028 A Date with the Professor

As promised, Lily meets Stephan Hawthorne for their date… along with Conrad and Brutus in tow. Lily displays a wicked streak nearly as devious as her mothers, when they discover Hawthorne in allergic to werepups. She plays coy and innocent when Hawthorne makes a fuss about the additional dinner guests. Brutus is an excellent watch-pup while Conrad tries to control his smirking.

Despite all her clever quips, Hawthorne is still not discouraged even as they arrive to the restaurant. Conrad sows brilliant acting skills when he gets Brutus admitted in to the place as Astro Gordon the famous pup. Lily is hard pressed to keep herself from laughing out loud. At the dinner table Hawthorne tries his hardest while Lily attempts to be as morbid and disturbing as possible. When Hawthorne leans in for a kiss, it’s Brutus that gives him a big lick in the face. When that still wasn’t enough to make him crack, Lily and Brutus make sure to order the entire meat menu! Even that wouldn’t do it, so Lily fakes being horribly offended and Brutus helps by making the man spill his drink and then jumps all over him. Hawthorne finally escapes!

Conrad mentions feeling almost sorry for Hawthorne, and Lily feels very much the opposite. They are both worried about Evangeline and Gabriel, and both intend to take care of the pup until they return.

[Lily brushed up Brutus for his first date and changed her clothes. ] -02:34 Nov 02
[Conrad had agreed to change to something a bit more … presentable!] -02:34 Nov 02

Brutus was very excited! He jumped all over the place but at least he was clean!

Conrad: *Sat in the living room and was checking his gun. He’d been able to get more scrolls just in case.* It’s real quiet without Leon here. *He remarked.* -02:36 Nov 02
Lily: *Not that she was dressing to impress her stupid professor. He was likely to bail once he found out she wasn’t going alone. So it was more like a dinner with Conrad than anything else! Lily set Brutus loose after putting little jewel stickers on his collar and followed him out.* I’m dressed. -02:37 Nov 02

Brutus appeared to know he was going somewhere so he wasn’t acting as energetic as he probably would have!

Conrad: *Stood when Lily walked out and looked her up and down.* Wow … You look fantastic. *He blinked.* Uh … Not that you uh, don’t always look fantastic. *He reached down to scratch Brutus’ ears.* -02:41 Nov 02
Lily: Oh! uhm, thank you… *Lily paused for a moment embarrassed and possibly blushing before pointing quickly towards the elevator.* I’m ready to go. -02:43 Nov 02
Conrad: *Slight smile as he scratched the back of his head.* Oh yeah. We better get down before he uh … starts … doing whatever. *He started for the elevator.* Any word from your mom or Leon yet? -02:46 Nov 02
Lily: *Lily stepped in the elevator and leaned against the wall.* She said this morning she painted his toenails hot pink while he was sleeping and he hasn’t noticed yet. -02:48 Nov 02
Conrad: *Stood on the opposite side of the elevator, looking down at Brutus who was sitting right in front of the doors! That was real adorable!* Poor Leon … Well, at least they’re enjoying themselves. I called HQ to see how everything was doing earlier. They don’t know what to do with themselves with your mom gone. -02:52 Nov 02
Lily: They’ll probably wish she was gone again when she gets back. *Brutus was pretty cute… He was going to be a great date tonight!* -02:54 Nov 02
Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* Probably. *He looked up and watched as the numbers changed on the screen above the doors.* -02:56 Nov 02

The elevator stopped and the doors opened! Brutus was the first out, walking with head high, showing off his collar only to stop and wait for Lily and Conrad!

Lily: *Lily took a deep breath and followed after Brutus. This wasn’t exactly the best circumstances for a first date… but having a puppy for the night had to make it better!* -02:59 Nov 02

There was a small crowd in the lobby! And all of them were women! They were going “ooh” and “aah” over something!

Conrad: *Looked at the crowd.* Now here’s something you don’t see everday. -03:03 Nov 02
Lily: *There was a groan out of Lily. Maybe Conrad didn’t, but it sounded like Professor Hawthorne was already there and waiting. What was so great about him anyway?! She headed for the crowd with that Grey look of impatience!* Professor. -03:05 Nov 02

Brutus was right beside Lily!

