Dark and Caroline strengthening the wards on Evangeline’s castle and getting frisky!

[Caroline was prowling outside in the courtyard, following the wall and checking for breaches in wards!] -09:29 Sep 17
[Dark was finishing up adding his wards on the north wall of the castle!] -09:30 Sep 17
Dark: *He stood and took a look around! This was a hell of a job and there didn’t seem to be an end to it! Several hours later and he was just getting one wall done. How the hell did Gabriel manage to do all this on his own!* -09:31 Sep 17
Caroline: *Cracks in the wards were few and far between. Most of them repaired themselves, but there was a little damage after Gabriel’s run without Evangeline. On the bright side, it gave her the opportunity to add wards of her own. Little things Gabriel wouldn’t think of.* …why in the Devil King’s name is someone’s soul plastered in this stone, I wonder? *Tisk, tisk…! If Evangeline saw that!* -09:35 Sep 17
Dark: That’s a trick question, right? *He muttered as he walked over to her. The only part he was surprised about was that there weren’t more souls plastered here! He wouldn’t have doubted it if someone had told him Gabriel had ground the bones of his enemies into the mortar for the walls and for the foundation.* -09:37 Sep 17
Caroline: It’s a sincere, question. This isn’t quite the usual use for a soul. *One hand on the stone. …So she was curious. She’d like to know who it was and why. Hrm.. Other than powering some of the wards.* Ah ha… Clever vampire. -09:39 Sep 17
Dark: Let me guess. The soul pissed him off and now its doomed to feel every ounce of damage someone inflicts on the wall? -09:40 Sep 17
Caroline: No, actually. …Well, partiacally yes. But this is more like… sustainable fuel. Soul powers a particular ward at just the right rate where it recovers and regenertes faster than it burns. It virtually lasts forever. *Handy little things souls were. She had discovered so much about them just being a demon!* Have you finished? -09:43 Sep 17
Dark: With this wall, yeah. And don’t get on me about finishing the other walls. I’ll get to it. I just want to take a break first. -09:45 Sep 17
Caroline: Are you going to take a third nap..? *Caroline cast him a smirk before tilting her attention back at the wall. He finished much faster than she did, but there was no reason to let him know. * -09:46 Sep 17
Dark: You got it. *He walked away and started looking for a nice patch of grass somewhere nearby. He finally found one and wasted no time in lying down, hands clasped beneath his head.* -09:53 Sep 17
Caroline: *Caroline rolled her eyes. It did figure! He napped more than a cat did! All she had to do was finish sealing off a ward. Adding her signature, and making sure Gabriel couldn’t manipulate it. There might come another time that he needed to be kept from Evangeline…* There. One more solid wall. About a hundred or so more to go. *And just because she was feeling particularly wicked, she summon a drift of snow from the Winter Courtyard and dropped it right on top of the sprawled out Dark.* -09:56 Sep 17
Dark: Oofff! *He sat up and shook snow off of him!* Hey! What was that for?! -10:21 Sep 17
Caroline: …You looked a little a warm. *Thus she put on the most innocent of expressions. …which was quite hard for her to do!* -10:23 Sep 17
Dark: Hardy har har … Very funny. *He muttered, flicking the snow at her!* -10:24 Sep 17
Caroline: *A smirking snicker as she hopped to the side!* …I take it you’re too cold now? …a little wet too. I could start a fire. -10:25 Sep 17
Dark: Yeah, a fire. *He walked over to her and slipped his arms around her from behind.* Like the "fire" you started down at Monte Carlo? -10:37 Sep 17
Caroline: I’m not sure if I would call that a fire. Embers, maybe. *She tilted her head to peer over her shoulder. It was still a surprise for him to be like this… She was so used to just teasing him until he escaped!* -10:41 Sep 17
Dark: *He took the opportunity to kiss her lips. It was nice to be able to touch her like this. To hold her. Even if she did tease him often.* -10:48 Sep 17
Caroline: *Definitely not used to this…! It was almost like being a child again. Flirting with a boy and wondering what came next. There was a sigh and wistful look from her as she twisted to turn in his arms.* …Or perhaps lile hot fire coals. -10:54 Sep 17
Dark: That sounds a lot better than embers. *He murmured against her lips, dipping his head to kiss and nibble on her neck. His hands moved across her back.* -10:55 Sep 17
Caroline: Uh huh… I’m starting to think I underestimated the burning potential. *Ooo, so much potential. It was all she could do to just rest her chin on his shoulder and not drag him away somewhere!* -10:59 Sep 17
Dark: How’s this for burning potential? *He found the spot where her pulse beat strongest and sucked on it. One hand dipping down to cup her ass and push her just a bit closer.* -11:07 Sep 17
Caroline: *If anyone had ever told her she’d have the hots for naughty vampiric habits, she might have kicked them in the face. For now, she was curling her fingers in to the fabric at his shoulder and trying not to hiss through her teeth!* …it’s… huh.. on the right track, I believe. -11:13 Sep 17
