Hunter training with Evangeline, Caroline and Dark but Legion picks off hunters.

[Evangeline isn\’t sure where they are, but the scrying crystal picked it out, so that means it\’s the place they need to be!] -12:09 Jan 03
[Dark is … investigating things! He\’s nowhere near Evangeline and Caroline, nowhere near at all!] -12:11 Jan 03

It was a small European village that got light tourist traffic for the beautiful landscapes and cabins it had outside of town. The group of newbie hunters accompanying Evangeline were hoping they would get a vacation retreat once they figure out what their lesson was going to be!

Caroline: Tell me why you felt this was the right place for a lesson? *It was bad enough that Caroline didn’t trust when Evangeline’s scrying picked out a place. She might not of had psychic visions anymore, but that gift of hers was still locked away deep down inside – and that meant trouble! ….this place definitely didn’t feel right.*

“Awwh, I thought we were going to some beach in Greece!” one of the newbie hunters groaned.

Evangeline: A first mission has to be a place with a real problem, that’s to test if they’re ready to be off on their own in the world! Now we have to investigate to see why this area is a hotspot and take care of it. …. AHEM. *She cleared her throught to try and pass the hunters a hint that it meant THEY were supposed to do it.* And you’re not supposed to help, Caroline. -12:16 Jan 03
Evangeline: A first mission has to be a place with a real problem, that’s to test if they’re ready to be off on their own in the world! Now we have to investigate to see why this area is a hotspot and take care of it. …. AHEM. *She cleared her throat to try and pass the hunters a hint that it meant THEY were supposed to do it.* And you’re not supposed to help, Caroline. -12:17 Jan 03

Some of the hunters were looking at each other! They didn’t want to be the ones to make the first move!

Caroline: *Damnation. She was about to pull out a seeking spell so she could pinpoint what was bothering her. ….Screw Evangeline’s rules! She was here to protect the Queen of Darkness, not babysit hunters! So she [i]discreetly[/i] cast her seek spell after pacing away from the group.*

Caroline: *Damnation. She was about to pull out a seeking spell so she could pinpoint what was bothering her. ….Screw Evangeline’s rules! She was here to protect the Queen of Darkness, not babysit hunters! So she discreetly cast her seek spell after pacing away from the group.*

Evangeline: All right now, don’t you guys just stand around staring! Investigating a report is the first step! You can talk to people in town, or cast spells, or try research! ….At least one of you DID research the area, yes? -12:20 Jan 03

A few confused faces suggested they didn’t even know where they were, let alone research! “We uh… could form teams and seperate to search?”

Some of the hunters began to pair up with each other, others still stood around, confused!

Evangeline: *A huff! Sometimes she wasn’t sure what was worse. The ones afraid to go out and try things, or the ones that ran out all willy-nilly without thinking first.* Okay, someone can come with me and I will show you how to use a scrying crystal. You just have to let it fall and keep still until it starts tugging in a direction… but you have to keep a clear mind and think about what you’re looking for! *She grabbed someone by the sleeve and forced them to be her volunteer by handing them her crystal!* -12:26 Jan 03
Dark: *Dark was back at Evangeline’s castle, pacing up and down. Caroline was with Evangeline for some newbie hunter teaching … But he didn’t like it.* -12:27 Jan 03

The hunter who had “volunteered” swallowed and nodded. “So I’m looking for … something really bad, right?”

Caroline: *Not letting Evangeline out of her sight was easy enough. …It was the seek spell that concerned her. It wasn’t unexpected to discover what lurked in this town was something larger than Evangeline’s hunters could deal with. Now she was trying to decide if she should take care of it before they find it, or make the woman go somewhere else. …She’d try reasoning first! Caroline stepped up behind Evangeline to whisper in her ear.* This isn’t a good place for you or them. Let me take your somewhere more appropriate.

Evangeline: *Evangeline thought about it for…half a second! Then shook her head.* We need to be here. If it’s that bad, we should stop it. *Then she was taking the newbie’s hand to make him hold out the crystal, and stabilizing it so it held still.* There. Now concentrate on what you’re looking for. In this case, you are looking for the evil that’s plaguing this town! -12:33 Jan 03

Twenty feet away, something watched Evangeline holding the hunter’s hand. It vaguely resembled a tall man wrapped in a black coat with a wide brimmed hat that quickly hid behind a tree!

He took a deep breath. Evil … Great. He was never going to let his pal talk him into signing up for stuff ever again! After several minutes, he shrugged and shook his head. “It’s … it’s not working!”

Caroline: *Of COURSE Evangeline wouldn’t leave! Why would she think otherwise! With a mutter under her breath, Caroline vanished! She dropped just outside of the buildings of the village, and prowled through the trees that surrounded the place. She was on the hunt to find it first!*

Evangeline: That’s because your knees are practically shaking and you’re scared to death! Why don’t you calm down a little bit and try again? Remember you are a hunter here to protect people and that you’ll be just fine? -12:38 Jan 03

While some teams of hunters were now questioning people around the village, others had wandered out to the trees to examine the perimiters. They had radio communication, so one sighting of something odd and they’d message back to everyone else!

He gulped and then nodded. “Uh … uh … uh kay …” But he didn’t believe Evangeline! He didn’t like the feel of this place and he felt even less safe without Caroline here!

Evangeline: *Speaking of Caroline… Evangeline glanced around to find the woman gone! Huff! The least Caroline could do was let the hunters try it on their own.* Um, think of adorable kitten pictures or something that makes you smile, then try it again. -12:43 Jan 03

The human woman with the crystal and the boy with her would be easy pickings … Then when it was stronger, it could go after the other woman, the one who had vanished. It began to emit a soft cry for help, the voice of a weak human woman just twenty feet away!

Evangeline: *Almost on cue the crystal was swinging in the direction of someone’s cry for help! …even that seemed a little strange to Evangeline!* Um, well! There you go. You better go and see what that is and make sure you use your radio! …I will stay right here within sight? -12:49 Jan 03

He was about to argue! But then he gulped! It was nothing, right? He was just going to investigate and then … As he started walking forward REALLY slow, he pulled out his gun! “Uh … Hell … hello …?”

The soft cries for help continued but as the hunter drew closer, the cries became softer and the crystal swung harder! Just a little further … out of earshot and out of sight of the woman …

Evangeline: *She wanted to go with him… she felt like she should. But she also knew she needed to stay out in the open, and if she got hurt Gabriel would be angry for days. Evangeline rest her hands on her hips and rocked on her heels, trying to resist following after the hunter!* -12:54 Jan 03

Here! This was where the cries was coming from … he was sure of it! Unfortunately he hadn’t noticed how far away from Evangeline he had strayed! He approached the tree. “He … hello …?” He stepped behind it and was almost relieved to see a woman lying there who needed help. She looked tired and really sick, holding her arm out to him like that. He put the gun down and the crystal to reach for her. “It’s okay, Miss. I got you, I got …” But when he bent over to pick her up, she was gone and in her place something cold and clammy grabbed his wrist and yanked him down! Before he could scream, something wrapped around his mouth and stifled his cries!

Evangeline: *Rocking, rocking… The cry for help had stopped, though! Yet her hunter was out of sight and he wasn’t contacting anyone. Maybe it wasn’t a problem? She hesitated for a second, then she was moving off towards the tree to find him. If Caroline saw her standing around by herself, she’d have kittens!* -01:02 Jan 03
Dark: *Pacing … pacing … How long did it take for you to chaperone Evangeline and a bunch of newbie hunters to some backwater village and then get your ass back for a date?!* -01:04 Jan 03

“E … Evangeline …” It was the hunter’s voice but he sounded so weak!

