024 A Day at the Beach

Gabriel takes Evangeline and Meri on a beach date!

[Evangeline was going to have her evening at the beach with Meri and Gabriel! And zero jelly fish! ] -03:45 Aug 05
[Gabriel didn\’t look dressed for the beach but when was he ever dressed for anything but slaying?] -03:47 Aug 05

Vlamerias: We’re going to the beach! We’re going to the beach! We’re going to the–Mommy, what’s the beach? *Meri stopped dancing around the apartment to turn and look up at Evangeline.*

Evangeline: There is lots of sand and even more ocean! Possibly one of the greatest sights in the world! *Evangeline had a simple sundress, a shawl, some sandals! Gabriel, though, never did like to wear something other than his normal clothes! But she could always tug him out of them later. She grinned.* -03:52 Aug 05
Gabriel: Oh, my father’s souls talked about the ocean a lot! He once said he was a pirate but his captain wasn’t a really good pirate. Whatever those are! -03:57 Aug 05

Vlamerias: Moran took a deep breath. “Here’s to luck and … good ol’ instincts,” she muttered to herself as she found the signal. She spotted the location. It was a pretty out of the way spot. Why would an SDF cop be way out there without some kind of back up? Minutes later, she arrived on the scene and landed her ship in a clearing, next to a rather large crater and a house. She turned the ship off and put the key on the chain around her neck, tucking it under her shirt. She grabbed her gun from her belt and held it firmly in both hands. Her ship was nothing out of the ordinary. It was a few uears p;d amd dodm

Gabriel: (gah, wrong paste XD) -04:02 Aug 05

Vlamerias: Oh, my father’s souls talked about the ocean a lot! He once said he was a pirate but his captain wasn’t a really good pirate. Whatever those are!

Evangeline: (Oh my! XD ) -04:02 Aug 05
Gabriel: *Gabriel walked toward them, in his coat, of course.* Which beach would you like to go to? -04:05 Aug 05
Evangeline: Pirates are.. um… well, that’s a little more complicated. They’re sailors and mostly illegal, but some are nice. *Evangeline curled her fingers around the sleeve of his coat and tugged.* Since you must wear this, somewhere in Europe where it’s not too hot? Oh! Maybe one of the places you have visited before! -04:06 Aug 05
Gabriel: Very well then. Europe. Are you all prepared? *He raised an eyebrow at the picnic basket sitting on the table.* -04:13 Aug 05
Evangeline: With everything for a date and a pleasant evening, including bandaids in case of jellyfish! *She had considered weapons for fighting jellyfish, but that might have been a bit over the top! She clapped her hands and fetched the basket!* -04:16 Aug 05
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[Evangeline was going to beach with her husband! That\’s got to be the best thing ever!] -10:48 Oct 02
[Gabriel was dressed the way he usually was–in a long black coat and all black attire!] -10:49 Oct 02

Vlamerias: Yay! We’re going to the beeeacch! We’re going to the beeacchh! *Meri was singing as she skipped around Evangeline’s apartment, wearing the dark purple one-piece swimsuit Evangeline had gotten for her earlier.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She wouldn’t pester him about his clothes… after all, she could take them off him later! She was wearing a sundress herself, it would still be warm even though they would be there during the sunset hours!* Here! I have the basket! -10:51 Oct 02
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at Meri and Evangeline.* Which beach would you like to go. -10:53 Oct 02

Vlamerias: OOhh! *Vlamerias stopped in front of Evangeline and took the basket!* Thank you, Bright Lady! I can’t wait to go digging in the crabs and go chasing after sand! -Gabriel

Gabriel: *to -10:54 Oct 02
Evangeline: Europe would be nice! Somewhere in the Mediterranean? I think that would be lovely, and there should be crabs for chasing! -10:56 Oct 02
Gabriel: Greece. I do not wish for you to catch a cold. Or Vlamerias, for that matter. *He stepped forward and the knife glinted in the light. Then he was casting the spell, a pulse of negative energy followed by wind and then they were out of the apartment and on an isolated beach. There were a few large boulders and there was a cliff behind them!* -11:03 Oct 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline took a deep breath and sighed! The beach always had such a nice fresh smell!* No, getting sick would definitely be bad. I think all of Oracle nearly fell apart last time. -11:05 Oct 02

Vlamerias: OOhh! Is that when everyone was sneezing and you were sick and Glaër told you to rest, but you didn’t? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She blinked!* There wasn’t time to rest, everyone needed help! *Of course, maybe she did need the rest… she had drank all that medicene and all she could remember now was skeletons and sneezing until she dropped somewhere and Gabriel scowling at her for hours!* -11:11 Oct 02

