. They’ll worry about me constantly and there’s always the risk that … one day … something … something bad might happen.

“Look at that man eat! You know, I wish my husband would roll around with me in the mud like that. It’s so romantic to play like we were children!” Marigold sighed!

Leon: *Finished off the first plate! At least he had the decency to wipe his mouth with his napkin and excuse himself when he burped!* Ah, the food is fantastic! My thanks to the chefs! -05:32 Oct 19
Ciara: *Cough!Choke! A swallow of iced tea to save her from death!* I’m sure there are so many more romantic things than that. -05:33 Oct 19

Lily: Or think you might be a super hero. … But worry, all the time anyway. *She broke off a piece of her cookie to pop in her mouth.* Do you think things happen for a reason? Even the bad things?

Conrad: *Leaned forward on his knees.* To be honest … I really don’t know anymore. I used to believe they happened for a reason. But now … I’m not so sure.

Lily: If it never had happened, would you have been a hunter at all?

Conrad: No … *He shook his head.* Probably not. *It was apparent by the tone in his voice that he had considered that question a long time ago.*

“But those little things are so much fun! Oy, I remember during our senior Prom, they rented this big boat out on the lake and someone thought it’d be funny to loosen the railings… so we ended up having the party in the water, literally!”

Lily: If you weren’t a hunter, I wonder where I would be now. If I would have even left that building alive.

Ciara: Certainly better off than my prom. I spent the evening with someone who refused to dance until someone else asked him and bored out of my mind. At least Leon wouldn’ve been entertaining. *She muttered in to her glass!* -05:46 Oct 19

Conrad: *Looked over at her and studied her for a moment. He finally nodded.* … I see your point. There are times … I forget that. Guess this family reunion is getting to me more than I thought it would. It’s not that I’m not enjoying myself. *He quickly added.* Just … *His voice trailed off, unable to put what he meant in words.*

There was some clapping and cheers! Uncle David was pulling out his fiddle and Uncle Jonathan was strumming his guitar! They were starting to play some lively country tunes to get the heart pumping and the feet moving!

Lily: *She shrugged, giving a sort of half smile.* Nothing that happened is okay… but it’s done. We could go on a rampage, or do something like threaten to shoot your mother in a crowded hotel… But it probably wouldn’t be as nice as having dinner with friendly people or eating cookies on the front porch.

[Ciara doesn\’t think Leon is romantic. She\’s just barely getting used to Leon being a naked grown man.] -02:09 Oct 20
[Leon was still wolfing down his food!] -02:10 Oct 20

Sarah, sitting close by, leaned close to Ciara! “Do you two mud wrestle all the time …?”

Ciara: *A sheepish look across her face!* Absolutely not. ..Not since we were small, and then it was so much easier to pin him down. -02:12 Oct 20

Conrad: So … Uh … Is this your first time out in the country-side?

Sarah giggled! “You two were absolutely adorable outside! A bunch of the kids came inside and they couldn’t stop talking about the two of you going at it.”

Lily: *She nodded.* Real countryside anyway. The summer house is outside of the city, but it’s not anything like this.

Leon: *Well satisfied with the food, he cleaned up after himself and finally took note of the music being played! He spied a few couples already up and dancing! He went over to Ciara!* Hey, Cissy, wanna dance? -02:16 Oct 20

Conrad: I know what you mean. The first time I got back to the city I was so shocked, I was nearly run over by a bus. *He cleared his throat.* Not my best moment, that’s for sure.

Ciara: *Ciara opened her mouth to refuse! But one look at Sarah and Marigold and there was no way she was going to get away with it. With a sigh, she stood up from her chair.* If you can even dance, I suppose we’ll give it a try. -02:17 Oct 20
Leon: *Wolfish grin! He walked toward the other couples and the small area they’d cleared away to dance in.* I’m surprised you’re willing to give it a try. Especially after all the damage I did to your feet when you tried to teach me the last time. -02:19 Oct 20

Lily: How did you manage to find a place like Oracle with everything being so different?

Ciara: It may just be a plot to make you look ridiculous in front of scores of people. *After messing up her clothes, revenge would be sweet!* -02:22 Oct 20

Conrad: You probably noticed. Not a lot changes. I met them before and when I returned to the city, they were still there. They’re always looking for new recruits.

Leon: *Chuckled softly.* If you wanted to do that, you’ll have to try something else, Cissy. It isn’t what people think of you that matters. It’s what I think of me. *He gave her a half bow.* If I may have this dance, Ms Grey. *He offered her his hand as he stood and winked, flashing another wolfish grin.* -02:23 Oct 20
Ciara: *She took his hand giving him a suspicious stare down! Wipe that grin off your face, Leon Santos!* Been practicing, hmm? -02:25 Oct 20

Lily: My mother has been muttering things about Oracle for days now… I think she plans to join it herself.

Leon: *Laughed! If anything that grin got wider!* Nope. Too busy running from government cronies. *He stepped onto the dancing floor with her and turned to face her as the music went from something fast and spirited to somewhat slow and … romantic! He clasped her hands with his and held it up, then put one hand on her waist.* Don’t look so serious, Cissy. I’ll behave myself. -02:29 Oct 20

Conrad: *Tried to picture Ciara as a hunter.* Mm … She looks more like a mover and shaker. I get the feeling she’s disgusted with how Oracle is right now.