Evangeline: …did you trip? *Evangeline was wary, walking a little faster to follow his trail to the trees! It was odd that there was no woman around now!* -01:07 Jan 03

“Yyeahh … I … I tripped …” Tripped. That was a splendid excuse! This hunter had been a nice snack but if its instincts were correct–and they were rarely wrong–this woman would be a rare meal indeed …

Evangeline: We went over watching where you step when out on missions… *Warning signs! Normally she wouldn’t hestiate to check on the hunter, but she had to be extra careful…!* Um… You wait right there, then, I can go get someone to help? Why haven’t you used your radio? -01:12 Jan 03

“It’s … it’s over there … It fell and um … I … I lost it. Please! I need your help. I don’t think I’ll last very long …”

Evangeline: I’m coming! *That got her! She couldn’t leave someone alone like this! So there she was hoping a little faster for the break of trees and looking around confused trying to figure out where he fell!* -01:15 Jan 03

Heh. She was nearly there … If the ditz only followed the sound of the voice and got here faster! “I’m … I’m right here, Evangeline. To your … your right … Please, hurry!”

Evangeline: *She was hurrying as fast as she could. After all, she needed to watch her feet and make sure she didn’t hurt herself too! A sharp turn to the right and a few faces but…* …I don’t see you… *Evangeline glanced up at the tree branches. He could have fell UP if it were some sort of booby trap.* -01:20 Jan 03

“I’m right here! Quickly … Uhh …” Maybe it was wrong after all. Maybe this wasn’t as grand a snack as its instincts said it would be. It made no sense!

Caroline: *Instead of Evangeline coming around the trees, it was Caroline dropping down in front of the ‘hunter’. She had nearly tackled Evangeline, but so long as the woman remained blissfully clueless, that was better for her!* Right here? You don’t look well, dearest. *Caroline was already pulling out her axe from thin air!*

The hunter became a formless shadow that moved a few feet away, then morphed into a tall man wearing a long black coat and a wide brimmed hat! Shadow tentacles flew out from under its coat to grab objects and throw them at Caroline!

Caroline: Evangeline, go back to the street! *CLINK! Always wanting to throw things, never wanting to fight fair. She deflecting what came at her, dashing forward to take a good swipe at the shadow… a test of just how tangible it could be!*

Dark: *That was it! He wasn’t going to stand this anymore! He appeared behind Evangeline!* Damnit, Evangeline! How long does it take you to show some stupid hunters around and get back to Oracle! -01:34 Jan 03
Evangeline: I guess this means it was a trap after all. *Nope, she wasn’t surprised at all. …She WAS surprised to turn around and see Dark, however!* A few hours at worse. Right this moment I am going back to the street while Caroline steals my hunters mission and slays someone. -01:35 Jan 03

The shadows seem tangible enough, flinging objects at her! But the moment the axe is about to connect, it goes right through! Only for the tentacle to solidify again and slam down onto Caroline’s head!

Dark: *He huffed!* Damnit. Looks like it’s my turn to get into this! *He rolled up his sleeves! Someone had forgotten that long lecture Gabriel had given him!* -01:38 Jan 03

Caroline: *She was quick enough to spare her head getting knocked around by fling up an arm to block it! By now she figured it was going to take some well placed spells. Her axe disappeared, and she was pulling a marble from her pocket. Cracking it to cast a bright flash of light to burn off those shadow tentacles!* Evangeline, I don’t hear you running away. *She growled!*

The tentacles were burnt away but quickly grew back to continue the assault! A ball of lighting flew at it but the shadow only split in half to avoid it and then reformed!

Evangeline: Because is he- Oh bother. *Now Dark was going to get in to it, and Gabriel was going to be even more angry. …nothing was getting in the way of her cuddles today! Evangeline went stomping back for the street before they came rolling in her direction and getting her in trouble!* -01:42 Jan 03
Dark: *He huffed!* Smartass monster …! *He dodged some trees the creature uprooted from the ground to fling at him and Caroline!* -01:44 Jan 03

Caroline: *It was easier to relax and focus on what she was doing with Evangeline out of the way. Light wasn’t enough! Caroline slide to the side casting a new spell to catch those trees and have them roll off safely away from the village’s direction. Then she was switching gears, casting a stationary spell! Something to root the creature in one place!* Are you going to make a habit of showing up while I am working? One little incident and you seem to think you are my hero.

No! Its main quarry was getting away! It quickly switched tactics, calling up fog from the very ground that quickly grew thick and appeared to spread everywhere! Then it was using the cover to turn back into a shadow on the ground and go chasing after Evangeline!

Dark: Hey! We have a date and you’re not back yet! I wasn’t about to sit around all day! *The fog appeared and then he was looking around, trying to see through it!* Damnit! *He disappeared! He could trace Evangeline’s location and get her ass back to the castle before something bad happened to HER!* -01:50 Jan 03
Evangeline: *Where on earth did that fog come from! She nearly ran face first in to a tree! Instead she was sliding in to a ditch, which made for good cover if spells were being thrown around, but not much else!* Hmm… I should have taken one of the radios too. Where are my hunters! -01:52 Jan 03

Caroline: We’ve been gone for an hour! *Between Dark being ridiculous and this creature not taking to normal spellwork, she was getting frustrated. Caroline cast a strong wind, something to blow off the fog so they could see again and the thing wouldn’t have any shelter.* Evangeline, stop talking out loud!

Dark: *He appeared next to Evangeline!* You should worry less about the hunters and worry more about you! The universe is not going to burn because of them, you know! -01:56 Jan 03

There went its cover! It would have to try another time … It slinked away into the woods!

Evangeline: Caroline is here. I think I am doing just fine! *She wasn’t worried yet, at least.* Besides, you’re not supposed to be here. -01:59 Jan 03

Caroline: *Caroline nearly sprang off to chase the creature down. All she had to do was try to piggyback after it’s trail. …but there was Evangeline and Dark. And those blasted newbie hunters to send home.* You really AREN’T supposed to be here.

Dark: Why is this all about me, all of a sudden! I just came to see what was taking you so long! I’ll go hunt after the creature and you two can take care of those hunters! *And then he was running off into the woods after it!* -02:02 Jan 03

Caroline: IT WAS AN HOUR. *She shouted after him…! But he was gone already. How was she supposed to protect him from is ill-mooded father when he can’t stay put?* Hrrrmph. Come with me Evangeline. I am going to send your hunters home and you as well. Then I will find a new boyfriend.

“Oohh! Oohh! Evangeline! … Evange–!” One of the hunters was running toward her with an old, leatherbound book in his arms!

Evangeline: *Evangeline picked herself up, unable to help her giggling!* …I think that is the first time you called Dark your boyfriend. *Oh, there was a hunter!* You found a book! ….it has something useful in it? *It seemed silly to ask, but it wouldn’t be the first time hunters got distracted with unrelated things!* -02:06 Jan 03

The hunter skidded to a stop. “I think so! it’s about that evil you were talking about!” He moves so she can see the worn pages written in some old language. “This is an old Germanic language, similar enough to modern German for me to make out the basic details. There’s this entity called Legion and a long time ago, he was a man on a quest for vengeance. Darkness granted him the power and with it, he absorbed the souls of those who had done him evil … but apparently he’s been doing it ever since!”

Caroline: …In that case you’re all officially going home. This isn’t a place for new hunters – or Dark for that matter. *Created by Darkness himself… there’s no telling how OLD the creature was and how much power he had!*

“But what about the evil? Who’s going to take care of it?” the hunter didn’t like the idea of dealing with it but … they couldn’t just let the evil keep roaming around like this!

Evangeline: *That was facsinating! …and kind of alarming.* You did wonderful research! Hum… but she is right, this is something better left to a seasoned professional. We should track down the others. …I’m not sure if we lost Robert or not. *He was missing, and she feared the worst! All because she made him go by himself!* -02:17 Jan 03

Caroline: I will take care of it. Dark can take Evangeline home, and I can cast a transport for all of the hunters.

