024 Werepack Treaties

Gabriel is ‘teaching’ a glass by having Hunters chase Brutus around in circles. Evangeline wonders if maybe Gabriel needs a little teaching himself. Leon stops by to ask if they know anything about werepacks, and Evangeline offers to go with him to speak to a few. Evangeline warns Gabriel to be easy on those poor Hunters, and says she’ll be back in time for dinner.

Leon and Evangeline come across a were at the park first. They’re rather eat the tasty human than sign any treaties. Gabriel bails them out of trouble and vanishes. Evangeline remains encouraging to Leon, saying it was good for his first meeting! She also wonders why wolves seem to find her so delicious! They seek out another were pack.

The second werepack belongs to the White Romanian Queen. She’s moved her pack to a large house on the lake, and recognizes Evangeline stating she smells of Gabriel Carnatelli. The White Queen is amused enough to listen to Leon’s request and agrees to a trade. Information for information, safety for safety. Evangeline asks if the white wolf knows why wolves think she’s so tasty, and the Queen jokes that she could take a bite and see. Leon ushers Evangeline out while they’re doing good!

Leon and Evangeline stop to have a bite to eat and discuss how things are going. Evangeline remains encouraging both about his relationship with Ciara Grey and what he is now doing with the werepacks. She has a vision of another werepack, one she knows won’t be pleasant for Leon to see, but one he must.

Evangeline leads Leon to a Cemetery where there is a large very old werepack hiding. The wolves aren’t pleased with them smelling of a Carnatelli, nor liking the idea of Leon working for a corrupted Oracle. They try to snatch Brutus from Evangeline until someone snatches her up and returns Brutus to her. Leon socks the guy in the face… as it turns out to be Nicholas Wulf, Leon’s father! He states that he loved Leon’s mother, but it’s not the time or place to discuss that. This place is sacred and guarded. They’re trespassing. Leon, too angry to discuss anything takes Evangeline arm so they can leave… but the wolves of the pack won’t let anyone leave alive. Leon’s father was gone. Gabriel appears to make sure they leave the Cemetary alive.

Evangeline apologizes to Leon and tells him that he should really go talk about it with Ciara. Ciara is his friend and will understand. Not one to listen to arguing, Gabriel casts a spell and sends Leon there. Leon finds Ciara asleep at her desk and wakes her. He tells her about how his night went, and she’s surprised he even went out to try! He mentions seeing his father, and not realizing what she was up too, told her where. Leon naps on the office sofa.

Ciara seeks out Leon’s father and tells him to take his pack and stay away from Leon or she’ll snap him like a twig!

[Evangeline was so sure letting Gabriel train new hunters was a good idea! Now she\’s wondering if Gabriel needs some training first…] -03:56 Oct 25
[Gabriel was standing there with arms crossed, head down slightly and eyes closed …] -04:01 Oct 25

The new hunters he’d been put in charge of were currently panting and running after Brutus! The young werepup was giving them a run for their money! Every so often he’d stop and bark and just when they caught up, take off again!

Evangeline: …. Why is everyone just running around in circles! -04:03 Oct 25
Gabriel: Endurance. Dedication. If they cannot catch a werepup, they certainly cannot catch a full-fledged wolf or vampire. *He said without opening his eyes.* They have been doing this for three hours now. -04:04 Oct 25

THUD! THUD! THUD! Someone close to Brutus tripped and fell face first! The others were so close behind that two or three of them fell down on the first before everyone else stopped or ran around!

Evangeline: That’s an awfully long time for people to run around in circles. *On the bright side, they’re listening and following orders, so that was good!* -04:07 Oct 25
Gabriel: It is. *He opened his eyes as the hunters finally got a strategy together and surrounded Brutus! They pounced on the werepup, creating a rather large pile up! There were shouts of "I got him!" and "No, I got him!"* -04:10 Oct 25

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus had wiggled his way out from under the pile and was sitting at Evangeline’s feet, looking up at her expectantly, tail wagging and panting.

Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned down and patted Brutus on the head!* You’re do very good. Now you have to hold someone hostage so they have to rescue a person without getting them killed. -04:12 Oct 25
Gabriel: *Watched the still clueless hunters groping around for Brutus!* The best practice is the real sort. *He remarked. He couldn’t possibly mean …!* -04:13 Oct 25

“Hey! Where’d he go!” someone shouted! The pile shifted and they quickly got off of each other!

Evangeline: We’re not going to kidnap someone, are we? Because that’s really not a very good idea! -04:16 Oct 25
Gabriel: I suppose. *He said after a moment or two! He looked up as the newbies got into line in front of him. It had taken him awhile to get them into the habit of lining up unless otherwise instructed.* Thirty minute break. -04:20 Oct 25

They began to shuffle out when one of them, just out of his teens, huffed, “What! No ‘congratulations’, no ‘good job’! Nothing!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline scooped up Brutus for a good petting! Poor pup was getting run all over the place, but it really was good exercise for a growing were!* We’ll get a volunteer for the distressed need a rescue, okay, Brutus? -04:22 Oct 25

“Woof! Woof!” went Brutus! He licked Evangeline’s face, tail a wagging blur!

Evangeline: *Wiping her face clean of licking, she moved to hold Brutus to Gabriel’s face! Gabriel needed the lickings more!* -04:28 Oct 25
Gabriel: *The newbie suddenly had a gun in his face!* I am not here to coddle or pamper your self-inflated ego. I am here to train you. Do not waste my time. Or my bullets. -04:29 Oct 25

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus was very happy to lick Gabriel’s face! He tasted like … bacon! No, no, chocolate! … Wait, he didn’t know what chocolate tasted like ’cause Evangeline never gave him any … Oh well!

Evangeline: *It wouldn’t occur to Evangeline that a werepup licking Gabriel’s face while he was threatening a newbie might dimished the very wickedness of his threat!* You better go take your break while you can! -04:32 Oct 25

The newbie was off like a lightning bolt! People, especially newbies, tended to see Gabriel differently than Evangeline!