Stephan: Now, now, ladies, I’m afraid that’s all I can show you. But … I have cards for everyone if you’d like to give me a call sometime. *He said with a wink and started passing out business cards. He looked up!* Ah, Ms Grey! Delightful to see you again! Excuse me, ladies. My date for the evening is here. *There were murmurs of sad “awhs” before they dispersed.*

Brutus barked at the man who smiled like mint toothpaste and … something else!

Lily: …I’m ready to go if you’re done hitting on everyone in the hotel. -03:16 Nov 02

Stephan: *He smiled.* Not to worry. There is plenty of me to go around. *He bent to take her hand and kiss the back of it!*

Brutus started barking again and moved between Lily and the man! He started pushing the man away with his body!

Lily: *Lily blinked before she smiled! Brutus was a little boydguard himself!* That’s good. Brutus would like some attention too. -03:20 Nov 02

Stephan: *Wanted to ignore the tiny furball but when he started pushing him like that!* What an adorable little … *He began to wheeze.* Pu … pu … ACHOO! *He sneezed and barely managed to turn his head in time to avoid splattering Lily and Brutus with germs!* Excuse me. *He stood up and reached into his jacket for a handkerchief.* Brutus … is he … is he … *ACHOO!* Dear God, tell me that isn’t a .. isn’t a … *He looked like he was about to sneeze again!*

Conrad: *Chuckled softly.* A werepup? Why yes. He is. Why do you ask? *He was very amused with this!* -03:22 Nov 02

Brutus sat, facing the man and barked! He wagged his tail!

Lily: Yeah, I get to babysit him for awhile and seeing as he is just a puppy, I couldn’t leave him at home all alone. -03:22 Nov 02

Stephan: *No sneezing! He dabbed his nose with the handkerchief.* Surely you could just … just … *He waved his hand toward Conrad.* Leave him with … him. It is a little known fact but … I am allergic to weres.

Lily: I would, but Conrad is my guard and I can’t go anywhere without him. If that’s a problem, I suppose we’ll just have to cancel this whole date idea… -03:27 Nov 02

Stephan: *Her guard?! And that pup?! No … He couldn’t break off a date! He never broke off a date! He quickly shook his head!* No. No. It’s … quite alright. I’ll … make do somehow. *He dabbed his nose with his handkerchief again.* Right this way, Ms Grey. *He started for the doors. He was going to make this work. He had to! Werepup and guard or not!*

Conrad: *Had to control himself from smirking or laughing … or a combination of the two! How convenient that the professor was allergic to werepups and they had one with them!*

Lily: If you insist. *He was more determined than she thought! Lily stuffed her hands in her pockets and followed after the professor!* I hope you have a puppy friendly dinner place in mind. -03:32 Nov 02

Outside there was a limo waiting for them!

Stephan: *Waved the chaffeur inside and opened the door for her! He blinked! He had obviously not thought of the restaurant they were going to as puppy-friendly!* Well … surely we could eat inside and your … guard could take the pup for a walk somewhere. Anywhere.

Lily: I wouldn’t be very comfortable alone without him. What if vampires popped out of the kitchen? It’s happened to Evangeline. *She might have been hamming it up just a little, as she slid inside the limo. He really went all out for just a little date!* -03:38 Nov 02

Stephan: *Was about to reply when the puppy passed by to get inside and he sneezed! ACHOO! He only had time to turn his head!*

Conrad: Bless you. *He said as he passed by to get inside.* And thanks. You’re a real gentleman, Mr. Hawthorne. *He smiled.* -03:44 Nov 02
Lily: *Lily pulled Brutus in to her lap, there was probably no better shield! She was doing very well not to grin at Conrad!* -03:46 Nov 02

Stephan: *After dabbing his nose and eyes, he climbed into the limo and shut the door! The limo drove off!* I had dinner reservations at the most exclusive of restaurants, Légendaire Cuisine. You may have heard of it. It was featured in Gourmet Digest, the New York Times, and the New York Chronicles. A five star restaurant that is nearly impossible to get reservations into.

