029 The Library Ghost

Conrad and Lily (with Brutus!) are investigating strange rumors about a dangerous ghost in the college library. Lily is becoming resigned to the fact that her life isn’t going to be ‘normal’, and seems to display a natural curiosity for investigating things. Conrad mentions that he can’t imagine a better person for the job of helping with these weird sorts of situations.

Brutus seems to have caught scent of something and Lily abandons her bag to follow after him. He leads her to a big portrait of a man. With a bit of snooping, Lily finds his name on the plaque and a hidden journal. Jacob Donovan. He had a sad life, where his wife cheated on him with his friend. Finding a picture in the journal, Lily remarks that the younger man looks a bit like Conrad, while Conrad denies the similarity and says the women looks a bit like her! With a door slam, they realized they’re not alone in the library! Conrad pulls his gun to investigate, but finds a couple making out in the closet. Lily and Conrad give up for the moment to take Brutus for lunch.

Not too long after there is the sounds of ambulance sirens! They found out something happened in the library, to that couple in there. Lily and Conrad return to the library once the commotion had died down, trying to figure out what they were missing. With a little thinking, all of the issues had happened with couples. For the sake of investigating they decide to give it a try. With a very nervous Conrad and a stiff Lily they try holding hands and then a hug. Just when both relax and think This isn’t so bad, the ghost makes his appearance by snatching up Conrad and flinging him across the room! Lily shows bravery yelling at the ghost, while Conrad makes sure to protect them both with his shield spell!

Suddenly, the scene is interrupted by the local Science Geeks who seem to be in there to investigate the ghost disturbances themselves. Eugene doesn’t take the hint when Lily tells them all to leave, and the geeks move around to investigate. Conrad suggests that he and Lily come back later, but Lily is afraid someone else might get hurt if they don’t take care of it soon. They realized Brutus is missing and have to look for him.

They just find Brutus when someone else enters the library and orders the geeks to get out. Lily and Conrad keep quiet to hide. The woman calls out to the ghost, saying she has a picture for him. She notices Conrad’s flashlight and goes looking for the snoopers. Lily pulls Conrad in to a closet. The woman calls up the ghost telling him to kill! Lily asks Conrad not to be mad when she slips out of the closet and announces that “she’s there” and looking for her bag. The ghost didn’t attack because it was only looking for couples, but the girl didn’t trust a word Lily said. She recognized Lily as the one with that bodyguard always around! The girl finds Conrad in the closet, and makes the comment they were probably sneaking out to have an affair… much like her exboyfriend! Lily finds herself really pissed off at how little the girl cares about hurting innocent people and out-right attacks her! There’s a huge struggle as Lily n’ Brutus fights with the girl and Conrad keeps the ghost at bay! Lily finally gets her to put the ghost back to sleep, but has to resist the urges to break her neck! Conrad’s suggesting of knocking the girl out snaps Lily out of her anger enough to realize she really doesn’t want to hurt people. Oracle comes in and cleans up the mess.

[Lily skipped Hawthorne\’s class in favor of snooping suspicious things in the library. She\’ll probably learn more there anyway.] -03:29 Nov 09
[Conrad had managed to secure a pass for their furry little charge! Oh the wonders of hacking–er, technology!] -03:30 Nov 09

Brutus was being well-behaved as usual! And he was sporting a collar and a leash and a tag on the collar with a visitor’s pass!

Conrad: So. Are we looking for anything in particular? Or is this just the general "Let’s see what I can dig up" snooping? -03:33 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily was pretty well resigned to the fact that there was no way she was ever going to be normal. Of course, she was wondering if it was a bright idea to go looking for trouble with a werewolf puppy in tow. …On the brightside, it was still better than European History with Professor Hawthorne.* Someone was freaking out about ghosts in here the other day. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a look… -03:34 Nov 09
Conrad: I find it ironic that the school you pick is the least normal school in the tri-state area. *He had Brutus sit before giving him a small doggy treat. He found it helped when he gave Brutus small treats throughout the day and right-sized meals.* -03:37 Nov 09
Lily: I’m probably the most unlucky person in the entire universe. *Lily hopped on to one of the step ladders to climb up and take a peek over the book shelves to see the place!* -03:40 Nov 09
Conrad: *He smiled a bit. He looked down at Brutus and patted his knees.* Brutus. Paws on my knees. *To Lily, he said.* I don’t know … I think you’re pretty lucky. I mean, someone’s gotta help whatever’s going on here. I can’t think of anyone with the resourcefulness and intelligence to do that other than you. -03:43 Nov 09
Lily: *Holding on to the ladder she leaned back to look down. Lily grinned!* That sounds almost like a pickup line! I don’t know about intelligent, but I guess if we attract trouble, we might as well do something about it… -03:47 Nov 09

Brutus did exactly that! He put his paws on Conrad’s knees!

Conrad: *Gave him another small treat.* Good job, Brutus. That’s enough for now. *He glanced up at Lily.* That’s the spirit. *He laughed softly.* I guess it does. -03:52 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily glanced about the room again but… it was empty! There wasn’t even any students around, and that was sort of strange. Usually there was someone in here studying. Maybe they didn’t like ghosts either.* I really don’t see any too strange… I might have skipped class for nothing. *But the grin on her face suggested that she wasn’t too upset by it!* -03:56 Nov 09

Brutus began to sniff the air and then put his nose on the floor and started to sniff around! It was hard to tell when he was on the trail of something or just sniffing as wolves were known to do!

Conrad: *Smiled.* In that case, you might as well get down here and let’s go grab something to eat. It’s almost Brutus’ lunch time. And you know how hungry he gets when we’re late on his mels. -03:58 Nov 09
Conrad: *meals -03:58 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily climb down, skipping the last few steps to hop to the floor. Brutus had his sniffer going, but that was pretty normal for Brutus! She trailed behind the pup, amused by his sniffing!* Almost as cranky as me! -04:03 Nov 09
Conrad: *Laughed softly.* And then he’ll start chewing on everything in sight … I don’t want the dean getting into us because his bumper was chewed up. *He watched Brutus sniffing around.* So … Cafeteria food or were you two craving something else? -04:05 Nov 09
Lily: Brutus is going to want cheeseburgers. If we steal any more steak out of Leon’s ‘secret’ stash, he’ll come home crying. *Lily paused a moment and muttered when she remembered her books. She stopped following the pup to disappear around the book shelf to grab her bag!* -04:10 Nov 09

Brutus trailed after Lily! Nose still on the ground! Oh that pup!

