027 She Is Mine

Lily and Conrad are discussing the bizarre warlocky habits of her Professor when there’s a sudden commotion outside the college building. He looks completely different, but Lily recognizes it as Michael. Conrad dashes outside to rescue when Michael heads towards an injured girl calling for Lily. Lily watches for a moment and (for the first time) pushes fear aside to run outside and face Michael. Conrad distracts Michael with his scrolls while Lily grabs the girl to help her to safety.

At Oracle, Evangeline alerts Gabriel that Michael is terrorizing the college. Gabriel leaves immediately arriving just in time to dispel one of Michael’s fireballs. Gabriel and Michael have an all out battle while Conrad and Lily make sure that girl is inside safe. Conrad gives Lily his phone to call Oracle for backup while he goes back outside to help Gabriel.

< Meanwhile, with Gabriel away from Oracle, someone tells Evangeline there's a package she needs to sign for outside. Assuming it's her things from London, she steps outside. Instead it's a bunch of goons trying to grab her. With Brutus' help she gets out of their grasp and back inside the Oracle building. She's ready to lecture hunters about not paying better attention for traps and ambushes when she overhears them mentioning the issue at the College. Evangeline realizes something is wrong and grabs a couple hunters to take her there right away. When Conrad is almost shish-kabobed by Michael's Marionettes, Lily runs outside to tackle one and help him. They fight with the things while Gabriel and Michael are still duking it out. Finally when Gabriel seems to have the upper hand he finds himself stuck to the ground trapped by a seal. Michael and his Marionettes are gone by the time Evangeline arrives with Hunters. She tells Gabriel she can have that sealed cracked in no time, but suddenly Anthony appears behind her! Conrad is going to help, but Lily wisely drags him out of sight - there is no one strong enough to fight Anthony but Gabriel! Evangeline tries to block Anthony off with a physical shield as she attempts to crack the seal... Meanwhile, Lily's professor, Hawthorne shows up suggesting he can help... for a date. Lily agrees, (after Conrad threatened him with a gun) but he sneaks out too late to help Evangeline. Anthony has taken her! With luck, Evangeline was able to put a crack on the seal so Hawthorne is able to widen the crack and break it before Gabriel is turned to stone. Lily offers to care for Brutus while Gabriel is away, and worried when he doesn't reply whether or not Anthony will hurt Evangeline. When Gabriel is off, Stephan Hawthorne reminds Lily about that date she promised and leans in for a kiss, resulting in Conrad pulling a gun on him for the second time. Lily pulls Conrad away, stating that she's not worried about the date because Conrad will be there.

[Lily is finished with class. And thankfully too. It\’s near impossible to learn when the proffessor is flirting with the female students. What does that have to do with European History?!] -03:16 Oct 30
[Conrad was waiting for Lily outside in the hall as usual!] -03:17 Oct 30
Conrad: *It was a good thing he didn’t need to do that intimidating look anymore! Those sure did hurt your face after awhile!* So … learn anything new about European history? -03:18 Oct 30
Lily: Yes. It seems they say Vos yeux miroitent comme des diamants dans le ciel, mon amour. right in the middle of wars with the Spanish. *She clearly wasn’t too keen on her teacher!* -03:20 Oct 30
Conrad: *Tilted his head slightly at her.* Uh … English translation, please? -03:22 Oct 30
Lily: Your eyes sparkle like diamonds in the sky. … *She sighed, casting a frown at the classroom door before starting down the hall.* Right in the middle of the lecture, he leans over someone’s desk and gives some ridiculous comment, followed by lots of giggling. …At least I made sure he wasn’t bewitching people. -03:24 Oct 30
Conrad: French never was my strong suit in school. *He muttered under his breath and followed.* He’s not up to anything big, that’s for sure. I checked up on him around campus. No one knows anything about this guy other than his name and a few references from other schools he taught at. -03:27 Oct 30
Lily: I just wanted a nice normal school experience, and I get warlocks for teachers and weird crazy ghosts. *Lily blew her hair out of her face, wandering down the hall for the Library.* I just need a few books and we can snoop somewhere else. -03:30 Oct 30

Screams and shouting from the courtyard nearby! Something is happening and people are running for their lives!

Conrad: *Stopped and looked in the direction of the courtyard! There wasn’t a drill scheduled for today! He stopped one of the students!* What’s happening? -03:36 Oct 30

The student was panting for breath. “This … this thing flew down. Attacking. Tearing … everything apart … Its crazy, man! You gotta run! Run for your lives!” And then the student went running off again!

Lily: *Lily was getting pretty used to tinking, ‘Not again!’ as she moved quickly towards the doors to peek out the window!* We’ll have to do something if it’s not too big. -03:40 Oct 30

From this distance, it looked a lot like a man … but with only one wing, white hair … and a horn! But his back was turned to them and he was tearing everything apart, attacking everyone and everything! But he kept shouting something over and over again … Lily?!

