Gabriel tries to reorder Evangeline’s memories while she is asleep, and is privvy to four important prophecies!

[Evangeline is asleep, and contently so for the time being!] -01:07 Jan 23
[Gabriel has decided that he will organize the memories he unlocked for Evangeline earlier!] -01:08 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It would only take a moment. All he had to do was set things into the order they were supposed to go and he would risk minimal damage! He made sure Evangeline was fast asleep before he pulled her close and cast the spell! So … first memory … Mother … he pushed that one in the middle. Meeting her for the first time, that was closer to the front …* -01:09 Jan 23
Evangeline: *After a long a busy today, it was a rare occasion that Evangeline went straight to bed and didn’t want up for Gabriel. She seemed perfectly content curled up with him and blissfully unaware!* -01:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her very first memory of her babyhood … That was right in the front. Prom as a teenager … Farther back. Wareham … He wanted to erase this memory completely but … He resist the temptation and put it into its rightful place. Finding Brutus, that was before Wareham and certainly after their first meeting …* -01:12 Jan 23

Rearranging memories came as a simple task, but suddenly they felt whisked away and out of grasp. Everything growing dark, silent, and eeriely empty! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Gabriel paused. He had erased, restored, rearranged enough memories to know what one should expect and when one should be wary. In this case, it was the latter. However, he could not withdraw just yet. He decided he would have to investigate the source. This could be the only opportunity to do so.* -01:19 Jan 23

Gabriel seemed to stand alone in the center of nowhere, a spotlight dropping down above him to single him out from the shadowy abyss. Still, everything seemed to remain silent! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Stop. Listen. *It was Evangeline, now grasping his shirt and holding up a finger for him to pause. She made no comment about him being there, but instead was very focused on listening to what was in the dark.* -01:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow but he did as told and listened. This was not a memory of Evangeline’s, at least not one he was familiar with and he had been in her mind before.* -01:23 Jan 23

In the dark a tattered-cloaked figured appeared. So old that her skin was hanging from her bones and her eyes were sunken in and hollow. Her face made no movement, even though her voice then came through, garbled and low, like several voices overlapping each other. “He will rise, poison of soul, within thyne Bane of Shade. Earth fractured and sky pulled down, a trail of fire to befall. If Night should come, the King will lose his crown. A mirror’s cracked reflection feeding mad desire. Set your sights for the Son, Light makes shadow fade. With her piece said, and ice cold wind blew. Her figure fading in the fog. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He knew a prophecy when he heard one. He had thought Evangeline’s psychic ability gone completely but that appeared to not be the case. Bane of Shade was most definitely a person and as far as there was only one carrying that title …* -01:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She shifted, pointing to him look to the left before he grew too deep in thought.* -01:30 Jan 23

To the side another figure appeared. Heavy burgandy robes framing a full figured, middle aged woman. Her face was stern, but her voice was gentle and soft. “Ambiguous creation, born of malicious concentration. Fear becomes consumtpion, destiny starts to unwind. Bred of Blood and Heart, crippled wings become lost. Choose not Midnight, but Sunrise for deliverance. Let the Dawn choose when to arise.” Once she was done, she stepped away. Her frame falling as autumn leaves. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He turned to the left. A second prophecy; neither something to take lightly. Ambiguous creation most certainly described someone he knew very well, as did Dawn and Sunrise. He was looking at Evangeline again.* -01:33 Jan 23
Evangeline: *The expression of her face didn’t change, just that thoughtful listening, as she turned him again to point in a new direction!* -01:35 Jan 23

