Dark and Caroline get used to this relationship business.

[Caroline has to get used to being “back”! What nosey people!] -10:33 Sep 12
[Dark is regretting not having sworn Caroline to secrecy about this relationship … thing!] -10:36 Sep 12
Dark: A vampire can’t do his fuckin’ job anymore … *He muttered but plopped onto the sofa in one of the many rooms of Evangeline’s castle! Some peace at last!* -10:37 Sep 12
Caroline: *It was easy to forget what it was like living in one place for a long time and getting to know people. ANd no one left it at "I was away." they always needed the details. …so she gives them the details and now the gossip machine was rolling. Thankfully there was always sanctuary at the castle! Sipping a cup of tea… she was going to pretend she had no idea what Dark was talking about.* Oh, really? -10:39 Sep 12
Dark: *He tilted his head slightly to look at her, sitting there, looking so calm, sipping a cup of tea!* So what. You’re going to tell me you haven’t been bombarded by questions, gossip, curiousity … fuckin’ people wanting to know how long until you leave me for the next bastard. *He was beginning to see the wisdom in Gabriel destroying the universe and starting over.* -10:41 Sep 12
Caroline: No one has dared to ask me a question like that. *A curious raise of her eyebrow… If they had they wouldn’t of asked her another question for the rest of their lives.* …who is suggesting I am going to leave you for another man? -10:42 Sep 12
Dark: *He huffed.* More idiots than I want to remember. *He growled. He could ignore several guys and all but more and more "acquaintances" of Caroline were sharing the same sentiment. And he didn’t like.* -10:45 Sep 12
Dark: *it -10:45 Sep 12
Caroline: Being so vague is not going to help me track them down and silence them for good. *She could care less what others thought of her… but she finally had him and the last thing she needed was someone screwing with his head! She set down her cup to rise from her chair.* I can go right now. I suppose Oracle hasn’t been set to flame lately. -10:47 Sep 12
Dark: *He snorted.* Not unless you count some of Evangeline’s lessons. *Stupid hunters had panicked, probably at the thought of one of Gabriel’s visits, and set the classroom on fire. They’d gotten it under control in no time but it still made him snicker.* Not like I can help being vague. There’s so many of ’em. But some of the newbie hunters said they heard it from some guys down at the Old Pub. They just wouldn’t say who. -10:53 Sep 12
Caroline: *She brushed a hand over his hand as she past behind the sofa and tilted his head.* You’ll do well to remember that I haven’t had my hands on any other man but you. Almost for as long as I’ve known you. ..but I’ll pay a visit to that Pub and see who is harassing my sensitive boyfriend. *She smirked!* -10:56 Sep 12
Dark: *He huffed but said nothing, although Caroline would know better. His silence was a rare thing and often meant he agreed or he liked what she’d said.* Tell ’em they’re lucky I have better things to do than beat the crap out of them. *It sucked not having a reputation like Caroline or Gabriel. No one ever bad-mouthed them (not even when they weren’t looking or within earshot, he was certain).* -11:00 Sep 12
Caroline: I’ll return soon, then. *A quick kiss to his forehead, her pin in her hands and then a poof~! Outside of that Pub to do some hunting. It wasn’t one she frequented, so she was fairly curious who was gossiping inside! She entered the place and went straight to the bar to order a nice scotch!* -11:04 Sep 12

The bartender glanced her over but her order came quick! There were some pool tables in the corner, one of them inhabited by three bikers dressed in leather vests and pants. The back of the vests had the picture of a flaming skull and the words “Devils Harbingers” beneath it. They snickered. She caught pieces of conversation! “Yeah, so I laughed … told ’em only a matter o’ time before she got tired of him. Tossed him away.”

Caroline: *Bingo. Why did men always feel the need to brag about these sort of things? That’s why they got themselves killed so quick. She took her glass and drank it down. Then she was pushing away from the bar with that wicked smile across her face.* Why good evening, gentleman. Your conversation sounded so familiar. You wouldn’t be speaking of someone I know would you? -11:11 Sep 12

Two of the men looked at her, surprised. The third one, the talker, looked at Caroline and sneered. “Ain’t the Lady Shade. Fancy meeting you at a spot like this.” None of the men were human. The speaker was a demon named Gaev. Not as old as Caroline but they’d crossed paths a few times.

Caroline: I do prefer places with more amiable company. *She leaned on their pool table, quite deliberately getting in their way.* Do you have a problem with me, Gaev? Something we need to work out? Because I don’t enjoy hearing unsavory stories about my character. Especially when they’re told to Dark Carnatelli. -11:19 Sep 12

The others watched her carefully. Gaev lifted the pool stick over his shoulder. “Eh. Never met this Dark Carnatelli. Last I checked this was a free place and you aren’t in any position to be demandin’ stuff.”

