035 The Fieldtrip

Evangeline and Gabriel giving lessons to hunters. Going on a field trip for a final test! Rewarded with a spa!

[Evangeline is going to teach Hunters about the valuable lesson of paying attention in scary places! …By turning out all the lights and throwing stuff in the dark!] -03:26 Feb 11
[Gabriel was, of course, right beside her .. in case anyone got trigger happy! Himself not included!] -03:31 Feb 11

Brutus was having the time of his life! He was jumping up and down and he kept bumping up against Evangeline’s and Gabriel’s legs!

Evangeline: Shhh, Brutus! We’re hiding! *Not that she was doing a very good job of keeping her voice low… but she did have painfully accurate throwing abilities! It’s not like she could see anyway! Another of her little beanbags thrown in the dark!* -03:35 Feb 11

CLONK! THUD! CRASH! It seemed to hit it’s mark on someone, that went OW and apparently tripped over someone else!

Gabriel: … Perhaps we should have used explosives. *He remarked out loud. Although with Gabriel you could never tell if he was kidding or serious!* -03:39 Feb 11

Brutus was still wagging his tail very quickly but at least he stopped jumping up and down!

Evangeline: Oh no. It’s going to be bad enough with the monsters. …Okay Brutus! Go get them! -03:40 Feb 11

“Monsters! You didn’t say anything about monsters.” said someone in the dark. Another whispered that Brutus and Gabriel aren’t just in there for the ‘fun’ of it. There was an ‘…damnit’ as a reply.

The young werepup, full of boundless energy, was off like a bullet out of a gun! Or at least a grayhound in a race! He brushed and bumped against legs and bodies, ran over feet and even caused a few to stumble!

Evangeline: …Are you guys even trying? When you’re on missions, sometimes it’s going to be far too dark to see what’s going on. You’ll have to rely on senses and common sense! Now you’ll have to catch the monsters before you get eaten! *And to make sure they were moving, she was throwing out more beanbags again!* -03:45 Feb 11

Between trying to dodge being clobbered in the head, not getting tripped by a pup and bumping in to each other, this was some pretty tough work! But a couple guys got the bright idea to team up and take out the ‘lead’ monster by sneaking up on Evangeline!

Gabriel: … I would not do that if I were you. *He warned and his voice sounded like it was coming from right behind them!* You are all too loud and your movements are a lack of energy and time. You are tiring yourselves out and will become my dinner unless you do otherwise. -03:48 Feb 11

Of course, to Brutus, this was all a game! He barked and he jumped and he wiggled out of everyone’s grasp no matter how tight they thought they had him!

Cough! With that those two snuck riiiight back in to the fray! While a couple others tried a more offensive approach… Throwing beanbags at the monsters!

Evangeline: *Evangeline ducked before crawling on to a chair for better throwing angles. Some were trying to hide in the corner!* That’s the spirit! You show them monsters whose boss! -03:54 Feb 11

Brutus began snatching up those beanbags and using them as chewtoys!

“AH HA!” A hunter tackled Brutus as he was distracted with a beanbag!

Brutus was wiggling for all he was worth! He dropped those bean bags!

“I got him! I got the furry little beast! …What do I do with him?!” Trying to hold a werepup was a lot harder than it looked!

Evangeline: You watch your head and not bring the attention of his monster friends! *FLING! A few beanbags at him!* -04:02 Feb 11

Brutus was licking the face of the hunter who’d grabbed him! He was having so much fun!

THOCK! Right in the face…! At least he still had that pup… so far! That hunter scurried behind a desk. “I need backup!”

Backup was nervous to..well… give backup if Gabriel was going to EAT them! But this time trying to be much more quiet, they were sneaking behind Evangeline’s chair!

Gabriel: *Glanced over toward the sounds of heartbeats and someone licking their lips in anticipation from behind. But as this was the Seer’s lesson and she had wanted to play the part of monster, he was going to leave this one alone.* -04:09 Feb 11
Evangeline: Muahaha! None will save you now! My minions of the underworld are eating their flesh and chewing their bones! *Oh! She’s being snuck up on! To give them some help or not… Ooo… well, they’ll need to work a little harder! She hopped off her chair and tip toed away!* -04:13 Feb 11

GRAB! …Wait, thin air! The monster had moved! They weren’t giving up, though… nudging his partner they fanned out for the search!

