023 Taking Over Oracle

Ciara heads right in to the Oracle Chief’s offices and flat out tells him he’s fire. He tries to argue back, but Ciara sics Leon on him. He runs out in terror! Ciara calls a meeting for everyone in the building, announcing she is the new head of Oracle, along with the major changes she plans to make. It’s a major upheaval.

Evangeline has brought Gabriel to Oracle knowing that Ciara has taken over, and seeing this a prime opportunity to get help in finding the little girl Gabriel seeks. Evangeline offers herself and Gabriel as new Oracle employees. Ciara, though doubtful, accepts this offer. She calls over the intercom to announce that Gabriel Carnatelli is now an ally of Oracle and that he and his psychic are going to remove all spies from her organization. A few people start running!

Evangeline scries out the traitors to Oracle, with Brutus and Gabriel taking care of business. A few Hunters get the hint that they’re weeding out bad guys and help… but not very well, which brings Evangeline to trying to teach people the proper way to do things.

  1. Ciara takes over Oracle and agrees to having Gabriel work for her.
  2. Evangeline convinces Gabriel that helping Ciara will help HIM in finding Alicia.
[Ciara Grey was dressed for serious business, as she waltzed down the halls of Oracle towards the Chief Office. Someone was about to get fired.] -03:52 Oct 22
[Leon had absolutely no experience with werewolf politics!] -03:53 Oct 22
Ciara: *A nice dark grey suit, complete with a heafty briefcase filled with a complete takeover plan, her outlines, numbers, and everything one would need!* Just wait a minute while I take care of this. *Ciara bypassed all secretaries without a word, as well as not bothering to knock on the office door as she waltzed inside!* -03:54 Oct 22

Hunters and personnel alike were smart enough to get out of Ciara’s way! One of the Chief’s secretary, a young brunette, quickly stood! “Ms. Grey! Please!” But too late … Ciara was already inside!

The Chief, a tall man with graying hair, about fifty years old, stood as Ciara entered! He smoothed his tie. “Ms. Grey! What an unexpected surprise to see you! If you had only called, I could have made proper arrangements to welcome you. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Ciara: Business. In fact, we’re going to discuss the entire future of Oracle. *Ciara didn’t sit down, but she set her case in one of the chairs before crossing her arms.* I find the current state of affairs here at Oracle repulsive. -03:58 Oct 22

The Chief blinked and nodded. “I … see. May I just say that Oracle has cleaned out 30% more vampires and werewolves than we did last year around this time? And our hunters are becoming much more effective in terms of safety, both for themselves and for civilians.”

Ciara: Amazing considering you seemed to have so many people coming in alive, and yet most leaving in body bags. No, I’m afraid your statistics are either incorrect or complete bullshit. …Which, is why I’m here today. You’re fire. -04:02 Oct 22
Ciara: * fired! -04:02 Oct 22

He was, for lack of a better word, flabbergasted! “Ms Grey, please. Let’s talk about this calmly,” he said, regaining his composure. “Surely all my years of hard work and dedication to the Oracle mean something. I am sure whatever needs to be resolved can be resolved under my care.”

Ciara: If accomplishing absolutely nothing is what you call years of hard work, then I have to say, I’m surprised this organization even still exists. Clear out your stuff and get out. You can take any people with you that you wish, but you are as of this moment, no longer the management for Oracle. *Cool as ice, Ciara still with arms cross intended to actually stand there and wait until he took his things and left!* -04:08 Oct 22

That look on his face! There was a vein popping out of his forehead and he slammed his hands down on the desk! “You … You can’t do this! You can’t get away with this!”

Ciara: I already have. It’s best that you don’t make a scene, as I have no problems calling someone in here to escort you out with force. *It’d give Leon something to do, but then she’d wonder if he’d just lick the old guy to death!* -04:12 Oct 22

He seemed to have no intention on moving! “I won’t … I won’t do it! I won’t have you just come in here and do whatever the hell you want!” BAM! He slammed his hand down on the desk again and he didn’t appear to feel it!

