034 A Real Date

After rest and healing, Evangeline insists on taking Gabriel on a real date so he can see how pleasant those sort of things are. …And maybe more so because she wanted to spend the time with him! Leaving Brutus with Ciara and Leon to puppysit, they leave before Ciara has another jealous fit. Gabriel was even wearing something other than his usual black, and trying not to admit to himself that he wasn’t really so against the idea of a date.

Gabriel takes Evangeline to a vampy-nightclub to dance, and though he refuses to dance himself he keeps an eye on her. He stops her long enough to insist she drinks some water, which somehow ended mixed up with alcohol! (Thankfully it was only one drink so she was only slightly more ridiculous than normal!) Things weren’t helped when “Eugene the Great” spotted the two of them, assumed they had been working together that day at the airport and vowed his revenge. His attempts at evil in the nightclub failed.

Fearing Evangeline to be completely drunk, Gabriel took her out for fresh air. Outside Eugene followed and tried to cast acid rain spell, but made it snow instead. Gabriel seemed to forget how much he disliked snow with Evangeline talking and holding his hand. Euegene’s attempt at an explosion spell backfired on himself and he went rolling down the street. Evangeline takes Gabriel to a bench to sit, and admits that she likes daydreaming about dates like this. Gabriel asks “A date with a vampire?” and she laughs, saying since he was a vampire it was true. He gives her his coat when she looks cold.

Eugene gets an interrupting phone call from his son, Eugene Jr (the science geek from Lily’s college!) and insists he’ll pick the boy up! He tries again to get his revenge by flinging snow out of the tree but Gabriel easily deflects it. Evangeline was going to show Gabriel how to make a snow angel/demon but she wasn’t dressed for snow weather! Eugene tried a killer rabid werebunny spell! Gabriel told Evangeline to stay put, and ran off to kill them. Eugene pops out trying to cast a spell on Evangeline but it doesn’t work. Evangeline tries to help by showing him the correct way to cast the spell and it works. … Turning Eugene in to a frog! She tries to fix it by catching him and giving him a kiss, but Gabriel sent the white raven Valravn to keep an eye on her and bird chased him off.

Gabriel, assuming Evangeline was still tipsy to want to kiss a frog took her for something to eat. Dinner went strangely with the frog causing chaos in the kitchen and Trinny the faerie popping up in Gabriel’s ear trying to meddle. Gabriel showed a great deal of patience with all of the nonsense, but was very insistent that Evangeline didn’t kiss any frogs. Evangeline mentioned that it might be good to leave.

A couple of weeks after being rescued from the freezing facility up in Alaska …

Leon: *Crouched down to scratch Brutus between the ears.* Well, B. It looks like you’re with me and Cissy tonight until Evangeline and Gabriel get back. How does that sound?

Brutus barked and wagged his tail! It may turn into a were’s night out!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was going to take Gabriel on a real date! It wasn’t really traditional or romantic, but the important was showing Gabriel fun without danger! ….and she really wanted to spend the time with Gabriel!* He did so well with Lily and Conrad, so I’m sure he’ll be an angel with you! We won’t be gone for too long. -11:02 Nov 28

Ciara: *…Brutus was a cute furry little puppy… But that didn’t mean Ciara wasn’t still susipicious of Leon having puppies with another woman. He really did get along with Evangeline far too well.* This looks like joint custody to me.

Gabriel: *It was strange for anyone to see Gabriel in anything other than black! But there he was! He still wasn’t quite sure how he’d agreed to this. A date. Tonight. Right now. But … maybe he wasn’t so against this idea as he acted.* -11:07 Nov 28

Leon: No problem, Evangeline. *He flashed a wolfish grin! He glanced over at Ciara as he stood!* Come on, Cissy. I told you. You’re the only girl for me. *He looked back at Evangeline and Gabriel.* You two have fun and don’t worry about Brutus.

Evangeline: I… *Evangeline blinked… and decided it was better not to defend herself or Leon, that tended to look so much more suspicious!* Make sure Brutus gets lots of exercise. And don’t feed him after midnight or he’ll have puppy nightmares and wake all of your neighbors. -11:09 Nov 28

Ciara: Ah right. *Ciara said as she shrugged her shoulders and crossed her arms. She eyed Gabriel!* Evangeline is in love with a vampire, not a wolf… That makes much more sense.

Evangeline: There isn’t anything wrong with loving someone, Ms. Grey. If you tried it, you’d be so much happier! *A sheepish grin as she pointed over her shoulder towards the door. If Ms. Grey killed her, then there wouldn’t be any time for a date!* We better go. Thank you, Leon! -11:16 Nov 28
Gabriel: *Met Ms Grey’s eyes with an indifferent glance. It was obvious Ms Grey felt threatened by the relationship she suspected the Seer and Santos shared. And then he was being pulled away and they were out the door.* This date you are so enamored with. How do two participants start things? -11:19 Nov 28
Evangeline: Normally there is dinner, but since we have dinner all the time we should try something different! Like, um… *Evangeline paused to think about it… The circus? No, that was a little strange. Movies is out of the question. Leon and Ms. Grey already tried golfing!* …I don’t suppose you would have an idea, do you? -11:23 Nov 28
Gabriel: *A moment or two of silence.* If you were seeking entertainment, I know of a place with a minimal chance of being ambushed or assaulted. *He looked over at her.* It is across town. -11:29 Nov 28
Evangeline: That’s perfect! It’s a lot better on a date when you’re not worrying about stuff trying to slay you. -11:30 Nov 28
Gabriel: *He suddenly picked her up and dashed down the street! Everything was a blur until he suddenly halted in a narrow alley on the "wrong side" of town!* We are here. *He led her over to a steel door and pounded on it once.* -11:45 Nov 28

A little sliding piece opened and someone looked out! “What’s the password?” someone growled.