Lily: You really went all out for this date, Professor. Are you sure you’re still feeling up to it? You look awfully sniffly… *Lily wasn’t going to smirk!* -04:00 Nov 02

Brutus was behaving very well! He lay down in her lap and was looking oh so innocent!

Stephan: *He was going to do this! He was going to get through this date! He dabbed his eyes again.* Nonsense. It’s just … I haven’t met a were in such awhile and seeing one now, here, even … It just takes some getting used to.

Lily: Brutus is pretty exceptional for a were. You know, my brother’s boyfriend is a were too. I can’t imagine it’ll be very comfortable for you to meet my parents…. *Lily pat Brutus on the head!* -04:05 Nov 02

Stephan: *Put his handkerchief away to get out another one to wipe his glasses! He blew on the lens!* Her … boyfriend, you say? It’s not often that I … meet the girl’s parents … *He cleared his throat as he placed his eyeglasses back on his nose.*

Lily: Really? You’d have to meet mine. One date leads to another, then engagements and marriage.. Mother likes to make sure people are properly screened. -04:12 Nov 02

Stephan: *He was wearing that charming smile again.* I am sure she has her best intentions in mind. After all, one must take extra special care of a gem like yourself, Ms Grey. May I call you Lily?

Lily: Lily is fine. You’re right, though. I mean, stuff like today happens all the time. We’ll be lucky to have a nice evening out without someone trying to kill us. -04:26 Nov 02

The limo stopped! They had arrived! The chaffeur parked in front of the restaurant and opened the door!

Stephan: *Was the first to get out! He took a deep breath of air before anyone noticed and put on his best smile! He moved to the side so everyone could get out.* All … the time?

Lily: *Lily ushered out Brutus before stepping out herself. Keeping a staight face!* Yeah. If Gabriel didn’t show we’d all probably be dead. It’s too bad he’s gone looking for Evangeline. *Lily flashed a big smile!* But you should be good in dangerous situations, right, Professor? -04:32 Nov 02
Conrad: *Stood to the side opposite Hawthorne and had to smile! It was a good thing Lily’s date didn’t notice!* -04:34 Nov 02

Brutus jumped out of the limo and glanced around! The restaurant looked very classy! Red carpet leading from the street, across the sidewalk and to the front door where a man in a suit waited! Bright lights, large windows, and music wafting in everytime the door opened to admit or let out some fancy couple!

Stephan: I’m sure we won’t run into anything your guard can’t handle. *Still wearing that smile as he walked beside Lily to the doors! The door man opened it for them and glanced at Brutus!*

“I’m sorry, sir. We do not allow dogs into our establishment.”

Lily: But he’s a special dog. He has to go inside. *Lily made sure to remind!* -04:42 Nov 02

The doorman glanced around and scratched his chin. “I might be able to let it slide if … there was something in it for me. Perhaps … a little tip?”

Lily: Professor, please? *There’s a look she hasn’t used in forever.. the please-mommy-please can I have it, look! It should do the trick!* -04:49 Nov 02

Stephan: *He’d been so sure that the doorman’s refusal to let the pup in would do the trick! Then Lily was using that look and … He found himself sticking his hand into his pocket to pull his wallet out and forking out some cash.* Here.

The doorman took the cash and casually looked at the bill. He gave the professor a skeptical look. “Five dollars. Did I mention I got a wife and kids to feed? Seven of ’em. And a dog. Just like that little one you got right there.”

Lily: You better give him a hundred. Dogs eat a lot. -04:51 Nov 02

Stephan: *A hundred?! But he was still playing it cool and collected when he pulled out a hundred dollar bill and nearly threw it at the doorman.* Here. Now can we go in? *He straightened out his suit.*

The doorman winked at Lily while Hawthorne was fussing with his suit. “Much thanks, sir. And ma’am.” He opened the door and glanced the other way as they walked inside.

Lily: I never knew you were so generous, Professor! *Now she couldn’t help herself and was grinning like mad. Luckily he’d probably think it was about something stupid, like enjoying his company!* -04:57 Nov 02

Inside of the restaurant, there was a small area for people to drop off their coats and shawls. Then an entrance where a stand sat with a book for reservations and such. The man in the suit behind the stand looked up. “Good evening, good evening. How may I help you?”