Ciara: You really don’t have a choice in the matter, do you. *….She sighed, rubbing her forhead with one hand as she moved to the desk and picked up the phone. She was going to call in some security! Poor man chose the undignified way out!* -04:17 Oct 22
Leon: *Poked his head in! He flashed a wolfish grin!* I’ll do it! I’ll kick him out! -04:19 Oct 22
Ciara: …If you think you can scare him out with your tongue… *She still had her hand on the phone though!* -04:21 Oct 22
Leon: *Still wearing the wolfish grin as he stepped inside!* Tongue has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the teeth. *He pointed to his teeth and took long strides toward the desk. A few feet away from it, he sprinted forward and jumped on top, landing in full, furry wolf-form! He growled at the Chief and snapped his jaws at him!* -04:26 Oct 22

The Chief’s eyes went wide and he fall back in his chair. All his anger and composure had gone out the window and been replaced with fear! He held his hands up. “Pl … Please … Please don’t kill me! I … I’ll do it! I’ll … I’ll go! Just call your dog off!”

Ciara: He has no intention of killing you. Maybe chew you up a little… *Ciara waited a few moments until he was good and terrorized…* Alright, Leon. Let the man leave with his legs still attached. -04:28 Oct 22
Leon: *Kept growling! But when Ciara said to fall back, he stopped and turned. He grabbed the name plate with the Chief’s name on it from the desk in his teeth and started to chew on it. In a moment or two, he spit it out right into the Chief’s lap as a little more than a plastic chew toy. As if to make his point, he ran his tongue over his teeth and stared at the Chief as if he was a steak.* -04:34 Oct 22

That did it! The Chief clutched the name plate to his chest and very slowly stood up and gave the wolf a wide berth! “This … this isn’t … over …!” he stammered before he got to the door and dashed out!

Ciara: Ominous threats, scary. *A sarcastic Ciara plopped down in the chair, now once again picking up the phone!* Miss Secretary, please do me the favor of calling an emergency meeting in the largest room this building has. Everyone that works here need to be there, within the next thirty minutes. ..Thank you! *Click… and sigh!* …stop that lopsided wolf smiling, it’s silly! -04:38 Oct 22
Leon: *He blinked, lay down on the desk and covered his nose with his front paws! His tail was wagging back and forth and he looked up at her with sad puppy eyes!* -04:42 Oct 22
Ciara: *A completely unaffected look as she said casually…* Is that the face you’ll make at werepack leaders when you have to speak with them? -04:44 Oct 22
Leon: *Sat up and then jumped off of the desk. He picked up his clothes in his teeth and disappeared into the small adjacent bathroom. Fortunately the door was open slightly so all he had to do was nudge it open a little wider with his nose.* -04:49 Oct 22

A good several hours later, there was a great deal of Chaos in the Oracle Organization! Ciara Grey had officially announced she was the new head, but not only that, but that the entire place was moving to a new more secure location! All missions were to be ceased immediately so that hunters could be properly evaluated and trained! Everyone that works at Oracle would have to go through extensive background checks! Entire policies were being rewritten as everyone was packing it up to get moving!

Gabriel: *Studying the Oracle HQ from the outside. He looked over at the Seer and her werepup.* We are here, why?

Evangeline: For a job, of course! To find that little girl, we’re going to need a little help. *Evangeline was already walking in to the building!*

Ciara: *Ciara Grey was getting more and more annoyed by the hour… All that money she put in to this organization and it was being spent so senselessly…! It’s like the man was deliberately trying to sabatage the place from the inside out! She was going to be awake for days getting this in order!* -04:57 Oct 22

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus went! He was really excited as signalled by his tail moving so fast it was a blur!

Everyone was so busy packing up that security failed to notice the appearance of Gabriel until after he had entered! As soon as someone noticed, they sounded the alarm! Ms Grey had specifically ordered that all Carnatellis be killed on sight!

Evangeline: Oh drats! Maybe I should have called first? *She held up her hands!* No one panic, please! We’re not here to kill anyone!

Gabriel: *Seemed to disappear! But then he reappeared at the other end of the hall only a heartbeat after having disappeared in a defensive stance! He stood up straight and turned back toward the hunters!*

At first, all the hunters and personnel stood still! But when Gabriel turned back, they fell to the floor, unconscious!

Evangeline: ….Gabriel! We’re not here to beat them all senseless, you know!

Gabriel: *Was suddenly back at Evangeline’s side.* … Would you rather I kill them? *He asked in his usual indifferent tone.*

Up ahead, more hunters were lining up, armed to the teeth!

