023 Pinnacle of Light

Evangeline takes Vlamerias out shopping and they get grabbed by a Cult!

[Evangeline has taken Meri out for shopping! There are things she needs for lessons!] -02:43 Jul 10
[Vlamerias thinks this is fun! … Even when the Bright Lady said no chewing on the shiny plastic cards!] -02:45 Jul 10
Vlamerias: Mommy, why do humans dress up giant dolls in the windows? Are they to ward off angels and pixies? *She was holding Evangeline’s hand and skipping alongside her!* -02:48 Jul 10
Evangeline: *There were a lot of things she had to make sure Meri didn’t eat, but that was why Evangeline had one of those messenger bags over her shoulder filled with “Just In Case” things! Snacks, a toy, and those hunters insisted she take some weapons… she wasn’t sure how those were supposed to be useful!* Those are just to show off how nice the clothes look. There aren’t many stores that put things up to ward off evil spirits these days. -02:49 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *They passed one of those shops filled with Christian items with pictures of angels and church memorabilia in the window! Meri frowned!* … Angels are stupid. -02:52 Jul 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped and laughed softly.* I believe some angels say the same about devils. Have you met any angels, Meri? -02:53 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *Meri frowned!* … No but I know enough about ’em. They’re mean and stupid and all they want to do is talk about how good they are and how bad devils are. *Her stomach growled!* May I have a snack, Mommy? I promise I won’t bite the human dressed in the hamburger suit this time. -02:57 Jul 10
Evangeline: Some of them might be mean and stupid, but that certainly isn’t all of them. *Evangeline opened the bag and dug around, having to push those weird things out of the way to pull out a little bag of goldfish crackers. She handed it to Meri!* I know an angel that is the lead singer of a rock band! -03:01 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *The little devil’s face lit up when she saw those crackers! Oh, she LOVED those! She ate a handful!* Mmm … Thank you, Mommy! *Then she frowned! And even if Evangeline didn’t see her frown, she could probably tell when Meri was frowning. The only time she was quiet was when she frowned!* -03:05 Jul 10
Evangeline: *No little girl should ever be frowning! Even if it was a devil older than she was!* Are you concerned about angels, now Meri? -03:06 Jul 10

Meanwhile, not too far away, there was an oddly dressed man with binoculars who looked pleased as pie! There she was, that sorceress who cursed him! His plans to distract her unholy lover had worked flawlessly! Now all he had to do was wait for the perfect opportunity for him and his men to pounce! Eugene The Great cackled!

Vlamerias: … No doubt that singing angel is up to something. *Meri made her point with a nod.* Devils are much more entertaining than angels are. *She ate a few more of the gold fish.* -03:10 Jul 10
Evangeline: *A soft smile.* He is more escaping something, than up to something. …Some devils even used to be angels, you know! *But that history was terribly complicated to try and explain! She didn’t even know all the details herself! Evangeline tapped her chin in thought.* Would you not like me either if I were really an angel? -03:15 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *That question was serious enough to make Meri stop eating altogether! She blinked once, twice … swallowed! Then she looked up at Evangeline, wide-eyed!* Of course not, Mommy! *And the tone she spoke in said she thought it an absurd question!* -03:24 Jul 10
Evangeline: That is good. I might die and be an angel one day, and I’d be sad if you didn’t! *She pat Meri softly on the head.* We’ll see about trying to meet some angels later! You should get to know different kinds of people! -03:26 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *Meri frowned again!* But, Mommy … If you die and become an angel one day, Glaër will be sad. And I will be sad, too. -03:38 Jul 10

At that moment a pair of gentlemen dressed in strange clothing stepped out of the shop and caught the cute little girl’s comment! They just had to interject! “Don’t be sad, little girl. God takes care of the righteous and good. Your mother will live many years under his care.”

Evangeline: *She was about to reassure Meri that she wouldn’t be dying for a very long time… but someone else did it for her! Evangeline gave a friendly smile!* Thank you! It’s very sweet of you to say! I am not going to leave you or Gabriel. -03:45 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *She was opening her mouth to say something but then those human men came along and then the Bright Lady talked! So she closed her mouth, blinked twice and opened her mouth again!* Mommy has the brightest soul ever! I promised my Glaër I would keep her safe and that means making sure she doesn’t die. -03:47 Jul 10

“That is a strange way for a little girl to talk. Does Glaër mean father? You are obviously from out of the country.” The man directed at Evangeline, noticing the subtle accent. …But the word the girl spoke didn’t sound like any language he knew!

Vlamerias: *Meri scratched her head.* Glaër means Glaër. Or in this case, my Glaër Áetkhilos who bonded with my Mommy to save her life! It is very sweet and romantic! *She gave a firm nod!* -03:55 Jul 10
Evangeline: … she means we were married! I couldn’t live without him. *She tried not to laugh and tugged Meri a little closer. They would have to discuss what was alright to blurt around strangers!* -03:58 Jul 10

Both men looked at each other, not sure what they thought about that statement! The child was odd! “It’s admirable for a child to love her parents so much. That language is a peculiar dialect. Where might that be from?”

Vlamerias: *Munch munch munch! She ate more goldfish crackers!* Mm … What’s a diet clep? Is that a snack, too? -04:02 Jul 10
Evangeline: Dialect, that means language, Meri. I am not sure myself, Meri has a long of strange customs! *Evangeline rest her hands on the girl’s hand and smile again.* We have more things to do, so we must be going now! It was nice to meet you! *She nudged Meri down the sidewalk before she paused and turned.* Oh! If you want to get rid of those rashes you’ve been having, you should stop tackling demons with your bare hands. You’re allergic to scales. -04:06 Jul 10

One of the men had leaned to mutter to his partner that he had heard those words from devils before… and then the women brought up demons! Both men looked astonished! “…How would you… know that?”

Vlamerias: … It is sometimes hard to keep everything straight and remember stuff. *She admitted a little reluctantly! Then they were walking away and she didn’t turn when the strange human asked the Bright Lady something! Humans were strange … and she was thirsty!* -04:09 Jul 10
Evangeline: Ah, sorry! Sometimes I forget and blurt things. I don’t mean to intrude! *She cast an apologetic grin at the gentlemen!* You can just say a psychic gave you a tip! *With a quick wave, she was guiding Meri down the sidewalk again!* -04:11 Jul 10

YES! Finally the sorceress was heading right for his trap! It took her and that weird kid forever to stop chatting with those men! Eugene the Great signalled his goons. Right this moment, that vampire should be facing down an entire hoard of demons! As soon as the woman stepped around the corner, Eugene and his goons prepared to grab!

But, before Eugene’s band of wizards could jump out of their hiding places, a very nice looking SUV stopped at the side of street, with those gentlemen stepping out! “Madam, if you will join us.” They didn’t sound as friendly as before, and the second man had a strange glowing object in his hand. Something special for neutralizing devil powers!

Vlamerias: *Meri didn’t like their tone or how close they were coming to the Bright Lady! She hissed and looked ready to pounce on the men except that glowing thingy in his hands kept her back and the light hurt her eyes! She still hissed and clawed though!* Mommy, run! -04:22 Jul 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t like that tone, herself… and something was ill-affecting Meri! She was reaching in to her bag to pull out something useful and scare them off!* I think you better leave before you sorely regret it! -04:23 Jul 10

Neither of them were going to risk a witch pulling a weapon on them! Especially now that they knew for sure this was a little devil girl! The man with the glowing item snatched up Meri, clawing and all! Without her devil powers she was nothing more than a tantrum-pitching child! “Summon your hellish powers and we will destroy this child right now. Get in to the vehicle!”