With the monster suddenly going silent, that meant it was on the move! Better make it talk! “You’re don’t sound evil enough for a monster, Evangeline! Brutus makes better growls than that!”

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed! She was a great monster! Opening her mouth to complain, she shut it quick… sneaky! They wouldn’t find her like that! She threw out another beanbag!* -04:17 Feb 11

Brutus wasn’t about to keep still! He barked and began wiggling even harder! He wanted to play!

They were getting wise to listening now… a huffy psychic was a dead give away! A few quick steps and GRAB! And a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t call her monster help! …Now they just had to sneak up on Gabriel!

Evangeline: *Mrrph! Oh, they were doing so much better now! If they weren’t trying to keep her quiet, she’d have told them! ….Now she was trying not to giggle so they’d at least have a good chance!* -04:20 Feb 11

Now it was dead silent! Those hunters managing to signal to the others waiting in the dark with two monsters captured. They spread out, sneaking around to find him!

There wasn’t a sound, not the slightest movement! Even spreading out, it was impossible to tell where he was exactly! … Had someone brushed them? The silence was so deafening!

Evangeline: *Now how was she supposed to tell Gabriel not to cheat if they wouldn’t let her talk? …She still tried to help by pointing in the right direction!* -04:27 Feb 11

So he was over there..! Wait, should they trust a captured monster? Then again, Evangeline was a lot nicer during lessons than Gabriel was! Snatching up some beanbags, they put the hint to test and flung a few!

No sound of it hitting! But the beanbags hit the ground! Where the hell was he?!

They could use Evangeline as bait! ….but everyone was pretty sure that would bring on more ‘serious consequences’. Then someone had the bright idea of pointing up at the ceiling! Grabbing the chair they poked around up there!

Suddenly, a whole bunch of beanbags dropped down on them!

And then they felt something land on their heads … rope! No, a net!

The guy with the chair over his head was laughing at the others until the net dropped over them! The one holding on to Evangeline smacked his forehead!

That hunter with Brutus pat the pup. “You’re a monster turned to the good of Oracle… go chew up the ropes, Brutus!” and let the werepup loose!

Evangeline: *Turning Brutus to the good side was clever… and Gabriel was being wicked! Evangeline could only giggle!* -04:38 Feb 11

Brutus barked and took off! The sound of him jumping and the THUMP! as he landed in someone’s arms.

The groan of an unfortunate hunter as the pup began to chew up the ropes while sitting in his lap!

They were so close! The hunter followed Brutus out to help with ropes! They weren’t out for the count yet!

Brutus had those ropes chewed up in no time! He barked and licked the face of the hunter whose lap he was in!

Freedom! Time to get more serious! Those hunters moved to the middle of the room with their beanbag amunition, and started throwing like mad! They were bound to flush him out!

THUMP THUMP THWACK THWACK! Ah-ha! They’d gotten someone!

Evangeline: You di-! *Grrmph! Darn it! She wanted to help!* -04:50 Feb 11

A hunter dashed to the lightswitch and flipped it on! They got him… right?!

Someone was muffling under all those beanbags! And he was trying really hard to get out!

“It might be a trap!” Pulling Evangeline along as insurance, those hunters crept up to the mound of beanbags ready to start throwing more!

Brutus was barking and jumping around! The mound moved and the top finally spilled over! Only for another hunter to pop his head out! “So, did we get him?” he asked his buddies!

“You idiot! We were all throwing in that direction, you don’t stand in the crossfire!” The hunter bonked his partner on the head! ….Of course, with the lights on, where was Gabriel?!

“…Hope you guys catch him! I’m splitting with the leader before the minion comes after us!” grumbled the other, lifting up Evangeline to run off with her. The leader is top priority!