Conrad: *Since Brutus was going with Lily, he stepped around a bit to see if Brutus was going to get himself lost in the library or not. That pup had a tendency to disappear very quickly! Must have been something he picked up from Gabriel!* -04:22 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily paused at a table, gathering up her books and stuffing them in to her bag. She glanced over her shoulder at the sniffing pup with curiosity!* … Have you ever gotten stuck up your sniffer, Brutus? -04:26 Nov 09

Brutus seemed too intent on sniffing whatever was on the ground! It seemed odd when he started circling the table Lily’s books had been on! Especially when he did it two … three … four times!

Lily: *…Well if it was that interesting! Lily got down on her knees to crawl on the floor after Brutus! So what was so interesting down here. She didn’t smell anything! …Oh! But there’s her pencil! She snatched it out from under the table!* -04:31 Nov 09

Brutus stopped circling the table to circle around one of the bookshelves! Then he started walking up and down the main aisle that cut through from one end of the library to the other! All the while, sniffing the ground!

Lily: Wait a second…! *Sticking the pencil in her hair and abandoning her books for the moment, she crawled after Brutus! There had to be something to this dog’s point of view!* -04:36 Nov 09
Conrad: *Glanced around to see if anyone was there. Nope, the library was still empty. He slipped his hands into his pockets and followed!* -04:39 Nov 09

Brutus suddenly took a turn and stopped in front of a rather large portrait obviously of someone important! An older man dressed in a suit that could have been out of the 1900’s or something!

Lily: *Lily stood and dusted off her hands on her pants, before casting Brutus a very doubtful look.* What was that all about. Unless you’re sniffer is gonna tell me the library is haunted by a painting. …of a very stuffy looking guy. -04:42 Nov 09
Conrad: *Looked from the portrait, down the way they’d come, noticed how Brutus had been walking.* … Isn’t that the same way the ghost supposedly walks every night? Up and down the library, around the desk, up and down again and back to here? -04:45 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily glanced that way too… She hadn’t even realized! Taking a step stool from the corner she moved it over to the painting and stepped on top to get a closer look of the painting!* I suppose a ghost could always come back to the same spot… Maybe it’s possessed? -04:49 Nov 09
Conrad: I guess … But it seems odd that it suddenly starts appearing every night when it didn’t used to … *He looked up at the painting.* Do you think something’s going on in the spirit world? Or maybe something’s tampering with the barrier that seperates the living from the dead? -04:51 Nov 09

It looked like any other large portrait! There was a plaque at the top but either too much dust was covering up the engraving or the engraving itself was worn away!

Lily: Give me a few more years of Paranormal Psycology and maybe I could answer that… *Lily took her sleeve to try and read the plaque, and fussed with trying to see if there was a trap door or something else strange… That seemed to happen a lot!* It doesn’t seem like anyone has touched this thing in ages. -04:55 Nov 09
Conrad: Yes, ma’am. *He looked over at Brutus who was sitting there now, looking up at them.* Sorry, Brutus. Shouldn’t be much longer. *He gave Brutus his turkey jerky who then wolfed it down in a few bites–No pun intended.* -04:57 Nov 09

Lily uncovered the letters “J cob D n v n” before she pressed something and the plaque slid down. And into her hands popped out a thin journal of some sort! The journal was old! Covered in black leather but any other designs or engraving it sported had long since worn away!

Lily: *Lily blinked in surprise! There was something to be said for snooping… It always produced something interesting! She hopped down from the stool, gently flipping open the journal!* I found this! I don’t know why someone would hide it up there, though… -05:02 Nov 09
Conrad: I doubt anyone was thinking of getting it back for a long time. *He said as he watched her flip open the journal! He bent down to scratch Brutus’ neck and ears!* -05:03 Nov 09

Inside the cover Lily found the name “Jacob Donovan” inscribed inside but the date of birth inscribed under it had been worn away except for the month and the day August 25. The pages were yellowed with age and the ink had bled or blurred in some places but she should be able to make it out on her own.

Lily: Jacob Donovan… *She said out loud, turning the pages carefully.* One of the school’s board of directors! One of these says he funded the library himself.. -05:10 Nov 09
Conrad: *Glanced up at her. Now he was scratching Brutus’ belly while the pup was lying on his back!* Any reason in there for him haunting the library now? -05:14 Nov 09
Lily: His life seemed pretty nice to me… A nice job, married.. *She turned the pages again, still searching!* Ah… maybe not… This entry says he suspects his wife of cheating. ‘Hannah has returned late every evening from her bridge games. Yet, I spoke to her lady friends and she hadn’t been to a game in weeks. Tonight I found a fresh flower pressed in her reading book. I never gave her daisies…’ Poor guy! -05:19 Nov 09
Conrad: *Stood and went over to check out the journal with her.* He looks pretty messed up. See how his handwriting is all scratchy and erratic? *He picked up an earlier page and glanced under it.* There’s a big difference between the entry at the beginning and the next entry after the one you just read. -05:21 Nov 09
Lily: He probably was more than just suspecting… *Turning the pages, it did get worse! From little signs of cheating, and much more angry he became… Even the choice of words he used was kind of scary! As she turned another page, something fell out! Lily leaned to pick it up… an old photo with burned edges and scratches across the front! One of the people was Jacob Donovan himself!* Hey, look at this! -05:29 Nov 09
Conrad: *Raised an eyebrow at what Lily uncovered as she flipped through more entries. He looked down.* Hm? *He studied the picture.* -05:31 Nov 09
Lily: That other guy looks kind of like you, don’t you think? Maybe if your hair was all curly and you were a bit older… -05:33 Nov 09
Conrad: *Squinted.* Well … the woman in the picture could almost be you … Except your hair is shorter and she looks a bit shorter. -05:36 Nov 09
Conrad: … Wait. Who is the guy who looks like me and who’s the woman who looks like you? -05:36 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily didn’t look too convinced about similarities to that woman, but she was already flipping the photograph over to read the back.* She’s Hannah… but the other name is all scribbled out. *Lily blinked slowly..* …you don’t suppose that was the guy she was cheating with, do you? They all looked like friends. -05:39 Nov 09
Conrad: *Looked over at her.* What’s worst than cheating on a man with a total stranger? -05:43 Nov 09
Lily: That’s terrible… It’s no wonder he was so upset. *Lily slid the picture back in to the journal, turning the pages to find the last entry!* …It just sort of stops. Doesn’t say what he did or what happened… Why do you think he’d be haunting the library? -05:49 Nov 09

SLAM!! went a door nearby!

