A little accidental spell casting by Meri puts everyone in the Wonderland story!

[Evangeline is really confused! One minute she was doing something she can\’t remember, and the next… chasing a wolf pup and falling down a hole!] -08:00 Jan 17
[Vlamerias had made sure everything was packed! Now she could go visit her Daddy!] -08:02 Jan 17
Vlamerias: DADDY! DADDY! *She poofed herself into the Great Hall of the Devil Court and flew over, book held tightly against her chest!* Daddy, I’m here! -08:02 Jan 17

Vlamerias: testing

Evangeline: *Now she was picking herself off the ground and dusting herself off. Wearing a soft blue sun dress that fell just to the knees and a ribbon in her hair! …She glanced around to see where the pup had gone… it was a very strange, glittery and twisty bunch of trees!* …Curious! …and confusing. What was I doing again? *She tapped her chin and tried to remember!* -08:04 Jan 17

The great Devil King was big and mighty, sitting in his massive chair in the middle of his throne room. He was more than pleased to see his youngest daughter, but… someone was missing! “My favorite child, Familiar of the Infamous! A visit at last! Yet… where is your guardians? Have you run wild?”

The wolf pup was suddenly in front of her, barking and chasing its own tail! It wore a red vest and a pocket watch tucked into the vest’s pocket! It took notice of Evangeline, stopped, barked, and ran away again!

Vlamerias: *She hugged her Daddy’s face, with one arm still holding the book! Then she flew back a bit and blinked!* Mommy was supposed to come! But she never came back! Um, I couldn’t find Warrior Lady or Dark or anyone else so … here I am! Do you want me to go look for them first? *She was thought it was strange not to find anyone but Mommy often needed some privacy and Dark and Warrior Lady was often busy as well!* -08:08 Jan 17
Evangeline: Oh! Right! *There he was. The wolf pup with a pocket watch! Wolfpups didn’t need watches, so she was following to catch him! ….at least, that’s all she could remember!* Wait! *She went running after it!* -08:08 Jan 17

The wolf pup seemed to have lots of fun! It would stop and jump around just when Evangeline was about to lose it! Then when she was about to catch up to it, take off running again! Giant mushrooms and flowers sprouted here and there! Tiny dragons with insect wings! Rocking horses with insect wings as well!

The Devil King stroked his chin. Being a wise King and well informed, he knew when things were not as they should be. Something interesting was amiss! “Nay, who would dare stand up the Devil King! They will be here daughter, never fear. For now… Share with your father a gift from the human world!”

Evangeline: This certainly doesn’t make any sense. *For a moment she became distracted by the rocking horse flies and the extraordinary tall flowers! She could even hear them humming a soft song! But there was that wolfpup again, she needed to ask him what he was in such a rush for!* -08:13 Jan 17
Vlamerias: *Her face brightened!* I brought this book just to read to you! It’s called Alice in Wonderland! I thought it was really funny and stuff! *She cleared her throat!* O Great Devil King, I present to you, Alice in Wonderland! Which I shall now bring to life for you! *She cast her spell and dropped the book! It gently fell into the Devil King’s lap and grew to an appropriate size for him! The pictures on the pages sprang to life, showing a woman in a blue dress and a ribbon in her hair navigating a forest in search of a large white wolf pup wearing a vest!* -08:14 Jan 17

The wolf stopped, looked at her, barked and took off again, disappearing into thick fog!

“What a precocious spell for such a young devil!” Precocious indeed, for not only did the spell seem to bring the pages of the story to life, it seems the stars of the story were very much real!

Vlamerias: *Beaming, she knew she was beaming! She flew around the book! The characters looked very familiar but that couldn’t be! Did this happen in the book? Oh well, stories changed everytime you read them! Mommy had said so!* -08:18 Jan 17
Evangeline: Here wolfy! I won’t hurt you. …bother! *She stomped a foot when the pup disappeared in the fog. How was she supposed to see him in all of this? She turned around to go back the way she came, but… she seemed to be lost!* Hmm. Now which way… -08:18 Jan 17

“That depends on where you want to go, little girl. Do you even know?” A voice replied in the fog. But no one seemed to be there!

Evangeline: I am not a little girl…*She muttered, a little offended as she smoothed out her skirt. She was a grown woman!* …I’m not really sure where I’m going. I just wanted to find that wolf and go home? -08:20 Jan 17

Caroline: You could walk backwards to be where you’ve been. Or is that to see where you’re not going? *The voice became tangible, a body appearing leaning against the tree partially in shadows.*

Evangeline: That hardly makes any sense at all. I would just like directions out of the forest, if don’t mind. -08:24 Jan 17

Caroline: Travel to the left and you will meet the Red Death. Travel to the right and you will lose your mind. I, personally, think backwards is the only way to travel. *Casting the girl a slow wide grin, she stepped back in to the shadows again.*

Evangeline: *Resting her hands on her hips, she decided that those directions were probably the worst directions ever. …At least it offered choices though.* Hmm. I don’t want to be where I’ve been, and I am not interested in meeting Death. And since I am already lost, I can’t lose my mind so… left it is! *She started walking!* -08:29 Jan 17

After walking and walking, she started to hear loud singing and sounds of plates and dishes crashing!

