031 A Bath with Gabriel

A bright and cheerful morning at the Lake House. Leon is bright-eyed and bushy tailed as usual and plotting a grand breakfast, while Ciara as usual has much to complain about. Mostly about Leon eating everything in sight, but the occasional jealous quip about Evangeline.

Gabriel and Evangeline slept quite awhile. Gabriel awakes, considering the danger of Ms. Grey and Sariel still being out there somewhere… but Evangeline seems more content in bed. There is a compromise that she needs to eat and have a hot bath when he notices the stiffness of her movements. Evangeline in a tub and discussing things with Gabriel seems to be perfectly natural! She questions him about how he was created and if there are others. Gabriel confesses that there were some before him and maybe even more after…

[Evangeline had nothing to do with stealing Ms. Greys room!] -02:56 Nov 07
[Gabriel had been resting for quite awhile but was now stirring!] -02:57 Nov 07

Leon: *Was tempted to check on Evangeline and Gabriel but … he was far too comfty in bed!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline was never going to wake up again. Except when she had to tighten a grip on Gabriel or roll over to get comfortable. Ms. Grey’s bed was kinda nice!* -02:59 Nov 07
Gabriel: *He finally opened his eyes and looked around, then looked down at Evangeline. He was still covered in blood and entrails and seawater.* -03:01 Nov 07

Ciara: *Wide awake and plotting… Which wasn’t good for anyone, because it was going to involve a lot of yelling, possibly shooting someone, and a pot of coffee. But Leon was warm and fuzzy and- …And that was just disturbing, who in their right mind cuddles with a wolf anyway?!* -Evangeline

Leon: *Yawned and stretched. He didn’t want to but … he should probably get up and start cooking some breakfast … He stood up in bed and jumped down, grabbing a pants and shirt from the dresser before heading into the bathroom. He closed the door before he changed back into human form and dressed. He walked out.* So, what do you want for breakfast, Cissy? *He ruffled his hair and raised an eyebrow at her.* Besides the head of one vampire and the head of one psychic on a silver platter.

Ciara: Ruin my ideal breakfast, why don’t you? How about some coffee and making up the rest… -Evangeline

Evangeline: *A yawn from Evangeline… people were stirring! Why would anyone want to get up when it was so early and bed was so comfy? Besides to yell.. Ooh… Why Ms Grey’s house for all the places to go! Evangeline pulled Gabriel’s arm over her head!* -03:08 Nov 07

Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Okay then. We’re going to have steak, sausage, bacon and hamburgers for breakfast! *He announced on his way to the kitchen!*

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow at the Seer. Sleep was possibly a wise decision but there was Ms Grey to consider and the fact that the creature was still out there somewhere …* -03:10 Nov 07

Ciara: *Ciara sat up quickly!* You can’t have hamburgers for breakfast! *She was muttering at Leon as she rolled out of bed to change her clothes. Yelling was more effective when you weren’t wearing pajamas.*

Leon: *Was humming to himself! Yes, hamburgers were sure to be a fine addition! It certainly livened up barbeques! He put that pot of coffee on and started digging into the fridge for everything he’d need!*

Evangeline: Don’t make faces at me, she’s going to eat us alive. I’ve had enough of being chewed on for one week! *Ah hah, a blanket! Evangeline pulled that over their heads too!* -03:12 Nov 07
Gabriel: … And you consider hiding and staying in bed a viable decision? -03:14 Nov 07
Evangeline: Everyone knows that nothing can get you when you’re under the covers. *At least she hoped they remembered that rule.* -03:16 Nov 07
Gabriel: Perhaps. Except for the fact that Santos is cooking breakfast … And you have not eaten for sometime. -03:17 Nov 07
Evangeline: Hmph… flawless logic that can’t be denied… Maybe a bath first? It’s always good to face opposition when clean? -03:20 Nov 07
Gabriel: I do not see any harm in being clean. *It was his turn to move as he started to move off of the bed.* -03:22 Nov 07

Ciara: *Ciara appeared downstairs, filling herself a cup of coffee and eyeballing the concoctions Leon was making!* …No hamburgers.

Leon: Please? I’ll even add some of that … green stuff inside of it! That makes it a little more healthy, doesn’t it?

Evangeline: *…She was just going to have to get over that urge to stay attached to his arm! Evangeline sat up to follow him and winced! Why were you always so much more sore after having a good sleep?* We could take a shower.. -03:26 Nov 07

Ciara: If you eat everything for breakfast we won’t have anything for lunch. *A little cream and a little sugar as she leaned against the counter to sip!*

Gabriel: You may need to take a bath. *He said, studying the way she moved.* Some hot water to ease the muscle. -03:29 Nov 07

Leon: Um … A wolf’s gotta eat? *He gave her a wolfish grin.* Besides, it’d give us an excuse to go out in the town.

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled and shrugged her shoulders… which really didn’t help at all as she winced again!* It was good exercise, at least? …. I think. It’s easier to think of brightsides with you here. It wasn’t so easy yesterday… -03:34 Nov 07

Ciara: I suppose we’ll have to with guests to feed. Unless the psychic and her vampire try to escape.

