Evangeline plans a special date for Gabriel!

[Evangeline is trying to organize a super secret surprise date with Gabriel, but she\’s having problems with the secret part!] -01:13 Jan 20
[Vlamerias wants to help her Mommy succeed!] -01:14 Jan 20
Vlamerias: This will be really fun, Mommy! It’d be a victory for the cause of true love and justice! *She stopped to strike a pose! A v-sign in the air, her other hand on her hip, legs spread!* -01:14 Jan 20
Evangeline: …I think you have been watching too many cartoons! *Evangeline smiled anyway, patting Meri gently on the head before stopping near the bushes out in the spring courtyard.* Now where are those faeries.. I need them to move to the summer courtyard tonight… -01:15 Jan 20

In the bushes were several faerie nests and those faeries were nowhere to be seen! They were there, but stubbornly being invisible and refusing to show themselves! They claimed this bush and they were going to STAY in it! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She eased out of her pose and ran to catch up to Evangeline! She shielded her eyes and started looking all around for them …!* Oh! They’re over there, bathing in the birdbath! -01:18 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She ran over and then pouted!* Drats … Those were just sparrows! -01:18 Jan 20

The faeries cackling could be heard in the bushes. Sparrows in the bird bath, but look! Maybe it was them over there hanging in that tree! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: I’ve got you now! *She ran over to the tree and even started to climb it to get a better look!* -01:19 Jan 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her hands on her hips.* I don’t want to chase you around the entire courtyard! I only wanted to ask for a favor! -01:19 Jan 20

Nope! Not faeries in the tree after all. Just a bunch of wiggly catterpillars! But, those might be faeries jumping on rocks in that mud puddle over there. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She frowned! Those stupid faeries …! She hopped out of the tree and landed neatly on her feet! And then she was pouncing onto the faeries on the rocks in the mud puddle!* -01:23 Jan 20
Evangeline: *She refused to run around in circles… she knew they could hear her!* I don’t think spending a night in the summer courtyard is too much to ask. -01:23 Jan 20

SPLAT! Not only were the phantom faeries gone, so were the rocks! Leaving Meri covered in mud! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *Oh no! Her favorite dress! She slowly stood, fists clenched at her side and hissing through teeth that looked more like fangs now! The wind was beginning to pick up in the spring courtyard. The mud was quickly drying on her clothes and beginning to fall off in flakes! Her hair turned white and she had her eyes shut!* -01:27 Jan 20
Evangeline: See, now you’re all being unreasonable! *Oh dear! An angry devil wasn’t good for anyone! Evangeline crossed the grass to step behind Meri, tilt her head back and give her a quick kiss on the forehead.* Blow them in to the other courtyard, but let’s not squish any of them… -01:30 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Her eyes opened when Evangeline kissed her forehead and flashed red but then they darkened to dark gray!* You ruined my favorite dress and refuse to listen to Mommy! She clenched one fist at her side and pointed a finger in the direction of the summer courtyard!* Get your sorry insect-winged behinds to that summer courtyard! … I WANT YOU OUT!!!! *She screamed at the top of her lungs, causing the ground to shake and the suddenly hurricane-force winds to blow every single fairy in the spring courtyard into the summer one!* -01:37 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Mommy! * -01:37 Jan 20

Those faeries tried to fly through the wind, but they were ripped right out of the bushes and popped right through the cracks of the wall in to the next courtyard! There wasn’t a faerie left fluttering! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Well! That was a way to get things done… and certainly a method picked up from Gabriel for sure! Evangeline thoughtfully tapped her chin a moment.* Thank you, Meri! Now we’ll have to get your dress cleaned up while I ask the centaur if he can make sure no one else sneaks in. -01:41 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Meri had folded her arms and muttered something about "reminding guests about their manners"! She grinned up at Evangeline!* They’re so lucky Glaër wasn’t here, huh, Mommy. *The grin disappeared and she huffed.* But they’d never have tried tricking him either. -02:00 Jan 20
Evangeline: They may have. …but then they would have found themselves blown off the planet, not out of the courtyard. *Smiling, she leaned to kiss the devil’s forehead again, then was trotted off for the castle!* No worries! I am just a few steps away from an evening alone with Gabriel! -02:02 Jan 20
Vlamerias: Oohh … What else do you have to do, Mommy? *It was rare when Mommy and Glaër got anytime alone nowadays and she wanted to help out!* -02:07 Jan 20
Evangeline: Hmm… I need to make a picknick basket of things to eat, a nice drink… Um… a blanket and some pillows. Oh! Maybe some lights in the gazeebo! *She was still making mental list, while she headed down a hallway!* -02:08 Jan 20
Vlamerias: That sounds wonderful, Mommy! *She started to skip alongside Evangeline!* Lights in the gazeebo? Like Christmas lights or those lightning bugs you were telling me about! -02:12 Jan 20
Evangeline: Christmas lights…. but having fireflies would be so pretty too! *Now she was wondering if they spring courtyard was warm enough for fireflies!* -02:14 Jan 20