Conrad: *Joined Lily at the window and squinted at the creature!* I’m going to say … this is big. -03:45 Oct 30
Lily: *What is that..? Not any sort of demon, but that voice wa- As soon as she realized, she ducked away from the window and tried to surpress a look of horror!* That’s Michael. -03:47 Oct 30
Conrad: Michael?! What the hell happened to him … *He shook his head and pulled out his cell. He was beginning to dial a number when he stopped.* Fuck. I’ll have to try and distract him. -03:52 Oct 30
Lily: You can’t! He’s.. he’s just… Call someone else! -03:53 Oct 30

By now the courtyard was clear and now that Michael knew Lily wasn’t there …! He started building a massive ball of fire between his widespread hands. “I want Lily!”

Conrad: There’s no one in Oracle who can take him on! *He looked up through the window.* Oh shit … *And then he dashed outside!* -03:57 Oct 30

Michael had stopped building the massive ball of fire and it had disappeared altogether! He had been distracted by one of the students who had twisted her ankle and was lying on the ground, trying to crawl away. He slowly moved toward her, watching her as if she would disappear at any moment. “… Lily?” The girl looked nothing like Lily except for the red hair … It wasn’t even the right shade!

The girl whimpered as she dragged herself along the ground. She was beginning to cry! “Please … please don’t … don’t hurt me …”

Lily: Don’t..! *She tried to catch his arm before he run off but he was already out the door! Lily stopped at the doors. She couldn’t go outside but… there was no way he could… Taking a deep breath she ran outside!* -04:01 Oct 30

“Lily … My Lily …” Michael was closing the distance between them, reaching out for her.

Conrad: Hey, Michael! *He skidded to a stop at the edge of the courtyard!* Leave her alone! *He pulled out a few of his scrolls!* -04:02 Oct 30

The girl was sobbing. Her chest was shaking! She froze and shut her eyes!

Michael quickly turned and his eyes narrowed into slits when he saw Conrad. “You … come to take Lily away! No one take Lily away!” He summoned another ball of fire and launched it at Conrad!

Conrad: *Threw a scroll into the air in front of him! He closed his eyes and focused! The scroll hovered in mid-air and straightened and when the fireball came, it absorbed it before disappearing!* That isn’t Lily, Michael! -04:09 Oct 30

“Yes! Lily! My Lily! Everyone … everyone take her away!” He turned away to grab the girl off the ground, nearly twisting her arm as he hoisted her up into the air. “My Lily! Mine!”

Lily: *There was something not right about him.. but when was he ever! Focus! Lily tried not to think about what was going on, she just stopped behind Conrad a few paces!* Michael. -04:11 Oct 30

The girl cried out and started to sob even louder! Her arm and her ankle were in so much pain! And she was terrified!

Conrad: Lily …! *He whispered, glancing over his shoulder at her! What was she thinking?! He quickly turned away to face Michael!* -04:12 Oct 30

Michael stared hard at Lily … then the realization slowly dawned and it showed on his face. “… Lily …?” He still held the girl tightly.

Lily: I’m Lily. *She lightly tugged the back of Conrad’s shirt, and whispered softly.* If he puts her down I’ll get her… you have to keep him away. *How she kept her voice even, she wasn’t sure… Lily was certain she’d pass out any minute!* -04:17 Oct 30
Conrad: *Blinked and nodded once, very slightly!* Be careful. *He whispered without moving his lips.* -04:18 Oct 30

Michael slowly lowered the girl … “Lily. My Lily. Come back. To me.”

Lily: *As careful as one could be doing something completely suicidal…! There was quite a bit of screaming in her head as she slowly stepped around Conrad and inched forward!* -04:22 Oct 30

Michael seemed to have completely forgotten about the girl who had passed out! As soon as she was on the ground, he released her and was moving toward Lily!

Conrad: *Threw another of his scrolls into the air and it turned into a bunch of white birds that flew at Michael’s face and started to peck at him! He pulled another scroll out and readied another spell!* -04:25 Oct 30

Michael growled and started to slash at the birds attacking him! One bird … Another bird … Another bird went down!

Lily: *Lily ran! Keeping a wide distance from Michael, she skid past him towards the girl, pulling one of her arms up around her neck!* -04:27 Oct 30
Conrad: *As soon as Michael had taken care of all the birds, his next spell was activated! The grass grew to a dozen feet long and wrapped around Michael from head to toe, binding him! He dashed forward to help Lily get the girl, looping her other arm around his neck!* -04:29 Oct 30
Lily: /evang That is why you never ever stand there taunting a va- *Evangeline paused in the middle of lecture, tilting her head and motioning a finger at Gabriel.* Michael is at Lily’s college. -04:35 Oct 30

Evangeline: That is why you never ever stand there taunting a va- *Evangeline paused in the middle of lecture, tilting her head and motioning a finger at Gabriel.* Michael is at Lily’s college.

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow at the Seer. He cut his palm as he started walking.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via.

Michael slashed his way out of that grass far too soon for anyone’s comfort! He roared. “LILY!” He summoned another fireball!

Lily: *Helping carry the girl towards one of the buildings, she refused to look backwards! They could pass her to someone inside and then lead Michael away somewhere!* -04:41 Oct 30

Michael threw the fireball at them and it came hurling like a bowling ball to a bunch of pins!