Evangeline: Of course not! Oh, bother! *Evangeline just walked forward, guns aimed or not!* All of you move! I have to talk with Miss Grey, and he’s just going to knock you all out!

Gabriel: *Watched Evangeline start walking. Contrary to whatever she believed, he never put his faith in a human’s sense of judgement. He cut his palm and raised his hand.* Somnus.

Suddenly the hall was filled with the sounds of people snoring and/or talking in their sleep!

Evangeline: She’s going to be absolutely furious! *Evangeline spoke, mostly to herself as she headed for the main office! She greeted secretaries with a smile!* Evangeline Clark and Gabriel to see Ms. Grey please!

All the secretaries just blinked, as if they didn’t know what to do! One of them finally got onto the intercom. “Ms Grey … There’s an Evangeline Clark and a Gabriel to see you.”

Ciara: *With those alarms going off, she was more expecting along the lines of a hostile taker over, not someone coming straight to the office.* Let them in, then. *She opened up a drawer and pulled out a fully loaded pistol!* -05:22 Oct 22

One of the secretaries open the door and let Evangeline and Gabriel and Brutus enter! She closes the door behind them!

Ciara: *Gun aimed for the Carnatelli, and she was pretty intend on shooting him too. It was a nice little Oracle design!* I’m not exactly giving out rewards for bringing me a Carnatelli, but I thank you all the same. -05:24 Oct 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, taking a moment to realize what Ms. Grey meant!* Wha… Oh! I’m not bringing in a bounty! We came to ask you a favor, especially now that you’re handling Oracle!

Gabriel: You can kill me after I kill Anthony and Michael. *He replied, studying Ciara and not reacting to the gun at all.* I am looking for a girl in Anthony’s possession.

Ciara: *Ciara lowered the gun, more out of amusement at the request than anything else!* You’re kidding. Miss Clark, I have to wonder if you’ve finally lost your mind if you think I’m going to do anything but slaughter a Carnatelli. Good intentions or not. -05:29 Oct 22

Gabriel: Very well. I wish you the best of luck. I can see how effective your current workforce is in stopping a single vampire from entering your grounds. *He turned and walked out of the room.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline simply smiled and shrugged her shoulders as she reached out to snag Gabriel’s sleeve before he walked out!* There’s a method to madness. Seeing as you are reworking Oracle from the ground up, and how there are some very obvious security issues I thought we could offer you our own talents and assistance in taking care of Anthony Carnatelli.

Gabriel: *Stopped when she grabbed his sleeve! He didn’t turn around, though. He looked at the Seer! Once again … she was proving herself to be insane.*

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus!

Ciara: Hmph. *There were serious problems with the organization and they way that vampire could waltz in and easily slaughter the entire place was a problem. Even moving in to the new building, there was going to be a severe issue with securing.. Let alone having to train these people, and defense, and..! Ciara rubbed her head!* So you offer Oracle assistence. What is in it for you, and what gaurantees that your vampire doesn’t decide take us all out once the job is done. I’m not interested in risking people, Evangeline. There’s been enough of that. -05:37 Oct 22

Brutus ran over to Ciara and put his front paws on her leg while standing on his hindpaws! He barked and wagged his tail!

Evangeline: Gabriel is always saving innocent people, that’s what he does! I don’t think it’s fair to judge him just because he’s a Carnatelli. After all, Leon isn’t evil just because he is a wolf, and there are many others who have fell in to things that they can’t control. What we want is the same as you, even. We would like to stop Anthony, but to do that it will take any resource available. With you in charge of Oracle and Gabriel to help, we could do very extraordinary things!

Ciara: *Glancing down at the werepuppy, Ciara frowned.* …I won’t have resources to give until the new Oracle building is secure from all kinds of invasion. That includes properly teaching people to handle situations… I don’t care to have a vigilante popping in when he pleases. If you want Oracle’s help, you work for Oracle. -05:45 Oct 22

Evangeline: Brutus and I would be happy to work for Oracle! *She looked up at Gabriel and tugged his sleeve.* Gabriel…?

Gabriel: … Fine. I will work as well.

