022 The Perfect Ring (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Lily is helping Leon find a ring for Ciara and they end up seeing Nicolas! Lily meets Vlamerias!

[Lily is going to help Leon pick out a ring. Especially after her mother told her how hard it was for Leon to decide on stuff.] -10:51 Jun 24
[Leon isn\’t so confident about finding the right ring … look how long it took to find the right cake flavor!] -10:53 Jun 24
Leon: Thanks for coming with me, Lily. I could use a woman’s opinion, especially one whose opinion I trust. *He threw her a sheepish grin as they walked through the mall. Ciara had been the one to recommend coming here. So many jewelry shops in one area should make finding the right ring easier!* -10:54 Jun 24
Lily: Better than you running in circles all by yourself and being confused. *Lily grinned! Leon and her mother getting married was a long time in coming! He definitely made her mother a lot happier, despite the woman pretending to be cranky.* You want to get something plain or something fancy? -10:58 Jun 24
Leon: Uh … *Leon scratched his head. That was a question he’d been chewing over (no pun intended) ever since he more or less popped the question to Ciara!* Um … Something plain … but meaningful. *He quickly added.* As cheesy as it sounds, I want Cissy to know it’s the real deal. She’s got so many fancy stuff but plain stuff can be great stuff, too. -11:03 Jun 24
Lily: I guess as long as it’s not too tiny. I don’t think Ms famous Ciara Grey can run around with less than a charat in diamonds. Sometimes the whole rich and famous deal was a real pain in the ass. Lily pointed over at one of the jewelry stores.* That place looks good? -11:10 Jun 24
Leon: *He made a face.* Being famous and stuff bites you in the pass. No pun intended. That’s why I suggested we go away somewhere real quiet for the honeymoon. The paparazzi will have a field day. *He looked at the jewelry store.* Uh … Okay. *He opened the door for Lily and they walked inside.* I don’t know where to even start. -11:12 Jun 24
Lily: Where ARE you going for your honeymoon? *She was curious to know! Lily led them over to the wedding and engagement case where they had matching bands.* So… there’s not THAT many choices. Easier than making a wolf pick a favorite food, anyway. -11:17 Jun 24
Leon: Uh … She hasn’t decided yet. She said something about going somewhere no one would ever think to look. At this rate, I don’t know who’s more paranoid: her or Gabriel. *He scrutinized all the rings and by the look on his face, he hadn’t seen any he liked just yet.* -11:52 Jun 24
Lily: ….Do you think Oracle has a location in Antarctica? *That was probably the last place anyone would look. …Or maybe staying with Gabriel and Evangeline. With that thought, she was giving an evil grin at her own joke. Looking at all the rings, everything was nice and pretty! Surely he’d find something good here!* I heard Gabriel married Evangeline. -11:55 Jun 24
Leon: *He laughed.* I think the only one with anything there that’s not a science facility is Gabriel. But yep, or from what I can tell, they’re as good as married. And the kid they have. It turns out she’s Gabriel’s new familiar but it’s freaky how much she looks like both of them. Valravn didn’t look a thing like Gabriel. -11:58 Jun 24
Lily: *Lily leaned against the glass cases, looking pretty interested at the gossip!* It’d be pretty awesome if she was their kid. …When are you and Moma going to have kids? -12:02 Jun 25
Leon: *Too big … too small … What the hell was that? At the mention of kids, he stopped and and blinked a couple of times.* Uh, well … uh … to tell you the truth, we never discussed that yet. I mean, I want kids. But your mom’s got so much on her hands already. I don’t know if she’s up to taking care of children. Or even if we’ll be able to find reliable babysitters … -12:06 Jun 25