Gabriel: *Appeared in the courtyard and saw the freball coming at him. His back was to Lily and Conrad! His palm was still bleeding.* Intorqueo tractus! *The fireball disappeared into thin air!*

Conrad: *Didn’t want to look backwards but as they neared the shelter of the buildings, he glanced over his shoulder! He breathed a big sigh of relief!*

Michael’s face distorted! “GABRIEL!!” He threw his head back and his fangs began to grow. Once they were nice and long, he charged for Gabriel!

Lily: I think I’m starting to like Gabriel. *Lily said in a breathless tone. They carried the throught he building’s doors, and to the closet room where she could be set down carefully.* -04:48 Oct 30

Gabriel: *Was already running for Michael! He pulled his sword out! The two of them met somewhere in the middle! Claws met sword!*

Michael slashed at Gabriel with his other hand, forcing Gabriel to step backwards!

Gabriel: *Dodge! Dodge! Sidestep! Backstep! Forward step and thrust for Michael’s heart! If the bastard still had one!*

Michael caught Gabriel’s blade and the two of them started a game of push and shove! He growled. “You … die!”

Gabriel: *Wrapped his hand around the blade close to the hilt and cut his palm.* Explico. *The fireball he’d made disappear reappeared behind Michael and hurled itself at his back!*

Michael roared in pain as the fireball scorched his back but then he redirected the sword to run Gabriel through the gut!

Evangeline: As I was saying, it always ends badly. Like a throat ripped out or gunshot wounds to the shoulder. *A very nondiscreet point at the two with patched up shoulders, both of which looking guilty!*

Gabriel: *Clenched his teeth when he felt the sword run through him but he stepped backwards to pull the sword out! He got into a defensive stance and with one hand on his gut, held the sword up just as Michael came flying at him, wildly slashing with his claws!*

There was a knock at the door! There’s a delivery outside for Ms Evangeline Clark! And she needs to sign for it!

Slash! Slash! Slashslashslash! Michael wanted to tear Gabriel apart with his bare hands! Or in this case just slice him into pieces! But each slash was deflected or evaded! He was beginning to get angry!

Evangeline: Ah, okay! *She wasn’t expecting any-oh! Maybe it was that was stuff from Melissa! Evangeline had those newbies painting a wall for Ms. Grey while she left for the outside! She’d probably have to go all the way out to the gate, Ms. Grey wasn’t letting anything inside!*

There was a delivery truck waiting right outside and the driver seemed impatient! But when he saw her, he walked right up to her and asked if she was Evangeline Clark!

Evangeline: Yes, I’m Evangeline. Do I have to sign anything?

Michael found an opening and drove his claws into Gabriel’s shoulder! He grinned nice and wide as he pushed his claws deeper, felt the blood welling up!

“Yeah. Just sign here.” He handed her a board and a pen, waved at the Oracle guard who came to check on everything but then turned and disappeared into a nearby building.

Evangeline: *It took her a second to find the spot on the paper, but she signed her name neat and pretty with a heart to dot the I!* What do you have for me? Is it from London?

Gabriel: *Clenched his teeth! He dropped the sword as Michael hoisted him into the air and then slammed him down on the marble bench!*

“Yeah. Here, let me take you to it.” He led her to the back of the truck but instead of getting a package, the man grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. The guys hiding in the back of the truck leaned out to grab her feet and help get her inside!

Evangeline: Mrrmph! *She might not have been able to scream, but she could sure kick! She was pretty accurate at aiming for noses and teeth too!*

The men were pretty determined to get her inside! “Hurry up, man! Mr. Carnatelli wants her in one piece!” one of the men reminded his buddy when he raised his hand, about to slap her!

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused a second at the name before kicking at them again! A muffled scream for Brutus!*

Michael grinned as he leaned forward. “Heh heh heh … So much … for being … the strongest …” He pushed Gabriel’s head to one side to expose his neck!

Brutus pushed himself through that doggy door they’d installed just for him! He almost got stuck but he popped himself out of there and ran for the truck, barking!

[Lily rescued a girl with Conrad while Gabriel was about to get mauled by Michael! …This isn\’t good!] -03:00 Oct 31
[Gabriel was locked in combat with Michael! Just another day!] -03:03 Oct 31

Meanwhile one of the men broke away to grab a bag! He had orders to bring the pup!

Conrad: *Helped Lily get the girl to safety!* What do you think happened to Michael? *He said as they lay her down on a nearby bench!*

Michael: *Grinned and twisted the claws still embedded in Gabriel’s shoulder! He felt the satisfaction of flesh tearing, of blood welling up!* I’ve waited … centuries for this …

Lily: I’m don’t think I want to know… but Gabriel isn’t doing too well. *And that may be a very scary problem!* -03:06 Oct 31

Evangeline: *Not Brutus! Evangeline was trying to scream for Brutus to run away, but was more muffled GRRPHing! She settled for booting someone in the face!*

Gabriel: *Clenched his teeth as he felt the claws move! He was struggling to get Michael’s grip to loosen! His sword was on the ground and he couldn’t get to his guns! He grabbed Michael’s wrist and bunched his legs up with his knees against his chest! The bottom of his feet against Michael’s chest!* … Have to. Wait. Longer. *Then he kicked for all he was worth!* -03:10 Oct 31

Evangeline got one of the men in the face! He stumbled backwards, letting go of her as he clutched his jaw! The other man stumbled a bit when his pal let go which loosened his grip! “Hey!”