Gabriel: *Pulled his gun out and aimed it at the person through the opening!* … Right here. -11:46 Nov 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline might get used to being picked up suddenly, but it was always a surprise when Gabriel pulled a gun on someone unexpectedly! This was an interesting place if it were supposed to be ambush free!* ..Gabriel! -11:49 Nov 28

The sliding piece quickly slammed shut! Then there was the creaking of a door opening and someone exclaiming, “Only one bastard would have the balls to point a gun at me! Gabriel! And you’ve brought a companion! A very fine one, too.” It was a vampire. Average height with white blonde hair and light blue eyes, the build of a wrestler. “Come in. Come in.” He stepped back and ushered them inside quickly.

Gabriel: Evangeline, this is Vladmir. *He introduced as they stepped inside and the door quickly slammed shut. There was the faint sound of music vibrating off the walls here.* His brother Dimitri runs the place. They call themselves the Romanov Brothers. -11:58 Nov 28
Evangeline: Good Evening Vladimir! *Evangeline grinned wide! A place like this was good proof that good vampires exist! Of course, Ms. Grey would have to see it to believe it!* -12:01 Nov 29

They were in a long corridor with couples off to the sides making out. Vlad led the way! “It is a pleasure to meet a woman who can bear Gabriel’s company,” he said with a chuckle. “I mean that in the most friendly way possible, of course.” As they walked, the music was getting louder. An opening came up ahead.

Gabriel: … Of course. *He replied, one arm holding Evangeline’s. Minimal chance of being assaulted or not, he didn’t want to lose her in the crowd!* -12:13 Nov 29
Evangeline: He’s always pleasant company. All I do is ramble at him and he listens to everything. *There were a lot of people here… and kinds of people too! Maybe it was good Gabriel was holding on to her, she might have been tempted to explore the place!* -12:15 Nov 29

Now they were walking into a huge room! This was definitely where the music was coming from with its flashing lights and the crowd nearly packed from wall to wall! Vlad guided them all the way to the bar at one end of the room after greeting people left and right! He told the bartender that all drinks for Gabriel and his “lovely companion” were on the house and then excused himself! “Dimtri will be pleased to know you are visiting! I shall catch up with you later! Pardon me.” And he was gone with a bow.

Evangeline: *Evangeline clapped! She loved places like this, and when does she ever get to go? Never! She was a teenager with sneaky friends the last time!* I’d like to dance! -12:37 Nov 29
Gabriel: … I do not dance. *He replied.* -12:39 Nov 29
Evangeline: You don’t have to! *She was going to dance with or without him, even if that meant dancing right there, circles around! Evangeline didn’t seem to care whether or not that looked silly!* -12:41 Nov 29
Gabriel: Very well. You may dance and I may watch. *He suggested, looking around.* -12:47 Nov 29
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned! She stayed right there to dance, after all, he said he was going to watch and he needed to see how fun it was! Swishing in perfect time to the music, humming words when she knew them!* -12:52 Nov 29
[Evangeline was dancing around Gabriel, reguardless of how silly that might look!] -11:37 Nov 29
[Gabriel was watching Evangeline dance and keeping an eye on things!] -11:37 Nov 29

The music was non-stop and everyone was dancing! They all wanted to have a good time and it was a miracle people didn’t just drop to the floor with how much dancing they were doing! After sometime dancing …

Gabriel: … You need water. *He replied, after watching her for so long! Dancer or not, he could see the sheen of prespiration on her brow!* -11:38 Nov 29
Evangeline: Water? *Evangeline paused for a minute taking a deep breath. But she was dancing! …maybe she was a little tired!* Some water… than you can dance with me! -11:40 Nov 29
Gabriel: *Glanced over his shoulder at the bartender.* Water. *He looked back at her.* I have already danced. -11:42 Nov 29

There he sat, drowing in his sorrow and humiliation. Eugene, the infamous super powerful warlock was now the laughing stock of the city! All because of that toothpick guy! Even was even starting to see the guy everywhere he lo-..Wait a second! That’s him! Toothpick guy! Even that darn woman that clobbered him and knocked him out? They were working together! He rubbed his hands! Muahaha! He’ll get his revenge… tonight!

Gabriel ordered water but the bartender accidentally made a mistake! He’d been working a rather long shift after someone called in sick and mixed up the order of water with the order of a martini! So in went the martini into the water glass and the water into the martini glass!

Gabriel: *He picked up the glass the bartender gave and handed it to Evangeline!* -11:46 Nov 29
Evangeline: But not tonight. We could tango, or waltz, or square dancing! ….Well maybe not square dancing. *Evangeline took the glass and drank it down quick! Maybe she was a little thirstier than she thought… Of course after she swallowed the whole glass she coughed! That wasn’t water!* -11:48 Nov 29
Gabriel: … Are you well? *He asked instead, after she coughed and looked as if she’d swallowed something!* -11:56 Nov 29
Evangeline: Uh huh! That was a little stronger than water, though! *Smiling, she handed him back the glass! A little alcohol never hurt anyone, but it did give you an awfully fun tinglie feeling in your toes!* Now we can dance! -11:58 Nov 29
Gabriel: *Took the glass back and sniffed it before placing it on the bar.* Gin. Are you able to hold your liquor? *He asked as he stood, ready to leave if she was too tipsy!* -12:00 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline shrugged! Only a little wine now and then, she wouldn’t know!* It was only a little, I’ll survive! *Taking his hands, she was pulling him off towards the dance floor!* -12:03 Nov 30

Ah ha! If they danced, that was the perfect opportunity for mayhem! Eugene snuck from his chair to follow them, wriggling his fingers for a…. slippery floor spell! Break an ankle and know true terror! MUAHAHA!

Gabriel: *Found himself being pulled to the dance floor! He followed her until she stopped in the center!* -12:06 Nov 30

The fast-paced music died down and the DJ announced that the next song would be a few slow ones. “To give everyone a break,” he explained.