The hunter was proud of himself–but the mention of Robert made him uneasy! He was afraid to ask, though!

Dark: *Speaking of Dark, he was stalking past, sulking and growling about that thing giving him "the slip"!* Damn creatures … -02:20 Jan 03

Caroline: *Caroline was trying not to smirk at him… that look she always had when she knew he wasn’t going to succeed! It was also the one that pissed him off, so she was trying to hide it!* Take Evangeline back to the castle of happiness and light, where you belong. *With that, she was holding out a hand with a marble… a small seek. A frown! More than just Robert was missing now. Caroline transported the hunters left back to Oracle before another one turned up lost!*

Dark: *He swore under his breath!* C’mon, Evangeline. Let’s get out of here. *He cast the spell and they both disappeared … unaware that their departure was taken note of!* -02:29 Jan 03
Evangeline: *Leaving with Dark… and there was no fight about it! So Evangeline was grinning again when they were safe and sound.* She called you her boyfriend! -02:31 Jan 03

Caroline: *Perfect. No Evangeline, no Dark. Just her and hunting. Free of having to worry about extra precautions, she prepared a new seeking spell!*

Dark: *He huffed and crossed his arms!* I can’t believe that thing evaded me! I should have been able to destroy it! -02:33 Jan 03

Gabriel: … Destroy. What. *He stepped out into the courtyard where Dark had teleported himself and Evangeline.*

Evangeline: *…and there went her smile! She was quickly easing herself in front of Dark!* He was worried about Caroline and dropped in our training mission for the newbies! -02:35 Jan 03

Gabriel: *The gesture alone spoke volumes!* You are back earlier than I expected.

Dark: *He blinked! Damnit, he had the worst timing. EVER! He stayed quiet and let Evangeline handle this.* -02:37 Jan 03
Evangeline: Caroline said it was too much for the hunters. So Dark brought me home, and she sent the hunters back to Oracle. So there is nothing to worry about? *And this time she was telling the truth! Dark hadn’t broken any rules, really. She was was safe, and things were being taken care of.* -02:39 Jan 03

Gabriel: What proved too much for the hunters.

Evangeline: Um… something called Legion? You know, one of the hunters did a wonderful job on the research part! Though, there are a couple of them missing. Caroline is taking care of it, though! -02:43 Jan 03

Gabriel: … Legion.

It was moving farther and farther into the woods. It would have to come up with a new tactic to devour both women … and the one who had intervened as well.

Evangeline: Yes. ….So everything is all right? *That look on his face… she wasn’t sure if he were angry or surprised!* -02:47 Jan 03

Caroline: *There was always something very fun about being on the hunt. Especially running wild through the woods and giving chase! Caroline was following one of her marbles, it speeding around trees as it did it’s job seeking! The beast was trying to out run her, but she’d catch up! And now she didn’t have to worry about Evangeline getting upset when she took it’s soul!*

[Evangeline has timed out.] -01:15 Jan 04
[Dark has timed out.] -01:15 Jan 04
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[Evangeline is trying to reassure Gabriel that everything is fine. It IS isn\’t it?] -01:21 Jan 04
[Dark was looking from Gabriel to Evangeline and back again … He had this REALLY bad feeling!] -01:24 Jan 04
Dark: … So … you know this Legion guy or what? -01:24 Jan 04

Gabriel: … What have you heard.

Dark: *If this wasn’t suspicious Gabriel behavior, he didn’t know what was! Usually if he knew something, Gabriel would have been long gone by now to track the creature down himself and kill it before it harmed Caroline!* -01:27 Jan 04
Evangeline: *Gabriel was acting unusually suspicious… At least to Evangeline!* About Legion…? The hunter found a book saying Darkness granted him power for revenge. *Legends and myths weren’t always one hundred percent accurate, but… Not that she could blame him for doing something ages ago!* -01:28 Jan 04

Meanwhile, the creature noticed someone was tracking it. The scent on the wind said it was one of the females from before. The one who had tried cleaving it in half with that axe … It would do nothing for now. It would bide its time and continue travelling deeper into the forest.

Dark: *He couldn’t take this anymore!* Look. If you know him or not, just spill the beans. Tell us what you know, then do what you have to in order to take it out once and for all! -01:31 Jan 04

Caroline: *How big WAS this god be damned forest. Caroline was tempted to burn a trail all the way through it. She had plenty enough stamina for a chase… but not the patience! Stopping suddenly, she pulled out one of her stronger spells. And cast to drop herself right on top of this beast known as Legion!*

Gabriel: … Summon Caroline back. She cannot win against Legion.

The creature quickly moved away from Caroline, a few feet away to morph into the tall man wearing the coat and wide brimmed hat. Tentacles lashed out from where his feet should be and when he opened his mouth, fire shot out at her like dragon’s breath!

Evangeline: You are behaving strange. *She muttered slowly… examining his expression! This was not typical for him! He would usually go himself and take care of things in two minutes!* -01:34 Jan 04

Caroline: *In seconds she whipped out her ribbons, cutting the fire away and trying to deflect flying tentacles!* Tell me, Oh Legion! Are you truely blessed by Darkness? Do you hold his power?

Gabriel: Millenia ago, a human male caught Light’s eye. She was known to be fickle. Her lover one day became a worst enemy the next. Those who graced her bed were eventually put to death when she became suspicious they were cheating on her. This particular male rejected her at once, already having given his heart and love to another. He had a family and he could not bear to betray his wife. Light took the blow personally and raised up the villagers with whom the man lived with. He was betrayed, forced to watch his family die, then left to die himself once they maimed and mutilated him.

There was an odd sound, like heavy raindrops against a tin roof. Was that … laughter? “Hahaha, little girl …” The voice was shaky and grated on the ears, neither male nor female, neither old nor young. “What do you know of Darkness?!” It lifted one hand and shot out razor sharp blades about an inch long at Caroline!

Dark: *There was a look of disgust on his face!* Eww! Who the fuck would sleep with that old hag?! -01:42 Jan 04
Evangeline: Oh… *Sometimes these stories rendered her speechless! How sad… It was hard for her to imagine Light being so ruthless to people she was supposed to be taking care of! Of course, Dark’s responses were always good for breaking ice!* …I think it is more important to know what happened to the man, yes? -01:43 Jan 04
Dark: *He blinked!* Uh … Yeah … right. *He coughed.* -01:43 Jan 04

Caroline: *Little girl! Yes, she hadn’t heard THAT before! Only a slight sound of annoyance, Caroline moved out of the way of the blades, landing crouched on a heavy tree branch. She cast her own wicked smile!* Why, I am the guardian of his Bright Queen. I don’t think he will be pleased to know you’re using his power to harm innocent mortals. *Caroline raised her hands, the spell’s movement causing the ground below to quake and rocks jutting out to surround him!*

Gabriel: Seconds away from death, the man invoked me. Quite simply, he wanted the power to exact revenge on the people who had done this deed. He understood he could not destroy Light herself and was willing to settle for those who had betrayed him. His soul for the power to take and absorb creatures, their body parts, their souls, their memories.

Dark: Well, that’s it then! You’ve got his soul! Go get it and destroy it once and for all! -01:47 Jan 04
Evangeline: *Revenge never goes well for anyone involved, but Evangeline figured that was a lesson that didn’t need a lecture to go along with it… it was the present moment that was important!* But that time has long come and gone, hasn’t it? I don’t think he is only out getting revenge these days. -01:50 Jan 04

“Darkness! Married?! To a bright soul!!” It opened its mouth wide and let out a cry like a trumpet. Or a roar. Or a banshee wail. It flattened the ground and forced many living creatures to scurry for cover for miles around, forcing trees to shake and tremble!

