025 Ciara and Leon’s Wedding (UNFINISHED)

[Gabriel has returned to the apartment in answer to Evangeline calling for him!] -10:47 Nov 18

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was bouncing all over the place!* He’s here, he’s here! Bright Lady, he’s home! He answered your call and you didn’t even have to hunt him down and drag him back by his coat like you said you would!

[Evangeline is running late! Very late! She needs Gabriel!] -10:49 Nov 18
Evangeline: Good! Because there is so much to do and I’m not sure the time, well it’s morning, but I can’t find my shoes and we have to get there before the flowers do and not let anyone sneak in for pictures and- *Evangeline was rambling, but helping Ciara Grey with a wedding was a HUGE undertaking! She had never been involved in so many details her entire life! Training hunters was easier than this!* -10:50 Nov 18
Gabriel: *Gabriel was about to say or ask Vlamerias something when Evangeline arrived.* Seer, be at ease. *But he was moving to find those shoes.* -11:01 Nov 18

Vlamerias: *Meri was bouncing around and also looking to find Evangeline’s shoes! It was easy to remember which ones the Bright Lady needed! She had told her all about it the night before!*

Evangeline: You don’t understand, this is a very important day for a woman and it needs to be just right! …espcially for Leon and Ms. Grey, they need something to go right so very badly! *Evangeline was wearing a light pink dress, all flowy and thin, she half wondered if it was a nightgown. At least, Caroline had assured her that Ms. Grey had picked out attractive dresses for her ladies, but Evangeline could never be too sure. Ah ha! She had found her earrings and the very large list of To-Do items for today!* -11:06 Nov 18

Vlamerias: *She suddenly appeared at Evangeline’s side, holding up the shoes!* I found them, Mommy! They were in the fridge next to my ice cream waffle sandwiches!

Evangeline: Oh! I knew they were somewhere! *Evangeline took one of the shoes and was hopping on one foot to put it on, while trying to fix one of her earrings with the other hand!* -11:10 Nov 18
Gabriel: *He disappeared to get ready! Evangeline had showed him where the tux was … but the idea of him not wearing a coat, that was insane!* -11:10 Nov 18

Vlamerias: *She was already dressed in her flower girl’s dress although the Bright Lady had said she couldn’t get it dirty! … At least not until after the human lady kissed the wolf man after the human man said some words!*

Evangeline: You don’t wear coats to weddings! *One shoe on, she was hopping to put on the other…. which resulting toppling backwards on the floor! A blinking, frowning Evangeline as she shifted to strap on that shoe proper.* …blasted heeled shoes. I think they’re only good for hitting people! -11:15 Nov 18
Gabriel: I did not say a thing. *He told her while he took off his coat, the gun holster, and everything else!* -11:23 Nov 18
Evangeline: *He really didn’t. …sometimes it was easy to forget when she was simply listening and when he was actually speaking! She’d gotten weird looks for having conversations with “herself”. Evangeline picked herself off the floor and dust herself off. There! She was dressed and ready and…* …Where did I drop my list! -11:26 Nov 18
Gabriel: *He was suddenly beside her in classic Gabriel-style! He was facing her and standing to the left of her.* … Here. *He put the list in her hand, then cupped her cheek to turn her head to him so he could kiss her lips.* -11:30 Nov 18
Evangeline: *Exactly what she needed! …and it wasn’t the list! A soft sigh as she rest a hand against his.* You are wonderful! What would I do without you? -11:33 Nov 18
Gabriel: *His fingertips were stroking her cheek and he kissed her forehead.* I am eternally grateful in that I will never find out. *He was dressed in his tux and–to Evangeline’s relief–he didn’t have his coat on!* … I will miss my coat. -11:36 Nov 18
Evangeline: *A soft smile.* It’s only for a few hours and I suspect you’ll have it the moment you can get away with it. *She leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek. Even in heels she had to reach!* …which will be after the reception, just so you know! Or at least once Leon and Ms. Grey have left for their honeymoon. -11:39 Nov 18

Vlamerias: Bright Lady said there will be cakes and dancing and … and a bunch of other things! Oohh! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! I want to see all the wolfies and pet their tails!

Evangeline: *She tilted her head at Meri with a grin.* If you are both ready, we can go! There’s a million things I have to do! -11:45 Nov 18
Gabriel: As the Bright Lady suggests. *Gabriel took both of Evangeline’s hands and kissed the knuckles before he released her. Vlamerias drew closer and then he cut his palm and cast the teleporting spell! One moment they were in the apartment, and the next, outside of Ciara Grey’s cabin!* -11:47 Nov 18

Vlamerias: Yay! We’re here, we’re here, we’re here!

Evangeline: Fantastic! We can get the flowers arranged and chairs pre-eep! *Evangeline had to throw her arms out to rebalance herself. These shoes and uneven ground were a terrible idea! Ms. Grey must have plotted this as torture!* -11:51 Nov 18
Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly. Then he was kneeling at her feet!* These heels are troublesome. -11:52 Nov 18

Lily: *Lily was skipping out of the house with flowers tucked under her arms. …and now looking very curious at Gabriel knealing at Evangeline’s feet. She was wearing the same pink dress as Evangeline in a slightly different cut… and knee high boots that belong on a hunter, not on a bridesmaid. SHE wasn’t wearing those damned heels.* Hey…! ..Uh… shoes, right?

Evangeline: These are the shoes we have have to wear, or everything will be a complete mess. …a little harder to walk in than I had imagine, though. -11:56 Nov 18
Gabriel: Sacrificing comfort for the sake of “everything” is illogical. *Gabriel stood and turned.* Hello Ms Grey. -11:58 Nov 18

Vlamerias: *Meri waved!* Hi Ms Grey–er, Lily!

Lily: *Lily gave Gabriel a wide grin.* Take them off her, I’m not wearing the stupid things and it’s bad enough we have to wear these awful pink dresses. Hi, Meri, Here! *Lily dropped one of the bundles of flowers in Meri’s arms.* You are on flower arranging duty with me.

Evangeline: This is what Ms. Grey wants her ladies to wear, and the bride is supposed to get everything she wishes on her wedding day! *Evangeline was taking this all very seriously. Their wedding had been overdue for years, and Leon and Ms. Grey deserved the best she could help put together!* -12:02 Nov 19

Vlamerias: OOhhh …. *The little demon eyed the flowers! But the Bright Lady had said flowers were not for eating, they were for making everything look pretty!* Okay! Can I go, Glaër?

