026 Return to the Lake House

Leon wakes up on the office sofa, and hungry! Ciara is sleeping at her desk but she also has a bag of wolfy snacks – steaks. Leon tries prying them out of her hands without waking her and fails! Ciara teases him before giving him the bag, then suggests that they take a vacation. To the Lake House. Leon is a bit suspicious about why she’d suggest that so easily (when she was so busy too) but agrees.

On the lake Leon asks if Ciara felt like something was missing, like something they should have done. Ciara shrugs it off stating that they can pick up where they left off. Leon decides to go fishing butt naked, much to Ciara’s horror! Leon is slobbered on by a sea monster, which turns out to be a not-so-tiny-anymore Sherman the dragon. Ciara tries to deny being embarrassed about a naked Leon running around.

Leon: *Well, he was nice and rested but he was also hungry as hell! Maybe Cissy had something to eat in that mini-fridge in the corner!* -03:36 Oct 28

Ciara: *Speaking of Ciara Grey… she was sleeping on her desk again, apparently with a bag of wolfie snacks!*

Leon: Oohh! Snacks! *Wolfish grin as he made his way to the desk and sniffed the bag!* Cissy, you’re the best! *He picked the bag up by the corner and SSSLLOOOWWWLLYY started to pull it up and out of her grasp!* -03:38 Oct 28

Ciara: *Only for her arm to wrap tighter around that bag! She mumbled something about no steak for breakfast!*

Leon: *Pout! He let go of the bag!* Come on, Cissy … Technically it’s lunch. Not breakfast. Please? Pretty pretty please? -03:44 Oct 28

Ciara: *Alas, she was sleeping and the please fell on deaf ears! Ooh, but it smelled so good! Fresh steaks and maybe even those nice beef ribs!*

Leon: *Huff!* Mm … *He sniffed the bag! Oh, the humanity! He tried to pick the bag up again!* -03:47 Oct 28

Ciara: *A few mumbles and she moooovved the bag to drop it in to her lap while still sleeping!*

Leon: *His stomach was growling! He crouched down so he could see the bag and then reached over to grab it …* -03:59 Oct 28

Ciara: *Smack! She hand popped his hand with a slap! But Ciara was still sleeping! …really!*

Leon: Ow! *He winced and rubbed his head.* Even when she’s asleep, she sure can hit a guy. *He stood and tried to shake her awake again.* C’mon, Cissy! Give me the treats already! -04:11 Oct 28

Ciara: *Asleeeep, she’s sound asleeeeep! But now she was snickering and having a hard time not with him shaking her like that! Oh, but she was trying!*

Leon: *Stopped! He blinked a couple of times! He tilted his head at her! Did she just snicker?!* Oh, Cissy … *He tried tickling her!* -04:16 Oct 28

Ciara: Hey! *She sat up quickly to swat his hands away!*

Leon: It is merely a gunshot. *He replied as he disarmed them and started walking for the door.* -04:21 Oct 28
Leon: Ha! *He stopped tickling!* So you were faking! And tempting me with that bag of treats! What gives? -04:22 Oct 28

Ciara: I was up until you were trying to steal my bag. What makes you think these treats are for you, hmm? *It was difficult not to smile at him!*

Leon: Well … *He twiddled his thumbs.* … Could they be? *He gave her a wolfish grin!* -04:28 Oct 28

Ciara: Maybe. But I don’t know if you really deserve them!

Leon: What?! *His face fell! Another pout was coming on!* But I went all over the city! I talked to a few wolf packs! Despite the risk to my furry hide, mind you! -04:34 Oct 28

Ciara: That is rather impressive, but I’m not so sure it deserves this wonderful little treat bag. *She held it out and shook it!*

Leon: Hey! We aren’t talking about young, inexperienced wolves here! I was dealing with man-eaters and uh … potential man-eaters! -04:38 Oct 28

Ciara: And having fun playing in the grass too. *She plucked a leaf out of his hair! …And handed him the bag!*

Leon: So is being run through but you do not see me crying about it. You can give them a lecture while they lie in bed. -04:42 Oct 28
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* However did that get there? *He hugged the bag!* Yay! *He opened it and stuck his head inside!* -04:43 Oct 28

Just as wonderful as it smelled! Delicious steaks! Prime cuts! A treasure trove of delicious!