Lily: I’d babysit. I watch Brutus for Evangeline all the time. *Brutus who was now ten times the size he used to be! He had to spend a lot of time with the Wolf clans learning how to be a wolf AND not eat people whole!* …Have you even had sex with my mom yet? -12:09 Jun 25
Leon: *Leon’s face went red! He scratched the back of his head.* Uh … Well, yeah … We have. But I always used protection and … she’s on the pill. *Or at least she’d said she was!* -12:15 Jun 25
Lily: *Lily grinned at his embarrassment! She’d be embarrassed about the questions too, and has been whenever her mother started getting on her case about things…* Hee. Have you found anything that looks good yet? I kind of like the ones with those rectangle shapes. -12:18 Jun 25
Leon: Well … They’re pretty and all but … they just don’t seem … right to me. *He said with a sigh and a shake of his head.* I’m looking for something that will grab my attention. That I’ll get a good vibe from. You know, that feeling that tells you you’ve found something worth keeping … like you and Conrad. -12:24 Jun 25
Lily: *Lily coughed and shrugged her shoulders casually!* I guess I am a lot like Moma. He’s my best friend and I’m really glad all that crap that happened didn’t turn out as bad as it could have. *Any of them could have died! She knew how it nearly destroyed Evangeline, and how everything made even her stubborn mother start doing things differently.* I guess we better try another store! -12:41 Jun 25
Leon: *Leon clasped his hands behind his head as they walked out.* Hm. I guess that’s one store down and uh … twenty five more jewelry stores to go? *He’d spied the mall directory as they were walking but he might have missed how many jewelry stores there were by a couple.* -12:45 Jun 25
Lily: Maybe you should just… like have it custom designed or something? *Then again, that might’ve had the possibilities opened up even wider!* Maybe we should ask someone for advice. -12:47 Jun 25
Leon: *He blinked!* That’s a terrific idea! *His face fell!* Uh … The only people I know are vampires and weres and a couple of warlocks. None of them are what you call jewelry experts. How about you? -12:48 Jun 25
Lily: *She gave a sheepish look and another shrug.* I know college people and a whole bunch of Oracle hunters who probably are as clueless about this stuff as we are. …I guess we could always ask my grandparents. *Lily made a BLEH face. Her grandparents were nice and all, but they were busy-body snooty types that liked to give waaaay more of their opinion than you wanted.* -12:50 Jun 25
Leon: Ohohoh, no … We’re not going there. It’s bad enough Ciara said we have to invite them to the wedding. I don’t want to see them anytime before then. *He scratched his head.* Well … if you want something custom made and one of a kind … I guess we could ask Nicholas. *He gave a shrug.*’ -12:57 Jun 25
Lily: Okay! I like Grandfa Nicholas. *She had taken to calling him Grandfa, and why not! Leon was more father to her than her real one… and now it was finally going to be legal!* I haven’t seen him in forever! -12:59 Jun 25
Leon: *Leon scratched his head.* Let’s go check out Oracle. If not we’ll have to get Gabriel to take us to the Living Grave … *He gave her a sideways glance.* I don’t know if your mom would appreciate me taking you somewhere like that. *He frowned. Appreciate no, possibly kill him, yes.* -01:09 Jun 25
Lily: Considering I’ll be with you, Grandfa and Gabriel I don’t think she’s got much room to complain. *Lily was already walking!* Besides, I’m too old for her to boss around now. She’s just going to have to have more kids. -01:12 Jun 25
Leon: *If this was a cartoon, this would have been his cue to fall over!* I think she might have already gotten that sort of idea. *He followed beside her. It didn’t take them long to get back to Oracle and then he was looking around and asking if anyone had seen Nicholas!* -01:15 Jun 25