Gabriel: *He nodded once.* You may. -12:08 Nov 19

Lily: Come with me to the back. There’s a big gazeebo set up near the lake so a lake monster can see the ceremony too. *Lily led the way!*

Evangeline: I hope there’s enough chairs for a million people! Luckily faeries don’t require them, or we’d have a problem! *Okay, this should be too hard. Evangeline stepped slowly and carefully! At least it made her skirt swish around her knees and it prolly looked pretty, even if she were walking awkwardly. With Lily and Meri setting up flowers, she could set the chairs and prepare the guestbook!* -12:14 Nov 19
[Gabriel might not be wearing his coat but that doesn\’t mean he\’s any less dangerous–or intimidating!] -07:18 Nov 19
[Evangeline can\’t walk in high heels, which is comical and dangerous at the same time!] -07:19 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Oohh … A lake monster! *She skipped behind Lily!* … Is that a snack?

Lily: Uh, no.. he’s more likely to eat you as a snack! But I think he prefers fish. *Lily shrugged!*

Gabriel: Evangeline. You will have a difficult time doing what must be done if you constantly need to watch how you walk. *He was walking beside her and was ready to catch her at a moment’s notice–and reprimand her!* -07:20 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Awwhh … *She pouted a bit but then her face lit up!* Oh, that must mean he is very big!

Evangeline: No, no. I can do this! It just… takes a little practice! *Easier on flat ground though… running around outside like this was tricky. Evangeline pulled out her list again.* We have to place the chairs. Um, they’ll need to be a good space apart. Wolves are huge! -07:23 Nov 19
Gabriel: *Gabriel glanced over the area as she looked at her list.* May I suggest a trick that will save time, energy, and allow you to get it right without incessant prattling? -07:24 Nov 19

Lily: Really big. I’m not sure how he fits in the lake. His name is Sherman! *Lily took Meri to the big gazeebo near the lake water and set down her bundle of flowers to pull out the garlands.*

Evangeline: Is there a trick to setting up chairs? *She doesn’t prattle…! …she blabbers. There has to be a difference between the two!* -07:26 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Maybe he doesn’t always live in the lake? Oooh or perhaps the lake is far larger than it appears on the surface! *Meri had heard tons of theories from some of the hunters in Oracle! This Sherman sounded much like the creature those hunters called the Loch Ness monster or Nessie!*

Gabriel: *He nodded once.* Indeed. It requires some power but not so much labor-wise. First, you must picture how the chairs set up, keep in mind the measurements you wish such as a certain number of feet between each other. You must also picture how many chairs you wish in each row, how you wish them to be. -07:28 Nov 19

Lily: Probably. I never could swim down to the bottom of it. It might be pretty deep. After the wedding maybe we can go swimming! *It had been long time since she’s been swimming, it would probably be fun! The reception would likely be pretty boring. Lily kicked open a ladder to climb up.* Okay, hand me some of those flowers.

Vlamerias: Oohh … I have not gone swimming in quite some time! The last time I went swimming we went to a beach and I rescued the Bright Lady! My Glaër was very proud!

Evangeline: Hmm… That is a lot of chairs. *She had a fairly good idea the layout of the area, where the gazeebo was, the lake… the aisle would be about there. And they would need… a few hundred chairs! There was going to be a lot of people!* I think I have the set up in mind! -07:32 Nov 19
Gabriel: *Gabriel bit his finger and waited for a drop of blood to swell up! Then he lifted his hand and touched the center of Evangeline’s forehead ever so lightly with it! There was a pulse of energy and then the chairs in their piles shook and suddenly arranged themselves exactly as Evangeline had imagined them!* -07:35 Nov 19

Lily: What did you rescue her from? Crabs? *Lily could imagine that! Even beach crabs trying to eat her. Evangeline said lots of things try to eat her.*

Vlamerias: *She was silent for a bit as she picked up the garlands and handed them to Lily!* Um … I think we went too far out. Mommy was trying to teach me to swim and I told her about how one of my brothers fell in love with a mermaid!

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head. …Yep, that was just right! She cast a wide grin.* I think that makes up for me being late this morning, thank you! *She tugged his shirt so he would lean down for a kiss.* -07:39 Nov 19

Lily: Ooh… Yeah, sometimes I wonder how Evangeline can do anything without being able to see where she’s going. If she weren’t a psychic I guess she’d be in trouble. *Taking the flowers, Lily hung them up, having to lean a bit to reach the farther hooks before hopping down the ladder again to move it.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel leaned forward and he pressed his lips against hers for a little longer after she kissed him! He lifted his head slightly.* You are an insane woman for attempting to do so much singlehandedly. You are willing to do these things the mortal way when you know you have myself and my powers at your beck and call. -07:43 Nov 19

Vlamerias: It is also good Mommy has my Glaër! Is it true Mr Wolfie is going to have a steak-flavored cake today?

Evangeline: You are my husband, not my task-slave! Besides, doing these things shows howmuch I care. I really really want to make sure everything is nice. *…although now that he had spared her a bit of time, Evangeline snuck her arms around his waist to hug and cling! She married an angel!* -07:48 Nov 19

Lily: Yeah. Mommy totally caved in and let him have his cake. He had to get someone special to make it too, cause the baker thought it was a prank when he called in the order. ….the frosting is weird but tastes kinda good.

Gabriel: *He had a small smile for her! He cupped her cheek, kissed her lips again and then was moving his arms over her shoulders, around her back to hold her close. He would have stroked her hair but she’d spent some time and energy to fix it.* I will do what I can to ensure neither ceremony or reception is interrupted. -07:53 Nov 19

Vlamerias: OOhhh! *She tilted her head slightly.* Will you ever get married?