Dark: *It was rare when he was able to do something that made Caroline speechless so who could blame him for wanting to explore just a tad further? He lifted his head slightly to lick the spot he’d sucked on, then kissed his way further down to her chest. He gently backed her against the wall, then slipped his knee between her legs.* -11:16 Sep 17
Caroline: Dark.. *It wasn’t clear if that was warning or just a statement. But there was definitely burning! Feeling that warm flush all the way down to her toes. She was going to have to think of something cold and dull! …Unfortunetly brushing her fingers in to his hair wasn’t helping her train of thought.* -11:20 Sep 17
Dark: Hm? *He asked, not really pausing to see if something was wrong. His hands were slipping under the bottom of her blouse, callused fingers brushing against smooth skin. His knee was rubbing up against her and his mouth had moved up again to nibble on her ear.* -11:23 Sep 17
Caroline: *She was going to say something. But damned if the only sound that managed to come out was a pleased sigh. Her fingers were itching to take that shirt off him, but there had to be some sort of restraint!* You should be… *Damnation! What was she going to say?* -11:30 Sep 17
Dark: Just a little while longer … *He whispered in her ear. His hands moved farther up, wickedly slipping over her breasts to rub the material against her nipples, scraping his thumb nails against them until they strained against her bra. His knee began to thrust up against her, circling, coaxing her legs a little wider apart, inviting her to lean against the wall for support.* -11:33 Sep 17
Caroline: *A soft growl was her response, both at him and at her own nearly instant desire to pin him to the ground. As she dug her fingers in to his shoulders with the intention to distance him a bit, instead she got the opposite! Pulling him in closer against her to feel his body against hers. She tilted her head, nuzzling against his cheek and coaxing him to kiss her.* -11:43 Sep 17
Dark: *He felt her nuzzle his cheek and was only too happy to oblige! He moved his head, brushed his lips against hers and licked her lips before actually kissing her. Pressing his lips against hers with varying degrees of soft and hard pressure. His hands moved to finally slip under her bra.* -11:50 Sep 17
Caroline: *It was like writhing in delicious agony. She took his head in her hands and brushed her thumbs over his cheek gently… but the kissed she returned wasn’t! Deep and desperate, she only broke away when she was squeezing her eyes shut and trying to pull her hands off him.* Dark… you’re killing me… -12:01 Sep 18
Dark: *He caressed her breasts and was so very tempted to dip his head and taste them. He remembered their color. Deep, rich. Nipples so beautiful against her pale skin. He returned her passion, kiss for kiss, then pressed himself against her.* What a coincidence. *He murmured against her mouth.* You are doing the same to me … and Death has never tasted so sweet. -12:05 Sep 18
Caroline: *Why that made her smile, she didn’t know! And wasn’t helping her regain her self control. She tilted forward to brush a soft kiss over his lips, even while she was pulling her hands back.* And you taste like trouble, little vampire.. -12:14 Sep 18
Dark: You live for trouble, Caroline. Else you wouldn’t have bothered to help me the first night we met. *He lifted his head and moved his hands away from her. He kissed her lips gently, then dipped his head and sank his teeth into her ear in a teasing gesture. Then he was walking away to move to the next wall.* -12:17 Sep 18
Caroline: I have a weakness for men in distress. *…and for nibbling. While he walked away, she was still leaning against the wall feeling very much ravished and entirely unsatisfied. Caroline was still trying to get her heartrate to slow down when she pushed away from the wall and trailed after him, almost like a cat on the prowl. …ooo the wicked things she was thinking!* -12:22 Sep 18
Dark: *He turned the corner, touched the wall. He had to focus on doing this right so he could rest easy. Last thing he needed was for Gabriel to bitch about the wards being incomplete. He cracked his knuckles and started creating wards, in between the ones Gabriel had made. Darkness and Light. He would reinforce the ones here and make them impenetrable.* -12:24 Sep 18
Caroline: *There was work to be done, and clearly Dark was able to jump right back on it. …she on the other hand. Trying to get refocused wasn’t turning out to well. …it would be so easy to vanquish his clothes… Damn that vampire, she was trying to be responsible here! Why did he have to feel so damn good?* …. *Screw it! She needed something icy cold! Caroline stalked towards the fountains!* -12:30 Sep 18
Dark: *While Caroline went to the fountains, he was moving on to add another ward and then another ward. He paused and made sure the wards he’d made so far were stable and strong before continuing on.* -12:34 Sep 18
Caroline: *She was never going to crack another teasing joke about fire ever again. She was on fire! Kicking off her shoes, pulling off her jack and her blouse too, Caroline ducked her head in the fountain water for a good few seconds. When she stood back up again, she was shaking water out of her hair. …it was -minimally- better!* -12:37 Sep 18