Brutus began to bark! Really bark! He got up and looked like he was going to stand his ground!

Conrad: We may end up finding out. *He said, pulling out a scroll in one hand and his gun in the other while he stepped up beside Brutus! -05:52 Nov 09
Lily: *Lily jumped at the sudden sound! Nothing like sudden noises ina quiet room to give someone a heart attack! She sheepishly closed up the journal and moved behind Conrad.* Maybe it’s just someone coming to study… -05:53 Nov 09
Conrad: Better safe than sorry. Brutus, that’s enough. I’ll take the front. Brutus, you take the back and, Lily, you can stay in the middle. *He started walking forward.* -05:56 Nov 09

Brutus quickly went quiet and did as told!

[Conrad was just leaving the library!] -03:36 Nov 13
[Lily was following Conrad with a Puppy behind her!] -03:37 Nov 13
Conrad: *At first glance everything looked clear but he just wanted to be safe! He could see the entrance/exit. Just a little more! He kept glancing from side to side.* -03:40 Nov 13
Lily: … Do guns work on ghosts? *She whispered softly. It was a legitimate question! Not that it couldn’t be something else entirely, but better to not be surprised!* -03:41 Nov 13
Conrad: *Small grin!* Actually the gun is just in case we meet something that isn’t a ghost. Spells work on ghosts. So it’s always a good thing I keep a steady supply with me. *It was real quiet. No one stirred although after the alleged ghost sightings and attacks, it was little wonder no one wanted to come.* -03:47 Nov 13
Lily: Someone should invent a gun that fires spells… *Aside from that randomly slamming door, it didn’t seem much haunted. Lily glanced behind her to make sure Brutus was still there!* -03:50 Nov 13

Brutus was still behind Lily, looking from side to side, tail wagging! He was having a grand old time!

They got to the door without incident! But then they heard noises not too far away, soft little thuds. Coming from the direction of the broom closet!

Lily: *Brutus was made for this knd of stuff! Lily lightly tugged on Conrad’s sleeve, pointing off towards the broom closet! Something was in there!* -04:02 Nov 13
Conrad: *He glanced from Lily to the broom closet! Then he nodded. He motioned for her to go outside as he moved forward!* -04:06 Nov 13

The soft little thuds were slowly getting louder! Upon closer inspection, the door was beginning to shake a bit as if something was hitting against it on the other side!

Lily: *Go outside! …she couldn’t argue with that! Lily slipped just outside the doors, but made sure to peek through the glass windows!* -04:08 Nov 13

Brutus had gone outside with Lily and sat there, watching her watching through the window!

[Lily peeks inside through the glass door window, with Brutus at her feet. ] -12:31 Nov 26
[Conrad walked up to the closet and kicked the door open, ready to exorcise, shoot, or even both!] -12:31 Nov 26

Two college students looked up! Conrad had interrupted them and now the girl was trying to button her shirt back up and the couple scrambled away from the gun in his hand!

Conrad: *Blinked!* Oh. Pardon. I thought … it was a rat again. A big one. Carry on. *He cleared his throat and closed the door, going out to meet Lily and Brutus.* So much for that idea. Just two people making out. -12:32 Nov 26
Lily: *A raised eyebrow… That wasn’t the best place for fooling around… What were THEY thinking!* I suppose besides being kind of creepy, maybe everyone is just freaking out over nothing. -12:33 Nov 26
Conrad: *Put his gun away and the scroll and scratched his head.* Well, in that case, how about we go get something to eat and a shake? I don’t see any reason for us to be hanging around here if there isn’t anything to worry about. -12:34 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily nodded and smiled down at Brutus.* Sounds good to me. I think he’s hungry too. -12:36 Nov 26

Brutus barked, tail wagging and tongue hanging out!

Conrad: *Laughed softly.* He’s got one hell of an appetite. *He scratched Brutus between the ears before turning away and beginning to walk to the cafeteria.* Has Hawthorne been avoiding you too? -12:42 Nov 26
Lily: Not so much as avoiding as… Giving me dirty looks? Especially when I brought Brutus to class today. *Lily seemed rather pleased with herself for the idea. The professor spent the whole session sneezing.* -12:45 Nov 26
Conrad: Now if only you used your powers for good. *He teased, grinning.* How did you get the school board to grant permission for Brutus being around? -12:47 Nov 26

Brutus, as usual, was a bundle of energy! He ran around in circles around them and although he seemed to run far, he always came back!

Lily: I think my mother’s name has a lot of pull with people. She talked to them before I set up my classes. I assume just incase something happens. *It was good Brutus always came back, she wasn’t sure he she’d have the energy to chase him around!* -12:49 Nov 26

The cafeteria was huge! Lots of long tables running across the room, a salad bar, soda fountain, and dessert bar to one side! There were a few soda machines outside of the door! The cafeteria wasn’t packed but it still looked pretty full!

Conrad: That makes a lot of sense. *He followed Lily inside and looked around.* I guess everyone is back at their dorms, studying or partying. -12:54 Nov 26
Lily: It’s not really the greatest of food here… But no one wants to say anything, cause it’s the Cooking classes making the meals. *Lily got herself a tray, a plate and very skillfully was picking out the things that were edible for both human and werepup!* -12:56 Nov 26

Brutus followed right beside Lily, sniffing the air! That collar Lily had let him wear really went well with his dark fur!

