032 Erasing Gabriel

Leon and Ciara are cooking… more arguing as Ciara doesn’t seem to appreciate Leon’s renditions of Elvis. When she insults the wonders of Elvis, he runs out with his hands over his ears and singing at the tops of his lungs. Ciara chases him down with a waterbottle. They are interrupted bu the pizza Leon managed to order while she wasn’t looking!

Evangeline managed to convince Gabriel to take a bath. When done he mentions that he is going to find Sariel… and doesn’t fail to notice the look of disappointment on her face, despite her trying to hide it with a typical Evangeline smile. Gabriel then says he needs a little more time to rest, and Evangeline promises she’ll only keep him for the day. They go downstairs for breakfast, interrupting Ciara’s attempt at grabbing Leon’s tail. Ciara makes the comments of Evangeline being a damsel. Evangeline warns Ciara and Leon about meeting strange people in town, and this somehow sparks another spur of jealously from Ciara! Gabriel ‘rescues’ Evangeline again by making sure they leave before Ciara gets any madder. Ciara found it both amusing and disturbing that Gabriel would do such a thing. Ciara nearly accidentally admits loving Leon.

Evangeline takes Gabriel for a walk in the nice part of the little town and feeds ducks pizza crust. She tries to explain dating to Gabriel. Gabriel finds the whole concept over complicated and says ‘humans’ romanticize things too much. Evangeline tells him that sometimes it’s good to see how nice things could be. Gabriel admits again that he enjoys spending time with her (despite some of the ‘weird’ things they do).

Evangeline has a sudden vision and steps in the way of a dart aimed for Gabriel! His first concern being Evangeline, he ducks and dodges the strange woman that is trying to chase him down. When Gabriel gets away, she tells her two partners that there’s no need to follow him. They did what they had to do.

Broken Memories

Gabriel finds an abandoned cabin in the woods to set Evangeline, and on finding Anthony’s seal on her forehead, he quickly goings about putting wards on the place. The seal is an entrapment of the mind, so he must go inside her head in order to break it. Inside Evangeline’s mind he gets to see many of her memories. Some simple unpleasant things from her childhood, how she ended up blind, and then discovers that Anthony had somehow erased Gabriel out of her memories. He sees what happened with Michael in Wareham and struggles to keep himself focused on finding her. His own seal starts to bleed as Evangeline is trying to erase ‘imaginary Gabriel’ out of her mind. When he comes to the mirrors, he fears it’s too late to help her. When he falls unconscious and blood streaming on the floor, it’s one last spell to crack the glass and set her free. Evangeline begs him to wake up… with Anthony taunting her from behind. Angered, she vows never again will she let him toy in her head as she throws Anthony out of her mind. As she regains consciousness she can’t seem to take Gabriel with her.

Awake in the cabin, Evangeline finds Gabriel out cold beside her. It almost seems as if he’s not going to wake up when he finally stirs. Evangeline states she never wants to see what life is like without Gabriel ever again! Gabriel convinces her that she needs to leave to go and get help. Evangeline knows something is wrong, but sees little choice. Having Gabriel’s gun, she goes to get Ciara and Leon. By the time they return Gabriel has already been taken away by Anthony, having left a white raven behind for Evangeline to help find him. Evangeline begs for Ciara’s help, and Ciara is more than happy to stick it to Anthony.

[Leon was … cooking the meal again! He was getting the hang of it!] -02:22 Nov 20
[Ciara has no problem letting Leon do all the cooking!] -02:24 Nov 20
Leon: *Humming softly to himself as he somehow manages to dance AND cook at the same time. But barely manages not to drop anything! He almost dropped the steak on the floor but thanks to his wolfy reflexes, catches it with the spatula and places it on the plate!* You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, barking all the time! You ain’t nothing but a hound dog, barking all the time! -02:25 Nov 20
Ciara: *And Ciara was considering greeting her ‘guests’ this morning by throwing a pot of hot coffee at them. She paused mid-drink with an eyebrow raised at Leon. …He sounds like a hound dog!* -02:27 Nov 20
Leon: *Nodding his head to the imaginary beat! He spun around and held his spatula like a guitar, strumming the bottom!* A little less conversation, a little more action please, all this aggravation ain’t satisfactioning me! -02:30 Nov 20
Ciara: *…And he doesn’t even sing the whole song all the way through. They were lucky to be so far from neighbors. Ciara grabbed a piece of toast and stuffed it in his mouth!* -02:31 Nov 20
Leon: Baby, if I made you–MMPHHFFF!! *He blinked and stopped when he found a piece of toast in his mouth! He chewed on it and swallowed!* What was that for, Cissy? -02:34 Nov 20
Ciara: Please tell me, that you can at least play some sort of musical intrument… And not just plucking at the strings of that guitar you like dragging around, either. -02:35 Nov 20
Leon: *He looked offended!* I do not pluck at the strings. I serenade the guitar with a few expert stroke of my fingers. -02:36 Nov 20

Evangeline: *Once nice and clean, had scavanged some of Ms. Grey’s old clothes. A princess dress even! It fit well enough, and was much too nice of quality to be just a silly costume! Besides, her clothes were a mess and she had to wear something. Of course, she wasn’t let Gabriel out of her sight- er general reach, so she was sitting on the edge of the tub trying to braid her hair and telling Gabriel about all of those ship monsters!* -And there was one vampire that didn’t even have any teeth, and I thought that meant he couldn’t get a bite in. I won’t make that mistake again!

Ciara: You strum the same note every singl- I don’t even know why I bother. ~I~ can play several instruments, don’t you even remember how to play one of them? I tried to teach you a dozen times. -02:41 Nov 20
Leon: *Pout!* But those instruments were boring … The flute, the violin … You don’t see Elvis playing those things! -02:42 Nov 20
Ciara: *Ciara returned his pout with the most serious expression.* Elvis enchanted women with ancient African dance rituals. -02:44 Nov 20
Leon: *Blink blink!* You’re making that up! -02:44 Nov 20
Ciara: Why do you think they went mad obssessed over him? -02:45 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Wasn’t quite sure how she had talked him into taking a bath. Only to remember that she had told him he still smelled of blood and seawater. He finally got out and dried himself off before he got dressed. Back in his usual clothes. Boots, pants, shirt and coat.*

Leon: Because he could dance. *He said simply. He was so very convinced that she was making it up.* -02:47 Nov 20
Ciara: If you play his music under a microscope, you can see the sigils of his enchantment. -02:48 Nov 20

Evangeline: I haven’t figured out why I kept finding candy ba-… Are you putting on dirty clothes?

Gabriel: … I washed them by hand and they are dry now.

Leon: *Crossed his arms.* I don’t believe you. -02:51 Nov 20
Ciara: You don’t? Who here is the expect on occults, cults, dangerous people, and spells? -02:51 Nov 20
Leon: *Clamped his hands over his ears.* I’m not gonna stand here and let you befoul the name of Elvis and all he stood for! *And then he started humming very loudly and marching away from her!* -02:52 Nov 20

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted her head… then grinned!* I suppose you would be lost without your favorite coat.

Ciara: I’ll just make breakfast myself then. Feels like the perfect morning for tofu-bacon and biscuits! *Ciara was already setting down her cup and pushing up her sleeves!* -02:54 Nov 20

Gabriel: A coat is a coat. I am going out to look for Sariel.