Brutus growled and got into a defensive stance! Legs apart, head down slightly! He looked ready to pounce on the man!

Michael: *Stumbled backwards! His claw tore out of Gabriel’s shoulder and he put his other claw over his chest where he’d been kicked! He snarled and launched himself at Gabriel again, slash after slash after slash!*

Conrad: You can call Oracle while I see if I can help. *He reached into his pocket to hand Lily his phone!*

Gabriel: *Hissed as Michael’s claw pulled out of him! He rolled off of the bench and landed neatly on his feet! He slipped his foot under the sword and kicked up, catching the sword in mid-air as Michael roared and attacked! He kept to using one hand when he deflected one slash, redirected another slash in a different direction! Then he stepped to the side only to drop to the ground and lash out with one leg for Michael’s!* -03:19 Oct 31
Lily: Mother didn’t have anything nice to say about them going on missions… *But she was taking the phone anyway!* You’ll have to stay far enough away from him! -03:19 Oct 31

Conrad: *Remembered Ms Grey’s … comments when Oracle taking missions currently was brought up!* I’ll do my best. *Then he was running back outside and pulling out his scrolls!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline stomped on a foot! And elbowed a rib! And bit a hand for all she was worth! They weren’t getting her puppy!*

The man holding Evangeline was forced to let go when she got his foot and a rib! The other man who was trying to help got his hand bitten! That left Evangeline free!

The man trying to get Brutus was coaxing him and trying to get close enough to swing the bag over the little mutt! But when he swung the bag, Brutus jumped up and bit his hand! And he didn’t let go!

Michael: *Dropped to the ground!*

Evangeline: Back inside, Brutus! *She turned around only long enough to kick that jerk in the knee before she was running for the doors!*

Gabriel: *He dashed forward and swung down for Michael!* -03:25 Oct 31

Michael: *Rolled out of the way and ended up on his feet! He snarled! The surrounding shadows grew longer and all-too familiar mannequins climbed out of the darkness, twitching and standing awkwardly! But then as one, their heads whipped up and they came running forward for Gabriel!*

Lily: *Watching out the window, she dialed the number for the Oracle office! Someone had to answer, it’s not like they took vacations!* -03:28 Oct 31

Conrad: Reverto in pacis! *He threw the scrolls which latched onto some of the faster mannequins, stopping them in their tracks! Then they suddenly dropped to the ground, motionless! He pulled out more scrolls!*

The man was trying his hardest to get the mutt off of him! But Brutus didn’t let go until Evangeline had run past him and he didn’t let go without tearing off some skin and flesh as he raced after her!

The man Evangeline had kicked in the knee began hopping on one foot but then he staggered into his other pal and the two of them fell!

Gabriel: *The mannequins were the least of his worries. He wanted Michael’s head! He jumped up on one mannequin’s shoulders and then began jumping from one mannequin to another! When he got to Michael, he jumped very high and came crashing down with his sword positioned to cleave him in half!* -03:34 Oct 31

Conrad: *Ducked when one mannequin swung its bladed arm at his neck! Then jumped up when another swung its own blade for his legs! But a third reached out and grabbed him from behind! A few others took a hold of his arms and legs!*

Michael: *Summoned a ball of fire and launched it at Gabriel as he was landing just before he jumped backwards and out of the way!*

Lily: *Lily didn’t say much when someone picked up the phone! Just that there was monsters attacking the school! Who knew what they’d do if they knew it was a Carnatelli! Afterwards she dashed for one of the fireaxes out of the emergency box on the wall, before running outside to help!* -03:43 Oct 31

Conrad: Don’t suppose we could. Talk about this. *He panted! These mannequins had a real strong grip! And they were spreading him out as another mannequin came with a sword for a hand that looked an awful lot like a scythe!*

Gabriel: *Shielded his face and landed neatly on the ground! It was a good thing his clothes were flame-proof! He glanced around for Michael!* -03:47 Oct 31

Evangeline: *Evangeline made it inside with Brutus on her heels and slamming the door behind her! ..That was a wretched close call! Now she was going to have to give these people a good lecture about not trusting strange delivery people!*

Brutus was all excited now! He was barking and jumping all over the place!

Lily: *Tackling one of those mannuquins was not something she had ever thought of doing… but now it’s what Lily did, as she rammed in to the one nearly going to scythe Conrad in half!* -03:51 Oct 31

Inside the Oracle building there was a small argument about ‘Who was going to go!’ “But that was the crazy bitch’s daughter! If we don’t help HER then we’re really toast!”

