Caroline is missing and Dark seeks Evangeline’s help in finding her!

[Evangeline is at home helping devil rats put away the dishes from dinner!] -01:29 Dec 02
[Dark decides to make his prescence known–by destroying a few pillars!] -01:31 Dec 02

Dark: Damnit! Where the hell is she?! She’s supposed to have come home ages ago! Stupid woman! She always does this! -Dark

Evangeline: *Just closing a cabinet and CRASH! Evangeline blinked.* …Dark must be here! Well, you wee ones can finish cleaning up. I’ll just… um… make sure he doesn’t break anything that belongs to the forest nymphs. *Dusting her hands off on her skirt, she went following the sounds of destruction!* -01:33 Dec 02
Dark: *Did he care if he woke some minotaur up from his century nap?! No. Did he care if he disturbed someone meditating in one of the courtyards?! Hell no!* Damn, Caroline! Where the hell are you?! *He cracked a pillar and turned it into dust with a punch before roundhouse kicking a wall!* -01:36 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped out just in time to catch a random vase from falling off a wall. Who even though putting that there was a good idea? It sure wasn’t hers!* …Caroline tries plucking one of my hairs and setting it on fire when she’s trying to get Gabriel’s attention. You could try to do that too? …only I supposed it would be Gabriel that appears and not Caroline… -01:38 Dec 02
Dark: *He growled and began pacing instead! But that wasn’t any safer because now he was tossing a ball of lightning from one hand to another!* She was supposed to be home. Said something about going somewhere special for it. Ya know, some anniversary and all. Or celebrating something. I can’t keep track of these things … I’ve looked high and low for her. -01:41 Dec 02
Evangeline: Oh! Is that all? I thought that you might of had another fight again. One or both of you always come here afterwards and terrorize the poor rats. *Evangeline set the vase down on the ground. That should be safe!* Were you supposed to have a date tonight? -01:42 Dec 02
Dark: Yeah, we were. And I can’t track her down at all! And it’s irking the fuck out of me! How the hell can the avatar of Light NOT find someone?! *He was more rambling on about things than listening to Evangeline.* -01:48 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head, giving it some thought before she leaned over to pick up a chair and set it back on it’s feet. She’ll have to do something about those pillars later! For now… there was no sensing Caroline herself. It was easier when she had her ability, but now all she could feel was what was immediatly in her presense. And that was just Dark being REALLY mad!* Maybe because you’re looking for someone of Light instead of someone of Darkness..? Caroline has a dark soul, I think. -01:51 Dec 02
Dark: *He huffed.* … Yeah, that’s right. Crap. I don’t want to pull Gabriel into this. He’s already getting into my case as it is. *He tossed the ball of lightning where it shattered the vase Evangeline had put down on the ground.* -01:59 Dec 02
Evangeline: *…Darnit! Evangeline huffed, resting her hands on her hips, and debating whether or not Dark was too old for a spanking. …then again he was just worried about Caroline!* Haven’t you learned how to track her down by now? She said she developed a spell special just for keeping track of you. *…Whoops, maybe that was supposed to be a secret? But that was such a long time ago that it was mentioned!* You should ask Gabriel if you really are worried. -02:01 Dec 02
Dark: *He paused and looked at her for a few moments.* She did what … How’d she do that? *He was more interested by this spell than the idea of asking Gabriel. It wasn’t often Evangeline blabbered out something that was actually useful at the moment she chose to pull it out.* -02:08 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Oh boy. Caroline was going to yell at her later!* Hmm… well, she had something of yours first. And it was something about the shape and color of your soul and building the spell from that? Then all she did was hold out her hand and told one of her marbles to seek and just like that she knew where you were. -02:11 Dec 02
Dark: Something of hers … That’s easy enough. She’s got tons of clothes back at the loft. And you already mentioned her having a dark soul. But what’s all this about the shape of a soul. How does that work? -02:17 Dec 02
Evangeline: I’m not sure how to explain it… That was just something I could see but putting words to it. Uuum. *Evangeline tapped her chin with thought.* Oh wait, look! *She held out her hand, the one with her and Gabriel’s binding mark.* Something like this! It’s like a sigil of what and who you are! Your signature! -02:20 Dec 02
Dark: *Dark leaned forward and squinted. Of course, he’d seen the sigil before but this was the first time that those symbols made any sense.* I get it … But crap, I don’t know what the shape of Caroline’s soul is. So her soul is dark. But she’s a ton of other things too. Crap, this is harder than I first figured it would be. -02:25 Dec 02
Evangeline: I suppose you could find something she’s left her mark or sigils on. Spells or enchantments usually have the signatures of their creaters? That’s what gets so many wizards in trouble! -02:27 Dec 02
Dark: Spells … enchantments … *Dark began looking around. There had to be something around here … Something …!* I got it! Those enchantments she made on the castle walls! Come on! *He grabbed Evangeline by the hand and began pulling her through a door and to the outer wall!* Help me find one of hers! -02:29 Dec 02
Evangeline: Eep! *Evangeline had to follow of she’d end up dragged across the courtyard!* Don’t you think it would be easier to just ask Gabriel? Although learning how to do this would be useful too… You worked on the walls together didn’t you? You’ll be able to find the places she touched? -02:31 Dec 02
Dark: *He frowned at the mention of asking Gabriel!* But I don’t want him to ask me questions and stuff. And you know I’ll never hear the end of it. I’m still being lectured for letting that unicorn eat those bikers down at Yellowstone. -02:33 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to bite her tongue to not start laughing.* Alright alright… Put your hands on the wall, then and feel for the sigils. Just like if you were looking for what sort of spells were on it. You’ll want to decipher between all of the spells and see who cast which ones. …um.. and don’t mess with any of Gabriel’s or you’ll be seeing him whether you like it or not. -02:35 Dec 02
Dark: *He huffed. Did she just crack a smile at that? Mm. Maybe he was seeing things. But he nodded and did as instructed. Yeah, not mess around with any of Gabriel’s. That should be easy … Like hell. The guy had at least a million spells here, more, he was willing to bet. He’d have be real, REAL careful! He shut his eyes and focused. Caroline. He had to find Caroline’s spells. As he focused her enchantments began to glow.* -02:51 Dec 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline was still trying not to smile! She moved to press a finger against one of the sigils that appeared on the wall.* Here see! This is one of hers. I think… you will want to take a copy of this, but without the spell lines. Just take the signiture itself without taking anything that is attached to. That way the spells on the wall stay in tact and you’ll have her signature in your mind! -02:53 Dec 02
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:39 Dec 02))
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((03:41 Dec 02))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:41 Dec 02
[Evangeline is trying to help Dark find Caroline, even though she\’s sure it\’d be easier just asking Gabriel.] -01:50 Dec 03
[Dark is pretty sure he can get the hang of this!] -02:01 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was sure he’d copy the signature just fine! But doing it without breaking one of the spells… maybe not so much. Luckily it shouldn’t be anything too major and when he brings Caroline back, they’d have it fixed before Gabriel ever realized something went wrong!* -02:05 Dec 03
Dark: *Dark was pretty sure he had done everything right … There was a dark amber ball of energy hovering over his upturned hands. But he was so busy focusing, he didn’t realize the streaks of blood red in there … Had he accidentally broken one of Gabriel’s spells?!* -02:10 Dec 03
Evangeline: *That didn’t look one hundred percent… but well, no sense in worrying about right now now.* Hmm. You’ll have to take the red out, but there you go! Now you can make a seeking spell all by yourself. -02:12 Dec 03
Dark: *He blinked and looked at it!* Yeah, I can take that out later, right? *Truth be told, he didn’t know how to … And what was the harm in that?* -02:18 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to say all he’d be doing is letting Gabriel know what spell he just cast! …but, maybe it was better she didn’t tell Dark! He might need the help?* Yes, you could take it out later, I suppose… So you’ll just need to go get something of Caroline’s to combine with the signature and the spell and you’ll find her in no time at all! -02:20 Dec 03
Dark: Yeah, right. *He looked around, then teleported with the ball of energy to the loft. It was easy enough to sort through her things but for some reason, a lot of the things weren’t doing the trick! When he tried combining the item with the energy ball, the item would just turn into ash and fall to the floor!* … Seriously?! -02:28 Dec 03
Evangeline: I’ll just be here! …glueing a vase back together! *…It was strange not having visions about things, but still have those ‘something isn’t right’ feelings! Ah well… she had to fix that vase before whomever it belonged to found out!* -02:30 Dec 03

