An Anniversary party for Evangeline by the hunters of Oracle! Caroline takes her to a strip club and Gabriel gets sneaky.

[Evangeline was told that she has a present, but this looks more like a party!] -08:19 Oct 03
[Gabriel ] -08:25 Oct 03

Lots to do! Loud music and people dancing!

Kyle was escorting Evangeline today, taking her to a nicely set up room and sitting her in to a chair! “Happy Anniversary, Evangeline! We thought since you got married so sudden, we’d throw you the bachelorette party you missed out on.”

Evangeline: Oh! That’s really sweet of you, you didn’t have to! *She settled in the chair, blinking around pretty curious.* …but aren’t those sort of parties usually thrown by ladies? Shouldn’t you be throwing Gabriel a party? -08:28 Oct 03

There was a knock at the door! But when no one answered it at first, the knocking got louder! One of the hunters hushed the guy who had set up the music and went to see who it was!

Kyle coughed! “I don’t think Gabriel is interested in parties… Uh, here! Have a drink!” He passed her a small glass.

Evangeline: He might be if you asked him. *She pointed over her shoulder towards the door while she took a sip of the drink. It was sweet, but she was pretty sure it had alcohol in it!* Someone is going to answer that? -08:33 Oct 03

It was Randall who went to see who it was! There was a cop on the other side and he didn’t look too happy! He pulled off his sunglasses. “There are complaints about the loud noises. I’d like to talk to the one responsible.” Randall stepped back. “She’s right over there, Officer.” He pointed to Evangeline. The cop walked over and stood in front of her. “Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to place you under arrest.” He pulled out a pair of handcuffs from behind.

Evangeline: …you aren’t going to have me deported are you? I didn’t even plan this party! *Blasted Randall! Evangeline stood up, passing Kyle that empty glass… then blinked!* …wait a second, Jesse, why are you dressed as a cop and wearing a fake mustache…? -08:38 Oct 03

Jesse cleared his throat and someone hit the music. This was spoiling the lines he’d practiced! So he just continued as he’d rehearsed! “I’m arresting you for disturbing the peace and being too damn sexy for your own good.” Then he started moving to the music, swaying his hips and throwing his hat away!

Evangeline: *A total look of confusion on her face, followed by covering her mouth with her hand and holding up a finger trying to…er… pause him!* …wait! Um… Jesse, have you lost your marbles? -08:45 Oct 03

Kyle nudged Evangeline to sit back in the chair and handed her a few dollars bill. “He’s your present, Evangeline!”

Jesse blinked. This was turning out to be a downer! “Yeah, Evangeline! Just relax!” He started unbuttoning his shirt and moving to the music again!

Evangeline: I do like dancing, but this isn’t quite what I imagine..! *Of course she could relax. This sort of thing you are supposed to expect at a bachelorette party… But at the time she couldn’t actually -see- anything!* Are you going to take -all- of your clothes off…? -08:56 Oct 03

“Heh. That depends …” He pulled his shirt off and he was unbuckling his belt with one hand! The other hand was waving in the air above his head and he was gyrating his hips at Evangeilne!


Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back in her chair, at least trying to pretend like this wasn’t really embarrassing! And laughing nervously!* …Jesse, really…! If you wanted to dance with me, all you had to do was ask! -09:04 Oct 03

“But this is different!” Jesse protested as he whipped that belt off and ripped his pants off in a single motion! Underneath, he wore … a glittering thong! The crowd was going wild!

Evangeline: Oh dear…! *Evangeline covered her eyes with one hand, holding out the other with a dollar bill. Jesse did deserve it for being so… brave?* …I am very impressed with your showmanship, really! -09:16 Oct 03

… Suddenly the music died! Jesse blinked and turned! He couldn’t move without the music!

