Evangeline is trying to deal with cranky Castle guests and Gabriel arrives unpleased!

Later, Evangeline has bad dreams that Gabriel shoos away.

[Evangeline is patiently dealing with a very angry minotaur and an equally angry centaur. ] -03:11 Oct 09
[Gabriel was not fond of returning to the castle and finding …] -03:11 Oct 09
Evangeline: I understand you are trying to sleep, but I don’t think kicking over a wall was the best way to handle a noise problem! *Just because Dark tended to do it… She was going to have to speak with Dark about being a bad influence!* -03:12 Oct 09

“SNAARRLLLGGH. Sarnl TRAAGHHA. GRrrph.” said the minotaur. CLOP CLOP CLOPPING all hours of the day and night! That centaur was going to have his hooves ripped off! -Evangeline

The Centaur argued that his hooves weren’t nearly as bad as the minotaurs constant snoring. Who needs to sleep for 100 years?! That’s lazyness! -Evangeline

Gabriel: What is the issue this time. *He considered himself a patient vampire but when he had to return to this type of … trouble, he drew the line. He walked toward Evangeline and the two creatures and stopped in front of Evangeline. The minotaur and the centaur were on either side of him.* -03:15 Oct 09
Evangeline: Neither of them can get any sleep, and then a one of them… maybe both of them decided taking down a wall was going to help. …Which was silly! *She had already explained that earlier. Knocking down the wall between rooms wasn’t going to make anything quieter!* I have this taken care of though! You can go back to work? -03:17 Oct 09

The centaur crossed his arms. HE wasn’t the idiot knocking down walls. At this rate, though the minotaur should have his horns ripped off and shoved up his nose, though. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He wasn’t one to undermine Evangeline’s authority in anything but … in this case, he merely raised an eyebrow at her!* -03:18 Oct 09

Minotaur snorted waving a fist at the centaur. If the precious Queen wasn’t standing right here, he’d show that Centaur exactly where he’d like to shove his horns! -Evangeline

The Centaur would LOVE to see him try! Even goading on the minotaur to give him a good shot! He’d splay the bull’s hide on the floor as a Christmas gift for the castle! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Wait, wait…! There doesn’t need to be any fur pulling or horn gouging! *Evangeline moved to get between them before anything else got broken!* Why don’t I just give you both rooms on opposite ends of the castle? -03:22 Oct 09

HA! And leave the Bright Queen alone with that Wolf Faerie that tried to take a bite out of her this morning? He’d take the Minotaur! -Evangeline

The Minotaur agreed! Even if the Centaur did smell like a horse’s ass, they were switching rooms! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Sshhh. *Evangeline lift a finger to her lips, trying to shush them both! There were some things Gabriel didn’t need to hear about, and a little accident with a Wolffae was one of them!* -03:25 Oct 09
Gabriel: … Wolf Faerie. *He was studying Evangeline. He turned slightly and tilted his head a bit to her.* Evangeline. *That was the tone of voice that said he would speak with her. Now.* -03:26 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Blast. She was going to teach these two a lesson about not blabbering things, later.* You know… they are going to fix the wall for me, so you don’t have to worry a bit about any of this! -03:28 Oct 09
Gabriel: *Wrong answer.* Centaur. Minotaur. The Queen and I will speak. -03:30 Oct 09

Both the Minotaur and the Centaur knew when they were being excuse! And both left with a mildy regretful look, even if they were shoving each other as the clopped down the hall. -Evangeline