Evangeline: You terrorized them enough before, pointing guns at them is a little much, yes? A good old fashioned punch to the face usually does the trick just fine. -04:35 Oct 25
Gabriel: Perhaps. *Put his gun away. He reached up to scratch Brutus’ ear with one hand.* Fear is an excellent way to get one’s point across. -04:38 Oct 25

Leon: *Burst in with a piece of paper in his hand!* Evangeline! Gabriel! Brutus! How’s it going?

Evangeline: *Evangeline was ready to give him a good lecture, but there was Leon! She smiled big!* Newbies are off looking for places to hide and I was going to kidnap us a kidnapee… kidnapped? Well, someone. -04:40 Oct 25

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Yeah, I saw a bunch of them half-running, half-crawling to the bathroom and cafeteria. I’d hate to take one of your quizzes. *He told Gabriel with a wink. He blinked.* Kidnap someone …? What for?

Evangeline: For training! They have to try and fight and rescue someone without getting the person killed in the process. Ms. Grey was complaining very loudly about it this morning… …Would you like to be kidnapped? -04:42 Oct 25

Leon: *COUGH! That was out of the blue!* Uh … Well … Uh … I dunno … Um, I mean … I’m all out for helping but um … any live ammo involved?

Evangeline: Gabriel said *she cleared her throat and mimiced that tone of voice he used.* "The best practice is the real sort." ..Which I can only assume means as real as possible. …. *She blinked, and smiled!* It’s alright, if you’re busy Gabriel or I could do it. -04:46 Oct 25

Leon: *Laughed!* Hey, that’s a pretty good imitation. Can you do–? *He happened to notice Gabriel and cleared his throat.* Uh … Maybe it’d be better if they try using a dummy before they uh … use a real person?

Evangeline: It’s sooo hard to get them to take things seriously.. Maybe I can get them to take turns and volunteer themselves. *Oh, that was a very good idea! Then they have to learn to protect each other too! Her face was lit with good ideas!* You’re a genius Leon! When Ms. Grey figures out, she’ll marry you for sure! -04:50 Oct 25

Leon: *Blink!* Wow, you think so? *He grinned.* Oh, yeah, I came by to ask … Either of you know how to talk to werepacks?

Evangeline: You’re a wolf Leon, that should come naturally… *She said with amusement, before she held out Brutus!* I’ve got some practice, if you need some help we can come with you! -04:56 Oct 25

“Woof! Woof!”

Leon: *He laughed.* I know it’s just … I’ve never run with a … um, traditional pack. And the only weres I’ve come in contact with are the ones who want to kill me. Man, that’s depressing.

Evangeline: Now is a time to change that, though, isn’t it! *Evangeline set Brutus down on the ground before she turned to gabriel.* I’m sorry… I know I was going to help keep those newbies from being tortured too badly, but I think Leon will need the help more. We’ll be back for dinner later, though! -05:00 Oct 25
Gabriel: *He nodded.* They will live. -05:06 Oct 25

Leon: *Blink blink!* You’d do that for me?

Evangeline: *They’ll live, of course, but goodness knows what else he’d have them doing! She imagined poor hunters hanging upside down from the ceiling for no reason at all!* That’s my official job! ..Let’s go, Brutus! *She waved goodbye to Gabriel while she led these wolfies out the door!* -05:09 Oct 25

Leon: This means a lot to me. Thanks Evangeline. Thanks, Brutus. *He reached down to pet him.*

Evangeline: Do you know where we’re going or does Brutus get to do some hunting? Oh! I could scry for packs too, I met a very nice white Romanian Alpha, and if they hadn’t tried to eat us, I think she would have been very pleasant! -05:16 Oct 25

Leon: Some scrying would be nice. I want to surprise Cissy with as much signatures as possible.

Evangeline: *Digging in to her pocket…several pockets… Evangeline pulled out her crystal on a string, and this time made sure to hold it up high enough out of werepup pouncing reach! After a moment, she pointed in a direction and started walking!* This is going to be really exciting! I have never been involved in just so much change until I came here! -05:21 Oct 25

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus ran beside them as Evangeline scryed.

Leon: *Following close behind.* If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from?

Evangeline: I lived in London my entire life and didn’t do much traveling until during college. *Let’s see… There is the beautiful romanian in teh subway, but maybe she’ll wait a bit before disturbing her. Oh there! A big bushy wolf, he seems friendly! Evangeline was leading them towards one of the community parks!* -05:29 Oct 25

Leon: *Looked around as they came to the community park. People. Benches. Kids. No sign of the wolf.* Awh man, we lost him.

Evangeline: He’s around here somewhere. I don’t think he’s in a wolfy form. *She held up a hand* About this tall, with dark hair and… Hmm. -05:46 Oct 25
[Evangeline was looking for a were that wasn\’t in wolfy form!] -02:56 Oct 26
[Leon was still pretty nervous, although he\’d calmed down somewhat!] -02:57 Oct 26

Brutus was being a good werepup! He stayed close to Evangeline and Leon and he even ignored that fat Siamese cat sitting on the window sill just in reach!

Leon: Thanks again for helping me. I had no idea there were so many werepacks in the city. *He scratched his head.* -03:00 Oct 26
Evangeline: Oh, there’s lots. Some are rather nice and some are just way too hungry for their own good! And some are wolves and some are hybrids and some don’t even know they’re wolf. …Sort of like you! *All of this seemed perfectly normal to Evangeline, as she followed the crystal to a length of trees!* -03:02 Oct 26

As they neared the trees, Brutus began to sniff the ground. His tail was up in the air. Apparently he was on high alert for anything.

It was oddly quiet in the trees. But then there was a rustle…!

Brutus’ head shot up! “Woof woof woof!” he barked which could have meant anything from “Show yourself” to … “Gimme a bone!”