Evangeline: *Slow music was just as fun, and perfect for a decent waltz! And less likly to be confusing! Smiling, Evangeline pulled one of his arms around her waist, a took his hand to hold up! She was much too used to leading!* When I was in school I danced all the time. Swing dancing was my favorite, but if I do that now I might kick someone in face! -12:12 Nov 30
Gabriel: *Watched where she put his hand and then watched as she moved. He followed suit.* Swing dancing? -12:14 Nov 30

Eugene stopped at the side of the dancefloor, rubbing his hands together he cast! Lubricus solum! A slippery soapy dance floor! MUAHAHA!

Eugene’s spell worked alright … but Evangeline and Gabriel moved away in time to avoid the spell and a large hybrid were slipped instead! It dropped to the floor, then scrambled to its feet and looked around! It caught sight of Eugene already cackling with his evil laughter and stalked over to him! “THINK THAT’S FUNNY, HUH?!” he snarled!

Evangeline: There’s a lot of girl throwing in swing dancing, which is so much fun, but not so great if you can’t see what you’re doing! Stuff like like! *Evangeline stepped back to spin in circles under his arm, but that really turned the subtle lightness in her heavy to swimming dizzyness! She nearly tilted herself in the floor, and laughed in the process!* -12:21 Nov 30
Gabriel: *Moved quickly and caught her before she fell! She was giggling in his arms as he held her upright!* And that is considered fun to humans? -12:23 Nov 30
Evangeline: *heavy head! -12:23 Nov 30

Missed! Damned toothpick guy’s quick reflexes! Of course, Eugene wasn’t about to get himself clobbered by anybody! He scrambled to hide!

Evangeline: It’s almost like flying, but if you fall it doesn’t hurt as much! …Oh, hey..! *Evangeline reached out to snag someone’s arm on the dance floor.* You have to stop taking bites out of cows outside the city! Next time the farmer is going to catch you, and you won’t look good as a rug! -12:28 Nov 30

The large were going after Eugene stopped and swerved its rather large head at her! It looked angry at being stopped but then what she had said sunk in. “THANKS.” And then it stalked off!

Gabriel: And no matter how many times you fall, you humans still persist on doing it. *He replied. She started dancing again and he was watching what she did!* -12:34 Nov 30

The large were looked around! That guy was gone! It growled! Next time he saw that guy. He’d beat him to a pulp! He went over to the bar to get himself a drink and take a break!

Haha! Dumb were… thanks to his Invisibility cloak, he was home free! Eugene snuck back out to the dance floor, now out of sight! Toothpick guy was watching that woman dance… well… He’d give them something to watch! Good and invisible her grabbed her hand to “help” her spin right in to a table of vampires! MUAHAHA!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying to demonstrate some nice steps, before she found her toppling in to someone’s lap at a table!* Hello! You’re not going to get that promotion you wanted! -12:40 Nov 30

The vampires all looked over at Evangeline! The one whose lap Evangeline fell into groaned and slapped his forehead! He’d really been hoping he would!

Gabriel: She is with me. *He said, moving over to the table.* Come on. Perhaps dancing is better suited for when you are sober. *He remarked, taking her hands and pulling her up. Then he was moving off the dance floor.* -12:44 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Pulled up and on to her feet, she placed a hand on her head!* It’s so warm in here! Let’s go for a walk? -12:46 Nov 30

Drats! Couldn’t those vampires eat when you handed them a meal? No matter! Eugene stalked after toothpick guy! He had plenty more spells where that came from!

Gabriel: *Took her by the hand and two of them left! Once they were outside, they walked down the street. A walk is very refreshing!* -12:51 Nov 30
Evangeline: *A deep breath of nice cool air! That did feel so much better…! Of course, that hardly stopped her from thinking of something amusing and giggling again!* What if they weren’t any werewolves but werebunnies instead…? Do you think werebunnies would be as scary or would they only maul gardens? -12:54 Nov 30

Perfect. All alone on a dark deserted street! Eugene wiggled his fingers, casting another spell! Nex pluvia! Rain of doom and death! Poor down from the heavens and burn the skin off their bones! MUAHAHA!

Gabriel: *Of course, werebunnies were not something he thought of!* … I suppose they would be scary in their own way. -01:21 Nov 30

Alas, it was not acid rain that started falling from the sky but… big fluffy snowflakes! All glittery and sparkling in the moonlight! Eugene was so thoughtful!

Evangeline: *Twitching her nose as something cold and wet landed on her… Snow! It wasn’t supposed to snow today. Evangeline smiled wide!* It’s always special when snow falls on dates. -01:26 Nov 30
Gabriel: I find it bizarre when it occurs at this time of the year. *He said, looking up at the sky. He wasn’t very fond of snow. He kept walking with her and by now they were out of the "bad part". Now they were passing late night diners and ice cream shops to name a few!* -01:31 Nov 30
Evangeline: Snow is always perfect for romantic scenes, because it’s so light and fluffy. Except maybe in the middle of summer… *Evangeline was still a little lightheaded, but it wasn’t so bad getting to hold Gabriel’s hand and be a bit daydreamy!* -01:35 Nov 30

Double drats! It wasn’t supposed to snow! Eugene get following. What he needed was something big… something diasterous! Ah ha! A big explosion! Wiggling his fingers at them, he cast. Ignitus Kabumus! Explode a big firey death!

Gabriel: *Paid little mind to the snow now. Evangeline was holding his hand but that was becoming natural.* Perhaps we should go somewhere and sit you down. *He said.* -01:42 Nov 30

PFFFT! Kapow! Oooh! There must be a nice event somewhere in town, as a bunch of fireworks were shooting off in all their sparkling glory! Except for that one that went flying off backwards to crash Eugene square in the head!