Vlamerias: *She hissed and lashed out but she was doing it with her eyes shut! And that light was … was making it harder to fight!* Mommy! … Run! *Her body was feeling very heavy and in no time at all, she was panting for breath!* -04:29 Jul 10
Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped quickly and hissed under her breath! How dare they threaten a poor little girl like that! …but.. she wouldln’t want to do anything that would get her hurt, and that includes asking for Gabriel! If she summoned him, they’d think she was summoning a demon and do something to Meri!* All right!! Just give her back to me! -04:30 Jul 10

Evangeline was ushered in to the back of the SUV and buckled in to the seat! The other shoved the devil in to her arms and climbed in to the seat beside her. Now in his other hand he was holding a gun! The first was in the driver’s seat and driving them away!

Eugene was… really pissed off! Just like that, they swept up his target! He HAD to get that glowing thing and his sorceress back! He ordered his goons in to the station wagon! They were going to follow and rescue!

Vlamerias: *It seemed like forever before Meri stirred! When she did, she lifted her head. It was the only thing she could move at the moment! She couldn’t see the glowing thing but it was still nearby.* … Mommy … I … I’m sorry … -04:35 Jul 10
Evangeline: *She was holding Meri tightly to her and relieved to find she wasn’t unconcious!* Don’t worry, Meri. They not going to hurt us. They’re just a little confused. -04:38 Jul 10

Neither of the men said anything until the SUV finally drove inside a garage attached to a large building and parked the car. Ushering the witch and her little devil out of the vehicle, they made sure she was aware they still had those weapons! “If you cooperate, it won’t hurt at all. We are not without mercy here at the Pinnacle of Light.”

Evangeline: *Pinnacle of Light? It sounded familiar, but she didn’t think it was one of those places that terrorized little girls!* I am.. trying to be patient, but I don’t think you have the right people! We’re not evil if that is what you’re thinking, and I don’t appreciate you using strange weapons against Meri! -04:47 Jul 10
Vlamerias: *Had she been in a much stronger condition, she would have started arguing that but … Bright Lady knew best and she was feeling really tired … She tried to stand on her own but all she could really do at this point was cling and bury her head in the Bright Lady’s shoulder to hopefully block out the light.* -04:47 Jul 10

One man snorted! “That child is a devil. The very essence of evil. A witch with such a familiar and the seeing eye is equally guilty of sin!”

SCREEEEECH! A station wagon nearly crashed in to the garage! The doors swung open to reveal… a bunch of middle aged men wearing wizard robes and pointing wands! It was Eugene the Great that took the lead! “HALT! Give me that sorceress before you feel the power of the great EUGENE!”

Vlamerias: *In reply, Meri buried her head under Evangeline’s chin! All this noise and light … It hurt!* Bright Lady, will you tell the stupid humans to shut up? *She mumbled.* -04:53 Jul 10

The two men looked surprised, but they were prepared for this sort of thing! Without missing a beat, they started firing their guns at the wizards! With the noise alerting several others from the building!

Evangeline: …who is Eugene…? *Evangeline had said before the gunfire started! She was going to use this opportunity to run, but someone grabbed her by the arm and drug her on to an elevator! The gunfire drowned out when the doors closed! Oh dear… if those people were sent to rescue them, they needed a little more training first!* -04:58 Jul 10

“I AM YOUR GREATEST FO- ARRGH!!” bellowed Eugene! He didn’t even get to finish his speech! Damn the sorceress and these bastards! Wizards scattered everywhere until they got the sense to dive back in to the station wagon! Eugene was fumbling to drive them away before his car was shot to pieces. He hadn’t finished the payments yet!!

The Elevator rose several floors before it stopped. Evangeline was pulled down a silent hall until they entered a room that was uncomfortably hot. “Take the devil. Incinerate the witch first before she tries casting her spells.” There was a huge fireplace that looked far more like a big cooking oven than a nice feature! A man moved to take Meri from Evangeline!

Evangeline: Don’t you dare! *Evangeline growled! And growled mean! She snatched her arm away and kicked the approaching man in the shin before she backed up. Balancing Meri with on arm, she dug one of those weapons out of her bag to point! They came in handy after!* I’ll shoot you if you take another step! -05:06 Jul 10
[Vlamerias has timed out.] -06:09 Jul 10
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((06:09 Jul 10))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:09 Jul 10
[Evangeline pulled a gun out of her bag! What idiot thought giving her one was a good idea?!] -02:48 Jul 11
[Vlamerias was one very tired devil … No sign of the glowing object but there were probably wards to keep devils nice and neutralized!] -02:52 Jul 11

Everyone paused at the sight of the gun, but in a swift movement someone snatched Evangeline’s wrist, pulled the gun away and CLICK! “It’s not even loaded, witch!” With the threat neutralized they were preying the devil-child away!

Vlamerias: *Meri whimpered and clung to Evangeline!* Mommy! I want my mommy! Glaër! They’re taking me from my mommy! *The threat of being taken away from Evangeline was enough to energize her enough to struggle and cry, even if weakly!* -02:57 Jul 11
Evangeline: Gabriel! *Panic! They couldn’t take her Meri, who knows what they would do to her! If they were afraid she’d call up something scary, so be it!* Get your paws off her! *She clung to Meri as tight as she could, and even poked someone in the eyes!* -02:59 Jul 11

Suddenly all the lights went out when a cold wind blasted in through the hole Eugene and his wizards had made in the garage! Something picked the men closest to Evangeline and Meri up and flew them away! … Someone grabbed Evangeline and Meri and picked them up as if they weighed nothing and ran to duck behind some crates! -Vlamerias

The men of Pinnacle of Light jumped in to action! They were pulling on their heat seeking gear, their holy weapons and their guns! The witch managed to cast a summon and they had no problem firing in to the darkness once they had on their goggles and could see their own men!

Gabriel: Sshh … *He brushed a hand over Meri’s head and kissed Evangeline’s forehead.* I heard both your cries from where I was. No one will take you from your mother, Meri, or Meri from you, Seer. *He didn’t seem in the least bit phased by the fact those humans were moving fast!* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *There was no time to feel relieved with more gunshots going off, but Gabriel always had that way of helping her not feel so afraid! Evangeline held Meri tightly to shield her from harm!* They were going to kill her. She’s just a little girl! -03:09 Jul 11

Someone was trying to get the power back on while the gunmen ceased fire and started searching! “Come out and repent your sins! Remove your devil summons and God might give forgiveness and release you from hell!”

Vlamerias: A mistake they will sorely regret. But I cannot deal with them while you are still in danger. *He reached into Meri’s pocket to pull out the pouch and from the pouch, the incubus soul. One arm still around Evangeline and Meri, he bit his wrist and cast a spell! The orb glowed and a transparent form of Ilorest appeared!* Demon, distract the humans. Possess one of their bodies, use your charm, I care not. -03:18 Jul 11
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -03:18 Jul 11
Gabriel: A mistake they will sorely regret. But I cannot deal with them while you are still in danger. *He reached into Meri’s pocket to pull out the pouch and from the pouch, the incubus soul. One arm still around Evangeline and Meri, he bit his wrist and cast a spell! The orb glowed and a transparent form of Ilorest appeared!* Demon, distract the humans. Possess one of their bodies, use your charm, I care not. -03:18 Jul 11

Ilorest looked hesitant but as he no longer possessed his own soul, he had to obey! He drifted down into the floor and disappeared! Then he lifted half of his body out of the floor on the other side of the humans! Those wards affected weak or young demons like Vlamerias but Ilorest was neither! He saw one of the humans distracted and seized the moment! His will was so weak it was a cinch to possess his body! “Uh … I think they went this way!” he exclaimed and pointed down a corridor somewhere! -Gabriel

The distraction was sucessfull! Most of the men darted down the hallway, armed and checking every room they came across!