Meanwhile in a graveyard far far away, covered in frost and an eerie mist… There was the glow of a large bonfire with several demons dancing around it, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey! They were having a party! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Meri popped her head out from behind Evangeline!* Is it okay now, Mommy? The rats have already fixed everything! -Dark

Evangeline: Uh huh! I’m sure we’ll find out later what happened. How about we get clean and ready for bed? -02:40 Dec 03
Dark: *It wasn’t long before Dark began getting frustrated! Nearly everything in Caroline’s room had turned to ash and he still hadn’t come across an item to use for the tracking spell!* Stupid, stupid, piece of crappy, shitting, good for nothing–! *Then he saw something hanging on the corner of her full length mirror. It was the necklace he’d given her. A diamond heart on a silver chain. He reached out and took it. He took a deep breath.* Here goes nothing. *He drew the ball of energy and the necklace together, closed his eyes, and waited for the necklace to crumble into ash …* -02:45 Dec 03

Surprisingly it was the one thing in the room that -didn’t- crumble! The amber ball of energy shrank until it seemed to fall right in to the diamond. For moment the stone glowed amber until the color faded back to the clear crystal. The spell took without flaw! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! The pixies said they want to have a party with you in the spring courtyard again! Should I tell them you’re busy and can’t make it? -Dark

Evangeline: A party…? *Parties with pixies were always so fun! But it was getting late and before long it would be time for evening snuggles and going to bed!* Well… I suppose a few minutes won’t hurt! Gabriel was going to be late tonight. -02:54 Dec 03

Vlamerias: *She turned her head to one of the rats and nodded.* Mommy says she’ll come! Thank you, Mr. Rat! *The rat appeared to nod and then scurried down the hall!* -Dark

Dark: *He opened one eye and then another, then cracked a grin!* I knew I’d get it. *He snickered.* And Evangeline was worried … *He was ignoring the ash all around him. He cast the tracking spell.* -03:00 Dec 03