Conrad: I thought the food smelled familiar. *He also took a tray and a plate but only ended up picking up a couple of sandwiches!* -12:59 Nov 26
Lily: The scent of grusome mistakes and failed homework? *No apples for Brutus… or for her either! Roast Beef sandwiches, a few hot dogs, two cheeseburgers and cake. What was hers and what was Brutus was unknown! Grabbing a soda, she found them a nice seat where Brutus could eat in peace!* -01:02 Nov 26
Conrad: With a smidge of too much salt and a dash of not being able to read a simple instruction. *He sat down and took his time, eating. He’d managed to snag himself a shake, complete with whip cream and a cherry on top!* -01:03 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily pulled Brutus up in to a share and gave him his own fair share of dinner! A moment in to eating, she grumbled under her breath.* I left my bag back at the library. That was pretty stupid… -01:08 Nov 26
Conrad: I have to admit, I was getting into that investigation about the ghost. I don’t think I look like that guy in the photo. *He paused to sip his shake, watch as Brutus sat down and wolfed his food!* -01:10 Nov 26
Lily: You do… If we combed your hair back and dressed you in some old clothes. Maybe some glasses too. In anycase, the story is kind of neat. I didn’t know there was so much drama here. -01:13 Nov 26
Conrad: Or something so dark. Why would the university dedicate a library to a killer, funds or not, is beyond me. -01:14 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily paused.* …I didn’t think of it like that… The whole university is sort of strange like that, isn’t it? With all the things that happen here? -01:17 Nov 26
Conrad: Definitely. What with warlocks as teachers and who knows what else running around. *He bit off more of his sandwich.* Maybe there used to be something here before the university was built. Or this plot of land might just be something that draws those types of things to it. -01:19 Nov 26
Lily: Like old indian burial grounds, or hellmouths, or curses, or aliens… *There were… really a lot of possibilities! They’d have to do reserch and rule each one out one by-…. Why was she even considering inviting more trouble?* -01:22 Nov 26
Conrad: Or a nexus. *He added.* You know, places of power. -01:26 Nov 26

There the sounds of sirens! Students were already rising from their seats to look outside and see the commotion!

Lily: Speak of the devil… *It would be too much to hope that the sirens weren’t heading this direction… but alas, they were! Lily herself leaned in her chair trying to see if it was for one of the local buildings!* -01:30 Nov 26

The sirens got louder and louder until finally it stopped at …

Conrad: The library. *He muttered when he turned and saw the vehicles pull into the parking lot!* -01:32 Nov 26
Lily: *A surprised blink..!* But we were just in there. There wasn’t hardly anyone there, besides those two in the closet. -01:33 Nov 26
Conrad: Something must have happened. *He stood and took care of his empty tray.* I’ll take that. *He took the empty tray and plate from Lily and put that on top of the trash bin.* -01:35 Nov 26
Lily: *Frowning, she set Brutus neatly on the ground. They should have probably searched longer, …no one had died so far… maybe it wasn’t the case now either?* -01:38 Nov 26

Brutus burped but led the way back to the library where a crowd had already begun to gather! Paramedics were wheeling out the couple Conrad had walked in on! They looked pale, their lips were blue, and they were unconscious!

A campus security guard was keeping everyone back! “There’s nothing to see here folks! Nothing to see her!”

Lily: *How grim! If they weren’t dead, they weren’t exactly doing well either! It looked like a heart attack…. or their souls had been sucked right out! Lily leaned closer to Conrad.* We’ll have to try harder this time… when everyone leaves. -01:43 Nov 26
Conrad: *He watched the paramedics disappear into the ambulance after slipping the couple inside. He nodded.* -01:47 Nov 26

Several hours later, once the commotion had died down, the investigation was over, and all was dark and quiet on the College campus… -Lily

Conrad: Is there something we’re missing here? *He asked.* I mean, we were at the library but we weren’t attacked. That couple was. -01:55 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily didn’t know a lot about ghosts, but at least had the time to flip through a book before they returned to the library. Those stones from Ms. Clark in her pocket, a few salt packets from the cafeteria… and a flash light. Because she didn’t want to get stuck anywhere in the dark.* …Hum… I’m not sure. It’s always been at least two people… maybe he hates couples? -01:58 Nov 26
Conrad: But we’re a couple. *He stopped and blinked.* You know … *He cleared his throat and kept on walking.* Anyways, that could be it. If this is the same guy who wrote that journal, he might be mistaking all these couples for his wife and that guy she supposedly cheated on him with. -02:00 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily eyed him carefully for a moment before grinning.* If that’s it we’ll have to lure him out somehow… Once we figure out what to do once we get him. …Can you exorcise ghosts? -02:03 Nov 26
Conrad: *Thoughtful for a moment.* It actually depends on how strong the ghost is. Some ghosts get stronger over time and they build up a resistance to your run of a mill exorcism. If that’s the case, we might end up needing some preparation and a few items in particular to do the job. -02:05 Nov 26
Lily: He hasn’t been around for too long… A hundred years at best, not much more. Do you suppose we’d have see first to see? -02:09 Nov 26
Conrad: Good point. But yeah, I suppose so. *He stopped in front of the library and took a deep breath, drawing a few scrolls.* Shall we? *He clicked on his flashlight.* -02:10 Nov 26
Lily: *Lily nodded, pulling out her own flashlight and raising a finger to her lips to make sure Brutus stayed quiet!* -02:12 Nov 26
[Lily , Conrad and Brutus were just stepping back in to the Library prolly late in the evening! It was dark and quiet!] -07:56 Nov 28
[Conrad ] -07:56 Nov 28

It was a good thing Brutus seemed to get the hint! He was being quiet and stayed close to Lily!

Conrad: *Looked around and made sure to examine everything, looking out for suspicious movement or listening for eerie noises! After the commotion that had happened, the silence could easily get on someone’s nerves!* -07:58 Nov 28
Lily: *Lily stepped around shelves, keeping her flashlight steady! Ghosts wouldn’t make footprints, but there could be other hints of clues… She found the table where she left her bag. Everything still in it’s place!* -08:00 Nov 28

Yep! Everything was very quiet! And nothing was stirring either!

Conrad: *More looking around while Lily went over to her bag!* It looks like we need a trigger. Do something or provoke him somehow. -08:03 Nov 28

Brutus sniffed the floor in the meantime!