Evangeline: I just want to take her home and put her to bed. *She wouldn’t think about what Gabriel was going to do to these people, and with only a slight amount of guilt she thought they’d be getting what they deserved! She couldn’t imagine how devestated Gabriel would’ve been had they suceeded in burning her or Meri!* -03:31 Jul 11
Gabriel: *Meanwhile, he slipped the soul orb into his pocket, put both arms around Evangeline and Meri and sneaked around the corner and down the hall!* In the condition she is in, teleporting there will only make her worst. I will take you out of the confines of the wards so her condition may lighten. -03:33 Jul 11

The strength of the Pinnacle wards were astonding! Designed to keep their cult group safe from the unholy creatures of evil! Now, having their compound breached, the entire building was signalled in to Defensive mode. Running footsteps could be heard everywhere, and the sharp tinglings of new wards and spells being cast to locate and subdue the invading threat!

Ilorest pretended to look around and he was one hell of an actor! Of course, he accidentally tripped over a few of the guys or even knocked over a crate or two that would fall onto the ground with a CLACK! “Awh, so sorry! … Really, I didn’t see you there!” -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She was jumpy at sudden sounds, stiffening and hold Meri tighter if they sounded too close! With so many wards and spells flying around, she was afraid they might be strong enough to ill effect even Gabriel!* -03:42 Jul 11
Gabriel: *As Gabriel moved down a corridor, he saw a hatch and when he opened it, the shaft led down to the bottom!* Hold on. *He slipped through the shaft and suddenly they were falling … and falling and … UMPHF! They landed in a pile of clothes in a large wagon. The laundry chute!* -03:45 Jul 11

Blink! The lighting in the building finally flickered back online, making it easier for the gunmen to search the compound! They sounded the building alarms about an escapee, Class A top of the line dangerous!

Vlamerias: … Mommy …? *She lifted her head and yawned! She looked around! They were in a big room with no windows and big machines and plenty of sheets! It smelled of humans and sweat and moldy stuff!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Right here, Meri. *Sudden falling always made her stomach quesy, but her relief that Meri was awake made it vanish in an instant! Evangeline moved to brush a hand against Meri’s face.* Are you alright? You aren’t hurting anywhere are you? -03:52 Jul 11

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias snuggled up against Evangeline, relieved to see she was still here! And her [i]Glaër[/i] was here as well!* I … think so. Can we go home, Mommy? -Gabriel

Gabriel: Vlamerias, you must wake up. We need you to help weaken the wards so I can send you and the Bright Lady home. -03:55 Jul 11

Vlamerias: *It was obvious by the look on her face that she really wanted to go back to sleep! But … she had a duty to perform! She slowly nodded and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.* Okay, Glaër. *She looked around. There were wards everywhere but there was always a weak spot!* Mommy, can you put me down, please? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She wanted to hold Meri tight until the girl was better, but if Gabriel needed her help… Evangeline very reluctantly set Meri down, and looked ready to snatch her back up again if something jumped out!* -04:03 Jul 11
Gabriel: (did it eat my post again? <_<) -04:10 Jul 11

Vlamerias: *It took her several moments of walking around the room and brushing her fingers over everything before she found the right spot! It was the farthest corner from the door and it was there she got on her knees! She placed her fingertips against the wall and began to move them, much like fingerpainting or tracking the path of a shooting star in the sky! Every so often she would pause and yawn and look ready to fall over where she sat!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Can’t I just scoop her up and we shoot through the front door…? *Of course that would be silly and wildly dangerous, but poor Meri was so tired! Evangeline was doing well to trail close to her and not pick her up right now!* -04:16 Jul 11
Gabriel: *He watched Evangeline but said nothing. He didn’t need to! He had faith in Vlamerias’ abilities, young as she was. He summoned Ilorest back as someone began to pound on the door! There was shouting from the other side and the pounding got stronger! He was already moving toward Evangeline and Vlamerias, cutting his palm as he did.* -04:22 Jul 11

The entire building had been cleared, the only place left to look was the bottom level! When no one came to open up the door, they gunmen were shooting out the locks!

Gabriel: (I guess we switch the two replies around? XD) -04:25 Jul 11
Evangeline: (that works! XD ) -04:25 Jul 11

Vlamerias: *She finally gave out and fell into Evangeline’s arms with a small yawn! The “hole” she’d made in the wards was a small one but it would have to do! The rest was up to Gabriel!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline lift Meri up and cradled her gently in her arms! She was such a brave little devil!* You’re so good! W=I think you deserve a treat before bed! -04:28 Jul 11

CRASH! The locks we shot out and the door was finally crashed down! Without missing a beat, the gunmen were immediately opening fire and shooting at anything that moved!

Gabriel: *He moved his body to shield Evangeline and Meri from gunfire as he pressed his fingertips against the “hole” in the wall! He cast a spell, there was a pulse of negative energy as the wind picked up … and then they were gone! They appeared at Evangeline’s apartment under the city.* -04:35 Jul 11
Evangeline: *Home! She worried over Gabriel, but knowing she could reach out to him and know he was well was a comfort! Evangeline carried Meri to the kitchen, intending to make sure she had a special treat!* What do you think about Ice Cream until Gabriel gets home and tells you goodnight? -04:40 Jul 11

The witch and her devil had escaped, leaving behind her demon summon! Finding that normal weapons were ineffectual, they pulled out heavier rounds enchanted with holy wards!

Vlamerias: *She yawned and snuggled against Evangeline! She was starting to feel better but she was also very comfortable!* Mmm … Ice cream!

Evangeline: *Moving around the kitchen with a devil in her arms wasn’t exactly easy, but Evangeline didn’t want to let her loose! Meri might as well been her real daughter! She fetched the bowl and spoon, and then ice cream from the freezer. Fussing with opening the carton to take scoops.* Would you like something special on it too? I think there is the barbecue sauce left and a few cherries. -05:03 Jul 11
[Evangeline was feeding Meri ice cream and getting ready to tuck her in bed!] -04:17 Jul 12
[Gabriel was out to do nothing less than slaughter everyone and burn this place to the ground!] -04:17 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *She was enjoying the ice cream and beginning to look a lot better! There was color in her cheeks and she certainly had her appetite back–even if the ice cream was soaked in BBQ sauce and chocolate syrup!* Mm! Yummy!

The gunmen of Pinnacle of Light had some pretty impressive artillery! It might have even been military grade, amped up with holy blessings! They were now surrounding the area, opening fire on the monster threat!

Evangeline: *It was terribly disgusting, but Meri loved it and was perking up again to Evangeline’s relief. She had her own spoon and was eating straight from the carton!* -04:21 Jul 12
Gabriel: *So far the wards weren’t slowing him down but Gabriel knew it was only a matter of time! He dove behind a wagon, pulled a grenade out of his coat and the pin out of it before tossing it at the door (with an extra one in the middle of the room for good measure!) and jumping back up into the laundry chute!* -04:24 Jul 12

Gunmen scattered when the grenade went flying, followed by a loud BOOM! Shrapnel, flames and a few unfortunate souls went flying! Commander got on the radio, alerting the rest of the men that the Thread had gone back up in to the building! He was not to leave here alive!

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias looked ready to eat them out of every ice cream carton they had in the apartment!* Can I have some more, Bright Lady? *She beamed and held up her very large–and now empty–bowl, licked clean of any trace of ice cream!*

Evangeline: Hmm… How about we save some for tomorrow and get you clean instead. I have bath duckies for you to play with! *Vlamerias could eat almost as much as Brutus! But a belly full of sugar before bedtime was probably not a good idea for an already bouncy Devil!* -04:32 Jul 12
Gabriel: *After pausing to bite his finger and trace a symbol on the shaft wall, he opened a hatch and found himself in another corridor! He bit his finger and traced another symbol on the inside of the chute’s door! It was similar to the one he’d done earlier in the laundry shaft and he’d also left a couple in the laundry room! He pulled out Ilorest’s soul again and cast the summoning spell.* I want the control room, the weapons room, and the leader’s quarters. Find them and report to me. Go. -04:38 Jul 12

Ilorest obviously didn’t like being summoned and told what to do! The expression on his face said so plainly! But, of course, he had to obey so he nodded and disappeared into the floor again! An incubus’ work was never done!