Evangeline: It isn’t anything as terrible as you might think. A perfectly harmless accident. *This was exactly why she didn’t want him to know! …and now she was sneaking down the hall to escape. They couldn’t argue if she escaped.* -03:32 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He studied Evangeline until the two were out of earshot and out of sight. He was suddenly behind her and he lowered his mouth to her ear.* Never run from me, Evangeline. I am a predator. I chase my prey. -03:34 Oct 09
Evangeline: I rather thought it was more like sneaking… *It was strange how he could seem so scary, and yet at the same time she really wasn’t afraid at all! She did, however, stop and inch a bit out of the way.* There’s really nothing worth mentioning! -03:37 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He straightened.* The tenants are bickering. And one of them is about to keep his mouth shut. Permanently. -03:38 Oct 09
Evangeline: They is always someone bickering! You aren’t going to do a thing to them. Especially when they haven’t hurt anyone. *Aside from biting her, but the wolffae was only about the size of a hamster at the time. It didn’t even really bleed!* -03:41 Oct 09
Gabriel: … No? Do not tempt me, Evangeline. You remember what happened the last time we had this conversation, save it was about how I treated the hunters. -03:43 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned. …she didn’t like thinking about that conversation, but how she felt about it then was the same as now! And she said as much!* Then I won’t say you are forbidden, but I am still not going to let you do it. -03:45 Oct 09
Gabriel: I laid down specific rules when I agreed to this. And I warned you that at any time I was subject to change my mind. It is time the tenants found other places to call home. -03:47 Oct 09
Evangeline: …but where could they stay! It’s not safe for most of them to be out loose! *The poor things. There was only a few of them, and they weren’t that much trouble!* I don’t think one accident or two is enough reason to just throw them out! -03:50 Oct 09
Gabriel: That is not my concern. Perhaps I should remind you we are not speaking of one or two "accidents." -03:52 Oct 09
Evangeline: No? Then what wasn’t an accident! There has no been a thing that’s happened that was done maliciously. *She was pretty sure too! Enough to rest her hands on her hips and wait expectantly to explain away his examples!* -03:54 Oct 09
Gabriel: Malicious. *He stalked toward her and backed her up against a wall. He put a hand against the wall next to her head and leaned close.* Do not play this game with me, Evangeline. I do not cater to the whims of strays, particularly when they lack the skill and maturity to settle things without it turning into some useless squabble. All it takes is the slightest tear in the thickest rope to make it unravel. Small bickers turn into vendettas that weaken and separate creatures as a whole. I will not have your safety at risk because two parties decided they were in the right and they must bring the rest of the castle into this. -04:04 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Despite her back being against the wall, she only crossed her arms loosely and frowned back at him. She understood his worry, but he was often far more paranoid than he needed to be!* Not every fight turns bad. People need to discuss things and have fights now and then… it gets it out of their systems, and then they won’t go crazy on down the road and hurt people. Everything that happens here is not going to turn in to something that hurts me. -04:09 Oct 09
Gabriel: You spoke those words a lifetime ago and six months later, you lay, dead, Evangeline. -04:12 Oct 09
Evangeline: I may go to the store tomorrow and get ran over, or get struck by lightening, or be shot at a bank too. *It was so hard to argue with him about it when he brought up her death… She didn’t have the heart to tell him that it was impossible to prevent everything! Sometimes things happened!* …What if I lived in the tower? Would you let them stay here? I could stay there away from everyone and you won’t have to worry about me. -04:18 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He pulled back from her.* I worry about you constantly. *All the power in the universe and he could not have prevented her death. She was immortal, yes. She had returned to him, that was true. But the pain was still there.* -04:19 Oct 09
Evangeline: You could worry about me less! I can stay there and only see you. They can run loose in the castle and be ridiculous as they dare. -04:22 Oct 09
Gabriel: You would be sad and lonely, Evangeline. You crave companionship. -04:29 Oct 09
Evangeline: I do enjoy being around all of the people. *She took a hold of his jacket, leaning forward so she could rest her forehead against his chest.* But I will stay in the tower to be safe for you, and still allow others to be safe too. -04:30 Oct 09
Gabriel: They adore you. -04:40 Oct 09
Evangeline: And they wouldn’t hurt me on purpose? *She leaned on her toes to reach up and kiss his cheek.* I’ll stay where you want me to stay, Gabriel. As long as I am with you. -04:43 Oct 09
Gabriel: *Not on purpose, no. But as he looked at Evangeline’s face, he decided to let that point go.* You are insane. -04:51 Oct 09