Ciara: *Yawning, she twisted back around to her desk and picked up a pen!* Probably the same way that muddy smuge on your cheek got there!

Leon: *Sat down on the couch and was happily munching on those snacks!* Mmm! Oh, I love this flavor! *He popped another piece into his mouth.* I love this one, too! -04:50 Oct 28

Ciara: Yes, I’m sure ‘meat’ and ‘meatie’ are both wonderful. *She rest her chin on her hand.* How do you feel this morning…

Leon: *He lifted his head to give her another wolfish grin! Although there were pieces of treats stuck in his mouth!* Wonderful! Definitely! *He munched on a couple more before answering her question.* Um … Okay, I guess. -04:56 Oct 28

Ciara: Hmm. *Tapping her fingers on her desk, she watched him carefully…* We should go to the lake.

Leon: The lake …? *He stopped eating.* -05:05 Oct 28

Ciara: Just for a night or two. I already have people coming in to take care of some things here, a weekend away won’t hurt.

Leon: *He studied her for a moment. Cissy taking a break …? And not being blackmailed into it?! This was different indeed! But … it felt like ages since their trip to Montana.* That’s true … Are Lily and Conrad coming, too? -05:10 Oct 28

Ciara: *She shook her head slowly.* Lily is so serious about her classes, she wouldn’t want to miss any. Just you and me.

Leon: *He was silent again. He hadn’t gone back to the lake, much less thought of it for such a long time …* Okay then. You and me … Fishing? *That was the only thing he could remember that everyone liked to do down there.* -05:20 Oct 28

Ciara: …Not unless you’re going to jump in the lake and catch fish with your teeth!

Leon: I never thought of that! You don’t suppose they have something like a steakfish down there, do you? -05:25 Oct 28

Ciara: I guess we’re going to find out. *Ciara locked up the drawers in the desk before staning up.* We’ll just grab some clothes and go right now. I can leave a message for Lily at the suite.

Leon: *Okay! Now this was getting weird! She’d been working nonstop ever since she took over Oracle and now she was just going to drop everything! He wanted to ask what was up but … he didn’t want her getting upset! And … he did need sometime out of the city … especially after …* Ready when you are! *He stood, still munching on treats.* -05:31 Oct 28

Ciara: Of course, if we don’t catch any fish we’ll be eating nothing but salad! All weekend. *A smiiiirk as she exited the office, leaving a very very very long task list for the secretaries!*

Leon: *Following right behind!* SALAD?! What if I go um … hunt down a deer or rabbit …? -05:38 Oct 28

Ciara: …As amusing as it sounds to watch you chase and tackle a deer, that would be a mess. *Ciara only stopped a moment by one of the training room to spy some of them wrapping a couple up like mummies. …That must be the punishment Gabriel gave them for shooting Evangeline last night. Idiots.*

Leon: *Looked into the room Cissy had paused to glance inside. Poor guys! Whatever had happened to them?* Um … How about … a rabbit? -05:46 Oct 28

Ciara: That wouldn’t be any better. *Leaving Oracle back for the hotel, she cast a grin at Leon!* Don’t worry, I can make a wonderful salad! All those nice fresh greens!

Leon: *BLINK!* No! Fresh green things are … are evil! A wolf has no business eating a salad! Unless he doesn’t know he’s a wolf in which case that is still plain wrong for him to be eating a salad! -05:51 Oct 28

Ciara: *Ciara laughed!* Are you going to refuse to eat all weekend if all we have is salad?

Leon: *Pout! He gave her a sideways glance!* … Maybe … -05:57 Oct 28

Ciara: *She flashed Leon a wicked grin!* Alright, if you’re a good wolf, we can stop by that little grocery shop and find something if you can’t catch any fish.

Leon: *Sniffle!* You can be so cruel sometimes, Cissy … But okay! Um, I’ll … be a good wolf! *He blinked.* How do I behave like a good wolf? -06:06 Oct 28

Ciara: *Returning to Shades and a little trip up th elevator only took moments. It was a clever thing the location she found for the building. Ciara pretended to take it in to careful consideration!* Let’s see. …Do everything I tell you to do!

Leon: *Was thoughtful!* You’re not going to make me wear a collar and leash are you? -06:10 Oct 28

Ciara: … I hadn’t thought of that! What a great idea! *A wicked laugh as she headed straight for her room to change and grab some clothes!* Get your stuff, cooties!