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked and looked ready to pout or throw a tantrum! But then she grinned wide and nodded.* Okay! I love to play with bath duckies! I can’t eat them but I love to play with them anyways!

Gabriel: *Gabriel watched Ilorest disappear, then he dashed off down the corridor and then into one of the unlocked rooms!* -04:40 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned… she wondered when Meri would finally have a hissy fit and not want a bath! She’ll be a cute little terror! Evangeline picked the girl up and headed off for the bathroom!* They probably wouldn’t be very delicious, anyway. It’d be all soapy! -04:43 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *That got Meri thinking! She blinked and tapped a finger against her chin!* Will it taste like that soap that said it was lemon flavored but you said it wasn’t really lemon flavored even though it smelled like it was? *She had tried drinking the yellow stuff on the sink but had been told soap, even if it did look and smell like lemonade, was not the same thing!*

In the basement the fire from the grenade was just getting put under control. Now, gunmen were fanning out down the halls on each level of the building – checking the rooms one by one!

Evangeline: Exactly like that. *She set Meri down in the bathroom, to sit on the edge of the tub and run the bathwater.* Except it won’t smell like lemons! We’ll try the bubbles I save for Gabriel! That’s more like.. juniper and forests! -04:50 Jul 12

Vlamerias: Ooo … *The little devil appeared to like the idea of smelling like a forest!* Do you need a bath, too, Mommy?

Evangeline: *Smiling, Evangeline kept her not-good-for-children thought to herself!* I think I will wait for Gabriel. He’ll need a bath too when he returns home. -05:42 Jul 12
Gabriel: *When some of the men burst into the room Gabriel was hiding in, they found him standing right in the middle of the room and opening fire! He shot down the first two that came in, then dashed forward, dodging more shots before dealing with the others! Then he was dashing down the corridor again and shooting the next Pinnacle of Light members crossed his path!* -05:43 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Meri suddenly yawned!* Glaër is the best. I will brag about this to my brothers and sisters and Father will think this is very amusing.

The cultists learned quick and adapted to the Threat, someone radioing the action to everyone else in the building! The more that got shot down, the more measures they took for prevention! Many of the gunmen were now donning armor with deflection enchantments! There must be a camera system through the whole building!

Evangeline: *Had she visited the Devil world under different circumstances, she might have found the Devil King a very interesting individual to talk to! She was still wondering just how much there actually glittered and sparkled! Devils like shiny things!* Well, in to the bath before you fall asleep on your feet! Maybe we can ask Gabriel to take us for a visit! -05:50 Jul 12

It wasn’t a moment too soon that Ilorest returned and gave his report! Each of the three rooms Gabriel had wanted the locations to had three things in common one, they were in separate parts of the building with the control room and the weapon room on opposite sides on the bottom floors and the leader\’s quarters at the top in the center and two, they were all heavily guarded! Gabriel sent Ilorest to the weapons room to weaken the security there and keep an eye out!*

Gabriel: *As for Gabriel, he went for the control room, although, true to Ilorest’s report, there was a small squad of heavily armed, and heavily armored men there! They opened fire on Gabriel on sight, forcing even him to duck behind the corner!* -05:55 Jul 12

*two, not three things in common

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yes, Mommy! *Then she hopped into the bath–literally–and disappeared under the bubbles! She surfaced a few minutes later, popping her head out and shaking her hair, sending bubbles and soap suds flying!*

There was a few moments of silence while men were forced to reload and making requests for backup! They needed an exorcist right away!

Evangeline: *Evangeline flicked stray bubbles out of her own hair as she leaned to take out the bath ducks and drop them in the water! There was a whole family of them in a variety of colors and weird looking costumes! Even angel, devil and vampire ducks! -06:03 Jul 12
Evangeline: +* -06:03 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Just as they were reloading, he struck! Gabriel dashed forward and the guns in his hands disappeared to be replaced by a sword in one hand and his claws on the other! These men were going to pay with their lives for daring to mess with Evangeline and Vlamerias! He did not take threats or fools lightly! Men cursed, cried out, the sounds of steel tearing into flesh filled the corridor! It was over in a manner of seconds and Gabriel burst into the control room and slaughtered the men he found in there as well! Then he started to disable the systems the easy way–by blowing all of it up with a couple of grenades as he left the room!* -06:19 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Yay! There were the ducks! She grabbed the two closest to her, the devil and the vampire ducks and began to splash them around in the water!* Mommy, do you believe in destiny? *She asked after a few minutes of playing with them!*

The explosion in the control room was so loud, it shook the foundation of the building! Gunmen were forced to retreat down to the lower levels, trying to barricade the escape doors! The majority of them were collecting on the lowest floor. They couldn’t let the monster leave alive!

Evangeline: Destiny is a little tricky in the way it works sometimes. Kind of like fate. but I do believe. Somethings are just sure to happen. *It was tricky business with Destiny, especially when you were one with visions that could alter it!* -06:28 Jul 12

Vlamerias: Father says the same things but then he says anything can change at any moment and that’s what he enjoys about the mortal plane. But you and Glaër … you are one of things that would have happened anyways. You were meant to be together.

Gabriel: *It would have made him smirk at the thought of them being more concerned about him leaving alive than their own welfare. His next stop was the weapons room as it was on the same floor and he didn’t want to have to backtrack! There were fewer guards here as Ilorest had managed to thin them out by again making it seem like Gabriel was elsewhere and then by telling some men that they were needed below to help barricade the exits! But there were still enough men to make Gabriel pause again!* -06:46 Jul 12
Evangeline: Do you think so? Sometimes I wonder what might have happened if I had gone back to London. – Not that I’ve wanted to! But sometimes I worry I’ve been more grief to Gabriel than he needs. *She bounced one of the ducks in the water, looking thoughtful.* Your Devil King is very right, though. Even the smallest things can change your entire life. -06:46 Jul 12

The men in the weapons room were pretty confident they could beat back the beast! After all, they had the entire compound’s stockpile here! There was a tip that the beast was VAMPIRE so the first thing they pulled out was a UV Bazooka! A special weapon they use when facing hardcore masters!

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! But whether it was at the bouncing duck or Evangeline’s words was anyone’s guess! She grinned!* From the stories I have heard and what I have learned about my Glaër thus far, if you are, as you say, more grief than he needs, you would not be here now. Dark and Warrior Lady have told me so many stories! They are so romantic and so exciting! I want to swoon and go “whee!” when I think about them!

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, a curious expression on her face!* What stories have you heard about me and Gabriel? Everyone always gossips and they never tell me what about! -06:55 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Now it was Meri’s turn to blink and she scratched the back of her head!* Um … There are so many! I do not know where to begin! There is the story about how my Glaër was taking care of the werepup while you were in London and he crossed thousands of miles of land and sea to rescue you! And bring you home safely!

Evangeline: That was a very hard week. If he had decided I was not coming back at all, I would not be here now. *Wareham was such a terrible place, it was easier to not think about it at all. But that was also when Gabriel brought her back and gave her this apartment! She had been smitten then!* -07:07 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel pulled off his coat and stripped one of the men dying beside him of armor and guns! Then he sank his fangs into his neck as he covered his mouth to drink his blood, stopping just before the man died. His magic was restricted here but powers stolen from other Carnatellis weren’t technically considered magic as he didn’t need to spill blood to access them. The one he used now was the ability to transform his appearance into that of his victim and his victim into that of his own. He dressed the corpse into the coat, put the armor on, and then made it seem like the corpse was the beast they wanted, even going so much as to launch it at the cult members once the UV Bazooka was ready!* -07:09 Jul 12

That damned UV bazooka took a lot of time to power up, but once it did… BZZZZZTOOOOM! It was LOUD and it was BRIGHT! The flash was so hot, it even singed the flesh one humans that weren’t properly protected from the rays! After several moments they waited, looking for signs up unholy life… “Hey! I think he’s dead over here!”