Evangeline: It’s going to be exciting. Maybe not as eventful as a wedding recue in the devil world, but really amazing, I bet! *Time, time… had to be aware of the time! …but this waaas better. Now if she’d not be tempted to sneak off with him somewhere, when there was so much to do!* -07:58 Nov 19

Lily: *Lily had moved the ladder to the next section of the gazebo and paused midway up.* Me? I don’t know. It’s kinda hard to imagine, and I haven’t even had a boyfriend since I was a kid. ..and if I even sound like I might want one, Mom is going to try and set me up with some weird nerd guy again. *Blech. That was awkward. She hadn’t been that weirded out since Hannah convinced her to help her get Conrad on a date.*

Vlamerias: Weddings are SO romantic! But I could never get married! *She shook her head firmly!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel leaned his head down to whisper in her ear.* I promise you will have quite a night of your own after this is done. -08:05 Nov 19

Lily: No? Caroline said she didn’t want to get married again either, and I didn’t get to ask her what she meant cause Dark was around being stupid. *Lily was up again hanging flowers!*

Evangeline: *A blink followed by clearing her throat and resisting the giggles!* You are a tease. How am I supposed to finish wedding things if I am thinking of you all day? -08:09 Nov 19
Gabriel: *He smirked.* It cannot be said being married to me is an easy life. *But he was rubbing his cheek against hers.* -08:16 Nov 19

Vlamerias: OOhh! *She clapped!* I bet Dark was walking around, singing while covering his ears! That is a marvelous trick!

Evangeline: I think because you like to be difficult! *To feel that smirk.. yes, it was going to be a long day! Evangeline sighed!* I guess I have to get back to work and see if all of the catering is prepared. -08:20 Nov 19
Gabriel: *He leaned back to stand straight.* Tell me how I can assist you. It may be sometime before Leon or Ms Grey arrive. -08:23 Nov 19

Lily: Yeah and it sucks cause he’s GOOD at it too, so Caroline thinks it’s all funny and I just want to pull a Gabriel and push him out a window. *Grr, damned Dark… Oooh. Maybe she’ll “nice” and invite them swimming! Only the inviting would be more like knocking Dark in the lake! Bwaha! Lily snickered to herself.*

Evangeline: Well, Lily and Meri are taking care of flowers, so I need to make sure all of the catering is prepared and ready to go out to tables after the-… Tables! We’ll have to set up tables! Bother. Hmm. There is the music selections, and the guest book book. Official wedding photographer and um… The little packets of birdseed for people to throw when they are leaving… -08:26 Nov 19

Vlamerias: *Meri looked around while Lily was doing the flowers and waited until she was done!* Is that all the flowers you need to do?

Gabriel: First, let us deal with the tables, in the same fashion we dealt with the chairs. Then you may focus on other things. -08:34 Nov 19

Lily: Nope! We’re going to be putting flowers [i]everywhere[/i]. All over everything, uh. *She turned around. Oh hey, Evangeline had chairs done already? She was pretty sure she’d had broken one of her legs by now!* How fast to you think you can tie flowers to the back of chairs?

Evangeline: Nope! We’re going to be putting flowers everywhere. All over everything, uh. *She turned around. Oh hey, Evangeline had chairs done already? She was pretty sure she’d had broken one of her legs by now!* How fast to you think you can tie flowers to the back of chairs? -08:37 Nov 19
Evangeline: At least there are less tables. *Tables were haphazzard and not in perfect lines, so trying to arrange them in her head and move them around trees without plopping someone in the lake was a little more tricky. But once she had it in mind, she nodded and tugged on Gabriel’s shirt.* -08:39 Nov 19

Lily: Nope! We’re going to be putting flowers everywhere. All over everything, uh. *She turned around. Oh hey, Evangeline had chairs done already? She was pretty sure she’d had broken one of her legs by now!* How fast to you think you can tie flowers to the back of chairs?

Gabriel: *It was the same thing as before! He bit his finger and then lightly touched the center of her forehead with it! The pulse of energy spread outward and the tables moved into position as quickly as if drawn by a magnet to their places!* -09:01 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Oohh! Is this going to be a race? I can be very fast when I need to be! *She was smiling and hopping up and down! This would be fun!*

Evangeline: *That was such a useful spell! She wondered how he learned all these different spells for so many things. She could hardly remember where she puts things half of the time!* It all looks perfect so far, doesn’t it? -09:03 Nov 19

Lily: Yeah! We’re gonna do it as fast as we can, then we’re going to go and raid the snacks like a couple of pirates and hope we don’t get caught! Are you ready?

Gabriel: *Gabriel studied the tables and finally nodded once.* Indeed. -09:08 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Yay! *She blinked up at Lily!* Um … Does that mean no magic? *She thought she should ask! It might be considered cheating and Bright Lady had said cheating was frowned upon!*

Lily: ….if it means we can go get snacks faster, Magic is totally okay. …Besides, I think Evangeline is cheating and getting Gabriel to help too. *Lily spied them doing it this! He cast some sort of spells and had all the tables set up in the blink of an eye. SHE wanted to do that!*

Evangeline: *Leaning on her toes to kiss Gabriel’s cheek, she took his hand to take him inside the lake cabin and see about the other tasks! …and promptly forget what shoes she was wearing and nearly toppled over again!* -09:14 Nov 19
Gabriel: *Fortunately he hadn’t forgotten what shoes Evangeline was wearing and caught her before she fell.* Woman, I will deal with your shoes once and for all. *He bit his tongue and cast the spell! And the heels on Evangeline’s shoes disappeared as if they had never been there!* -09:34 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Oohh snacks! Here we come! *She rubbed her hands together and looked up at Lily!* Do you know how the flowers are supposed to be? *She didn’t have a clue as to how mortals liked their flowers arranged which was only natural! Flowers were unheard of in the Devil World!*

Evangeline: You! Blast it, I needed those heels! *It was terrible to want to giggle at him threatening shoes with that growl like he was vanquishing a demon, but being upset that he stole her heels!* -09:37 Nov 19

Lily: Yep. Like these here. *Lily hopped off the ladder after hooking the last of the garlands on the gazeebo, and pulled up one of the small wreaths.* We hang these here on the backs and people get to take them home when the wedding is over.

Gabriel: Should Ms Grey find fault in the fact you are more capable to perform your job without those things, direct her to me. I will restore your heels when everything is said and done and you are able to sit. -09:50 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Okie dokie! *It was a lot easier to do these things when someone showed you how it was supposed to look! She wiggled her fingers at the baskets of flowers and squinted at them!* Okay! *She closed her eyes and concentrated REAL hard! It seemed like ages before the flowers suddenly disappeared and reappeared where they were supposed to! Only to disappear again and end up hovering over the chairs in the air!*

Evangeline: If she does, you can only nod and say “Yes Ms. Grey.” it’s her wedding! *He wouldn’t do it… In fact she might faint if he did. Gabriel didn’t let anyone boss him! Evangeline took his hand again to lead him to the cabin. Inside was nice and cool and quiet. What she needed was the stairs!* -09:54 Nov 19

Lily: Sweet! I wanna do that! *Not only could she throw Dark somewhere real easy, she’d get to drop pillows on Conrad’s head when she’s bored of studying and he’s fallen asleep on the floor!*

Vlamerias: Eep! *She blinked.* Um … That … didn’t go well. *She chewed on her lip! Then she tried the spell again! And got it right! She turned to Lily!* Maybe you have some magical talent? Bright Lady mentioned you had a witch in your family! And who knows how many more magic-users!