Dark: *He was humming to himself now as he moved his hands over the wall. The rocks were smooth as if worn away by water and time, as if to make sure an enemy couldn’t find a foothold to climb on it.* -12:39 Sep 18
Caroline: *Combing her hands through her hair, she spied for him again. As long as she could look at him without jumping on him, she’d be good. Hmm… better keep some distance. But, no reason not to have some fun though. It was too damned easy for him to go back to work. So Caroline slipped off her pants to toss them aside, and sat down on the edge of the fountain with a wicked smirk.* ….Tell me, Dark. From whom did you inherit your work ethic from? -12:44 Sep 18
Dark: *He stopped humming and moved a little further along the wall.* What’s that supposed to mean? *He took a step back and spied the top of the wall. He’d have to do those wards, too. Bottom first, and then he could work his way up.* -12:48 Sep 18
Caroline: Only a question. …after all, I remember your attention span for detail didn’t use to last quite so long. *Now she was smirking at the potential innudendo with the comment. She crossed her legs and leaned backwards on her hands at the fountain’s edge.* -12:53 Sep 18
Dark: *He finally looked over at her but managed to control the look on his face. But had he slipped up for a fraction of a second and revealed his surprise at her like that? He was suddenly fascinated by the wall again.* Yeah, well. Learned to be awfully patient when I want something. -01:05 Sep 18
Caroline: *Gotcha. Sweet little vampire, body language is a lesson women learn early…! She was smirking wider now, just sitting and enjoying the sunlight.* You impress me at unexpected moments. I don’t think having a longer break would harm anything. -01:08 Sep 18
Dark: *Damnit, that tone in her voice!* Figure if we get the job done first before we take anymore breaks, we should be finished before the next century. -01:10 Sep 18
Caroline: That is the thing about volunteer work. There’s no necessity to finish it straight away. *What a stupid moment for her to be grinning and thinking about how much she adore him. She moved her hands so she could pull back her hair and see about twisting it up on her head.* -01:13 Sep 18
Dark: *Deep breath! He gave her a sideways glance as she lifted her hands to her hair. The sunlight on her skin made her glow. The sight of her sitting like that by the fountain gave him wicked ideas!* I wouldn’t want to keep you from anything. -01:14 Sep 18
Caroline: ~I’m~ all ready taking a break. You are the one that looks over heated. *Now she wasn’t watching him anymore, but using her time to pretend like she was innocently sunbathing. That included turning so she could dip one foot in the fountain and leaving the other swinging back and forth on the otherside.* -01:17 Sep 18
Dark: Ha. Over heated. I don’t know the meaning of the word. *And it was only when the words were out of his mouth that he realized he’d given her a verbal opening to attack him with. He turned his attention back to the wall and set another ward!* -01:19 Sep 18
Caroline: *Yet instead of something witty and teasing, Caroline just began laughing! Genuine too, for there were moments Dark walked himself so readily in to her traps that she really didn’t have the heart to slap it shut.* Would you like me to come over there and show you? -01:22 Sep 18
Dark: *Stupid him! Opening his mouth like that! He found the wall fascinating again.* No. You look very … comfortable over there. If you’re hungry, you could grab yourself a bite to eat while I finish up here. -01:24 Sep 18
Caroline: Oh no, I can’t wait until you’re ready. *However, she didn’t have any intentions of staying where she was at. She stood slowly, stretching her arms above her head before untwisting her hair. Then it was a slow, innocent walk across the grass, where she stopped beside him and leaned forward to see just what was so interesting about that wall.* There is only this ward here and there to finish. -01:29 Sep 18
Dark: *The way she moved …! He was tense as she stopped beside him but–damnit when she leaned forward like that! It was all he could do not to come up from behind …!* I don’t want anyone to say I do crappy work so it’s better if I recheck the wards and then start on the next wall. -01:31 Sep 18
Caroline: You realize there are hundreds of walls and no way we can complete all of this today. We’ll probably be working on it for the next twenty years. *He was bristling, and she was thrilled. That’ll teach the boy not to get her all worked up and then pretend he was done! She waved a hand, dismissing a few of the jumbled pieces of the ward, and replaced it with something solid and stronger.* There, see. -01:35 Sep 18
Dark: Thanks. Guess it’s time for some lunch then. *And then he was walking inside!* -01:38 Sep 18
Caroline: *A snap of her fingers and she returned all her clothes as they should be… minus being a little damp. Though he got away, Caroline was still smiling when she followed after him in to the castle.* Should we borrow from Evangeline’s kitchen, or would you like to have another nibble of me today? -01:43 Sep 18