Gabriel: Statiscally someone would have to be. *He said, standing in front of Jesse, opposite Evangeline!* -09:21 Oct 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, they’ve thrown me a party. *…of which she was greatful for. She dropped her hand to look up at Gabriel, but since Jesse was still wearing those glittery undies she just put her hand back up again.* -09:23 Oct 03
Gabriel: And do you have to thank for this idea. -09:25 Oct 03
Gabriel: *who -09:25 Oct 03
Evangeline: I’m not quite sure who planned this..um… party, but Kyle and Jesse have been very… polite! *Is it safe to look yet? Evangeline took a peek… nope, not quite! Did Jesse stuff something in his pants too?* -09:30 Oct 03

Kyle didn’t know if he should be sneaking out or not. Then again, he wasn’t the one almost naked and waving his thang around! “Uh… Happy Anniversary, Gabriel?”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at Jesse who quickly picked up his clothes and slunk into the crowd! Except Gabriel grabbed him by the neck from behind!* -09:44 Oct 03
Evangeline: Ahem…! *Evangeline rose out of her chair and passed Kyle that left over money. She made sure to keep her eyes closed though. She was going to end up seeing Jesse in her mind all day!* Maybe it’s a better idea that we just go out for dinner! -09:48 Oct 03
Gabriel: Dinner. *As soon as he took care of something which Evangeline might have realized as he was headed for the window and people were scrambling to get out of the way!* -09:49 Oct 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, you can’t throw him outside without his clothes on. It’s cold out there and we’re several floors up! -09:51 Oct 03
Gabriel: He is well equipped to handle a fall at several stories. And he is holding his clothes. -09:56 Oct 03
Evangeline: Why don’t we just take a picture of him and pass it around during the next Oracle newsletter instead? *…Just incase she was already reaching in to her pocket to pull out a charm to summon Caroline. At least she could be outside and catch Jesse before he hit the ground!* -10:02 Oct 03

Caroline: *SHe was two seconds away from jumping out of the shadows and startling Dark in a very fun way… and now here she was dropping in to Oracle with Evangeline, Gabriel, and… some idiot in a sparkling speedo.* … Did you just summon me by accident?

Gabriel: *He tilted his head at Evangeline.* … Summoning Caroline. *He narrowed his eyes slightly. He didn’t like that idea. But he dropped Jesse.* -12:31 Oct 04
Evangeline: … You are supposed to be outside ready to catch the people that get tossed out! -12:32 Oct 04

Caroline: I’m so sorry, m’lady. Next time I’ll be sure to cast my psychic spell so I can read your mind. Why are we tossing naked fools out the window this eve?

Jesse was quick to disappear into the crowd! This was the last time he’d let himself be talked into being the stripper for Evangeline!

Evangeline: *Now she was trying to explain matter of factly. Like a mature adult woman! Which wasn’t easy to do with her hand still covering her eyes and she gesturing at Jesse on the floor.* They thought since I didn’t get to have a party before I married Gabriel, that they would have one now! -12:36 Oct 04

Caroline: Ah. …They’re doing it wrong. *Caroline smirked. How sweet. The hunters wanted to treat Evangeline to all of the good looking men she missed out on. Probably the worst way to go about it!*

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He was walking out the door now. There was no sense in him staying and if she wanted to talk with Caroline, she was welcome to it.* -12:42 Oct 04
Evangeline: Wait! What about having dinner with me? *He could just come and throw people out windows and NOT have dinner with her!* -12:44 Oct 04

Caroline: Actually, Evangeline… Why don’t a take you somewhere nice. Let Gabriel have a man’s night out, while I throw you a REAL party? *May as well make the evening worth it. This should be entertaining!*

Evangeline: We aren’t going to stay here with Jesse in his underwear, are we? -12:48 Oct 04

Caroline: Gods have mercy, no. No woman should be subjected to that. Let me take you to see the real thing. *And without risk of Gabriel murdering everyone there. Caroline took Evangeline’s hand before casting her spell and dropping them both outside a place called Brass Flamingo!*

Dark: *He was taking a nap … as usual! In a hammock in the spring courtyard. It was really nice outside. So long as Gabriel and Evangeline weren’t making out in it or one of the inhabitants were doing something just as irritating.*

Evangeline: *That’s a peciliar name for a place! Walking inside with Caroline, she wasn’t sure if this was better or worse than having Jesse running around naked. There were men all over the place serving drinkings without any shirts on and ones dancing up on stage!* Is this a good idea? -01:02 Oct 04

Caroline: Evangeline, have you EVER seen naked men outside of Gabriel? *Caroline smiled so sweet as a waitor passed by, stealing the drinks he was taking to another table. It was helpful to be familiar with a few of the people here. She gave Evangeline a glass of wine.*

Evangeline: Well, there was an incident with a warlock when I was fifteen… It’s never really been a thought! *Evangeline sipped the wine. At least now she wasn’t covering her eyes. Everyone here was mostly dressed, and dancers did dance considerably better than Jesse did! There were also lots of other women around, who seemed to be far more excited than she was!* -01:09 Oct 04

Dark: *He opened one eye and saw Gabriel walking by.* You seen Caroline?