Gabriel: … Hm. *He would have to consider this. There was the temptation of using a teleporting spell or a mute spell. Those were handy when dealing with Ms Grey!* -10:05 Nov 19

Lily: Eh? I dunno, I haven’t tried much… I’m always afraid I might mess something up and turned Conrad in to a goat. I really want to do it though! We’re always running in to ghosts and poltergeist and stuff at the college.

Evangeline: I know you’re plotting… *She said softly, but not being able to hold back the grin she cast at him. She took him upstairs there, to Ms. Grey’s room where there was supposed to be the wedding dress, bridal flowers and everything else waiting for when she got there.* -10:09 Nov 19
Gabriel: *Once they had reached the room, he looked around.* I do not plot. -10:17 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Maybe we can ask my Glaër to check! If anyone could tell, he’d be able to!

Evangeline: I think you do… *He was so cute! Bother, she really was going to spend all day thinking about him. Would that ever change? Hmm, for now she made sure Ms. Grey’s dress was hanging up with the shoes right there underneath. Ms. Grey was going to have a tiara with her veil.. that would look all princessy!* They’re going to love their honeymoon! I think, though, that it might be a little lonely with everyone gone. -10:23 Nov 19

Lily: He has a lot to worry about as it is.. *Between Meri and Evangeline, plus Dark… Adding herself to the list of people Gabriel had to keep an eye on was a lot. …even if she did really like him, and thought being in his classes would be cool.* Then again, there really isn’t anyone better. I doubt anyone could turn Gabriel in to a goat.

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide!* … Do you think many people have tried? *That thought baffled and stunned her! Whoever would try to turn her Glaër into a goat!*

Lily: He’s really old isn’t he? And has been in a million fights. I bet tons of people have tried. *Althought Lily doubted they lived for very long afterwards. ….that would be some interesting stories.*

Gabriel: They will do well. Married couples need time alone before they can risk taking on the world. -10:34 Nov 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused, tilting her head as she rolled up a stray ribbon from one of the bouquets.* We didn’t get much time alone… then again, you are always taking on the world! -10:36 Nov 19
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved to kiss her cheek.* Would you like some time alone soon? It can be arranged. -10:38 Nov 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled.* Everyone will be gone after today for trips and vacations, we’ll have time alone, don’t you think? Just you, me and Meri. And sometimes she can go play with Dark. *It might not be much different than normal, but it was nice planning special evenings for just her and Gabriel.* -10:42 Nov 19

Vlamerias: *Meanwhile Meri was trying a few times to get the spell right! On the third try–and about ten minutes later–she finally did it and the flowers were where they were supposed to be!* Yay! Finally! *She took Lily’s hand!* Let’s go get snacks!

Lily: *Hell yeah! Snacks! Lily had no problem running off with Meri. And when they got to the cabin, they were sneaking in the back door and keeping a lookout for anyone that’d bust them.* Coast is clear. …go for the cookies!

Gabriel: Indeed. We can go somewhere if you wish. I realize it may become a bore to stay in one city for too long. -10:56 Nov 19

Vlamerias: *She sneaked after Lily and then glanced around! Left, right, left again! It was time for the cookies! She kept low to the ground–despite knowing she was already small–and stopped at the table! She poked her head up to look around! Still clear! She snagged that plate of cookies and grunted a bit trying to get them to cooperate! Once they were off the table and securely in her arms, she was scurrying back to Lily!* Object retrieved!

Evangeline: *She giggled softly, setting aside the ribbon to hug him again.* I don’t about that. I used to travel everywhere and help people do things, and it has been far more exciting staying and helping you. I just want time with you so we will always be able to take on the world? -11:00 Nov 19

Lily: Awesome. *Lily took the plate, glanced around… safe and sound!* Now we flee! *Hopping out the backdoor, Lily with the booty led the way running for a grouping of trees in the back and a big treehouse!*

Gabriel: *Gabriel wrapped his arms around her and was nuzzling her cheek again.* Of course. Nothing would please me more. -11:05 Nov 19

Vlamerias: *A treehouse! As she followed Lily, she noticed it was indeed big and it looked quite old! She climbed after Lily, still keeping an eye out for anyone who might want to take their cookies away!*

Evangeline: I bet I could think of a few things thought would. *Evangeline grinned, tugging on the jacket of his tux. She could tease too, even if she didn’t sound as wicked as he did!* -11:10 Nov 19

Lily: *Lily plopped on the floor of the tree and crossed her legs to rest the plate on her knees. She pulled the plastic wrap off and offer cookies to Meri.* An excellent capture. We’ll be well fueled for our long boring day of wedding ceremonies and old people.

Gabriel: *He smirked.* You are tempting me now. *He said, his voice a low purr just for her!* -11:20 Nov 19
Evangeline: Hmm. Well, you did save me oodles of time by setting up the tables and chairs… *She did love it when his voice was soft and low and just at her ear. How did she live so long not getting to experience that every day?* -11:28 Nov 19
Gabriel: *If was possible that smirk grew even more wicked! He captured her chin and tilted her head up a bit more.* Mm. An invitation. *And then his mouth was brushing over hers in a gentle kiss!* -11:32 Nov 19
Evangeline: *A soft sigh and retunrn of his kiss. And tilting up on her toes so it would be easier to take advantage! She couldn’t help but grin against him!* -11:36 Nov 19

Vlamerias: Mommy said it might be really boring but that I would have to behave. *She nodded!* But devils find it so hard not to play tricks on people or help people play tricks on other people!

Lily: …Hehe.. The great thing about having a Mommy is that What Mommy Don’t Know, Can’t Hurt You. So.. if we messed with Dark’s chair… or… send a steak running around the party, as long as she didn’t know it was us…? *There was nothing like conspiring for entertainment with someone that understood the need to start trouble. Sometimes, it was god to give Conrad a break!*

Lily: *good!