Leon: *Didn’t hear a word Ciara said! He was too busy marching into the living room and going around in circles, singing at the top of his lungs with his hands clamped over his ears!* LET’S WALK UP TO THE PREACHER, AND LET US SAY I DO, THEN YOU’LL KNOW YOU HAVE ME, AND I’LL KNOW THAT I HAVE YOU! -02:57 Nov 20

Evangeline: *There was a disappointed look across her face for a moment, but she wiped it away with another grin.* I’ll help, but after breakfast before Ms. Grey cooks Leon for all that singing.

Ciara: Jesus Christ! *It wasn’t exactly easy trying to cover her ears and keep an eye on the food at the same time! She was going to cut out that man’s voice box!* -03:00 Nov 20

Gabriel: *He tilted his head slightly at her.* You do not want me to look for Sariel.

Evangeline: Oh, no, I do want you to look for Sariel! It’s just that I- well, I did miss you. But work is certainly more important and he won’t wait around for us to find him..

Gabriel: *Scratched his head.* … I could use a little more time to recuperate.

Ciara: *Oh that was IT! With everything well and cooked, she just removed things from the heat before grabbing herself the water spray-bottle for the potted plants and marched in to the living room! She made sure it was twisted on stream before she started squirting at him!* -03:09 Nov 20
Leon: *Was about to lapse into another song when he was suddenly getting squirted! He looked around and saw Cissy there, shooting him with a spray bottle!* Hey! *He dashed away from her!* Cut that out! -03:11 Nov 20

Evangeline: You’re really only saying that because I made the sad pouty face Brutus makes, didn’t I. *Of course now she couldn’t not smile at him!* I’ll only keep you for today.

Ciara: You’ve got a big mouth, Leon! *Ciara had some good aim as she sprinted after him and squirted!* How would you like me to scream a speech at the top of my lungs! -03:13 Nov 20
Leon: *Tried ducking behind the couch but when that didn’t work … he jumped over the recliner and streaked into the kitchen and behind the counter!* You’re just jealous of my singing voice! -03:13 Nov 20

There was a knock on the door! “Westhaven Pizza delivery!” the person outside announced. “A delivery for a Leon Santos. Five large pizzas with extra steak, ham, and bacon.”

Gabriel: I believe someone said there is more to this … life than slaying … things.

Ciara: You sound like a dying ca- *Ciara paused at the knocking!* …Pizza?! I can’t leave you alone for five minutes! *Ciara was already marching for the front door, and it might’ve appeared she was going to squirt the poor pizza guy to death!* -03:16 Nov 20

Evangeline: Something like that, yes! *Evangeline hopped up to throw her arms around his neck! He always did the nicest things, he probably didn’t realize how much so!*

The poor delivery boy’s eyes were wide as the pizzas he carried in the boxes! “Um … Uh … That’d be uh … $43.99, ma’am.”

Ciara: At least it’s reasonable for five pizzas with steak. *She replied, casting a glare over to Leon!* Better pay him, Santos! Or you’ll have to eat him too! -03:22 Nov 20
Leon: *Popped his head out from behind the couch.* Um … I was sort of um … hoping I could uh … borrow some money. Say, uh … $43.99? I promise I’ll pay you back! -03:23 Nov 20
Ciara: You’ll pay me back alright. *And it wasn’t in money he’d be paying with! Ciara paid the poor scared looking pizza guy and gave him a nice tip for being a good sport about being terrorized. She took those pizzas to the kitchen making sure to swat Leon away from them!* -03:25 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Never one for returning affection.* I suppose you would be missing the pup.

Leon: *Right behind, beside, hell even in front of her sometimes!* Please, Cissy! I’m starving! I promise I’ll never sing again if I can have the pizzas! -03:27 Nov 20

Evangeline: I do. But for the moment he is helping Lily and Conrad on an adventure. *She kissed his cheek quickly!* We’ll eat and then I will scry Sariel for you.

Ciara: *Swat!Swat! Ciara opened up a box and took out a slice, before closing it up quick!* Look at this… Does smell good doesn’t it! *She took a bite! A looong sloooow bite!* Hmmm… -03:29 Nov 20
Leon: *Wolf pout! He was crouched down with his fingers over the counter and his eyes over the top, watching her!* CISSY! -03:30 Nov 20

Gabriel: It sounds as if Ms Grey and Santos are in a spat at the moment.

Ciara: Ooh… They cooked the steak just right and the perfect amount of cheese… *Another slooow bite and an overexagerated enjoyment! If he wasn’t careful his tail would pop out, and that’d be too damned cute for her to stomach!* -03:32 Nov 20

Evangeline: I know, it’s sweet isn’t it! *Evangeline took his hand to lead him downstairs! Not that she wanted to interupted them, but she was hungry too!*

Leon: *Sniff sniff!* Is that … is that the triple layer of cheese they used? American, cheddar and mozarella? *Sniff sniff!* -03:35 Nov 20
Ciara: It is. And look at this! *She plucked off a large piece of the ham!* The nice thick slices! You don’t get these in the city. *She popped that in her mouth too!* -03:37 Nov 20
Leon: *Jaw dropped open!* No! Not the thick, heavenly taste of cheese that compliments the juicy, divine goodness of steak! *He whimpered!* -03:40 Nov 20
Ciara: I didn’t realize how hungry I was! I bet I could eat all five of these pizzas myself. Oh, but maybe you want a bite of mine? -03:41 Nov 20
Leon: *He was so very hungry and she made it look so good that he now had wolf ears and his tail was wagging back and forth!* I’ll … I’ll take anything right now … *Sniff sniff!* -03:43 Nov 20
Ciara: *They just popped right up one at a time. Fuzzy little wolf ears. Now there was a look impossible not to laugh at! All she could do was slid one of the boxes to him!* -03:45 Nov 20
Leon: *His eyes went wide when he saw that box slide over to him!* YAY! Thank you, Cissy! *He popped open that box and dove right in! There were loud "Mms" and "Ohmms" down at his end as he munched down those slices!* -03:48 Nov 20
Ciara: *And with the wild hungry wolf thuroughly distracted with his dinner, the hunter could circle around the counter and reach out for that wonderfully fluffy tail…!* -03:51 Nov 20

Evangeline: Greetings Ms. Grey, Leon! *Interrupted Evangeline, pulling Gabriel in to the kitchen with her!* Something smells very good!

Ciara: *Foiled! Ciara gave a bland scowl as her prey switched from fluffy tail to the coffee mug she left on the counter.* I trust you and your vampire slept well together. -03:53 Nov 20
Leon: *Blinked and looked over at Ciara, still munching on the pizza slice in his mouth! His tail was flicking back and forth! He waved over at Evangeline and Gabriel. This pizza was divine!* -03:54 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Found himself pulled into the kitchen!*

Evangeline: Slept very well, yes! I hope you don’t mind that I borrow your princess dress. Most of the other things were too small for me to wiggle in to. *Evangeline slid in to a stool at the counter, capturing one of the boxes that Leon hadn’t already devoured!*

Leon: *Belched! He went red and lowered his head!* Pardon me. Heh heh. -03:58 Nov 20
Ciara: Gabriel is forever rescuing the damsel, you may as well be dressed like one. *Not that she was cross with Evangeline personally… Ciara wanted that tail and he was just flicking it!* I see that Gabriel is as silent as ever. *Ciara stepped behind Leon, moving her leg so his tail would hit it when it swished!* -03:59 Nov 20
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Nice of you two to join us. *Then he returned to devouring the pizza! He didn’t notice Ciara behind him so his tail flicked back and forth and hit her leg!* -04:02 Nov 20

Evangeline: *Steak and ham and bacon was probably more Brutus’ taste than her own, but Evangeline could appreciate how good real food was! For a moment she wondered if less nice werewolves ordered people on their Pizzas. …Were there werewolf run pizza places?* Oh, before I forget, when you and Leon visit town, you should probably be careful. There are some strange people running around.