The casting spell cast without a problem, but it seemed like it was waffling! Pointing at a direction but then fading out. It settled on a place somewhere in Northern Finland, but still kept fading in and out! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline pat Meri’s head before heading off to the spring courtyard… She did take a moment to check on that vase…. Bless the devil rats! Good as new! She placed it right back where it belonged. No one would be the wiser!* -03:06 Dec 03
Dark: *Dark growled. It was fading in and out … Was it broken already?! But he followed the spell … and found himself in the middle of some party?!* What the crap! *He looked around. He raised an eyebrow at the demons gathered, then walked in the direction the tracking spell was leading him in!* -03:22 Dec 03

Those demons were having a good old time! Most of them didn’t do anything more than laugh when Dark appeared suddenly, but the tallest of them – a lankly fellow with burns up half his body and a cigar in his mouth – tossed his bottled of whiskey at Dark’s back. “Hohoho! Welcome to the celebration sparklepants!” -Evangeline

Dark: *Ignoring! Although it did look pretty suspicious that they would be here at the same exact place Caroline was … He kept following the tracking spell to an unmarked grave not far from the party!* -03:35 Dec 03

Those demons didn’t seem to mind being ignored, in fact when seeing where he was headed, they were howling in laughter even louder! “HA! HAHAHA! Oh… oh my sides hurt! Lookit, sparkles, you forgot to bring flowers for the dead!” They all cackled again at the joke! -Evangeline

Dark: *He looked from the tracking spell to the grave, then back again, then looked at the demons. He growled! He got it now … These assholes had done something to Caroline!* You asses are going to pay for that! *The tracking spell in one hand, he used the other to launch a bolt of lightning at them, followed by another and another bolt after that!* -03:41 Dec 03

One unlucky bastard got hit, while the others scattered in drunken stupors and unrelating cackles! Nerenc himself, posed nice and stiff and pointed. “You’ll burn before you burry me!” Yet he couldn’t keep a straight face with the line and was howling again. However, it didn’t stop him from tossing a botte of whiskey in to the giant bonfire and trying to launch the flames at Dark! -Evangeline

Dark: *Fangs growing, he began to dodge the flames, jumping into the air! He landed and cracks split through the ground, travelling to Nerenc where the earth split into two, forming a wide crevice to fall in!8 -03:46 Dec 03

The shaking of the ground nearly took Nerenc off his feet, but he righted himself before falling in to the crevice. He smirked wide, casting a low exagerated bow. “My deepest condolences for the dearly departed Lady of Shade! May her absence bring good cheer and violence amongst men!” Cheeky bastard that he was, spit at Dark before flinging his cigar at him and trying to jump away from the cracks! -Evangeline

Dark: *He was about to launch himself at Nerenc–until he realized what he’d just said! Lady Shade … Caroline! He pulled away from the bastard to the grave and began digging!* Caroline! Caroline! -03:51 Dec 03

“Caiolainn, Caiolainn, left bled dry! Caiolainn, Caiolainn, tis a shame she had to die!” Nerenc’s last words echoed with laughter as he and the rest of his band disappeared from the graveyard! -Evangeline

Dark: *As Dark kept digging, something split the unmarked grave and the coffin Caroline pushed out, breaking the surface. The cover opened. He looked up to find …* Gabriel …? -03:56 Dec 03

Caroline: *Air across her face… she was sure that was a brush of death finally coming for her! At least she was breathing, but there was so much blood, there might not of been anything left in her body!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He snapped out of it, to lean over her.* There’s too much blood, I can’t make out any of it. *He wanted to touch her so much but he was also afraid, too! How long had she really been in here? What was wrong?!* -04:03 Dec 03

Caroline: *A familiar voice and soul… it wasn’t easy to get her eyes open, and she wasn’t entirely sure if she were delerious or already dead!* …this myth was meant to die, lior. His moment come and gone, blind in madness… *She mumbled gibberish and mixed phrases in norwegian and French. She was fairly certain she was dying and death had come for her!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He knelt on the other side of the coffin. By now, Caroline would have healed herself … but something was blocking her ability to use magic and regeneration.* Hold her hand. This will be painful for her. *He didn’t even wait for Dark to obey him. He placed one hand on her side and teleported one bullet at a time from Caroline’s body to the ground next to him.* -Dark

Dark: *He growled!* Damnit, Caroline. Don’t start this rambling now. You got plenty of time to do this later. *He clutched her hand. If anyone asked him later, he would have done it more for her sake than his–which would have been a lie, of course.* -04:09 Dec 03

Caroline: …we met today, you had no name… *She suddenly grit her teeth, hissing soft at the sudden pain! There must be no heaven,… she would look on what could have been while suffering for the rest of eternity! She squeezed tight to Dark’s hand while her other grasped the edge of the coffin!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He smiled bitterly when she said that. It took him back to when they’d first met. He’d picked a name out from some poster when he’d previously not even given it much thought.* -04:13 Dec 03

Gabriel: *First bullet, the second bullet … the fourth bullet, the fifth bullet … He tended to the knife wound only after all the bullets had been taken out of her. He managed to stop the bleeding.* She is delirious. The bullets and the knife’s enchantment will linger. Time will tell if she makes it or not. -Dark

Dark: *He blinked, startled.* What the fuck are you talking about?! She’s going to pull through! She’s not done yet! -04:16 Dec 03

Caroline: if after every tempest comes such calms, may the winds blow until they have awakened death… *She didn’t have the strength to squeeze anything now, but at least the sharp pains subsided. She was staring at life and death arguing right above her and it was such an awkward scene…* I didn’t say what I should have said…? -Evangeline