Gabriel: All I cared at the time was unleashing another creature to destroy Light’s children.

Caroline: *A slight wince at the sound, she had to drop down to the ground to get and keep her balance. He was powerful enough to cast his powers over miles! That just meant no playing games. Taking out several marbles, Caroline tossed them up in the air! They shattered high above, glimmering down to trap the both of them under a shield. His magic wasn’t going anywhere now and neither was he!* So he is! A bright soul that you were trying to grab, Oh Legion. Thus I ask you a simple question. Do you stop harming mortals and flee – or do I slay you and take your soul for the sake of Darkness?

The laughter of raindrops-on-a-tinroof! “You may try, little girl, you may try!” It opened its mouth and a swarm of insects came flying out toward Caroline! There was no telling what effect their stings might have, even on a demon of Caroline’s level!

Caroline: Then let me show you why they call me the Lady of Shade. *Her inner dialogue was never as collected as what she showed… Insects were not on the top of her list of favorite things to deal with. A crack of her ribbons and she was summoning a strong stationary wind. Like a tornado to keep the flying little beasts from coming closer. With a shift of her stance, the light inside the sheilded dome grew dim and dimmer still until it was nearly as dark as night. Her shadow shot out from beneath her, moving to curl and swirl around Legion and grinning a hollow green smile!*

Evangeline: And now you don’t want to destroy Light’s children anymore…. I hope? *She wasn’t entirely sure… he spent a long time hating Light, and even now he was still angry about her. But monsters on the loose weren’t good for anyone!* -02:07 Jan 04

Gabriel: That is not the point, Evangeline. I know what it is like to love and lose someone. Regardless, one of you must summon Caroline back. She may think she is winning now but Legion has not survived so long through sheer luck.

The insects suddenly turned to stone and dropped to the ground! Then they grew larger and larger until they were the size of horses, still coming after Caroline! Legion suddenly dissipated into dozens of rats and scattered!

Caroline: *She had battled armies! Giant stone insects and scattering rats was a child’s game! He was still in her cage. Before those stone monoliths got too close, she was throwing her arms up. The entire ground underneath her dome aside from where she was standing, shifted and rose up quickly to crush him – all of the pieces of him! – against it’s barrier!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to ask why he wasn’t going there himself. Why he didn’t summon Caroline from there himself too! Instead she tilted her head to glance questioningly at Dark. She wasn’t so sure if summoning her was the right thing to do if Legion needed to be stopped and Gabriel would not do it!* -02:20 Jan 04
Dark: *He looked back at Evangeline, then glared at Gabriel!* I don’t get it! Why the hell don’t you just destroy his soul and be done with it?! You still have it, don’t you?! -02:23 Jan 04

CRUNCH! The sound of insects and rats as they were crushed against the barrier! Everything was silent!

Gabriel: I have one piece. And it is taking awhile for the wolves to bring me the other pieces.

Dark: *He blinked, then he leaned over to Evangeline.* I thought souls couldn’t be divided into more than one piece. *He whispered to her!* -02:29 Jan 04

Caroline: *She wasn’t fool enough to believe she killed him. But warily she lowered the rock and ground back where it belonged, ready to cast another spell if needed!* Have you done enough? There is more to this world than vengeance. Even Darkness has learned that.

Evangeline: Um… *She tapped her chin, thinking it over… There were all sorts of things you could do with souls. If souls could be merged, burned, created from scratch, and broken… maybe they could be divided too…?* Maybe not impossible…? But why would it be in pieces? -02:30 Jan 04

Gabriel: When Light suspected what I had done, I split the soul into several pieces so she could not get her hands on it. I am nothing if not possessive of what I have.

… Nothing but silence. And neither the insects nor the rats had moved at all!

Caroline: Pull yourself back together. *He didn’t seriously think she would fall for him playing dead… but she couldn’t claim his soul if he were laid out over the ground in pieces. Caroline dropped the shield, still wary and waiting for movement!*

Dark: Hrm … *Dark folded his arms.* Pieces or not, I don’t think it’s a good idea to summon Caroline. I mean, she’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. -02:40 Jan 04

At first there was nothing … but slowly the insects and the rats began to twitch, one after another, they did as they were told, pulling themselves back together. They formed the tall man with the coat and the wide brimmed hat, lying on his stomach.

Evangeline: *Despite being worried over Gabriel, she cast a wide smile at Dark. He said Caroline was a big girl now… but before he was dropping in to see what was taking her so long to return home!* It couldn’t hurt to go there and help her, though. -02:43 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline was suspicious… very suspicious. Ribbons dissappearing to be replaced with an Onyx spike, it took her a few moments of watching his body before she finally strode over and knelt next to it. She wasn’t going to stab a man in the back, so she was pushing him to roll him over!*

When Caroline rolled him over, what she found was a little girl in a long nightgown several sizes too big! She was pale, dark brown hair and appeared to be asleep!

Dark: *He blinked! Now there was something he hadn’t expected …!* Wow. You really think so? -02:50 Jan 04

Gabriel: He held out his hand and what appeared to be a light blue glass shard about the size of a thumb nail was hovering above it.

Gabriel: *He held out his hand and what appeared to be a light blue glass shard about the size of a thumb nail was hovering above it.*

Caroline: *That managed to catch her by surprise! This was a trick, a low one at that… And though she had the spike ready and could take his soul now… she just… she couldn’t seem to bring herself to stab a child! She couldn’t make that mistake again!*

Something approached from behind Dark and Evangeline, one of the shadows wolves held something in its mouth. It approached Gabriel and opened its jaws. A light blue glass shard floated up to join with the one Gabriel had.

That moment of hesitation may end up costing Caroline! The girl opened her eyes slowly and then she moved faster than she should have been able to, pouncing onto Caroline and sinking long fangs into her neck!

Caroline: *All she had to do was stab it…! But even while cursing herself and knowing what she should do, Caroline couldn’t do it! Instead she was crashing backwards trying to pry the child off her and shove her away with as much force as she could muster!*

Evangeline: If Gabriel says she can’t take on Legion herself, and he cannot go, then someone should go! *If she even thought about suggesting she would go herself, both of them would have a hissy fit about it!* -03:01 Jan 04
Dark: *He nodded.* Right. I’m done playing games. *He disappeared and then reappeared …* What the fuck! Get the hell off of her! *He tried to pry the kid off but damn if it didn’t have a grip!* -03:04 Jan 04

Another wolf appeared to leave another piece that joined the others!

Evangeline: *Wolves and shard collecting or not, Evangeline moved so she could snake her arms around Gabriel’s waist and hug him!* You don’t want to face him. -03:08 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He closed his eyes and lowered his head, one hand still out with the shards, the other moving around to draw her close.* I do not. The similarities between him and I are there. It pains me so much … because it reminds me of how it felt to lose you.

Caroline: *This was killing her! Perhaps not litterally…. yet! But Dark a grand habit of showing up at the wrong moment, and she was busy trying to pry a child’s teeth out of her neck without it taking flesh with her! Caroline fumbled to reclaim her spike and try a second time to stab and take the soul!*

Dark and Caroline finally managed to get the kid off of her and the girl and Dark went stumbling backwards! Then the girl sunk her teeth into Dark’s arm and dissipated into a flock of bats that quickly flew away and headed deeper into the woods!

Dark: OOowwww!! *He growled!* You fuckin’ piece of–! *He clutched his arm and pressed down hard on it!* Holy crap, that’s some sharp teeth! *He muttered as he sat up!* -03:14 Jan 04
Evangeline: But if you did see him, maybe you could explain that he doesn’t have to be this way now? *Despite everything, Evangeline always hoped that people would make a better choice. Even if most of the time it didn’t work out that way!* -03:15 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline had missed her chance again… and Legion escaped! She was still muttering curses under her breath as she checked the wound at her neck.* That was my mistake…

Another wolf appeared with another shard … then disappeared!