Evangeline: That’s a smart thing to do! *Now that she could finally talk! ….And made sure to hold on, cause the poor hunter was probably about to have to run away and she didn’t want to get dropped!* -05:02 Feb 11

Brutus barked and sniffed the ground while that hunter ran away with Evangeline!

That meant the rest of them were backup and bodyguards against minion attack n’ rescue! They covered the escape, and kept and eye out now that the room was lit! There’s no way he can sneak up on them now!

He’s almost made it! “When we escape alive I get a congratulations kiss, right?” Ha! There was the door!

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked!* I’m a monster, not a rescued innocent! You never ask the monsters for kisses. -05:09 Feb 11

It didn’t hurt to ask! The hunter set her on her feet when he reached the door to open it up! “We’ve done it! Captured the leader and beat the Carnatelli!”

[Evangeline really enjoys her new job!] -03:27 Feb 12
[Gabriel is cleaning his guns and double checking everything!] -03:28 Feb 12

Brutus was napping beside Evangeline! He was tired out, the poor werepup!

They deserved a trophy for all their hard work, but this nice trip was going to be a vacation! Those hunters were all excited about their fieldtrip!

Evangeline: This will be so much fun! Running around outside in the fresh air is a lot more exciting than staying indoors. Where exactly are we going? -03:31 Feb 12
Gabriel: *The click of a fully loaded clip being pushed into the gun!* Somewhere secluded and away from human habitation. -03:34 Feb 12

They had been travelling for quite awhile! They had turned off the main highway a long time ago and was driving through … a forest now!

Evangeline: That’ll be perfect! If someone accidentally throws out a grenade no one will get hurt! *She leaned over to give Brutus a good pat. It was hard to wear out a werepup, he was working so hard!* -03:36 Feb 12

“This is how training should be like! Hunting down Gabriel in the woods is far more realistic than back at headquarters!” boasted a guy up front. “We’ve got our radios ready and everything.”

Brutus snored and snored! He occassionally kicked out and barked in his sleep … all the way until the bus stopped! They had come to a large clearing but there was no cabin, no tent, not even an outhouse! And it was getting dark!

Evangeline: I have bandaids in my pocket just in case. *Realistic setting tended to meant realistic getting hurt, and Gabriel was never easy on them! Evangeline leaned over to scoop up Brutus.. a soft omph in trying to lift the nearly too big to hold pup!* -03:42 Feb 12

With the bus stopped it was time to get out! A big empty clearing an all those trees? This was going to be the easiest field trip ever! There was some nudging and bragging… and maybe a bet on who was going to catch Brutus tonight!

Evangeline: I think Brutus needs a break! Jay can be team leader, and you’ll have to take care of all the mo- *Evangeline tilted her head and frowned.* …They weren’t supposed to be real monsters. -03:55 Feb 12
Gabriel: These are Oracle Hunters. If they wish to call themselves such, they will need to deal with the threats other Oracle Hunters face. *Was his only reply as he got out of the bus.* -04:00 Feb 12

A few shared glances… real monsters? …It couldn’t be TOO bad. They delt with Gabriel everyday! It was as bad as it could get! Hunters pulled on their equiptment and weapons before heading out towards the field to start their ‘hunting’. “It’s probably a pack of werepups or some bush goblins.” Somebody muttered on the way.

Evangeline: They’re a little big, don’t you think? ….How on earth did you get those monsters here, anyway? They sure don’t work for Oracle. *Drats! She really should ask him the details when he brought up this idea!* -04:04 Feb 12

Brutus was still sleeping like a log in Evangeline’s arms!

Maybe it was a good idea that most of those hunters were out of earshot to hear ‘big monsters’, except for those few straggling behind… They were suddenly ducking low in the grass behind the others and waiting for the worse. KSSSHH. “I think it’s a trap! Nobody sees any land mines, do they?”

There wasn’t any land mines, but it was pretty quiet! Too quiet! Something in the bushes way ahead made a big rustling!

It’s go time! Those hunters moved out a bit to sneak up on the rustling, readying their guns to shoot and fire on sight!

There was no movement when suddenly… RAGGHHH! A far too large beast jumped out from behind the bushes! Twisted scaly skin, beady red eyes and long glistening teeth! It looked like a demon crocidog!

