025 Protecting Evangeline

Evangeline is trying to teach those newbie hunters how to fight monsters while still protecting innocent people. But the training exercise goes awry and she ends up shot in the shoulder when someone forgets to unload their gun properly. They lot of them are panicked about what to do with Evangeline trying to console them despite how much it hurts! The whole room is silenced when ‘someone’ (Gabriel) appears and takes Evangeline to the infirmary.

The next day the newbie hunters think they’re in the clear, until Gabriel shows up snatching the shooter by the back of the neck. He tells the others to leave for a first aid class while he flings the shooter in to his mouthy friend and gives a little collateral damage by shooting each of them the same place Evangeline was shot. Evangeline chides him for shooting them, but appreciate that he worries for her.

On the way to get something to eat, Evangeline brings up her question on why wolves want to eat her and asks Gabriel how she tastes. Knowing she was going to find out one way or the other, Gabriel tells her. Apples and cinnamon. Evangeline thinks that’s an awful diet for wolves and intends to tell the next ones that try to eat her. She notices someone following her because they were ‘thinking her name so loud’. Gabriel greets him with a gun. Evangeline is served with Collections papers about her credit card debt and told that she had to pay up several thousand dollars by the end of the month or she’d be going to prison! It seems the papers are signed off by Anthony Carnatelli. Evangeline is not comforted to know that Anthony has his own prison as well as a mental hospital. Gabriel tells her that he’ll pay her for services. For helping him. Because it is important to keep her out of Anthony’s grasp. Evangeline is touched!

[Evangeline still wants to know what she tastes like, but she’s getting frustrated thinking about it!] -02:53 Oct 27

Brutus barked and jumped around Evangeline’s feet!

Evangeline: *Evangeline scooped up Brutus again and sighed!* We’re going back to work, Brutus! We’ll leave strange questions for later. -02:58 Oct 27

Brutus licked her face, tail wagging!

Evangeline: *With Gabriel busy on another strange mysterious Gabriel mission, Evangeline would rescue those poor hunters and give them a lesson using her own methods! When she reached the training room, she blinked and set Brutus down.* All right now, Gabriel is busy for the night, so I am taking over! …You can all get off the ceiling. -03:04 Oct 27

Most hanging upside down (except for the few that had already given up ages ago) jumped down from the ceiling, wobbly, rubbing heads, and even some murmuring about crazy pointless training exercises!

Brutus sat down beside her and tilted his head at the hanging people! He barked at them!

Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly!* Okay, you would like real training exercises that are useful, right? Well, you need to know how to save people like me! Twice today wolf packs tried to eat me, and that is a very serious problem! -03:12 Oct 27

The newbies were looking at Evangeline as if they had no idea what she was getting at! What did she have in mind for them?

Evangeline: *Met with silence and curious stares… Really! Don’t they have any imaginations?* …Rescue training. That’s what we’re doing. Uuum… You! *She pointed at a random fellow!* You’re going to be a bad guy first, and run around doing bad stuff. Like attacking people and kidnapping poor helpless psychics like myself. And you’ll each take turns on taking him down without harming the innocent bystanders! …You guys over there are the innocent bystanders! -03:20 Oct 27

The “bad” newbie nodded as the “innocent” newbies stood off to the side. That left three other newbies to act as the “rescuers”! The “bad” newbie ran up to the “innocent” ones, doing his best to scare them, scattering them as they ran before turning around and going for Evangeline! He slung her over his shoulder after some effort and ran across the training room!

Evangeline: *Of course Evangeline was trying not to laugh at them!* Okay, so now you rescue me, but be smart about it! -03:25 Oct 27

Of course some of the newbies thought this training exercise was just as silly as the others! “We can use guns right?”

“Hey, why do we need guns?” someone else asked. “Man, I don’t wanna get shot!” said someone else.

Evangeline: You need your guns, just take out the bullets! *She propped her arm up on the guy’s back. They were pretty slow about this rescue business!* ..You might want to put me down when they attack you. -03:30 Oct 27

It took awhile for the newbies to get the bullets out of their guns. They put the ammo in a box and placed it on a table to the side! The “bad guy” put Evangeline over his shoulder again and they started all over! The three “rescuers” ran after him as the “innocent bystanders” looked on!