Dark: *He turned his attention back to her.* Damnit, Caroline! Tell me you’re going to pull through. You’re going to get better and we’re going on vacation. -Dark

Caroline: *She was so tired… what did he say? Why did the gods seem to always want to damn her name…* I left Europe because something in the world had changed… and then I found you… isn’t that funny..? -Evangeline

Gabriel: … Choose, Caroline. Life or death. *He picked up the knife and it and the bullets disappeared into his coat.* -Dark

Caroline: *She looked confused at the statement! As if gods ever let you choose your fate… And she could choose between the two? It was hesitate at first, but she slowly lift a hand to point at Life. Dark. Life? [i]That[/i] one. Thats the one she wanted to leave with..* -Evangeline

Caroline: *She looked confused at the statement! As if gods ever let you choose your fate… And she could choose between the two? It was hesitate at first, but she slowly lift a hand to point at Life. Dark. Life? That one. Thats the one she wanted to leave with..* -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked at Caroline. Nuts. She was definitely nuts. He was so stunned, he just sat there and stared at her.* -04:35 Dec 03

Gabriel: *He smirked. Children. It was just as well. He had a wife to give cuddles to and having to deal with a Caroline-less Dark meant less time with her and less cuddles for him. He stood and walked away. He would investigate this area.* -Dark

Caroline: *How simple! To point at life and watch death walk away… * What beautiful eyes life has… must I live in this box, lior…? -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked. What the hell was a "lior"? She wasn’t swearing at him or angry … It might have been a pet name or something. Eh, he’ll ask about it later.* I’m not about to take a vacation in a box. *He stood so he could lean forward and pick her up.* I was so worried about you! -04:43 Dec 03

Caroline: *Arrgh, moving hurt…! Life might have been the wrong choice! But pain or not, curling up against him felt better than anything else!* We met today. Did I tell you…? You, the wingless angel and the devil… all in one day. -Evangeline

The area of the graveyard was void of -everything-. Besides blood of the Lady Shade and a big bonfire, the moment Gabriel arrived there wasn’t a demon in the area! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Bold enough to taunt Light, intelligent enough to escape Darkness … For the moment, Caroline was safe with Dark and this was a matter that could wait. He would have to speak to Dark later about enroaching on duties and obligations that were not his. As well as wasting unnecessary time and energy on things.* -Dark

Evangeline: *Meanwhile Evangeline was having evening tea with pixies… or was! She was currently sleeping with her chin propped up in a hand and a pixie braiding her hair! So much for stayed awake!* -05:01 Dec 03

Gabriel: *He appeared back at the castle and found Evangeline asleep.* I will take the Queen to bed. *He said as he walked up from behind her. The pixie flew out of the way, giving him the room he needed to pick Evangeline up and carry her to bed.* -Dark

Dark: … Yeah, you mentioned something like that. We better get you somewhere … somewhere you can rest and stuff. *He decided the best place would be somewhere isolated and tropical. So they appeared at a beach house on a small island in the middle of nowhere.* -05:03 Dec 03

Caroline: *She was getting a vague sense of consciouness back. At least enough to know she wasn’t in the presence of the gods. But it was hard to tell if she were hallucinating or if it were real. Dark was in the forefront of her mind, slowly following the need to kill somebody…* …I tore this island in two once… I was angry with you. *…no. he wasn’t the one she was pissed off at… She needed to think clearer!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sleeping soundly at least for most of the way! A few squeeks of pixies or rats was hard to ignore though…* You are late. -05:09 Dec 03
Dark: I don’t think you’ve ever been that mad at me. Not yet, anyways. I’m the one getting angry over stuff but that’s only after you tease me. -05:10 Dec 03

Gabriel: I find it hard to ignore someone tampering with my spells and enroaching on my duties. -Dark

Caroline: Hmm, I didn’t want to love you… but you always say such stunning things. *Caroline was watching him now, examining even. Now she remembered, they had a date tonight. And she was almost done for the day…* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline was not surprised at all that Gabriel had already found out about the wall… she told Dark it was going to happen! He was a little angrier than she expected, though.* Did he find Caroline, at least? I don’t think he did any harm. -05:16 Dec 03
Dark: But you gave me a chance. Do you regret doing that? -05:17 Dec 03

Gabriel: … He did. *He replied to whether he found Caroline or not.* He didn’t. *He said to the part about Dark “doing any harm”. The rats and the other castle inhabitants who crossed their path quickly moved to the side.* -Dark

Caroline: I wanted to see you shine… I didn’t think it would turn out quite so litterally. *She brushed a hand against his cheek, then pulled it away to see the blood stained on her hands.* I was dying this time… I wouldn’t have come back if you didn’t find me… -Evangeline

Dark: *He smirked at shining only to look down at the blood on her hands to which the smirk disappeared.* You disappear a lot. But I started to worry. You know how much destruction and trouble I like to cause when you’re gone for awhile. -05:23 Dec 03
Evangeline: Then there is nothing to be angry about, I hope? I was trying to supervise, but he was a bit rushed. *Evangeline paused to yawn before curling her arms around his neck.* I suppose you are going to lecture him anyway? -05:23 Dec 03
Dark: There is. *He replied to the question about "nothing to be angry about."* I will. *He replied to lecturing Dark. The avatar of Light was merely fortunate he had not been harmed and neither had the demons … yet.* -05:26 Dec 03