Leon: *Pout! But he went and grabbed his stuff. Just some clothes he pushed into a duffel bag! He started filling it up with steak and beef from the fridge!* -06:15 Oct 28

Ciara: *Ciara had herself changed quick and just a few things… She found those house keys, …and Leon smuggling meat.* …Leon!

Leon: *Froze! He slowly turned and grinned!* Um … snacks for the trip? I uh … was going to bring you … *He glanced inside the fridge.* Water! *He pulled out a small bottle of it.* Yes, water. Meat for me and uh, water for you. -06:22 Oct 28

Ciara: Uh huh. *She crooked a finger for him to follow, leaving a quick note for Lily and an instruction manual about gnomes for Conrad.* That’s your last snack sneaking!

Leon: Thanks, Cissy! *He zipped up the duffel bag and joined her in the living room.* -06:32 Oct 28

Ciara: *Absolutely not smiling, she locked up and led the way out and down to the garage where she kept a very expensive pink champagne colored car. With their stuff stashed in the back seat, she very discreetly pulled a little wolf danglie off her mirror and hid it in one of the compartments. Leon didn’t need encouragement! How was she supposed to know he’d be a wolf!*

Leon: *Looked the car over.* You’re going to take this all the way to the lake? *He asked as he climbed into the passenger seat.* -06:39 Oct 28

Ciara: Do you have a problem with my car, Leon? *On with the ignition, she was amused! It was a girl’s car for sure and she liked it! Ciara rarely drove herself, but when she did, this one did the trick!*

Leon: *"Lost for words" look on his face!* It’s … pink. -06:44 Oct 28

Ciara: The appropriate name for it is ‘blush’. I like pink. Pink is a very pretty color.

Leon: Yeah … Pretty. You sure you don’t want to take the SUV instead? I mean, rough terrain and pretty pink cars … not a good match. -06:53 Oct 28

Ciara: My pretty pink car can run over and maul vampires in succession, I think it can handle a few rocky roads. *Amused indeed, and when she pulled out of the garage it was pretty clear that she wasn’t switching vehicles!*

Leon: *Blink!* You actually ran over vampires in this thing …? -07:14 Oct 28

Ciara: *Ciara looked rather proud of herself while she drove!* I wasn’t looking for vampires to run over, mind you. But it did so well!

Leon: *He stuck his head out the window!* Whheeeeeeeeeeee!! -07:27 Oct 28

Ciara: *For a brief wicked moment, she thought about hitting the window switch to see if she could trap Leon in it! ….Ciara laughed!*

Leon: *He was beginning to let his tongue hang out and he looked like he was about to howl!* -07:32 Oct 28

Ciara: *Now he was just asking for it… Ciara hit the window button, slooooowly rising it up!*

Leon: *Didn’t notice the window going up until it was almost too late! He pulled back just in the nick of time!* Hey! Why’d you do that for? -07:39 Oct 28

Ciara: You would have looked like a mounted wolf head. I thought it was funny. *Ciara flashed a wicked grin, turning off the main highway to a smaller back road!*

Leon: *Pulled the panel above his head down for the small mirror. He turned his head side to side to examine himself. He finally returned the mirror to its upright position.* My head looks a lot better not mounted, thank you very much. -07:42 Oct 28

Ciara: I don’t know… You look silly to me. All wild hair and tongue lagging. That’s pretty bad. *The back road drive was nice and pleasant! Lots of big trees and scenic houses!*

Leon: It’s the all natural look! It’s the er, trend! *He replied and rolled down his window!* Man, I love the air! Smell those trees! -07:51 Oct 28

Ciara: They smell like trees. *Sarcastic as it was, she smiled anyway. Leon was very easily distracted… She turned on to a drive way with a big mailbox covered in chalk scribbles and kids doodles.*

Leon: *Apparently he loved the smell of the trees and the air so much, he didn’t even realize they had turned onto a driveway.* Just smelling this fresh air makes me hungry! What I wouldn’t give for some hamburger and some juicy steak! -07:59 Oct 28

Ciara: What about that fish you were going to catch? You can’t just suggest fish and then cook up steak. *Ciara parked the car and turned to look at Leon.*

Leon: *Pout!* I know but … couldn’t we cook steak and while it’s cooking, go fishing? -08:04 Oct 28

Ciara: I guess maybe we can pull out a grill for marshmallows too…

Leon: With chocolate and graham crackers? *Those were delicious, too!* -08:06 Oct 28

Ciara: I’m sure not having them without the good stuff. *Yanking the keys, she climbed out of the car and fished out her bag.* And go swimming too… You’ll be swimming more than fishing anyway!