Michael: *Came flying at Gabriel from the side! The two of them hit the ground and began rolling around, swinging punches, kicks!*

Evangeline: *Of course no one noticed the psychic and the puppy almost kidnapped! And Evangeline was going to give them a piece of her mind too, but then she realized that was Lily they were talking about! If Gabriel was back yet, something was wrong!* No chatting! We go! *Evangeline grabbed the first man she got her hands on, dragging him off towards the garage!*

Evangeline: *wasn’t!

Conrad: LILY?! *He blinked as she rammed that mannequin into the dirt! When one of the mannequins holding his feet let go to attack Lily, he swung his free foot over to knock the mannequin holding his other foot off balance! It was real simple to take care of the others once his legs were back on firm ground!* Reverto in pacis! *More scrolls took care of those mannequins, including the one moving to attack Lily! But he was already pulling out more scrolls to use against more mannequins!* He must have had an upgrade! He’s not casting spells and yet … these things keep coming!

Lily: That’s not something I want to hear! *…she wasn’t going to think about! She was going to play mouse, catching attention of mannequins so Conrad can get them… those sort of ‘attack the monsters when they’re afte the weaklings’ tactics worked for Gabriel, it’d work now too! ..Right?! Just in case, she still had a fireax in her hand to swing when one got too close!* -04:02 Oct 31

“Uuuh..!!” That poor guy wasn’t going to say no as he was dragged off by Evangeline! He made sure to grab a buddy or two though, they weren’t driving out there alone! They loaded in to a company van, just barely missing running over those delivery guys outside!

Anthony: They did … WHAT?! *He crushed the wineglass in his hand into pieces and opened his hand to look at his palm, already healing over. He closed his eyes.* No matter. If you wish something done right … you must do it yourself. *He stood, then opened his eyes and straightened his suit.* Have those three see me as soon as they return. And cancel all appointments and meetings for the day. I have other matters to attend to. *And then he disappeared!*

Conrad: Uh … Sorry! *With the mannequins distracted, he found he was actually able to take care of more of them than he was able to before! He was flying scrolls left and right, watching as they froze and then dropped to the ground! It was a good thing he had so many scrolls handy!*

Michael: *When they stopped rolling, his hands went for Gabriel’s neck again!*

Evangeline: *Stupid speed limits! Evangeline was almost tempted to let him have Brutus do the driving, if he was going to do silly things like obey red lights and street signs! But as soon as the van was parked on the college campus, she was hopping out with Brutus quick!* You have to make sure there’s no beasts going after innocent people and make sure they get away safely! Don’t engage with Michael, or you’ll just get yourself killed!

Gabriel: *Tilted his head to one side, out of Michael’s grasp, then elbowed the side of his face!* -04:12 Oct 31

Michael: *Was knocked backwards but he recovered and was going for Gabriel’s neck again!*

“Yes ma-Who?!” sputtered that poor hunter! He looked back at his buddies as they reluctantly got out to follow! No one wanted to deal with another Carnatelli! Especially one on the bad side!

Gabriel: *Ready for Michael’s recovery! He gave him an uppercut, then grabbed his arms and pulled him forward, intent on making him slam his face into the dirt while he rolled out from under him!* -04:15 Oct 31

Brutus barked and followed after Evangeline!

Michael: *THUD! His face hit the dirt but he quickly lifted his head and spit out grass and rocks! He snarled at Gabriel and was launching himself at his twin again, claws out!*

Gabriel: *Cut his arm, a long slash deeper than the others! He flung his blood at Michael! If he wanted his blood, he was going to get it!* Cruor convoco vesica tempestas. *As the blood flew, the drops grew larger and longer into red blades that launched themselves at Michael!* -04:22 Oct 31

Michael: *Couldn’t stop or defend himself in time! Dozens of blades sank into his body! He stopped short of Gabriel and dropped to his knees on the ground, looking down at himself! His own blood was beginning to drip out!* I … *He fell onto his side!*

Gabriel: *Got to his feet, keeping his eyes on Michael! He went to recover his sword! He didn’t have what he needed but he could make sure Michael was incapcitated for awhile!*

“Wait a second..!” shouted those hunters! There was no way they were letting Evangeline go first! Gabriel would kill them! They ran past the psychic and her pup, their weapons armed and ready as the enter the courtyard!

But before Gabriel could take a step, a bright red light appeared! He had somehow activated a seal and now he couldn’t move from the spot!

Gabriel: *Looked down at the seal on the ground! By first glance, it was a very complicated seal! More complicated than the one he’d encountered in the room at Anthony’s place! He glanced over at Michael!* -04:28 Oct 31

Fortunately with Michael gone, the mannequins had vanished!

Conrad: *Phew! He leaned forward on his knees! But then he spotted Lily and went over to her!* Lily! Are you alright?

Lily: *Clutching that axe like there was no tomorrow, she just nodded slowly!* I… think so. -04:30 Oct 31

Conrad: *Scratched his head! He was out of scrolls but now they had a bunch of cleaning up to do! Lots of property damage!*

Evangeline: Gabriel! *Drats and double drats…! Evangeline ran past those silly hunters, just standing there and scratching their heads in confusion, to get to Gabriel. She had did it again, led him off to another trap!* I’m so sorry, just give me a minute I can get it undone, I’m sure!