Gabriel: There is. *He replied to the question about “nothing to be angry about.”* I will. *He replied to lecturing Dark. The avatar of Light was merely fortunate he had not been harmed and neither had the demons … yet.* -Dark

Caroline: What is going to become of Evangeline’s castle between the tempers of the two of us? *There was a brief sideways grin, before the rest of her evening came back to her. The graveyard… and Nerenc! Caroline scowled!* ….put me down, there’s someone I need to burn. -Evangeline

Dark: Looks like you burnt him plenty already. *This was becoming a pattern. Caroline pissed someone off, the someone came back to destroy her, the someone nearly succeeded, Caroline ran off to kill them before fully recovering.* -05:29 Dec 03
Evangeline: *How was she going to save Dark this time? Gabriel wasn’t giving her more than two word answers, and that doesn’t explain what happened at all!* Of course, it must not be too important of a lecture if you are here instead of letting him have it now…? -05:29 Dec 03

Gabriel: He is nursing Caroline back to health. Until such time as she breaks free and escapes from his custody. *They reached their room and he placed her on the bed. The door closed behind them.* -Dark

Caroline: If I had he’d be dead. *He wasn’t setting her down, which made her scowl all the more.* Are you going to hold me hostage, lior? That enchanment should have faded, I can show you just how little blood I need… -Evangeline

Dark: … I’m worried about you, for you, Caroline. That’s what happens when you love someone and the someone is severely hurt. -05:33 Dec 03
Evangeline: Was she hurt badly…? Do you think I should go to see them? *She hadn’t expected it to be something too major! Now she was worried!* -05:33 Dec 03

Gabriel: Yes. No. She chose to live. -Dark

Caroline: *There it was again. That way he said things that stunned her. It was both infuriating and amazing at once. She forced herself to relax, though she wore a sheepish look across her face..* I don’t think someone has said that to me in a very long time… -Evangeline

Dark: *He snickered.* Are you gonna be telling that to the other women at Oracle later? I’m still trying to live that down those stories you told of how I admitted my feelings to you. -05:37 Dec 03
Evangeline: *Hurt badly and chose to live… Hmm, she was worried but Gabriel didn’t seem to be. He was just bristlie and annoyed…* You are free to snuggle now? -05:38 Dec 03

Caroline: What is more amazing than being rescued by your lover…? Hundreds of years and you are the first. -Evangeline

Dark: *She was in his lap now as he sat down on the beach and he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck gently. He moved his arms to support her.* So in short, every Oracle HQ is going to get the e-mail about this. -05:46 Dec 03

Caroline: *This wasn’t so bad… being a damsel. Caroline grinned. Vengeance could wait a little while.* I could always keep it to myself. The world doesn’t need to know Caiolainn was near laid to rest and the Prince of Darkness, Avatar of Light was her savior… -Evangeline

Dark: *He grinned.* I’d be eternally grateful to you. Although at this point, Evangeline might spur you to write a romance novel or something. Just the names were changed to protect the satisfied. -05:53 Dec 03

Caroline: Do you know what happens in romance novels, lior…? *She leaned to whisper in his ear.* It’s not safe for vampire children to read… -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked. He’d honestly never read a romance novel but women were always gushing about it.* Uh … chick meets man, they have sex, and they have sex until they die, the end. -05:56 Dec 03

Caroline: Hmm… I assume you are completely uninterested in having sex until you die… -Evangeline

Dark: Heh. Depends on who I’m going to have sex with until I die. ‘Cause I have no intention on dying anyways. *He kissed her lips gently.* But with you, I’d do anything with you and die happy. -06:00 Dec 03
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((06:04 Dec 03))

Caroline: A very good answer for the woman who was about to throw you in the ocean and set you on fire. *She could have been wicked and twisted his words. Asked him what other woman he intended to have sex with, since he only intended on not dying. Alas, she was too weary to tease and too comfortable enjoying his embrace! She rest her forehead against his.* Is there running water on this island, or will you be rolling me in the sand to scrub this blood away..? -Evangeline

[Dark really doesn\’t want to let Caroline go … Stupid woman!] -03:05 May 21
[Caroline is good at pretending like she\’s fine, despite being covered in blood and looking quite the contrary.] -03:07 May 21
Dark: So … We gonna take a bath or do I see how disturbed you get when I lick the blood off of you. *The bad part was he didn’t even know whether he was joking or dead serious about it.* -03:08 May 21