Rustle! Rustle! Then, a looooooow snarling sort of growl!

Brutus growled back, followed by more barking!

Leon: *Stopped when he heard the rustling and then the growl!* Hello …? We don’t mean you any harm. We just need to talk. -03:12 Oct 26

Eyes appeared behind dark areas of the trees. First two, then four… then there was over a dozen! Little bits of low threatening growling before a man stepped out. He looked perfectly normal, if it weren’t for the fact they were surrounded by wolves! “If you just want to talk, why did you bring the Seer. Death follows her…”

Brutus’ head moved from side to side, eying the wolves warily!

Leon: *Glanced at Evangeline real quick then at the guy! Had this not been so important, he would’ve asked what he meant by "death". But … * I’m … having a bit of a problem finding you. She agreed to help. We didn’t come for trouble. -03:21 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline was rather curious what they meant by death too! Unless they meant all those previous incidents, but… those wolves attacked her first!* Yes, Leon has a special request for you! Death indeed… -03:22 Oct 26

The man flash a nice sharp pair of teeth! It wasn’t so attractive on a human body! “You wish to join our pack and brought us a snack offering?”

Leon: *Looked offended but he was already subtly moving between Evangeline and the guy!* I’ve already got a pack. I was asked by Oracle to find out if you were interested in a peace treaty. -03:25 Oct 26

There were many growls at that… and even an inching closer of several wolves with snapping teeth! The man frowned. “Oracle is a wolf killer. As bad as Carnatellis.”

Evangeline: Oracle is under new management. Ciara Grey’s ownership. *…Now was a good time for Evangeline to bend down and scoop up Brutus!* -03:32 Oct 26
Leon: It’s different with Ms Grey. The only reason Oracle would try to hunt you is if you were harming innocent lives. -03:32 Oct 26

“Grrrrr …” Brutus was growling but he didn’t fight Evangeline as she scooped him up! Oh no, he was far too busy keeping an eye on those wolves!

That drew a laugh from the man! “That heiress trying to play with the Masters? As interesting as it sounds… A wolf has to eat, and what else is a wolf to eat but what tastes so delicious? You bring us a meal and then tell us not to eat. You sound like a traitor to your own kind..”

Leon: She’s not a meal. She’s my friend. And if that’s what being a traitor means … well, you can go to hell. *He braced for a fight that was sure to come. He only hoped he could buy Evangeline enough time to escape.* Come on, Evangeline. We’re leaving. -03:42 Oct 26
Evangeline: That didn’t go too horribly… *Evangeline whispered towards Leon, trying to see the positive side of the situation! She was more than happy to leave before they tried feasting on her bones again!* -03:45 Oct 26

Of course, it’s never easy to leave when you’re surrounded by a dozen or so wolves. Especially when they’re that hybrid variety… growing larger, more beastlie, and more fangy! Large enough to swallow and eat up a person in two bites. …and a puppy in one swallow!

Leon: … So much for leaving … *He muttered under his breath as they approached!* I’ll buy you sometime to run. *He told Evangeline. He glanced from side to side.* -03:48 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded slowly, holding Brutus good and tight. If she had to, she’d just climb a tree!* -03:49 Oct 26

There wasn’t going to be any escaping today! Even the man had shifted to a wereform, the largest of them all! And on his growling signal, they dashed to pounce!

Leon: *Turned slightly and launched himself at one of the wolves closest to Evangeline! They rolled around on the ground but that still left a whole bunch of other wolves to worry about!* -03:53 Oct 26

BANGBANGBANG! Shots rang out and took down a few more of the wolves closest to Evangeline and Brutus!

Gabriel: I will give you one warning. Step down. *He was suddenly behind Evangeline and Brutus!*

Evangeline: *She wasn’t going to scream, that’d be silly! But she was squeezing that poor puppy and giving a relieved sigh! * -03:56 Oct 26

The wereleader stopped with a loud snarl! “…and so death follows the Seer.” he growled! “Come in to wolf territory and daring to make your threats! Shameless.”

Evangeline: …Damnation! You wolves are always trying to eat me first! *She shouted back! Really! They weren’t taking any blame at all!* Stop trying to devour me, I am not a snack! Then you might not get shot at! -04:00 Oct 26

Barking laughter from the pack leader, but he didn’t make another move to attack. …yet! “So you say, Seer. If this wolf speaks truth we no eat little humans, and then we are safe? By his word?” He motioned a snout at Gabriel!

Evangeline: Safe from Oracle. The reformed organization won’t hurt innocents any any species. Human, wolf or otherwise… if you behave like nice gentleman wolfies and stop terrorizing people. -04:12 Oct 26
Leon: *Threw the wolf off of him and, seeing Gabriel there, joined them! He dusted himself off and spit out grass.* -04:13 Oct 26

Many wolfy snickers not just at Leon but at Evangeline’s suggestion! Those reamining inched closed! “…if we refuse your offer? Humans are so very irresistable…”

Gabriel: … Then you die. It will save me the trouble of having to come back for you later.

Though the pack leader found Leon and Evangeline laughable at best, it was hard to brush off Gabriel Carnatelli so easily! “We can not make promises. There are needs for a wolf… But attempts can be made…” he was clearly not pleased with coming to this conclusion, but was making an attempt for the sake of his pack!

Evangeline: *It was enough for Evangeline to offer a wide smile!* If you have to eat humans you could always become a part of Oracle and hunt down the bad ones! There are more than enough of them to eat! -04:20 Oct 26

This was another laughable suggestion. The packleader shook out his fur and in doing so had changed to a less threatening more normal wolfy look. He bared a toothy wolf sneer! “It is a consideration.” Wolves backed away and disappeared in to the trees. “For your generous suggestions, we offer advice. Beware the collared ones.” With that, he had dashed off in to the trees after his pack!