Ciara: *Sounds to her like a Wolfe family conspiracy, but she wasn’t going to complain about the music. She rest her arm at his shoulder with a taptap of her fingers.* Why do I picture it like a ballet, with you prancing away from goons with bouncing and goofy grins? -02:33 Oct 20
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Almost as if you were there yourself. *He started off slow. One step to the right. One step back. One step to the left. One to the right. He didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry.* -02:36 Oct 20

Lily: She really likes things perfect. *Leaning back to rest on her hands, she tapped her feet together.* She also likes snooping. She’s asked a lot questions to your family.

Conrad: *Looking down that road again!* … She’s met just about everyone. *He said with a small shrug.*

Ciara: *Ciara frowned.* But I wasn’t there and you were off running around the world while I was stuck going to prom with Viktor of all people. -02:43 Oct 20
Leon: I swear on my mother’s soul, Ciara. If I had a choice in the matter, I wouldn’t have left your side. *And he sounded so genuine about it, too! There was a sad look in his eyes that was completely unlike him!* -02:46 Oct 20

Lily: *Almost everyone. Lily watched him in silence for a few moments. Once he mentioned a sister, but they hadn’t met any sisters. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.* I’m glad I met you.

Ciara: *That face.. it was increasingly difficult to keep on looking angry. She opted for staring at his shirt.* Well, I don’t care if it’s unreasonable. I’m still mad. You never said goodbye… -02:51 Oct 20

Conrad: *Blinked! He certainly hadn’t expected something like that! He turned to look at her and smiled.* Thanks. Hey, I never did get to ask … When’s your birthday?

Leon: *Smiled slightly.* Still the same Cissy. I never had a chance to say goodbye. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I’m sticking around so much. I don’t want to. -02:55 Oct 20

Lily: My birthday? *She had to think about it. Not that she forgot her birthday, she just… hadn’t thought about it in so long!* October 30th… I suppose it’s why I’m so strange.

Ciara: And I’m supposed to believe you’re not going to take off again. *She rest her head against his shoulder, before he caught her being teary eyed and getting the wrong idea. Ciara planned on staying angry forever.* -03:01 Oct 20
Leon: You’re going to stay mad at me forever, aren’t you, Cissy? *He asked, not sounding disheartened about that at all.* I’ll prove it to you. -03:03 Oct 20

Conrad: Yeah, well … I’ve learned “normal” is overrated. I’ve tried to be normal before but it never worked out.

Ciara: *She didn’t want to smile either, but she smirked anyway!* How exactly are you going to do that? Besides eating everything in my fridge and chasing rats in the hotel? -03:05 Oct 20
Leon: I don’t know … Uh, learn sleight of hand and make balloon animals? *He suggested.* -03:06 Oct 20

Lily: I guess life for normal people isn’t near as exciting. *Grinning softly, she shrugged a shoulder.* I’m going to try classes soon.. Do you think you’ll stand outside the door making your intimidating face?

Ciara: *Ciara laughed and leaned up to blink at him.* I don’t think being a clown is going to make a difference. You’re a horrible clown. -03:10 Oct 20
Leon: Am not! … Okay, so maybe I do suck at juggling and I can never get those blasted balloons to blow up but that’s the manufacturers’ fault, not mine! -03:12 Oct 20
Ciara: All that nonsense coming out of your mouth, and can’t even blow up a little balloon. Tisktisk. *Ciara moved to twirl herself under his arm!* -03:17 Oct 20

Conrad: Not like it’s approved much since the last time you saw it. *He teased a bit.* But I won’t be far. I might have to ‘sock’ a reporter or two.

Leon: It’s all a conspiracy. *He said as she spun.* ‘Sides, that just goes to show that I don’t blow off all hot air. *He gave a firm nod.* -03:19 Oct 20

Lily: *A grin!* Especially when they snap particularly awful shots of your intimidating face for their magazines?

Conrad: Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence. *He said with a laugh.* Maybe I should wear dark sunglasses or something. Think that would help?

Ciara: That’s because all of those cooties eat up the hot air. *She looked perfectly serious about it too!* -03:24 Oct 20

Lily: If you add a black suit and tie. …maybe. Like a super spy!

Conrad: *Was thoughtful for a moment.* Wolfe. Conrad Wolfe. *He said in a James Bond-like voice.*

Lily: …Then again, you might just look completely crazy and get escorted out by campass security…

Leon: Ha ha. Very funny. But if I have cooties, it’s only because you gave them to me. -03:31 Oct 20

Conrad: *Scratched his head.* Good point. Maybe your mom can see about getting me a visitor’s pass or something. I could go undercover as a student but then I’d have to take classes and I won’t be able to do my job.

Ciara: Never had cooties in my life, and it’s a miracle too with how they practically jump off you screaming. *Another spin, and a wicked grin!* At least the cooties taught you how to dance. -03:33 Oct 20
Leon: I’m never gonna outlive the cooties thing, am I? *He gave her a wolfish grin as she twirled around again.* -03:36 Oct 20

Lily: Spending everyday with me, I think before long you’ll be begging for a new job!

Ciara: No… but now it’ll be evenly balanced with calling you a rotten wolf. …With evil wolfie smiles. *..and thus placed a hand over his mouth!* -03:38 Oct 20

Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* Well … Don’t tell any of my bosses this but … I happen to enjoy your company, Ms Grey.

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