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded slowly, pulling him by the hand down the street!* There is a nice bench under trees here. You can see the lake, and the sky, and it’s shielded from the snow! -01:48 Nov 30

THOCK! Clobber in the head, Eugene went rolling down the street from the impact… Collecting snow and litter as he rolled past Toothpick guy and the woman!

Gabriel: *Snow, fireworks, and a drunk Evangeline. It was proving to be quite the night! Some human rolled past them, accumulating snow and becoming a human snow ball!* -01:52 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Paying no mind to human snowballs, pulling Gabriel across the street there was the perfect spot! A tiny little bunch just barely big enough for two as she sat down Gabriel and then herself. Realizing she might have been grinning a little too much, Evangeline tried to smother it under a plain expression…. but in the end was smiling again when she linked her hand back with Gabriel’s.* Isn’t it nice here! -01:56 Nov 30
Gabriel: It is quiet. *He looked around and saw that there were a few peopl out, passers-by even more startled about the snow but enjoying it anyways!* -02:00 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned against his arm and rest her head against his shoulder. It was a date and she was perfectly allowed to! Even if she was still nice and tingly from that drink.* I like to daydream about this. It’s kind of ridiculous to think about, I guess, but I like it. -02:07 Nov 30
Gabriel: *He blinked at that and glanced over at her! He raised an eyebrow.* Daydream about a date with a vampire? -02:32 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly.* Well, you are a vampire so I guess I have. That really makes me insane, doesn’t it? -02:35 Nov 30

Ploof! Thankfully there was a tree to stop Eugene from barreling in to the lake. As he was standing to dust himself (and his billowing cap) off, this was getting far too out of hand! Clearly he underestimated their defensive skills! Eugene was going to have to get mean!

Gabriel: Many things make you insane. I find it odd that you would crave the companionship of someone who … I believe the term is … attempted to brush you off at every corner. -02:38 Nov 30

Suddenly Eugene’s phone began to ring! By the ringtone, he knew it was his son!

Evangeline: What you say and what you do is always so different… *She rest her head against his shoulder again.* You do things for me that no one else has ever done, and without a second thought about it. -02:43 Nov 30

Eugene fumbled for his phone and answered it quick before his cover was blown! “Boy, this better be good! I’m in the middle of vanquishing a vampire!”

“Dad!” Jr’s voice whined over the phone. “Mom wants to know when you’re gonna pick me up. This weekend. You said we were going camping!”

Eugene smacked his forehead! “Tell your mother, I said 6 o’clock and I meant it! We’ll work on your ghost vacuum, so don’t forget it!” Really, can’t a man get his vengeance without interuptions!

Gabriel: *Was silent for a moment.* … Indeed. *He saw her shiver a bit from this snow falling and slipped his coat off, placing it around her without asking if she was cold first!* You humans are fascinated with snow. -02:53 Nov 30

“Thanks, Dad! I told Mom you wouldn’t forget! See you on Friday! Mom! He said he’s coming at six! I told you, he wouldn’t forget!” And then the BEEP

(con’t) as the phone cut off.

Evangeline: *See… he even did it now by giving her his coat! It was so hard not to smile wistfully smitten! Especially when she couldn’t seem to keep those urges under control!* Because it sort of floats in the air like millions of tiny faeries… -02:57 Nov 30

Hrmph! Now where was he… Yes! Revenge! ….What were they doing, having a date?! Fell in love when they were ruining his life, no doubt! Eugene crept up to the tree their bench was under. How about being popcicles! He kicked the tree a few times so the snow would fall out on them! Hopefully a few icecicles too!

Gabriel: Absens, glacies. Absens. *The snow falling suddenly blew away from him and Evangeline as did the snow and the icecicles that Eugene had kicked! Those blew right back up into his face!* I sometimes chased the snow. -03:11 Nov 30
Evangeline: *Spell casting? Evangeline tilted her head to see if any danger was around… Didn’t seem like it! She stood quickly, pulling up Gabriel with her!* We’ll chase snow now, then! -03:13 Nov 30

Kersplat! Eugene went rolling backwards! Clever, but not clever enough! Eugene wadded up as much snow as he could in to a snowball as big as his head… and made it as hard as a rock! He chucked it right at that Toothpick guy!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her as he stood.* I have not done it in a couple of centuries. *He spotted something on the ground and ducked to pick it up! THUMP! Something hit a tree! He handed Evangeline the silver coin.* I believe you dropped this. -03:16 Nov 30
Evangeline: What about snow angels? Have you made any of those? *Evangeline dropped the coin in her pocket and in return handed him a piece of candy!* Or maybe snow demons! -03:19 Nov 30

Blast! Clearly, together they were an ultimate power! He has to seperate them and take them out one at a time! Now how was he going to… Ah ha! Muahaha! Just you wait, toothpick guy!

Gabriel: No. I have not. *He accepted the candy and ate it.* -03:22 Nov 30
Evangeline: Then watch! It’s so wonderfully easy! *She pulled him over to a nice free area and… tilted backwards in to the snow! …And finding it much colder than she had anticipated squeeked and scrambled back to her feet.* …then again I am not dressed for snow weather! -03:25 Nov 30

Eugene used his fantastic skills of summoning to draw out… a WERE RABBIT! MUAHAHA! They were just discussing the horrors of these little creatures… He sent forth the bunny to terrorize a couple! That should get some attention!

[Evangeline forgot that without snow weather clothes, snow is extra cold. But she has Gabriel\’s coat! That\’s handy!] -03:42 Dec 01
[Gabriel tilted his head slightly at the Seer\’s attempt to create snow angels … or snow demons.] -03:44 Dec 01

A scream! Werebunnies are attacking poor helpless couples in the park! Eugene is hiding behind the tree trying not to laugh maniacally!