Lily: *Considering their options, Lily doubted screaming his name or asking nicely was going to do the trick!* It’s only been couples, maybe if we looked more like a couple? -08:05 Nov 28
Conrad: *He looked over at her and nodded.* Uh … Okay. Let’s see. *He stepped closer to her.* Maybe … holding hands? *He was feeling very unsure of himself!* -08:10 Nov 28
Lily: *There was nothing wrong with holding hands. He’s tugged her around by the hand plenty of time. Lily took his hand carefully.* …I’m not so sure this looks convincing… *He looks so nervous… he’s making her nervous too!* -08:16 Nov 28
Conrad: *Sheepish grin!* Sorry. *Calm. He had to stay calm. Although his heart beating fast and all had nothing to do with the ghost … He could be that honest with himself at least! Feeling a bit more at ease now, he stepped even closer and put the flashlight down on the table. He grinned a bit at her in the dark.* I bet it’s obvious I’ve never done something like this before. -08:23 Nov 28
Lily: It’s… only business? *Lily blew her hair out of her face. Only ghost catching business! Closing that last bit of distance, she slid her arms around his waist and pressed her head to his chest. Very stiff at first, but… it really wasn’t so bad!* -08:30 Nov 28
Conrad: *Calm! Staying calm! Absolutely calm! He took a deep breath and slipped one arm around her and one hand stroking her hair! Okay … Yeah. Not so bad!* -08:35 Nov 28

… Suddenly Brutus started barking! “ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF!!!”

An invisible force grabbed Conrad by the neck and slammed him against the wall behind him! It squeezed and it hoisted him into the air!

Conrad: *Gasping for breath while he fought to stay calm! He’d dropped the scrolls he was holding when he was thrown away from Lily and now he was reachin ginto his jacket!* -08:38 Nov 28

A voice echoed in their heads! “I have you now, Alexander! I knew you were having an affair with my wife!”

Lily: *There wasn’t even a chance to scream! She had to think quick though..! Lily moved to scoop up those dropped scrolls!* That’s… That’s enough! He’s not the one cheating on you! -08:41 Nov 28

“Do not defend him, Lorelei! You and your lies! I will take care of you both!” The invisible force suddenly threw Conrad backwards so that he skid across the floor and stopped at Lily’s feet!

Lily: *Lily leaned down to amke sure Conrad wasn’t killed already and help him to his feet. Returning his scrolls in the process!* You’re angry and killing the wrong people! -08:51 Nov 28
Conrad: *Got to his feet with Lily’s help and felt her push the scrolls into his hand! If she could talk sense into him … he had to buy her sometime!* Sanctus tectum! *He summoned a shield!* -08:53 Nov 28

The ghost–Lily and Conrad could see his silhouette now without needing a flashlight! He glowed! “Nonsense! You betrayed me! You both did! Now you will both pay!”

Lily: You were a bad husband and worked too much, what did you expect! *…Lily realized after she said it, that it probably wasn’t the best way to charm an angry ghost… It’s not like she knew how to talk to them!* Your wife is already dead! -08:56 Nov 28

The ghost hit the shield but it was holding strong! “You lie! You are trying to deceive me! My wife is not dead! I saw her merely hours ago in the arms of her lover! Alexander!”

Lily: No, you killed your wife and Alexander! Which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. -09:17 Nov 28
Conrad: *Clenched his teeth as the ghost battered down at that shield! Perhaps he’d underestimated how powerful a ghost could get in a short time … But he wasn’t about to let that shield down! He held it up for all he was worth!* She’s right. I’m not Alexander. And she’s not Lorelei! You’re doing the same thing over and over! Still obsessed with your wife and your best friend! -09:19 Nov 28

“I could never! I could never hurt Lorelei! I would remember such a thing! There is no way I would forget if something like that were to happen!”

Lily: People do gruesome things when they’re mad… Maybe it was an accident then, but it’s no accident you’re killing people now. -09:23 Nov 28

Before the ghost could reply, the doors were kicked open and bright light shone into the library! “Ghost of Jacob Donovan! We have come to bust you!” someone yelled!

Lily: *Blinded, so for a brief second she might have thought some of those guys from Oracle were showing up to take care of the ghost! But once she blinked her sight back it was… those guys from the science lab?* …Oh boy… -09:40 Nov 28

The ghost turned around and when he saw them, he disappeared!

The science geeks ran into the library, packing what looked like supped-up vacuum cleaners on their backs and the hoses in their hands! They spread out and one of them saw Conrad and Lily! “You two shouldn’t be here! This library is haunted by a ghost whose been killing off people late at night!”

Lily: *…There went the ghost! They would have to lure him out all over again! Her hands rest on her hips, as she gave a frown very reminiscent of her mother’s displeased glaring.* We know. You scared him away. -09:50 Nov 28
Conrad: You have gotta be kidding me. *The scroll deteoriated into thin air as he tilted his head slightly at the thing on their backs!* -09:51 Nov 28

His name was Eugene! A guy obsessed with the paranormal who didn’t know a thing about it! “So we missed it?” He turned when the others came up to join him. “We missed it guys.” There were groans and “Shucks!” from the other guys.

Lily: What were you going to do, vacuum his soul? *Maybe a little annoyed with them. Hunting down supernatural creatures was serious business. People died all the time… and they were trying to vacuum a ghost!* You did miss it, so go away! -09:54 Nov 28

Eugene held up a finger! “Let’s sweep this place for any more of the ecto-plasm!” There were cheers from the others and they spread out again!

Conrad: These guys could take a long time. *He looked over at Lily.* It looks like we’ll have to wait another night. -10:02 Nov 28
Lily: But someone else could die in the meantime. Like today. *Lily was guilty enough that they hadn’t done something sooner. If you have the power to do something, you should do it! …That includes throwing out science geeks by the ears. Lily was pushing up her sleeves.* Brutus, let’s get rid of them. -10:06 Nov 28
Conrad: *Looked around.* Speaking of which, where is he? Brutus! *He grabbed his flashlight and started walking!* -10:07 Nov 28
Lily: *Not only did they possibly get someone killed… they lost Brutus in the process! Evangeline would cry! Lily flipped on her flashlight to look too… those sciencegeeks could wait!* -10:11 Nov 28

Those “ghost busters” were still moving around, scanning every inch of the library! The devices started beep and after awhile, it could get irritating!