Hunters scattered like rats at the sudden demon! Only one stood there long enough to try shooting at it, but when it dodged weapons fire he went running too! What the hell was that thing?!

Evangeline: Hey…! You’re not supposed to panic and run away! *That wasn’t good at all, was the beastie that scary looking? She would have to help… but not trying to carry a heavy puppy! Evangeline set Brutus down and covered him with her sweater like a blanket. She stalked out in to the grass.* He’s not even the big one! I’ll help you get him. -04:25 Feb 12
Gabriel: *He was standing back and watching everything, silent as always!* -04:28 Feb 12

Brutus was still barking and kicking at that imaginary rabbit!

The big demon sniffed, and not seeing anyone else in the clearing but Evangeline was charging! Gabriel wasn’t going to let her get eaten, right? …Right?! One of the hunters finally jumped out to fire at the thing before it pounced on the crazy lady! A couple others followed suit on the otherside, the demon having to retreat back!

Evangeline: Oh, hey, I think I found one of it’s teeth! *At gunfire Evangeline ducked in the grass… Of course she wasn’t so silly to get herself eaten, but they needed a little push!* -04:34 Feb 12

“Go back to the bus, Evangeline!” shouted the team leader. He was pulling out one of his grenades but no one was going to throw one with Evangeline in the way!

Evangeline: All of you were scared, I was trying to help! Which direction is the bus? -04:37 Feb 12
Gabriel: *Was suddenly right beside her. He helped her up!* … You are insane. -04:38 Feb 12

Evangeline was going to give those poor hunters a heart attack! They managed to surround the beast and get it shot down without anyone getting a head bit off. Even if Frank did end up covered in slobber!

Evangeline: I’m helping. You don’t have to be worried. *Evangeline grinned wide! See, they killed a demon all by themselves!* -04:41 Feb 12

“That wasn’t helping, that was crazy!” shouted team leader! “You’e banned from the mission, just stay over by the bus!”

Evangeline: …You can’t ban me from a mission! Besides, who is going to tell you when a big banshee is sneaking up behind you! *…With that she made sure to cover her ears!* -04:45 Feb 12

Brutus was finally awake! No werepup could ever stay awake with the sounds of guns and fighting going around! He had Evangeline’s sweater in his teeth and found her by the bus.

Banshee? There weren’t any ba-ARGH! A horrible shriek filled the air! A banshee’s scream! Most of the hunters cringed, but this time they didn’t scatter and run. Someone shouted out the Banshee protocols!

With Evangeline out of harm’s way, leader tossed out a fog bomb! Billowy fumes shielded the hunters from sight, leaving the banshee giving off a dull glow. He ordered someone to pull out a banishment scroll!

“Who has the scrolls?! …Frank! Pay attention!” Frank finally snapped to it, grumbling about his scrolls being all slobber-wet and tossed one out for the spell! The banshee hissed a terrible scream before dissipating in to the fog.

Evangeline: *She waited a moment before removing her hands from her ears…* …It’s a little peculiar to have multiple types of beasts in one place so uncontrolled… Good evening Brutus! Did you enjoy your nap? *She took her sweater out of his teeth and shook the wrinkles out before pulling it on. It was getting cold!* -04:56 Feb 12

Brutus’ tongue hung out when Evangeline took her sweater. He sat down and barked. “Woof! woof!”

Gabriel: This spot is on a leyline. So much concentrated power in one place attracts demons and monsters of all shapes and sizes. *He replied, looking out into the darkness.* -04:58 Feb 12
Evangeline: I wonder where the center is! I bet there’s some very nice stones charged up around it. *A little exploring would do the trick. Hopping out in to the grass again, she was pulling out her scrying crystal to take a look!* -04:59 Feb 12

“…No exploring! There’s REAL monsters out here! Evange-… Are you listening?” Team leader was going to have a heart attack. “You can’t let her walk around here!” he shouted at Gabriel!