Gabriel: You are so very wicked. *He murmured as he kissed her repeatedly! His lips brushed against hers, his tongue tasted her.* -12:10 Nov 20

Vlamerias: *Meri’s eyes grew wide as she accepted the cookie!* Oohh … Brilliant! And it sounds like great fun! We’ll be all hush-hush! No one but we need to know!

Evangeline: *He was going to make her giggle! Bother, too late! She wasn’t all that wicked, but she could pretend to be for a few moments! That included tugging at the buttons of his shirt.* -12:12 Nov 20

Lily: *Lily picked up a cookie to nibble, content as a cat with new plots.* Dark will be target number one. It’s even better if he has no idea it’s us either. We can enchant his chair so when he sits in it he falls over, but it won’t do it to anyone else.

Vlamerias: *She ate some of the cookie in silence!* Oohh … We can hide behind people! And no one will smell us if we stay downwind!

Lily: …That’s a good idea. There’s gonna be wolves all over the place. Hey! I’ve got some slingshots in here somewhere! We can catch some minnows out of the lake and fling them!

Vlamerias: Yay! Slingshots are fun! Mommy let me shoot them a few times but that was only with beanbags. *But using fish sounded like fun!*

Gabriel: *He kissed her a bit harder, a bit longer! His hands moved to hold her by the waist as he glanced around for somewhere to put her. Somewhere she could sit and be level with his mouth.* -12:57 Nov 20

Lily: Beanbags are great and all, but imagine a bunch of restless hungry wolves chasing after flying fish! It’ll be sweet! *And makes up for having to wear a stupid pink dress! Lily made a few more cookies vanish before setting the plate down and crawling across the floor to a toy chest. There SHOULD be some old things stashed in here..*

Vlamerias: *Meri took another cookie and watched as Lily went digging into the chest!* That’d be perfect! Wolves are so hungry! They’ll be perfect cover for when we’re making our escape or causing more trouble!

Evangeline: *So divine, it was easy to lose her senses! She a hand only to gesture a finger a finger behind them at one of the empty dressers. There was plenty of time to be mischevious!* -01:00 Nov 20

Lily: Plus, while everyone is worried about flying fish, we’ll get first dibs on the buffet table. They don’t put the good stuff out until after the ceremony, cause the wolves would slobber everywhere. *Yeah! Lily found some slingshots and… a pirate hat! She gave the pirate hat to Meri. Ooh.. pirate cutlass! That she “hid” in her boot.*

Gabriel: *He was tempted to smirk but far too busy with Evangeline’s lips! He took the suggestion and picked her up to sit her on the edge of the dresser she’d pointed out! Now her lips are more accessible which led him to kiss her even harder!* -01:08 Nov 20

Vlamerias: *She blinked at the pirate hat but then placed it on her head and giggled!* Yarr! We be pirates searchin’ for treasure! And um, booty!

Lily: Heehee.. Oh! I have the most awesome line, I DARE you tackle Dark and say it when you see him! “Arr I bet a love pirate and I’m here for your booty!” See what he does! It’ll be funny!

Vlamerias: Oohh! Oohh! *She loved that one! It sounded like such fun! She clapped!* I will! Then can I kidnap him and make him sing for me and stuffs?

Evangeline: *Evangeline shifted so she could kicked her shoes to the floor. It was his own fault for using that purry voice – she always loved it! Now she was free to more easily run her hands through his hair and nibble on his lips as he so richly deserved!* -01:13 Nov 20

Lily: Sure, why not? We’ll need a hostage in case they try to hunt us down for crimes. Plus, he’s a total princess! Let’s go get his chair enchanted before anyone arrives! *Near snickering again, Lily crawled to hop out of the tree house. Best wedding day ever.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel soon discovered that not only was her mouth easier to kiss but his hands had an easier time roaming as well! He stroked her back, her sides. He pushed his tongue against her lips as he kissed her, coaxing them open.* -01:19 Nov 20
Evangeline: *There was never any resistance to him for long. To part her mouth and welcome him with a dreamy sigh! Her hands moved down from his hair to stroke his cheeks, and farther still to push his jacket from his shoulders. It was in the way!* -01:24 Nov 20

Vlamerias: You know which seat he’s going to sit in? *That would make things so much easier! She adjusted the hat a bit more snugly on her head as she followed Lily out!*

Gabriel: *The jacket fell to the floor with a whisper while he cupped her face and kept kissing her. Her legs were spread and he was standing between them. Her thighs were holding him close and he was leaning forward as his tongue dove into her mouth.* -01:34 Nov 20

Lily: Yep. Seats are kinda assigned mostly. He gets to sit somewhere in the back with Caroline cause Mom has like.. billion people here and she said it was bad enough to have one Gabriel around, to have to deal with his weird clone-kid too. *For once, she kind of agreed. …Sort of. Dark wasn’t THAT bad. Maybe if he wasn’t such a dumbass all the time.*

Evangeline: *Evangeline shifted so she could lock her legs around him and keep him all hers! A tease of her tongue flicked against his, and nimble fingers to get rid of those pesky buttons. She so wanted to feel his skin, smooth and warm!* -01:40 Nov 20
Gabriel: *He felt her unbuttoning his shirt and moved his hands down to her knees to start hiking up her skirt. Then he was stroking her thighs as his tongue brushed up against hers.* -01:45 Nov 20

Vlamerias: Oohh … Okay! Can we play tricks on other people, too, besides Dark and the weres?

Lily: We could… but we have to pick the ones that aren’t going to beat us. *When Lily found the right row, she plopped in a chair.* This one is Dark’s. *She pointed to the next one over.* This one is Carolines.

Evangeline: *With those buttons out of the way, she was free to let her hands roam, raking fingers gently over sensitive skin until she let her hands rest over his bare shoulders. He was magnificent to touch!* -01:53 Nov 20

Vlamerias: *She blinked once, twice! Not going to beat them, right! She was sure the last thing they needed to do was be caught! She would be punished for sure!*

Lily: *Lily hopped out of the chair after giving it a good look.* Okay, maybe some kind of rubber spell that’ll trigger only to dark… So the legs all bend and crushed the chair! But then it should fix itself when he gets up.