Leon: *Blinked and looked up! He swallowed his piece of pizza!* Strange people …? -04:07 Nov 20
Ciara: Ms. Clark there isn’t a person in town that isn’t strange. *A subtle movement and she caught Leon’s tail between a leg and the counter!* -04:08 Nov 20
Leon: *Had half a pizza slice in his mouth when he realized his tail wasn’t moving!* Hmphfff? *He turned to see what was the matter with it.* -04:09 Nov 20

Evangeline: *A slow nod between nibbling on pizza crust!* Stranger than normal! Although I guess I did want to take Gabriel to see the town gazeebos, so they probably wouldn’t bother you or Leon!

Ciara: *Ciara freed the tail by accident with her momentary eying of Evangeline.* You’re taking him to town for… what exactly…? Slaying gazeebos? A date…? -04:12 Nov 20
Leon: *Tried wagging his tail! She had it caught pretty well!* Cissy. -04:13 Nov 20
Leon: *Grabbed his newly freed tail and petted it.* -04:15 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Finally took a slice of pizza from the box Evangeline was eating and started to eat it.*

Evangeline: Gazeebos are only dates when it’s dark outside. It’s much nicer with stars and moonlight. Leon could tell you!

Ciara: *Pausing before calling Leon a wimp, she set her coffee mug down, to lean over the counter towards Evangeline.* Leon could tell me, hmm? So you and Leon been on many moonlight gazeebo walks before having puppies? -04:20 Nov 20
Leon: Cissy! *He said with a huff! There she went again! He stole a slice of pizza from her box since his was empty by now!* -04:20 Nov 20

Evangeline: *Evangeline looked a bit startled! Ms. Grey was prickling with jealousy! It might have been something to giggle at, but Ms. Grey was likely to jump over the counter and beat her with a coffee mug!* Well I-, I could never- Not with Leon!

Leon: *He didn’t know whether to be embarassed or touched! So he just kept devouring those pizza slices and hoping it’d be over soon!* -04:25 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Stood.* If we do not leave now, we will miss feeding those ducks you are so enamored with. *He said to Evangeline.*

Ciara: *It was Ciara’s turn to look startled! There’s a phrase she never thought to hear out of a Carnatelli’s mouth! …She picked her mug back up slowly and sipped!* -04:27 Nov 20

Evangeline: Yes, time to go! *Evangeline was already sliding out of her chair, capturing a few pieces of crust to stuff in her pockets before escaping!* Goodbye Leon! Ms. Grey!

Leon: … Are you gonna eat that? *He asked, pointing at that one slice of pizza that right next to her!* -04:30 Nov 20

Gabriel: *Walked outside with Evangeline and checked his guns! He’d have to make more bullets soon. He could pick some up at the local gun shop but he required special ammo.* Gazeebos?

Ciara: Gabriel Carnatelli just rescued Evangeline from me. How disturbing. *She slid the slice to Leon, not so sure if she were amused or… just disturbed!* -04:32 Nov 20
Leon: *Devoured that slice!* Thanks. Well, he does rescue her a lot. No surprise there. So what’s so disturbing about it? -04:34 Nov 20

Evangeline: I like gazeebos. They’re rooms outside, and these have neat lights on them. Although I guess you couldn’t see them in the day, but then it would be a date, and dates with slaying don’t mix very well.

Ciara: It hardly makes any sense. A vampire, Carnatelli no less – and don’t you give me that "not all bad" look. I think that woman is mad. -04:36 Nov 20
Leon: *Stopped giving her that "not all bad" look and smoothed his hair back as the ears and the tail disappeared.* I heard Gabriel say that about her a lot. Maybe you two have more in common than you think. -04:37 Nov 20

Gabriel: I know a number of dates that have ended in slaying.

Ciara: *Ciara frowned… missed her chance at that tail! She leaned against the counter.* You may be right. I seem to have the same affliction of caring for someone who is completely crazy. -04:42 Nov 20
Leon: *Found another slice to devour! He didn’t talk until he had finished off that one!* Really? Who’s that? -04:45 Nov 20

Evangeline: I supposed it happens sometimes wit- *She paused.* Do you do crash a lot of dates with slaying?

Gabriel: You would have to define ‘a lot.’ Some things cannot be helped.

Ciara: *Blink…! Let something slip that she hadn’t meant to! Ciara moved quickly to rinse her cup out in the sink and changed the subject!* I can only see that man shooting ducks, not feeding them. -04:47 Nov 20
Leon: Come on, Cissy. I won’t tell. It’s me, isn’t it? You think I’m nuts and of course, you care about me and my welfare. -04:48 Nov 20

Evangeline: We’ll have to go for a date. You’ve probably not seen a really nice one before and we were too busy bodyguarding for Ms. Grey and Leon’s!

Gabriel: I have seen the gist of things. The male brings the woman flowers. They go somewhere with each other. The man or the woman is about to devour the other when I slip in.

Ciara: Ha! You, with you fuzzy ears and fluffy tail. Wolves aren’t crazy, they’re just… wolfy. *She rolled her eyes at her own phrase, setting the cup in the strainer.* -04:53 Nov 20

Evangeline: Devour…? *That gave her some interesting thoughts, some even a little scary!* There’s no devouring on dates. There doesn’t even have to be flowers.

Leon: *Scratches his head.* So … you think Lily is completely crazy? -04:55 Nov 20

Gabriel: A gift of some sort, then?

Ciara: Absolutely not. *Deeming it safe to turn around thanks to her brilliant way of confusing Leon, she crossed her arms.* You have no idea what you’re talking about. -04:59 Nov 20
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Cissy loves me! She just won’t admit it! *He said in a singsong voice, rocking from side to side.* -05:01 Nov 20

Evangeline: Sometimes gifts, but those aren’t important either. The best part about dates is spending time together doing fun or romantic things.

Ciara: *A strangled girly squeel as she shoved Leon and stomped off for another room! Flushing, but with anger! Yes! Anger cause that was no true!* I do NOT! -05:03 Nov 20

Gabriel: Such as … that dancing you wanted to do during Ms Grey and Santos’ date?

Evangeline: Yes! Things like that! Dancing is lots of fun. Well, I like dancing anyway. I guess most people don’t, though so they’ll do other things like walks, or movies, or ice skating.

Leon: OOoff! *Was knocked over!* Come on, Cissy! *He followed her!* It’s alright! -05:07 Nov 20
Ciara: *Ciara was now the one covering her ears and saying things real loud!* Noooot listening! Ciara doesn’t like anyone, especially boys with cooties! *Argh! How embarassing! She was too old for this!* -05:11 Nov 20
Leon: You said so yourself, I’m not a boy anymore! And it’s not that bad. Really! -05:12 Nov 20

Gabriel: And the purpose of this … dating?

Ciara: That just means cooties are bigger and more dangerous! *Ciara found a closet and hid inside! He was lucky she was busy hiding, she ought to just beat him to death and go on with lfe!* -05:15 Nov 20

Evangeline: There is a whole bunch of reasons. My favorite is being closer with the one you love!

Gabriel: *Studied her.* So you humans search for your mate through dating?

Evangeline: That’s the idea, I think. Not everyone can meet a person to know right away, so they date first.

