A year after Caroline left, Dark finds her again.

It’s a beautiful night in Monte Carlo! A french speaking city in the country on Monaco. Well known for it’s lovely coast and quiet tourist attractions! -Evangeline

[Evangeline is now known as: Caroline] -03:19 Sep 09
Caroline: *A bar in Monte Carlo. It was a change of pace for her. Caroline had finished a week prowling southern Spain, so it was nice to sit at the corner of a bar that had a gorgeous view of the sea outside. Maybe ages ago she might have picked up company, but now… she was satisfied with a drink.* -03:21 Sep 09
Dark: *His sources (okay, Gabriel) had told him this was where Caroline was. And as much as he’d have hated to admit it, there was no way he could have found her so quickly without Gabriel’s help. Caroline was sneaky when she wanted to be. She knew how to cover her tracks. He stepped into the bar, dressed simply in boots, pants, shirt, and jacket and walked up to the woman nursing a drink.* … Would you mind company? -03:22 Sep 09
Caroline: *There was a surprise! But it didn’t show on her face. He must have learned very well how to hide his aura. Had she known he was close by… Caroline shrugged her shoulders casually, not turning to look at him.* No, I don’t mind. But I don’t intend to stay long… -03:25 Sep 09
Dark: No, I didn’t figure you would. *He sat down and ordered himself a drink. They sat in silence for a few minutes. He had his elbows on the bar and his hands under his arms as he leaned forward.* I’d like to finish the talk you started a year ago. -03:29 Sep 09
Caroline: *Caroline cast a wide smirk in to her glass as she took a sip.* A year ago. Now how will a demon like me remember something so long ago? *How many times has she repeated that dicussion with Evangeline…? Even once or twice with Gabriel. It was amazing how Gabriel could sneak in a conversation while in the middle of slaying.* -03:32 Sep 09
Dark: You have an amazing memory, Caroline. You haven’t survived this long forgetting things. Especially something like that. But whether you want to pretend you don’t remember it or not, you cannot say it’s fair for you to have said your piece and me not having said mine. -03:34 Sep 09
Caroline: Whose memory is faulty now, little vampire. You are the one that ended that conversation first. *If she squeezed her glass any tighter it was going to shatter. She drank what was left of it’s contents and pushed it aside before she did.* -03:37 Sep 09
Dark: *It was his turn to smirk.* So you do remember it. *His drink came. He took the shot of whiskey and swallowed it, then turned the glass upside down. He wasn’t going to need a refill.* -03:39 Sep 09
Caroline: Caught me red handed. *She chanced a glance now and wished she hadn’t. Caroline turned her chair away so she could face the window and keep her back to him. Faint thoughts of throwing him -out- the window crossing her mind.* It’s an old conversation… Wouldn’t you prefer to speak about your parents? -03:43 Sep 09
Dark: Gabriel sends his regards, as does Evangeline. She’d like to know when you two can go shopping next. *He didn’t bother looking at her. He could see just fine with his peripheral vision.* Meri says "hi" and the Devil King wishes you well. -03:44 Sep 09
Caroline: Long live the Devil King. *No, mundane topics wasn’t helping either. This is exactly why she chose to walk away and not look back. Looking back was a very painful experience to carry with you forever!* You can tell them I’ll see them soon. …Now is a good time to go. -03:48 Sep 09
Dark: I haven’t said what I came to say. It will only take a few minutes. *Now he turned his head to look at her back.* I realize you’re really busy now. Please. -03:51 Sep 09
Caroline: I can’t do this. *Definitely can’t do this. Caroline slid from her seat.* …it really was nice to talk to you again. But my time is up. *She refused to look at him again, this time keeping her eyes focused on the door as she headed for it!* -03:53 Sep 09
Dark: *She was escaping! AGAIN! He was on his feet and then he took her hand to turn her around to face him!* I don’t intend to die anytime soon, like your first and third husband. And you know I wouldn’t abandon you to a mob like your second. I would never seduce you like those incubus you have trouble with. And I’m certainly not a skirt chaser like that flying rat, Alistair. I don’t have much experience in these things but I’m willing to try. You’re the one who believes in second chances. There’s gotta be room for one more … *He closed the distance between the two of them and kissed her gently on the lips.* -03:57 Sep 09
Caroline: *If she weren’t baffled enough by his words, his kiss was enough to have her frozen in place. Mentally cursing herself for that instinctual reaction, she returned the kiss, tentative and hesistant!* -04:01 Sep 09
Dark: *The kisses he gave her were soft and gentle. One hand reached up to cup her cheek.* It took me a year but I finally learned what a pillar really is. A pillar doesn’t just support, a pillar is supported, too. *He leaned his forehead against hers, slipping his fingers through the ones of the hand he held.* -04:03 Sep 09
Caroline: *He didn’t realize what he was saying. He couldn’t. They were words that had more meaning for her than he could ever realize! Now she was taking a deep breath and trying so desperately not to cry. …and it wasn’t working too well.* Do you understand what you say to me? What you do to me…? -04:11 Sep 09
Dark: I understand you’ve been my pillar longer than I ever realized before. That you look at me and see more than Gabriel Carnatelli’s clone or a stray pet. The words I say is a committment … and they are true. I want you, Caroline. Teacher, friend, slayer … lover … and everything in between. -04:15 Sep 09
Caroline: *If she could walk away, she could take this moment with her. But there was a promise of so much more if she took that chance just one more time. Wrestling with that choice, and not hiding the tears sneaking down her cheeks, she leaned forward to brush a kiss over his mouth.* I am going to live a very long time. You think you can handle me? -04:24 Sep 09
Dark: *He smiled then, a soft smile but a smile nonetheless!* It wouldn’t be any fun if you weren’t going to live a very long time. But yeah, I think I can handle you. -04:29 Sep 09
Caroline: Then you can have me, Dark Carnatelli. …if you can tell me where you learned how to kiss a woman. *Caroline grinned wide. She had missed him so much more than he knew! Every stupid fight, ice cream cone, and teasing moment.* -04:34 Sep 09
Dark: *His smile turned a bit sheepish.* Am I doing it right? Evangeline made me sit and watch videos on how to kiss. Something about it also having to do with the talk about sex. -04:38 Sep 09
Caroline: *Caroline laughed, having to rest her head against his shoulder to try and still her snickering! When she finally did, she raised her head again trying to keep that straight face.* I think you could use practice. Care to try again? -04:41 Sep 09
Dark: Seeing as how I have a beautiful partner to practice with … *He grinned and lifted her hand so he could kiss her knuckles.* How about we make this a private lesson? -04:45 Sep 09

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