Nope, no one had seen Nicholas Wulfric for ages! So Leon asked around for Evangeline or Gabriel instead! They were in luck because Evangeline was teaching a class with Vlamerias!

Leon: *Leon led the way to Evangeline’s class and then he knocked on the door! The last time he had just barged in, a hunter had nearly shot himself thinking it was Gabriel!* Evangeline? Vlamerias …? Poor hunters who are probably getting the beating of their lives? *He muttered the last one under his breath!* -01:20 Jun 25

Evangeline: This is why you don’t take boats on rivers in africa, because the Hippos wi- *Evangeline blinked, tilting her head towards the door when Leon and Lily entered! She smiled, not seeming to look at all sorry about the hunter sprawled out on the floor that she was currently sitting on the back of!* Hi Leon! And Lily!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was leaning over the hunter, nudging him with her foot! That would teach him to try and do that to her Bright Lady! She looked up at Lily and Leon!* Bright Lady made the hunter fall down this time! *She beamed, quite proud!*

Leon: Uh … *He said as he stepped inside and stopped.* Evangeline, Vlamerias. Oh, Vlamerias, this is Lily, Ciara’s daughter. Lily, Vlamerias, Gabriel’s er … daughter. -01:23 Jun 25
Lily: *Lily loved Evangeline’s classes! Somehow she had a really weird story for everything, that really didn’t seem to have anything to do with the actual lesson. It was entertaining!* Holy crap! She really does look like them! *Okay, she probably didn’t have to shout that out loud, but… the little girl was a spot on resemblance!* -01:24 Jun 25

Evangeline: Sometimes I wish I could see her! Everyone is always so surprised at Meri and I bet she’s just as lovely as Gabriel! *Evangeline climb off that poor hunter, and even gave him a pat on the head.* Okay, Steven, you’re free.

Steven was relieved. Evangeline wasn’t heavy, but he was still pretty embarassed that she managed to drop him to the floor like that. What did that have to do with Hippos?!

Vlamerias: Hello! Mommy was having a lesson on somewhere called Africa … but apparently I’m not allowed to eat the hippos there. I do not think I have ever seen a hippo … *She clasped her hands behind her back, lost in her own thoughts.*

Leon: Gabriel. Lovely … right. Speaking of Gabriel, do you think I could ask him for a favor? Me and Lily have to find Nicholas. I need help getting a ring and nothing is cutting it. -01:28 Jun 25
Lily: *Lily waved at Steve too, casting him that "Sucks to be You!" grin!* I bet hippos are all fat anyway and none of the good stuff. -01:29 Jun 25

Evangeline: Then you should ask him! I he is the best man, favors for the groom are part of the job description. *It didn’t occur to Evangeline that Leon might be needing help in finding Gabriel!*

Evangeline hadn’t said the lesson was over yet, and there was still some hunters in “African Canibal Vampire” character. … Now that she was distracted this was the perfect opportunity to throw their giant foam noodle spears!

Vlamerias: *Unfortunately for the hunters, this was where Vlamerias’ duties came in, protecting her Bright Lady! She was suddenly between the foam spears and Evangeline!* Silly humans, you should know better! *She wiggled her fingers and every hunter in the class found their spears being hurled back at them and then themselves on their backs on the floor!*

Lily: *…That’s when Lily pointed and started laughing! Nice! The kid was a mini-Gabriel!* -01:37 Jun 25
Leon: *Leon only blinked at what had just happened. Then he had to shake his head and focus!* I would love to but … we need some help finding Gabriel … -01:38 Jun 25

Evangeline: Oh! I keep forgetting he’s not that easy to find. *Even moreso now that all she had to do was reach out with her mind and brush against his most of the time. Thus, she tapped her mouth as she did so, trying not to be intrusive and see if he was busy!* Just a minute, I think.

Steven took one of the noodles and gave Lily a good THWAP. It was bad enough getting their asses kicked by a little girl, but having someone laugh about it was worse! …Plus it was easier to pick on Lily when Conrad wasn’t around! “Ha! Like to see you do better with the bra-… kid. She’s hella tough.”

Lily: *Lily rubbed her head with a frown, but cast Vlamerias a curious look! She was small, but probably as quick as Gabriel. Magic too… And like Gabriel would probably shoot your arms off or something if you attacked Evangeline.* …which one of them is the hippo? -01:46 Jun 25

Several of the hunters looked between themselves and shrugged. …They hadn’t thought about which one was the Hippo. Deciphering Evangeline’s stories was like doing riddles! …riddles with ass bruises as consequences!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was currently digging into Evangeline’s bag, looking for those tasty snacks the Bright Lady called crackers! And that silver bag thing filled with juice!*

Gabriel: “What is it, Seer?” *He was standing in the middle of an abandoned building where it was night, surrounded by things lurking in the shadows. He had his sword drawn and one gun out.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline pointed at herself.* I am the full sized hippo and Meri is the baby hippo. But that’s not the important part of the lesson! *There was Gabriel! “Leon has a favor to ask. When you’re not busy!” She tried not to let the conversation about Hippos mingle in to her thoughts. She hadn’t quite manged to get things in order yet!*

A few of the hunters were scratching their heads. How could that *not* be an important part of the lesson?! Evangeline had been going on and on about hippos all this time!