Gabriel: *Gabriel was stroking her thighs a little higher now. He loved her and he loved her body as well. Her skin was soft and smooth and warm. He’d spent many hours curled up with her.* -02:10 Nov 20

Ciara: *Arriving a little earlier than expected, there was a lot done for being ran by Evangeline. Her daughter was chatting with Meri, chairs and tables.. good. So when Ciara walked in to her bedroom upstairs, it was NOT what she expected to see! Throwing up one hand as a shield and slapping her other over her eyes, Ciara stumbled backwards out of the room until she hit the wall behind her!* SONOFABITCH!

Evangeline: *Eeek! Evangeline stiffened! Ms. Grey was here early?! She fell forward to drop her head against Gabriel’s shoulder and hide her face. this was… this was a little embarrassing!* Ms. Grey, I can.. explain…? *A muffled reply!* -02:18 Nov 20

Vlamerias: *Meri was thoughtful as she tapped her finger against her chin!* A spell like that should be easy! But … making it only for Dark … that’s a little harder. We don’t have anything like a lock of Dark’s hair or his clothing to specify the spell for him.

Lily: Huh. Maybe you can get some? Like a sneaky mission. …that’s not something I keep around just in case. *She wasn’t THAT much of a stalker.*

Ciara: No! God, please DON’T explain! Just tell me you’re dressed! *Bloody freaking hell, didn’t that man have some sense not to seduce his damned Seer in HER room?! There’s other rooms for that!*

Gabriel: *He lifted his head and smirked. But then he bit his tongue and cast the spell that dressed himself and Evangeline as they were prior to kissing. Even Evangeline’s hair and shoes were put into place. A nice little time spell indeed! He kissed Evangeline’s forehead as he lifted her down from the dresser.* -02:25 Nov 20

Vlamerias: Hmm hmm … Oohh … Maybe when he first gets here and I tackle him! Or we can be all sneaky like and I can grab it then! *She can use magic as long as Dark wasn’t as sensitive to magic spells as her Glaër was!*

Evangeline: We’re dressed, really! And not um… and we were just… It! *It just felt silly! They were grownup people and married, so it was fine… it was! Evangeline took refuge in hiding her face against Gabriel’s jacket. And worse, she wanted to giggle!* -02:28 Nov 20

Ciara: Yes, doing it! Sinning on MY dresser. *Ciara took a peek through her fingers. …Safe. Thank god. She dropped her hands to primly straighten her shirt. Didn’t matter that she’d be doing the same thing, that was her room and those two were just… Ugh!* Christ, should I come back or do you want to get out so I can start getting dressed?

Lily: Sounds good to me! Uh… let’s see… *Lily bent over and plucked a watch out of her boot. Not bad..* They’ll be here pretty soon. You’ll know as soon as Dark is here, right? Maybe I should distract him?

Gabriel: Now that you’ve interrupted, this would be time to settle the caterers and the wedding photographer. *He took Evangeline’s hand and led her out. He paused as he was about to pass Ciara.* We will see you downstairs. *And then he was out of the room!* -02:34 Nov 20
Gabriel: *downstairs. *He said with a smirk! And then -02:35 Nov 20
Gabriel: *downstairs. *He said with a smirk! And then -02:35 Nov 20

Vlamerias: *She nodded three times!* Hmm hmm! Maybe we can distract him with ice cream or something! *Dark loved ice cream! Everyone knew that!*

Ciara: DON’T DO ANYTHING DIRTY IN MY KITCHEN! *She screamed down the stairs after them. …She wouldn’t put it past him! Ciara grumbled under her breath as she slammed her door shut!*

Evangeline: That was so… bad..! *She might have been exagerating it a bit… and the worse part was that she didn’t even get to the good part! Now there really was no way to get through the day without being distracted!* We will be banned from her house forever. -02:38 Nov 20

Lily: Yeah! That’s perfect! *Lily was already skipping off back to the cabin. All she needed was an ice cream cone or something!* It’ll be like hypnotism for idiots!

[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((12:39 Nov 20))
[Evangeline has timed out.] -12:39 Nov 20
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (No Users)] -12:39 Nov 20
[Evangeline is embarassed…and hot n bothered! And there\’s still so much to do!] -09:36 Nov 22
[Gabriel does love to tease Evangeline!] -09:38 Nov 22
Gabriel: *The two of them had barely reached the stairs when he was putting his arm around her, stopping behind her to lower his head to her neck and kiss and nuzzle her!* -09:38 Nov 22
Evangeline: *A soft eep!* No, no, no! There’s thing to finished downstairs. We’re in enough trouble already! *Ooh… maybe just for a second! But then it’s right back to business.* -09:40 Nov 22
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked and turned her around, pressing her back against the wall and brushing her lips against his.* Just. One. Kiss. -09:42 Nov 22

Vlamerias: Oohh! Do you have cookies ‘n cream? He loves that flavor! *She added, skipping behind Lily!*

Lily: I think there’s a lot of things in here. *When they reached the cabin, she peeked in the back door again to make sure no one was around. Then it was off to the freezer to dig around.* Hell yes! Ice cream sandwhiches!

Vlamerias: *She looked around for anyone coming but it was still clear! There was a car pulling up! A man stepped out and began unloading equipment for his camera. The wedding photographer! Fortunately he looked like he was going to be awhile!*

Evangeline: *One wouldn’t so ba- Eeep! This was sneaky! Evangeline scooted down against the wall out of reach.* You’re terribly distracting! No kisses until um… until we’ve finished everything? -09:48 Nov 22

Lily: This will be a piece of cake. *Tugging out a carton of ice cream… cookies and cream, even though that double chocolate looked mighty good. She pulled out a box of cones and made one small ice cream for Meri, and one LARGE ice cream to use as bait. No reason why she couldn’t eat some before she was teasing Dark with it.* Anyone here yet?

Gabriel: *He stood there and watched her, much like a cat would a colorful and lovely bird.* But we’re halfway through, are we not? Just one kiss, a taste of things to come. *Now he moved after her and then slid an arm around her waist to pull her close.* -09:50 Nov 22

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked and scooted closer to the window, then she was hopping up and down to see outside!* Um. A guy. With. A camera. And stuff.

Evangeline: One kiss, then one more, followed by a few others… Then we will have spent the whole day doing things we shouldn’t! *Why does he have to make it sound like so much fun! But there would be hell to pay if Ms. Grey caught them again, and there’s no way Gabriel would fit in a closet!* -09:52 Nov 22
Gabriel: *Gabriel softly chuckled and his next words were a purr.* And that is bad … how, exactly. -09:53 Nov 22

Lily: Photo guy I guess. *Resisting the urge to eat all of the ice cream (there was so many other tasty foods for later!), she popped the carton back in the freezer and handed Meri her own ice cream cone before stealing a look outside to spy too.* …how much stuff does a camera guy need? Jeeze!