Dark: testing -Dark

Caroline: *There was a look on her face that suggested she was very tempted to find out! But then she was moving, hiding a wince, to disentangle herself from him and at the very least walk on her own.* What an interesting image. Is there a home on this little island, or are we going to run wild. -03:12 May 21
Dark: *He watched her like a hawk, although she might take it to mean he was being horny or something.* Depends. I’m all for lounging around and not having a care in the world. -03:14 May 21
Caroline: I’m not going to break, lior. *She felt like it though. One of the two had cast a healing spell on her, as she still wasn’t able to draw up anything substantial. …At least through means she wanted to risk. Caroline cast him a wicked smile.* Of course if you are going to stare, the least you could do is help me get my coat off. -03:17 May 21
Dark: *Dark snickered and stood.* Yeah, well. Don’t let it get to your head, me helping you get your coat off. *He walked over to her to help her. First one arm and then another. He was trying to be gentle without showing it but he quickly discovered that was tough to do.* So, bath? -03:20 May 21
Caroline: Yes, a bath. *Her wicked smile shifter to something a little softer. He emoted his thoughts through body language far too openly.* And how did you hunt me down? Or is Gabriel to thank for that? -03:23 May 21
Dark: *He huffed.* Tch. He wishes. *Even if Gabriel had helped.* Okay so maybe he helped a little … But I was the one who found you and stuff … Dinner’s cold by the way. -03:27 May 21
Caroline: Are you trying to keep the details a secret from me? *An amusing thought. She leaned at first thinking of heading towards the trees, a nice cozy island house… but then she turned to brush past him towards the ocean. Slipping her shoes off on the way and very stiffly fussing to pull off her shirt.* I beg for your forgiveness, lior! For I did not mean to miss our dinner. -03:33 May 21
Dark: *He blinked and then he was behind her, helping her with her shirt. Okay, he wasn’t trying to be totally nice. He couldn’t resist seeing Caroline naked.* You can make it up to me by spending a few days here, with me. -03:35 May 21
Caroline: You want me to take a vacation, when there is so much to do. *Did she look like she needed it that bad? Oh the temptation to show him otherwise! Once her shirt was off, Caroline brushed a hand over her stomach and side to check for damages. The wounds themselves were closed up and not a scar to be seen. There was bruising, but that would fade soon enough.* For you, I might stay. But I am not so sure how you’re going to keep me contained and entertained. *Now she was trying to remove her pants, forced to turn and rest a hand against him so she could keep her balance.* -03:40 May 21
Dark: *Dark sighed.* I’m hoping long enough for you to heal before you go off on a quest for vengeance. *There. The truth. No trying to hide it or lie or a thousand other things. He just wanted her to know the truth.* -03:43 May 21
Caroline: Hmm, the truth be told. *Pants off and kicked to the side, she stood straight again giving him that narrowed eyed look.* I am healed enough to go now if I wanted. The man is a plague. *Caroline backed up a few paces, grinning and holding out her arms.* …but even I can be charmed by a Shining Savior and stay still for one night. One night. Because in the morning I am going to burn him down to the last cinder. -03:47 May 21
Dark: *He raised an eyebrow as he pulled off his shirt and got rid of the rest of his clothes.* Have I ever told you how much you piss me off sometimes. How the hell did you end up so stubborn. -03:48 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline kept backing up until water was waist high. The water was calm and clear, and was warmer than expected… these island paradises weren’t too bad! She grinned wider at Dark.* I was born to make the existence of men as difficult as possible. You’re handsome when you’re annoyed. -03:54 May 21
Dark: *He walked toward the water and dove in. He surfaced next to her, standing and shaking the water off.* And you’re too sexy for my own good. -04:11 May 21
Caroline: Summon something for me to wash with, before I forget I’m supposed to be resting and not teaching you some very interesting new lessons… *The temptation was high! To tackle him and drag him away in to the streets like a wild woman…* -04:16 May 21
Dark: *He snickered.* The water’s not enough to take a bath in? ‘Cause I’m always open to learning new things. -04:21 May 21
Caroline: Oh? I remember a time when you wanted nothing more than to get away from me. *There was that predatory look she so often used to tease him with and make him uncomfortable. She ducked under the water for a brief moment, just enough to shake out her hair and get it good and wet. When she surfaced she rest both hands on his shoulder and her chin on her hands to mumble in his ear.* Then you would start singing. After all those women throwing panties at you for singing, I have to wonder what you really wanted… -04:25 May 21
Dark: *He looked around when she ducked and glanced over at her.* Heh. You mean besides running away before they started chanting they wanted to have my kids? -04:28 May 21
Caroline: *She snickered.* Ah, Dark! Your voice stirs me with such passion! You’re singing my whole life and I would give anything to take you to my bed! *Caroline mimicked those squeally girls in between snickering!* Make love to me! Marry me! -04:31 May 21
Dark: *He scowled.* Bleh. Why is it that women get so hot and bothered by my singing anyways. -04:38 May 21
Caroline: I suppose Evangeline hasn’t given you that lecture on the power of music, has she? *She shifted, sliding her arms around his neck.* Sirens sing to charm sailors to their death. the famed Piper used music to steal children from cheating villages. And you… You have a very, very nice voice, lior. It is no wonder that women lose their clothes around you. -04:41 May 21
Dark: *He scratched his head.* Yeah, well … I didn’t start singing so I could get an easy lay, y’know. -04:45 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline grinned and laughed.* No, Dark. That was never something I worried about concerning you. Or are you afraid that I am going to get jealous and slay a mountain of women too for my vengeance quest? -04:47 May 21