Gabriel: *Something moved from the corner of his eye.* “…Hippos, Seer?” *She hadn’t thought it but it was there, almost foremost on her mind. He shifted his grip on the sword and sidestepped, then lashed out and sliced the creature in half. At the same time his other hand moved out to shoot another creature moving in from the opposite direction.*

Lily: So… um… if some of you are hunters in Africa going after, uh… whatever you guys are *She pointed at the group with the noodle spears!*, aren’t you supposed to be avoiding the hippos and killing the spear-guys? -01:56 Jun 25

Evangeline: They are a tribe of African Cannibals, but they’re not actually cannibals, they’re all vampires and the hunters have to slay them! *“…Sorry! That is today’s lesson and only Lily seems to get it so far! But Lily is always so good at figuring things out, so it’s not surprising and-…And you’re busy so I probably shouldn’t be bothering you.” Still, she was pretty curious as to what he was doing. He had been out like this so often thanks to the things that had gotten free from the Gate.*

Steven looked sheepish. “Smooth move, guys! You vampires are trying to hippos!”

Another guy snorted. “You’re the moron that got attack by the hippo before even getting to your mission!”

*trying to eat hippos!

Lily: *Lily glanced around until she spotted the chairs… and jumped up in to one!* You should probably get out of the water before another hippo attacks, then. -02:06 Jun 25

Gabriel: “I will be there in a moment.”*He was in a crouch now, his weight in his legs. He suddenly dashed forward, slashing and shooting, kicking and elbowing. By the time he was through, the only thing even remotely alive in that place was him. He cut his palm and torched the bodies, making sure they were nothing but ash.*

Leon: *As they waited for Gabriel, he stood to the side and watched as Lily jumped onto one chair. She was one hell of a girl.* -02:07 Jun 25

Steven looked at Lily like she was crazy. “The hell? That doesn’t even make sense! What water!”

Vlamerias: *After retrieving the snacks and the drink, she returned to the Bright Lady’s side and began fiddling with the bag of juice. Bright Lady had made it look so easy to poke the little thing she called a straw into this teeny-tiny piece!*

Gabriel: *He did one more thorough sweep of the building. One could never be too careful and he wanted to make sure everything was dead. Once he was satisfied, he walked out and torched the entire building with a spell.*

Evangeline: The water the hippos are in, of course! *And to drive the point home, Evangeline tackled poor Steven – again! And sat on his back.* There’s a lot of dangers on missions besides the mission itself. In Africa, it’s hippos. Here, it might be crazy gangs or soccor moms! …Oh, and Gabriel will be here in a moment!

Steven groooaaned! “…someone get this hippo off me!”

Gabriel: … I consider myself fortunate Evangeline has found no reason to tackle me in such a manner. *He said, suddenly behind the desk, smirking.*

Leon: *He started to laugh–but quickly recovered by clearing his throat and coughing!* Hahaha–Ahem! … Gabriel, great! We need to find Nicholas! I’m having the damnest time getting the ring for Cissy and … jewelry stores just don’t cut it. If you get my drift. -02:16 Jun 25
Lily: *Lily laughed and pointed again! But, there was African Vampires to take care of! ..Usually Evangeline had weapons or traps set up… When she found a rope hanging from the ceiling she lept and grabbed it! …unfortunetly, it wasn’t the trap for THIS lesson, and it was setting lose the beanbags over Leon and Gabriel!* My bad…! -02:18 Jun 25

Gabriel: *Gabriel dusted off those bean bags but none of the hunters dared to utter a sound! Like hell if they would be caught snickering at Gabriel Carnatelli! The vampire threw hunters out the windows for fun!* … When you two are ready.