Gabriel: *He just studied the team leader.* Correction, I am not. That is where you come in. The Seer has placed a great amount of trust in your skills and your ability to survive. Hence, your mission is to protect her and make it to morning in one piece. -05:03 Feb 12

Brutus sat down at Gabriel’s feet and barked.

Gabriel: *He looked down at Brutus.* You are going with the Seer. She is your responsibility. -05:04 Feb 12

Brutus barked and took off after Evangeline! He didn’t slow until he had reached her!

One of the others pointed at leader and snickered… until he got smacked and reminded he was part of ‘the team’. Suddenly no one wanted to find out what happens if they screwup and Gabriel gets pissed off! They were right behind Brutus!

Evangeline: *Part one, facing beasts. Check! Part two, taking job seriously. Check! Now… part three! Walk in to every monster she finds and give them some good practice!* I love teaching, Brutus! Don’t you? *She exclaimed, following the crystal in to the trees after something that was practically vibrating!* -05:07 Feb 12
Gabriel: *As soon as they were gone, he locked up the bus nice and tight! Then he cast wards in case something should be foolish enough to do something to it.* -05:10 Feb 12

Whomever came up with this training mission was evil, pure evil! Leader directed the hunters around to make sure they found and spotted any beasts before it got them first!

Brutus was sniffing the ground. He raised his head and barked when Evangeline asked him if he enjoyed teaching.

Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped by a tree and crouched.* I think I found someone’s bones. -05:13 Feb 12

Bones indeed! A boney hand reached out from the darkness behind the tree about to grab at the woman! There was a BANG! followed by one of the hunters tackling a rotting skeleton!

Gabriel: *He tracked them very easily and kept to the tree tops! He was silent and never gave himself away.* -05:16 Feb 12

Leader grabbed Evangeline’s arm and dragged her away from the tree! “Here’s the rules! No touching bones, bodies, animals, or goo.”

Evangeline: It’s called ectoplasm and I’m not silly enough to go sticking my fingers in it. *Evangeline tried not to laugh… Getting in trouble on purpose was far too much fun! She tugged the guy off in the other direction!* I haven’t found the center point yet, I think it’s in this direction! -05:18 Feb 12

But in that direction was the very smelly, very hungry forest troll! One that was pretty slow but so flabby that bullets weren’t doing much good when hunters tried to surround it!

Holy crap! Leader grabbed Evangeline by the waist and picked her up to haul her off in the opposite direction! “No it’s not! We’re going back to the bus. Then we’re going to sit there until morning!”

Brutus thought this was all fun and games! He ran beside the team leader and barked, tail wagging!

Evangeline: But I never get chances like this to pick stones from natural power sources! -05:26 Feb 12

The team had to take out the troll with a net and tie it down to some trees before chasing after Leader and Brutus! “Damn it, she’s doing this on purpose, you know! All those lectures about paying attention and not walking in to stuff, and she’s leading us to every monster here!”

Evangeline: I would never do such a thing! *Evangeline blinked, feigning innocence! …It was pretty hard to do and she still couldn’t help by grin!* Those monsters can smell us, anyway! -05:29 Feb 12

Leader set Evangeline down, and tried to mimic that glare Gabriel would give them when they were in trouble. “You named me team leader, so now you’ve got to follow orders. NO walking us in to trouble on purpose. We’re heading back, and we’ll handle what happens. …or we’ll tie you to a tree all night.”

Evangeline: That would be horribly uncomfortable I think I’d rather… *Evangeline paused, tilting her head as she listened for something… and frowned.* You’re right, it’s better to go back now. -05:35 Feb 12

Glad to have her listening to reason, the hunters were going to lead the way back, but the air temperature suddenly dropped. It was icy cold and they could even see their breath! There was a strange woosh and gust of chilly wind!

Brutus lowered himself down to the ground when he felt that cold! He whimpered softly! He didn’t like this at all!

That wasn’t good. Leader put a finger to his mouth, signaling for everyone to be quiet as they moved. He made sure Evangeline stayed close!