Evangeline: *Cold, cold, cold! What a way to get sober quick! Awful! Evangeline slipped her arms inside Gabriel’s coat to wear it proper, finding amusement with her hands completely disappeared in to the sleeves.* -03:47 Dec 01
Gabriel: *Turned his head in time to watch a couple run pass, chased by a werebunny!* Stay. I will return. *He dashed in the direction the couple had gone, guns drawn!* -03:47 Dec 01

Eugene waited until toothpick guy was distracted… Then pounced out from behind the tree towards the woman! “HAH! Now suffer my vengeance, yon cane swinging wench! Batrachos!” He wiggled his fingers at her!

The couple Gabriel had been running after took refuge in the trees! The werebunny was at the bottom, hopping and clawing, trying to gain a foothold to get to them!

Gabriel: *Skidded to a halt when he came within shooting range of the creature! He simply aimed and fired! BANG!* -03:53 Dec 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline was caught off guard! Out of reflex she turned to feel if he was talking to someone else. …No, there was just her! She laughed suddenly!* Are you casting a spell on me? That isn’t the way you do it… It’s like this, *She points a finger a him, good and focused.* Batrachos! See. Like th-… Hey, where did you go? -03:53 Dec 01

Another scream from behind! Another couple to save!

Ribbit. …RIBBIT?! Oh sweet hell demons of christ! Eugene looked at his green hands and his webbed feet in horror… and smacked his forhead! That horrible witch rebounded his own spell back at him! CROAK!

Evangeline: …Oh. Oh!! I didn’t know I could actually cast one..! I’m so sorry! Wait, I can fix it! It should only take a kiss, I think! *Evangeline reached down to capture the frog!* -03:56 Dec 01
Gabriel: *Left the dead werebunny at the bottom of the tree!* Valravn. *A sigil appeared in the air in front of him and out flew the familiar white raven!* The Seer. *The bird flew in Evangeline’s direction as Gabriel ran forward to take care of the other werebunnies!* -03:57 Dec 01

The bird found Evangeline quickly enough! She was trying to catch a frog! It landed on her shoulder!

Keep thyne hands away from his person, you genius sorceress! At least that’s what he was trying to say. Only it came out in a series of croaks and ribbits! Eugene was going to murder her with his bare froglegs!

Evangeline: Don’t be upset, it really was an accident! I’m not a spellcaster, you know, I am only a psychic! Be still, it’ll only take a second! *Hopping after a tiny frog wasn’t exactly as easy as she thought it would be. …Especially with Fluffy now on her shoulder. Standing straight she rest her hands on her hips.* It really was an accident, Fluffy. -04:01 Dec 01

The bird tapped its foot on her shoulder in a reassuring way. Sure it wasn’t! Many humans had said that to it before! … Oh, what timing! A snack! It eyed the frog and then dived for it!

If a frog could scream, that was what Eugene was doing as he hopped frantically away from the witches familiar! He was shaking a froggy fist and spitting out another threat before he vanished in to the lake!

The raven missed that frog when it splashed into the water! It landed on the lake’s shore. Drat! And it had been so looking forward to some frog!

Gabriel: I see Valravn has spotted a snack. *He remarked, appearing in his classic style beside Evangeline as he put his guns away.* -04:07 Dec 01
Evangeline: Fluffy, how could you! I have to kiss that frog and break his spell! Oh… bother. I guess he liked being a frog anyway, he kept running. *Evangeline crossed her arms, oversized coat and all. She said she was sorry!* -04:09 Dec 01
Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow and placed the back of his hand against her forehead.* I leave you for five minutes and you are already attempting to kiss frogs. Come. You need to eat. *He took her arm and started leading her out of the park!* -04:12 Dec 01

The raven was forced to forget about the frog snack! It flew and landed on Gabriel’s shoulder, preening itself!

Evangeline: He’s not actually a frog. I was showing him the correct way to cast his spell and…well… accidentally cast it on him. Spells really should have a saftey button. -04:14 Dec 01
Gabriel: If that is the case, he should not be casting spells at all. *He replied as they stepped onto the sidewalk, began walking in no particular direction.* Time as a frog will help discipline him.’ -04:16 Dec 01

After a few safe moments in that horribly cold lake water, Eugene hopped out of the lake. Damn them! They were truely now his archnemesisseses! Keeping a safe distance in case the witch’s familiar went after him again, Eugene was determined to extract his vengeance!

Evangeline: I don’t know. Are you sure I can’t go back and give him a kiss? It’s horrible weather for frogs! -04:18 Dec 01
Gabriel: No. You cannot. *They walked in silence for awhile.* You say you cast his own spell on him. -04:20 Dec 01
Evangeline: An accident. I just wanted to show him the right motion, he was doing it all wrong. *That poor guy… Hopefully he’d find a girl to kiss him before it really was winter!* -04:23 Dec 01
Gabriel: Interesting. I did not take you for a sorceress. And yet, it would appear you have an inclination for it. -04:26 Dec 01

And up ahead! A quaint little French restaurant!

Evangeline: Oh no.. I’m not a sorceress. A perfectly normal psychic. I think spells these days must be far too simple for casting. -04:28 Dec 01
Gabriel: *A soft chuckle!* … Normal, you are not, Ms Clark. How do you favor French cuisine? -04:30 Dec 01

The raven looked very comfortable on its perch! And it was keeping an eye out in case that tasty morsel popped up again!

Evangeline: Far more than English food. …As long as we don’t have to eat frogs. Who knows who we might be eating, then. -04:32 Dec 01
Gabriel: You are aware that in logic, any plant or animal you devour does have a chance of being someone. *He steered her into the restaurant and they found a nice table close to the kitchen! There were only a few people eating at the moment but a waiter soon arrived to give them menus before disappearing for their drinks!* -04:35 Dec 01
Evangeline: That’s just sil-… Oh. I guess you’re right! *The look on her face suggested that she wasn’t too fond of that idea! What if she ate a friend? At least wolves could smell the difference from friend or stranger!* -04:37 Dec 01

Haha! Having dinner like normal people, blissfully unaware that he, Eugene the Great was sneaking in the back of the resteraunt, climbing on to the counter and preparing to POISON their dinner! MUAHAHA! Let’s see them cast their wayout of this!