Before the two got much farther, there seemed to be a scuffle in the middle of the hall. Usually you’d expect to see the centaur having another argument with the minotaur, but this time it was a very large Ogre and scruffy looking gnome! At this rate, they were going to knock over one of the walls! -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked and tilted her head slightly! Wow, what was going on this time?!* -02:19 Jan 20
Evangeline: Shhh…! Would you like to tell me what’s wrong today, before my husband comes home early to find out himself? *She definitely couldn’t have him come home early! She hadn’t even taken anything outside yet!* -02:19 Jan 20

The ogre growled, swinging his fist to try and smash the gnome, but he missed and it collided with the floor! Everything quaked a good bit! “HE TAKE BEER’S MEAD! BEER WANT MEAD BACK!” -Evangeline

The gnome just kicked the Ogre’s ankle. “I didn’t steal nothin’! No self respecting gnome drinks mead!” -Evangeline

Evangeline: I’m sure we discussed at the last breakfast meeting about smashing things in my castle! If you want to have a fight about it, could you step outside in the fall courtyard where you’re not going to break anything? -02:25 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Her eyes were wide as she watched the Ogre and the gnome argue! Things were never this exciting down in the Devil World!* -02:26 Jan 20

“SMAASH GNOOOME! BEER SERVE GNOME AT NEXT BREAKFAST!” The ogre wasn’t paying much attention and as he tried to stand up straight to take another swing, he smashed his head on the ceiling! “OOOWWW! BEER HURT!” -Evangeline

“That’s what you get you big idiot! Hahaha!” The gnome took the opportunity to run off, only stopping long enough to hold out a mug and wave it! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline covered her mouth, trying not to laugh about it.. but. It WAS a little funny. She put her serious face back on.* Come on, Beer. Lets go to the kitchen and get your some more mead. Don’t you worry about that pesky gnome, we’ll get him later. *She took the Ogre’s hand to lead him on!* -02:30 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Meri was more concerned about how this would affect Glaër and Mommy’s date together! Many of the castle inhabitants were nocturnal!* -02:31 Jan 20

The ogre wanted to go charging after the gnome, but a promise of mead was irresistable! His heavy footsteps shuffled and shook the walls as he let himself be led. “BEER DRINK WITH BRIGHT LADY?” -Evangeline

Evangeline: No, I can’t drink with you today… but you could do me a big favor? I need someone to make sure that no one enters the spring courtyard tonight so I can have time alone with Gabriel. Could you do that? -02:34 Jan 20

“BEER SMASH ALL TRESSPASSERS FOR BRIGHT LADY!” He even crashed his fist in to the wall to demonstrate, leaving one big fist sized hole as an example! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Lets try not to smash anyone, but you can scare them off! *…And there went another hole in her walls! She crossed her fingers that Gabriel wouldn’t appear for a small hole smash! She ushered that ogre a little faster!* -02:38 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She winced! Not only did the devil rats have another hole to patch up, but if the ogre wasn’t careful, there would be plenty more! And no one liked getting smashed!* -02:39 Jan 20

“MEEEAD!” Once they entered the kitchen, there was already a huge mug of mead sitting on a counter, and several devil rats fleeing before the ogre stomped on the lot of them to reach it! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Thank you, rats! *The little rats were always so helpful! She loved when they had things prepared ahead of time, just when she needed it the most! Placating a sad ogre was definitely a necessity! Now that he was taken care of, she was very excited to dig around and fill a picnic basket!* -02:42 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *Once her Mommy started filling up the picnic basket, Meri began to pull out food and showing it to her for approval! Some fruit! How about some peanut butter sandwiches?* -02:46 Jan 20
Evangeline: *She nodded for fruit, and shook her head to peanut butter! But ooo, yes for cake! …which wasn’t much of a dinner, but who could say no to cake? While Meri hunted for more edible items, Evangeline pulled out a nice soft picnic blanket to fold up and place in the basket.* Almost done… I wonder what I should wear, though… What do you think? -02:49 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She paused and had a deep, thoughtful look on her face!* Umm … I think you should wear a dress, Mommy! A nice sun dress or something! -03:02 Jan 20
Evangeline: A dress? Hmm… I think I know just the one! *A few things stuffed in to her basket, she handed it to Meri.* Here! Will you take this to the gazeebo for me and see if there are pretty lights for it? I am going to get dressed! -03:04 Jan 20
Vlamerias: Okay, Mommy! *She took the basket and skipped back to the spring courtyard! That big ogre better not try and smash her or he wouldn’t even be able to smash a fly after she was through with him!* -03:07 Jan 20