Dark: I’m all for hunting that bastard down and finishing this. -03:23 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He kissed the top of her head.* Thank you, Evangeline, for everything.

Caroline: *She should already be on her way to tracking it down… but… She didn’t feel right. It would be easy to blame it on bloodloss, but it was much deeper than that. Caroline shook her head as she finally stood.* Then go and take Gabriel with you.

Evangeline: You shouldn’t thank me like it’s the last thing you’re ever going to say to me… It makes me worry! *She held on tight to him, just in case. She would forever be worried that he would leave her, especially when things reminded him of the bad moments!* -03:30 Jan 04
Dark: *Great. First Gabriel and now Caroline …* You’re going back to Evangeline’s castle, right? To get healed up and stuff? -03:35 Jan 04

Another wolf appeared with a shard … then disappeared!

Caroline: …Eventually. *She could have lied and said yes, but knowing Dark he’d poof right over there and pitch a tantrum when he didn’t find her there!* I am not intending to go on a crusade to find Legion, if that’s what concerns you.

Dark: No. No, it’s not. What concerns me is what the bastard might have done to you. -03:40 Jan 04
Dark: *He smirked.* I can never leave you, Seer. You would find me no matter where I am and drag me back and punish me with no cuddles and no baths with you. -03:41 Jan 04

Gabriel: *He smirked.* I can never leave you, Seer. You would find me no matter where I am and drag me back and punish me with no cuddles and no baths.

Caroline: A scratch that will heal. *But clearly guilt won’t… Legion had opened more wounds than just at her neck! She didn’t want to deal with Evangeline’s gentle probing… and Dark wasn’t going to understand! So it was an unfair and unnounced spell she cast to transport herself several countries and in to an open grassy field. Norway!*

Evangeline: No cuddles or baths or anything. And I would lock you in the tower. *He was feeling better, which in turn made her more relaxed. And curiously watching shadow wolves return!* How many pieces are there? -03:46 Jan 04
Dark: Caroline. CAROLINE!! *He shouted, echoing off trees and mountains! He punched the ground and stood!* Alright then, Legion! You want to play games? Then prepare to lose! *And he started running in the direction those bats had gone!* -03:48 Jan 04

Standing on a tree miles away by now, the little girl smirked and licked her lips. That blood had been delicious. Now for a real snack!

Gabriel: … Seven. *He paused.* Caroline is in Norway. Dark is going after Legion by himself.

Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned.* That doesn’t sound right. Should we go to fetch them? -03:51 Jan 04

Caroline: *Caroline plopped down in the grass where hidden charred pieces of wood and stone were just barely peeking out from the dirt. She had to force herself to cast a spell and heal her wound. This meloncholy needed to pass before she could return home.*

Another wolf approached with a shard and then disappeared!

Dark: *Of course … running might not have been the best option as Dark found out the hard way! He had run about a mile … or two … and found himself having to stop and catch his breath! Phew! That had never happened before! He leaned against a tall tree. Breathe in … breathe out … breathe in … breathe out …* -03:58 Jan 04
[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((04:08 Jan 04))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:08 Jan 04))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:08 Jan 04
[Dark . Refuses. To give up. No matter. What.] -01:55 Jan 05
Dark: *He stopped and looked around. Legion … was so dead when he found him. He would be so dead. No one would ever be able to resurrect him. Yeah. That was an awesome line.* -01:56 Jan 05
[Caroline is waffling on the idea of giving up, but that is her burden to bare!] -01:56 Jan 05

Gabriel: *He waited for the last wolf.* … Evangeline.

Evangeline: I am just suggesting a tiny bit of help… and if you are not ready to see Legion I could help Dark? -Caroline

Legion shifted forms into a large shadow snake and began to slither down the tree. The little bright boy was coming … He was so very close …

Gabriel: You are staying here. Dark is going to learn something he and Caroline should already know.

Caroline: *Sitting in the grass and struggling to get her guilt under control. It was one thing to be rescued from moments out of her control… but this time it was her mistake! And those old memories were making it very hard to focus on returning to find Legion!* -02:05 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She rest her head against his chest and sighed. Lessons were well and good, but she suspected it was less because he felt the need to give a lesson and more because he was afraid…* I hate to stay still and wait for things to happen. -Caroline

Another wolf appeared with another shard … then disappeared!

Gabriel: *The last shard joined the others. The ball glowed bright and when it subsided, there hovered Legion’s true soul. A light blue.* Stay. I am bringing Dark back to you. *He stepped away from her, then disappeared!*

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias came running into the courtyard with a bag of popcorn in her hand and a bunch of devil rats behind her!* Come on, Mommy! I want to watch the battle!

Dark: *Just a little farther … He was sure of it! And this was the right direction! Damnit, it was hard to track down a shadow creature. When he’d been trying to pry the kid off of Caroline, it had been a big blob of … darkness and ooze! Lots of ooze! Sticky and trying to suck in everything it got on! It made him shudder just to think of it!* -02:10 Jan 05

Evangeline: But Gabriel told me to stay? …oh! Do we have some special watching thingies? I wish I would have known that sooner! -Caroline

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* We do now! *She pulled out what looked like a monocle on a string around her neck!* Daddy gave it to me! He said with it, I could watch whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! *She disconnected the glass from the string and threw it into the air!* I want to watch Dark and Glaër! *The disc flew into the air and hovered there, turning faster and faster, becoming bigger and bigger! It suddenly stopped when it was six feet in diameter, floating in mid air, absolutely still! The surface facing them became dark and then cleared up to show Dark in the forest!*

Legion reached the ground and morphed again into the tall human with the coat and hat! It was hungry. Still very hungry. And weak. Hunger came from weakness, weakness from hunger. They were one and the same. That battle with the axe-wielder had cost it dearly.

Dark: *He huffed, then ruffled his hair.* How the hell do they make tracking look so easy?! -02:22 Jan 05
Caroline: *A hand brushed over the diamond strung around her neck. The idiot gave her a gift during one of her meloncholies, grumbling at her that it was a heart that wouldn’t break. And it was ironic he used it to save her life, yet here she was wondering if her life was worth keeping! What she wanted was to hunt down Legion and make his soul burn… but if she saw him again with the face of a child and had to kill him that way..!* -02:23 Jan 05

Evangeline: What a fantastic gift! The Devil King really knows how to put on a show, even when he’s not present. *A couple of devil rats were nice enough to bring them some chairs. Evangeline gave them a few good pets before sitting down neatly to watch the bauble and try to keep herself from giving in to meddling!* -Caroline

Suddenly dozens of blades came flying at Dark from out of nowhere …!

Dark: *Luck and reflexes were the only things that kept Dark from being skewered! The blades flew into the tree behind him! He turned and growled, launching a lightning ball in the direction it had come!* -02:28 Jan 05

The lightning hit a tree! Shadow tentacles flew out from nowhere to fling trees and rocks at Dark!

Dark: *He growled as he dodged! Tree. Tree. Rock. Tree. Tree … Squirrel?! What the fuck! He ducked behind a tree and began to circle around. He’d surprise the creature!* -02:32 Jan 05

Legion stopped flinging objects and walked forward. Where had that brat gone?