Michael: *Unconscious! But he was injured pretty badly. Even he was going to be out for awhile!*

Anthony: *CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Someone stepping over pieces of marble from the benches and coming up from behind Evangeline! A soft chuckle!* Unfortunately for you, my dear, you do not have the time to play with my little sigil.

Evangeline: *Evangeline froze without turning around! What on earth do you say to that!* I, um… beg to differ? *She pulled her cane and swung around to hit him! One of those hunters would get the hint!*

Anthony: *Didn’t even have to put a hand out to stop that cane! When she swung it, it came up against something before it made contact! Like some kind of force field that deflected the hit! He glanced over his shoulder at the hunters but the ones Evangeline had brought with her had their feet encased in earth!*

Those poor hunters, not only were they confused, but they were freaked the hell out too!

Conrad: *He ran forward! He pulled one of the hunters’ shotguns out of their grasp and went to clobber Anthony over the head from behind!* Evangeline, run!

Lily: *That sense of self preservation… she snatched Conrad hand pulling him back and out of sight from that Carnatelli! Then she’ll figure something out!* -04:44 Oct 31

That seal worked great! Before Gabriel knew it, his feet were encased in stone! Red shackles of magic energy wrapped around his wrists and pulled his arms behind his back!

Conrad: Oooff! *Before he could clobber Anthony, he was dragged away by Lily!* Lily! *He whispered loudly!*

Evangeline: *…But she couldn’t run! The only thing in between Anthony and Gabriel was herself! Evangeline held a hand out!* Don’t come any closer. If you can do tricks, so can I!

Anthony: Do you like my sigil, Gabriel? Bit by bit, you will be turned to stone and as soon as you are … *He chuckled softly and spread his hands. He glanced over at Evangeline, looking a lot like a cat with two mice to play with!* Tricks? Like what, my dear? *He took one step forward.*

Lily: Just wait,.. please. *If Michael was impossible to beat, Anthony Carnatelli could only be worlds worse… She wasn’t going to let Conrad kill himself!* -04:51 Oct 31
Gabriel: Seer. Run. *He said, eyes on Anthony.* -04:51 Oct 31

Conrad: *Blinked! She had a real good point!* Wait for what? Anthony came for something! Or someone. *He ran his hand through his hair and looked at her. He nodded.* But … you’re right. We can’t take him on unprepared like this.

Brutus was still beside Evangeline and he growled at Anthony!

Evangeline: Just tricks. *There wasn’t time to argue with Gabriel. If Evangeline could make walls in her head there was no reason she couldn’t make a forcefield too! With her hand splayed open that was exactly what she tried to do! A physical barrier to block Anthony from Gabriel!*

Lily: We have to get him out of the seal. Gabriel is the only one to fight him… Could you do it from here? -04:55 Oct 31

Anthony: *Tilted his head slightly at her, studying her.* So the little psychic is attempting to become a witch, hm? How intriguing. *He put his hand out and smiled a bit when he felt the firmness in thin air, an invisible force field growing more solid by the moment.*

Conrad: *Blinked and shook his head!* Uh … No. We have to get close to it. But it looks pretty complicated, even from here …

Perhaps I can be of assistance? *Someone asked! It was none other than Lily’s European History professor! He smiled and pushed his eyeglasses further up his nose.*

Evangeline: *She couldn’t reply! Evangeline had to force her focus in to the wall! It was hella harder to do than she had anticipated!*

Lily: What could you do? *Lily asked suspiciously… he was most certainly a warlock, but whether or not he was useful was another thing! She was as suspicous as her mother!* -05:00 Oct 31

He smiled! It was his “Oh, just trust me already” smile! “I can’t say I’m a master of seals but … I do know my way around them. All I need is to get close to examine it and I can see what can be done.”

Anthony: *A wicked grin as he pushed harder against the little wall Gabriel’s psychic had erected!*

Conrad: *Raised an eyebrow at the professor! He never did trust the guy and now … He didn’t know what to think!*

Evangeline: *A wince and a step backward as she rebraced herself. She reached behind her to try and catch a hold of that seal. All she had to do was put a crack…!*

Lily: …Then now is a really good time to go out there and get close to it. *Lily replied… Evangeline didn’t look like she would hold Anthony for long!* -05:09 Oct 31

Anthony: It is stupid to try and fight me. Brave, yes, but stupid all the same. I have taken down beings stronger and more experienced in these matters than you, little girl. *He was pushing harder against her barrier.* You are nothing. You will always be nothing. Even your own parents know this. That is why they gave you up so easily.

Gabriel: Do not listen to him. Never listen to him. Anthony is nothing but lies and seeks your weaknesses to exploit. *He knew the Seer knew this but he was going to remind her anyways!* -05:11 Oct 31

He blinked! That smile was gone! “You’re not seriously considering putting me in harm’s way just to save that vampire, do you? I’ll have you know I’ve had a lot of run ins with vampires. Nasty sort. Always trying to maim me and drink my blood. I’m always up for a drink or two with a fine lady but really it is just plain barbaric for them to–”

Conrad: *Pulled his gun out and shoved the muzzle against his chin!* Shut the hell up. We need someone to rescue that vampire, right now. Can you do it or not?