Evangeline: *Yay! Dishes meant civilization. She’d find that wolfpup in no time. Not wanting to alarm anyone, she snuck up quiet and curious to see what all of the commotion was about!* -08:32 Jan 17

Professor Stevens was wearing a half smashed top hat and trying to pour tea from an oil lamp! “I say! These tea smells atrocious! What fool made this?!”

“You did, you lazy mongrel! Here I am, stuck with the likes of you!” The mummified hare sitting on the opposite end of the table threw a plate at Stevens’ head!

“Mongrel! You are the beast covered in fur and wrapped head to toe with decaying bandages!” Stevens in all his puffed up indignation, flung a teapot right back. “..Blast it man, pour me a cup!”

Evangeline: This is unusual. *She didn’t mean to say it so loud, but they were making such a racket she couldn’t even heard herself think!* Um.. excuse me! Gentlemen…? -08:37 Jan 17

The mummified hare ducked the teapot and was about to fling a silver platter when–It caught sight of Evangeline and skidded to a halt beside her! “Madamoiselle, how you light up this otherwise bleak and dreary atmosphere!” It took her hand and kissed the back while bowing!

In seconds, the Hatted Stevens was on the other side of her, taking her other hand. “By no mind to my rotting companion. Would you like to join us for a spot of tea? We have tea of all shapes and sizes!”

Evangeline: Oh! A cup of tea sounds rather nice, thank you! But I really can’t stay long. I am looking for a little wolfpup with a gold watch? -08:43 Jan 17

The mummified hare snorted! “Rotting companion, indeed! I might be rotting but ye’re the one who smells like you’ve been dead for a good year or more! Please, please, I have not been graced by such company for ages!”

Stevens ushered Evangeline in to a chair and poured her three different cups of tea. “Sweet lady, who do you find more handsome? A man or a rodent? A proper englishman I might add! In a fresh new suit!” He stood back to show her his suit made of hats and his weary looking top hat!

Evangeline: *Taking a sip of the tea and then making an icky face before setting it down (it tasted terrible!), she glanced back and forth at the both of them.* …Well, you both look very nice today… -08:49 Jan 17

The mummified hare was quickly at her other side! “Most beautiful angel! Surely you do not judge by appearance! I will make a loyal and loving companion, a consort like no other!”

“The woman doesn’t need a consort, she needs a husband! Someone intelligent, strong, and manly! Dear lady, could you really imagine yourself with this uncouth lout?”

Evangeline: I’m sure both of you are really wonderful, but I am just looking for a werepup and need some directions! *This was getting a little uncomfortable! And if she were honest, she’d not choose either of them!* -08:54 Jan 17

The mummified hare was stroking the back of her hand and kissing her knuckles! It didn’t appear to hear a thing Evangeline was saying to it!

“Get your furry lips off the lady! Have you no manners?” Stevens Hatter pulled off one of his gloves to promptly slap the Incubus Hair with!

Evangeline: *She sliiiiiide out of her chair to get out of the way.* Please don’t make a fuss on my account! Could one of you give me directions, though? -09:00 Jan 17

The hare snorted! “Why you–!” It pulled a leather glove from the table and slapped the Hatter back on the face!

“How dare you!” He gave the Hare another slap! “I will take the whip to you!”

Evangeline: Directions? ….Anyone? *It’s like she wasn’t even here! She huffed and stomped her foot again. That lady wasn’t kidding about losing your mind here!* -09:05 Jan 17

“You couldn’t take a feather to me, overgrown beanbag!” Another slap to the Hatter’s face!

“I’ll skin off what’s left of your fur and make myself a new hat, you blithering codswallop!” The duel was on! Now tea was being thrown!

Evangeline: …okay! It was nice to meet you gentleman, but I.. um… bye! *Before they turned around… if they were even going to notice… she took off running for the trees again! Running as fast as she could!* -09:09 Jan 17

“You couldn’t make a new hat if you actually knew how!” the Hare snorted and threw a bowl at him!

“My hats are as wonderful as my tea. Say, old chap, would you like a spot of tea?” Stevens Hatter plopped back down in his chair, pouring a cup fresh out of a shoe!

Evangeline: *Running running! Crazy people yelling seemed to fade back to music again. Once there was nothing but silence again, she finally stopped. Gasping to catch her breath! This place was nuts!* -09:16 Jan 17

“Why I will be most delighted, beloved friend!” the Hare replied and sat down on the table!