Evangeline: Um.. well. It’s not normally. *Evangeline considered… one or two kisses wouldn’t hurt. But that was it!* …All right, but just one. Then we must behave! -09:56 Nov 22
Gabriel: *He didn’t need to be told twice! His lips were on hers and he was kissing her deep and long in no time!* -10:04 Nov 22

Vlamerias: *Meri blinked at the camera man!* How useful is this … camera man?

Evangeline: *Maybe she should have specified what sort of kiss! Because this was not helping her get her mind back on wedding plans! She gave a soft sigh, getting lost in returning his kiss before tugging on his jacket!* -10:08 Nov 22

Lily: He’s going to take pictures of all the wedding stuff, for Mama’s photo album. …That’s going to be one weird photo album. *…ack! melting! A quick few licks took care of that problem!*

Vlamerias: OOhh … *She turned and blinked as Lily tried to stop the ice cream from melting!* I don’t know when Dark and the Warrior Lady will be here. Eww … I hope she doesn’t bring that stupid bat-human. *She made a disgusted face!*

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss, coaxing her mouth open with his tongue again! He did enjoy teasing Evangeline and the rewards when he got her to submit were very pleasant. Very pleasant indeed.* -10:14 Nov 22
Evangeline: *He was so warm, and if she snuck her hands in his jack and- No, no! He was being tricky! Evangeline pulled her hands back and held them up so she wouldn’t be tempted to touch, and was trying to lean back out of kissing reach. It took a failed attempt or two, but she did!* -10:17 Nov 22

Lily: If he thinks there’s gonna be girls here, he’ll probably show up. I kinda hopes he hits on Evangeline so Gabriel will roast him up. That’d be hilarious!

Gabriel: *Gabriel lifted his head when Evangeline leaned out of the kiss. There was a smirk on his face.* Are you finished so soon, Evangeline? *He asked as lightly as if he was asking her how she was!* -10:27 Nov 22

Vlamerias: *Meri huffed.* I should warn my Glaër only to do that if the Warrior Lady isn’t there. She didn’t let me roast the bat-human the first time I tried. Or the time after that … or those other times.

Evangeline: I most certainly am not! …I mean.. Well, I mean not right this moment but later and… Bother, you know what I mean! *She took his hands to tug him for the stairs… before it was too late!* -10:29 Nov 22

Lily: I don’t get Caroline sometimes. She never lets me beat the hell of Dark either. *Lily plopped in to a chair by the window… no reason to let this ice melt all the way!*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow as Evangeline took his hand and then he followed after her.* You seem distressed. You should take a moment to rest. You could sit in my lap and I stroke your back for a mere few minutes. -10:37 Nov 22

Vlamerias: Do you think it’s ’cause Dark looks like my Glaër?

Evangeline: I would like th- No! Absolutely not! Your lap is a dangerous thing! *She wasn’t distressed! ….flustered maybe! She took him down the stairs anyway. And avoided chairs!* -10:39 Nov 22

Lily: I dunno.. I can’t tell anymore! Half the time she’ll give me some Evangeline-like answer, and the other half she just laughs and shakes her head. … I think she might be old and senile. *Caroline hardly looked much older than her mother, but she was supposed to be about the same age or older than Gabriel, and that made her an old lady.* …You know, I think Conrad is the same age as Evangeline. It’s kinda weird.

Vlamerias: *She was thoughtful!* Really? Mommy’s age has never come up before … Or my Glaër‘s real age.

Gabriel: *He kept following Evangeline and smirked to himself when she made very sure to stay away from chairs and not give him a chance to say–or do–a single thing!* It would benefit you greatly. -10:49 Nov 22

Lily: Yeah… Evangeline is like… twentysomething? And Gabriel is oooooold. If he didn’t do that weird married thing with her, he’d have lived a million more years without her.

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t reply… benefits indeed! She pulled him in to the kitchen to catch the tail end of a conversation!* A million years without who? *To the tables to count the-* …One of the plates is missing! -10:56 Nov 22

Vlamerias: *Meri nodded quickly in agreement!* Daddy says human relationships with vampires are weeeiirrdd. Back in his day, human and vampire couplings were forbidden and when people did that, they were put to death. Or … I guess undeath or unlife for vampires.

Lily: *Whoops…! Forgot to bring that stolen plate back in! Pretend like nothing happened. She’s just a psychic, not a mind reader.* I was just telling Meri if Gabriel hadn’t married you, you’d have died in a few years and he’d have to live on for centuries without you. It’s kind of sad.

Gabriel: Ms Grey. Meri. *Gabriel tilted his head slightly at the plates they had. He bit his tongue and the spot the plate was supposed to go in was suddenly filled with–the plate! A nice, sparkling clean plate!* -11:02 Nov 22

Vlamerias: OOHh! That reminds me! *She bounced over to him!* Glaër! Can you test Lily for magic? There is one witch in her family but surely she has more than that one human ancestor with a penchant for magic!

Evangeline: No, I think I would have lived forever just for Gabriel! Can you find the- …Nevermind! *He was making today so easy for her! ….and so hard at the same time! With all this saved time they could-… Nooo, would mess up her hair. That is a good reason not to!* -11:04 Nov 22

Lily: Hey, we didn’t have to ask him about it right now. *Eh… there was no reason to feel dumb about it, Gabriel was always nice to her. …but still.*

Gabriel: *Gabriel was smirking at Evangeline. He was so very close to getting her to give in. He turned his attention to Meri.* I suppose. It would not take very long. Did you have pressing matters to tend to, Ms Grey? -11:06 Nov 22

Vlamerias: *Meri grinned and adjusted the pirate hat on her head! She did love it! And as long as her Glaër and her Mommy didn’t mind … She could keep it on!*

Lily: Nope, I just thought you and Evangeline would be really busy right now. But, if it won’t take long, can we…? *Jeeze, there was a look she never saw him give Evangeline before! That was a lot like when her Mother was harassing Leon! ….eeew!*

Evangeline: *Safe! With Gabriel distracted for the moment and not trying to tempt her, this was ample opportunity to get herself back together. Evangeline counted the prepared dishes for the reception and made sure there were enough plates for later. …some cookies were missing, but there was always going to be casualties!* -11:13 Nov 22

Vlamerias: Mommy! The camera man is coming! But he has a lot of stuff!