Ciara: *…! There’s a shocker! Enough to stun Ciara Grey in to silence for several moments!* …It’s a deal then. You can start by secure my new building… I’ll even give you the very fun job of weeding out Anthony’s spies. It seems Mr. Carnatelli has several minions lurking around this organization and I want them gone. -05:53 Oct 22

Evangeline: Oh, I can help with that very easily! Thank you, Ms. Grey. I promise you won’t be disappointed! …Come on Brutus, we’re going to hunt down some bad guys! *Evangeline stopped in mid-turn!* …Oh! Wait, could you..um… let everyone know Gabriel isn’t one of the bad guys? I think it would awkward to go grabbing spies and people freaking out all over the place.

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus ran over to Evangeline’s side, tail still wagging!

Ciara: *A hand on her hip as she rubbed her forhead… That whole scene in her head made her want to laugh!* Right away, Ms. Clark. *And to the intercom phone she moved, a quirk of a smile at the corner of her mouth. Shaking up the Organization indeed.* Attention Employees of the Oracle Organization. We would like to welcome Gabriel Carnatelli as our newest employee. I would like to warn all members that may be working for one Anthony Carnatelli to get out while you have the chance. Mercy will not be an option. -06:00 Oct 22

Gabriel: … I trust things are going according to your plan so far. *He remarked as he followed Evangeline out of the office.*

Evangeline: *So according to plan, there was even a bounce in her step as she pulled out a crystal on a string and held it out at arm’s length!* It’s a major moment in history, you know! We’ve just move the entire line of fate in an entirely new direction! It’s exciting! *She’s pointed down the hall!*

Brutus ran alongside Evangeline, barking! It looked like Evangeline’s excitement was contagious! At least to him!

Ciara: *… She was going to be assassinated for this! …If she didn’t die from stress and over work! Speaking of which, more coffee for Ciara, more phonecalls, and more paperwork! A long, long night!* -06:08 Oct 22

In the building, there was a lot of gossip going on! Some were arguing about the new policies! A vampire working for Oracle?! That’s crazy! But others thought it was sheer brilliance! No better way to fight a Carnatelli than WITH a Carnatelli! And then… there’s was some who looked really, REALLY nervous, and apparently trying to grab their things and get out as soon as possible!

Gabriel: *Silent as he followed along. He was either deep in thought, observing everything, or both!*

“Woof! Woof!” Oh no! Brutus was trying to eat the crystal again!

Evangeline: Alright, Brutus! We’re hunting down sixteen vampires, three weres, four warlocks, and seven witches! And… oh, there’s one! *She pointed down the hall where someone looked ready to choke on their own tongue!*

Evangeline: ….And don’t you go biting the nice onces, either! Those are the ones that smell minty like toothpaste!

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus turned in the direction Evangeline had pointed and quickly took off, barking! “WOOF WOOF WOOF!” He ran after that vampire-were-warlock-witch-whatever it was!

That poor unfortunete soul took off running. But clearly it seemed that evil wasn’t going to have it easy in the Oracle Organization any longer, and if they wanted to live they needed to take out the main problem at the source! …So a couple of idiots thought it was a bright idea to sneak attack Gabriel and Evangeline directly!

Gabriel: *Felt someone jump onto his back. He elbowed him in the gut and when his grip loosened, he grabbed his wrist, twisted and forced him to his knees! Then he lashed out and slammed his foot into the other attacker’s gut as he went for the Seer! The second attacker clutched his stomach as he staggered backwards but Gabriel picked his friend up by the collar of his shirt and flew him into his companion. CRASH!*

Evangeline: Ms. Grey said “No Mercy”, not that I like a lot of kill tactics, but I suppose it’s better that they don’t come back trying to get us! *Evangeline made sure to duck herself against the wall so no one was going to jump on her while she continued scrying!*

A few people got the hint that the werepuppy chasing someone down meant that those people didn’t belong, so they were more than happy to help out! A very nice and helpful individual took Evangeline by the arm, “Here! Let me help you over to a nice safe room away from all this crazy danger!”

Evangeline: …No thank you! I’d like to stay alive! *Of which she pulled out her cane and cracked them over the head! Brazen Warlocks indeed! Who would fall for that?!*

Gabriel: *After “taking care” of those two, he caught up with the Seer! He grabbed the warlock by his neck and threw him into the nearest empty room! Then he closed the door behind him to finish him off!*

Meanwhile Brutus had cornered his quarry in a room! But he couldn’t open the door because the door was locked! “WOOF WOOF WOOF!”