Gabriel: … Evangeline, humans must eat to survive. I am certain everyone, and everything, understands that. It is the way things are. -04:39 Dec 01

The raven had stayed outside of the restaurant but … after spotting something small and green hopping around … It had decided to follow it! It perched on the top of the shelf and waited, looking around for its snack!

Evangeline: …Being aware of reality doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. …No puns intended. *Well, she was just going to have to not think about the possibility of eating someone she knows. What is the likelyness of that anyway? Near impossible!* -04:43 Dec 01

The waiter came back with their drinks and asked them if they were ready to order!

Evangeline: Salmon and spinich… I am pretty sure I don’t know anyone who is a fish! *And clearly has no problem saying something that strange to a waiter!* -04:48 Dec 01
Gabriel: Steak Au Poivre. *He said, handing the waiter back the menus.* -04:51 Dec 01

The waiter blinked at Evangeline before accepting the menus and then excusing himself!

*Meanwhile … the chef turned around to find Eugene on the counter! “What is this! I have forgotten one!” He bent to pick up Eugene and toss him into the large pot boiling on the stove!

Ploof! Nothing was seen, but most certainly heard… right next to Gabriel’s ear as the tiny voice whispered! “How is your date! Did you dance? Hold hands? Kissie? Did I miss the kissie?!” Trinny tried to keep her poor disappointed voice down!

RAAAAAAAAAGGGGHH! Four legs sprawled out to keep from landing in the boiling pot, before Eugene bounced away to safty! Damn you, stupid chef! He is a WARLOCK! Not a frog!

Gabriel: *Turned his head in the direction the voice had come from.* You have missed nothing. Go back to Ms Grey’s. -04:57 Dec 01

*The chef blinked as the frog went hopping away! So it was going to play hard to get, eh? He pulled out his butcher’s knife! Two could play at that game! He ran for the frog, knife raised!

“Yaaaaaay! Kissing is the best part! Do you need violins? I could play violins, that would be sooo romantic!” Trinny, still invisible, sat herself on the back of Gabriel’s collar!

HA! Eugene is no Disney Movie crab! It’s not afraid of French Chefs! En Garde! The frog whipped out a… soup ladle! Ribbit!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was sipping her water. Though there was a curious look on her face, she didn’t mention hearing any faeries!* -05:02 Dec 01
Gabriel: No violins. We are simple eating dinner. Go check on Santos and Ms Grey and the werepup. -05:03 Dec 01

“En garde, little froggy!” went the chef! He slashed the blade for the frog!

There was a soft huff. “They’re no fun tonight!” Trinny crawled over to his other ear. “Isn’t she pretty! I know a great date song!” Clearing her throat, she was softly singing something that suspiciously sounded like it came from The Little Mermaid. Why not? There was already a chef chasing a frog in the kitchen!

Ha ho! As the chef came lunging for him, Eugene hopped gallantly to the side, jumping on the handle of a frying pan and sending the very hot contents right in the chef’s face!

Owowowowow! The chef went staggering backwards as he clutched at his face! He had to put the butcher knife down on the counter while he went to the sink and began washing his face. He better not have damaged his face! He quickly turned and went slicing after the intruder again! Someone must be playing a trick or a prank on him!

Gabriel: *cross out the second "washing his face" -05:19 Dec 01
Gabriel: That is unnecessary. Things are fine the way they are. -05:20 Dec 01

Haven’t had enough of Eugene the Great?! He has more! Frog legs or not, Eugene pushed one of the pan wracks over on the floor, scattering pots, pans, sharp utensils… everywhere!

Evangeline: *Pausing from unfolding her napkin, Evangeline tilted her head.* …It sounds like a war in the kitchen. -05:23 Dec 01
[Evangeline was wondering what all that noise in the kitchen was!] -03:13 Dec 07
[Gabriel sat still for a moment, listening!] -03:16 Dec 07

CRASHBANGTHWONG~! It sounded like everything in the kitchen had collapsed!

Gabriel: I hear nothing that would be a threat to us. *He finally said after several moments of listening!* -03:16 Dec 07

The chef was panting by now! His clothes and half of his moustache were burnt, there were rips and tears in his hat, he looked as much a mess as the kitchen! “Did … did I … did I kill you, you little froggie?”

Evangeline: Maybe they’re too busy tonight. *Sounded like a diaster in there!* -03:18 Dec 07

HAHA! There Eugene Sr the Frog, hands on his froggy thighs and napkin cape billowing in the breeze! He is undefeatable!

The chef’s eyes rolled in back of his head! He fell backwards! He was out for the count! … Which left the white raven perched on the shelf eying the cape-wearing amphibian!

Gabriel: If that is the case, we should dine elsewhere. *He suggested, glancing over the menu.* -03:21 Dec 07

….That was Eugene’s cue to disappear! In to someone’s dinner plate!

Evangeline: *Things had gone silent in the kitchen, it must have just been a slip or something silly. All sorts of things happen in busy kitchens.* Well, we are already here… and it’s quiet now? -03:23 Dec 07

A waiter walked in! What the hell?! He spotted the dinner plate undisturbed on the counter! That must be his order! Well, he could come back and check on things later! Right now, he had to take this to that rude customer on Table 3 who had been screaming for his “Meatball Surprise” all evening! He scooped up the dinner plate Eugene was on and walked out! The white raven took off, following and getting into the dining room by flying through the open doorway before the doors closed behind the waiter!