Caroline: You’re right, of course. I can’t demand anything… here. *She pulled her pin from her pocket and tapped the palm of her hand.* I could, however, take us somewhere nice and private to chat. Unless you’d like to do me a favor and promise to bother the people I care for. -11:25 Sep 12

He flinched! But then he recovered, turned his head and spit! “Yeah. People you care about. And what if they don’t feel the same ’bout you, eh? Like that new boyfriend of yours. What was his name again? Dark Carnatelli.” A big grin spread on his face. “Yeah … Never met ‘im but I seen ‘im. Likes helping people, don’t he? Especially that lovely succubus down at that place, Paradise Lost. Heh. Yeah, Ayrae … Found out he did more than play bouncer, if you get my drift.”

Caroline: *Ayrae… she remembered her. Mistook Dark for Gabriel and tried to seduce him. …Caroline wasn’t so sure how much bullshit Gaev was spinning tonight, though.* You are a well of information, aren’t you. I have to wonder if you know fact from fiction. Any other stories you want to tell me before I get annoyed and pull your soul out through your nose? -11:39 Sep 12
Dark: "Fine. Don’t believe me. Gonna harass me just ’cause I know a few things and you don’t." -11:41 Sep 12

“Fine. Don’t believe me. Gonna harass me just ’cause I know a few things and you don’t.”

Caroline: You poor mistreated thing. *She pushed away from the pool table to leave.* Learn when you watch your mouth, Gaev. Next time I have to visit you, I won’t be so pleasant. *She didn’t even offer the usual smile as she left… No, she was much more interested in returning to Dark and putting false rumors to rest!* -11:44 Sep 12
Dark: *Dark was just where she had left him. In the short time she was away, he had fallen asleep, one leg dangling over the edge of the sofa.* -11:47 Sep 12
Caroline: *What a wonderfully tempted scene to take advantage of! …alas, one had to move slow with a young innocent vampire. Even if he was asking for it. Caroline leaned over the back of the sofa, flicking her hand at his hair.* You sleep far too much. -11:49 Sep 12
Dark: *He didn’t open his eyes.* You can’t get enough sleep when you’re me. *Now he opened his eyes.* That was quick. -11:51 Sep 12
Caroline: Gaev makes it his business to spread misery, most of what he says is false or an exageration. *She rest on the back end of the sofa with her chin on her hand.* Such as implying you’ve spent time with that succubus at Paradise Lost. -11:53 Sep 12
Dark: *… Fuck. Gabriel was never gonna let him hear the end of it. He sat up and swung his other leg over the edge.* Yeah, well. I haven’t seen her lately. -11:59 Sep 12
Caroline: …lately. How lately? *She knew him well enough to know that look on his face. Like he was caught red handed at something. …but with Ayrae? She was almost afraid to ask!* Did you work for her? -12:00 Sep 12
Dark: *Damnit … He couldn’t lie his way out of this one! He gave a small shrug.* She needed some help so I beat trouble makers up and threw ’em out. -12:04 Sep 12
Caroline: I suppose that may have been awkward considering you were a lost conquest. -12:06 Sep 12
Dark: *Another shrug.* If you want to get technical about these things. -12:10 Sep 12
Caroline: …you’re keeping something from me. *Intuition or maybe just by the way he kept responding. …or it could have just been planted seeds of suspicion! Either way, she was twitchy and didn’t like the feel.* Did she try seducing you again? -12:13 Sep 12
Dark: *She knew him too well.* Like flirting too much, always dropping hints? *Those were just examples but damn good ones. He remembered what he felt, going to Ayrae’s. Lonely, broken, angry, lost, confused …* -12:47 Sep 12
Caroline: That is a start… *Now she was prowling, circling around the sofa to drop down next to him. * And would there have been more than that? -12:50 Sep 12
Dark: *He watched as she walked over, sat down.* … Yeah. There might have been. -12:57 Sep 12
Caroline: *Ooo that was not what she wanted to hear. Benefit of the doubt, though! Let him speak first, and then she’ll decide whether or not someone is going to be murdered today.* And what exactly did you do with Ayrae? -12:59 Sep 12
[Caroline asked Dark if he did something MORE with Ayrae…!] -12:16 Sep 15
[Dark got up and started to pace!] -12:17 Sep 15
Dark: It was a year ago, Caroline. Why does it matter now. -12:18 Sep 15
Caroline: It is Ayrae. And it seems to matter if you’re so afraid to tell me. -12:22 Sep 15
Dark: I’m not afraid to tell you. I’m just … I’m afraid I’ll hurt you somehow. *How could he make Caroline understand things from his point of view? How could he make this guilt go away? No power in the universe could help.* -12:46 Sep 15
Caroline: *She didn’t want to, but it did make her smirk!* I would think you’d be more afraid of me hurting you. -12:48 Sep 15
Dark: *He ran his fingers through his hair, took a deep breath, organized all the scattered thoughts in his head.* I was wandering around aimlessly when I came across Ayrae’s place. You’d been gone for months now and each time I tracked you down, you disappeared. It was … it was nice being able to sit down and drown my sorrow, without someone mocking me about Gabriel or about you. Ayrae came by. She was nice to me, pleasant. It was good being with someone who could laugh and smile at me so easily. I wasn’t thinking when I spent the night with her. All I wanted to do was forget that knife stuck in my heart that kept twisting in my gut. -12:54 Sep 15
Caroline: So you spent the night with Ayrae. *She said it slowly, testing out the words…! Now if it were someone else.. Someone older and with more sense, she would be sure exactly what happened. But this was Dark and she was having a very hard time picturing it. …then again, Ayrae was a succubus. She was tapping her fingers on her knees.* Did you sleep with Ayrae? -12:59 Sep 15
Dark: Yeah … *But there was that look in his eye, so faint, and nearly undetectable except for the few who knew what to look for and knew him so well. The linger of doubt … He wasn’t entirely sure!* -01:03 Sep 15
Caroline: Then I’m going to kill her. *With that simple statement, she was already rising to her feet.* -01:04 Sep 15
Dark: *He blinked! That wasn’t the answer he had expected.* Wait, for sleeping with me? -01:06 Sep 15