Vlamerias: Oh! *After some thinking, her face lit up!* There was also that time when he took you to this place called Caradia and you met wolves and something about that Grey Lady and the Leon Wolf!

Evangeline: Cara… Oh! Canada! It was nice to go on a date that didn’t get interrupted by monsters! He only had to leave for a few minutes to talk to Leon, but he let me fall asleep, so I hadn’t noticed until he was on the way back. *Thinking about dates, maybe they could visit a beach somewhere next time. That might be fun! Evangeline stood and pulled a towel from the wall.* Are you ready to hop out now? -07:33 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Now it was time to throw the humans off. He was huddled against the cornor and he peeked around to get a look at the fried corpse–and his favorite coat–and the humans there.* Is he … dead? *He asked in a voice that had belonged to his victim.* -07:37 Jul 12

The gunmen approached slowly and warily. They were used to monsters pulling tricks! Someone poked the body with a foot. “No signs of life.” Someone signalled for the exorcist to come in and make sure the body was purified of evil!

Vlamerias: *Meri watched Evangeline, her head partially submerged up to her nose in water and soap suds!* Will you tell me a story? About you and Glaër? I never get tired of hearing them!

Evangeline: If you come out to get dry and dressed for bed I will tell you about any moment you wish! You can pick! *She dangled the towel!* -07:45 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He’d made the claws and sword disappear awhile ago and although he preferred using his Taurus, he had to use the handguns the cult members wielded instead. Basically, anything that might have revealed he wasn’t one of them he had gotten rid of. He slowly moved around the corner, gun up and aimed at the corpse they were surrounding.* -07:46 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *She lifted her head out of the water completely and giggled!* You drive a hard bargain, Mommy! But okay! *She POOFED out of the water and in front of Evangeline and started shaking the water off like a dog!*

The exorcist was chanting phrases and words while having out a leather bound bible! After several moments he looked confused! “There is nothing in this body! No demon or evil spirit!”

Evangeline: *She was lucky to have the towel up to shielf herself from Meri’s water flinging! Evangeline laughed softly and threw it around the girl before anything else ended up soaked!* Now we’ll get pajamas and curl up in your bed! -07:58 Jul 12
Gabriel: … That is because you have the wrong body. *Gabriel replied from the doorway of the weapons room! Now he had both of his Taurus in his hands! The humans wore deflecting armor but were not wearing helmets, something he quickly took advantage of by shooting a single bullet into each of their foreheads–starting with the exorcist! He took a few things from the weapons’ room before throwing a few grenades into it and shutting the door behind him. He stil wore the disguise of the human he’d killed.* Ilorest, I want the leader. -08:03 Jul 12

KSSSSSH! The radios on the guys in the weapons room were going off, asking for report! Come in! Report? With no cameras in weapons, Control wasn’t sure what was going on! Everyone was put on high alert. NO ONE was to leave the building!

Vlamerias: *Meri giggled and stopped shaking the water off! Those weres made that look like so much fun!* Wheee!

Ilorest returned to Gabriel after a few minutes to tell him the leader was in his quarters! That way was heavily guarded as well! Gabriel took the stairs!

Evangeline: *Evangeline led Meri out of the bathroom and in to the room they had prepared just for her! It was still lacking decorative charm… but that wasn’t exactly Evangeline’s strong suite! There was a nice comfy bed and the giant plushie penguin, though!* Have you decided which story I should tell you about? -08:21 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Nice and warm and feeling so much better, Vlamerias was only too happy to squeeze her giant plushie penguin! Oh, how she adored it! She was still hanging onto it as the Bright Lady joined her!* Tell me about you and Glaër‘s first kiss!

Evangeline: First kiss? *That would be easy! Evangeline sat on the edge of the bed.* Well, it wasn’t really a romantic situation at all. I was only going to ask him why some men ran about about Gabriel’s Mark, because I didn’t know what that meant. And since Lily had brought up kissing earlier, I asked Gabriel why no one would ever give me a kiss! It’s perfectly friendly to give a kiss on the cheek or the hand, but most turn tail and run if I mentioned it or tried! -08:32 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel could have gone the easy route and found a simple, kill-free way to get to where he wanted to go. But seeing as how he wanted to punish everyone for daring to threaten Evangeline and Meri … kill-free was not an option! So he carved a bloody path from the weapons’ room up to the leader’s quarters regardless of whomever crossed his path!* -08:36 Jul 12

The building was starting to be evacuated! The Threat had been determined as Red Level, so all of the exits were being sealed! The Leader’s quarters even had a special lockdown with reinforced imprenatrable walls! No one was going to touch him!

Gabriel: *Evacuated? Not if he had anything to say about it–and he had plenty! He sliced a man’s neck open and chanted the spell! Every symbol he had made thus far lit up and each set off a reaction that was much like a bomb but without the hassle of actually making one of material items! Gabriel was bringing this entire building down! From the bottom up!* -08:41 Jul 12

Vlamerias: Oohh … *Meri lay down in bed and stared up at Evangeline!* And then what happened …?

Evangeline: I asked him and he made the trainees that hadn’t managed to sneak out tell me! Except they were afraid to and ran out! Gabriel was going to escape toountil I huffed at him, and he told me that they were all scared of what he might do to them if they tried to kiss me! -08:54 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Oh, so even then my Glaër was protective of you. *She grew quiet so she could listen.*

Gunmen were scrambling to get out of the building as walls started crumbling and ceilings collapsing down! The lockdown had to be lifted, or they’d all get crushed in their own compound! Some even managed to make it outside where it was raining, but Top Priority was to make sure that the Threat didn’t make it out himself! Those still alive were readying weapons at the front! Meanwhile, with the building starting to collapse, Leader inside his quarters was running to the escape window!

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* He has always been. It’s one of the things that always gives me warm fuzzies! No one else has ever taken care of me the way he has! -08:59 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel made it up to the double doors to the leader’s quarters and growled when he saw how strong these walls were! His eyes narrowed and flashed red.* … -09:01 Jul 12

Anthony: “We are Carnatelli, boy. Let all who hear the name tremble in fear and none escape our wrath.”

Gabriel: *And the Pinnacle of Light had just made a very dangerous enemy! Gabriel summoned the Diablo Animus and sliced the doors down! He dashed forward as the leader was stepping out of the escape window to grab him by the collar and fly him back into the room!* -09:05 Jul 12

Vlamerias: That is so sweet! So he kissed you? Just like that?

Evangeline: Well… I complained that he shouldn’t terrorize the poor hunters, as I might happen to like getting kisses. So he offered to give me one himself, and I asked for a real one because I didn’t think I’d ever get another with him scaring people like he does! And then when I realized he had not kissed someone before, I was worried that I might give him a terrible first kiss! -09:11 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, then twice!* Oh no! So he kissed another before he dared to kiss you?!

CRASH! But instead of getting up and begging for his life, Leader was chanting prayers from the bible and reaching for his cross!

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly!* No… I thought maybe he should, but he told me to brace myself and kissed me anyway. I think the world might have stopped a few minutes when he did… -09:14 Jul 12
Gabriel: *His feeble prayers would not help him now! He grabbed the leader by the collar of his shirt and hoisted him up into the air before slamming him against the wall and holding him there.* Acerbus animus extractum. *He had no use for the soul … but the sword wanted it. He ran the sword through the leader’s stomach just so the sword could bathe in the man’s blood and slowly feel the life draining out of him.* -09:18 Jul 12

As blood appeared on the man’s stomach and the sword’s blade soaked in it, the runes began to glow red and bright. A white mist, the man’s essence, began to drain from his eyes and mouth and disappear into the sword!

Vlamerias: Oh! *Vlamerias hugged her penguin tighter at that and sighed wistfully* How romantic!