Lily: Brutus… here puppy! *He was so good all week, it was way past due for the puppy to get in trouble! Only.. she was hoping it would have been chomping on those sciencegeeks. Lily rounded the bookshelves, not only checking the floor but looking up incase that puppy was climbing things too!* -10:25 Nov 28

“GRR GRRR!” It sounded like Brutus was nearby!

[Lily was looking down one of the book isles.. and could hear Brutus growling!] -02:17 Dec 03
[Conrad was on the other side of the library and hadn\’t spotted Brutus yet!] -02:17 Dec 03

“GRR GRR!!” Brutus went! When Lily found him, he seemed to be stuck between two bookshelves! The top half was stuck and the bottom half was wiggling about!

Lily: Brutus, really… You’re growing… *Lily leaned down, setting the flashlight on the floor as she helped pull Brutus out from between the shelves.* -02:20 Dec 03

Brutus stopped growling and began to whine when he heard Lily’s voice! PULL! PULL! And then … PLOP! Brutus went flying backwards into Lily and there was something in his mouth!

Lily: *Lily tumbled backwards on the floor with a wolfpup in her arms!* …What did you find for me? A nice clue? *She plucked it out of his teeth!* -02:27 Dec 03

There was puppy drool on a lot of it but Lily discovered it to be an old newspaper article! It was only a piece but the headline was sure to catch her eye! “Respected library founder accused of double murder”!

Conrad: *After much searching and still no Brutus, he decided to check back in on Lily!* Hey, Lily, did you find– *He turned the corner and blinked when he saw Lily on the floor and Brutus right there.* Never mind. -02:31 Dec 03

Brutus scrambled off of Lily and sat down on the floor next to her, looking very proud of himself!

Lily: This we already figured out, but it’s rather odd to have this just lying around the library… *Lily muttered as she looked over the article. It was printed on copy-paper like someone had dug out old newspapers and printed up this page!* Brutus found us something! *She held up the paper for him!* -02:33 Dec 03
Conrad: May I. *He took the paper from her and then handed it back.* One thing’s for sure. I don’t believe in coincidences. A ghost starts haunting the library after having been dead for at least fifty years and we find a copy of an article about him and his crime of passion. -02:38 Dec 03

In the distance, there were flashlights and the sounds of talking! Those science geeks were still around, scanning things and doing who knew what!

Lily: *Lily grabbed her flashlight, dusting herself off as she stood.* So we’ll have to get rid of a ghost, and a … ghost summoner? -02:40 Dec 03

The sound of the front door opening and closing shut echoed through the library. There was short giggling until it was cut off quick and a female’s voice saying “What the fuck are they doing in here…”

Conrad: We might. Maybe we should focus on the ghost first and then try to find the guy or people responsible. *He turned his head in the direction of the giggling and a girl’s voice.* Great. Now what. -02:44 Dec 03

The science geeks were buzzing! Apparently they had discovered something that had made their packs beep and light up like crazy! Something about ecto-plasm and “remnants”!

Heeled footsteps on the stone floor, followed by the sound of someone getting smacked on the head! “Why are you geeks in here? Library is closed! Only library personal is allowed here at night!” said the girl’s voice!

Lily: *Lily didn’t reply, turning to see if she could peek around one of the shelves… It was better for them if those science guys were thrown out and they could continue investigating in peace! She tugged Conrad’s sleeve over to the shelf so he could see too.* -02:49 Dec 03
Conrad: *Conrad was more concerned about being kicked out themselves! But he peered around the corner when Lily tugged on his sleeve!* -02:51 Dec 03

The science geeks claim to be in the library “in the name of science!” and hence “school policy does not apply!”

“Whatever! I don’t care about your dumb science stuff. Get out of here before I talk them in to banning electronics from classes!” so she said. She wasn’t much older than any of them. Most likely one of the student staff! But she was fore sure annoyed with those geeks for being there!

The geeks grumbled but they began to file out of the library!

Hmph. As soon as those geeks were gone, assuming there was no one else lurking about, she headed towards the painting of the library founder. She pulled something out of the front of her shirt, a photograph wrapped in a sheet of paper with words scribbled on it. “Jacob, you missed again… This time I brought you a picture…”

Lily: *They could thank the science geeks for one thing. If they hadn’t shown up, she and Conrad might not have caught this girl! What exactly was she doing with that picture…?* -03:19 Dec 03
Conrad: *Blinked! This was serious! He wondered whose picture the girl had brought!* -03:29 Dec 03

She set the picture up on the mantel under his painting. It was a group photo with faces cut out… all except two, a boy hugging a facemissing girl and another girl standing next to them! “They really have to pay for what they did. I know you understand, Jacob.”

Lily: …should we just jump out and tackle her…? *Whispered Lily. Somehow luring out a ghost seemed easier than… dealing with a wacko!* -03:34 Dec 03
Conrad: *This was turning to be more serious than he had first figured it to be! There was a dangerous ghost running around and a girl stupid enough to summon a ghost intent on killing couples!* I say we wait for her to leave and take care of the ghost. *He whispered back.* -03:35 Dec 03
Lily: What if she just summons him back again? …can you kill something that’s already dead? *That was a serious question!* -03:36 Dec 03

Suddenly the girl whirled around! She heard something! Narrowing her eyes, she took a few steps forward… “Did you stupid geeks come back? I’m not in the mood to mess with you guys.”

Conrad: No. *He replied after a moment to her question! He was about to reply when the girl spoke up! He went quiet!* -03:39 Dec 03

The girl listened carefully! The library was dead silent. But… was that a light over there behind a few of the shelves? The girl didn’t say another word, there was only the sound of her heels hitting the floor as she walked towards them!

Conrad: *He had already clicked the flashlight off but it was too late! He started sneaking down the aisle, pulling Lily along, away from the footsteps, very very silently!* -03:47 Dec 03
Lily: *Damn…! Was she headed this way? If she knew they heard her… Think quick, think quick! As Conrad led them past the closet, she pulled him inside!* -03:49 Dec 03

Brutus was quick to follow! As soon as Conrad disappeared into that closet, so did their furry sidekick!

Stopping at that spot where she was sure she saw a light… The girl huffed! Nothing there. But someone WAS in this library and she wasn’t going to let anyone ruin her plan. “Jacob… Time to come out…!”