Leon: *As soon as the pack was gone, he breathed a sigh of relief and leaned forward with his hands on his knees!* Phew! Man, I thought we were goners! *He huffed.* -04:26 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline set Brutus down on the ground and rest her hands on her hips.* Why do they always want to eat me! Do I smell extra delicious? Brutus does like to lick me… I wonder what I taste like. -04:27 Oct 26

Speaking of Brutus, he was sniffing the ground again!

Leon: … That’s a very good question. *He scratched his head.* But so is that thing about the collars. Unless he meant the collars on those wolves the government has. -04:29 Oct 26
Evangeline: One of you will have to take a bite and tell me, all I ever taste is iron and salt! *Apparently she was preoccupied by the thought, it took her a moment to consider the collars!* … Collared wolves are more dangerous than most, and they have been after you before, yes? -04:32 Oct 26
Leon: *Speechless at her idea for someone to bite her just so she would know what she tasted like. He nodded.* Yeah. Those government guys sent them after me. Unless someone else collars wolves and uses them for dirty work. -04:33 Oct 26
Evangeline: Anthony Carnatelli has his pets as well… Better to avoid any and all wolves with collars just incase. Neither would be very pleasant. -04:37 Oct 26
Leon: So Anthony’s got his pets? You should know about that. Shouldn’t you, Gabriel? *He blinked and looked around.* Where’d he go? He was just here a moment ago. -04:39 Oct 26
Evangeline: …Blast it! He didn’t answer my question either! *She grumbled for a moment before licking her own hand.. Blech! Just tastes like hand lotion… She’s going to go mad from curiosity!* Bother, well, we havent got an official signature, but this was a good sign, don’t you think? Are you ready to try another pack, or was this just too much for one day? Oh hmm. Ms. Grey is going to work herself to death at this rate. -04:42 Oct 26
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Actually I’m ready to try another pack. To tell you the truth, I feel a lot better knowing Gabriel is around. I hope I didn’t make him leave some important work over at Oracle. *He said as they started walking away.* -04:43 Oct 26
Evangeline: No… *She tilted her head a moment…* …double blast. Sometimes I think he snoops just to hear what I’m thinking. They are hanging upside down… I don’t even know how they did that. *While she spoke she was pulling out her crystal again, whistling for Brutus to follow!* -04:45 Oct 26
Leon: *Looking at her, curiously!* … Um, who’s hanging upside down? -04:46 Oct 26

Brutus stopped sniffing around when he heard Evangeline whistle and ran after them!

Evangeline: Those poor hunters. He had them chasing Brutus around in circles before I came to save them, though I suppose it’s good exercise for them all. *She had to stop a minute to tilt the crystal before changing her direction!* The romanian pure has moved! I wonder why! -04:48 Oct 26
Leon: I suppose we could check it out and see if that pack would be interested in a peace treaty. *He said, nodding when she told him about the newbies.* Cissy is alright, isn’t she? -04:50 Oct 26
Evangeline: Oh, yes. …well… One too many of those coffee drinks and sleeping on her desk, but all right for now! *Following the crystal, she made another sharp turn, just barely avoiding walking herself right in the lake!* And before it’s asked, Lily is at one of her classes and Conrad is very very bored. I don’t know where he got that fish. -04:53 Oct 26
Leon: Oh, thanks. *He was tempted to ask about the fish but he had a feeling that would only result in him asking more questions and more questions after that.* -04:57 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline walked and walked until they were well out of the park, and there was a fence in her way! A normal wooden fence with a gate leading on to someone’s private property right on the lake!* Bother, it’s right in the way. There should be a hole here somewhere. -04:59 Oct 26
Leon: *Spotted the sign that said "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and the one below it that read "KEEP OUT."* Um … Is this such a good idea? I mean, this is private property. I don’t want us getting arrested for trespassing. -05:00 Oct 26
Evangeline: I’ve never been arrested before, that might be an adventure! *….* …I’m kidding. It’s all right, if someone gets upset I’ll say Brutus got loose and we were looking for him! -05:02 Oct 26
Leon: Phew! *He laughed softly.* Thanks. I don’t know what I’d tell Cissy if we got arrested and she had to bail us out. -05:08 Oct 26

Brutus barked and barked and soon as the werepup had crawled through a hole in the fence!

Evangeline: I imagine that’d be real sca- There it is! *At Brutus’ signaled she moved over to the hole! It wasn’t really human height… She had to crawl down on her knees to get through, but at least it was off to the other side!* Alright, just a little further! -05:10 Oct 26

Brutus was right there to greet Evangeline with wet, sloppy kisses on the other side! And for Leon, too, once he’d managed to fit himself through!

Evangeline: *Wiping off wolfie kissies was second nature as she dusted herself off, and headed towards the large house!* -05:12 Oct 26

The house was a good moderate size, and unlike those former trees… Here there was obvious signs of a wolfpack very much at home! Paw prints, scents, and clawmarks where someone was bound to get mad about them!

Leon: *Followed after Evangeline and Brutus who had taken to sniffing the ground again! He took a good look at the house and whistled!* Man! -05:15 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline finally stop near a pair of cellar doors that had been left wide open and have several muddy footprints leading down the steps below! She pocketed her crystal.* Down there. Now, the Mother of this pack is very… um… Well, she listened to me last time… and then things went a bit downhill, but I’m sure that she’ll be much more open to you since you are a wolf! -05:19 Oct 26
Leon: *Looked down the stairs and then at Evangeline!* … A bit downhill? I dunno. A cellar is a pretty small space to turn tail and run. *He took a deep breath and started moving down the stairs.* -05:21 Oct 26
Evangeline: I’m right behind you, so you don’t have to be afraid. *Of course, she had her cane well ready this time. Evangeline would smack anything that sniffed her!* -05:22 Oct 26

Down, down down. The stairs led much farther down undeground that it might have seemed The space down there was also increadibly large! But it was most certainly a wolf den! And occupied! There were quite a few curious stares and sniffings before an amused voice sounded. “I see you have come to seek the parent of another lost pup, Human.”