Evangeline: *Evangeline clonked the poor villain on the head!* You’re not being serious enough! Those innocent bystanders aren’t at all terrorfied, and you’re too easy to catch! -03:37 Oct 27

The “bad” guy got conked! He winced and apologized! He practically launched himself at the “innocents” and began throwing punches and kicks!

One of the “Innocents” was getting pretty mad about being knocked around, so her clonked the villain right back before snatching Evangeline! “C’mon man! Mind my nose a bit!”

Evangeline: He’s supposed to sock you in the nose! If you can’t take a beating, you can be the villain! -03:46 Oct 27

Unfortunately the former “bad” guy was a sore loser! He was so mad about it, he pulled his gun out and shot! But he hadn’t unloaded his gun properly!

That Bystander was just setting Evangeline on her feet when the gun went off and he caught her! “…You shot her!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline had never been shot before, so she was pretty surprised at just how much that hurt! A quick hand to her shoulder as she winced! She was going to yell at them… as soon as it stopped hurting enough for her to speak!* -03:51 Oct 27

“Get her to the Infirmary!” someone ordered! “Awh man, you are in so much trouble!” said someone else! “I … I didn’t mean it!” the culprit protested as he dropped the gun and backed away!

“Don’t do that! We’ll be in so much shit when they find out!” complained one, “Are you stupid?! We can’t just stuff her in a closet!”

Evangeline: Lets not panic, it’s… really not that bad. *Trying to be reassuring when the devils were panicing wasn’t so easy when she was the one hurting! Now she was feeling a little dizzy!* -04:00 Oct 27

One of the newbies began to bite on her fingernails. “They’ll be the least of our worries! It’s Carnatelli we’ll have to answer to! If you don’t take her to the Infirmary, I will!” She moved to take Evangeline away!

“Aw man! Did you see what he did to those spies when they tried to attack her?! You actually SHOT her! We’re fucking screwed!”

“Calm down!” another newbie said. “First we have to stop the bleeding. Here take this and put some pressure on the wound–Not too much! Here, let me tie this around her arm to help.*

Evangeline: …first aid training is also.. imporant! *She said through gritted teeth! It wasn’t a fatal wound, so letting them fuss for a few moments wouldn’t hurt. At least they were learni-* Owie! -04:17 Oct 27

The newbie stammered an apology! Then he repeated his idea that they take Evangeline to the Infirmary just to be safe!

“Hey, she said first aid training works! Don’t we have a medical kit in here?” Clearly in a panic, any idea was a good idea!

Evangeline: Oh boy… *Evangeline muttered under her breath and moved to stand herself up. This was just getting silly.* Nurses are much better at this. -04:32 Oct 27

There was still some argument on whether or not Evangeline should go to the infimary, but if she looked any more pale and they killed her, well… They didn’t want to know what’d happen!

Brutus suddenly started to bark and jump around! It was a happy, welcoming bark as someone entered!

Evangeline: Can we not discuss anymore…? I’d rather not pass out…! *It was too hard to think with all that arguing! Really, it was only a little shot and she was getting light headed!* -05:01 Oct 27

Someone broke through the group of newbies and took Evangeline without a word! Any protest they had pretty much died when they saw who it was but they didn’t utter a peep as Evangeline was taken to the Infirmary! Brutus followed right behind!

Evangeline: Much better… *She mumbled! Blast, she didn’t want to fall asleep! Once she was all patched up, they were going to get the worst lecture she could dream up!* -05:05 Oct 27

“We’re fucked!” one finally whispered! “This is all your fault!” ..”She’s a psychic, she should have seen it coming!”

Evangeline was admitted to the Infirmary and taken care of right away! … Unfortunately, she was in no condition to realize her rescuer was none other than Gabriel!

Evangeline: *That’s right, Gabriel might get upset when he finds out… She’ll just have to explain it was an accident! Ooh… but morphine did ease the pain so well!* -05:19 Oct 27

“Man, I hope she’s okay…” Someone in the back snorted! “It was just one shot. It’s not like she’s going to die.”