Evangeline: I guess that part was a bit romantic! He took my breath away and I could feel the tingle all the way to my toes! …And then he asked if I was ill, so I think I must have looked ridiculous. *And embarassing! She hadn’t meant to be so silly!* -09:26 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* It’s still terribly romantic! I am amazed you two did not bond sooner!

Ilorest appeared just as the corpse looked like a frozen withered husk of its former self! He didn’t have a body so he didn’t have to worry about dying. But the idea of being trapped here for a real long time didn’t sit well with him! And if Gabriel went down, that would most definitely happen!

Evangeline: Gabriel is always so kind and allows me anything I ask, I was afraid that most of the time I was just a bother and tried not to ask too much from him. Getting him to see about nice things outside of slaying was enough for me! *Well.. it had been at first! Then she thought he died and she had never felt so awful. She might have died too just to be with him!* -09:32 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel pulled the sword out and let the body fall. Interestingly enough, there was not a speck of blood on the sword! But the sword was still hungry and he knew the perfect place to get it the souls and the blood it hungered for. He used the stairway again, or what remained of it, flying debris and all, and jumped all the way down to the bottom! Then he dashed through the ground floor to take care of the humans still guarding the exits.* -09:32 Jul 12

The building had come crumbling down, and for a split second the men outside thought that maybe the Threat had gone down with it…! But as soon as he emerged, they immediately opened fire with every weapon they had!

Gabriel: *Holding Diablo Animus horizontally in front of him, he slid his two fingers against the flat of the blade, causing the runes to light up.* … Fools. *The building and its wards were gone, meaning he had free rein. The sword glowed a bright red and a cold, dark wind surrounded him. From inside the wind, the souls the sword commanded flew out to rip out the souls of the humans there and pull them into the dark wind to join the sword!* -09:44 Jul 12

Vlamerias: Oohhh … But Glaër never complained or refused you whatever you asked?

Evangeline: *She shook her head slowly.* Sometimes he might be silent a few moments and then call me insane, but he always does. Except for when- … when he thought I betrayed him to Anthony Carnatelli. -09:49 Jul 12

There was startled and strangled screams as the souls of gunmen were pulled right out of their bodies! No prayer or holy ward seemed to spare them!

Vlamerias: *Oh, she knew that tone! Meri reached over to put one hand over Evangeline’s!* It’s okay, Bright Lady. How about I tell you a story now? Um, you pick a story about um, anything! And I’ll tell you! Or … make up a really good one! *She nodded firmly.*

The cold, dark wind disappeared back into the sword once the last soul had been drained, leaving a shaken Ilorest behind Gabriel! He’d seen a lot of things in his demon years but never witnessed any judgement quite so brutal!

Evangeline: *Blinking, she finally smiled and leaned to kiss Meri’s forhead. For one that isn’t Gabriel’s real child, she’s picked up his habits in her own very sweet way!* How are you going to fall asleep if you’re telling me the stories? -09:56 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel turned and saw Ilorest there.* Consider yourself fortunate demon. *He remarked as he walked past him and disappeared! He reappeared at another safe spot. He couldn’t return to Evangeline and Vlamerias when he was … he was … No sooner had he appeared in the bunker, the room began to spin and he dropped to his knees. All those wards, everything he’d done, they had all taken a toll on him. That also included the wounds he had acquired, gunshots and cuts.* -10:00 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Meri grinned!* It’s okay! I can take a cat nap! What would you like to hear a story about?

Evangeline: *Clearly she had let Meri have far too much ice cream, but Evangeline smiled anyway!* I am curious about your Devil King! He seemed to really like his parties! -10:03 Jul 12

Vlamerias: *Her face lit up again!* Oh, he does! His parties are legendary and even if some devils think he’s going overboard and such … *She leaned forward and put a hand against her mouth, speaking in a whisper.* They will never say it to his face. *She leaned back and nodded.* Um … so … about the parties! Lots of fun stuff happen there but only those who my father favors is invited. And it’s really worth it too! Lots of music and dancing and food and devils swapping stories or bragging or bartering souls!

Evangeline: Is everything glittery and sparklie? Or is that just the souls? …Do you think he would let me come to one of his parties even if he can’t claim my soul? *Reguardless of what happened with Malsuada, the parties did sound fun!* -10:13 Jul 12
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Vlamerias: *Meri giggled! She liked the fact the Bright Lady was enjoying her telling stories! She’d told Meri stories many times before but this was probably the first time she could officially say she told a story, too!* Lots of things sparkle there! But nothing sparkles more than souls! That is why we devils can never resist trying to take one! -11:03 Jul 12
[Evangeline ] -11:05 Jul 12
Evangeline: I can’t say i care for stealing souls having been nearly stolen myself, but I suppose it is almost like having pets… *At least, if you were good to your souls. Then again lots of people weren’t nice to their pets either, so maybe it really was nearly the same!* -11:07 Jul 12
Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful for a moment!* Mommy, why did you trade your life for the Warrior Lady’s? Didn’t you want your life anymore? -11:14 Jul 12
Vlamerias: *soul -11:18 Jul 12
Evangeline: *That was an unexpected question! But it was an easy answer!* Malsuada pulled a dirty trick with Caroline over her contract. I didn’t think that was right… I also didn’t think she would take me to the Devil World either. I thought that I might trade my life instead so she wouldn’t kill Caroline and then figure out how to break my contract! -11:19 Jul 12
Vlamerias: Oohh … That was quick thinking on your part. *Vlamerias tapped her chin.* Bright Lady, when is Glaër coming home? -11:21 Jul 12
Evangeline: That is a very good question… *He should have been back by now! She hesitated for a moment before reaching out to see what he was doing… She might not want to see him killing people, but she did want to know he was still in one piece!* -11:25 Jul 12

Gabriel: *Gabriel hissed under his breath as he eased himself to lie on his back on the floor. There was nothing here but silence and darkness. Why bother with light when you were a vampire? He felt that familiar pull.* Yes, Seer … *He had his eyes closed. He didn’t want Evangeline to see his wounds. She would worry.* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *He was trying to hide something… and that meant she should worry! Should I come and fetch you? I can put Meri to bed and get some bandaids! Now where was he exactly… she might go fetch him anyway!* -11:33 Jul 12

Gabriel: *He smiled a bit. She worried about him, genuinely cared.* I am fine. I am merely resting. I will be back soon. Stay with Meri. *If Evangeline realized where he was, she could easily bypass his wards. They were, after all, bonded to each other.* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *I could carry Meri with me. I don’t think you’re that far away… If he didn’t have to be so stubborn, she wouldn’t to be! …She might try one of those summoning spells and poof him! What were the words to that again?* -11:41 Jul 12

Gabriel: Let me rest a bit, Seer. You know I will return to you. *Rest was a wise idea at the moment. He needed it and he didn’t want to think about all the things he’d done before arriving to take Evangeline and Vlamerias to safety. He would keep his mind blank or else Evangeline would know exactly what he’d done.* -Vlamerias

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, twice and tilted her head at Evangeline! She was curious but she wouldn’t interrupt what she was sure was a serious conversation between the Bright Lady and her Glaër.* -11:45 Jul 12
Evangeline: *He couldn’t see her crossing her arms or nibbling on her bottom lip. He could come home and rest! That is what home was for! But.. she could wait and wag a finger at him when he returned. I will wait up for you. ….Huff!* He’ll be home soon, he just needs a rest first. -11:47 Jul 12
Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes went wide and her mouth formed a small “o”. Then she slowly nodded. Bright Lady and Glaër knew best!* Okay! At least he is still alive! -11:51 Jul 12