Leon: Well … I’d at least be trying to fish. I never did get the whole point of the stick and string. Besides the fact that the hook almost always maimed you … -08:17 Oct 28

Ciara: *Ciara paused, giving him a slow scowl!* I can’t help not being great a fishing… It’s impossible to those little hooks to the line!

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Look at the time! I better get those steaks into the fridge or else they’ll spoil! *He grabbed his bag from the car and started walking to the house!* -08:25 Oct 28

Ciara: *Ciara followed… making sure to kick a left over ball at his back! Eat that, wolf!*

[Ciara is going to run the show.] -05:21 Oct 29
[Leon was wondering if there really was such a thing as steakfish!] -05:27 Oct 29
Leon: Mm … Maybe they exist. Like the Loch Ness monster and um … those alligators in that Lake Placid movie. -05:28 Oct 29
Ciara: If they exist we’ll hope they don’t have teeth. *So appears Ciara wearing… a totally cute bathing suit and shorts! It’s warm enough to try and drown Le-.. Go wading!* -05:29 Oct 29
Leon: *Was on that wooden dock that led out into the lake! He was lying on his stomach and his hand was pawing at the water’s surface! He sat up and looked over at her!* Wow, Cissy! -05:34 Oct 29
Ciara: *She imagined tipping him over the side of the dock with her foot, and grinned!* Wow nothing. Are you trying to catch fish with your fingers? That’s never going to work -05:35 Oct 29
Leon: Just looking at the water. We have a lot of good memories, don’t we? -05:38 Oct 29
Ciara: being chased, wrecked castles, fights, and cooties… It was nice, I think. -05:40 Oct 29
Leon: *He tilted his head at her slightly.* Did you … ever feel like we were missing something? Like … there was something we didn’t do, or didn’t have that we should’ve had or should’ve done? -05:41 Oct 29
Ciara: *Ciara blinked a moment before moving to sit down on the edge of the dock.* There’s a million things we never did. I can probably list a dozen. -05:44 Oct 29
Leon: That’s true. *He lowered his head and looked down at the lake.* I’m real sorry about that, Cissy. About everything. -05:50 Oct 29
Ciara: I’ve decided it isn’t your fault, so you can stop making that face. *She muttered.* No reason why we can’t just… pickup where we left off. You’re already a pain in the rear and messing with my stuff. -05:53 Oct 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* I said I was sorry and all. Didn’t you like the potato sack dress I made you? -05:54 Oct 29
Ciara: It’ll be the fashion statement of the year. Hillybilly chic. You’re seriously banned from my closet if I go on anymore dates! -05:56 Oct 29
Leon: *Innocent expression on his face!* Nothing wrong with a simple homemade dinner with wine and fine company. All those designer clothes are overrated. -05:59 Oct 29
Ciara: *Ciara frowned! She loved her designer clothes!* You really don’t like any of them? Shopping for things that look great isn’t exactly easy. -06:02 Oct 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* You know you don’t have to impress me, Cissy. I prefer you the way you are. ‘Sides, you get mad when I get your designer clothes wet or dirty. -06:04 Oct 29
Ciara: Hmph. Not that I want to impress you. You’ll do all that huggle snuggle nonsense and I’ll have to lock you in a closet or something. -06:06 Oct 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin again!* I’m just naturally affectionate. *He stood and began to strip! Dropping his clothes right there on the dock!* Time to get some steakfish! *And as soon as all his clothes were off, he dove into the water!* -06:11 Oct 29
Ciara: What are you-! *She would have screamed but she was too damned shocked to do it!* Leon Santos! That’s NOT the way you catch fish! -06:12 Oct 29
Leon: *His head popped out of the water and he shook his head, sending water scattering everywhere! He blinked and looked up at her!* … It’s not? -06:18 Oct 29
Ciara: What’s the matter with you! You can’t just swim around naked, that’s crazy! There’s- There’s other people that live on this lake! -06:19 Oct 29
Leon: *He looked around!* Really? I thought this was the off season? -06:23 Oct 29
Ciara: *If she had a rock in grabbing distance she probably would have chucked it at him!* Okay, swim around naked for all I care! I might just do it too! *Of course, she didn’t remove a thing as she slipped off the edge of the dock to hop in the water!* -06:25 Oct 29
Leon: *He watched her get into the water! She seemed real mad and he had no idea why! He dove and disappeared under the water!* -06:29 Oct 29
Ciara: Stupid wolf. *…And she’s sure not diving under water too with him like that! Thankfully it’s blessedly cold water!* -06:31 Oct 29

Out in the middle of the lake, there was a disturbance in the water! Something biiiig was swimming by!