[Evangeline has to have stitches, but morphine makes it better! ..is she forgetting something?] -03:34 Oct 28
[Leon was nice and rested now!] -03:35 Oct 28

And the next day, those newbies were sure they had gotten away with attempted murder!

Brutus nearly jumped on Evangeline’s bed! He was so excited to see her! The nursing staff couldn’t keep him out of the Infirmary!

Evangeline: *Having a slinged arm andbeing ordered not to move around sure made it hard to snuggle a puppy!* Good morning, Brutus! -03:36 Oct 28

Brutus barked and licked Evangeline’s face! But he stayed still and didn’t try to climb all over her! Although he did sniff those bandages and nudge them with his nose!

Evangeline: *Patting Brutus, she grinned!* I didn’t mean to fall asleep here last night… Let’s go have a chat with those dummies before Gabriel finds out. -03:42 Oct 28

At the mention of Gabriel, Brutus put his paw over his nose and closed his eyes!

In their designating training room, a couple guys were elbowing each other and teasing! “And you were worried. Told ya it was only a little gunshot and no one would care.”

Gabriel: *Grabbed the shooter by the back of his shirt and hoisted him into the air, leaving him to kick above the ground for all it was worth.* Class is in session.

There was a stunned silence and one guy was even inching towards the door! “Uh… Good Morning, sir!” so said someone who was attempting to play off like nothing happened!

Gabriel: *Threw the shooter into his friend so they landed into a pile and put a foot on their backs, holding them in place! He pulled his gun out!* Report to the training room next door. You have until the end of the day to learn first aid. Go.

Gabriel: *He told the rest of the class.*

Evangeline: Don’t worry, Brutus. It’s not that bad. *That pup was getting too big to carry with one hand! Evangeline had to let him jump in the floor while she snuck out!* -04:00 Oct 28

Newbies scattered! The guys on the floor flailed! “It was an accident!! She’s not dead or anything!!”

Gabriel: She is not. You, on the other hand, will wish you were. *He said just before he took his foot off and … BANG! BANG! He shot both of them in the exact place Evangeline had gotten shot!*

“AARRGGH!” and “OOOOWW!” with a whole lot of rolling on the floor cursing and screaming! The one guy was even about to cry! “What the heeeell! That fucking huuuurts!”

Evangeline: … We didn’t have another accident, did we? Didn’t you learn better yesterday! * Evangeline stopped in the doorway. Everybody this side of the complex could hear all that wailing!* -04:17 Oct 28

Gabriel: It is merely a gunshot. *He replied as he disarmed them and started walking for the door.*

Evangeline: Gabriel, you didn’t! -04:22 Oct 28

Gabriel: They will live.

Evangeline: *Evangeline tapped her foot on the floor for a second.* …You boys better go ask your friends to patch you up. -04:31 Oct 28

Scrambling to their feet, they didn’t have to be told twice! They dashed out the door giving Gabriel a wide birth!

Gabriel: *Watched them go, then he started for the door himself!*

Brutus sat down beside Evangeline! He barked!

Evangeline: Oh, no you don’t! *Evangeline snagged Gabrel’s arm before he escaped!* Why on earth did you shoot them! -04:35 Oct 28

Gabriel: *He stopped and he glanced over at her.* Serious actions yield serious consequences.

Evangeline: But shooting them… That really hurts, you know! I didn’t have the chance to give them a good lecture yet! -04:40 Oct 28

Gabriel: So is being run through but you do not see me crying about it. You can give them a lecture while they lie in bed.

Evangeline: You worry too much about me. *Evangeline captured his hand to drag him out the door!* I missed dinner yesterday, so we’re going to get something to eat… And discuss better ways for punishing people! -04:46 Oct 28

Gabriel: I was merely giving them a taste of their own “medicine.” *He said as he was dragged out with Brutus right behind.* I believe that is punishment enough.

Evangeline: They’re going to have a wretched time chasing Brutus in circles with their arms like that, now. … What would you like for lunch? -04:52 Oct 28

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow at her.* I am a vampire. I do not eat food.