Gabriel: *Gabriel let out a deep breath. He was very tired … so very tired that he didn’t realize Evangeline was still in contact with him. So, when he shifted his arm and a sharp pain flew up his shoulder, he growled and clenched his teeth, frozen in place as he willed the pain away!* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: If we can call it alive. *Oh, that tone! He is aching that much and he won’t come home so she can take care of him! She tugged her ear, debating if she should hunt him down or…* Can you do transportation spells like Gabriel’s, Meri? -11:57 Jul 12
Vlamerias: Sure, I can, Mommy! Um … But I would have to know where we are going or um, where Glaër is! Especially since he likes to guard himself and he is very good at it … *She was silent for a few minutes as she thought!* Oh! You are bonded to him so you will know! If we join hands, it should be a simple piece of pancake! -12:01 Jul 12
Evangeline: Good! We are going to bring Gabriel home, then frown at him until he feels better. *She took Meri’s hands, and reached out for his location… and didn’t bother to be sneaky about it! She was going to fetch him whether he liked it or not!* -12:05 Jul 12
Vlamerias: *She hopped out of bed and spread her arms, holding Evangeline’s hands wide. At the same time she dropped her human guise so she could focus on bringing her Glaër home! She closed her eyes and spoke a spell much like Gabriel’s teleportation spell but in demon tongue!* -12:09 Jul 12
Vlamerias: *His eyes opened and he growled! She was sensing his location, his distance from the apartment … He was so angry, he was able to get on his feet without feeling any pain. The pain would be felt later, no doubt. He braced himself to fight the spell but he was in no condition to do much of anything and POOF! he found himself in Meri’s room in the middle of their joined hands! His eyes narrowed into slits and he glanced over his shoulder.* Vlamerias, to bed. -12:12 Jul 12

Gabriel: *His eyes opened and he growled! She was sensing his location, his distance from the apartment … He was so angry, he was able to get on his feet without feeling any pain. The pain would be felt later, no doubt. He braced himself to fight the spell but he was in no condition to do much of anything and POOF! he found himself in Meri’s room in the middle of their joined hands! His eyes narrowed into slits and he glanced over his shoulder.* Vlamerias, to bed. -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *Evangeline released Meri’s hands and gave her a gentle pat on the head to reduce the scaryness of Gabriel’s scowling!* Yes, it’s time for bed. You did wonderfully! -12:14 Jul 12
Vlamerias: Eep! *Her eyes grew wide and she gulped! Then she smiled at the Bright Lady!* Thank you, Mommy! *Then she hopped into bed, clutching her penguin to her and pulling the covers up tight.* -12:15 Jul 12
Evangeline: Now… Gabriel. To bed. *She repeated his phrase, trying to use his same tone… only she never quite sounded as wicked as he did!* -12:17 Jul 12

Gabriel: *Gabriel growled softly under his breath and walked out. However, he wasn’t walking as fast as he usually did and there was a slight limp in his step! He stopped in the living room, teeth clenched as he took off the gun holster.* -Vlamerias