Leon: Actually … ma’am … we came here to talk. To … see if you would like a peace treaty with Oracle. -05:26 Oct 26

From a corner stepped out a snow white wolf, nearly as large as Leon and serenely beautiful! She sat a few paces from them, not a movement of a mouth but her voice still sounding clear as a bell. “Are you so sure, lost pup?” A tilt of her head as she paused. “I am not interested in treaties. …However, there are new dangers or perhaps old dangers grown strong. What might you offer to my children that we cannot acquire for ourselves?”

Leon: There is strength in numbers. You can never have too many allies. We can offer you shelter when in need and keep you up to date on all sorts of things. Like … vampires and demons. -05:36 Oct 26

“Information is quite valuable. I may agree to a trade. Information for information. Safty for safty.” There was a swish of her tail. “Is that all you ask of us?”

Leon: *It wasn’t exactly a signed peace treaty either but … under the circumstances, things were going good. So far! He nodded once.* Yes. We only came here to talk and I apologize for any inconvenience or trouble we cause by being here. -05:48 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted from behind Leon.* …I have a question before we go. …Do I smell so delicious that every wolf in the city has to try and eat me? It’s a serious question, mind you. -05:49 Oct 26

There was a slight amusement in the white wolf as she tilted her nose in the air and took a deep sniff! Her voice sounded equally amused. “You smell of Gabriel Carnatelli. But to know for sure, I should have a bite…” There was no move to attack or pounce… she was teasing!

Evangeline: Actually yes! Someone has got to take a bite and tell me! *Evangeline clearly didn’t pick up on the joke!* -05:53 Oct 26
Leon: *Wolfish grin as he tried to usher Evangeline outside!* Uh, Evangeline … I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Wolves are a lot like uh … sharks or pit bulls. Once we bite, we don’t let go. And tasting human flesh is sometimes too strong a temptation for someone to just settle for say, a single lick or bite. -05:54 Oct 26

As Leon ushered Evangeline away, there were quite a few wolfy snickers! It seemed there was going to be many of those in this treaty business!

Evangeline: I’m going, I’m going. *Huffing, she moved up the stairs. It’s not like there was tasting facilities! …or were there? Were there human tastings like people had wine tasting?* -05:57 Oct 26
Leon: *Sighed in relief as they got outside and headed back to the fence.* I thought for sure we were in trouble back there. *He looked over at Evangeline.* I’m really sorry about that. I know you’re curious about what you taste and smell like. -06:02 Oct 26
Evangeline: That’s alright, I intend to find out one way or another. But you did really well for a first time! You could be an alpha yourself if tried to! -06:04 Oct 26
Leon: *Blinked! He smiled.* You really think so? Thanks. After what happened back there in those trees, I thought I was screwing up royally. I hadn’t thought of packing any sort of protection … But if I had, the packs would see me as a threat, wouldn’t they? -06:05 Oct 26

Brutus barked and ran around the two of them in circles!

Evangeline: I think I am a weapon, but now that you have given it a try, it should be much easier for you to do it on your own. Although, you are always welcome to borrow Brutus! He needs more wolfy role models! -06:07 Oct 26
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I like to forget that part about myself. Thanks, Evangeline. You’re a real big help. Maybe we should stop somewhere to get a bite to eat before we get back? -06:11 Oct 26
Evangeline: *She nodded!* Well, some hot tea and maybe some donuts for Brutus! I told Gabriel we’d have dinner, and I think he gets mad when I disappear. -06:15 Oct 26
Leon: *Laughed softly.* Really? I don’t know how you can tell. He always looks … the same to me. I’m glad you two are hitting it off. -06:16 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Grinning, she took his arm and shrugged!* I like him. Even before he built me an apartment and made me cry! Do you like the chocolate sprinkle donuts there is a cafe somewhere over… *She thought for a minute before she pointed.* over that way, -06:20 Oct 26
Leon: *He looked up in the direction she’d pointed.* Great! I hope they serve hamburgers … or at least roast beef sandwiches. *With Brutus following right behind, they walked over to the small cafe.* -06:21 Oct 26
Evangeline: *It’s awfully hard not to get donuts for oneself when they’re made fresh and smell so good! And since they did have sammiches, one of those for Brutus and she could keep those donuts for herself!* Did Ms. Grey behave on her vacation? -06:25 Oct 26
Leon: We … had a couple of incidents along the way. *He said with an embarassed grin!* We stopped at this bar for the restrooms and she ended up causing a little um, fight. Then there was this haunted mansion place. As spooky as it was, the real frightening thing was they had no steaks. None whatsoever! *He started to eat his sandwich.* -06:29 Oct 26
Evangeline: She is amazing, isn’t she! The way she can take over the Oracle Organization so quickly, but can’t talk to people normally! She’s so afraid to make friends. *Evangeline fixed Brutus sammich for him and set him up on the table to eat. She dunked her donut in her tea!* -06:32 Oct 26
Leon: *Laughed softly!* She never was a people person. Ah, but when she put her mind to it … *He drank some of his soda and watched as Brutus ate his sandwich.* I can’t believe how much time went by. -06:33 Oct 26
Evangeline: There is time to make up for it, don’t you think? Some things just last forever. -06:36 Oct 26
Leon: *Chuckled softly.* That’s true. You know, there are a lot of times that it seems like we’ve been together forever. Like I never left her. She’s still mad about that. She told me herself. -06:37 Oct 26
Evangeline: Bother. You were her world before there was Lily and then lost Lily too. I think if I lost someone I would be afraid to loose them again too… -06:43 Oct 26
Leon: *He smiled a bit.* Yeah. Well, that makes two of us. ‘Cause I don’t want to lose her, either. *He finished his sandwich.* I think once we get back, I’m going to take a long nap. -06:45 Oct 26

Brutus burped!