Paradise Lost was just as Caroline remembered it. The place was never closed to those who were more than human and so Ayrae was at the bar serving up drinks to her patrons.

Caroline: *With no reply and not even pulling out her pin, Caroline snapped her fingers to drop inside of Paradise Lost. She said she was going to kill the woman, and boy did she mean it!* …Ayrae, my delightful treasure of the night… -01:10 Sep 15

Caroline’s reply was a smirk! “If it isn’t the Lady Shade, what a surprise. To what do I owe the pleasure.”

Caroline: I imagine you would already be aware. Taking advantage of a young vampire, seducing my charge… *Caroline glanced around, counting the people inside carefully.* -01:14 Sep 15

“Your charge!” She snorted. “The last I heard, from the vampire’s lips no less, you were no longer his teacher and had abandoned him by his lonesome self. You had no idea what you were missing, Andraste.” Her voice dropped, she grinned, ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. “A passionate gorgeous vampire … who is always welcomed in my bed.”

Caroline: Woman, you grossly overestimated my patience. *Goddamned mouthy succubus whore…! In an instant, Caroline summoned up a silver axe. Large and sleek, and was swinging it down at Ayrae’s head!* -01:21 Sep 15
Dark: Evangeline! EVANGELINE! *He was marching through the castle, searching high and low for the woman. If anyone understood Caroline, it would be her!* -01:23 Sep 15

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying her hand at sewing… Today she had faeries that were looking for a place to hide, and they needed a little more to wear than flower petals! ….she was doing a good job of pricking her fingers!* I don’t think it’s that hard to find me! You are drawn to light, yes? -Caroline

Ayrae’s eyes widened at the sight of the axe but the only thing Caroline cleaved in half were dozens of rose petals! Ayrae was on a table a few yards behind the axe-wielding demon, hissing at Caroline! She summoned bolts of lightning and shot them at her!

Caroline: *Caroline slid to the slid, pulling her arm back to prepare to swing again. Magic would be all too easy… this was a woman that needed to suffer the cold hard taste of metal!* Stay still, Ayrae. It may not hurt as much! -01:27 Sep 15
Dark: Don’t remind me. *He growled.* Caroline went to investigate some bastards talking about her loving and then leaving me. Then she found out about the time I spent with Ayrae and swore she was going to kill her. Why the hell would she do something like that! -01:30 Sep 15

Evangeline: …Oh! Well… I suppose it depends on if she is more like Gabriel, Ms. Grey, or like me… *Tapping her chin, Evangeline was having to think about it a minute.* Why don’t you just ask her yourself? -Caroline

“Practice what you preach, you long-toothed hag!” She kept firing bolt after bolt of lightning at Caroline just before she moved to evade the axe swings! She did not escape the French Revolution to be cleaved by a sharp blade now!