Leon: *Popped up closer to Cissy!* What’s the matter, Cissy? -06:34 Oct 29
Ciara: Nothing is the matter! *Seriously! A grown man couldn’t get away with things like that! He had parts! ..She splashed him!* -06:36 Oct 29
Leon: *Gets splashed! He splashed her back!* -06:43 Oct 29
Ciara: *A growl and splash! Mega splash! It’d serve him right!* -06:44 Oct 29

That disturbance under the water came right for them! It was quick as could be and before anyone could realize.. something liiiiiiiicked Leon from backside to neck!

Leon: *About to splash her back when …!* ACK! *He quickly turned and scoured the water while starting to move backwards for the dock.* Um … Cissy …? -06:48 Oct 29
Ciara: *Blinked!* What’s the matter, fish got you? -06:49 Oct 29
Leon: That … could not be a fish. That had to be a whale or something. *He glanced around.* Or something the size of a whale. Something licked me! -06:50 Oct 29

Liiiiiiiick! Whatever it was it had swam back around to give him another lick!

Leon: … And it just licked me AGAIN! *Now he was really paddling for the dock!* -06:51 Oct 29
Ciara: Whales don’t live in lakes Leon! Is the big bad wolf afraid of little fishies? *Ciara cackled! That’s what he gets for zooming around all naked!* -06:52 Oct 29

Riiiiising up from the water behind Ciara was a Sea-er Lake Monster! A serpent dragon with a nice big tongue! It liiiiiiiicked Ciara!

Ciara: *Blink…! A startled scream as she ducked under water! And vanished!* -06:58 Oct 29
Leon: *Reached the dock but when he turned and glanced around …* Cissy! CISSY! *He took a deep breath and dove to go looking for her!* -06:59 Oct 29

And that’s when the beastie wrapped it’s scaley tail around Leon’s leg and lifted him right up in to the air! “You taste like Leon.”

Leon: *Hanging upside down was a rather … interesting experience! Not to mention disorienting!* Uh … Well … this is awkward … *He looked at the dragon.* Uh yeah. That’s me. Leon. And … uh you are …? *He was hoping not a wolf-eating lake dragon!* -07:04 Oct 29
Ciara: *Ciara popped up from under the water and… covered her eyes quick!* ..For god’s sake, Sherman, put him down!! -07:05 Oct 29
Leon: … Sherman? *He tilted his head and squinted!* SHERMAN?! -07:06 Oct 29

The lake dragon named Sherman dangled Leon a bit longer, looking pretty interested! “I grew a little bit. So did you.” said Sherman with some amusement!

Ciara: *Squeezing her eyes shut, Ciara splashed at the dragon, for all the good it would do her.* Just put him down already! And don’t go licking people like that, it’s disturbing! -07:09 Oct 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* A bit?! Hell, you’re bigger than that picture of a whale I showed you once! You should see me in wolf form, I have a real fluffy tail but Cissy doesn’t like to admit she likes it. -07:11 Oct 29

“But she loves wolves! Don’t you remember when we played wolf back for a whole week and had to wear those fake wolf tails she made out of yarn?” Sherman, of course, still hadn’t dropped Leon yet!

Ciara: I was a little girl and little girls play weird games! *Ciara made the mistake of opening her eyes to glare… And had to sinked herself under water again!* -07:14 Oct 29
Leon: She even made us practice howling and we’d sneak out to you in the middle of the night just so she could have us howl at the moon! She smacked me on the head when I started chewing on that fake wolf tail. -07:17 Oct 29

“Looked more like a horse tail anyway and wolves eat horses.” Sherman finally let Leon go, and dropped him back in the lake!