Vlamerias: *By now she was perched on her Daddy’s shoulder, watching the story! This was so much fun!* -09:22 Jan 17

A few feet away, there was a hooded figure with its back toward Evangeline! It looked very tall, even from this distance!

Evangeline: *…Now where was here? She was in the forest again, but this part of the forest doesn’t look as friendly as the other. It was dark and there were beady little eyes watching her from everywhere! She was so busy staring wide-eyed at what was staring at her, she didn’t realize there was someone in front of her until she ran in to him!* Oh..! -09:24 Jan 17

“Why, this story is quite interesting, my precocious little devil. Do you think these souls might be familiar to you?” asked the Devil King. He was more than amused! And now, all of the devils in the court were watching the story with increasing curiosity!

Vlamerias: Mm … They do look really familiar … But they can’t be really Mommy and the others, can they, Daddy? -09:30 Jan 17

Evangeline didn’t have time to so much as stammer an apology! There was a large hand around her neck and then she was being pushed up against a tree and held at arm’s length! “Name and business.”

“Perhaps your clever story will have the answer, daughter!” he boomed with a laugh as he tilted to watch!

Evangeline: ..eep! *Had she gone to the right and is facing her doom by mistake! Her hands were up to tug gently at the fingers around her neck.* Um… My name is a little fuzzy, and I am lost and looking for a wolfpup with a pocketwatch! ….Are you going to eat me? -09:33 Jan 17

Gabriel: … I ate the others. *The figure cocked its head over its shoulder where suits of red armor lay in a heap!*

Evangeline: *Uh oh… that didn’t look good. There wasn’t a person left! He might still have room for dessert!* Oh. Well… I would prefer it if you didn’t eat me, but if you can’t resist, could you maybe only take a few toes? Or wait! *She slipped her hand in to a pocket and pulled out a piece of candy to offer him. …which felt awfully awkward being pinned to a tree!* Candy is good too? -09:43 Jan 17

Gabriel: *The hooded figure made a sound like a snort and released her. Then he started walking away … or was it really an “it” instead of a man or a woman?*

Evangeline: …I didn’t mean to insult you! I just don’t want to be eaten? *She still wasn’t sure if he was friend or foe, but since she wasn’t a pile of bones now… she chose friend! And since there were still lots of eyes peering from the dark trees, she was quick to start following her new friend.* Do you know the wolfpup with the pocket watch? I was following him before I got lost. -09:55 Jan 17

Gabriel: You were lost before you followed the pup with the pocket watch. *Walk. Walk. He seemed to know where he was going. If this was how fast he walked, there was no telling how fast he was when he was running!*

Evangeline: *She was doing a good job not tripping over rocks and branches and bushes just to keep up!* In that case, can you tell me where I am? I’ll have to get home before someone worries about me. *Whoops, she missed a rock and went tumbling forward with an ow!* -10:04 Jan 17

Gabriel: Someone. Yet you do not remember your name or where you came from. *He didn’t pause. He just kept walking!*

Evangeline: *She was hopping on a foot for a moment before she realized he was leaving her behind, and ran to catch up with him again!* Yes, someone! I like to think someone is worried about me, anyway! Don’t you have someone worried about you walking around in a forest of… *She glanced around… she wasn’t sure what they were! But they were everywhere!* Of creatures? -10:14 Jan 17

Gabriel: *Silence. He just kept walking and walking. but he suddenly stopped and appeared to be listening to something!*