Dark: *He snickered.* Nah, you know they’re no competition. ‘Sides I think you like seeing them want me but knowing you get me at the end of the night and before and pretty much whenever you’re not slaying things. -04:50 May 21
Caroline: Hmm… you knew me too well. I may have to drown you in the ocean and tell you mother that I lost you. *Caroline kissed his cheek and nuzzled against it.* You almost make it sound like you’re being neglected. -04:54 May 21
Dark: *He huffed and rolled his eyes.* Me. Neglected. Hah. I got plenty of stuff to do. You know, gotta slay things, too, and punish things and tell ’em to stop eating people. -04:56 May 21
Caroline: Does that mean you take back wanting to spend a few days alone with me? *Now she was nibbling on his ear… He always walked himself so perfectly in to traps.* -04:58 May 21
Dark: *He blinked.* Um, well … No. I mean. Of course not. I mean, punishing and uh … slaying things. *Damnit, why did she have to go and nibble on his ear? She knew what it did to him!* -05:03 May 21
Caroline: *She laughed softly, taking a quick nip at his neck.* Are you going to punish and slay me Dark…? *Now that he was stumbling over words, she ran her fingers gently down his arm.* -05:06 May 21
Dark: Pfft … No. Yeah … Wait, are we talking punish and slay in the literal sense or is this one of your um … uh … slang … things. -05:12 May 21
Caroline: *Laughing in to his neck, Caroline merely shrugged her shoulders.* Why don’t you ponder it for a few moments and decide for yourself. *And while he did that, she slipped her hands behind his back and took great delight in running her nails over his spine!* -05:15 May 21
Dark: *He blinked and suddenly stiffened! She was sending shivers down his spine. He growled and slipped his arms around her.* Damnit, Caroline. -05:20 May 21
Caroline: First I near die, then you lecture me, and now you damn me. This is turning out to be a most vexing date. *Her breath was warm against his skin. With his arms around her, that gave her ample reason to press her body against his and take a firm grip of his behind!* -05:25 May 21
Dark: Better vexing than boring, right. *He loved the feel of her body against his and it definitely showed in how hard he was getting. He kissed her shoulders and nuzzled her neck before nipping it.* -05:37 May 21
Caroline: You, sweet, are never boring. *In fact could list a dozen words starting with infuriating down to adorable, but never boring! Especially when she could get him hot and bothered and flustered. She slipped a hand between them, grazing his shaft once or twice before giving a soft tug.* -05:41 May 21
Dark: *He hissed even as he slippd one hand up and in front to cup a breast and massage it. The other hand moved further down and between her legs to caress her slit from the bottom. He sucked on her neck.* -05:44 May 21
Caroline: Hmm, I’m thinking bath time is over. *She mummbled in to his ear. Caroline squeezed his shaft, and with a most wicked grin, she was stepping backwards guiding him back towards the beach!* -05:51 May 21
Dark: You look clean enough to me. *He muttered just before she started tugging him to the beach. He wanted to glare and put his foot down about being led around like this but … He found himself walking.* Blasted woman. *He growled.* -05:52 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline laughed loud! There were very few men, if any that had ever made such a fuss about being seduced! Once she had him to the beach, she none too gently shoved him to the ground with a force that suggested she was starting to feel much better. Caroline stepped over him, dropping to her knees at each side of his waist and braced her hands beside his head.* Poor man, so abused and beaten by the woman that loves him so. -05:59 May 21
Dark: *He landed with a "Ummphff!" and huffed.* Yeah. But hey, it’s love. *He ran his hands up her legs. Man, she was beautiful. Crap, and she knew it.* -06:07 May 21
Caroline: Lior, *She leaned down to brush a kiss over his mouth, hovering milimeters away.* why do you pretend I don’t drive you crazy? You incite this desire to chase an conquer… *She kissed him again, this time running her tongue over his mouth.* -06:11 May 21
Dark: *He moved to kiss her the first time she brushed a kiss over his mouth and then huffed when she moved away. He let out a breath at the feel of her tongue on his lips.* … Crap, Caroline. *He muttered.* -06:17 May 21
Caroline: Did you say something? *Caroline kissed the corner of his mouth, moving down his jaw until she was grazing her teeth at his neck. Her body resting against quite comfortably as she showed him how sharp her teeth could be without daring to break skin!* -06:24 May 21
Dark: *He hissed again! She had some sharp teeth but damn if that didn’t turn him on! He shifted against her as his hands moved up her sides to feel her body.* You sure you’re not part vampire. -06:25 May 21
Caroline: *She licked and sucked over the places she nipped, soothing that pain away. He could feel her grinning against his neck. Blowing softly against his skin.* It’s not your blood I lust for at the moment… -06:29 May 21
Dark: *He groaned and his hands tightened on her waist.* Oh … Oh yeah …? -06:34 May 21
Caroline: But I have half a millinea of patience… *Caroline sat up, running her hands down his chest and raking her nails over his stomach.* and I think I would like to make you plead my name. *A slow grin snuck it’s way across her face as she scooted to rest straddled perfectly over his hips, but never quite touching.* -06:41 May 21
Dark: *He growled and moved to thrust his hips up. He was already hard and throbbing and the fact she was teasing him made the ache worst.* -06:52 May 21
Caroline: Daaah-aaark. *She chimed his name in that sing-song way, clicking her tongue and wagging a finger at him. She rose herself up out of reach, reaching a hand to cup his balls for a teasing squeeze.* * -06:57 May 21
Dark: *He huffed but lowered himself back down, shifting slightly.* Tease. -07:00 May 21