Leon: *Knocked on the closet.* Come on out, Cissy. I don’t mean to make you all embarassed. -05:27 Nov 20
Ciara: I am not embarassd. I’m cleaning out this closet. *Growled Ciara from behind the door.* -05:29 Nov 20
[Evangeline was explaining the dating habits of humans to a vampire. ] -02:43 Nov 23
[Gabriel was close by, of course, keeping a close eye on things!] -02:46 Nov 23
Gabriel: You humans make things more complicated than they have to be. *He replied.* -02:48 Nov 23
Evangeline: Is that so! It isn’t exactly easy, you know. How would you do things? -02:49 Nov 23
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Do "things"? As in how I would find a mate? -02:49 Nov 23
Evangeline: Yes! If humans make it so complicated, how would you do it instead? *At first she was amused at him being difficult… But now she was rather curious! Asking questions never hurt!* -02:51 Nov 23
Gabriel: I have never had that problem. *He said after a moment of silence.* Vampires often take what they want. There are times they form … partnerships but that ends once one or both parties kill each other. -02:52 Nov 23
Evangeline: *A odd expression was across her face as she thought about what exactly that meant and how it was supposed to work…* …Isn’t that more complicated than dating? Trying to find someone that doesn’t want to kill you? -02:56 Nov 23
Gabriel: Vampires are creatures of chaos. It is rare to encounter one who seeks to do more than to live in the present. -02:57 Nov 23

An adorable family of ducks! A gazeebo! A tranquil park! So scenic!

Evangeline: *Finding a gazeebo in this little town was easy! They built them here! Evangeline hopped up to sit on the edge of wooden railing, pulling some of the pizza crust from her pocket to break in to pieces and toss in to the grass.* There are always exceptions, though… Like you! Granted, I doubt there is anyone else like you, but an exception all the same. -03:00 Nov 23
Gabriel: Indeed. Although I suppose it could be due to my beginning as a vampire being far different from most others. Humans romanticize vampires so much that they have begun to embrace becoming one. -03:03 Nov 23
Evangeline: Romantisizing things isn’t always bad… Well, I guess having silly thoughts about something that would much rather eat you than love you is crazy, but it isn’t all bad! -03:05 Nov 23
Gabriel: How so? -03:07 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Flick! One of the crumbs bounced off a ducks… that was awful aim!* It gives you warm fuzzy feelings! Like fairy tales? It makes life so much less dreary with nice thoughts to think about. -03:10 Nov 23

The duck quacked its annoyance at being hit by a bread crumb but greedily gobbled it up anyways!

Gabriel: It is difficult to think of nice thoughts when one must deal with the likes of the Carnatellis. -03:12 Nov 23
Evangeline: So it is… *Evangeline frowned for a moment, flicking out another piece of bread… She was smiling again as she turned around.* But, all the bad makes it easier to appreciate all the good, right? Like fresh air and ducks, or fluffy puppies and pillows. Things that are taken for granted. -03:15 Nov 23
Gabriel: That is logical. I have not had much experience with such things. *He paused.* Until recently. There is a certain psychic who appears to be hellbent to introducing me to them. -03:18 Nov 23
Evangeline: *A sheepish look as she slid off the railing.* I really didn’t plan to… Had I been able to go back to London, I might not have known you at all. -03:22 Nov 23
Gabriel: I do not mean to encourage you. However, I must admit I do enjoy spending time with you. No matter what we are doing at the moment. -03:24 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned!* You don’t like throwing pizza crust at ducks? We could try something more exciting like chasing them. -03:26 Nov 23
Gabriel: I have chased ducks before … once. When I was very hungry. -03:42 Nov 23
Evangeline: *She paused, clearly trying to imagine that in her head… Evangeline laughed!* We’ll certainly not eat them. The feathers would be wretched… *She grasped his hand to pull him towards the lake.* -03:48 Nov 23
Gabriel: The feathers travel down the throat easier than one would believe. *He said, finding himself up and getting pulled toward the lake.* -03:55 Nov 23
Evangeline: If I try duck, it’ll be without feathers, I think. *Stopping at the bank, she took a piece of the crust and flung it out in to the water! She stepped to the side to avoid stampeding ducks.* I like doing these things with you. I might be a silly romantisizing human, but I didn’t get to do them often. -03:59 Nov 23

A blow dart shot out of nowhere but whether for Evangeline or Gabriel is anyone’s guess!

Evangeline: *The arrow. Death.* Gabriel. *There was no thought, as Evangeline snagged his arm to turn him and face him in the right direction, stepping in front of him in the same motion! She felt the sharp prick of something hitting her square in the spin… She was slipping down…Dark…* -04:10 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Turned back to face her and caught her in time before she hit the ground! He picked her up and looked around for whoever could be behind him! But his first priority is Evangeline and so he dashes for cover!* -04:13 Nov 23

Two people moved from behind the bushes where the shot had come from “Damn it, Cross! You can’t shoot for beans!” There was a SMACK! and an “Ow!” “Can too!” said the other person, a man. The one who had hit him and was yelling at him was a female. “She just got in the way!”

The third person dashed out and after Gabriel! Realizing he was going to disappear into cover soon, a few throwing knives came out from beneath a vest and went sailing for the fleeing vampire!

Gabriel: *Skidded to a halt just before he got to a line of trees! He couldn’t find a safe place to hide unless he lost the person behind him! He turned with Evangeline still in his arms but had to adjust her so she was over his shoulder! His gun was out and he began shooting!* -04:19 Nov 23

The person threw more throwing knives! Bullets met steel and all of them ended up cancelling each other out!

Gabriel: *Wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see the woman standing there. Tall, black hair, lean. Dressed casually but armed with throwing knives, that whip at her side, and more than a few other weapons hidden somewhere on her body!* -04:23 Nov 23

The woman loosened her hold on the whip which fell to the ground in coils. Then she snapped her wrist and the whip came to life! SNAP CRACK SNAP CRACK WHISH! With a simple flick here and there, she made the whip dance!

Gabriel: *Side step, back step, side step, back! He dodged the whip but felt the brush of the leather and the whish of the breeze it created in its wake!* -04:27 Nov 23

Gathered the whip up into a coil with another flick of her wrist and then she dashed forward, swiping for Gabriel’s face and using the whip as an extension of her arm without letting it loose from its coil! She was pretty fast, too! She was almost a blur to human eyes, even with her long black hair trailing behind her!

Gabriel: *Side step, duck, back step, side step, behind her and then kick! He went for the back of her knees once he’d managed to get around and behind her!* -04:32 Nov 23

The woman hit the ground and turned onto her back to try and get Gabriel’s legs out from under him!

Gabriel: *Alternating between standing on his right foot and left foot, he uses his feet to block her kicks and when she tries to get up, he levels a kick to her gut that sends her sliding backwards! He loses no time in closing the distance between the two of them and knocking her out! Then he dashes for the brush again!* -04:37 Nov 23

The woman and Cross raced to the woman to help her up but she shrugs them off. They ask if she wants them to go after them!

“That won’t be necessary. We’ve done what we had to do, ” the woman said and walked away. Leaving the two to look at each other and then in the direction the vampire and the psychic had gone.

Broken Memories

After sometime, Gabriel finds an abandoned cabin! He lies Evangeline down and finds her out cold so he makes a fire in the fireplace! Once the fire is going, he notices the mark on Evangeline’s forehead … A seal! Definitely Anthony’s work! He quickly makes wards on the walls, ceilings and floors, remembering the doors and the windows before returning to Evangeline’s side! The seal meant Evangeline’s mind might be trapped and the only way to do that … would be to go inside her mind!