Evangeline: You’ve got to eat something. ….What do you eat? *Now that she thought about it, he never did eat much unless she handed him candy or donuts!* -05:00 Oct 28

Gabriel: Blood is how I get nutrients. However, I can digest human food. I just do not eat it often.

Evangeline: How do you get it? I can’t imagine you chewing on people. *She was trying to imagine it, but it just… wasn’t working! Shooting, beating, throwing off a building.. yes! But not eating!* -05:10 Oct 28

Gabriel: I do not … like … to feed on humans. Anthony made it so that we could digest a wide variety of blood, including those of other vampires, weres, and demons. Whereas if another vampire attempted to drink the blood of a were or demon, they would become ill and their body unable to handle it.

Evangeline: Oh! …In that case you could probably answer my question for me! -05:24 Oct 28

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow.* Would that be the question of what you taste or smell like?

Evangeline: Yes! I couldn’t really ask Leon or Ms. Grey might think we had puppies, and he said a wolf would take a bite and not stop… And Brutus can’t talk! -05:27 Oct 28

Gabriel: Very well. To answer your question about your scent, you smell like apples and cinnamon.

Evangeline: At least that makes sense. The white wolf said I smelled like you. -05:38 Oct 28

Gabriel: … I do not smell like apples and cinnamon.

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked! …and laughed!* You’d smell like a girl if you did… -05:43 Oct 28

Gabriel: Indeed.

Evangeline: Now you have to tell me how I taste! -05:48 Oct 28

Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow at her again but he already knew she was serious about this. Fortunately they were already outside of Oracle and no one around.* … You are insane.

Evangeline: I’m curious. Imagine the first person that discovered chickens were delicious! I would really like to know! -05:51 Oct 28

Gabriel: Since you are so determined … Where would you like me to taste?

Evangeline: *Evangeline held out her hand!* …Wait, is a hand too bony? Gnawing on bones may not be good, unless you like gnawing on bones? ..Not that I want bones gnawed! *She paused!* …What is prime tasting real estate on people, anyway? I’m not exactly a human meal connoisseur. -06:00 Oct 28

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her for a third time!* I am not chewing on your bones so it does not matter. And each have their own preference for what body part they like to consume.

Evangeline: What is your prefference then? *For a moment she thought asking a vampire his eating prefferences was probably a really silly conversation to be having. She smiled to herself!* There is always the traditional Dracula! -06:07 Oct 28

Brutus barked and wagged his tail! This must be a new game they were playing!

Gabriel: You humans romanticize everything. *He took her hand as his fangs emerged and sunk them into her wrist! As soon as he’d pierced the skin, he withdrew and sucked on her wrist for a few moments. He lifted his head and put pressure on the marks to stop the bleeding.* … Apples.

Evangeline: *She winced for a moment, then seemed to appear confused for several moments!* …apples? -06:24 Oct 28

Gabriel: Apples. *He replied.*

Evangeline: …that’s terrible. Wolves shouldn’t eat apples. Now I can tell them so, maybe they won’t want to eat me anymore! -06:33 Oct 28

Gabriel: In the meantime there is the matter of you and the pup eating.

Evangeline: I’m starving. I might even eat as much as Brutus! *She paused tilting her head.* Someone is following me… -06:40 Oct 28

Gabriel: *Casual as usual! He didn’t go for his gun yet.* Where?

Evangeline: *Evangeline pointed over her shoulder!* Over there. I may not have noticed, but he’s thinking so loudly I can hear my name. -06:45 Oct 28

There was absolutely no one following! …Right this moment, they were reading a newspaper and checking a watch. Trying to look as normal and unsuspicious as possible. Just a human wearing a brown suit with a terrible tie and carrying a brief case.

Gabriel: I do not suppose you can tell if there are more.

Evangeline: Hum… there’s just him. ..Well, just him that’s following me, anyway! There are a few vampires around the corner, but they’re playing blackjack for cash! -06:55 Oct 28

Gabriel: Brutus, stay. *He suddenly picked Evangeline up in his arms and dashed for the man with the brief case! He moved to kick the brief case out of the man’s hand and then attempt to kick his legs out from under him!*

The man lost his briefcase and his footing as he crashed to the ground in a rumpled heap! He looked so stunned, he wasn’t quite sure how to react! “W-wait a minute!! I just need to speak with Ms. Clark!!” he stammered, scrambling for his case!