Stephan: *Forgot all about his troubles when she smiled like that! He smiled right back.* I … do what I can. *His attempt at taking her hand to kiss it backfired when–* ACHOO!

Brutus was standing right beside Lily, tail wagging and tongue hanging out.

Lily: *Lily took a step backwards… now she had to try not laughing!* We better get seated and have dinner before you sneeze yourself to the floor. -05:06 Nov 02

Stephan: *Dabbed his nose! Blast! He’d been so close. He stepped toward the host.* Yes, a reservation for Stephan Hawthorne. Party of … three. And a dog.

The man looked around the professor. “A … dog?” He blinked. “I’m sorry, sir, but we do not allow dogs into the restaurant.”

Conrad: Dear heavens, do you not know who this dog is! *He exclaimed and stepped around Hawthorne. He picked up Brutus for the man to see!* -05:12 Nov 02
Lily: *Lily leaned and whispered.* Better slip him a hundred too. -05:12 Nov 02

Stephan: With all due respect, Ms Grey–Lily, I’m sure this man has the restaurant’s integrity in mind. We couldn’t possibly ask him to put this magnificent place at risk.

Lily: But we just can’t leave him outside cold, hungry and alone. It’s my responsibility to take care of him! -05:16 Nov 02
Conrad: Dear heavens, do you not know who this dog is! *He exclaimed and stepped around Hawthorne. He picked up Brutus for the man to see!* -05:17 Nov 02

The man was speechless! He looked at Brutus, then at Conrad and back at Brutus. “A … dog …?”

Brutus was taking being picked up and held like this very well! He stayed perfectly still and just wagged his tail!

Conrad: *Closed his eyes, sighed, and shook his head. He placed Brutus against his chest and stroked his fur.* If this is how you treat A-list celebrities, I can see why Donovan Geru himself told us not to bother! *He muttered loudly! He started walking away.* To think a man who works at such a place does not know the pup star, Astro Gordon, is preposterous! -05:20 Nov 02
Lily: *Lily tried to look as insulted as possible, but it was pretty hard when Conrad was making her snicker!* I can’t believe it. He’s practically canine royalty, and you’re just going to throw him out on the street… -05:21 Nov 02

The man was still speechless! “Oh! Please … please wait!” He scrambled out from behind the stand to approach Conrad. “Donovan Geru is our most … treasured client. And this …” He turned to Brutus. “Handsome canine … We would be delighted if he would stay and honor us.” He clasped his hands together. “Please … I meant no offense. It is just … Well, we did not expect such a high-class client to be gracing our presence.”

Conrad: *Closed his eyes and shook his head again.* Of course not! How is this grand star going to enjoy a meal if there are paparazzi running all over the place, reporters flashing those hideous cameras? *He appeared to think about it for a moment.* But … I suppose we could stay. Provided Mr. Astro Gordon is given the best treatment canine royalty could demand. -05:24 Nov 02
Lily: *Lily rest an arm around her waist and covered her mouth with a hand! It was supposed to make her look all serious, but she was really just trying to hide her giggling!* -05:26 Nov 02

The man blinked and quickly nodded. “Of course! Of course!” He stepped to one side and gestured further into the restaurant. “Right this way! I will have a private booth open for you immediately!” As he led the way inside, he clapped his hands once and a waiter appeared. He whispered into his ear and the waiter quickly nodded before disappearing past some curtains toward the back. “We have the finest food any restaurant can offer. And our services will be at your beck and call for the remainder of your evening.”

Conrad: How are we doing so far? *He whispered to Lily as he dropped back a bit to walk with her.* -05:33 Nov 02
Lily: I’m not sure how much longer I can keep from laughing. *She mumbled softly back, casting a wide smile!* I hope you’re hungry. -05:35 Nov 02
Conrad: *Grinned!* Not as famished as our little star over here. Isn’t that right, Brutus? -05:36 Nov 02

Brutus barked and wagged his tail!