Gabriel: *Slit his wrist!* Heart to heart, soul to soul … I accept whatever fate lies in store. Patefacio totus ianua. … *And then everything goes black!* -04:48 Nov 23

Words and phrases echoed in empty black space. Constant input, voices. Impressions of the world, phrases. The dark was quickly fading, flashing pictures here and there like tv screens.

Gabriel: *So very disorienting to be in someone else’s mind! It did not help matters that he had at times been on the receiving end of these invasions, either! He does what he can to sort through everything!* -04:54 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Huffing came from behind him. A little girl, maybe six years old wearing curly pigtails!* You’re not supposed to do that. Father says "Stay out of people’s heads, you crazy little twit!". -04:56 Nov 23

A memory stood out in full color. That dinner where father was so upset. Another trip to the closet.

Gabriel: *Turned to the little girl.* Yes. I know. *He glanced over at the dinner. He recognized her mother and her father right away. Younger versions of themselves to be sure. But by no means, any easier to like.* -04:59 Nov 23
Evangeline: You’re going to get in trooooouu-ble! Behave, Behave! Behaaave! *The little girl skipped off, disappearing in to the black, chanting that phrase!* -05:01 Nov 23

Who would dare come here? You don’t belong here.

Gabriel: *Starts walking into the darkness, after the girl was as good a place as any to start. He didn’t expect to find any help here.* Gabriel. A friend. -05:06 Nov 23
Evangeline: I don’t know anyone named Gabriel. *A schoolgirl uniform, and twirling hairband around her fingers as she walked backwards beside him.* You look old. -05:08 Nov 23

Another memory, black and white but shining in the darkness. “We should have sent her outside the country. Would have been well worth the extra pounds. Have you read the letters her teachers sent home…?”

Gabriel: *Heard the voices and watched the memory. He looked at the teenager.* I am old. But I am still a friend. -05:10 Nov 23
Evangeline: That’s what people say, but do they ever really mean it? *She accidentally flicked her hairband off her finger, dashing off to chase it. She vanished!* -05:12 Nov 23

No one is supposed to be here.

Gabriel: *Watched the teenager run off after her hairband.* I know. But it is a matter of great importance. I would not intrude if it were otherwise. -05:15 Nov 23
Evangeline: Stop. *Sixteen, wearing a hospital gown, she stepped out in front of him to block his way.* Things of great importance have great consequences. Do you really want to risk it? -05:18 Nov 23

The hospital, wrapped in bandages. The woman was so greatful. If she hadn’t done it those children would be without a mom… If was worth it, despite how they felt…

Gabriel: I made a promise. I will risk it all. *He said, looking at the girl straight in the eye.* -05:21 Nov 23
Evangeline: They say only fools risk it all, you know. *She smiled, stepping backwards in to the dark.* -05:22 Nov 23
Gabriel: No sacrifice. No gain. *He walked forward again.* -05:24 Nov 23
Evangeline: I am tired of making sacrifices and only gaining hurt! *Swinging a cane for his head, eighteen years old… She was quite furious!* -05:26 Nov 23

Selflessness has lent me to madness. Step in and save another. A nice swim in the ocean water. Freezing cold and trying to find the right way…

Gabriel: *Back step!* That is the way of things. The way things have always been. We sacrifice ourselves to spare others the pain. The loss of a loved one. The despair of sacrifice. -05:30 Nov 23
Evangeline: Then sacrifice yourself like a fool! If you go that direction you’re going to die. *Though another swipe at him looked tempting, she stomped off in to the dark.* -05:33 Nov 23

There is something odd about you.

Gabriel: I often get that. *He watched her march off into the darkness. He knew there was no turning back. A part of him mused that even if he did die like a fool … At least it would be his choice to do so.* -05:35 Nov 23
Evangeline: I am trying to find someone. I keep looking, but I can’t find them. Are you looking for someone too? *Evangeline as herself, dressed in those same clothes as the day they met.* -05:39 Nov 23

Evangeline in the warehouse. There was Michael. But pieces were missing. Things were out of place. He wasn’t there.

Gabriel: … He’s not just trying to get her … *He murmured to himself as he watched.* -05:43 Nov 23
Evangeline: *A soft sigh!* I keep looking, but nothing ever seems quite right… *She shrugged her shoulders, opening a door in the dark and closing it behind her!* -05:45 Nov 23

Memories cannot lie.

Gabriel: Unless they have been altered. Memories are fickle. *He kept going through the darkness. He had to see this through.* -05:47 Nov 23
Evangeline: Don’t go there. *Stepping out, she pressed a hand against his chest to push him back. She was wearing mental patients pajamas.* Go back. -05:49 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Stopped by the hand on his chest. He remembered her wearing that when she was in Wareham …* I cannot. I am looking for someone and I cannot leave without her. -05:51 Nov 23
Evangeline: There are things you can’t unsee. Things you can’t…. unfeel. *She pushed him back again.* It should be forgotten. Go back now. -05:54 Nov 23
Gabriel: *He didn’t budge.* If the one I came to find is there, there is no other way to go. *He put a hand on the one she had against his chest.* Forgive me. *Then he stepped to the side, started walking on.* -05:57 Nov 23

A padded cell in Wareham. Michael’s leering, insane sneer. Blood smeered, silver thread… The Marrionette’s Doll.

Evangeline: Two five three bricks.. two five four.. two five six… *She muttered softly under her breath. Stepping away in to the dark.* -06:03 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Fists clenched. He tore his gaze away and shut his eyes. He breathed deeply. He continued on.* Memories do not lie unless altered. *He began murmuring. It sounded like he was reciting something he had memorized.* Memories rewrite the world in one’s mind … Memories spell life or death for someone there … Here. -06:05 Nov 23

Sometimes we wish something was not real… even when we pretend something else is.

As if on cue, a searing pain stabbed through him, forcing Gabriel to stop. He clutched at his chest. A stain of blood getting larger. And he felt something on his back. He could feel the brand, like needles poking through his flesh …

Gabriel: *He swallowed. Another deep breath. He took off running now!* -06:08 Nov 23

The dark was fading and all shifting under his feet. Memories of a steel oil tanker on the ocean hovered over twisted gnarled looking trees. Chased by monsters screaming for help!

I thought something was missing. But it was never there to begin with…

Gabriel: *He kept running! He had to see this through to the end. His chest was aching. It hurt to breathe but he kept running.* Seer. Evangeline. *The needles were getting stronger but he ignored that. He had gone through such pain before. He would endure for awhile longer.* -06:13 Nov 23

Was it wrong to want someone to care about me…? It was never real. A growl from behind him. A giant furry beast. Blood red moon in the sky. Trees uprooted, trying to step in to his path.

Gabriel: *Panting slightly now. He wasn’t tired. It was because if he breathed too deep, it just made the ache in his chest worst. He turned to the beast.* Stand down. I will not let you stop me. -06:19 Nov 23

I am where I belong now. I am his Seer. You aren’t supposed to be here. The creature charging forward, leaping on to Gabriel and mouth opened wide to swallow him whole!

Gabriel: *Fangs grew!* Anthony has pissed me off for the last time … *He jumped at the last minute and landed on the creature’s head, then used it as a spring board to jump backwards. He did a somersault in the air, twisted slightly to face in the direction he had been headed to, and landed in a clear patch the trees had only just started to come up from! He started running … and in the wake of his anger, the needles lessened and the blood stain stopped!* -06:24 Nov 23

The beast was chasing as he came across a creek. As he ran through the water hands shot up grabbing his legs and arms, pulling him down! The beast gained ground, charging in to the water after him!