Dark: *Had he heard correctly …–Damnit, this wasn’t helping things at all! As if anything in Evangeline’s kitchen could compare to having a piece of Caroline. But he would never be able to stop there … That give him wicked ideas of taking her in the kitchen, bent over with his fingers between her thighs … He looked straight ahead.* I wouldn’t want to trouble you or anything. -02:05 Sep 18
Caroline: You’re being far too polite. *Poor Dark, she might have harassed him too much today. Once they were in the kitchen, she stepped in to his way to curl her arms around his waist and rest her head on his shoulder. Still smirking, but at least trying to behave.* I like trouble, remember? -02:08 Sep 18
Dark: *He stopped–he had no choice but to or risk running into her–and then gave a deep sigh.* But if we keep up this trouble, I’ll have you bent over the nearest appliance with my fingers between your thighs. -02:11 Sep 18
Caroline: *That made her pause! He had an interesting way of being perfectly blunt with his thoughts. Caroline didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or dare him to try it!* …and you think this is a bad thing? -02:13 Sep 18
Dark: *That made him smirk!* It is when we’re in Evangeline’s kitchen. *Everything was different when it came to Evangeline and Gabriel. Any other kitchen he would be fine having sex in. But Evangeline’s kitchen … Yeah, definitely different.* -02:16 Sep 18
Caroline: Hmm, you do take after your mother after all… Gabriel is never so considerate. *Now that she had her hands on him, though, she wasn’t too keen on letting him go.* And if we went elsewhere? -02:18 Sep 18
Dark: Heh. You say "considerate", I say "awkward." *He nuzzled her cheek.* But yeah, elsewhere would be different. -02:21 Sep 18
Caroline: Then lets go somewhere different, and continue that interesting conversation about fires, hmm? *Because if they didn’t, she was going to have him here in the kitchen whether he liked it or not. And the proof was in her already sneaking her hands under his shirt,* -02:24 Sep 18
Dark: *She was amazing … and he wondered if she knew it. If she didn’t, he was determined to show her.* Back at the loft then. *He kissed her cheek. And because her hands were occupied, he teleported them to the loft and then sinking down onto the sofa. The nice, big sofa.* -02:30 Sep 18
Caroline: *Grinning wide, she went ahead and pulled that shirt of his up and over his head. Tossing it elsewhere and as far away as possible. There was much to appreciate with a half naked man… nothing better than lean muscle and taunt skin.* -02:35 Sep 18
Dark: *He helped her get his shirt off and then watched as she threw it far, far away. He put his hands on her hips.* Like what you see? -02:40 Sep 18
Caroline: I think… that you are astonishingly handsome. It’s probably a crime in most countries. *Here she was breaking the law too, running her hands over his chest.* -02:43 Sep 18
Dark: *He sat forward to kiss the tip of her nose, his hands slipping her jacket off.* Mm … Probably. I guess we’ll have to be careful. Wouldn’t want to attract unwanted attention. *He lowered his head to her neck as he managed to get her jacket off and started on the top. It was probably easier to use magic but there was something much more sexy about pulling clothes off the old fashioned way.* -02:47 Sep 18
Caroline: Being put in prison for being dangerously sexy wouldn’t be too bad. *Grinning, she shifted just enough so she could kick off her shoes. She had been reaching to tug off his pants, but found herself more amused with testing to see just how many ticklish spots she could graze her fingers over.* -02:50 Sep 18
Dark: Depends on the company. If I was locked away with you, they couldn’t throw me into prison fast enough. Anyone else … and they’d find this vampire a little too difficult to control. *He made soft "mm’s" as she moved her hands over his body and he stripped her down to her bra, lowering his head to nuzzle her neck.* -02:53 Sep 18
Caroline: I don’t know, you seem pretty tame to me. *Gentle taunting with her words, and a not so gentle tugging at the waistband of his pants. So Sorely tempted just to snap her fingers and make them vanish all together.* -02:59 Sep 18
Dark: *He smirked.* You just haven’t found the right buttons yet. *He opened the clasp to her bra, leaned back to appreciate the view. Caroline’s bra slipping off, her breasts rising and falling, her nipples still hard.* -03:02 Sep 18
Caroline: That sounds like a challenge, little vampire. *Although when he looked at her like that, she almost had the urge to grin and cuddle him. …then again! She snaked a hand behind his head and in to his hair, dragging him forward to steal a kiss! Slow and sweet… at least until she nipped his bottom lip!* -03:09 Sep 18
Dark: *He was still smirking as she pulled his head toward her. He made a soft groan as she kissed and then nipped him. He licked her lips as his hands moved up to caress her breasts.* -03:15 Sep 18
Caroline: *How to find a man’s buttons… Well first, she was starting with his actual buttons and undoing his pants with her free hand. Shifting so she could curl a leg around one of his and inch her body against his.* -03:20 Sep 18

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