Evangeline: Oh! Um… come help me help him, Meri! Gabriel can chat with Lily for a moment. *Since everything seemed to be in order in the kitchen, Evangeline went ahead to step outside… and this time she didn’t have to be wary about where to step in heels!* -11:35 Nov 22
Gabriel: *He nodded. It was back to business then.* We should find somewhere normal human staff will not wander. *He led the way back into the cabin and they found a small guest room. Gabriel locked the door behind Lily after she followed him inside.* -11:38 Nov 22

Lily: *Locked in a room with Gabriel might make most people nervous… and maybe she would have been nervous at one point too. But now, Lily was simply curious.* How do you test for magic stuff, anyway? Like casting a spell?

Vlamerias: Do humans really find all these photographs necessary, Mommy? Lily said it was for her mom’s wedding album.

Gabriel: Yes. A harmless spell to indicate whether you possess magic talent or not and if so, how best to draw it out. Close your eyes and relax. Those being tested have a natural reflex to tense up, making it somewhere more difficult to retrieve the necessary information from them. -11:47 Nov 22
Evangeline: Well, yes! Photographs capture special moments so you can look at them and always remember how much you enjoyed them. Human memories aren’t as good as others. *She never had any use for pictures, but then… most of her favorite moments hadn’t been until she met Gabriel!* -11:50 Nov 22

Lily: I guess you usually scare the hell out of people when testing? *Lily grinned wide, but closed her eyes and relaxed. There wasn’t any reason to freak out. Wait-* …wait, is it gonna hurt any?

Vlamerias: OOhh … Okay. Mommy, can I have some juice after we’re done helping the human camera man?

Gabriel: *He smirked at that.* Yes, I do. But no, it will not hurt. *He bit his finger as he stood in front of Lily, then stretched his hand out and barely touched the center of Lily’s forehead with it. Only a few seconds later, he put his hand down.* You may open your eyes now, Ms Grey. -11:56 Nov 22
Evangeline: Juice to wash down missing cookies with? *She asked with a smile!* -11:59 Nov 22

Lily: *She opened one eye, and then the other. …That was pretty anti climatic. She was kind of expecting something like that Harry Potter movie where wands went exploding everywhere.* That it?

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* You humans exaggerate everything but yes, that is it. You have magical talent channeled by natural items, a stone, a blade of grass, and cast by your own personal strength. Your roots in magic run deep. Your spells will be more a test of will and less a test of what incantations you learn. *He moved to the door to unlock it and stepped out.* -12:05 Nov 23

Lily: Oh. Cool! So that means study basics and the rest is practice? *Lily followed!* …kind of like.. picking up a book and throwing a spell at Dark?

Vlamerias: *She blinked and then her eyes grew wide.* Eep!

Evangeline: *Evangeline pat her gently on the head. …she had a pirate’s hat? Looks like today was girl’s playday!* Try not to get your clothes dirty.. or let Lily gets her dirty either. -12:11 Nov 23
Gabriel: Indeed, it does. *He cast a smirk over his shoulder.* And yes, that would be a very good example of your magic. *Dark could use the additional challenge. Despite the compromise he and Caroline had reached and his insistence that he was taking his lessons seriously, Gabriel knew he could do far more than what he was doing now.* You should have the Oracle magic-users scrambling to relearn their craft in no time at all, Ms Grey. -12:15 Nov 23

Lily: Anything for the future benefit of Oracle hunters! *Lily smirked, holding up two thumbs up! Which clearly meant that she meant more for harassing Oracle Hunters than helping!* Hey… what’s it like being married?

Gabriel: *Gabriel stepped outside and then turned to Lily.* It is … difficult at first. I was alone for quite sometime and I saw the world in a different way. Since I’ve been married to Evangeline, that has changed. However, her penchant for getting into trouble has not. -12:23 Nov 23

Lily: But what’s it like? To be with her everyday and um… OTHER stuff. ..that married people do…

Gabriel: It is … wonderful, actually. *He said after a few minutes of silence. He had never had to use the word before but now it was the only way to describe it.* I enjoy it every day. My only regret was that I did not marry her sooner. -12:28 Nov 23

Vlamerias: OOhh! Will do, Mommy! I think I can use a clean up spell! Remember the one I used in your class room once? *Meri was always tryign to experiment with spells but that first time, she’d made an even bigger mess! Cotton candy all over the place and hunters hanging from the ceiling by bubblegum!*

Lily: That’s surprising. …er, not really, about Evangeline, that is. She’s really nice. But, I dunno… are you afraid that Anthony or Michael might do something to her?

Evangeline: I think if you do get dirty, try a little soap and water first! *Meri was so cute! Now where did that photographer go!* -12:33 Nov 23

The photographer’s car was still there and all his equipment was stored away in big black cases! The trunk was open so he was probably there or somewhere nearby!

Vlamerias: *Meri pouted! Soap and water was a boring way to do things! But … She huffed!* Yes, Mommy.

Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her hands on her hips. An escapist, though if he could take care of himself that was one less task for Evangeline to worry about. …for now she snooped at the back of the car.* …what on earth all these cases for? -12:43 Nov 23
Gabriel: Yes, I do. *He turned to look at the lake.* This is the better of the two choices. I tried pushing her away but that exposed her to even more danger, one of which resulted in her life being signed away to a devil. Her safety is also the reason I have Meri with her all the time and am training Dark so hard. -12:44 Nov 23

Vlamerias: *Her eyes went wide as she poked one of the cases.* Can I open them, Mommy?

Lily: I’m glad you did come back and marry her. She was really depressed while you were gone. Like, tormented anguish of heartbreak so bad that you just look at her and want to cry kind of upset. Like, walk out in to a busy street not paying attention so someone has to grab her quick upset. … Did you know that? *Lily had her hands clasped behind her back as she rocked on her heels. It’d be a good thing to remind him incase he didn’t.* …plus Dark is an idiot.

Evangeline: No, we better not. It might be fragile equipment. *Blast… she’ll have to worry about him later. There were other tasks to do.* I think he’ll be all right. Would you like to help Lily set dishes and flowers on the reception tables? -12:54 Nov 23

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