Trinny was still lingering, now hiding behind Gabriel’s collar! “Order a parfait and share! That’s romantic!”

Gabriel: If you insist. *To Evangeline!* … Why are you still here? *He said to Trinny!* -03:25 Dec 07

As if on cue their waiter arrived and asked if they were ready to order!

“You really really need help! Get dessert!!” Trinny whispered!

Suddenly across the room there was a loud scream! “THERE IS A FROG IN MY DINNER! AND HE’S RARE!!” Eugene was frantically trying to hop out of the way of a stabbing fork!

Gabriel: I do not eat dessert. And if I do indeed need something it would be pixie wards. -03:31 Dec 07
Evangeline: Frog? *Evangeline turned in her chair.* Has anyone kissed him yet…! He might be under a spell! -03:32 Dec 07

No one seemed to be interested in kissing a frog, they were much too busy screaming and throwing him across the room! Eugene hopped frantically towards that darn Witch!

“Frog.” The waiter thought Evangeline had ordered frog and so was jotting it down! “Anything to drink, ma’am?”

The white raven saw its chance! It dove for that frog!

Gabriel: *Eyed the psychic and then spotted Valravn going for the frog! She must still be intoxicated to want to kiss it!* -03:34 Dec 07

Eugene let out what must have been a screamng croack as it spotted that familiar again! He dived under some old woman’s big puffy skirt!

Evangeline: Oh no, I don’t want to eat a frog, I’m talking about that one! *Evangeline pointed out towards the other tables, but now there wasn’t a frog in sight. Just a bunch of really angry customers!* -03:36 Dec 07

The white raven veered away at the last second when the frog dove under a human’s clothing! It perched on one of the chandeliers and waited for its chance!

Gabriel: I suppose you will not rest until you retrieve the frog and … break the spell you cast on it. -03:38 Dec 07

Trinny kicked the back of Gabriel’s neck! “Don’t let her kiss another man! What if he’s a prince and they get married!”

Evangeline: It really is my fault he’s a frog. How would you feel if you were a frog? -03:39 Dec 07
Gabriel: *Finally glanced over his shoulder.* He is not a prince. He is an incompetent would-be spellcaster who should reap the seeds he has sown. -03:39 Dec 07
Evangeline: *That time she must have noticed him speaking to someone else, there was a peculiar look on her face!* …Who are you talking to? -03:40 Dec 07
Gabriel: *Turned his attention back to the menu.* Apparently we have attracted the attention of Ms Grey and Leon’s pixie. Trinny. -03:41 Dec 07

Trinny popped out from behind Gabriel’s head and waved! “Hiiiiii Evangeline!! I’m your dating advisor!”

Evangeline: Oh! In that case, Trinny, please do me a favor and kiss the frog before Fluffy has him for dinner. -03:43 Dec 07

Poor Trinny looks absolutely disgusted, but obediently fluttered off and disappeared under the old woman’s skirts!

The waiter was still waiting for an order and giving them odd looks!

There was a PLOOF! Followed by an old woman screaming “PERVERT!!” How awful! Eugene had never been more abused by a woman in his life! …But at least he wasn’t a frog anymore! ..and… naked?! DAMN THAT WITCH!

The white raven flew down and began to peck at the naked human! Take THAT! And THAT! And THAT!

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused in the middle of mentioning a dessert… then looked rather sheepish about the new commotion. She didn’t know he’d turn back without any clothes!* You know… maybe it’s better to leave. -03:49 Dec 07
Gabriel: Indeed. *He folded the menus and handed them back to the waiter. Then he took Evangeline by the arm and went for the entrance.* -03:50 Dec 07

Between that familiar and a couple waiters dragging him out, Eugene found himself thrown out of the back of the restraunt in to the garbage! ARGH! This means WAR!

Evangeline: What do you think about cookies? I can hardly cause anymore trouble with cookies involved. -03:52 Dec 07
[Evangeline and Gabriel were leaving the Resteraunt after the Frog Turned Naked Man incident! … she was suggesting cookies!] -01:21 Apr 28
[Gabriel was still trying to ignore Trinny!] -01:21 Apr 28
Gabriel: … Cookies. *He said simply when Evangeline suggested it! He looked up as Valravn flew past them and through the night sky!* -01:22 Apr 28
Evangeline: I would say ice cream, but ice cream and unsual snow doesn’t mix very well. Cookies are warm. …unless you would like to find a something else for dessert! *She was aware he did not want to eat humans, but what else does a vampire snack on besides the candy she stashes in her pockets?* -01:25 Apr 28

Trinny had returned, but was wisely making sure not to actually land -on- Gabriel! She was whispering in his ear again! “Hold haaaands! Don’t forget kissing!”

Gabriel: *It was very hard not to ignore the pixie!* … Go home to Ms Grey and Santos. *He told her. He turned to Evangeline.* I am certain there is a bakery nearby. *He started for it.* -01:29 Apr 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline was aware of Trinny by now… but it was easy to ignore the pixie when she was likely to get bored and return back to Shades soon enough! Evangeline was more interested in Gabriel!* Did you not even go on pretend dates while on missions? -01:32 Apr 28

A small faerie gasp from Trinny! This time she landed on the back of his collar to whisper! “Don’t tell her about your girlfriends! She’ll get mad and throw stuff! Tell her she is pretty and she sparkles like stars!”

Gabriel: *Pixies. Once they latched on, they never did let go!* … Dates, pretend or otherwise, requires a companion. I merely watched from afar and intervened when appropriate. -01:39 Apr 28
Evangeline: That’s a really long time not to try it before… Is this nice or are you wanting to escape me for the evening? *Maybe not the most date-like thing to ask… but so often he did things just to humor her, and she was never sure!* -01:44 Apr 28
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful for a moment.* I … like this. *He said slowly. The words sounded strange even to him but by the tone, Evangeline would know he was being sincere!* -01:46 Apr 28

Trinny tugged on Gabriel’s ear, with lots of Noooo! And Liiiie! And warning him not to say anything offensive!