Evangeline: Insane… but right yes? What have you decided then, husband? Will you keep me all to yourself? *Not that being alone with Gabriel was ever a bad thing! But she was hoping that he had calmed down enough to realize, she was fine in the castle. She would make his choice worth it!* -04:54 Oct 09
Gabriel: *It was always such a temptation, to just leave everything behind and spend every moment with Evangeline. But he had duties and he could not start shirking them.* The tenants may stay. You do not have to be confined to a castle. -05:00 Oct 09
Evangeline: *She kissed the corner of his mouth softly.* Thank you. They will appreciate it. …and now that they are gone arguing elsewhere, would you like to chase your prey somewhere comfy for snuggles? -05:03 Oct 09
Gabriel: *a tower -05:03 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He smirked, then, and nuzzled her cheek for a moment before leaning back.* Lead on. -05:04 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned before stepping away a few paces and then running! Arguing with Gabriel was not one of her favorite things to do… but after an argument, was always much more fun! She ducked around a corner!* -05:06 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He watched her go and then followed after her, one stride at a time. Then he slipped around the corner and kissed her cheek.* Are we there yet. -05:10 Oct 09
Evangeline: *A slight eep! She had been caught while trying to decide which direction to take!* …not yet! You shouldn’t walk so fast… Take off your shoes? *She waited for that perplexed look from him, before she turned and bolted again! This time she wasn’t going to stop running!* -05:12 Oct 09
Gabriel: *He was still smirking as he watched her run. He could give her a little longer. A good chase never ended just after it had begun.* -05:15 Oct 09
Evangeline: *Sometimes the castle was like a labyrinth, but luckily it usually knew where she wanted to go! In this case, she was trying to make it confusing for Gabriel! Then she was sneaky out a door and stepping in to the Fall courtyard. Giggling at her own deviousness!* -05:18 Oct 09
Gabriel: *To cheat or not to cheat … but technically it wasn’t cheating if you weren’t rushing after the prize … he took his time as he walked after her.* -05:23 Oct 09
Evangeline: *He shouldn’t expect to look for her outside… not right away! Evangeline kicked a few leaves out of her way as she strolled down a path towards all of the tall trees. She paused at a forth in the path, tapping her chin with debate. Should she hide outside or go back in now? It needed to be challenging!* -05:28 Oct 09
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((05:33 Oct 09))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((05:33 Oct 09))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -05:33 Oct 09
[Evangeline is sleeping and dreaming… and it\’s not a pleasant one!] -11:55 Nov 03
[Gabriel is sleeping … or as close to sleep as he ever gets!] -11:55 Nov 03
Gabriel: *Of course, old habits die hard and he was sleeping on his back, which would make it easier to move if he had to.* -11:58 Nov 03
Evangeline: *If she knew that talking about death philosophy with house-guests was going to give her nightmares, she wouldn’t have done it! Her dream was eerie… and cold! She was so use to only seeing darkness most of her life, but this was so different. She didn’t exist. There was nothing. No feeling, no love, and worse… no Gabriel! What was darkness without Gabriel?! Evangeline finally managed to jerk herself awake with a start!* -11:58 Nov 03
Gabriel: *His eyes opened slightly when the bed shifted. Something was wrong but there was no danger here.* … Seer. -12:00 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Everything was still dark, but at least it was just the dimness of the room and not just emptyness!* …Sorry. *She breathed a shaky sigh, turning so she could curl up and rest her head on his arm. …but it just didn’t feel like enough!* -12:03 Nov 04
Gabriel: I am still here, Evangeline. Go back to sleep. -12:04 Nov 04
Evangeline: I don’t think I want to sleep ever again. *She was being overly dramatic! Why did she have to feel so sniffly now? He was there and it was fine? Still, she scooted closer anyway, pulling his arm around her.* -12:07 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He turned his head toward her as she pulled his arm around her.* What is wrong. -12:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: It’s nothing. ….would you hold me and not let go? *If she talked about it, she was just going to cry and he’d worry about it… a few snuggles and everything would be fine again! She shifted to take his other arm and pull it around her too.* -12:12 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There went his other arm! Now he was lying on his side with his arms around her. She was tense and her heart was faster than usual but it was beginning to slow down. He lowered his head and nuzzled her cheek gently.* -12:16 Nov 04
Evangeline: *it was better like this.. if she was going to be surrounded by darkness, she wanted it to be his arms and hands! His everything! Evangeline snuck one of her legs between his and moved so she could rest her forehead agains this shoulder.* … promise to keep me with you? -12:20 Nov 04
Gabriel: You are always with me, Evangeline. *He stopped nuzzling to look down at her. Whatever had woken her up had shaken her badly.* -12:29 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She shook her head softly, intending to respond but having to choke back tears instead! She couldn’t remember much about being dead, but she did know she wasn’t with him… not with him at all!* -12:33 Nov 04