Luckily the Ogre had been paying attention this time, cause he aaalmost reached out to crush the devil! He did, however, follow Meri all the way out there to make sure it was being done proper and no one else had gotten out! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline ran herself all the way back to her room and was out of breath by the time she reached her closet! After catching her breath, she dug out a nice deep violet dress. One that had long sleeves that fell off the shoulders and rested just above the knees. Best of all it was silky soft! She dressed fast… Who knew what could go wrong if she took too long!* -03:11 Jan 20

Gabriel: *It just so happened that while Evangeline was putting her dress on, Gabriel had returned! He was walking down one of the corridors to the bedroom he and Evangeline shared! The ending of a day spent dealing with Dark nearly overstepping his boundaries and a few werewolves forgetting their place, among others! Like a cult sacrificing humans!*

Evangeline: *She was smoothing out the skirt of her dress and leaning to fix her hair when she gave a sudden, surprised squeak! He scared her silly, but worse, he was home sooner than she expected! And she wasn’t ready!* Wait, wait, wait! Close your eyes! -03:19 Jan 20
Vlamerias: *She placed the picnic basket in the gazeboo after laying out the blanket and a few pillows! Then she went to find the lightning bugs and ask them if it was too cool for them to come into the spring courtyard and be hovering little lights for a short while! She thanked them when they agreed to do it for a short time and got them into position … but not without letting Beer know the lightning bugs were not trespassers!* -03:20 Jan 20

Gabriel: *He stopped but then he closed his eyes.* … Evangeline. *That was the tone of voice that bordered on curiousity and mild irritation! He had come home expecting cuddles in bed and a nap!*

Darn it. Beer wanted to smash all the bugs! But, Beer got his wish to scare someone when a fawn or two was trying to enter the courtyard. He roared so loud, they went running out before even stepping foot on the grass! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Don’t peek. *Evangeline scooted and leaned out the window. It looked like Meri had taken care of things for her! WIth a grin, she hopped back to Gabriel and took his hands.* Did you know that forever ago today was the first day you gave me a kiss? *She was already tugging him for the door!* -03:24 Jan 20

Gabriel: *The ogre’s roar made him open one eye but then he closed it. He started walking to the door, following her. He thought about the first kiss they had shared.* … What are you up to.

Evangeline: Absolutely nothing! Just keep your eyes closed! *She had to turn to make sure she was watching where she walked. Even with his eyes closed he was perfectly confident in where he was going. Once outside, she grinned, holding a finger to her lips and pointing for the Ogre and Meri to go!* -03:28 Jan 20

The ogre didn’t really wanted to leave… he drooped his head and dragged his feet across the ground as he wandered back to the castle. -Evangeline

Vlamerias: *She blinked and put a finger to her lips to show she would be quiet! Then she tiptoed out of the spring courtyard and went to ask Beer if he wanted to have some cake with her!* -03:30 Jan 20
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -03:30 Jan 20

“BEER LOVES CAKE!” So much for a quiet exit! The ogre’s voice carried pretty far, even when he was inside and trailing around with meri! -Evangeline

Gabriel: The last time you said you were up to "absolutely nothing" I returned to the castle to find flying monkeys and eight-legged pigs instead of centaurs and minotaurs. -03:31 Jan 20
Evangeline: ..and I apologized several times for opening the Nymph’s box. *Evangeline led him off to the gazeebo before she finally let go of his hand and leaned up to kiss his cheek.* You can open your eyes now! -03:33 Jan 20
Gabriel: Your generosity knows no bounds. *He opened his eyes and looked around. He was silent for awhile as he took in everything.* -03:36 Jan 20
Evangeline: *There was no reason for her to be nervous… but she was anyway, and still wondered if he would like the surprise! He always did nice things for her and she wanted to do something special for a change.* Happy kissaversary? -03:37 Jan 20
Gabriel: *He gave her one of those rare smiles as he lowered his head and kissed her mouth gently.* Thank you, Evangeline. -03:39 Jan 20
Evangeline: *Him smiling was like the sun rising… which was a very funny thing to think about Darkness himself! Giggling softly, she had his hands again to tug him in the gazeebo and fuss at him to sit.* I know you were expected bed and cuddles, but this is good too, yes? Take off your coat! *She didn’t wait for him to start, she was already trying to get it off him!* -03:42 Jan 20
Gabriel: *He smirked. He appeared amused with the sight of Evangeline tugging his coat off of him as he sat. He finally obliged into helping her and the coat slid off.* It is a start. -03:44 Jan 20
Evangeline: Just a start? I suppose you have special requests! *Evangeline set his coat aside, stepping around him to hop comfortably on to his lap.* -03:46 Jan 20

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