A bad guy cornered, that’s the perfect time for Oracle Hunters to use their big fancy guns! A whole team of them were aiming and ready to let loose crazy fire!

Evangeline: WAIT! *She shouted behind them!* …Don’t you know anything! You’re not supposed to damage your own property and there might be people in there! FIRST you kick down the door, then you grab them! … Jeeze!

The hunters looked chided, well… this was sort of a special case wasn’t it?! But they opted for going with procedere as they circled the door, knocked it down and raided! “It’s empty in here, Ma’am!”

Evangeline: It’s not empty… Hunt, Brutus! *Boy these hunters really were dreadful! They needed all kinds of combat training, and some team leaders, and… how to sense evil! That was important!*

Gabriel: *Warlocks relied on charm and magic before brute force so Gabriel was more than ready when he recovered and attempted to launch spell after spell! He dashed forward, evading flying furniture, fireballs, and thunderbolts before disappearing! He reappeared with his gun in the warlock’s face right before he fired at point blank range! BOOM! He put the gun away, grabbed the body and dragged it outside with the other two.*

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus went right to work! Sniffer down on the ground, he scoured that place like a cheapskate for a penny! He went to the table beside the bed and began to bark … At the lamp?!

“It’s a… lamp, ma’am.” said one of the very disbelieving hunters as he lowered his gun and scratched his head! Some of the others started snickering. Some hunting dog!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stomped her foot in frustration as she entered the room!* It’s not a lamp! Nothing is ever what it looks like, you’re supposed to be suspicious of everything! *And to get her point across, she took her cane and gave the lamp a good thwacking!*

Brutus backed away to give Evangeline some room! But he still barked at that lamp! Even when the lamp fell over! But instead of hitting the ground and shattering, it hit the ground and turned into a human male! “Obvolvo!” And the room was filled with smoke!

There was a whole lot of coughing and shuffling as hunters tripped over themselves trying to find the door and the pesky spell casting human! At least they had the sense not to start shooting!

Evangeline: *Cough! Evangeline pulled her shirt up to cover her mouth, but it wasn’t as if she could see him anyway. Silly man! She very easily took another swing with her cane to hit him again!* Surrender!

THWACK! “OOOOOOWWWWW OOOWW OWWW!” The smoke eventually cleared and there was the warlock, clutching his head and rolling around on the ground. “MY HEAD MY HEAD MY HEAD!”

Hunters scurried to capture the rolling man on the ground, a few embarrassed coughs here and there! “We’ve got him!” They drag him out!

“GRRR!!” Brutus growled as the warlock was taken away!

Evangeline: This is just awful… Poor Ms. Grey is going to have a horrible time. It’s a good thing we’re here!

Gabriel: *Joined the Seer and the werepup. He had passed the hunters dragging the warlock out.*

…And a full grown wolf dropped out of the ceiling to land behind them “Not for long!” it growled and licked it’s chops, grasping for the furry little pup!

Gabriel: *Pulled the pup out of the way! He pulled his gun out in the same motion and fired at the wolf’s face!*

BLAM!THUNK!CRASH! A dead were on a crushed table!

Evangeline: … I am so very glad she’s getting a new building, you know, I think she’d want to skin us alive for all of this property damage!

Gabriel: Everything comes with a price. *He replied, putting the gun away and setting the pup down.* I find it amusing that Oracle has existed with some semblance of function for so long like this.

Evangeline: It’s a very twisted sort of game to let people think they are doing something, when all the while you’re only letting them destroy what you want them to. Now that Ms. Grey is stopping that, it’s very good that we’ll be here. Anthony is going to be really angry about it.

Gabriel: If he becomes angry enough, he may unleash Michael.

Evangeline: *The look on her face suggested she really didn’t like the idea of that at all!* Yes. So it’s a good idea to make sure her buildings are secure before anything else. At least then there will be a place for people to hide!

“Woof woof woff!” went Brutus! He placed his paw on Evangeline’s leg and began to whine softly. He was hungry!

Evangeline: Drats..! We did forget to feed you, didn’t we! I guess chasing out more evils will have to wait, I’m sure they’re escaping the building anyway. Let’s get Brutus a good lunch!

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