Gabriel: *Found himself on his hands and feet! He turned and snarled at the beast!* I will not back down. I came for someone. I will not leave without her! *He pulled his legs out of the hands’ grasp, only to stumble. But he quickly recovered and was back to running!* -06:30 Nov 23

An old rotting crone with hollow eyes appeared, blocking his way! In her hands was a sword… the designs of it was so familiar… One of Gabriel’s own! She cackled, moving so quickly towards him her body blurred as she brought the sword down to take off his head!

Soft sad laughter. Even now do I wish he were real…? You cannot stay here. I’ll make you disappear…

Gabriel: I will not die. *He replied, rolling out of the way just in time!* I cannot die. Until my oath has been fulfilled. *He took off running again!* -06:40 Nov 23

Thorny vines appeared and tangled their way around him. Wrapping around his body and throat! You can’t be real. You are going to disappear…

Gabriel: *Growls and slashes at the vines, fighting his way through! He still had time left!* -06:43 Nov 23

There was an open wooden door on the side of a stone tower. Inside was widing stairs, but they were fading away!

Gabriel: *Dashed through the door and took the steps two-three at a time! Some steps were fading away much faster, leaving bigger gaps but he managed to clear them!* -06:46 Nov 23

At the top another door, leading in to a maze of mirrors! Instead of his own reflection it was Evangeline in a bloodstained white dress. Every mirror she was a little different but there were two that followed his movements. One that saw him and examined him, the other without sight and knocking on the glass.

Gabriel: *With that behind him, he felt his fangs start to fade away and had to clutch his chest again. The stain had not gotten larger but his lungs were burning. He studied every reflection as he continued on.* Where are you …? *He murmured, his voice little more than a whisper.* The real you. -06:53 Nov 23
Evangeline: Gabriel! *The one tapping on the glass called!* I’m right here Gabriel, please… get me out. -06:53 Nov 23
Evangeline: But he isn’t real… Every time we ask for his help something else happens. *The one watching him replied!* -06:54 Nov 23
Evangeline: I don’t have to see him to know he’s real, Evangeline! I just know! -06:56 Nov 23
Evangeline: It’s my mind and I can see if I want to. Your daydreaming is getting us killed! -06:57 Nov 23
Evangeline: You’re the one killing us. Why don’t you just vanish yourself. -06:59 Nov 23
Gabriel: I will … save you somehow … *He swallowed and put his forehead against the glass of the one tapping on the glass.* I cannot … Anthony cannot … You have to be … free. *He was feeling so light-headed, so dizzy. The world was beginning to spin.* -07:00 Nov 23
Evangeline: Get out of my head, Gabriel. I will destroy you. You have to leave… -07:02 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Tapping on the glass again!* Don’t listen to her, she’s broken… Break the glass, let me out. -07:03 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Leaning one side against the glass now. He didn’t seem to hear either Evangeline. He took one hand off his chest and saw the blood there. The stain had grown even more. He could feel his back bleeding, too. The manticore. The brand.* Forgive me, Evangeline … All those times … I tried … I tried my best. *He felt the searing pain in his chest and this time it stayed there. It was difficult for him to focus on what he was saying. He sunk to his knees.* It would seem … my best was not good enough … -07:06 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Pressing her hands against the glass, the one with sight sunk to the floor too.* Leave now, please. While there is still time. Just go… -07:09 Nov 23
Evangeline: No! You have to try harder! *She knocked on the glass louder!* Gabriel get up! There isn’t any time! Break the glass! -07:09 Nov 23
Gabriel: *He was beginning to fade away! He couldn’t feel his legs anymore … or his hands! But the pain was still there. His blood was dripping on the floor.* I am so sorry … Thank you … for everything … And the pup, too. I won’t … forget … you. *And then he closed his eyes …* -07:12 Nov 23
Evangeline: Look what you’ve done, Evangeline. Gabriel doesn’t exist… and you made sure of it… *She stopped tapping the glass, stepping backwards away from the mirror, vanishing!* -07:17 Nov 23
Evangeline: But I forgot you… how could I forget…? You have to go…! *Evangeline pushed at the glass but it didn’t want to budge! He had to be pushed out, before she killed him…!* Get out of my head! Get out! -07:20 Nov 23

Gabriel wasn’t moving! But the pool of his blood was getting larger and beginning to cover the large seal etched on the floor … The same seal on her forehead! “Be free,” came Gabriel’s voice. The seal glowed bright white under the blood and then there was the sound of glass breaking! The seal evaporated into thin air and the glass trapping Evangeline broke!

Evangeline: *Glass shattered, she crawled across the floor to him, taking his face gently in her hands.* Wake up, Gabriel… Wake up and I’ll be right there with you. Just wake up… -07:29 Nov 23

“Poor little Seer … Gabriel might have saved you this time. But who is going to save his body when I come to collect him?” Anthony’s voice whispered in her ear, all around her. “Let’s see … Where are you again? Ah yes. A small little cabin in the middle of nowhere.” He materialized behind her. “Thank you. All these years of trying to get rid of him … And you, of all people, manage to do that for me.”

Evangeline: You… *Those tears streaming down her face, she wiped away slowly as she turned to cast cool glare at him from over her shoulder.* Never again. Never again. *Holding out a hand towards him, she create her wall… Not the old, or a thin wall… one of Gabriel’s brick walls. Swinging at him, with any luck, enough force to crush him on his way out!* -07:42 Nov 23

The look of surprise on Anthony’s face was priceless! “What! Oooff! You haven’t seen the last of me, Evangeline!” he spat. “I own you. I own you BOTH!” And then he vanished!

Evangeline: *There was a very sharp retort about who was about to be owning who… but something was pulling her up! She tried to grasp on to Gabriel to take him with her, but he slipped from her fingers! Consciousness hit her hard, her mumbling in pain as she found herself awake and in the real world… Gabriel!* Gabriel! Where are you..?! -07:49 Nov 23

Gabriel was lying right beside her, on his stomach. There wasn’t a scratch on him! But he was awfully still!