Vlamerias: And the Big Wolf told me how you tried to make chicken soup for everyone but you ended up passing out in the middle of the kitchen after sneezing really hard, too! *Meri added, skipping around in the sand! It was so warm here and the air smelled so different!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It’s best not to remind Gabriel how angry he was at me! He might remember I didn’t get punished for it. *Evangeline made sure to rescue their basket, setting down somewhere at a suitable spot and pulling out the blanket to spread out over the sand!* -11:16 Oct 02
Gabriel: I can be most patient, Evangeline. *Gabriel replied, moving to help Evangeline spread the blanket out. Then he kissed her forehead.* Punishments are best meted out when the one being punished least expect it. -11:18 Oct 02
Evangeline: Oh no, it’s far too late to dish out punishment now! You’ve missed your chance! You’ll just have to wait for the next cold. *She grinned. Not that had any plans to be sick again, it was miserable! Make sure the basket was set on the blanket, so it wouldn’t escape, she kicked off her shoes.* Meri, lets go test the water! -11:23 Oct 02

Vlamerias: Okay, Bright Lady! *Oo … She and her Glaër were whispering! They might need their alone time again and she’ll be sent to Darka nd the Warrior Lady! She followed after Evangeline!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Do you know how to swim, Meri? I don’t know if they have pools in the devil world! *Evangeline walked all the way out to the water, pulling up her skirt when she tested to see how warm it was.* -11:30 Oct 02
[Gabriel is now known as: Vlamerias] -11:31 Oct 02
Vlamerias: Um … *Meri was quiet as she thought.* Nooooo … but I know how to fly! *And her wings appeared and she did just that, hovering in the air around Evangeline!* -11:32 Oct 02
Evangeline: Then this is a very good time to learn! You never know when someone is going to throw you off a boat! *She pulled her skirt up to tuck it in to her belt and waded a bit farther out.* We’ll stay here where’s shallow and you can try floating first. It’s really easy. -11:35 Oct 02
Vlamerias: *Vlamerias blinked once, then twice! She landed beside the Bright Lady and her wings disappeared!* Um … Okay! How do you float? -11:36 Oct 02
Evangeline: You just sit or lay in the water and relax! Head up, mind you, so you can still breath. And it needs to be deep enough so you don’t touch the bottom, and I am right here and will grab you if it doesn’t work the first time! -11:39 Oct 02
Vlamerias: Um … Okay. *Meri didn’t look very sure but if the Bright Lady said she was going to be there, she was going to be there! She looked around and then looked down into the water! She wiggled her toes and giggled at the feelign of the sand through her toes!* -11:49 Oct 02
Evangeline: Here! I’ll sit and hold your hands. *A little bit of wading deeper and Evangeline moved to rest on her knees in the water. There was a quick squeek at a particularly cold wave, but after a moment she was perfectly settled and holding out her hands for Meri.* If you can float, it’ll only take seconds to swim! Then you can splash around and dive for underwater critters! -11:53 Oct 02
Vlamerias: *It was hard for Meri to focus for very long. Her attention was always called away by a sea bird flying over head or a wave approaching or something else! But after several minutes of giggling and smiling, she moved to sit down! Only to jump straight up to her feet when a big wave came by and nearly soaked her head!* -11:58 Oct 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline had all the patience in the world. So she could wait for Meri to settle… but getting washed over by a wave she couldn’t see didn’t really help matters at all! Blech!!* …. This might be easier with someone that can see what’s coming! You’re not frightened are you, Meri? -12:05 Oct 03
Vlamerias: *Meri grinned!* No, Bright Lady! Not as long as you’re here! What’s an underwater critter? Are those the fish and mermaids you talk about when you’re reading me bedtime stories? -12:17 Oct 03
Evangeline: It’s anything alive under the water! Like crabs and fishes and mermaids and silkies. And jellyfish, but if you see one of those, promptly scream so I can run back to the beach. *She took Meri’s hands, the little devil could talk and learn at the same time!* -12:19 Oct 03
Vlamerias: Ooh … I remember the jelliyfish! You showed me a picture once when you asked that warlock to change into one for me! *She looked around but didn’t see any yet so she sat back down in the water!* Bright Lady, do you go to the beach a lot? -12:22 Oct 03
Evangeline: I have been to beaches before, but never had a chance to sit and play for very long. I like the water, but I get lost too far from the beach and it’s scary. *Water was always tricky! There was no way to predict it’s movements or for her to sense the flow of tides! So staying in the shallows was a must!* -12:25 Oct 03
Vlamerias: I had a brother who loved the ocean, too! But I never met him. Father says he got lost but my sisters say he fell in love with a mermaid! Demons say they don’t fall in love but they do it all the time, it seems! -12:49 Oct 03
Evangeline: Anyone can fall in love! Demons or vampires or angels, and even puppies. So I would not be surprised at all if he made a nice life in the ocean! *Evangeline tilted, trying to pull Meri up and get her floating while she was distracted. …She briefly wondered how mermaids got married and had baby ones! Or how a demon and mermaid might compare!* -12:53 Oct 03
Vlamerias: Daddy says that mermaids are fierce and cunning which is nothing like how mermaids arei n that movie we watched. The one with the singing crab and the round yellow and blue fish! *Meri was so distracted that she didn’t notice that her feet were no longer touching the bottom and that she was no longer sitting, but floating more or less!* Do crabs really sing like that, Bright Lady? I would love to hear them, if they do! But how do they sing if they don’t have a mouth? Oohh … or a neck? -12:57 Oct 03
Evangeline: No, I’m afraid they don’t! Not unless they are enchanted crabs! *And Evangeline wouldn’t doubt for a moment that there were some!* Why don’t you try kicking your feet a bit? -01:01 Oct 03
Vlamerias: Ooh okay! *Meri finally realized what the Bright Lady was doing but she had to admit this was pretty fun! It was like floating in the air without needing wings! She slowly began to kick her feet, first one and then the other and pretty soon, both of them!* -01:11 Oct 03
Evangeline: Very good! This is pretty much swimming! All you have to do is keep above water when you need to breath, and hold your breath if you want to dive under. *Evangeline made sure to turn a bit and pull Meri around, at least until she realized she had stepped backwards too far! …she wouldn’t panic just yet and scare Meri while she was doing so good!* I bet you could use your wings for swimming too, that might be kind of neat! -01:14 Oct 03
Vlamerias: (You ate my post, evil chat!) -01:25 Oct 03
Evangeline: (damned chat!) -01:26 Oct 03
Vlamerias: *Kick, kick, kick–Oh dear! She realized just how far back the Bright Lady had gone and that realization caused her to lose focus! She stopped floating and started to sink! GGGLLUPP GGLLUPP!* -01:30 Oct 03
Evangeline: Don’t panic! *Evangeline was quick to catch her and make sure the wee devil’s head was back above water where it belong!* Relax just a little and we’ll be fine! You can still see the beach, can’t you? -01:33 Oct 03
Vlamerias: *Vlamerias’ head was just about to sink when Evangeline grabbed her! She gave her a bright big grin when her head came up.* Yes! I think <i>Glaër</i> has fallena sleep! -01:47 Oct 03
Vlamerias: *Vlamerias’ head was just about to sink when Evangeline grabbed her! She gave her a bright big grin when her head came up.* Yes! I think Glaër has fallena sleep! -01:47 Oct 03
Evangeline: How is he supposed to come and rescue me from the ocean if he’s asleep? *Evangeline looked thought for a minute.* Well! I suppose you will have to do the rescuing! You’ll have to lead us back -01:49 Oct 03
Vlamerias: Don’t worry, Bright Lady! I will not fail you! *Chances to prove herself were rare so, of course, she wasn’t going to back down! She could do this! She was feeling so brave she started to hum to herself!* -01:54 Oct 03
Evangeline: *It was hard not to laugh when a little girl was humming her own rescue soundtrack! She allowed Meri to lead, even when they had returned to the shallows, where she had a good solid footing.* Are we almost there? I bet there’s a treat in the basket if we make it! -01:59 Oct 03
Vlamerias: Here we are, Bright Lady! *Meri’s face lit up!* Oohh … treats! *And this time she didn’t have to worry about that evil Brutus stealing the treats either! In no time at all, her feet had touched the ground and then she was pulling the Bright Lady after her, to the basket and the blanket!* -02:01 Oct 03
Evangeline: Thank you so very much! I may of been lost at sea for hours! *Evangeline stopped a little bit from the blanket, trying to write out the water from her skirt. She should have planned her own attire a little better!* You can now raid the basket for treats, just leave some for later! *Now… should she be wicked and drip water on Gabriel? She leaned over him, and wondered!* -02:10 Oct 03