Conrad: *Found himself cramped in the closet but better this than the alternative! He just wish they could see where the girl was and what she was doing instead of having to wait here and hope for an opportunity to end this!* -03:55 Dec 03

At first … nothing happened. But then the ghost appeared in front of his portrait! “Lorelei! Alexander! I know you are here! You cannot hide from me!”

“Yes… One of them is here, maybe even both! Kill them, Jacob! Kill them for making a fool of you!” said the girl, still carefully looking around!

Conrad: *That … did not sound good! He slipped a hand into his jacket and felt a scroll! He didn’t try pulling it out yet! There wasn’t enough room! But he closed his eyes and tried to focus on a spell without giving their position away!* -03:59 Dec 03
Lily: *That ghost… Lily didn’t want Conrad taken by surprise again, and trying to do anything in a closet wasn’t going to be easy!* Don’t be mad at me later. *Lily muttered, as she snuck out of the closet without waiting for a reply! She cleared her throat!* Oh hey…! Is someone here, I left my bag… -04:00 Dec 03

The ghost didn’t seem to hear the girl! He muttered something about them hiding and began floating away, in the direction of the closet!

Conrad: *Opened his eyes when Lily left after telling him not to be angry with her! He inched closer to the door and focused on two scrolls instead of just one! Every moment would count! He had to be ready!* -04:05 Dec 03

“No one is supposed to be in here.” replied the girl who remained where she was standing. Just her voice echoed. “You wouldn’t be in here spying would you…?”

Brutus wiggled out of the closet through the slightly opened door and moved beside Lily! He didn’t make a peep!

Lily: Is there something here to spy on? *Lily replied, at least keeping her voice nice and even.* Apparently there’s ghosts in here. -04:08 Dec 03

“Lorelei! Alexander! Where are you?!” the ghost wailed. It drifted down the aisle right next to the one Lily stood in and missed her completely! It looked like it was still searching for couples, not a single female on her own!

The girls footsteps echoed on the floor again as she rounded the bookshelf, finally showing herself to Lily. Arms crossed and looking suspicious, she didn’t make an acknowlegement of the ghost floating by! “You’re not one of the science geeks, hmm. Aren’t you that heiress with the hottie bodyguard?”

By the time the girl had arrived, Brutus had disappeared somewhere without a trace!

Lily: *Lily was really expecting Jacob to have jumped them right then, but he passed on by…! Lily blinked at the girl! Hottie bodyguard?* Uh… yeah. I just came to get my stuff. -04:16 Dec 03

“Huh… He’s like, always with you. Strange that he’s not here now.” she responded, clearly suspicious!

Lily: What could happen in a library? *Lily stepped away from the closet door, heading towards the tables where she left her bag.* Why were you here so late? Not even staff comes in at night. -04:21 Dec 03

Halfway across the library, the ghost was still roaming, searching for Lorelei and Alexander!

“I’m dedicated.” The girl watched Lily carefully, then turned back towards the closet! Smirking to herself, she swung open the door! “Hello there bodyguard.”

Conrad: *One hand behind his back, he nodded.* Miss. *He stepped out.* I told her, her bag wasn’t in here. -04:41 Dec 03

“Ha ha. How stupid do you think I am? Having a little midnight tryst where mommy can’t see, right?” The girl looked amused as she stepped away, heading back towards the portrait of Jacob. “Lots of people do that. Like my boyfriend… with another girl.” she turned around to smirk again. “Better be careful. I hear that ghost goes after couples. Hmm… but suspect you might already know…”

Lily: *Lily released a breath when the girl didn’t outright attack Conrad… But looked surprised to hear about her boyfriend! So that’s why….! Another jilted lover looking for revenge. Lily scowled.* That last couple might have died. It’s nothing to smirk at. -04:48 Dec 03
Conrad: *Walked away from the closet! He turned to face the girl while standing slightly to the side and front of Lily!* -04:51 Dec 03

The ghost was coming back their way, slowly but surely!

“As far as I’m concerned I don’t care what goes on here, as long as next time it’s that jerkoff and his stupid slut.” The girl looked over at the picture on the mantle. “~I’m~ not hurting anybody. It’s a ghost, after all.”

Lily: What about their families? Parents? That ghost is destroying people’s lives. *Did she just not care at all! Lily was finding herself increasingly pissed off just by the thought of it! Reckless revenge no matter who gets hurt!* -04:59 Dec 03

“Wow, it’s teh righteous police! Here to tell me what a bad girl I am. Who cares?! Those jerks screwed me over and ruined MY life! A couple of stupid people in the way makes no difference! That includes anyone dumb enough to try and stop me!”

Lily: *Blinkblink! That was enough to snap the last bit of self control she had, but at least she wasn’t snatching up Conrad’s gun to shoot her!* I’m going to kill you..! *Lily growled through her teeth as she stepped around Conrad and stalked forward!* -05:04 Dec 03

Brutus appeared around the corner behind the girl and ran up to her to take a bite out of her ass!

There was a startled scream out of the girl, making her laughter at Lily very short lived! She was frantically trying to pry the toothy little demon off her backside! “JACOB! THEY’RE HERE! LORELEI AND ALEXANDER!”

Brutus was holding on for all he was worth though and doing a damn good job of it, too!

The ghost heard the girl and was quick to arrive! “Lorelei! Alexander!” It floated into the aisle and spotted Lily who was closer first! “Lorelei! How could you?!” It flew for her!

Conrad: *Was already running forward!* Impedio! *He threw one scroll which flew right at the ghost and trapped it into a bubble!* -05:15 Dec 03
Lily: *Lily was going to strangle that stupid bi- ..!! But she was suddenly dodging an angry ghost! She blinked up at the ghost in the bubble before diving at the girl with Brutus attacked to her rear!* -05:18 Dec 03

The girl screamed as she stumbled forward, grabbing one of the chairs from a nearby table to swing at Lily!

Brutus lost his grip on the girl when she stumbled forward! He was getting up and shaking himself when she grabbed a chair!

The ghost beat against the bubble! BAM BAM! The bubble began to crack!