Evangeline: *Anthony wouldn’t get in this place and take him, Evangeline was sure of that. Gabriels own wards and seals would be backed by her wall. Evangeline rolled him over, running her hands across his cheeks.* You have to wake up. Gabriel… Get up… Grabbing his colar, she dragged him up in a sitting position, bracing him against her.* Get up, or I’m going to… going to talk to all of your little Yous in your own head! -07:56 Nov 23
Gabriel: …. *At first nothing! In fact, it seemed like minutes ticked by! There was a faint stir but was that Gabriel or just Evangeline’s imagination?* -07:59 Nov 23
Evangeline: *She’s had enough of her own imagination! But he was so still, she couldn’t hold back a sniffle!* If you die I’ll never forgive you. I need you… -08:02 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Another groan. A soft stir! There was no mistaking it was Gabriel moving now! But he hadn’t opened his eyes yet!* -08:04 Nov 23
Evangeline: Crickets… you scare me to death..! *Leaning back so she could keep him braced upright without falling over, she raised a hand to brush against his cheek.* Gabriel… -08:07 Nov 23
Gabriel: … Evangeline …? *He murmured. One hand moved up to touch hers. He slowly opened his eyes.* -08:08 Nov 23
Evangeline: Evangeline. You… You would have died. You were dying… *She pulled up her other hand to the other side of his face. She could see him in her head… And she was going to kill him.* What were you thinking. -08:13 Nov 23
Gabriel: *He closed his eyes again.* I had to … *He swallowed.* Anthony … would have … I couldn’t let you … -08:16 Nov 23
Evangeline: But what would I do without you here? *She pulled him down gently, resting her forehead against his.* I never want to see what life is like without you, ever again… dream or not. -08:21 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Closed his eyes and rested his head against her. Strange. He didn’t feel any disgust about being weak or about relying on someone else for a change. Perhaps that was a side effect of having done what he had.* … You must leave. You need food … and water and shelter. -07:35 Nov 23
Evangeline: There’s shelter here. *Food and water would be tricky, but it was a cabin, there was bound to be something left over somewhere. She was more concerned about him! He had never been weak or injured before…* You would have to eat too, yes? And lots of rest. -07:37 Nov 23
Gabriel: Yes. But my concern is for your welfare. *He smirked a bit.* I am certain the pup would be of some aid. *He had to sit up but he just didn’t have the strength for it. And he did not want to. He just wanted to lie here but he also knew he couldn’t. He grunted softly as he managed to sit up … eventually. After a few tries. But the effort was draining and he had to put a hand down on the floor.* -07:41 Nov 23
Evangeline: Don’t be so stubborn. You could have me a snack, or maybe I could go find a duck. *Scooting to help keep him upright, she had second thoughts.* …Or maybe I’ll just find a store and get something without feathers. -07:45 Nov 23
Gabriel: *Another smirk at the mention of a duck.* It is a long way to the store. You can take my gun. Call Ms Grey or Santos … -07:49 Nov 23
Evangeline: You’re going to give a blind woman a gun, and you call me insane… *She frowned for a moment. He would be alright here with his wards, but he would be alone… If she didn’t go too far could she do a wall from a distance?* I wonder if there is a wheelbarrow here… -07:54 Nov 23
Gabriel: That is because you are insane. But I would prefer you had a gun on you than not have anything at all. *He watched her look around the cabin.* -07:59 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Drats… nothing useful enough to try and drag him in!* But what if something happens when I leave? -08:03 Nov 23
Gabriel: That is a risk we must take. *He closed his eyes again.* You will … have to hurry. *He opened his eyes, studied her face.* In my condition … -08:09 Nov 23
Evangeline: Your condition? *She suspected he might have been been worse off than he seemed. Maybe she really broke him!* ….Then I will have to run! -08:12 Nov 23
Gabriel: Go. I have a fail safe. *He suddenly cupped her cheek with one hand.* -08:16 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked, not so sure.* You promise? I’ll be back as quick as possible. -08:18 Nov 23
Gabriel: If something should happen while you are gone, you will know. The ward on the door … A white raven. It will find you. *He took his gun and placed it in her hand.* Anthony will be here soon. No matter what happens, he must not get you. -08:21 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Were the situation not dire, she would give him a good long lecture about things… but for now Evangeline smiled her best smile.* Don’t worry. *She leaned up quickly to kiss his cheek, holding the gun tightly in one hand as she moved for the door.* -08:25 Nov 23
Gabriel: You are insane, Seer. *He remarked with what might have been a smile or his classic smirk.* -08:27 Nov 23
Evangeline: Maybe just a little. *She was very careful as she opened the door, being very aware whether or not someone was lurking. Pulling a crystal from her pocket, she was going to find Ms. Grey and Leon as quick as possible!* -08:31 Nov 23

Leon: Come on, Cissy. *He clasped his hands behind his head as they browsed the shelves of the grocery store. The old man behind the counter was giving him the evil glare again.* I told you I was sorry! It’s not like I meant to eat everything in the fridge and around the house. *He mumbled under his breath.*

Ciara: If you didn’t mean to, you wouldn’t have done it. I have to eat sometimes too, you know. *She was sharing that old man’s glare… Mostly because it’s likely Leon is going to eat everything in this store too!*

Leon: *He seriously could not get what the old man was so angry about! Sure, he’d had to restock quite a few times since Leon and Ciara had first visited the store but really–He should be grateful! An empty store meant business was good, didn’t it?* I know … It’s just … You know how I get carried away …

Ciara: We’ll have to put you on a diet of green leafy vegetables. *She picked up a box from the shelf, reading the ingredients!*

Leon: *Blinked! She might as well have called him a "furry sheep" or something!* Anything but that! Anything but the green stuff! -08:53 Nov 23

Ciara: You used to eat it all the time, what’s wrong with a bit of lettuce?

Leon: *He opened his mouth to reply, stopped, scratched his head. He thought about it.* … It tastes awful for one. -08:57 Nov 23
Evangeline: *Scrying for people did make it easier to find them, but walking though trees and bushes when you couldn’t see where you were stepping!It really seemed like forever when she finally stumbled across town and in to the grocery store… forgetting she had herself a very scary looking gun in hand!* Ms. Grey! -08:59 Nov 23

Ciara: *About to ask Leon exactly why, when a maniac with a gun charged in to the store! Calling her name too. Ciara groaned out loud!* Evangeline…?

Gabriel: *Managed to move over, further into the cabin with his back against the side of the fireplace. His legs stretched out in front of him as he pulled his sword out. He could feel the wards weakening. It was like a thick piece of rope he was holding that slowly pulled out of his grasp. The wards were fading. He contemplated ending his life rather than risk letting it fall into Anthony’s claws again. That was what he had promised after all. That he would rather die than let that happen again … But it was different now. Things had changed …*

Leon: *He blinked! She was a sight for sore eyes! He sneaked over and out of the line of fire toward the psychic.* … Uh, nice gun. *He attempted to pluck it out of her grasp without her shooting him or something.* -09:03 Nov 23
Evangeline: It’s Gabriels and there was an ambush and another and horrible memories and he was wonderful but reckless and you’ve got to come back with me before something happens! *Evangeline didn’t even paused to take a breath before she was snagging Ciara’s arm and pulling her for the door!* -09:06 Nov 23

The wards had finally disappeared, except for one. There was a knock at the door. A rap-tap-tap! Tap-tap-tap! The door knob twisted … The door opened wide!

Ciara: I take it that it’s never a boring day for you, Evangeline. *Ciara made sure to set down that grocery basket… maybe to the old man’s relief, as Evangeline dragged her out!* What exactly is going on, now?

Leon: *Of course, he was right behind the two! He was itching to know where Gabriel was and what had happened since they last saw them! Oh wait … He paused and scratched behind his ear. Oh well. Itching for that and that itch behind his ear.* -09:13 Nov 23

Anthony: *Smirked from just outside the door.* Go for a little stroll and look what you find … An abandoned cabin and a disobedient little experiment inside. How long did you think you could hide from me?

There were snickers and giggling from behind him! Anthony had brought company!

Gabriel: *Deep breath for strength more than anything! He held the sword at an angle!* Go to hell.

Evangeline: Anthony did, and I very nearly killed Gabriel, and he’s so weak, and can’t hold wards but he’s so stubborn so I had to come and get someone. -09:15 Nov 23

Ciara: Anthony. *Ciara mutered under breath. That did make a difference.* Give me that. *Ciara reached over to snatch that gun from Leon. She may very well need it!* Well then, this will be an interesting turn of events. Rescuing a Carnatelli?

Leon: Whoa there. We’re going to need more firepower than a single handgun. Even one of Gabriel’s. -09:27 Nov 23

Anthony: I have been there. Quite nice this time of the year … *He stepped inside. The few pets he’d brought along, weres with the collars, dropped forward on their massive paws, hunched over as they sniffed the place for signs of others. He took a chair and dusted it off before setting it in front of Gabriel, just out of reach and sitting down.* You should have returned home. Do you remember where home is?

Gabriel: *Smirked.* You mean that place I burnt to the ground all those years ago.