Ciara: *Upon hearing the splash she bobbed back to the surface, her best glare for that dragon.* Why don’t you go eat a tourist. -07:22 Oct 29
Leon: WHHOOAAA!! *SPLASH! He popped his head out a moment later and shook water off of his hair again!* It’s great to see you again! -07:22 Oct 29

“Seeing both of you makes a very happy afternoon! Wait till the kids hear!” Sherman sunk back down under the water with his dragony snickering and disappeared!

Leon: *Looked at Cissy!* Wow. He has kids? *He was paddling for the dock again.* -07:26 Oct 29
Ciara: A whole bunch of them. Now that I think about it, it’ll be sheer luck if you find any fish in this lake. *She followed, but she was squeezing her eyes shut again!* -07:27 Oct 29
Leon: *He climbed back onto the dock and shook the water off before he started pulling his clothes back on. If Sherman had kids, he didn’t want to go flashing himself!* There has to be fish. Sherman isn’t the type to just let them eat all the fish in the lake. But … it’s probably better I leave any fish here, alone. Can I go hunting for a deer or something? -07:29 Oct 29
Ciara: I don’t want to eat a poor deer! *She propped her arms up on the dock, eyes still shut.* We can have those "snacks" you brought, and go shopping in town. -07:31 Oct 29
Leon: *Scratched his head!* Mm … I guess. I’ll go stretch my legs later tonight then. *He noticed her squeezing her eyes shut.* Why are you closing your eyes? -07:34 Oct 29
Ciara: Well gee, seeing you naked just gets me all flustered. *Sarcastic truth, wait, it’s not true! It’s just wrong! Naked and wrong!* Are you dressed? -07:36 Oct 29
Leon: Silly Cissy! *Wolfish grin!* ‘Course, I am. I don’t want to flash Sherman’s kids. -07:37 Oct 29
Ciara: *She opened one eye. Then the other!* But you’ll flash me? What sense is that! I ought to pull off my top and see how you like it! -07:38 Oct 29
Leon: That depends … Is it just me you’re flashing? *He chuckled softly.* You’re a grown woman, Cissy. And you’ve had a daughter, been married a few times. I know you’ve seen a naked male before. -07:39 Oct 29
Ciara: There’s a huge difference between a naked male and a naked you. *And she was not turning red. Just flashing him, indeed. Ciara pulled herself up on to the dock!* -07:41 Oct 29
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Huge difference, you say? *He asked, teasing.* -07:43 Oct 29
Ciara: Yes, a huge dif- Leon!! *A growl as she brushed past him, covering her face with her hands! …Cause if she didn’t she was going to shove him back in the lake! Ciara marched back for the house!* -07:44 Oct 29
Leon: *Followed behind her! It was impossible to keep a straight face!* I was just teasing. Really! -07:47 Oct 29
Ciara: Uh huh! Coming from the man that has no problem prancing around flashing his goods! You near killed one of Conrad’s family members! -07:49 Oct 29
Leon: *Scratched his head, puzzled!* Hm? When was that? -07:49 Oct 29
Ciara: *She turned around to eye him!* When you dashed back in the house for a towel? Everyone was talking about it and how you- *Ciara quickly turned around again. She IS a grown women with a child and past husbands! Just because it’s Leon, shouldn’t make a difference!* -07:52 Oct 29
Leon: Oh, Abigail! *He blinked.* That’s weird. I thought I passed her after I’d gotten a towel and put one on. Did I embarass you? -07:56 Oct 29
Ciara: Why would I be embarassed at you being naked? That’s ridiculous for a grown woman. *Yes, it didn’t bother her at all. In fact, next time she was just going to get over it! He can be naked all he wants! Ciara dug out the towels from one of the linen closets as they stepped inside… and threw one at him!* -07:59 Oct 29
Leon: *Took the towel and began to dry his hair off!* You’re not just any grown woman. Not to me, anyways. -08:02 Oct 29
Ciara: Yes, I know.. I’m ‘Cissy’. *Pulling off those shorts, she kicked them over to the laundry room.. then pulled a towel over her head!* …which is still a wretched nickname. -08:05 Oct 29
Leon: I did offer to call you Kitty. *He reminded.* You got mad that one time I tried to call you "CiCi." -08:06 Oct 29
Ciara: Kitten to by specific. You’d have sounded like my boyfriend and everyone would be confused. *She made a face at CiCi… yes, Cissy was the better of two evils!* -08:09 Oct 29
Ciara: *to be -08:11 Oct 29

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