035 Dancing lessons for Meri (UNFINISHED!)

Dancing lessons for Meri

[Evangeline is giving Meri a dancing lesson in the courtyard!] -12:34 Feb 15
[Vlamerias is wearing a very pretty dress just for this lesson!] -12:35 Feb 15
Vlamerias: Um … Like this, Mommy? *She had her arms up and she was stepping back but she nearly tripped!* Ooofffffff!! *She plopped down and landed on her butt! She pouted.* -12:35 Feb 15
Evangeline: Generally, we want to avoid falling over when there isn’t someone behind you to catch! *Evangeline helped pick Meri off the ground and dust off her pretty dress. Since Meri had been so excited about it, she had found something swishy to wear too!* You can try standing on my toes and I’ll show you! -12:38 Feb 15
Vlamerias: Oohhh! Okay! *She liked that idea! She straightened the bow in her hair and then moved to put her feet on her toes, keeping her arms up and her back straight!* Ready! -12:42 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She arranged Meri’s hands juuust right and took the lead, like a good dance partner should! Taking smaller steps for Meri’s little legs and keeping an eye out for rocks!* It’s okay to look down sometimes, until you know where to step. You always want to move your feet the same time the other person does, cause otherwise you trip over each other! -12:45 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *It seemed like such an overwhelming task to look up at her Mommy then look down at her feet! Then she glanced from one side to another to see how her arms were!* But don’t fights break out about who leads! Dark and Warrior Lady often end up arguing about that! -12:47 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She grinned!* The man is supposed to lead. I think Caroline is just so used to being in charge, she doesn’t know when to let go, and then gets frustrated and can’t figure out why Dark doesn’t lead! -12:49 Feb 15

Gabriel: One day your Bright Lady will wish to lead. She believes I have my way with her too easily. *He said from behind.*

Vlamerias: *She was giggling at the idea of Dark and Warrior Lady arguing again. Spending time with them was so much fun! She looked up and grinned!* Yay, you’re back! -12:54 Feb 15
Evangeline: *A pause… then turning so she could dip and tilt Meri backwards so she can look upside down at Gabriel!* It’s a rule of being a woman, I think, that you don’t make it too easy? … at least that’s what Melissa says! A man is supposed to "work" for it! -12:54 Feb 15

Gabriel: *A smirk, then a slight tilt of the head.* So I have not “worked” for it.

Vlamerias: *She giggled as she was looking up at her Glaer upside down!* -12:57 Feb 15
Evangeline: According to Melissa, you’re a beast and I have no resistance to your charms! *She grinned again! Gabriel had already given her the world, there was no need to make him ‘work’ for anything! …but ever so often it was fun to tease!* -01:01 Feb 15

Gabriel: *He bent to kiss Meri’s forehead and then stood straight to kiss Evangeline’s cheek.* I consider it fortunate Melissa’s opinion is not a priority of mine. What is yours.

Evangeline: Hmm. I may be able to resist you, juuuuust a little. …but then you have already given me everything I’ve ever wanted, so there’s no reason to? Well… almost everything! *She tapped her mouth. A kiss on the cheek is never enough!* -01:11 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *She giggled again. It was fun watching her Glaer and Mommy together! People often spoke of their times before they were courting but Meri couldn’t think of them any other way except together!* -01:14 Feb 15

Gabriel: Almost everything.

Evangeline: *He almost looked worried… which made her want to kiss him all the more!* Would it be greedy to ask for more kisses and a dance? -01:17 Feb 15

Gabriel: *He smirked and bowed to Meri.* May I cut in.

Evangeline: *She pat Meri gently on the head.* If you don’t mind me dancing away with my husband? -01:24 Feb 15
Vlamerias: *She smiled and released her Mommy to turn and curtsey.* Hehe, okay! I’m gonna go play with the devil rats! Have fun. *And then she was skipping away!* -01:42 Feb 15

Gabriel: Thank you, Vlamerias. *He watched her go, then bowed to Evangeline and offered his hand.* May I have this dance, my Queen.

Evangeline: *She resisted clapping her hands and bouncing excitedly! Instead taking his hand to grin up at him.* You’re home early today. I wasn’t expecting you until late! -01:45 Feb 15

Gabriel: *His smirk turned into a small smile and then he was pulling her into his arms. One arm on her waist, the other holding hers.* I know. I wanted to surprise you.

Evangeline: I’m so glad! Ever since those prophecies, you have been out and about and I don’t get to keep you to myself. You’ve been worrying too much. *For a man that hated to dance, he could pull her in so naturally! No one else was ever as fun as he was!* -01:54 Feb 15
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -01:55 Feb 15
Gabriel: It has served me well, Evangeline. *He led her into a slow waltz.* -01:56 Feb 15
Evangeline: Except that you aren’t supposed to meddle in any of them, so you are worrying for no reason! *Always worrying! Maybe if she locked him in the tower and kept him alone for the next few months…* -01:58 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He raised his eyebrow.* And you have not meddled in any of them? -02:04 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She gave an enigmatic smile!* I meddle when it’s time for me to. You trust me, yes? -02:07 Feb 15
Gabriel: … Evangeline. -02:08 Feb 15
Evangeline: Three of them were to keep you safe, you have to trust me? You don’t need to be so concerned over me! -02:11 Feb 15
Gabriel: It is my nature to be concerned. *He dipped her.* You are half of me. Without you there is no future. -02:13 Feb 15
Evangeline: *A soft laugh… despite all of those prophecies sounding scary, she really wasn’t too worried! They would work out as long as he listened!* There won’t be a future without you either! What am I supposed to do without you? -02:17 Feb 15
Gabriel: You will make good on your threats. To hunt me down and drag me back. -02:19 Feb 15
Evangeline: As long as you are alive, yes! But what if you were to die?It could happen and I wouldn’t be able to bare living without you. -02:22 Feb 15
Gabriel: You are half of me, Evangeline, thus you have access to my powers no one else possesses. If anyone could ever bring me back, it is you. *He brought her back up, then twirled her around.* -02:28 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She twirled as easily as if she had been doing it forever!* And I will try. …but there is will be a day, maybe soon that I will ask you not to go and not to interfere because you will not come back from it… will you listen? -02:31 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He pulled her against him, one arm around her waist, the other holding her hand stretched behind him and to the side at an angle. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against hers.* The stakes, Evangeline. -02:32 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She grinned, despite the scope of the conversation.* You’ll have to let me protect you too, sometimes. I would not have seen those prophecies otherwise… -02:37 Feb 15
Gabriel: It is not in my nature to let other people protect me. -02:41 Feb 15
Evangeline: You also said you don’t dance, and here you are with me! -02:42 Feb 15
Gabriel: Indeed. You have that effect on me. -02:45 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She tilted up on her toes to steal a quick kiss!* …then it should be easy to trust me, and let me take care of things! *Then she had that devious expression without meaning to!* Becaaaause, if you are going to protect me just like He asked, then you will need to stay alive! -02:50 Feb 15
Gabriel: *At the sight of her devious expression, he raised an eyebrow.* You are insane. -02:52 Feb 15
Evangeline: Would you be happier with a sane wife? *Evangeline snuck her arms around his neck, more devious still!* -02:55 Feb 15
Gabriel: *She still had that expression on her face!* What are you implying. -02:57 Feb 15
Evangeline: I could be a sane wife… but then I might be inside washing dishes and gossiping with old ladies instead of dancing in a castle courtyard with a very handsome vampire husband. -03:01 Feb 15

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