He was thoughtful for a moment. “Well … I suppose … but … what’s in it for me?”

Evangeline: *Of course she knew this! She could have said so, but the strain of trying to keep a wall and snap a seal at the same time was more than she could keep! Taking a deep breath she released the wall in an effort to make a sharp cut on the seal!*

Lily: Anything you want, just go out there and do something! -05:14 Oct 31

That professor moved very fast! He was suddenly right beside Lily, between her and Conrad, holding her hand! “Then go out with me. Have dinner. Tonight. At seven.”

Conrad: What the hell! *He muttered! This guy was nuts!*

Lily: Fine! Go! Break the seal! *Lily hardly expected him to live long to make good on the deal anyway!* Now! -05:16 Oct 31

At first glance, Evangeline hadn’t accomplished anything! But she succeeded in making a tiny crack in the seal!

Anthony: *As soon as the wall was gone, he reached out and grabbed both wrists in one hand, pulling her toward him! He kept her arms raised so she couldn’t get enough footing to lash back at him! He kicked Brutus away when the pup tried to attack!*

Evangeline: Don’t you hurt him..! *He was an overwhelming dark… twenty times worse than the aura of Michael! Evangeline struggled reguardless!* Run away, Brutus!

The professor was gone! And sneaking across the courtyard … using first one, then another hunter as cover to get closer!

Unfortunately Brutus was out for the count!

Gabriel: *His eyes flashed red briefly and he was struggling against the seal’s energy but it was keeping him down* I will get her back. -05:30 Oct 31
Gabriel: *! -05:30 Oct 31

Anthony: *Chuckled softly!* I trust you received your money’s worth of her services, Gabriel. Because she is mine. Now and forever. *And then he and Evangeline were gone!*

As soon as Anthony was gone, he sprinted for the seal and got on his knees on the dirt! He leaned forward and circled the seal on his hands and knees! “Alright then. Let’s see … Starting points there. And there. Hm … And over here, too. Old school designs. Hm …”

Conrad: He took Evangeline. I’ll see if I can chip away all that dirt from the other hunters. *And he dashed over to start chiseling at one hunter’s feet with a knife!*

Lily: *Lily pulled Conrad with her towards Gabriel!* …You shouldn’t have waited until he was gone! He took Evangeline! *There should have been some sympathy for those hunters but… at least they were alive!* -05:40 Oct 31

“And get killed. Besides, he’s gone now, isn’t he?” he said without lifting his head. He whistled and made a “tsk tsk” sound. “My, my, my … This is one fine baby.”

Those hunters urge Conrad to dig a little faster. Not a one of them wanted to still be in the area when Gabriel got out of that seal. He shot some people just for an accident, this was a lot worse!

Conrad: *More or less ignored the hunters’ pleas! They’d get out when they got out! He didn’t want to be responsible for stabbing someone’s foot or slicing off a toe! It sounded weird but it was known to happen!*

Gabriel: *Studied Lily.* … Are you alright? -05:43 Oct 31
Lily: *Lily moved to Brutus and scooped him up. The poor puppy…* I don’t want to think about it at the moment. …Is he going to hurt Evangeline? -05:44 Oct 31

Brutus lifted his head and looked up at Lily before he licked her face!

“That line crosses over that way … Reinforces that line and that line over there … The same thing with these other lines. They reinforce each other … Ohohohoh! Fantastic! There’s a small crack here! If I do this …” He pressed his finger against the point in the seal that seemed to be blurred. He closed his eyes and focused, hoping to strengthen the crack, make more.

With one hunter free he was helping dig out one of the other two! Oh man, were they in so much trouble…!

Gabriel: *Didn’t reply to Lily’s question!* … I am going to tear him apart. -05:56 Oct 31

Conrad: *Helped get another hunter free! Then he joined Lily and looked at the professor working at the seal.* Well, now we know what those guys sneaking in on campus late at night were up to.

Lily: *…Lily didn’t fail to miss that! There was a frown on her face as she softly pet Brutus!* I’ll take care of the puppy for you. -05:58 Oct 31

Brutus put his head back down! He was exhausted, the poor thing!*

[Lily is going to werepup sit if the Professor ever gets Gabriel loose!] -03:46 Nov 01
[Conrad watched the professor at work! ] -03:47 Nov 01

The professor stopped, frowned. “Mm … I’ll give whoever did this credit. They sure knew what they were doing.” He rolled his sleeves up and looked up at Lily. “How about a little kiss for good luck.”

Time was running out! From the knees down, Gabriel’s legs were stone!

Lily: *If the poor puppy was awake, she’d give him a kiss alright! A wet sloppy kiss!* How about you work faster! -03:51 Nov 01

He sighed. “Alright, alright …” He muttered under his breath and went back to working on the seal. He put his fingers back on the points and closed his eyes. “Zumachen komme abgebunden …” The wind began to pick up and the seal began to glow!