Dark: Because she stormed away supposedly to kill Ayrae! When I asked her if she was going to kill her just for sleeping with me, she didn’t reply! *He threw his arms up!* What is up with you women?! -01:34 Sep 15
Caroline: Throwing spells like a coward! Perhaps you should have considered this before tricking men in to your bed! *A quick block with the axe, to bounce the lightning back. Then a swing that almost got the wench’s scalp before it lodged in to the wall.* -01:37 Sep 15

“Brute strength has its time and place! And I have far too much class! You’re just pissed because I got to him first!” She used a spell to open a bottomless hole at Caroline’s feet!

Evangeline: Normally you follow someone when they storm off in a huff and prevent them from doing something silly. …Or did you want her to go kill Ayrae? *It was a serious question! That entire relationship was sketchy at best… She had told Gabriel herself that she didn’t like the idea of a woman that had previously to get her hands on Gabriel to go after Dark..* -Caroline

Dark: Oh right. I’m going to stand in the middle of a cat fight between Caroline and a succubus … *He muttered and ruffled his hair.* -01:41 Sep 15
Caroline: If you want to play with magic. *She hissed. The axe vanished as she lept backwards away from that bottomless hole. Oh, if Ayrae wanted to play with magic..! Holding both hands out, two long onyx black stakes appeared in her hands.* I could use a new soul. -01:44 Sep 15

Evangeline: Hmm… I think she is most like Gabriel, anyway. She’s over protective of you and probably going to kill Ayrae. …and probably not so nicely either! -Caroline

Vlamerias: Should Dark go and calm the Warrior Lady down, Mommy?

Evangeline: He probably should. Unless he does want Ayrae to die, then he could leave her be! Or send Gabriel to go get her…. but then she might get mad at Gabriel too, and I’m not sure how angry she is! -Caroline

Ayrae’s lips pulled back in a snarl. “This isn’t over yet, Andraste!” Then she disappeared!

Caroline: *Why did they always think they could run… She made those stakes disappear, holding out a single hand, palm down to cast her tracking spell! And if Ayrae would not be found, burning her building might be a viable option!* -01:56 Sep 15
Dark: It would help if I knew a way so she wouldn’t get mad at me. I … I don’t know if I want Ayrae to die. She’s a succubus. She can’t help it, right? -01:57 Sep 15

Evangeline: I always asked Gabriel not to kill people and gave him a kiss! You could try it? …or maybe take her somewhere she won’t hurt anyone until she calms down. And then kiss her? Kisses usually fix things! -Caroline

Dark: But what if she thinks I feel something for Ayrae and that’s why I don’t want her to kill her? -01:59 Sep 15

Evangeline: Then you reassure and tell her otherwise! …she really isn’t going to figure it out unless you tell her. *Really, sometimes men seemed to think ALL women were psychic! So many hunters had this problem!* -Caroline