Gabriel: *It was worst than he’d thought. He pulled her closer and kissed the corner of her mouth.* Evangeline, what is wrong. -12:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: I don’t want to not exist, I don’t want to be anywhere that you’re not with me. *She brushed a hand over his mouth as she frowned… then she was having to wipe tears from her face!* -12:42 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He lifted one hand to cup her cheek.* I will always bring you back and I will always find you … Albeit, the universe may burn a few times in the process. -12:47 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She couldn’t help it, even with tears it made her give a soft laugh.* It’s hard to live in a universe that’s burned down… -12:48 Nov 04
Gabriel: As long as I do not burn all of it, it will heal. -12:50 Nov 04
Evangeline: Is it a promise…? You will always bring me back to you? No matter what happens to me…? *She shifted so she could nuzzle against his neck. Even now it didn’t feel like she was close enough!* -12:52 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, even as he stroked her hair.* You realize that does not give you permission to become the champion of every downtrodden cause and victim. -12:54 Nov 04
Evangeline: Of course. I wouldn’t want you to burn the universe, after all. *He made her smile… who would think threatening to destroy everything could be such a sweet thing to say.* -12:58 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smiled then, a soft smile as he tilted her head up, lowered his head to kiss her mouth.* So long as you are the woman I fell in love with and will always love, I will always bring you back to me, regardless of circumstance. *He whispered against her lips.* -01:00 Nov 04
Evangeline: I will be your heart forever, so you will be the only darkness that ever surrounds me… *She brushed her mouth against his in a soft, tender kiss… If she was his heart, even if would die, she could stay surrounded by him forever and be happy!* -01:07 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He kissed her softly, pulled her even closer so her breasts were pressed against his chest and he could feel her heart beating.* That is wise. I have abandonment issues when it comes to you. -01:14 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline curled her arms around him, and nipped his bottom lip.* Then you might think twice about leaving me the next time you think I am better off..? *It wasn’t nice to tease, but it was good to remind him that she wouldn’t let him do it again. He promised her forever, and she wanted to have it!* -01:18 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Yes, I will think twice. I should just keep you in the tower and save myself the trouble. -01:26 Nov 04
Evangeline: If you stay there with me, I won’t mind so much. In bed like this and no one else in the world? *Time could stop and she would be content with his breath on her skin, and curled up warm and snuggly! She smiled as she nuzzled against he cheek.* -01:30 Nov 04
Gabriel: There are certain duties to take care of but otherwise I am all yours. -01:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Grinning against his cheek, she whispered soft at his ear.* You could forget everything and make love to me..? -01:38 Nov 04
Gabriel: Mm … Forget what. *He chuckled softly before he turned his head to kiss her cheek, moving her so she was lying on her back and he was on top of her. He kissed his way down to her neck and nibbled and kissed and nipped her there.* -01:41 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Her quiet laughter and relaxing was a sign that she was feeling much better… Evangeline ran her fingers through his hair, tilting her head so she could kiss the top of his.* -01:46 Nov 04
Gabriel: You are beautiful, Evangeline. *He whispered, his head moving lower, kissing his way down the front of her body until he reached the bottom of her shirt. Then he was lifting the shirt and kissing his way back up, pushing the shirt up as he went.* -01:50 Nov 04
Evangeline: *With the way he said it, she had to believe him! He made her feel beautiful even when she didn’t agree… She flicked her fingers through his hair, and surpressed a soft giggle when he hit a ticklish spot.* I love you so mcuh… -01:54 Nov 04
Gabriel: As I love you. *He had reached her breasts now, taking the time to cup them gently and rub her nipples until they peaked. He massaged her breasts gently and planted soft kisses over her body.* -01:59 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Curling her toes and stretching like a cat, it was so delicious to be petted… She shifted to her elbows, leaning to steal a kiss before shifting to pull her shirt over her head!* -02:06 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He took the chance to lick her lips as she pulled away and rid herself of the shirt. He lowered his head to one of her breasts, looking up at her face as he took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck gently. He stroked the underside of the breast he was sucking and rubbed the other breast in circles against her chest.* -02:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: *A flush of warmth washed over her, sending a tingle all the way down to her legs. Of which she was currently shifting so impatiently beneath him. She curled her hands in to his hair, holding him to her. Wanting to pull him up for a kiss, but not want him to move either!