On the opposite side, there was another woman. Young and beautiful, dressed in delicate silks, she pointed a finger and spoke with a strong warning. “Beware o’ force of balance, two sides of fate’s wheel. What once torn asunder must remain in tact. Rifts bleed through in universe twisting. Touch not what has become pieces, holding together will tear apart. A pseudo world of protection, comes crashing with consequence.” As quickly as she appeared, she vanished. Bursting in to a rain of sparkles. -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Three prophecies and neither of them ended well. Prophecies never did. It was just a question of how aware Evangeline was of their existing or if she had buried these memories beneath everything else. The problem being was that he knew of them, too, but he did not know when they would come about. He could be waiting days, months, centuries even … or just hours.* -01:39 Jan 23
Evangeline: *That seemed to be it… but then she looked very surprised! Turning to look behind him, at something that was unexpected for her!* -01:41 Jan 23

A last figure appeared, at first hard to see. Small and tiny, it was a child barely even a year old with storm grey eyes. His mouth did not move, but he sounded like an older child. “A new light is born, shadow by your side. Blood may fall, and storm come, yet do not let passion be over run. Do not mourn what is not gone. Greet Me shining up at you, to face the turning tide.” In a flash, the child went from being hole and well to a shattered skeleton, leaving behind an eerie feeling! -Evangeline