Caroline: I’m not going to ask about the warlock. Here, there’s a table near the stage. *Weaving Evangeline through the crowd, both sat down. Caroline was perfectly relaxed in the place, even waving at one of the men on stage!* Places like this are harmless fun. You can relax, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I am relaxed! *…well, she feels better after drinking some of this wine, anyway. It’s not that she didn’t appreciate it or thought they were indeed nice looking men. But… She could out dancing with Gabriel!* Do you come out to places like this a lot? -01:23 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline laughed and handed Evangeline another glass of wine.* No. Actually, I don’t tend to come out to strip clubs. They are, however, a traditional place to bring and embarrass your lady friends when they need time away from their husbands.

Gabriel: *He thought of that. He knew where Caroline and Evangeline were. And as much as he wanted to whisk Evangeline away, it would not do to cause a scene doing it. It would be much simpler to let Dark do that for him.* She and Evangeline are out. She wished to take her to see male dancers. -01:27 Oct 04
Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! For a moment she almost thought there was some sort of lesson about having manly variety! Caroline had fussed so much about how little experience Dark had with women. She could have thought Evangeline needed experience too!* Oh! In that case, I appreciate it. …I think! Not that I wanted any time away from Gabriel. I wanted to do something special with him. -01:28 Oct 04

Dark: *He snorted and closed his eye. He looked ready to go back to napping.* Heh. Male dancers. As if they got anything worth looking at.

Caroline: Why don’t you drink that really fast… and this too. *Caroline passed her a third glass of wine.* For an anniversary you could get wild and do something spontanious? Have crazy sex in an elevator or somewhere new?

Gabriel: Indeed. Caroline must consider them entertaining. She thought them worth looking at. -01:34 Oct 04
Evangeline: We have in an elevator before! That was much more fun than I ever thought it might be! *Drink it fast? Well… she tried! The second glass down, she had to pause and hiccup before sipping at the third!* I’m not sure about doing anything crazy, I think I’ve had enough crazy for one day. *Speaking of, what was that man doing with his top hat! ….Oh!* -01:35 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline actually looked surprised! ….maybe she underestimated how persuasive Gabriel could be. …or how naughty Evangeline could be?* I suppose you’re going to go home and cuddle? Blissfully normal every day things with the husband you’re going to spend eternity with?

Dark: … *He opened one eye. Grr … How could he take a nap, thinking about this.* Well, not worth looking at for very long … She’ll come back soon. I mean, how long can a woman possibly stay there, ogling … them.

Evangeline: Yes! …there isn’t anything wrong with that, is there? I happen to like cuddling and I know Gabriel does too. Besides we have LOTS of sex, that wouldn’t be something new either! Not that I am tired of it at all! Gabriel is alway so… *She was trying to think of the right word to describe it! But it was always too much for words! That third glass Caroline had given her was now, and now she was definitely relaxed… and chatty!* Do you think it gets boring after a while…? -01:53 Oct 04

Caroline: *Caroline was now staring wide eyed at Evangeline. …she had found the magic mix that made Evangeline blabber on about herself instead of changing the subject! …Nevermind, she changed the focus back to her.* I’ve only stayed with one person longer than a year or so, Evangeline. And no, it was never boring. …Have another glass of wine! What else have you and your husband gotten in to, hmm?

Evangeline: I like taking walks with him in the courtyards… Dancing under fall leaves, or swimming in the spring fountains… *A blissfull smile! Since she married Gabriel, it’s been pure heaven…! Before there had only been snuggles and rare kisses, but now…* Do you miss being married, Caroline? -02:18 Oct 04

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