Evangeline: Stalking is rather suspicious for someone who just wants to talk… *For once she wasn’t over Gabriel’s shoulder, this was a new experience, reguardless of suspicious strangers!* -07:25 Oct 28

Gabriel: *He put his foot on the case and he suddenly had his gun out and leveled at the man!*

“Oh Jesus!!!” shouted the guy, pulling the newspaper over his head in defense! “I-I’m just a Collections Agent! M-m-Ms. Clark is near impossible to find! She owes a substantial amount of money!”

Evangeline: Oh…! *There was the most awful guilty look on her face!* The trip here and Brutus cost a bit more than expected… -07:34 Oct 28

Gabriel: *Whistled for Brutus!* It is merely a matter of money? *He raised his eyebrow.*

The man tried to retrieve his briefcase again now that he felt a little braver, but still wary about that gun! After all, it’s not the first time as a collections agency to be met with violence! “Thousands of dollars in debt is no small matter! My superiors are seeking a full payment by the end of the month, or they’re going to press charges. That’s several years in jail, Ms. Clark! No laughing matter!”

Evangeline: That’s ridiculous! There are supposed to be payment plans and interest rates! You can’t just demand payment like that! *She read the fine print, she wasn’t going to get tricked!* -07:39 Oct 28

Brutus arrived and sat down beside Gabriel! He looked like he wanted to pounce on that brief case and chew it up!

Gabriel: *Finally got his foot off and kicked the brief case toward the man!*

Snatching up his briefcase and returning to his feet. He dusted off his suit before pulling out some paper work from his case! “I don’t make up the rules, Ms. Clark, I just collect! This here is an official request of payment and documented consequences. Drawn up and approved. If you don’t pay, you’re going straight to jail!”

Evangeline: No one could pay by the end of the month… it’s only a week or so left! It’s impossible and I am pretty sure illegal too! -07:48 Oct 28

“Ms. Clark, you’ll just have to take it up with Anthony Carnatelli. He signed all of the paperwork, I’m sure I have his business card around here somewhere.” He was fumbling in to his jacket for the card!

Gabriel: *He finally set the Seer down and grabbed the paperwork.* Indeed. Here is my business card. *And he aimed the gun at the man’s head again.*

“Good god!!” he exclaimed, backing up several paces! “Don’t shoot the messager! If you’re some kind of mob dame, you probably deserve to be in prison!” …He got the hint pretty quick, clutching the briefcase to his chest as he took off running down the street!

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t sure what she was more upset by… The looming doom of a very large credit card bill, or Anthony Carnatelli trying to get her thrown in prison!* …does he have his own personal prison too? -07:56 Oct 28

Gabriel: Yes. *He replied.* But … you will not be going to prison.

Evangeline: *He shouldn’t have said yes, she might very well faint just thinking about it!* I guess I could ask Ms. Grey for a year’s worth of pay advance.. -08:00 Oct 28

Gabriel: And if she asks why you need the money so badly? *He glanced at her.*

Evangeline: I’ll tell her I have to pay Anthony Carnatelli for my credit card so he doesn’t legally send me off to his personal prison of unimaginable horrors! ….but then she might say let’s go shoot him, instead… Drats! -08:07 Oct 28

Gabriel: For services rendered, I would like to pay you.

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, looking a bit confused!* What services are you talking about? Unless you’re paying me for being a snack this morning, that was my pleasure. -08:18 Oct 28

Gabriel: For … everything. You have helped me considerably and had it not been for you, I would have still been stuck in that seal.

Evangeline: *That confused expression quickly turned in to a grin!* I’m not sure that one time counts after you’ve rescued me from were wolves, demons, vampires, parents, mental institutions, warlocks, newbie hunters, and gave me an apartment too. -08:22 Oct 28

Gabriel: *Smirked a bit!* Perhaps. But it is the least I can do. It is important to keep you out of Anthony’s grasp.

Evangeline: I’m going to owe you a million dollars! I may as well be your personal Seer! *She leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek.* Thank you, Gabriel. -08:29 Oct 28

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