021 His Best Man

Leon asks gabriel to be best man.

In Evangeline’s apartment under the city …

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was hopping up and down! She was a bundle of energy and relishing the little freedom of being in her devil form!* Bright Lady, can I go flying around the city for awhile? Can I …? Can I …?

Evangeline: I don’t see why not… As long as you don’t stay gone for too long. And if you have any trouble to come home! ..and not to eat anything strange, and definitely nothing alive! -02:11 Jun 24

Vlamerias: Thank you, Bright Lady! *She squealed in joy and threw her arms around Evangeline’s neck! She turned to go only to remember something and stopped!* Are you going to be okay, Bright Lady? *She wanted to fly but … she couldn’t leave the Bright Lady alone!*

Evangeline: I am just going to see if I can get Gabriel to talk to Leon. He has a favor to ask, but everyone is always so nervous asking Gabriel things! -02:18 Jun 24

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* I hear all sorts of rumors about Glaër! You people are so silly sometimes!

Gabriel: Everyone has an innate fear of asking me things. *Gabriel replied from right behind Evangeline. He moved around her and sat down on a chair after placing his sword on the table.* -02:21 Jun 24
Evangeline: *She pat Meri gently on the head and smiled.* I think he likes it better that way. Imagine if everyone loved him as much as I do! -02:22 Jun 24

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias giggled at the thought of people clinging to her Glaër.* It would be very strange, Bright Lady.

Evangeline: There wouldn’t be any room for me at all. *Evangeline frowned, now that she thought about it, she much preffered getting to have Gabriel to herself! She didn’t want to have to fuss people away from him!* Well…! He’s here now, so you can enjoy your flying! -02:28 Jun 24

Vlamerias: May I go, Glaër? I will not stay gone long and if anything should happen, you will know of it. And I will not eat anything strange or anything alive!

Gabriel: *He nodded.* Enjoy yourself, Vlamerias. *He passed a hand over her head before she disappeared out the door. The wards reset themselves. He waited until she was gone to turn to Evangeline, tilting his head slightly.* You are up to something again, Seer. -02:31 Jun 24
Evangeline: Why is it that I am up to something when I want to talk to you? *She asked, resting her hands on her hips. …He already knew what she was up to anyway!* -02:32 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked. He didn’t need to answer that, they already knew the answer!* What would you like of me, Evangeline. *He studied her with her hands on her hips and that determined, inquisitive look on her face. She was breathtaking.* -02:35 Jun 24
Evangeline: Leon would like to ask you a question and asked me to ask you first. I think you should, since he is our friend and he- You’re staring at me. *She might not be able to see it, but she could feel it! She blinked curiously!* -02:38 Jun 24
Gabriel: *He tilted his head at her with a raised eyebrow.* You sound surprised. Am I offending you? -02:41 Jun 24
Evangeline: No, I’m curious. You do it so often and I can’t figure out what’s worth watching so intently. Did I get the wrong colors from the closet again? -02:43 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Now Gabriel stood and moved to stand in front of her. He cupped her cheek with one hand, still studying her.* You are my mate in every sense of the word. I love you, Evangeline. I cannot help but watch you every moment I am able to. -02:45 Jun 24
Evangeline: *She smiled, tilting her head against his hand.* Sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re real! -02:52 Jun 24
Gabriel: I have heard that often. But you are the first to use it in a positive manner. *He kissed her on the forehead.* -02:59 Jun 24
Evangeline: *She blinked!* I can’t imagine saying it another way. No one has been as wonderful to me as you have. …does this mean you’ll talk to Leon about his question? -03:03 Jun 24
Gabriel: Yes. To Oracle. *Chances were, Leon was either at Oracle or at Shades. It was better to look in Oracle first. Gabriel took his knife and cut his palm.* "Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via." *There was that pulse of negative energy and then they were gone! They appeared in the middle of a corridor, causing a few unsuspecting hunters to have to stop or veer to the side sharply to avoid walking into Gabriel!* -03:15 Jun 24
Evangeline: Sorry!! *Wicked Gabriel! He no doubt did that on purpose, trying to keep those hunters on their toes! One of these days it’ll be someone with an armfull of knives!* Have you seen Leon? *She asked the ones escaping down the hall!* -03:17 Jun 24

The hunter closest to Evangeline blinked. “Uh yeah … I just saw him in the cafeteria.” He cast a glance at Gabriel and then scurried away with his buddy right beside him!

Gabriel: *The cafeteria, it was! He watched the hunters move out of the way and headed for it. Leon’s favorite place to "hang out" in Oracle was the cafeteria and it was an inside joke that the cooks locked up all their food when they weren’t in the kitchen to watch things!* -03:26 Jun 24
Evangeline: *She took Gabriel’s hand as they headed to the cafeteria, smiling when they passed by hunters!* Leon! Didn’t you have something to ask Gabriel? -03:27 Jun 24

Leon: Fine. Let the wolf starve. *He had just been thrown out of the kitchen and into the cafeteria as Gabriel and Evangeline entered!* Gabriel, Evangeline, how’s it going? *He blinked and quickly nodded when Evangeline mentioned “asking”! He cleared his throat.* Uh yeah … Um, Gabriel, I know this is um … kind of sudden. But will you be … my best man for my wedding?

Gabriel: *He was silent for a moment … then he raised an eyebrow.* You are aware I know nothing about being the best man of a bridegroom. -03:35 Jun 24
Evangeline: Oh! I know! *She held up a hand to wave it!* ….well, I can find out, at least! You’ll keep the wedding ring safe for the wedding, and take him out for his last night as a bachelor! -03:37 Jun 24

Leon: *He flashed a wolfish grin!* To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t know the first thing about a bachelor night so you don’t have to worry about it.

Evangeline: Most men get strippers, and drink and have a crazy adventure that usually ends with a night in jail! …..But that might not be a good idea. Ms. Grey would probably have a fit. -03:45 Jun 24

Leon: Heh heh. Yeah the last thing I want to do is piss Cissy off. She’s likely to lop my tail off right then and there. *He cleared his throat and looked curiously at Gabriel.* So … you’ll do it … You’ll be my best man?

Evangeline: You could wear a nice tuxedo. I bet it would be pretty handsome! -03:53 Jun 24
Gabriel: *Gabriel looked from Leon to Evangeline … and raised an eyebrow.* And Ms Grey does not object to this. *He didn’t care about Ciara Grey’s opinion except in this case, she might have added a few things they hadn’t mentioned yet. It was the type of thing he would have done.* -03:56 Jun 24
Evangeline: Nope! She even said that Meri would make a lovely flower girl! -03:59 Jun 24

Leon: *Leon clasped his hands together and gave the sad puppy dog look!* … Please?

Gabriel: … Very well. I will be your best man for your wedding. -04:09 Jun 24
Evangeline: Great! *Evangeline hopped on and clapped her hands! With Meri and Gabriel in the wedding party, it was going to be so much fun!* I can even help with your bachelor party and we’ll stay away from naked women! -04:12 Jun 24
Evangeline: …Although, if Ms. Grey is going to be the last woman you’re with for the rest of your life, you might want to see one of two just in case! -04:12 Jun 24

Leon: *He broke out with a huge grin!* Thanks, Gabriel. I owe you one. *He stopped and blinked when Evangeline said that. He laughed and scratched the back of his head.* I don’t know … She’ll tan me for sure. Cissy isn’t the type to take stuff like that lightly.

Evangeline: Isn’t she going to have a party too? Girls usually get male exotic dancers. -04:15 Jun 24

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