Evangeline: *Evangeline wasn’t going anywhere! In fact, Evangeline lurked behind the team leader. …Trolls and banshees and crocidog demons were one thing, but this was scary!* -05:41 Feb 12

There was a moooaaning and an icy crunch as something moved out from the shadows. A wispy cloaked figure… it didn’t have any feet or even a face inside it’s big hood! Just billowing darkness as it floated out with it’s arms out stretched! Then there was another… and another!

BANGBANG! Leader tried to shoot at one, but it had no effect! It just made the cloak shift like smoke! He nudged Evangeline to run while ordering for those scrolls again!

Evangeline: *This didn’t seem so fun anymore! Evangeline moved to run but didn’t get to far when another appeared. She stumbled back to hide behind the leader again.* They’re wraiths. Soul eaters. -05:49 Feb 12

Soul eaters was enough to get knees shaking! “Light! Get some light!” someone shouted! A flashlight was flicked on which made one of the things shrink back in to the shadows, but it was hardly strong enough! Another grumbled about ‘crazy stupid field trips!’!

Gabriel: *Was suddenly between the party and the hunters!* Lux lucis debello wraiths , absum. *A shaft of bright line shone down on the area they were in, bathing the wraiths and the hunters in it! So BRIGHT!* -05:55 Feb 12

SHRIIIIIEEEEK! It was a horrible sound as the wraiths were gone… but the light was so bright it was impossible to tell if they were obliterated or just flew away! …Frank fainted!

“…someone pick up Frank.” Poor leader looked like he was going to pass out too. Some field trip!

Brutus lifted his head and sniffed the air. Then he shook himself as if wondering if he’d had a nightmare!

Evangeline: Gabriel… *Evangeline moved to snagged Gabriel’s sleeve. That was enough helping for her, she’d stay with him now! she’d write wraiths down on her list of things she never wanted to feel again!* -06:01 Feb 12
Gabriel: … The bus is going to the spa resort we drove past two hours from here. *He said as if that was what she had wanted to ask him!* -06:05 Feb 12
Evangeline: *She took in a deep breath, and put on her smile! It did make her feel a bit better!* …that will be nice! It’s enough here, I think? They did very for a first time. -06:08 Feb 12

There were many hopeful, pleading looks from those hunters! …Heck they’d take some more trolls on if that meant they could go to a spa!

Gabriel: … Indeed. Given the circumstances, their performance will have them as full fledged hunters in little time. *He replied.* No doubt you are pleased with that. -06:12 Feb 12
Evangeline: Yes! Ms. Grey is going to be very happy! *She didn’t think she had ever heard him compliment the hunters before! That was even better! Taking his hand, she was going to lead the way back to the bus… just a little wary about doing so!* -06:15 Feb 12

Those hunters looked pretty stunned themselves, but wisely no one said a word. Nobody wanted any take backs!

The bus was right where they left it, in the condition they left it! Everyone shuffled into the bus with Gabriel and Brutus standing by the door, keeping watch!

With everyone settled on the bus, even Frank, they were harassing the guy a bit and not letting him know what happened or where they were going. They’d let Frank think the worse!

Evangeline: *Poor Frank! Evangeline sat down last… now grinning more than before! Gabriel did awfully thoughtful things when he wanted to! She was trying to imagine him and Brutus getting massages!* -06:24 Feb 12

Poor Frank! He was absolutely horrified about what they’d find when the bus turned off the road! Those guys had just been kidding, right? Right?!

The bus finally stopped in front of the secluded spa resort! Of course there was no one to greet them but with Gabriel leading the way, he had them checked in and headed for their rooms in no time!

This was the vacation they wanted! …Then again there was more than a few of those hunters talking about “traps” and “this is too nice” and being extra carefully on their guard just in case they ran in to cute girls that turned out to be sucubus or bed monsters!

Evangeline: Is it a haunted spa? *She leaned and asked softly… Well, it was a legitimate question after the real monsters!* -06:38 Feb 12
Gabriel: That can be arranged. *He replied. Several moments of silence stretched.* This is a legitimate spa resort. -06:40 Feb 12
Evangeline: I’ve never been to a spa before. *And if it’s not haunted, she won’t have to worry about those hunters getting in to trouble!* This will be a nice place for you to relax! We can take a bath and you can tell me about the monster playground! -06:43 Feb 12
[Evangeline has never been to a spa, so this is a nice experience!] -03:25 Feb 15
[Gabriel was out doing Gabriel stuff … with Brutus!] -03:26 Feb 15

The person massaging Evangeline had such great hands! He was a young man who’d introduced himself as Greg!