Evangeline: That was almost the right one! Maybe next time, Lily! *She was already getting off Steven again!* Say hello to Mr. Wulfric for me!

Lily: *Lily hopped down from the rope and stuffed her hands in her pockets. Next time, for sure. She was grinning at Gabriel and softly snickering!* -02:24 Jun 25

Vlamerias: Mommy, can you help me get this thingy inside the juice bag? *She handed it to Evangeline. The Bright Lady could do just about anything in her eyes!*

Gabriel: This way. *He walked out of the classroom and waited for them in the hall. Then he took his knife and cut his palm.* “Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via.” *A blast of wind, a pulse of negative energy, and they were gone! … They appeared in the middle of a barren desert, the sort found in Nevada, at the entrance of the Living Grave! Even with the bright sun and the heat, there seemed to be a fog over this place and the feeling of being watched!*

Evangeline: Of course. *Evangeline replied with a smile and took the juice pouch. It was so cute that she could do so many thing but not open up the juice! She stuck the straw in and handed it back to Meri!*

Leon: *He walked in first slowly, looking around.* Stay close, Lily. *He said over his shoulder. He knew he didn’t have to but … it made him feel better.* Nicholas! Where are you? -02:58 Jun 25

The sands moved and not just one… but several forms moved from under the sand and jumped out! Wolves shaking out the furr and looking pretty uncomfortable. “Who dares come in to th-ACHOO! Damnations! I hate this gravesite! There’s sand in my nostrels!”

“You?! At least you don’t have sand in your ears! I can barely hear a bloody thing!” one wolf whined, scratching at his ear as he sat down!

Lily: *Lily was staying close up until wolves were crawling out of sand dunes. Then she found the sight far to interesting not to get a closer look at. She leaned down to eye a wolf face to face.* ….I think there’s a scorpion hanging from your tail. -03:01 Jun 25

The wolf had growled at Lily first, before he realized – he did! He was yelping and shooting across the sand, trying to shake the thing off!

The wolf who had complained about sand in his ears stopped scratching and shook off more sand! He attempted to look dignified and mean! They were the wolves of the Living Grave, not to be taken lightly! “This is the Living Grave! Begone, trespassers!

Leon: I just need to talk to Nicholas. As soon as I do, we’ll go. Has anyone seen him …? -03:10 Jun 25

The wolf now missing a tuff of hair on his tail returned, to resume his growling! “Get lost, pup! And take your… uh… Girlpup and Wolfslayer with you!” He snapped at them with his teeth!

Leon: *Leon raised an eyebrow.* Lay a paw, or so much as a wolf hair on her and I’ll school you in the ways of asskicking. *He growled to emphasize his point.* -03:14 Jun 25

Nicholas: *There was a soft chuckle as someone walked forward from behind one of the graves toward them.* Now you’re talking like a wolf, Leon. Ah, Lily, a pleasure to see you again. Gabriel.

Lily: Hi Grandfa! *Lily was leaning in front of the one wolf again and pointed at his tail.* You’re missing some fur. -03:17 Jun 25

The wolf turned around to look at his tail… and whined! “That’s the third time this month! When are moving to somewhere tropical with some fine lady wolves!”

Leon: *Leon blinked!* Uh, yeah … So about what I have to … ask you … *Here, he took a deep breath.* I’m looking for a ring for Ciara but nothing fits what I have in mind. Can you help me? Maybe there’s a jewelers you can suggest, someone who custom makes wedding rings. -03:22 Jun 25
Lily: He’s worried about getting the perfect ring for Moma. *Completely unafraid of wolves, even if they ARE guarding the most infamous wolfy holy ground of all time, Lily had plopped on her knees scratched behind the wolfy’s ears. It looked like he was having a bad month and needed some love!* -03:29 Jun 25

That wolf growled! And.. growled… and… thumped his foot on the ground! Ear scratches felt pretty good! But, to keep up appearances he kept his teeth showing so he looked good and intimidating.

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