Evangeline: Best to take Ms. Grey with you too, she hasn’t slept in three da- *Evangeline paused.* Hmm… -06:47 Oct 26
Leon: *Laughed softly at Brutus’ burp.* Excuse you! *He looked up.* Is something wrong? -06:47 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline fiddled with her fingers for a moment, twisting a napkin in her hands!* There’s another pack nearby, one you’ll have to see… -06:49 Oct 26
Leon: *Tilted his head slightly at her.* Another pack …? I dunno. It’s been a pretty busy day, already. *He studied her face.* But if it’s that important, I guess we can stop by. Maybe they’d be interested in a peace treaty. Right, Brutus? *He reached down and scratched his ears before he stood and threw away his trash.* -06:50 Oct 26
Evangeline: Important, yes. But then you can go home and take Ms Grey to bed! A well deserved rest! *Evangeline smiled, scooping up Brutus in to her arms before getting out of her chair.* -06:52 Oct 26
Leon: Yeah … We could really use the rest … Alright then! Let’s get going! *He glanced around.* Which way is it? -06:53 Oct 26
Evangeline: This way. *Not even having to pull out her scrying crystal, Evangeline lead the way down the street. Buildings became more spaced out, having nice large lots and she finally slowled as they were reaching a very old cemetary… She was a bit wary now, patting Brutus so he (she!) wouldn’t be nervous.* They live out here. -06:55 Oct 26

The Cemetary was about as old as the city and was actually very large! It had hundred year old trees, large stone mausoleum buildings and even it’s own small church.

Leon: *There was something strange about this place! It had to do more than the fact it was a cemetary! The hair at the back of his neck was standing up straight. Something … in the air … He walked forward, looking around slowly.* -06:57 Oct 26

Brutus had his ears up and his tail was wagging but he didn’t bark!

“Look at this scrap of bones. Shaking in his silly looking shoes.” whispered a voice softly from somewhere in the cemetary. “Hahaha he’s got a pup though.” replied another. “Idiots, that’s not his. Be quiet.”

“You’d best have a good reason for disturbing this place,” a deep voice boomed. “We do not take kindly to trespassers.”

Leon: We’re just here to talk. We mean no disrespect. -07:04 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline moved Brutus in her arms so she could have her cane out and ready again… This one was going to be scary, in so many different ways.* -07:05 Oct 26

“No disrespect he says!” chortles another! “Reeking of the vampire enemy!” came a growl!

“Quiet!” the deep voice ordered. “But I must admit, I’d like to know why you smell like a vampire … And not just any vampire either. One of the Carnatellis.”

Leon: *It was difficult to tell where they were so if there was an attack, he was dead meat for sure.* We’re from Oracle. Earlier, we talked with another wolf pack but they were more interested in a meal than a peace treaty. The vampire you smell is Gabriel Carnatelli. He only came to make sure we were unharmed. -07:09 Oct 26

“A traitor come to talk treaties with the true wolf packs…” one snarled, a faint rustled echoed somewhere in the cemetary. “Oracle is corrupted from the inside.”

Leon: I cannot talk for the other branches of Oracle but the one here in the city has been taken over by Ciara Grey. Things are changing. Even you must realize that. -07:13 Oct 26

“Obvious Lies. When here is one now, a thief of our children!” A flash of teeth as jaws snatched the leg of Evangeline’s pants and yanked! As she dropped to the ground, they were trying to swipe the pup right from her hands!

There was a blur! Someone caught Evangeline and scooped up Brutus! Evangeline found herself set down on her feet and a tall man with dark blonde hair and dark blue eyes offering Brutus to her. “I will assume the pup is with you of his own accord. He does not fear you nor does he hate you.” He turned. “Hello, Leon. It has been a long time.”

Evangeline: *Takes poor Brutus and holds him tight, only to nod. Not a word from her.. but maybe a frown out at the inhabitants of the cemetary.* -07:22 Oct 26

Seom growls echoed… but there was not another complaint. Movement stirred closeby, circling.

Leon: *The blank look on his face turned into a snarl! He closed the distance between himself and the man and delivered a strong uppercut!* You bastard. *He growled.* -07:24 Oct 26

The man’s head whipped up but he lowered his head to its normal level and flexed his jaw. He rubbed it. He was dressed casually, trousers with the suspenders off, white shirt, no shoes. “I have missed you. I had thought you were dead.”

Murmurs of surprise followed, with whispers. “Son of the leader.” ..”Offspring of the alpha..”

Leon: I bet that’s made things real easy for you for the past … twenty-thirty years! Leaving me for dead just like you left Mom for dead! -07:32 Oct 26
Evangeline: *Evangeline eased herself back a bit, cuddling Brutus, and really trying so hard not to be so emphathic… Guiding people where they needed to be was one thing, but having to hear it as well… it made her heart hurt.* -07:34 Oct 26

The man’s eyes narrowed into slits with Leon’s mention of his mother. “I loved your mother. You have no idea how much. But this is neither the time nor the place to talk about this. This place is sacred. This Pack has a duty to guard it and those whose remains lie here. We have no interest in a peace treaty. Those who trespass we deal with, harshly, whether human or otherwise. What we guard is far too important to let fall into anyone’s hands.”

“None that smell of enemy enter and leave alive.” snaaaarled a voice. “Not even a Son.”

Evangeline: *THWAP! ..she didn’t want to whack the wolf on the nose and she didn’t mean it, but that one was being ever wicked and sniffing way too close! Leon (she!) didn’t need to be terrorized!* -07:45 Oct 26

A yelp and a threatening growl! Licking chomps!

Leon: It’s never the right time or place for anything. *He said, taking Evangeline by the arm and starting to walk away. He didn’t seem to notice Evangeline whacking that wolf.* Come on, Evangeline. Let’s go. -07:47 Oct 26

“GRRRR!” Brutus growled at that wolf!