Gabriel: *At first, he was sound asleep! Then when she drew a little closer, his arm shot up and she found herself and her clothes dry and she was sitting in his lap. He moved his arms around her waist.* Welcome back, Seer. Vlamerias.

Vlamerias: Yay! Thank you, Bright Lady! *Meri wasted no time in opening the basket and practically sticking her head inside! She was one busy little devil after that!* -02:14 Oct 03
Evangeline: *She couldn’t surpress the yelp! Now the frown at him surprising her! ….but it was short lived, and she was perfectly content to rest her arms on his shoulders and smile!* Meri learns very fast. I think she’ll be able to pick up just about anything. -02:15 Oct 03

Gabriel: Indeed. *Gabriel lowered his head to her neck and nuzzled the spot where her pulse beat strongest. It was always a temptation to taste more of her, to drink more than a sip of what she offered. But it would be far too easy to lose control and he couldn’t bear to lose her.*

Evangeline: *He was thinking so seriously for someone that had a lady on his lap! Evangeline tilted to bump against him with her shoulder, and lean back out of nuzzling reach!* Are you going to spend the evening sitting here, or will you come and play with me too? -02:27 Oct 03

Gabriel: *He drew back and tilted his head slightly at her. Then he was brushing a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear!* I see you mean a different kind of play than what I had in mind.

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned! She wasn’t opposed to what he had in mind either!* What do you have in mind? I bet it has nothing to do with sand castles. *She tilted again, this time to plant a kiss on his cheek!* -02:37 Oct 03

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