Evangeline: *There was a look of relief on her face, and she smiled!* Then maybe we can do it again without frogs and faeries, next time? -01:48 Apr 28
Gabriel: … Tug on my ear or speak another word and I will allow Valravn a pixie snack. -01:53 Apr 28

They arrived at the bakery! It was brightly lit and named “Pattie’s Bakery” which was scrolled across the window in red paint. Along the wall next to the window was a row of tables and chairs for customers to enjoy their treats! On the other side were the displays showing off all sorts of dougnuts and cakes and cookies and a door that led to the back!

A silent eeeep from Trinny! Who promptly slapped her tiny hands over her mouth and fled from Gabriel. …Only to land on Evangeline’s shoulder and cling for saftey! “He’s so mean!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline tried not to laugh… but could not resist a small smile!* Trinny, I cannot have a romantic moment with a pixie watching. It’s very naughty… But I think Ms. Grey and Leon need help… -02:00 Apr 28

“Oh! Okay!” Well, Trinny was sooo not going to get in the way of romantic privacy! She hopped off Evangeline’s shoulder to flitter down the street, then stopped and turned around. “Don’t forget a goodnight kiss! All dates end with goodnight kisses!”

Gabriel: I am remembering why I avoid pixies in the first place. *He remarked as he held the door open for her and led her inside! It smelled of doughnuts and coffee here!* -02:08 Apr 28
Evangeline: Trinny is very sweet and would like to help, but I think she will have more luck with Ms. Grey… *All Evangeline wanted was time with Gabriel, and if he liked spending time with her too, she was content! …and a bakery was a very nice place to be! Fresh sweets always smelled so good!* Do you like cookies? -02:12 Apr 28
[Gabriel has timed out.] -02:43 Apr 28
[Gabriel was still on his date with Evangeline!] -02:44 Apr 28
Gabriel: Cookies are … alright. *He said as they stood there and he looked at everything. There wasn’t a lot of food at this late hour. Mostly cookies, a few doughnuts, some pies and cakes.* -02:47 Apr 28
Evangeline: *She wrapped her arms around one his and grinned!* I’d like the oatmeal cookies and you can try them. -02:54 Apr 28

A woman popped out of the kitchen, wearing an apron and a big smile for the two lovers. She was so short, she had to use a stool to see over the glass displays. Was there anything she could get the couple?

Gabriel: *He looked at her as she grinned, holding his arm like that! His attention was drawn away with the arrival of the woman!* I will take a dozen of your oatmeal cookies. And a dozen more of your peanut butter cookies. *He looked at Evangeline.* Would you like a drink? -02:58 Apr 28
Evangeline: Milk is best with cookies! *Peanut butter ones too? …well, it might have been strange if he asked for bloody cookies! The was a peculiar look on her face with the thought!* -03:07 Apr 28
[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:47 Apr 28

He purchased the cookies and the milk and then they walked out.

Gabriel: Are you enjoying the date so far? *He asked her after a few moments of silence.* -03:48 Apr 28
[Evangeline ] -03:48 Apr 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed softly as she nodded her head.* It’s not exactly an entirely normal date, but I like getting to spend time with you. Can we do it again another day? -03:50 Apr 28
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful.* If you do not wish for enchanted frogs and irritating faeries, I would suggest it be a secret. Perhaps you may me show me around somewhere. -03:56 Apr 28
Evangeline: A secret date? I think we might have to leave town to get away… *She was already thinking about where and how! It sounded like a really nice idea!* -03:59 Apr 28
Gabriel: *Judging by the expression on her face, she was already taking his words to heart and thinking up something.* And the pup …? -04:03 Apr 28
Evangeline: Lily enjoys taking him to school with her. I think he would be fine if we were only gone a few hours! -04:07 Apr 28
Gabriel: *He had to admit that Brutus had proven to be effective as Ms Grey’s guardian. Lily had also mentioned that the warlock, Hawthorne, was allergic to werepups. The irony of that did not escape him.* Indeed. I could not keep you away from Oracle that long. -04:10 Apr 28
Evangeline: I don’t think they would really miss me much, anyway. *She yawned, moving to hold his hand again.* Maybe we can go to Canada! -04:14 Apr 28
Gabriel: My opinion differs. *He raised an eyebrow at her suggestion.* Hm. I have not been to Canada for a good many years. -04:18 Apr 28
Evangeline: I’ve been to a lot of places, but never to Canada. There is not much that happens in Canada that talks to me. *Curious, she tugged his hand.* What did you do in Canada? -04:23 Apr 28
Gabriel: Hunt down weres and vampires. The last time I went to Canada was also one of the few times I was asked to protect a were. A pregnant alpha female stranded from the rest of her pack by a snowstorm. -04:28 Apr 28
Evangeline: *That brought a wide grin from her!* You do a lot of saving and protecting people for someone everyone says is so scary. -04:29 Apr 28
Gabriel: … For all the good I do, I am still a Carnatelli and a master vampire, albeit a rogue. My methods are brutal and swift. -04:32 Apr 28
Evangeline: But you’re still very nice, even if your name is Carnatelli. I think that makes a difference! -04:40 Apr 28
Gabriel: I have hunted and killed for little more than four hundred years. In all that time, the general opinion of me has not changed. *In retrospect, that was partially he’s doing. He had never gotten close to anyone and he preferred to keep it that way. He would protect himself and keep his distance from everyone. That used to be the plan before he’d met Evangeline.* -04:47 Apr 28
Evangeline: No one has tried to know you, I think… I am probably more persistant than most. *She smiled again again and tugged his hand!* I might not have, if you didn’t always come to help me. -04:52 Apr 28

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