Caroline: Not going to beg for mercy? *The expression she gave could have been considered evil. Surely she had given that look to people right before she terrorized them! Caroline leaned forward, kissing his chest. Flicking a tongue over his nipple before tracing a trail downwards.* -07:04 May 21
Dark: *He groaned and clenched his teeth.* Not … not a chance. *He cursed himself for his voice being so shaky. His breath caught in his throat as she flicked a tongue at his nipple and moved downwards.* -07:15 May 21
Caroline: *He was just delaying the inevitable, and she did enjoy it so… Tickling his stomach with her tongue, she shifted, taking his cock in one hand and licking the tip so very slow!* …Are you sure…? -07:23 May 21
Dark: *He gasped and clenched his teeth again. He wasn’t going to take the bait. He was going to remain strong about it.* Y–yeah, I’m … I’m sure. -07:26 May 21
Caroline: *Smirking, she took all of him in to her mouth. Caressing with her tongue, and even purring… All the while keeping watch of his face!* -07:31 May 21
Dark: *He swallowed hard, his breath was more shallow now. He happened to glance down at Caroline and his fingers dug into the sand. He wanted to thrust up so BADLY!* -07:33 May 21
Caroline: *Pulling away, she cast a sly grin. With an elbow rest in the sand, and her head propped up in her hand, she wrapped her fingers around his now slick shaft. Stroking with a gentle grip.* All it takes is a few little words. "She wasn’t kidding about taking her sweet time… and was enjoying every minute of it!* -07:36 May 21
Dark: *Dark cursed under his breath! Damnit! He was throbbing and his cock was twitching!* P–ple–please … Caroline. *He murmured.* -07:40 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline wore her satisfaction with grace. Moving over him to stradle his hips in seconds. To please a man and make him beg your name, that was more than enough to have her own sex throbbing with anticipation. Adjusting herself, she left out a slow sigh as she took his staff in to her sheath. Gently rocking her hips until she could take him no further. Sweet bliss!* -07:45 May 21
Dark: Mm … Hell, yes. *He growled, breath hissing through his teeth as she took him in. His hands moved up her legs, to rest her waist, and then he was moving inside of her, pushing and thrusting. He clenched his ass as he did so the way she had taught him to.* -07:48 May 21
Caroline: *With her legs strong and steady, Caroline kept herself firmly in place and delicately balanced even as she bounced with every thrust. Her head tilted back and her eyes closed on rapturous abandoned, such a difference from her focused teasing! -07:52 May 21
Dark: *He managed to keep a steady, controlled pace. He loved this. He loved being inside her, feeling this way, making her feel good … He especially loved it when she got that look on her face. That was when he began to thrust a little faster and harder, when he saw her tilt her head back and close her eyes.* -07:54 May 21
Caroline: *Any aches she still had were completely forgotten. Her hands were in her hair and she didn’t refrain from moaning, gasping, or muttering his name with praises! All words stopped when she bit her lip, feeling that oncoming tensing as she moved her hips with his.* -07:59 May 21
Dark: *Yes! She was almost there! ‘Cause there was no way in hell he was going to cum first. He tightened his grip on her waist and moved faster and harder.* C’mon, Caroline. -08:04 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline laughed! If only because he had no idea how sexy it was when he got so impatiently demanding. But just as quickly she gasped. Her back arching as her muscles clenched around him. Her hands sliding down from her hair to grasp tightly to his at her waist. She groaned several norse words in blissful release!** -08:11 May 21
Dark: *He grinned! Now it was payback time! He quickly shifted, rolling Caroline so she was on her back and he was between her legs. He never broke contact with her. He put his hands down on either side of her and began thrusting into her again.* -08:14 May 21
Caroline: …Dark…! *She gasped again! Curling her toes in to the sand and griping his arms. She was still shuddering, her body so hot she could have been feverish!* -08:18 May 21
Dark: *He leaned forward, lowering his head to capture a nipple between his lips. He nibbled and sucked on it before taking more of her breast in his mouth, washing his tongue over the curve. He quickened his pace, feeling her body bounce up against him.* -08:21 May 21
Caroline: Dar. *She growled his name. But that just as quickly turn to a pleased moaning. Her nails digging in to his skin as her grip on his arms tightened. There was no coherant thought as she writhed beneath him!* -08:25 May 21
Dark: *She looked so hot like this! He could look at her doing this every day for the rest of his life! He sucked a bit longer on the breast before letting it slip out of his mouth and turning to give the other the same treatment. He never slowed his pace, his hips slamming against hers.* -08:28 May 21
Caroline: Dark! *Now she was pleading, but whether it was to stop or keeping going…! Caroline locked her legs around him, releasing one of his arms just to dive her fingers in to his hair and pull his head up where she could steal a deep kiss.* -08:34 May 21
Dark: *Her hand in his hair made him look up. He released the breast in his mouth as she tugged him up. He licked her lips.* One more time, Caroline. *He whispered.* -08:39 May 21
Caroline: *She was already too far gone to resist! That voice of his, he just didn’t know..! Biting her lip again, she whimpered with every thrust until she was sighing his name and stiffening against him!* -08:46 May 21
Dark: *He clenched his teeth as she stiffened one more time. She had barely come down when he pushed deep inside of her. He held her still, muscles tensing as he came, fingers digging into her flesh. He held himself over her as he let the last wave of pleasure subside, then smirked and kissed her lips.* -08:52 May 21
Caroline: *Caroline was still riding that wave of euphoria. Feeling more weak now than she had earlier in the day, yet loving every moment of it. She matched his smirk with a grin.* A little unfair… but I suppose you win… -08:55 May 21

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