Evangeline: …That poor confused squirrel. *And where was Gabriel? ….Waiting somewhere for his perfect moment! Ms. Grey always said he secretly enjoyed making a dramatic entrance!* -Caroline

Vlamerias: Oohh … That’s a good question! *She said before she grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into her mouth!*

Dark: *He stepped out from behind the creature.* Eat lightning! *Dark growled, a ball of lightning forming in one hand as he ran forward! The ball was the size of his head when he finally launched it at the creature!* -02:42 Jan 05

But the creature was already turning and it had time to flash a tooth-filled grin before its body split into two. The lightning went right through it, crashed into a tree, and caused it to fall over! The body reformed and bent forward, ready to spring. “Who are you, little boy? Little boy, so bright … So verrryyy bright …” Bright enough that it was having trouble looking directly at him!

Evangeline: *She was twisting her skirt in to knots at this rate! She couldn’t even throw out useful suggestions to help Dark! But if she left the castle and no one was watching her, Gabriel would have a fit!* I can’t stand this…! How do those Oracles always just watch and never jump in and do things! -Caroline

Dark: The name is Dark. The new avatar of Light. *He said, running forward to slam a fist into Legion’s middle!* … Damnit! *He growled! His hand was stuck, like in a vat of oil! A look of disgust crossed his face!* -03:00 Jan 05

“Llliighhttt …?!” Legion lowered its head and began to laugh. “This sshall be ssweettt!” It said just before it sent Dark flying backwards with a firm uppercut!

Dark: *Dark flew backwards into some trees and landed on the ground. He shook his head and lifted his head.* That’s what you think, buddy. *He quickly got to his feet and launched lightning ball after lightning ball at Legion!* -03:01 Jan 05

Vlamerias: Here, Mommy. Have some popcorn. *She offered her the bag.* I got lots of butter.

Dark: song It was pretty quick though. It dodged, shifting with inhuman speed. One moment, a mere shadow on the ground, the next its tall human form with the coat and wide brimmed hat. Each evasive move bringing it closer and closer to Dark! -03:03 Jan 05
Dark: *His fangs were growing. He didn’t like where this was going! But he quickly summoned the last lightning ball he shot back to him and it struck Legion!* -03:03 Jan 05

song It was pretty quick though. It dodged, shifting with inhuman speed. One moment, a mere shadow on the ground, the next its tall human form with the coat and wide brimmed hat. Each evasive move bringing it closer and closer to Dark!

Dark: *His fangs were growing. He didn’t like where this was going! But he quickly summoned the last lightning ball he shot back to him and it struck Legion!* -03:04 Jan 05

Legion froze in the middle of launching a tentacle at Dark. Its body shuddered and convulsed and collapsed to the ground, smoking.

Evangeline: *She took some of the popcorn to nibble on, but it still didn’t make it easier to swallow! …pardoning her own pun! It was like watching her own child get in a fight. And she was most curious about the whereabouts of Caroline! Caroline didn’t let Dark fight creatures of darkness alone now that Dark was avatar of Light!* -Caroline

Dark: *Dark smirked. Heh. Nothing to it. Caroline was going to be all over him and he’d even put Gabriel to shame! Imagine that! He walked forward and nudged Legion. No movement. He raised his hands over his head and formed a fire ball. He was going to torch this bastard into ash!* -03:07 Jan 05

A tentacle came out of nowhere to bind one wrist. Then another tentacle came out of nowhere to bind another! They pried Dark’s arms apart and then forced him into the air, where they slammed him into the ground, the tree, the ground again, through more trees!

Vlamerias: Come on, Dark! You can do it!

Dark: *He coughed out dirt and trees and some bark! He saw a boulder coming up and disappeared just in time! He reappeared several feet above Legion to deliver a kick to its head! -03:09 Jan 05

Legion staggered forward. But a tentacle shot out to wrap around Dark’s neck and elicited lightning of its own, enough to bring someone like Dark to his knees! Then another tentacle wrapped around his wrist and broke it!

Dark: *Dark swore! Then he grabbed the tentacle around his neck with his other hand and sank his teeth into it, ripping out a piece of … flesh … thing and quickly spitting it out!* -03:09 Jan 05

Legion cried out and adruptly released Dark, hurling him into a tree!

Evangeline: Oh! *She covered her eyes! This was painful! She couldn’t watch anymore!* -Caroline

Dark: *He landed neatly on the ground but now he was panting! Man, this thing was tougher than he’d figured! He cast a spell to split the earth and swallow Legion up!* -03:10 Jan 05

It had already recovered and was running forward! When the earth split, it just took to the sky with a pair of really big wings, shooting blades out of its mouth at Dark!

Dark: *He was already diving for cover but a few of the blades hit home! One in his shoulder, one in his thigh, and another in his stomach! He lay on the ground and clenched his teeth as he started to pull one after another out … He was panting. He was losing too much blood and it had been ages since he’d last fed to begin with.* In retrospect … probably not the best time to … remember that … *He smirked, unable to muster up the strength to do anything more.* -03:11 Jan 05

Legion approached. Its jaw opened wide … then wider … wider than should be physically possible! Its fangs were dripping with what might have been saliva and venom as it lowered its head to Dark’s prone figure. The ultimate quarry … Light itself! It brought its head down to his neck to drink when it found–it couldn’t!! “Wha … wha …?!” It struggled but whatever held it was surprisingly strong! Its body twitched with the effort. Its eyes swung in one direction and then another.

Dark: *Dark smiled weakly and snorted.* Heh. Rotten timing. *He lay there. Great. He was getting his ass kicked and he was never going to hear the end of it from Gabriel.* -03:11 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *She covered her eyes! Then she peeked!* Oohh … Legion’s not moving, Mommy!

Evangeline: Is Dark okay? He’s not torn to pieces, is he? *She was still afraid to look! He was already covered in blood now, and probably all of bones broken!* -Caroline

Gabriel: That is enough. *His voice echoed but there was no sign of him! Dark disappeared … and reappeared in the courtyard in front of Evangeline and Meri and the devil rats!*

Dark: *He groaned and smirked up at them.* Heh. So much for finishing things. -03:16 Jan 05

Evangeline: *Slowly she took a small peek. …yep! Covered in blood! Evangeline dropped her hands but kept her eyes closed.* I’m glad you’re alive! But why isn’t Caroline with you? Did something happen..? -Caroline

As soon as Dark disappeared, it could move! It slumped forward and quickly looked around! Its quarry! Its prey! It had been cheated!

Gabriel: *He appeared in front of Legion, several feet away.* … Lysander. It is time we talked.

Dark: *He shook his head a bit.* I … I don’t know. She … she disappeared right after the battle. -03:20 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *The devil rats brought some water and towels and Meri began to wipe the blood away!* Poor Dark!

Evangeline: Gabriel said she is in Norway. I’m sure she would be proud to know how well you handle yourself with Legion, though! -Caroline

Dark: N … Norway … *Dark was silent.* Why would she be there … -03:23 Jan 05

No sign of recognition! “Who …?”

Gabriel: Has it been so long … You would forget the one who granted you power. *Gabriel was thoughtful for a moment.* Hence, you would forget the reason you were given such power. You have lost your way.

Evangeline: If I knew, I would tell you. I’d like to ask her, but I waiting to give Gabriel pets when he returns home. …Are you healing okay? *Now she finally opened one eye to check. The devil rats and Meri were cleaning him up well!* -Caroline

Dark: *A smirk.* I’ve been through worst. I had Gabriel and Caroline as teachers, remember? Legion’s got nothing on them. -03:26 Jan 05

Evangeline: …has Gabriel broken your bones before? *Oooh, if he had, she might shake a fist at him! Throwing Dark off mountains was bad enough!* I’m glad in anycase! When you are feeling all right, you could bring Caroline back and make sure she isn’t hiding injuries again! She thinks I won’t find out, but I always do! -Caroline

Dark: *He chuckled softly.* Evangeline … You’re better at finding stuff out than the CIA or those Oracle chicks. -03:30 Jan 05

“I … We …” Legion shook its head. “Lysander … There is no Lysander here!”