* -02:14 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He moved slightly, but only so his free hand could slide down her body and move between her legs. As he sucked a little harder and moved his mouth over a little more of her breast, his fingers found her clit and began to rub it.* -02:19 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Fingers tightened in his hair following her soft gasp. Her legs opening wider for him even as her toes curled in to the sheets.* Hm, Gabriel.. -02:22 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked as he stopped playing with her clit so he could slip a finger inside of her. Then he was moving to suck on her other breast, massaging the other with his hand in the same way he had the first. He curled the finger inside of her and made sure to rub it against her clit.* -02:28 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline bit her, though it didn’t stop the quiet moan from escaping! Her hips rocked forward almost of their own accord, relishing that shivver of pleasure from his touch.* -02:35 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There was something beautiful about watching Evangeline when she did this and it made him hard to know he was giving her this pleasure. She was his wife, his lover, and she was his for all eternity. He moved his finger a little faster, as it started getting wet from her juices. He licked her breast, then lifted his head and blew on the wet skin gently.* -02:38 Nov 04
Evangeline: *He gave her goosebumps and more shivvers, making her draw him closer just to feel the warmth of his skin! She couldn’t stay still as he moved his finger faster. Her legs moving against his as her body writhed beneath him. His name mumbled pleadingly, it was moments like this that drove her mad, yet she adored so much!* -02:44 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked as she whispered his name. She was enjoying this so much and he was going to let her enjoy every moment of it. But first … he was going to teas her. He slid his finger out of her, then moved so he was right on top of her. He caressed her breasts and played with her nipples even as he kissed her hard on her mouth and dove his tongue inside. He rubbed her tongue with his and began grinding his hips against hers.* -02:48 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Blast it…! Even as she returned his kiss with full vigor, flicking her tongue against his, her hands were squeezing his shoulders with frustration! She curled a leg around him, trying to catch him still against her!* -02:53 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked even as he slowly broke the kiss to whisper against her mouth.* Yes, my Queen. *She wanted him desperately, he knew. But he wanted to hear it from her own lips.* -02:56 Nov 04
Evangeline: *That look on his face of teasing and desire… it was wicked and so handsome. Irresistable and begging her to kiss him senseless. …he was making her senseless! She took his face in her hands and kissed him hard and pleading before breaking away.* Make to me…? I want to feel you with me, around me, in me, everywhere… -03:00 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Gabriel was still smirking but he pulled away and moved off of the bed to strip. His legs were too long to make stripping on the bed very comfortable. Off went the coat, the shirt, the pants and the gun holsters.* -03:07 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She was long used to him sleeping with his clothes, he always did when he snuck to bed when she had already fallen asleep… But being away from him even for a second was torture! She followed him right off the bed and the moment her had his clothes off, she was swinging her arms around his neck and tugging him down to kiss her again!* -03:09 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Her arms around him, his head was pulled down and he kissed her hard and long. His own arms went around her waist and then he was lying back down on the bed. First, he guided her onto her back and he was right on top of her. He broke the kiss.* Open for me, Evangeline. I am coming home. -03:12 Nov 04
Evangeline: *And she was more than willling. Adjusting her legs to accomidate him, heavy with that need to have every part of him. She didn’t let his mouth stray from hers for long, drawing him to her and brushing her tongue over his lips between nibbling kisses.* -03:16 Nov 04
Gabriel: *One hand was on her knee and moved up her thigh, the other arm was around the small of her back and he leaned on his elbow so his weight wasn’t pressing down on her. He kissed her back deeply, his tongue joining with hers, stifling a groan as he slid inside, simply pushing until he couldn’t push anymore. He stayed like that for awhile, cherishing the feel of her body wrapped around his.* -03:18 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She sighed softly against his mouth. her body adjusting to the size of him as if it was just always meant to be. It made her feel fullfilled and complete! …but stay still wasn’t far enough! When she could stand it no longer, she moved her hips against his. Dropping her hands between them, with a gentle coaxing…* -03:26 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked against her lips, even as he groaned and began to move his hips. The hand moving up her thigh settled on her hips. He was throbbing but he could be patient he wanted to be.