The path out was blocked by a few shadowy forms, unmistakable wolf. Heavy growls, and wolfy sneers! “None leave alive.”

Leon’s father was gone!

Gabriel: … Allow me to correct you. *He said, suddenly between those wolves, the werepup, the Seer, and Santos.*

Leon: We didn’t mean any harm and we won’t tell anyone about the graveyard. Leave us the hell alone. *He growled.* -07:55 Oct 26

Startled snarling, followed by wild barking from all sides! A serious discussion amongst the forms that blocked the way and the ones that still remained hidden. …Finally the wolves stepped aside, though still growling threats all the while.

Evangeline: I’m really sorry, Leon. Really, very sorry. *She really felt wretched about it! But if she warned him, he wouldn’t have gone!* -07:58 Oct 26
Leon: I can’t believe he’s alive … He’s still alive … I thought he died … *He was muttering to himself as they walked, obviously in his own world.* -08:00 Oct 26
Evangeline: *She had to reach out and touch Gabriel before he disappeared on her again!* You need a good rest. If you go back and talk to Ms. Grey before bed… -08:02 Oct 26
Leon: *He shook his head.* I don’t know. I don’t know if I can talk to her now. *He had his hands in his pockets.* -08:04 Oct 26

Gabriel: *Looked at Evangeline when she caught his sleeve.*

Evangeline: She is your friend. You wouldn’t have to even talk. Have a fight with her if you like. *Well, she couldn’t tell him why she wanted him there! She was working! Evangeline just held on to his sleeve to make sure he didn’t escape!* -08:07 Oct 26
Leon: Five minutes ago, I thought my family was dead. Mom. Dad … Now I find out Dad’s alive. Which means he left me. Which means I suffered thirty years of being poked and experimented on while he ran with his pack. How am I supposed to deal with that? -08:10 Oct 26
Evangeline: Not alone, that is for sure. Why stay out here in the cold, when you can go home where someone is waiting. You can learn to deal with it later. -08:13 Oct 26

Gabriel: *Cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via.

Leon: *Was suddenly gone! And he reappeared in Cissy’s office!* … I guess that saves me the trouble of walking here. *He scratched his head.* -08:17 Oct 26

Gabriel: *He looked at Evangeline. They were still in the streets.*

Brutus barked, tail wagging and tongue panting.

Ciara: *As predicted Ciara Grey was asleep at her desk. Surrounded by empty coffee cups and apparently having passed out right in the middle of writing a report, because the words had suddenly turned in to squiggles!*

Leon: *Gulped! Took a deep breath! He moved forward.* Cissy? Oh, Cissy? *He tried to gently shake her awake.* -08:19 Oct 26
Evangeline: …I suppose that is easy way to do it. *She sighed softly.* -08:19 Oct 26

Gabriel: The sooner he deals with it, the better. *He began walking.* So now he knows about the alpha of the Living Grave.

Ciara: *Swatting hands away at first, before she suddenly sat up!* … *And glanced at her report…* They can’t even write reports properly… Where is my coffee…

Leon: *Sighed softly with a small smile on his face and shook his head.* You don’t need coffee. You need to rest. And I need to tell you something … A couple of the packs I met are interested in a … tentative treaty. They’re wary about dealing with Oracle. And … -08:22 Oct 26
Evangeline: His father even… I really wish I would knew things at more conveniant times. It’s either too soon or moments before… Those wolves were going to eat me too. I just don’t get it. *Evangeline leaned long enough to set Brutus down before wrapping her arms around Gabriel’s and hugging it!* -08:24 Oct 26

Ciara: *Rubbing her head, she blinked in weary surprise.* …You actually went out there and talked to werewolves yourself? You could’ve gotten yourself ripped to shreds.

Gabriel: Humans are prized for their taste. I believe human psychics to be especially … rich. *He was silent for a moment.* Or so I have heard.

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I had Evangeline and Brutus for company. And Gabriel was there, too. Uh … You see. It turns out um … it turns out … that my dad … he’s alive. I thought he died when I disappeared. -08:27 Oct 26
Evangeline: That’s ridiculous, you can’t judge if you haven’t tried it. *Evangeline frowned… She hadn’t been so preoccupied with being curious about something since that month she spent trying to learn how cats could just disappear in to thin air.* I was going to ask the white wolf to tell me but Leon thought that was a bad idea. -08:31 Oct 26

Ciara: *Blink! There was a mild look of surprise on her face!* …Where the hell was he, then?

[Leon still didn\’t know how to deal with his dad being alive and all!] -02:53 Oct 27
Leon: Let’s go home, Cissy, and get some sleep. All this running around the city, talking to wolf packs … Man, what a day. *Maybe he could get her to sleep instead so he didn’t need to think about it!* -02:56 Oct 27

Ciara: …Why don’t we get some coffee and talk about it.

Leon: *Looked doubtful!* I don’t know. You’ve had a bunch of coffee already. -02:57 Oct 27

Ciara: And I could do with some more coffee, if I’m going to stay awake. *She was setting her papers aside and got up from her chair… And played off a dizzy spell by leaning a hand on her desk.* I wanted to hear about your father.

Leon: *Didn’t notice her putting a hand on her desk! He clasped his hands behind his head and had his eyes closed.* Frankly, I could do without talking about the guy. Or thinking about him. Or anything else that has anything to do with him. -03:02 Oct 27

Ciara: *Better… she reached for her jacket and pulled it on. Then frowned…* Where did you run in to him, again?

Leon: *Opened his eyes and lowered his hands!* In the city … *He looked at her suspiciously.* Why? Wait, you’re not going to try and see him, are you? -03:07 Oct 27

Ciara: *There was Ciara’s perfectly practiced innocent expression.* I have enough things to do around here now, without looking for some jerk that probably deserves a good kick in the pants.