Gabriel: Such conviction. Are you seeking to convince me, or the many souls that have fallen victim to you over the years.

Evangeline: I do have rats and wolves and Meri to help. *She grinned! It’s made more than one hunter completely insane with frustration with her! They shouldn’t be gossiping so much anyway…* By the way, you might not want to be here when Gabriel remembers that he doesn’t like you going after creatures of Darkness. -Caroline

Dark: *Yep. He could feel his bones mending now. A snicker.* I think him taking so long was part of his way of teaching me a lesson. -03:34 Jan 05

“No … You … I … We …” It suddenly shrieked. The banshee wail, the cry, the trumpet that had flattened trees and made Caroline cover her ears! Then it lunged at Gabriel!

Evangeline: Do you think so…? *She was trying to feign innocence but it wasn’t working very well!* Hmm. *She glanced around to make sure Gabriel hadn’t returned and was hiding to pounce. Then leaned to whisper.* He said it was to teach you and Caroline a lesson you should already know. But I can’t tell you what that means. -Caroline

Gabriel: *He neither covered his ears or made any move to defend himself. Legion hit an invisible wall and crumbled to the ground!* You have lost your way and your purpose. Do you remember your wife, Lysander. Her name was Aleria. Hair lik

Gabriel: *Hair like the sky at sunset. Eyes like the deepest ocean. You enjoyed the touch of her skin against yours at night when everything was quiet and the children were asleep. Do you even remember your children.

Dark: *He slowly sat up.* Thanks, Meri, rats. *He ran his fingers through his hair.* I bet he’s going to be hinting at that from now until eternity. -03:46 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She nodded!* Don’t worry…. it took him forever to figure it out too! -Caroline

It shook its head even as it moved to stand. Then it was morphing, transforming, getting bigger and bigger! Size of a dragon with the body of a lion, the feet of a man, the hooves of a horse on the front, the tail of a scorpion, one eagle wing and one bat wing! A long neck like a snake’s and the head of a man that kept shifting into different faces! It roared with a thousand voices and then opened its mouth to shoot fire at Gabriel!

Dark: Okay … I gotta find Caroline. *He stood.* See ya all later. *Then he disappeared and reappeared … in Norway!* … Caroline? *He had appeared behind her.* -03:53 Jan 05
Caroline: *Caroline stiffened, still sitting in the grass and now looking over her shoulder partially annoyed. All of the wards over this place and he managed to breach them. Then she realized the necklace she wore still had that tracking spell on it… Curse her sentimentality!* I see you managed to get yourself in trouble without me… -03:55 Jan 05

Gabriel: You had three. One girl and two boys. Riva, Malek, and Haren. They were your pride and joy. You loved them dearly.

Dark: *He grinned sheepishly and scratched the back of his head.* Yeah. I was kind of hoping you would come and save me from it. -03:57 Jan 05
Caroline: *Normally that would have made her smirk and hassle him a bit, but instead she was turning back to the grass with a frown.* I am not always able to save people. -04:01 Jan 05
Dark: *The sheepish grin disappeared.* I know. Its often the people we can’t save we regret the most. -04:04 Jan 05

It roared. It shrieked. It raised its tail and shot acid. When that didn’t work, it tried to stab Gabriel with it!

Caroline: *Caroline didn’t want to talk about this with him… and this was her private place, so she wasn’t going to leave! So Instead she lift a hand to try and transport him back to Evangeline, and was rather annoyed to find he still remembered how to keep her spell blocked.* I have long since come to terms with the ones I can’t save. That isn’t the problem. -04:09 Jan 05

Gabriel: *The acid never reached him and the tail always missed him, although he didn’t seem to move an inch!* More than that. They were your life. You would do anything to bring them back. But when that was impossible, you sold your soul for the power to get revenge. You killed the ones responsible and have punished their descendants as well. Your vengeance has been accomplished.

Dark: … Then why are you here. -04:12 Jan 05
Caroline: You aren’t going to understand. And I don’t want you to ever have to understand. *All of the moments he could stomp off angry and pissed off at her, he chose NOW to stick around long enough to actually ask for details! Caroline rose slowly to her feet and dust herself off, very seriously contemplating chasing him off with her axe.* -04:15 Jan 05

It opened its mouth and unleashed swarms of insects! For good measure, it slammed its tail into the ground to make the earth shake!

Dark: *He huffed. Gabriel was actually right for once … He honestly will NEVER understand women! He could figure this out. He was Gabriel’s clone after all. Gabriel was too smart for anyone’s good. Okay … Something had happened in that battle that was different than any of the others. Caroline had been doing just fine … No wait. The kid! Legion had been that kid and after that … all this shit had happened!* -04:23 Jan 05
Caroline: *She narrowed her eyes at him… He still didn’t realize that he so often let his thoughts play out across his face! Every little change in expression spoke volumes! The moment that, "Ah ha!" look crossed his face, she was stalking away!* -04:25 Jan 05
Dark: *She was getting away … again! He followed after her!* Damnit, Caroline! Would you rather talk to Evangeline or something instead? -04:29 Jan 05
Caroline: I am NOT talking to Evangeline! That woman lives in his blissful murder free world and hasn’t even the blood of fly on her hands, let alone anything else! *Talking to Evangeline… that’s even worse than Dark! She could HIT Dark! Speaking of which, the first tree she past, she uproot it it to fall and crash in to his way!* Go home to your mother before I bury you! -04:33 Jan 05
Dark: *He looked undeterred.* … So this is about someone you killed. -04:35 Jan 05

Gabriel: *Gabriel opened his hand and Lysander’s soul floated above it.* You summoned me that night. It is not often a mortal can achieve something like that. But when one is desperate enough, when there is nothing left to lose, anything is possible. You miss your family, Lysander. You regret what you have done. Every life you have taken has not soothed you. Each pain you have caused has not closed that gap between you and your family.

Caroline: *She stopped suddenly…and laughed! A harsh sound, followed by a wicked mean smirk as she turned around. Flexing her fingers at her side as if she were preparing a spell. She might -really- bury him!* Did you want to know me better, sweet? I’ve killed many people. I’ve slayed ones that deserved it, and killed people by accident while possessed. But one I killed on purpose. No second thought, no remorse, or care for consequence. Is that what you wanted to know…? -04:41 Jan 05
Dark: *He still stood there, not moving a muscle. If she wanted to, he’d let her cast any spell she wanted on him. Except the one to send him away from her.* You couldn’t bring yourself to do it again. When Legion transformed into that little girl, it broke you. -04:43 Jan 05
Caroline: I am not broken. *She growled, and flicked her hand up to cover him with a big puff of dust from the ground to prove it!* But I can’t… …I made a mistake. I lost my focus. -04:47 Jan 05

The soul began to glow brighter and the brighter, it glowed, the smaller Legion became. The soul became so bright it hurt to look at it and Legion had become the tall figure in the coat and wide brimmed hat. “Get that … Get that away from me!”

Gabriel: *He summoned the Diablo Animus in his free hand.* It was my mistake as well. I let you go without any control, no way of curbing your power or your thirst for vengeance. I ask your forgiveness, Lysander. *He released the soul which continued to hover in front of him. He raised the Diablo Animus over the soul.*

Dark: *He was dust free in a heart free.* … Look. I’ll let you brood and sulk here in peace … if I can do one thing before I leave. -04:54 Jan 05
Caroline: Fine. Do as you wish. -04:56 Jan 05
Dark: *He walked up to her.* I told you when I loved you that I loved you for everything you were, are, and will be. That includes the mistakes you made. *He kissed her forehead and smirked.* You still owe me a date. *Then he turned and disappeared.* -05:00 Jan 05

Legion turned and began to run, crawl, fly, hop away! It had to escape! It had to get away from the soul! It was well out of sight and earshot in a matter of seconds!