Lily: *Dropping to the floor, she ducked… kicking out a foot to crack the girl in the knee!* Put the ghost back to sleep, or you’re sleeping with him…! -05:22 Dec 03
Conrad: *So the ghost was getting stronger! He still had another scroll! And of course more! There was always more where that came from! Unfortunately that meant he had his hands full and couldn’t help Lily out!* -05:22 Dec 03

Another yelp as the girl hopped backwards! With Brutus off her behind, it was a lot easier to move! Holding that chair over her, she was swinging it down at Lily’s head! “How about you and your hottie guard go to hell! Jacob! Jacob hurry and kill them!”

Brutus growled and went for the girl’s arm now!

The bubble sounded like glass breaking when it broke! The ghost roared and flew for Conrad this time! “Alexander!”

Conrad: *The second scroll was already out! This one he held out in front of him!* Attonitus! *He cast a spell to paralyze the ghost!* -05:29 Dec 03
Lily: *Lily caught the legs of the chair just as Brutus dived for the girl’s arm and snatched it right out of her hands! Probably making a sound much too similar to the werepup, now she was swinging the chair!* -05:29 Dec 03

CRASH! Howling in pain at the bite, the girl went sprawling to the floor went hit by the chair! She was trying to crawl off while wailing Jacob’s name and prying away puppy teeth!

The ghost was paralyzed! It roared! It was fighting against the spell!

Lily: *Setting the chair aside, Lily pounced on the girl, sitting on her and digging a knee in to her back!* Send him back where he came from! Brutus hasn’t eaten in hours! -05:32 Dec 03

Brutus ripped off the girl’s sleeve after getting a little too spirited about biting something! He spit it out and growled!

Conrad: *Clenched his teeth! He wasn’t going to let the ghost get free and kill them all!* You ghosts can never do things the easy way, can you? *He muttered to the ghost.* -05:34 Dec 03

“God, get off me you stupid bitch…!” The girl screamed, flailing as best she could… but that damned dog ripped her designer blouse! It really looked hungry! “Go back to sleep, Jacob…! GO BACK TO SLEEP!”

“… Sleep …” The ghost closed its eyes and evaporated into thin air!

Conrad: *Suddenly let go of the spell and bent forward, leaning on his knees! He took a breath and pulled his phone out, calling Oracle up and letting them know to come pick up one ghost summoner responsible for the attacks on the college students!* -05:43 Dec 03
Lily: *Lily had the girl good and pinned, and had no intentions of getting up! …Now that she had her and the ghost was gone, she wasn’t really sure what to do with her. …Besides KILL her and that was sounding like a really good idea for someone that had no problem letting out a ghost to kill others with!* -05:44 Dec 03
Conrad: *Joined Lily!* Lily …? *She looked real pissed and he couldn’t blame her. However, she also looked like she was going to strangle the girl and Oracle was on their way!* -05:48 Dec 03

“What are you going to do, call the cops! No one is going to believe you!” complained the girl, who couldn’t seem to squirm her way free!

Conrad: See. Now that’s where you’re wrong. You just had to catch our attention and we specialize in psychotic bitches like yourself. That is … if Ms Grey here doesn’t kill you first. -05:51 Dec 03
Lily: *Lily applied a little extra pressure to the girl’s back with her knee! She was still debating beating the devil out of her!* Don’t tempt me. I would really like to, right about now. -05:51 Dec 03

That made the girl pause – aside from being crushed! “Specialze in ghosts?! Like those science geeks?!”

Conrad: I don’t suppose you would just be satisfied in knocking her out and waiting for Oracle to arrive. -05:53 Dec 03
Lily: Better than science geeks. *Lily muttered, giving the situation some thought…* Knocking her out is a good idea. -05:54 Dec 03
Conrad: I figured the fact that someone casting spells would be a big hint. *He muttered under his breath, then looked over at Lily.* Go right ahead. Or we could just let Brutus use her as a chew toy. How does that sound, Brutus? *He reached over to scratch the werepup between the ears.* -05:58 Dec 03

Brutus’ tail wagged and he barked! He seemed to like the idea just fine!

Lily: *Suggesting that she go ahead and knock the girl out, snapped her out of that angry mode! She blinked sheepishly pointing a finger down.* Can you do it…? -06:01 Dec 03

The girl had no desire to be chewed on! “Gods saje! Knock me out! Knock me out!”

Conrad: Maybe another time, boy. *He told Brutus!* It’s not painful, just to warn you. *He reached over and pinched a nerve at the back of the girl’s neck, causing her to fall asleep!* -06:04 Dec 03
Lily: *That was a handy trick to know… Lily waited a moment before she stood, checking her hands where she caught that swinging chair, then shaking them out. Lily looked up to eye him carefully for a moment.* -06:08 Dec 03
Conrad: *Stood and stretched! He glanced over at Lily and blinked when he saw her eying him!* You alright? -06:11 Dec 03
Lily: She called you a hottie. I hadn’t really thought about it until now. *She was still eyeing him carefully as if trying to decide for herself!* -06:12 Dec 03
Conrad: *Blinked! He’d forgotten all about that!* Is … whatever you decide going to affect how we are now? *He asked, slowly.* -06:13 Dec 03
Lily: *That drew a look of surprise from her before she laughed softly!* Are you afraid I’ll fire you one way or the other? -06:16 Dec 03
Conrad: That’s always a possibility. *He said with a sheepish grin.* -06:22 Dec 03

Meanwhile … lots of footsteps! Oracle has arrived! A couple of seasoned hunters who cuff the girl and blindfold her. “Ms Grey, Conrad, thank you. Couldn’t have done it without you. Either of you,” said the older man.

Lily: *Lily was grinning at Conrad until those Oracle people arrive… Then it was less grinning and more looking imperious and bothered! She still wasn’t too trustful of those Oracle people being able to do anything right. Even if her mother WAS in charge now.* You’re welcome. -06:25 Dec 03

The man nodded and he left with the girl and his partner, leaving the trio by themselves!

Conrad: Ghosts, vampires, science geeks … Never a dull moment with you, is there, Ms Grey? *He said with a smile.* -06:39 Dec 03
Lily: I did try to live life the normal way. That lasted a week… maybe? *Lily crossed her arms as she glanced down to smile at Brutus!* I guess we do what we’re good at? -06:42 Dec 03

Brutus barked in agreement!

Conrad: Speaking of living life, I think it’s time to call it a night or … a day. Or whatever time it is. *He said, stretching again.* -06:53 Dec 03

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