Evangeline: *She very nearly ran in to him again! Stopping too, she glanced around to see what he was listening to. She couldn’t hear a thing. No wind, nor animals, or anything! …which was kind of eerie!* Is something wrong? Are you lost now too? -10:42 Jan 17
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -10:43 Jan 17
Gabriel: *He suddenly turned, put a hand on her head and pushed her head down! Then he was grabbing something above her and pulling it free, only to switch his grasp on the short scythe and impale it through its original wielder! The scythe dug deep into the flesh with a slick SSCCHHINKKK!* -10:47 Jan 17
Evangeline: *The question was on the tip of her tongue! At least until she turned around to see a bloody impaled mess! Then she was squeezing her eyes shut and staying ducked low to the ground as she slapped her hands over her ears!* …what… what is that!! -10:50 Jan 17
Gabriel: … I have never seen its like before. Down. *It was amazing how calm he could be! And the hood still hid his face! How could he possibly see?!* -11:16 Jan 17
Evangeline: *She moved and ducked out of the way! When she tried to take a peek, she hissed a soft gasp! It wasn’t just one more, but several of the things! All black as night with no nose or mouths. Just beady eyes! And they had them surrounded in a circle that was growing smaller!* …They are… um, they don’t eat people do they? -11:22 Jan 17
Gabriel: I am not a person. *He stayed absolutely still–until Evangeline felt nothing but smoldering darkness and icy touches on the back of her neck! There were goosebumps along her arm! And then suddenly she wasn’t being suffocated–but when she made the slightest move, she felt something … squishy!! She was about to open her eyes when–!* You have a weak stomach for blood. -11:27 Jan 17
Evangeline: *There went the idea of looking to see what was happening! Now she was frowning and trying to look more brave than she felt! But kept her eyes squeezed shut!* I’m a person, though! *She finally pulled her arms over her head, just trying to feel less scared!* -11:30 Jan 17
Gabriel: *Suddenly she was being lifted up and carried! And the hood of his cloak had slipped off to reveal short black hair and dark gray eyes!* -11:31 Jan 17
Evangeline: *That was alarming! She squeeked, thinking she might have been kidnapped by monsters until she finally opened one eye and then the other. This wasn’t a monster at all!* …you look like a person to me! *She was tempted to look around and see if they were being followed, but she decided just looking at him might be the safest route!* -11:33 Jan 17
Gabriel: A weapon by any other name is still a weapon. *He kept walking and walking until finally they’d gotten to a river of mud … or chocolate.* They are coming soon. We part ways here. *He put her down and began walking away.* -11:36 Jan 17
Evangeline: Oh. Okay. *He got a few paces away before she snagged the back of his cloak.* Which way do I go from here. Should I cross the river? I think we’ve gone too far to the right of my doom, but if I walk backwards now I’ll just get eaten before I go insane! *Now SHE wasn’t making any sense! But she was a little scared, and he was the least weird thing around!* I could use a weapon? -11:40 Jan 17
Gabriel: (Sorry about that. I guess my computer overloaded.) -12:04 Jan 18
Evangeline: (Damn the machine!) -12:04 Jan 18
Gabriel: (Indeed! Technology is supposed to be able to handle these type of things!) -12:05 Jan 18
Gabriel: You want to go there. It will lead to the White King. *He was suddenly pointing to the white bridge that had mysteriously appeared right beside them! It was rather wide and ornate, made of polished ivory or marble! A bridge fit for a king to cross but no one on it!* -12:06 Jan 18
Evangeline: I see! *She still hestitated, though. What if something else was hiding out there. Apparently no one here ate candy! They just all ate people and tea!* Would it be too much of a both if you went with me? Since you aren’t interested in eating toes or candy, I could let you have an arm instead? -12:11 Jan 18

Before the man could reply, there was the sound of horse’s hooves and people running! Lots of people! They were coming their way! -Gabriel

Gabriel: Go. Now. *He was taking Evangeline by the arm and pushing her to the white bridge! There wasn’t much time! The sounds were getting closer and louder!* -12:19 Jan 18
Evangeline: Who are they? *She didn’t mean to be difficult, but they didn’t look at all scary like those creatures did! She was curious!* -12:22 Jan 18
Gabriel: Friends of the soldiers I ate. *He replied. Those soldiers and the leader riding the horse were coming closer and closer!* White King. Go. -12:24 Jan 18
Evangeline: Oh. Oh!! *She was already being ushered on to the bridge, but she didn’t feel right leaving him behind with an army of angry knights!* Shouldn’t you come too? They aren’t going to be happy, I think! -12:25 Jan 18
Gabriel: They will not stop until I am returned. The Red Queen will be more apt to slicing your head off merely for your soul. *They were too close now! He suddenly turned and started running toward the soldiers! He could distract them long enough for the woman to flee!* -12:28 Jan 18

The leader on the horse stopped as Gabriel began running toward them and he smirked. “Take him down. The Queen wants him alive.” The soldiers readied their shields and spears! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Wait! *Blast it! She nearly ran after him, but he had fussed for her to run… She huffed before she finally took off running over the bridge! She’d find the White King, then! Perhaps that’s what the lady in the shadows meant about Red Death!* -12:31 Jan 18
Gabriel: *Fangs growing, he suddenly slid and took one soldier’s feet out from under it! Then he grabbed its spear and stabbed it into the chink in the armor on its chest! He turned, still on his knees, to drive the next spear up into the helmet, but there were just more and more of them and he went down in a sea of red!* -12:36 Jan 18
Evangeline: *Once again she was running from the scene of madness! Until she couldn’t run anymore and had to lean against a tree to catch her breath!* This is… sheer madness! -12:40 Jan 18

Far off in the distance, the bridge had dissolved and up ahead was a brilliant white castle! It was very beautiful with its tall towers and a very large drawbridge! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *This was a huge difference from how scary the forest was! Once she had her breath, she kept up a fast pace. After all, maybe the White King would take out his army to go fight the Red Knights and they could rescue… um… That guy!* -12:49 Jan 18

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