Gabriel: *Gabriel didn’t appear to notice Legion had escaped!* I release you from our bargain, and your victims from your grasp. Rest in peace. *The Diablo Animus struck the soul and a pillar of darkness shot out from the ground to the sky, surrounding Gabriel and the soul. The wind picked up and swirled around the pillar, drawing Legion back against its will!*

Caroline: *She tilted her head back and threw her arms over her head. …This was a weakness! This nonsense of wanting someone with her rather than brooding alone. She could throttle him for it, yet adored him at the same time…* Dark. -05:07 Jan 05

“NNNNNOOOOO!!” It dug its claws into the ground and it didn’t help! Neither did using its shadow tentacles around a tree! The tree was just uprooted and sucked toward it! It hit the pillar of darkness and stuck to it, unable to move! There was the sensation of something being ripped from it! A soul that swirled around the pillar, up to the sky and disappeared! Then another and another … So many souls over so many centuries, happily leaving its imprisonment and finding its final resting place!

Dark: *He appeared behind her and leaned to one side.* … Did I drop my wallet or something? *Not that he carried one!* -05:12 Jan 05
Caroline: Are you going to be a smartass, or are you going to be a good foundation for your pillar and hold me? *She certainly wasn’t going to pull an Evangeline and pounce on him.* -05:14 Jan 05
Dark: *He smirked.* Well … that’s a lot to expect of me. *He teased as he moved in front of her and slipped his arms around her waist.* -05:18 Jan 05

Vlamerias: *She was still watching the viewing glass!* That’s so many souls, Mommy!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was pensive, but it worked out all right… Legion must have really been alive for a very very long time…!* They are probably very relieved. -Caroline

Caroline: *She tilted forward to rest her head against his shoulder, and rapted her knuckles against the opposite one.* I don’t mean to keep things from you. I just don’t want you to ever experience these things. -05:24 Jan 05

Finally there was only one left but this one walked through to stand in front of Gabriel. He was tall, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He looked to be in his thirties, wearing sandals and clothing like something out of a movie about the Bible! “Thank you, Darkness. What will happen to me? Will I ever be united with my family again?”

Dark: I am separating you from the darkness you developed through the years. It has become a being of its own right. It will pay the price of justice. -05:28 Jan 05

Gabriel: I am separating you from the darkness you developed through the years. It has become a being of its own right. It will pay the price of justice. Go in peace, Lysander.

Lysander smiled. “Thank you … again. I … forgive you.” And then he was gone.

Dark: *Lysander’s soul disappeared with him and the pillar of darkness as well. The tall figure with the coat and the hat fell to the ground! Gabriel raised the Diablo Animus which glowed before it drained the still unconscious Legion into its blade. The Diablo Animus disappeared. Gabriel looked around once, then disappeared as well and appeared in the courtyard where he had left Evangeline.* -05:32 Jan 05

Gabriel: *Lysander’s soul disappeared with him and the pillar of darkness as well. The tall figure with the coat and the hat fell to the ground! Gabriel raised the Diablo Animus which glowed before it drained the still unconscious Legion into its blade. The Diablo Animus disappeared. Gabriel looked around once, then disappeared as well and appeared in the courtyard where he had left Evangeline.*

Dark: *He smiled slightly.* I know. With you here, I doubt I will. You’ll be too busy teasing and yelling at me for me to do much evil. -05:33 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She was going to cry! She always had to get teary-eyed about happy endings… Still sitting in her chair, she turned to grin wide at Gabriel. Her husband was an amazing and kind man!* Forgiveness is a powerful thing, yes? -Caroline

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* If I say no, will you ever let me live this incident down.

Evangeline: Am I not allowed to think my husband has a compassionate heart and cares very much about people? *That was probably Evangeline-speak for “No!”* -Caroline

Dark: You are allowed to think whatever you wish, Evangeline. *He kissed her forehead.* It is when those thoughts become actions or words that I find reason to be concerned. -05:36 Jan 05

Gabriel: You are allowed to think whatever you wish, Evangeline. *He kissed her forehead.* It is when those thoughts become actions or words that I find reason to be concerned.

Caroline: With the added bonus of the King of Darkness as a father and the Queen of Shiny Fluff as your mother, I do think you’ll turn out just fine. *Her on the other hand… She’ll keep that under debate.* -05:38 Jan 05
Dark: Shiny Fluff, eh? The disturbing part is that suits her very well. *He kissed her cheek.* Doesn’t mean you were any easier on me. -05:40 Jan 05

Evangeline: When spending an evening watching my husband do amazing things, I think I reserve the right to tell him that he makes me happy and that I am glad I married him! *She reached out to tug gently on his sleeve.* I’m proud to be your wife. -Caroline

Gabriel: *He smirked.* Much to the chagrin of those hunters waiting to rescue you from an abusive and evil husband.

Vlamerias: *Meri and the devil rats were watching and she sighed softly!* That’s so romantic!

Caroline: *A wide wicked grin!* I taught you the way my mentor taught me. Though, I may have been easier on you because I thought you were cute… -05:42 Jan 05
Dark: *He blinked!* Wait … That was easy?! Holy crap. -05:43 Jan 05

Evangeline: They can try if they like, but my husband is a jealous beastie with a fiesty temper! *She finally rose out of her chair to swing her arms around his neck!* -Caroline

Caroline: My love, if you think you have seen the best I can give, one day you will be tremendously surprised. *She grinned wider style. With the right circumstances, she wouldn’t be kidding.* I am not the Bane of Devils for nothing… -05:46 Jan 05

Gabriel: *He was still smirking as he slipped his arms around her waist, nuzzled her cheek!* Mmm … He is.

Dark: Heh. Guess there was more to you being Evangeline’s bodyguard than friendship. -05:49 Jan 05

Evangeline: He has also been busy all day and not given his wife a real kiss since this morning. It might fall under neglect, don’t you think? -Caroline

Gabriel: Indeed. *He cupped her cheek with one hand and gave her a gentle, long kiss that slowly became more passionate and a bit harder.*

Caroline: Gabriel knows me better than I want him to, but I know him just the same. I suppose that is the doom of being a dark soul. *She tilted back, reguarding him with a thoughtful look.* Makes me wonder what it would have been like if I had a light soul and having to deal with you. -05:56 Jan 05
Dark: *He snickered.* Would you actually be able to take me seriously? -05:57 Jan 05

Evangeline: *A smitten sigh and melting against him.. It was a wonder how she never realizes how much she misses him until she finally gets her kiss! With a soft nibble of his lips and quiet purr, it was easy to let him know how much!* -Caroline

Gabriel: *He pulled her even closer and ran his fingers through her hair to hold the back of her head. He licked her lips, waited for hers to open, and slid his tongue inside to caress hers.*

Caroline: … I can rarely take you seriously. Your serious face always makes me laugh. *…and she probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Now anytime they had a fight he was going to scowl and she was going to snicker and all hell would break loose.* -06:02 Jan 05
Dark: *Another blink!* So all those times you said you needed a tissue while we were fighting, you were actually laughing?! -06:03 Jan 05

Evangeline: *She moved her arms down to curl them around his waist and press herself against him. Tilting her head so her tongue could dance with his, and finding herself oblivious to everything but him!* -Caroline

Caroline: You didn’t honestly think I was crying, did you? *Now she was laughing! …Or trying NOT to laugh! Which resulted in heavy snickers and hiding her fiendish grin!* -06:06 Jan 05
Dark: I thought you had to blow her nose out … or something. *He muttered and huffed.* -06:07 Jan 05
Dark: *your, not her -06:07 Jan 05

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