Gabriel: *Considering that Gabriel was already considered a paranoid individual and he had just witnessed three prophecies, when he turned, he was not expecting a happy ending. The only movement he made was the subtle clenching of teeth. It would seem Evangeline would be moving into the tower sooner than expected …* -01:44 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Thats when she woke with a yelp! Jumping up startled and very unsettled… and definitely a little confused!* -01:44 Jan 23
Gabriel: *There he was, looking down at her, with a raised eyebrow, waiting for her to explain herself.* -01:46 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She put a hand at her chest, as if trying to stop her heart from beating so fast! It had startled her a bit, those visions… She had thought Gabriel took them away, but they must have just been sealed away… but the last one…!* You give me that look, when you were the one turning pages… *Instead of being annoyed, she was rather amused with his expression…* -01:48 Jan 23
Gabriel: … You have no memory of them being there before. But the last one … the child with the gray eyes. That is something new. -01:49 Jan 23
Evangeline: He was handsome, wasn’t he? *It was a vague reply from her, but she was busy tilting her head and turning the prophecies over in mind trying to decipher them! Now that she had awoke, she wasn’t so pensive anymore. Infact, much more relaxed and unconcerned!* -01:52 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her reply gained her another raise of the eyebrow!* You are never going to let it go. Even when you figure out what it means, you will refuse to tell me. -01:55 Jan 23
Evangeline: Of course I’m going to tell you! They are all warnings for you, after all. You were supposed to see them. *She supposed it must of been because he was in her mind… messing with things again, but he was doing it for her, so she wouldn’t complain…* -01:57 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He fell silent which Evangeline knew meant he was being thoughtful. It didn’t show on his face, however. But it would seem his marriage would never know peace for very long before something like this appeared.* -02:06 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She shifted, leaning to brush a soft kiss against his cheek.* In the last vision, he is asking you to protect me. That is all. It’s the first one I worry about. The other two will be fine if you and Dark behave… -02:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: I behave. *He replied. He was still being thoughtful but now he was nuzzling the side of her neck gently.* -02:16 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She grinned wide!* Do you..? Spending more time with Dark would be good for both of you… and not for training, or lessons. Just time together. *She pet his hair softly… he needed to be soothed! He was trying to hide it, but the visions bothered him…* -02:18 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head to look down at her.* We do not spend time together … well. We end up arguing about something and he always storms off. -02:19 Jan 23
Evangeline: All the more reason to try. It will be important later. …for both of you? *She hadn’t quite figured out exactly what those two visions meant, but for both it was important Dark and Gabriel were on good terms and could depend on each other! She tugged his head down gently for a kiss.* I can chaperone? *A grin!* -02:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her gently and slipped one arm around her waist to pull her close.* When would you like to have this … get together. -02:26 Jan 23
Evangeline: Tomorrow afternoon, maybe? We could have a picnic and go fishing in the pond, and it will be like Father-Son bonding and good practice for future children? *Now she was really grinning! Sliding her arms around his neck so she could nuzzle his cheek.* -02:30 Jan 23
Gabriel: Tomorrow afternoon, it is. *He rubbed her back as he lay down beside her.* You have not mentioned children in sometime. I had wondered if you had changed your mind. -02:35 Jan 23
Evangeline: Uhmm. There were more important things to worry about before… *Evangeline settled, brushing her fingers against his cheek and looking thoughtful..* Have you ever thought about what our children would be like…? -02:38 Jan 23
Gabriel: I have not. *He admitted.* But I know I will love them and protect them as I do you. *He brushed his lips against hers.* -02:42 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She smiled wide against his mouth, it obviously being something she very much wanted to hear! She kissed him quick, paused only for a second in a soft giggle before giving him a second soft kiss.* -02:46 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He smirked and licked her lips wickedly.* I love you, Evangeline Clark. *He murmured just as his hand dipped lower and cupped her butt.* -02:47 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She could never decide if she wanted to be wicked too, or just giggle some more!* As much as I love you, husband? *She squirmed just a bit so she could lean and nip at his neck with another quiet laugh!* -02:53 Jan 23
Gabriel: Yes. *He pressed her up against him, then moved his mouth to her ear, beginning to nibble on it gently.* -02:54 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She was going to ask him just how much, but the statement was lost in a contented sigh. Her fingers brushing in to the fine hair at the nape of his neck, and being amused by the softness! * -02:59 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He began to purr, because he knew she enjoyed it as he nibbled on her ear. After awhile he moved his mouth to nibble and kiss her neck.* -03:01 Jan 23
Evangeline: *It always had her delighted when he purred! She tugged gently on his sleeve, though reluctant to pull her arms from him. He rarely took off his clothes when he came to bed… she needed to remedy that!* You’re over dressed for bed.. -03:05 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel smirked.* Indeed. I would not wish to dissatisfy the Queen. *He moved away from her, to take off his coat.* Am I still over dressed? -03:07 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She was up, moving to sit on her knees and tapping her chin with false consideration.* Yes, I think that’s still very over dressed. *Pointed at herself, to the simple nightgown she worse as an example of appropriate bed attire.* -03:10 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Another smirk.* It would be a tight fit if I attempted to slip into your nightgown with you, Bright Lady. -03:12 Jan 23