Dark: *On one hand, Caroline couldn’t kill him. On the other, she knew a hell of a lot of other things she could do that would make killing seem a mercy. He nodded.* Fine. I’ll give it a try. Thanks. *And then he disappeared. He reappeared at Paradise Lost. Everyone else was gone and the place was trashed. He stepped up to her.* Caroline, come home. Please. -02:03 Sep 15
Caroline: Quite. I’m hunting. *…she almost had her too. Sneaky little harlot knew how to hide well… But Caroline almost had her tracked!* -02:05 Sep 15
Caroline: *quiet! -02:08 Sep 15
Dark: So as soon as you kill her, you’ll be satisfied and we can go home. -02:10 Sep 15
Caroline: I’ll be reasonably satisfied after wretching out her soul and killing her, yes. *It wasn’t a lie… It would definitely be satisfying! However talking to him was killing her concentration. Ayrae knew she was looking. Caroline scowled, pulling her pin from her pocket to add blood to the spell.* -02:12 Sep 15
Dark: Caroline. *He reached out and put his hand on her wrist.* Is it Ayrae you’re mad at … or me. -02:13 Sep 15
Caroline: *With a restrained growl, she halted the spell.* …I can’t blame you for this. I have no right to. …but Ayrae. Ayrae knew exactly what she was going. -02:15 Sep 15
Dark: But I’m also responsible. I came here and I went with her. So if you’re going to kill her for that, you should kill me, too. My crimes were worst. -02:17 Sep 15
Caroline: Your crime only comes from being young and innocent and occasionally stupid! *She pulled her wrist away, with that sore temptation to return to her spell. SOMEone was going to burn and he shouldn’t be so ready to offer himself up to it…!* Of all the women in the world. Nice women, and you pick the succubus who really doesn’t give two damns about you..! -02:21 Sep 15
Dark: *He lowered his head slightly.* … I know. -02:22 Sep 15
Caroline: I am surprised she didn’t suck the life out of you and staple your skin to her bedroom wall! Though I imagine you are a nice trophy. A consolation prize to her failure at winning Gabriel. -02:25 Sep 15
Dark: It’s because she couldn’t. I slept in her bed but I couldn’t bring myself to have sex with her. She took the form of every woman in existence … except the woman I wanted more than anything. -02:27 Sep 15
Caroline: Don’t say nice things to me now. I am intent on burning this place to the ground and driving that woman’s face in to the nearest acid spring. …You slept with her but did not have sex with her? -02:29 Sep 15
Dark: I couldn’t. And I figured I was a failure ’cause of it. -02:31 Sep 15
Caroline: Heimskr bastillen. *Caroline covered her face with her hands, not sure if she was going to start cursing at him, laughing, or burn the whole place down anyway.* Why is it that I cannot keep my temper when it concerns you? …though I may still kill Ayrae out of principal… -02:39 Sep 15
Dark: Yeah, you have a problem with your temper. *He glanced off to the side.* Guess that old mentor of yours wouldn’t be too proud. -02:40 Sep 15
Caroline: If you’d like me to kill you instead, I am still itching to wrap my fingers around someone’s neck and steal the life from them. -02:42 Sep 15
Dark: I deserve to be punished but I got no intention on dying. So are you still hunting or can we go home now? -02:43 Sep 15
Caroline: You sound so much like your mother… *At that she smirked. Crossing her arms with a shrug of her shoulders.* We can go home. I am of a mind to teach you things that Ayrae never could.. -02:45 Sep 15
Dark: *He huffed at the mention of Evangeline.* The disturbing part is I don’t mind you calling her my mom. *He looked at her.* I guess the castle is out of the question then. -02:47 Sep 15
Caroline: Not unless you want your parents to come and rescue you from. *Pulling her pin, she pricked her finger to cast the spell… and paused!* …are you going to let me transport you somewhere this time? -02:49 Sep 15
Caroline: *from me! -02:50 Sep 15
Dark: *He smirked and raised his hands.* I’m all yours, Caroline. -02:51 Sep 15
Caroline: *If only he knew..! Casting the spell was as quick as it always was. She dropped to her feet in the middle of her apartment in the city. She never bothered to sell it. …maybe a subconscious want to come back to it, that she didn’t want to admit!* As for punishment… -02:53 Sep 15
Dark: *He’d gotten a bit better at landing–in this case, he actually landed on something soft this time! A cushion! He stood and looked at her when she mentioned punishment. He raised an eyebrow.* -02:55 Sep 15
Caroline: Don’t give me that look. You said you deserved it, and I will have to oblige. …the trouble is what to do with you. *She made a great show of crossing her arms again and giving it a lot of thought.* I don’t care to kill you… no use for your soul… Dipping you in acid maybe? Force you to watch long and boring videos about yarn..? -02:58 Sep 15
Dark: Gee, thanks. *He muttered when she said she had no use for his soul. He made a face at the long and boring videos about yarn.* -02:59 Sep 15
Caroline: I could cut off all of your hair… Or let Gabriel after you. That might be a bit extreme. *She did step around the coffee table, uncurled one arm to poke him gently in the ribs.* Or prod every senstive part of you until you’re in tears? -03:00 Sep 15
Dark: *He made another face at her idea about sending Gabriel after him.* -03:01 Sep 15
Caroline: Or better yet… *She stepped closer so she could lean and nuzzle his cheek. Flicking his chin with her fingers.* You could tell me exactly what Ayrae tried with you so I can make sure you don’t even think of her again. -03:05 Sep 15
Dark: *He blinked and watched her.* The … usual, I guess. She had me lie down and then she was kissing me while taking off my clothes. -03:08 Sep 15
Caroline: And how much of you clothes did you let her get away with? *He was so often naked in this apartment before… Ayrae must of had a good eyeful! Hrm. She might hurt him after all. …after she tormented him first by nibbling gently at his ear.* -03:13 Sep 15
Dark: *He smirked but then he tensed a bit at her nibbling on his ear.* That’s not fair, Caroline. *He muttered.* -03:26 Sep 15
Caroline: There is a quote that says All is Fair in Love and War. *She nuzzled his cheek again once more before she tilted away.* … but I can be kind and not take advantage of an innocent vampire, if that’s what you want. -03:28 Sep 15

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