* -03:28 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline wrapped her legs around him, not locking tight… not yet! He was so wicked to tease her, and she wanted him to feel just as mad as she did! She let her hands roam down his chest and stomach, reaching as low as she could to cup his balls in one of her hands and give a soft massaging squeeze!* -03:34 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Her massaging resulted in a soft muffled grunt as he licked her lips and began to move his hips a little faster, a little harder.* -03:36 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She kissed the corner of his mouth, his cheek, and moved to his ear to nibble and suck on his earlobe. One hand still between them, caressing and gentle even when she left her fingers rub against his shaft as he thrust!* -03:41 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He bent his head and growled softly, not the angry growl but the "borderline impatient" growl.* … Evangeline. *He clenched his teeth as his thrusts turned harder and faster.* -03:43 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She loved when he said he name that way…! And it was all the more tempting! She flicked her tongue at his ear, shifting her mouth to nip at his neck. Her hands didn’t stray from his shaft, circling and squeezing when she could, or simply feather light touches to brush against him!* -03:48 Nov 04
Gabriel: *There was that "borderline impatient" growl again!* You are such a tease … *He picked her up by the hips so he didn’t have to pull out of her as he sat up. He had one arm around her, holding her against him as he went on knees and one hand to the head of the bed where it was pushed up against the wall. Then he placed her against the headboard, knees tucked under him and began to thrust into her again, hard and fast, pounding up and into her.* -03:51 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline mumbled an amused giggle against his neck, giving a gentle bite! Pressed up against the headboard, she linked her arms around his neck and shoulders. Her hips twisting to meet his as she lift her head to capture for a sudden kiss. If growled at her like that much more, it’d tip her right over the edge!* -03:57 Nov 04
Gabriel: *His hands were on the top edge of the headboard so he was lifting himself up, muscles tense. He was throbbing, pulsing, ready to explode inside of her. But he would be patient. He kissed her back even as he felt her heartbeat racing. He smirked. He knew how to get her to climax.* Climax for me, Evangeline. Scream my name. -04:02 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Oh but she wanted to.. but not yet! She burried her face at his neck, muffling the sounds of her moaning. Squeezing his shoulder tighter with every thrust!* -04:06 Nov 04
Gabriel: *Now it was his turn to nibble on her ear and use the tip of his tongue to trace the outline of her ear as he moved even harder and faster inside of her. One hand moved off of the headboard to slip between them and play with her clit.* -04:09 Nov 04
Evangeline: hmm, Gabriel… *She was nearly breathless! Tilting her head back until it rest against the headboard, biting her bottom lip so she wouldn’t scream, but not being able to hide her pleased squeaks!* -04:14 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He rubbed her clit a little more, never letting up on the thrusting! He was going to get her climax one way or another, even if he had to do this all night! He lowered his head and nipped where her pulse beat strongest.* -04:17 Nov 04
Evangeline: Gabriel…! *Why did she catch his thoughts at moments like that! Gasping his name, her body shuddered more than once with the sudden bucking of her hips. Releasing her grip on his shoulder, only to squeeze again tight and sudden when she clenched around him.* -04:22 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He paused for a brief moment when she climaxed but then he was holding her close so he could cum as well! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust! Thrust and … He pushed himself as deep as he could inside of her just before he finally climaxed. He held her body still, thrusting slightly to get the last of his seed out. He slowly moved the two of them so they could lie in bed and he pulled the sheets over them. He kissed her forehead.* I love you, Evangeline. -04:25 Nov 04
Evangeline: *Still so breathless, she smiled wide as she curled again him. He made her feel delerious and loved, and everything in between!* I love you.. so much..! -04:28 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You must. Caroline often mentions how very patient and sweet you are to tolerate me. -04:30 Nov 04
Evangeline: She seems to think you’re terrible to me. But you give me you… *She nuzzled his cheek before kissing it softly…* I’d like to have you again… -04:32 Nov 04
Gabriel: So the Queen has not received her fill and as your loving husband, I cannot refuse you. *He kissed her gently. Not that he could ever think of refusing her!* -04:33 Nov 04
Evangeline: *She laughed against his mouth. Kissing him once, twice… maybe once more before breaking away.* You could make love to me forever? Universe be damned? -04:36 Nov 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Indeed. -04:42 Nov 04

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