Anthony: *Snorted and shook his head!* And you burn it down time and time again … All that money wasted, all that research lost … and for what. Some stupid child’s rebellion? *He stood.* But … since you are such a stubborn whelp. *He drew a finger over a window sill, dusted the dirt off his fingertip with a look of disgus on his face.* I had to come all this way to fetch you myself.

Evangeline: There isn’t any time to fetch things, we have to go get him right now! *White raven, white raven… They had to get him!* Faster! *Evangeline started running, dragging Ms. Grey with her!* -09:31 Nov 23

As if on cue, one of the weres dashed forward and grabbed Gabriel by the neck! It whacked away the sword and hoisted him into the air!

Gabriel: *Growled and struggled for all he was worth! He kicked and he slashed and his fangs grew! Fear was beginning to kick in! He couldn’t go back! Not go back!*

Anthony: *Turned away from the window!* Disarm him. And get those shackles on him. I don’t want the body damaged. *He stopped next to the were holding Gabriel.*

The weres were quick to do just that! Gabriel’s other gun, his sword, his knives, a grenade or two and something that looked like a tiny stereo but what was designed to mess with inhuman hearing, such as weres who could detect subtle sounds not heard by humans! His hands were shackled behind his back and his ankles bound! Then he was dropped!

Gabriel: *Growled and lashed out but finally had to stop as he had run out of energy and he was still so very weak!*

Anthony: *Smirked.* I was hoping for an empty shell but that is quite alright. By the time I am through with you, you will be. Or you will wish you were. You have such potential, Gabriel. I will make refinements. I have all the time in the world to perfect you. *He chuckled softly at the look of fear on Gabriel’s face before he turned around and walked out.*

One of the larger weres picked up Gabriel and slung him over his shoulder! And they left, going through the forest!

Meanwhile, on the door, the last ward took affect. It burned bright and then disappeared and a white raven seemed to fly out of the door and took off into the sky!

Leon: Well, I guess we can just make things up as we go along. *He said.* -09:40 Nov 23
Evangeline: We’re too late… *Evangeline stopped in front of the cabin, she didn’t have to see to know the door was wide open and he wasn’t there… There was the bird.* I’m too late… -09:42 Nov 23

Ciara: Is he dead? You’re never too late until someone is dead. *Ciara pulled herself from Evangeline, raising the gun in two hands as she stepped towards the cabin. No Gabriel to be seen, but there were his things scattered around the floor and the room.*

Evangeline: No, but… *Evangeline was trying not to panic. Gabriel was… was a brick wall! Infallible! He would always come for her, and boy.. she’s going to go get him and make Anthony eat his own dirty socks if she could manage it!* I have to go get him, but I… I’ll need some help. Would you help me, Ms Grey? Please? -09:49 Nov 23

Ciara: I’d like to know when I became everyone’s super heroine. *Ciara muttered, already reaching for the little phone she had in her back pocket and dialing up a number. Going after Anthony directly to save Gabriel of all people was going to be near impossible. …But very worth it.* If you can find him, Evangeline.

Leon: *Stepped inside of the cabin and took a sniff around.* Hm. Smells like he’s got those pets of his. Those collared weres. But Anthony could be anywhere. -11:23 Nov 23
Evangeline: I can find him. *All she needed was the right stone… Evangeline dropped in to a chair, pulling random things out of her pockets. Crust, her scrying crystal, pocket lint, candy, and few random gems…. There!* -11:29 Nov 23

The white raven perched on the open door and watched.

Leon: Hm? *Walked over to Evangeline and watched what she was doing.* -11:31 Nov 23

Ciara: *Ciara stepped to a corner, picking up a dagger from the ground! Then the white raven caught her eye! Ciara muttered some orders to the contact at Oracle!*

Evangeline: *Having picked three of the stones, she stuffed the rest of the contents back in to her pocket. She motioned a finger over at the bird on the doorway.* He’s going to help. -11:36 Nov 23

The white raven tilted its head at Ciara and at Evangeline. When she beckoned her finger, it flew down and perched on the back of the chair Evangeline had sat on.

Evangeline: *Evangeline took in a deep breath and closed her eyes. Feeling for the raven first, she used the stones to amplify and spread out her thoughts to find the other end of Gabriel!* -11:46 Nov 23

Ciara: *Ciara stepped behind Leon, still with the phone to her ear.* I’ll be going with her. I’m not wasting an opportunity to screw over Anthony Carnatelli. You should probably go back to the hotel.

Leon: *Blinked!* But this is Anthony! He’ll be expecting someone to come for him for sure! … Am I the only voice of reason here? *He added when he saw the look in her eyes.* -11:49 Nov 23

The white raven spread its wings and flapped them briefly when Evangeline touched it. Bird’s eye view of the forest … rolling trees … lakes and rolling mountains … then over the mountains, meadows, plains … finally thick snow and swirling wind! A forest blanketed in white and then a frozen lake with a large island. The ruins of a large mansion of some sort and in the middle of that, a seemingly cozy cabin!

Ciara: He’s expecting Evangeline. What he’ll get is me and a shit load of trouble.

Evangeline: That’s so far away… *She mumured softly… Yes, she was going to need Ms. Grey’s help for sure!* It’s Alaska. How soon can we leave? Can we leave right now? -11:54 Nov 23
Leon: *BIG sigh!* I’d say ‘more the reason to be careful’ but … Never mind. Can’t I just come along? I promise I won’t be a hassle. -11:55 Nov 23

Ciara: … *Ciara gave Leon an examining stare. Him not being a hassle was a joke! but he was a wolf…* It will take a little while to get a plane and supplies. We’re not going unprepared.

Evangeline: As long as it is soon as possible. *Evangeline swept a finger under the raven to place it on her shoulder before searching around the room for the last of Gabriel’s things.* -12:01 Nov 24
Leon: Come on, Cissy. I won’t be a burden. I promise. *He looked like he was about to use the sad puppy wolf eyes!* -12:01 Nov 24

Ciara: Fine. You can go. But if I have to save you too, I’m taking your body home for a wolfskin rug.

Leon: *Wolfish grin followed by a salute as he straightened up!* Yes, ma’am! *He raised a fist!* This is gonna be a blast. -12:05 Nov 24

Ciara: A ‘blast’ is an understatement. Now move it. We have a drive back to the city. *Ciara stepped away and out the door, giving those last few ordered details to the contact on the phone. Warm clothes, weapons, good maps, and a private plane to Alaska. They were going vampire hunting!*

Leon: *Another smart salute! He went over to Evangeline!* Need any help with that? *He eyed the bird! Of course, he couldn’t help it! Who in the world ever heard of a white raven!" -12:08 Nov 24
Evangeline: Oh no, he’s stays with me. *But Evangeline did hand him a big sword!* Ms. Grey will be wreckless. You’ll have to take care of her. If Anthony is there, it’ll be a little tricky. -12:11 Nov 24
Leon: Whoa! *Even he had to give some credit to the weight. And Gabriel carried something like this around with him all the time?! He nodded.* Right. You can count on me. -12:22 Nov 24

Ciara: *Ciara poked her head through the door!* I said move it, or I’m saving Evangeline’s boyfriend without you!

Leon: *Blink!* COMING! *And he dashed off behind Ciara!* -12:26 Nov 24

Gabriel: *Woke up, feeling groggy and still so very tired. He opened his eyes a little and found himself still being carried, slung over a were’s shoulder. He saw Anthony behind him but he couldn’t even summon up the anger or the saliva to spit at him. He did notice that they were walking down a corridor of some kind. With bright lights that hurt to look at.*

Anthony: *Caught him looking around and smirked.* Welcome home, Gabriel. I’ve missed you.

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