Gabriel: *Was already making a bath ready. The tub was only large enough to fit a single person comfortably. He ran the hot water.* -03:36 Nov 07

Leon: *Blinked and tilted his head at her! He hadn’t started making the hamburgers. Those could probably wait until later. He was just sticking to cooking the other fine foods like sausage and bacon!* It’s not like Gabriel ever eats human food. And Evangeline struck me as a light eater.

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused for a moment seeming to look for something… When she was satisfied, she inched in to the bathroom.* Brutus likes playing with Lily and Conrad. -03:42 Nov 07

Ciara: Know all about Evangeline’s eating habits do you? *Ciara sipped her coffee, trying to decide whether or not she was going to be mad or just tease him until he begged for mercy!*

Gabriel: *Glanced over at her. He wondered if she was up to something. More often than not, she always was!* You will have to check the water. -03:45 Nov 07

Leon: Very funny. Just that I have yet to find someone who enjoys my fine taste in steak. Or anyone who matches my appetite now that I think about it … *He scratched his head.* Oh! Except Lily. She’s got a healthy appetite!

Evangeline: *Grinning, she sat on the edge of the tub to check the water, then fussed to unbutton her shirt.* It’s good for a puppy to spend time with people! -03:49 Nov 07

Ciara: If Lily were your daughter, I think I’d be spending half my fortune on food alone.

Gabriel: Perhaps. *As she went to the tub, he went over to the toilet, more specifically the window and pushed the curtain aside just a tad bit to get a view outside.* -03:52 Nov 07

Leon: *Wolfish grin! He’d already made so much sausage and bacon!* You make it sound like that would be a bad investment. I’ll have you know food is a fine thing to put your money into.

Evangeline: Next time we can leave him with Ms. Grey and Leon… we’ll, not that I want a next time of being kidnapped, that’s getting disturbing, but if we had to do something else! *No more shoes or clothes! Sliding in to the tub was achy work, but hot water did feel so much better than expected!* -03:55 Nov 07

Ciara: Not when it vanishes in three days. *That wolfy smile… Ciara mimicked it right back at him! See how he liked it!*

Leon: *Blinked! He definitely hadn’t expected Cissy to pull a wolfish grin like that! He finally laughed!* Looks like my fur isn’t the only thing rubbing off on you.

Gabriel: *Turned away from the window.* It might be a long while before you can. The pup will be stuck to your side for sometime. -03:59 Nov 07

Ciara: Obviously I’m infected with cooties and need some medical attention of something. *A sip of her coffee! Rubbing off on her… as if!*

Leon: But cooties seem to come with the nice fluffy tail! You did enjoy my nice fluffy tail, didn’t you? *He gave her another wolfish grin and swung his butt at her.*

Evangeline: Anthony has a lot of creepy places and beasties, doesn’t he. *Evangeline slid under water for a moment to soak her hair, before popping back up again. .now where was the soap!* Did you start off in a place like that…? -04:02 Nov 07

Ciara: *Ciara quickly turned her back to Leon and his rear end! She refused to smile! A perfectly demure sip of coffee!* Your fluffy tail is over rated!

Leon: *Popped a sausage into his mouth. As soon as he had swallowed it, he was moving in front of Cissy and giving her a sad puppy look.* I’ll prove to you my fluffy tail is not overrated! Want me to change back and you can see for yourself?

Gabriel: Everyone must start somewhere. *Was all he said.* -04:13 Nov 07

Ciara: *Ciara rolled her eyes! Not the sad puppy look! She turned around again!* I saw your tail yesterday, it was just a mildly okay every day wolf tail. Nothing extraordinary about it.

Leon: *Pout!* Really …? *He glanced over his shoulder as if his tail was right there for him to examine!* No love for the tail … So, bacon or sausage for your eating pleasure.

Evangeline: *Evangeline moved to rest her arms on the side of the tub before reaching out to snag a finger on Gabriel’s pants.* To get someone like you, he had to try a lot, didn’t he… That giant called you brother. -04:19 Nov 07

Ciara: *She tilted to look behind her and smirked!* Maybe if you tied a bow around it or dyed it pink. *Ciara sliiinked over to steal a piece of bacon!*

Gabriel: Michael and I are the youngest. All previous attempts were met with failure. Some died on their own, unable to survive, others Anthony had no use for he disposed of. Each is marked with his brand. The one on the ship goes by the name of Sariel. His specialty is illusion. -04:26 Nov 07
Evangeline: *She frowned…* By his standards you and Michael may be considered failures now too… What if he tried to make another..? -04:31 Nov 07
Gabriel: … He may already have. *There was a moment of silence.* Sariel is still out there. I do not know why we were brought here but it is possible he came as well. -04:37 Nov 07

Leon: Ack! Pink! Oh no. If I dye it anything … it’s going to be um … green! Glow in the dark green!

Evangeline: *That’s not good…! Evangeline chewed on her bottom lip.* Ms. Grey is a real threat to him now that she’s taken over Oracle. -04:40 Nov 07

Ciara: *Ciara couldn’t help but snicker!* …do you really want to swing around a glow in the dark tail in the middle of the night?

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