Evangeline: *Now she understood why Ms. Grey got so upset when Leon would get in to things! She was not used to feeling him this way, and it worried her! When Gabriel got hurt, it was always during terrible moments, and if he died she would just die..! And not because of any bond, but because she couldn’t bare living without him again! And he should consider these things before scaring her to death by not coming home to heal.. and all of this she was shouting in her head while she waited for him to remove all those weapons!* -12:22 Jul 12
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Gabriel: *Fortunately, Evangeline didn’t have to wait long! Gabriel never carried more than a few grenades, two knives, and his two guns which made his ability to make weapons appear and disappear into thin air very useful! He finally turned and faced Evangeline.* Summoning me back against my will is not allowing me to rest. -12:27 Jul 12
Evangeline: Lying on a floor somewhere cold and uncomfortable could hardly be considered resting. *He can’t be mad at her! She’s mad at him! Evangeline moved to help him take off those clothes.* -12:29 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He would not start giving her the “I am a vampire” lecture. At the rate this was going, he would have to record it on a sound file and play it back to her whenever the need arose.* It was neither cold nor uncomfortable. You, sit. -12:32 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline sat down on the edge of the bed and crossed her arms with an expression that suggested that she wouldn’t stay there very long. Especially if he made even the slightest wince!* Cold, uncomfortable and alone when you could be here in bed somewhere safe that I can watch over you. -12:35 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel was in no mood to take a bath or hassle with his clothes. His fangs grew and he bit his tongue and with a simple spell, his clothes were replaced with clean ones.* I did not wish you to worry or see the condition I was in. -12:40 Jul 12
Evangeline: I am always going to worry, just a little less if you’re here! *A huff! See! He doesn’t want her to know that’s he’s hurting too much to even take off his clothes!* You should get in bed! -12:43 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He didn’t reply but instead walked into the bedroom. She was not going to let up; she was even more stubborn than he was sometimes!* -12:47 Jul 12
Evangeline: …and you should have poofed your clothes away, because I still want to take them off you! *So stubborn! She was up and hovering again, this time to sneak her hands and see how badly he was still injured… He would heal, but she needed to know!* -12:50 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Had he been in a better mood, Gabriel would have taken the opportunity to tease her about her wanting him to take his clothes off.* That will prove difficult if I am lying in bed at the time. *He replied as he moved to lie down on it.* -01:04 Jul 12
Evangeline: Now you’re just being difficult! *If he thinks she won’t find out where he’s hurting with his clothes still on, he’s got another thing coming! She climbed carefully in bed, trying not to bounce or jostle him so she can get her hands on him!* -01:14 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He opened his eyes to raise an eyebrow at her.* You wanted me to lie in bed and here I am. You wanted me to rest and I am doing so. That is hardly being difficult. *He let her hands move around, touching him but he finally took both of her hands by linking her fingers with his.* … Evangeline. -01:17 Jul 12
Evangeline: It is too. *He took her hands and she huffed again when he said her name. She moved so she could sit next to him and squeezed his hands.* I just want to take care of you. -01:20 Jul 12
Gabriel: *There was a moment of silence and he finally lifted her hands to his mouth and kissed the knuckles.* There are few things in this life I can deny you. This is … not one of them. Have at you, Evangeline. *He released her hands and lifted one of his to brush his thumb over her lips before lying still for her.* -01:27 Jul 12
Evangeline: That’s more like it. *Of course now she’s not sure if she should, if he was going to say sweet things like that! She brushed her hand over his forehead and against his cheek.* Do you hurt much? -01:34 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel covered her hand with his and smiled slightly.* Much less than if you and Vlamerias were taken away from me. *He closed his eyes, turned his head to nuzzle her palm.* I love you, Evangeline. *He whispered against her hand.* -01:37 Jul 12
Evangeline: I should have asked for you right away, but I was so afraid they would panic and hurt her… *She stroked his cheek with her thumb, moving her other hand to check his shoulders and arms.* -01:41 Jul 12
Gabriel: It was wise of you to wait for as long as you could. Humans are easily frightened. When they are in a group, more so. *Evangeline’s touch always felt good. Sorceress, angel, no matter what she was, she had the touch of a healer. It was one of the things he loved about her.* -01:46 Jul 12
Evangeline: Only it made it harder for you to come and get us, and now you are very uncomfortable… *At least he was in bed! Her hand moved to rest over his chest and feel his heart beat. He was healing just fine, but he really did exhaust so much of himself. He did so much to protect her and Meri. Evangeline leaned forward to brush a kiss over his mouth.* Thank you for taking care of us. -01:54 Jul 12
Gabriel: … I would have been unable to come any sooner. I had to deal with demons before I arrived. *He brushed his lips against hers gently.* And you are welcome. To be honest, I enjoy taking care of you. Both of you. *He took her hand, nudged her toward him.* Lie with me, Evangeline. -01:58 Jul 12
Evangeline: *With no argument to that, she adjusted herself and scooted so she could lie down next to him. Afraid he might still be hurting, she decided against resting her head on his shoulder and turned to rest on her arm instead.* It’s why I love you so much. -02:05 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel turned his head to kiss her forehead.* Because I slay demons? *He asked, teasing her.* -02:07 Jul 12
Evangeline: Because you take care of us. *She reached to flick her fingers through his hair.* And sometimes because you’ll scowl at me when I call you guardian angel. -02:13 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He frowned then and raised an eyebrow.* I am most definitely not an angel of any sort. Guardian or otherwise. -02:14 Jul 12
Evangeline: *She couldn’t help but smile! Evangeline leaned forward to brush a kiss against the corner of his most dreadful frown.* You are to me, and I am always right about everything! …. well, almost everything! -02:17 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He actually sighed then and tilted his head to look at her!* You will never see me as anything other than a man completely in love with you whom you insist is a guardian angel. -02:20 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Evangeline looked offended for a moment!* That isn’t true! You are also a dark knight and a lover too. Possibly even a wicked beast that strikes fear in to the heart of trainee slayers! -02:23 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled and slipped his arms around her waist.* My apologies. You see me as different things and different people but your husband and mate as well. *He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck and nip her playfully.* -02:25 Jul 12
Evangeline: *She refrained from any squeaking at that nip and tried to keep a serious expression! …It was pretty hard!* I see you for what you are. You’re just stubborn. *It won’t hurt hurt for her to snuggle up a little closer so she can feel the warmth of him!* -02:30 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It takes a stubborn person to know a stubborn vampire. Hm. Or in this case, you would be a stubborn immortal. Do you feel any different than when you were human? *He was curious about that. She was the first immortal who had not received her immortality through making a contract with a being in exchange for souls or receiving the blessings of some god or other. In fact, he had not known that the binding would work at all. Just that he had known about it, how to perform it, and it had been the best course of action to take.* -02:33 Jul 12
Evangeline: I feel fairly normal… as normal as I can feel! *She gave it some consideration. Aside from feeling closer to Gabriel, there had not been any odd side affects. Running in to things still hurt and she didn’t seem to have any crazy endurance powers! That much was tested in lessons and chasing hunters with pool noodles!* I only feel closer to you and it is easier to lean on you that way… Visions are clearer though! It’s almost frustrating! -02:41 Jul 12
Gabriel: *That reply made Gabriel raise an eyebrow at her!* Frustrating? -02:43 Jul 12
Evangeline: *She gave a crooked smile.* I always blurt things out when I don’t mean to… It’s always in my head with pictures or voices, now it is a little harder to ignore. I accidentally told Mr. Terry his wife was going to leave him for another lady, and he started sobbing. -02:47 Jul 12
Gabriel: Hm. I will find a way to help you with those. *He held her closer to him and put his chin on top of her head.* Where would you like to go on our next date? -02:50 Jul 12
Evangeline: I’m worried I’ll give you visions again too, and you’ll end up with your arms cut off in a fight from distraction! *Or worse! As her pulled her closer, she burried her face against his neck and breathed deep. He always smelled so good!* I’d like to visit a beach somewhere warm… -02:54 Jul 12
Gabriel: I have faith in you. You have many other things on your mind besides your visions. I find it interesting you can focus on any one thing at a time. There is a lot to take in. *He thought about her choice for a date.* A vampire. At the beach. I will not tan no matter how many hours I spend under the sun. -03:10 Jul 12
Evangeline: *He spents so often peeking in on her to see if she is up to something, of course he would know the sillyness in her head! She giggled quietly, nuzzling her nose against his neck.* I am not so interested in tanning. I like the ocean as long as I’m not swimming in the middle of it. -03:13 Jul 12
Gabriel: I am not keen on the ocean as well. *He admitted.* And I have no desire to witness the hard way whether Vlamerias knows how to swim or not. *He stroked her hair and closed his eyes.* -03:20 Jul 12
Evangeline: I’ll just teach her if she doesn’t! *She stuck her tongue out at him, which resulted in a quick lick at his neck! Finding that amusing, she leaned to try nibbling at him instead!* -03:26 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Now there was something unexpected! He actually lifted his head to look down at her and chuckle softly.* So the lady prefers the taste of salty skin, does she? -03:28 Jul 12
Evangeline: You’re a wicked man! *Curse the flushing! She shouldn’t be embarassed at all! He nibbles on her all the time! For revenge she bit him softly.. which, probably wasn’t much of a bite, more like another nibble and a deliberate flick of her tongue! Hmph!* -03:35 Jul 12
Gabriel: *That got another soft chuckle and then he bent his head to nuzzle her cheek.* I surrender. You win this round, my insane wife. -03:37 Jul 12
Evangeline: I don’t think anyone will believe Gabriel Carnatelli was defeated by a biting psychic. *Though the thought had her grinning!* -03:40 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled.* Indeed. They will fear you and heap praises. The breathtaking woman who marked Gabriel Carnatelli as hers with a single bite. -03:44 Jul 12
Evangeline: I think enough poor people run away from me as it is. *Breathtaking! He might be a little mad, but he was definitely hers! She tilted her head to give him a soft kiss.* I could scribble my name on your coat? -03:48 Jul 12
Gabriel: Hm. You have already branded your name on my heart and placed your ring upon my finger. *Then he chuckled softly.* The thought of someone seeing your name on my coat and mistaking the coat as yours is amusing. -03:50 Jul 12
Evangeline: Caroline says you’re not allowed to dress me again and that black is not my color. *She wasn’t sure how black could look bad on anyone, but they did say she looked like a ninja! She reached up to run her fingers through his hair.* -03:53 Jul 12
Gabriel: *Gabriel smiled.* No, no it is not. But I will say this much. No matter what color you wear or the clothing you choose, you will always be beautiful to me. *He linked one hand with hers and kissed her cheek.* -03:55 Jul 12
Evangeline: *She could never be tired of hearing him say that! With a teasing grin, she moved her other hand to tug at his shirt sleeve.* Even when I’m not wearing them? -04:02 Jul 12
Gabriel: *A smirk!* Especially when you are not wearing them. *He kissed her lips gently.* It should not take me much longer to heal up. Perhaps I should take you and Meri shopping or visiting the leylines for awhile. -06:21 Jul 12
Evangeline: Completely unenchanted with the beach? Though, I really would like some stones from the leylines. I don’t get many stones like that. *The last time involved trainees and ended with wraiths! Just thinking about those things gave her the shivvers!* -06:26 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful for a moment.* Even for a four-hundred-year old Carnatelli, the beach sun is not something to take lightly. Unless you wished to go at night or at dusk. -06:28 Jul 12
Evangeline: Dusk or sunset! That sounds beautiful! A quiet beach with no one else, and prefferably not any jellyfishes? *She could make sure Meri could swim, and talk Gabriel in to making a sand fortress!* -06:33 Jul 12
[Evangeline has timed out.] -06:37 Jul 12
Gabriel: As the Bright Lady wills it, dusk at the beach with no one else, including jellyfish. *He put a finger under her chin to tilt her face up and kissed her nice and long!* -06:37 Jul 12
Evangeline: *Too bad for those jellyfish! She grinned as she returned his kiss, sliding an arm ever so carefully around his neck!* -06:42 Jul 12
Gabriel: … You have the sweetest lips. *He whispered against her mouth as he wrapped his arms around her to pull her close. He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck again, then he lifted it.* You did not take a bath with Vlamerias earlier. *He tilted his head slightly at her. Meri smelled like the bubble bath Evangeline used for him. There wasn’t even a hint of soap or shampoo on Evangeline.* -06:46 Jul 12
Evangeline: I had intended to take a bath with you, but you wanted to be difficult this evening. *She was supposed to say that with her serious face, but that grin snuck out instead!* -06:50 Jul 12
Gabriel: *He smirked and lowered his head to nibble on her lips this time but his fangs had lengthened slightly so she definitely felt the nip. But he was careful enough not to draw a single drop from blood from her.* I prefer being difficult. It would be boring if I was not. -06:52 Jul 12
Evangeline: *A soft squeak manage to escape! This time she did tried hard to frown at him!* And now you’ve missed out on a nice hot bath! That’s what stubborn husbands get. *And for his stubbornness, she stuck her tongue out at him once again!* -06:58 Jul 12

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