Conrad: Where do you think he took her? *He asked Gabriel.* -03:59 Nov 01

Gabriel: Somewhere I will not be able to find her easily. *He replied after a moment of silence.*

The professor began to move his fingers farther apart. “Zumachen komme abgebunden.” The wind was beginning to whip everyone’s hair and clothes around, kicking up grass and dirt.

Lily: *Lily lifted Brutus up over her shoulder, bracing him with her arms.* Why would he even take Evangeline. -04:04 Nov 01

The stone was creeping up and had now encased Gabriel’s thighs!

Conrad: *Scratched his head.* Evangeline is helping Gabriel … Maybe he just wants to stop her from helping him anymore. *He sighed.* Then again … he could just be doing it because he’s a sadistic son of a bitch. No offense. *He glanced at Gabriel.* -04:12 Nov 01

Gabriel: … None taken.

Lily: You’re going too slow. He’ll be a statue before long. *Lily considered taking a lesson from her mother and threatening him to work faster! But she may not get away with snatching one of Conrad’s guns again!* -04:17 Nov 01

Indeed! Gabriel’s lower body from the waist down was stone!

“I told you this is complicated!” the professor hissed, opening one eye! Then he closed it and went back to … whatever the hell he was doing!

Conrad: *He moved closer to Lily so he could talk a little softer.* Are you really going on a dinner with this guy? -04:20 Nov 01
Lily: If he does what he said he’d do… *She mumbled!* You’ll be there, right? -04:21 Nov 01
Conrad: You know I will. Me and Brutus. *He reached out to pet the werepup’s head for a moment.* -04:22 Nov 01

The wind was even harder now! There was the sound of it picking up something heavy and flying it against a building! The professor’s eyes were shut tightly and he appeared to be really concentrating! The seal was glowing brightly, so bright it could easily blind someone! “Zumachen komme abgebunden!” The seal at his fingertips began to unravel and move outward! When it had nearly unraveled completely, the stone around Gabriel’s body glowed and melted away into little sparkles of light! The rest of the seal disappeared into sparkles of light but then it unleashed a pulse of energy strong enough to send shivers down everyone’s spines!

Conrad: Wow. *He was actually amazed–at the fact that the professor did it before Gabriel was turned into stone!* -04:27 Nov 01
Lily: *Cracking a seal like that was maybe a little bit impressive, but she wasn’t going to say anything that might inflate a man’s ego!* Thank you! -04:28 Nov 01

Gabriel: *Glanced over at the professor.* Hawthorne. *He walked up to Lily and scratched the werepup’s head affectionately.* My thanks, Ms Grey, for watching the pup for me.

The professor stood and dusted the grass off his pants. He smiled at Gabriel. “Gabriel.” He ssssllliiidddd over to Lily. “So … about our dinner …”

Lily: *Lily nodded softly at Gabriel before carefully eyeing that Warlock!* …what about it? -04:33 Nov 01
Conrad: *Turned to Gabriel as the vampire started to walk away.* How long will you be gone? -04:35 Nov 01

Gabriel: *Still walking.* As long as it takes to get the Seer back. *And then he was gone!*

He smiled. “Well … How about I pick you up at seven … at your mother’s hotel, Shades?”

Lily: …I guess that’s okay. *But she wasn’t going to wear anything weird!* At seven, then. -04:39 Nov 01

“It’s a date then. How about a kiss goodbye?” He closed his eyes and leaned forward …

Conrad: *Pulled his gun out and pressed the muzzle against Hawthorne’s cheek.* Fine. You can kiss this. -04:41 Nov 01
Lily: *Biting her lip so she wouldn’t be smirking, she took Conrad’s arm and pulled him away to leave!* -04:44 Nov 01

The professor looked at the gun without moving his head and blinked a couple of times! “So much for my kiss …” He pouted as he watched Lily pulling Conrad away.

Conrad: *Found himself being pulled away! He turned once they were out of earshot.* So … When are you going to tell him me and Brutus are tagging along? -04:45 Nov 01
Lily: He’ll find out the hardway. He could use a few surprises. -04:48 Nov 01

As they were walking away, Brutus lifted his head and looked around slowly!

Lily: *Lily gave Brutus a good soothing petting!* You’re being babysitted, werepup. And going to be guard dog on a date if you feel better? -04:50 Nov 01
Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* I like the way you think. *They got to the jeep and he opened the door for Lily so she didn’t have to let go or adjust Brutus in her arms.* -04:53 Nov 01

“Woof!” He barked once in agreement and he licked her face.

Lily: *Lily slid inside, adjusting Brutus in her lap.* Everytime he asks for a kiss, you make sure to give him one. That’ll go over perfectly. -04:55 Nov 01
Conrad: If Brutus’ appetite is anything near what Leon’s is … your date is going to have one hell of a bill. *He drove out of the campus parking lot.* So, where to? Back to Shades to get ready for your date? -04:56 Nov 01
Lily: *Lily nodded! She would have preferred skipping a date altogether and going straight to bed… But it wasn’t likely to last too long anyway!* To Shades. We’ll get Brutus all dressed up. -04:58 Nov 01

Brutus barked. His tail was wagging now. It looked like he was getting his energy back!

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