The man got to the curtains. “Please, wait here while I check on your accomodations.” He disappeared for a few minutes but then came back with a bright smile on his face. “May I present our private booth.” He pulled back one of the curtains to let them inside. Here, there was a large booth with beautiful leather cushions and polished wood. There was a stool for an entertainer to sit on in the corner and spotless silverware and glassware.

Lily: This is very extravagant. The star and I are very impressed. *Lily slid in to a seat after giving Brutus a good scratch! Professor Hawthorne had no idea what was coming!* -05:41 Nov 02

Stephan: *Was keeping as far away from that puppy as possible and dabbing his nose and eyes! He still didn’t know what had happened. It had all happened so quick! He attempted to get as close to Lily as possible!* Now that we have a moment alone, Lily, perhaps we can get to know each other better.

Lily: There really isn’t a lot to know about me. *She replied, trying to subtly inch away!* -05:44 Nov 02

“Your menus.” The man handed each of them one. He paused when he got to Brutus. “Would Mr Gordon like to see the menu himself or would someone like to order for him?

* ”

Lily: Mr. Gordon knows how to choose his own dinner, thank you! *…If he didn’t they could always pretend!* -05:49 Nov 02

“Oh, of course! Would any of you like something to drink? Water? Tea? Wine, perhaps?”

Lily: *Lily made sure to ask for water and a nice large bowl for Mr. Gordon! With lemon wedges! …and grinning!* -05:55 Nov 02

Stephan: *Paused!* I will take tea, thank you. *He smiled over at Lily.* I’m sure there are lots we can talk about. School. Dreams. Anything.

Conrad: I’ll just have water, thanks. *He said.* -06:05 Nov 02
Lily: … Nope! I don’t have a single interesting thing to say at all! It’s always school work, or escaping from death. A constant never ending struggle to survive. You’d be surprised how many different ways you could be killed. Snipers, vampires, food poisoning… -06:08 Nov 02

The man nodded and left!

Stephan: *Different ways to be killed! Not a subject one would prefer to discuss–especially over dinner!* Well, I suppose this just means we have to make every moment in our life count. Am I right?

Lily: You’re right. This may very well be out last meal alive before the evening is crashed by demons. -06:10 Nov 02

Stephan: Yes. Uh … Demons. Perhaps a kiss now then? *He leaned forward and closed his eyes!*

Lily: *Lily scooted over again, picking up Brutus and holding him up to give a puppy kiss!* -06:24 Nov 02

Brutus was only too happy to give kisses! Wet, sloppy puppy kisses!

Conrad: *Raised the menu to cover his face so he wouldn’t start snickering or laughing … Maybe a smile! A small one!* -06:28 Nov 02

Stephan: *Finally leaned back and wiped his face.* My that was … quite … quite … ACHOO!

Lily: *Set Brutus down and picked up her menu again! Smiling like an angel!* I’m not the best kisser in the world, I’m sorry. -06:29 Nov 02

Stephan: *Smiled at Lily!* You know what they say … Practice makes perfect. I am sure there will be plenty of time for that. *He said, winking before returning to his menu.*

Lily: *Brutus kisses should have done it! Hmm… Now Lily was hoping he assumed she’d be a picky salad eater… Between herself and Brutus he was going to have a whopper of a bill!* -06:34 Nov 02

Stephan: *Was going to lean in for another kiss when he started having a sneezing fit!* ACHOO! ACHOO! ACCHOO!!

Lily: *Lily scooted farther still, she’ll be sitting on Conrad’s lap before long! She passed the man one of the napkins!* Are you alright, professor? I think your allergy is getting worse. -06:36 Nov 02

Stephan: *Accepted the napkin!* Thank you. But … nonsense. *He dabbed his nose. But there was no mistaking his red eyes! Denial or not, it was getting worst!* It … only take a … while to … go away.

The drinks have come! The man passed it around and asked if they were ready to order!

Lily: That roasted lamb with potatos sounds perfect. …And Mr. Gordon would like the entire beef selection. …Or did you want chicken today? *She pat Brutus on the head!* -06:42 Nov 02

Brutus barked on the beef choice!