Leon: *The alarms were going off in his head! Then again, he was able to dismiss them much more easily than usual! Maybe he really was that tired …* Yeah. Don’t waste your time on a deadbeat like him. -03:13 Oct 27

Ciara: *Ciara eyed him carefully before she sighed.* You’re right… Ah, I’ll need to know where anyway if I’m gonna keep these Oracle Hunters out of trouble.

Leon: *Yawned! That made sense!* Um … Somewhere downtown. Some old graveyard. It looked like it had been there for ages but I know that’s an empty lot. Um, just a few blocks north of Beatrice’s Cafe. -03:20 Oct 27

Ciara: Christ, if anyone wanders out there they probably deserve it. *Ciara tugged his arm lightly.* You’re tired… Since you actually took me seriously and went out looking for werepacks, maybe you should go to bed early…

Leon: *Shook his head, although it was obvious he was already dozing off!* Can’t go to bed alone … *A yawn!* You’ve been working real hard. You need to rest, too. -03:25 Oct 27

Ciara: Bed does sound like a good idea… But I have paperwork to finish up… I’ll just grab some water and get that done.

Leon: *Yawn!* Okay … Mind if I … crash on your couch over there for a bit …? *He glanced over at the comfty-looking couch against the wall.* -03:32 Oct 27

Ciara: *Ciara crossed her arms raising an eyebrow.* I suppose… I’ll be back in a few minutes. Just don’t wolfy-snore and scare those secretaries.

Leon: *Yawn!* I dun wanna scare your secretaries … Maybe I’ll go sleep in the hall … *He murmured. He started trudging toward the door!* -03:40 Oct 27

Ciara: … Christ, Leon… *She grabbed him by the shoulders, turned him around and practically shoved him on the sofa!* Sleep there!

Leon: *Dropped down onto the couch!* Just … for a little while … Promise … *He lay down and as soon as his head hit the armrest, he was out like a light!* -03:44 Oct 27

Ciara: *Ciara shook her head as she watched him for a moment, then she was out the door quick! With a little pitstop to pick up a couple weapons… She’ll pay Leon’s father a little visit.*

Ciara: *A sword and scabbered in her hand and a specialized werekillin’ shotgun hanging on her back, Ciara followed Leon’s all too detailed instructions for that graveyard. That man was the whole reason Leon left her, and if he didn’t beat the crap out of the guy for himself, it was her pleasure to do it for him.*

Before Ciara came up to the graveyard, a homeless man woke up and looked up at her. “Eh, pretty lady? Whatcha doin’ in a place like this?”

Ciara: *Ciara didn’t care to make any chitchat, but asking a question wouldn’t hurt…* Animal control. Have you seen a lot of dogs or wolves around here?

Ciara: *Animal control was likely not a very believable aliby, seeing as she was dressed in her perfect suit and a pair of high heeled shoes… But he was a homeless guy, what’s he gonna do?*

The man was thoughtful for a moment. “Wolves or dogs … Nah, ain’t see any of ’em around here. Shouldn’t be hanging around here, though. Not safe.”

Ciara: I can say the same for you old man. This isn’t a good place to be sleeping. There’s a nice building downtown if you need a bed and food, maybe a job…

“Nah … Don’t need nothin’. Eh. You don’t look like animal control.”

*The homeless man asked, taking note of how she was dressed and armed.

Ciara: I’m in disguise, old man. Those dogs know animal control when they see it. *Argh! Time was being wasted! She started for the cemetary!* If you need a job, hang around that old college campus and mention Oracle. Someone will talk to you. Otherwise, you better get going.

A blur as the homeless man was suddenly up on his feet and in front of her, barring her way. “Actually, Ms Grey,” the man said, no longer sounding so old or so worn. “I am not in need of a job.”

Ciara: Ah. I should have anticipated. *Tired as she was, having that haughty expression was always a must.* I have business with someone. So you can step aside or find me your pack leader.

“Then you have found the right wolf, Ms Grey. We never did meet personally. My name is Nicholas Wulfric. Leon’s father.”

Ciara: *That drew a look of surprise from her! Of which she just as quickly masked.* That saves me the trouble. I’m going to skip the nonsense. What did Leon say to you when he saw you?

Nicholas tilted his head slightly at her. “He said he had thought I died. I told him I thought he had died.”

Ciara: What a grand little excuse. *Her fingers tightened around the sword scabbard.* Leon doesn’t have the heart to say what needs to be said. So I’ll say it for him. It’s your fault his life was taken from him, and you’re a real jackass. It would give me a great deal of pleasure to run this sword down your throat and shoot off your tail.

Nicholas studied her. “I wish it was as simple as that, Ms Grey. I loved his mother and him greatly. It broke my heart when he was given up for adoption because I couldn’t provide for him. It is always difficult for a young one to go from the life he’s known to the life of a pack. But the pack I lead is different from the others and no place for a child. Even mine. The night he disappeared, I attempted to take him away somewhere, somewhere safe. The government had started recruiting unsuspecting wolves, young ones who didn’t know any better. I knew they would eventually get to Leon. But something happened. Something went wrong. We were separated. And each thought the other had been killed. Had I known he was alive, had any clue, things would have turned out differently.”

Ciara: Right! Pretty practiced words… How the hell do you not know your own child is alive? As a wolf even more so…! There is no excuse for it! You could have turned the world upside to find out for sure!

“That is true. And I did fail him. If killing me will right my wrongs, then I will resign myself to my fate. Give Leon my fondest regards and my love.”

Ciara: *Ciara let an angry laugh escape!* That would be the simple way, wouldn’t it? You’re not so lucky. You and your pack can get out of my city. Gone. Vanish. Like you don’t exist. I don’t want any of you within a hundred miles of Leon.

“It doesn’t work that way. The pack and I move with the graveyard. And it moves as it will, when it will. We cannot control it.”

Ciara: Then disappear in to your damned graveyard for all I can. If he ever comes home with that look on his face again, and it’s your fault I will snap you like a brittle tree! *She was still sorely tempted to go ahead and shoot him now!*

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