Evangeline: *A baffled expression crossed her face before she finally frowned!* …Gabriel! *She flicked both hands at him.* More clothes off.. no nightgowns! -03:13 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently before he slipped off the gun holsters and the boots. Then he waited to see if he had undressed enough.* -03:16 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Now she was looking impatient, and tempted to pull his clothes off herself!* No, no… I think there is more to come off. -03:17 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It was not often one saw Evangeline impatient but he resist the urge to smirk.* As my wife commands. *He pulled off his shirt first, then followed by his pants. He never saw any need for underwear.* -03:19 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She doubted anyone ever commanded him to do anything… herself included! Her head tilted as she looked him over, a slight grin at the corner of her mouth. It didn’t matter if he were clothed or not, he looked dangerous… and she did love getting to see him this way and knowing no one else could!* -03:22 Jan 23
Gabriel: *That look on her face had such an effect on him, as proven when he grew harder. He lowered himself so they were face to face and started kissing her mouth.* … Evangeline. Whatever will I do with you. -03:25 Jan 23
Evangeline: *They could be this way a thousand times and he’d still make her blush! She brushed her thumbs against his cheeks, smiling as she returned his kiss with a soft one of her own.* You can.. make me wish I did not promise to have an early morning breakfast..? -03:29 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* I shall. *He began to climb onto the bed, gently pushing her back until she was lying down and he was holding himself over her, hands on either side of her head. He lowered his head slowly and kissed her deep and long, not afraid to use his tongue to open her mouth and play with hers.* -03:32 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Her tongue danced against his, joined again by another wanting sigh. She relished running her fingers over his chest and stomach. To feel his skin so warm, almost intoxicating no matter where she put her hands!* -03:37 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He groaned softly into her mouth as her hands slid lower but he had made her a promise and he had every intention of keeping it. Besides, he could be patient. His tongue moved around her mouth slowly and deliberately, as he tilted his head slightly to deepen the kiss.* -03:40 Jan 23
Evangeline: *He made her want to smile with the way he kept himself controlled..! It also made her want to tease and test… Even while returning his kiss with fever, one hand slid lower. Gentle feather like touches over his stomach and that sculpted v, coming close to brush his member but never more than a light touch before dancing away again to caress somewhere else!* -03:45 Jan 23
Gabriel: *It would seem he was sensitive to her touch. The gentle brush of her fingers made his shaft harder and start to ache. He could be patient a bit longer. He focused on kissing her, although now his tongue flicked at the back of her throat!* -03:51 Jan 23
Evangeline: *With a devious nip at his tongue and a lick of her own to sooth it, her fingers curled around his shaft but never as close to squeezing… Her other hand brushed up his side, searching for any ticklish spot, though knowing she’d not find one!* -03:56 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He broke the kiss with a hiss as her fingers wrapped around him. He licked her lips.* … Evangeline. *He growled.* -03:59 Jan 23
Evangeline: ..yes, Gabriel..? *She mumbled against his mouth as innocent as could be! Even when her fingers closed around him in a firm but gentle grip, and released again.* -04:01 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Two could play at that game. He groaned as she released him, then lowered his head, using his teeth to untie the knot holding the front of her nightgown closed. There were laces that crisscrossed and held it closed until past her breasts. Once the knot was undone, he nuzzled the laces open so he could lick and nuzzle her breasts.* -04:07 Jan 23
Evangeline: *A small suck in of breath, followed by a murmur… But only a momentary distraction! She rubbed one of her legs against his, teasing the back of his knee with her toes and rising to brush her hips against his.* -04:12 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He moved to lie on his side so he could free one hand. Then he was pushing her nightgown apart a bit more to fasten his lips around one nipple he started to suck at. He rubbed his hips against hers, knowing only she could satisfy him.* -04:18 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She had meant to drive him crazy, but now she was biting her bottom lip, wanting so much! With her hands in his hair she tugged him for a sudden kiss, before pushing gently at his shoulder until he was on his back. Then she was crawling on to his lap, leaning to kiss him with that hard deep kiss he had given her before!* -04:26 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He released her nipple when he felt pulling on his hair and was as eager to kiss her as she was kissing him. He obliged and let her push him down and groaned into her mouth as she climbed on top of him. His hands found their way to her waist.* -04:28 Jan 23
Evangeline: *Nibbling his lips as she braced her hands against his shoulder, she positioned herself until she could feel his shaft hard beneath her, but not yet taking him in.* -04:34 Jan 23
Gabriel: *He licked her lips. She was so close! It was all he could do not to push her down on top of him! Instead, he slipped his hand beneath her, finding her clit and rubbing it, squeezing it, first firm, then softly.* -04:36 Jan 23
Evangeline: *She gasped against his mouth, a plaintiff but pleasured sound before she burried her face at his neck. Biting gently then running her tongue over the spot. Her hips moved against him again, wet and willing, but definitely teasing!* Say you love me? *She murmured soft against his ear.* -04:45 Jan 23
Gabriel: *Her slit was so wet, so warm. He clenched his teeth. It was all he could do not to take her already! He groaned as she moved.* I love you, Evangeline. I will always love you. -04:47 Jan 23
Evangeline: *There was nothing he could ever say that would please her more than that! Her lips brushed against his with a tender kiss.* I love you so much.. *And as his reward, she would show him! She adjusted herself over him, rising just enough until she could feel the tip of his shaft. A quiet moan escaping her as she ever slowly took all of him in.* -04:54 Jan 23

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