Stephan: *The menu hid his face falling! Roasted lamb? And the pup was going to order the entire beef or chicken menu?!*

Lily: Entire beef menu it is! He prefers it rare, please. As rare as possible. -06:45 Nov 02

The man was jotting it down. “Yes, of course! Rare it will be! Anything else for you, sir?” He asked Brutus!

Lily: That should be just fine for now. He’ll get back to you about his second course. -06:49 Nov 02

“Yes, yes!” The man turned to Stephan and Conrad! “And you two gentlemen?”

Stephan: … *Passed the menu back.* I’ll … just stick to the tea, thank you. I have to watch my diet after all.

[Lily was so sure Brutus\’ fine taste in cuisine would have been the breaking point!] -02:56 Nov 04
[Conrad was really not that hungry …] -02:58 Nov 04
Conrad: *But watching Lily and Brutus eat … That was quite enough for him!* -02:58 Nov 04

Stephan: *Was trying very hard not to panic … but he was about! Lily and that pup of hers could eat!* Surely you don’t want to affect that gorgeous figure of yours Lily by gorging yourself …

Lily: *Lily paused! She wasn’t actually insulted, but she was pretty sure that’d piss off any other chic!* …Are you suggesting I’m going to get fat, Professor? -03:02 Nov 04

Stephan: *Blinked! He quickly waved his hands!* Uh … no, of course not! It’s just … these gourmet foods … they can be awfully hard on the digestive system, that’s all!

In came their waiter! He’d like to know how everyone was doing and if there was anything else he could get for them!

Lily: …So I’m getting fat and I’m too stupid to know what I can and can’t eat? *Jeeze… and all those girls like this guy?* -03:04 Nov 04

Stephan: *Shocked!* No, I mean … I really didn’t mean for it to come out that way, Lily.

Brutus suddenly ran under the table and stepped on Stephan’s feet, causing Stephan’s drink to spill all over his suit!

Lily: That was pretty clumsy, Professor. Brutus, why don’t you give him a hand and clean him up! -03:08 Nov 04

Stephan: Ow! *Winced and was trying to hold his foot while cleaning his suit!* Oh no, my suit!

Brutus came out from under the table and began to bark! He’d be only too happy to help! He climbed on top of Stephan!

Stephan: No! No … that’s quite … quite … ACHOO! ACHOO! ACHOO! *He was sneezing so badly now that the table shook and germs were flying everywhere! He became so ashamed!* Ex … ex … excuse me! *And he stumbled off of his seat and out of the private booth!*

Brutus sat down and watched him run off! He barked once!

Lily: Does this mean the date is over now, Professor? -03:15 Nov 04
Conrad: I almost feel sorry for him. *He glanced at Lily and shrugged a bit.* -03:17 Nov 04
Lily: I don’t. *She cast a grin at Brutus!* Good job, pup! Ready to go home? -03:18 Nov 04

Brutus turned around and sat down to look at Lily and Conrad. He barked, tail wagging and tongue hanging out!

Conrad: *Studied Brutus.* I’m worried. *He looked at Lily again.* About Evangeline and Gabriel. -03:20 Nov 04
Lily: He didn’t answer my question before he left. If Anthony would hurt her. …Maybe we shouldn’t tell Brutus. -03:23 Nov 04

Brutus was tilting his head at them!

Conrad: *Smiled at Brutus as he stood!* Don’t worry about it. If you’re all done, maybe we can go get dessert. My treat. *He scratched Brutus’ ears.* -03:24 Nov 04

The waiter came back! He wanted to know if there was anything else he could get for them!

Lily: Oh.. um… Professor Hawthorne would like the bill to be sent to him on behalf of Mr. Astro Gordon, here! -03:26 Nov 04

The waiter nodded. Professor Hawthorne was a frequent customer of theirs. He wishes them a good evening and disappears!

Conrad: *Chuckled softly as he stood, picking up Brutus and scratching the werepup’s belly.* I guess it’s time for us to hightail it out of here. -03:29 Nov 04
Lily: We’ll grab something sweet for dessert and take it home. Puppy paw chocolate chip or something! -03:30 Nov 04

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