Evangeline: *Of course, normally she’s talking to people and it’s so hard not to make conversation!* …so I think he’s going to grow bigger than me before long! -03:28 Feb 15

Greg didn’t have a trace of magic or anything “not normal” around him! He was very polite and asked Evangeline what breed of dog Brutus was!

Evangeline: He’s a wolf! *She blinked. That might not have been so normal to announce.* Well,… part wolf I think. Maybe Chow and Alaskan husky. Or irish wolfhound! He really isn’t a normal puppy. -03:33 Feb 15

Greg smiled and laughed! He had one of those mixed breeds too. A German Shepherd-Doberman mix. Boy was she a handful!

Evangeline: A little training goes a long way, but you can never quel those urges to eat hot dog stands… *Gabriel told her what Brutus did while she was in London, and she had tried not to laugh.. but Brutus really loves those hotdogs!* -03:38 Feb 15

Greg laughed at that too! Then he said time was up! Would Miss Clark like anything else he could help her with?

Evangeline: I want Gabriel to sit still for awhile, but that might take some convincing! *Sitting up she tapped her chin to consider.* No… I guess not! I can check on my others and find something very nice to do. -03:43 Feb 15

Greg nodded and bade her farewell! Then he saw himself out and Evangeline was finally alone!

Evangeline: *Greg was nice! She made sure her towel was nice and secure when she hopped to the floor and slipped on some shoes. A little snooping on her hunters to make sure they weren’t giving each other trouble would be good… and then to make sure Brutus wasn’t swallowing soaps!* -03:47 Feb 15

The newbie hunters, after a hard field trip and a lot of relaxing, were goofing off and playing around!

Evangeline: *Evangeline listened for a moment… and grinned!* Everyone is having fun, yes? I bet we can ask Ms. Grey to allow trips more often! -03:51 Feb 15

Of course, the hunters froze in their horseplay when Evangeline walked in! They quickly got off the bed and got smart and at attention! You never knew where Gabriel would pop up!

“Evangeline! Ack! You’re naked!” Oomph Frank as he grabbed the nearest towel to hide behind!

Quick! Quick! They diverted their eyes and tried to play it cool!

Evangeline: A towel is not naked. It is perfectly normal to wear towels… *Clasping her hands behind her back she grinned again.* Don’t stop having fun on my account, I only wanted to make sure everything is well. …It is, isn’t it? *What on earth were they embarassed about?* -03:54 Feb 15

“No offense, Evangeline! But uh … you’re our uh, teacher and um … seeing you in a towel … uhh …” stammered one guy!

“Yeah! You’ve got legs and and and…!” Frank looked from behind his towel, “and… stuff. Very nice stuff.”

Someone elbowed Frank in the ribs! He was going to get himself killed!

Evangeline: *Opening her mouth to object, she found herself confused for a moment. …Stuff?* I’m not sure if that means I look pretty or the sight of me makes grown men faint. -03:59 Feb 15
Gabriel: … It is the former. *He said from behind her, standing in the doorway!* -04:00 Feb 15

Frank demonstrated the latter by fainting! …But that might have been at the sight of Gabriel!

Evangeline: *Evangeline pointed over at the hunters.* They really don’t know the difference between towels and naked. Do you think I need to teach some other sort of classes? *She asked Gabriel!* -04:03 Feb 15

A couple of the guys caught him and had to move Frank to the bed! And he called himself a hunter!

Gabriel: … I trust you are not seeking to teach them female anatomy. *He remarked, tilting his head slightly at her.* -04:06 Feb 15
Evangeline: … Do they not know female anatomy? What are they teaching in normal schools these days? *She moved to check on poor Frank!* I’m not sure if I can teach Biology, but I should know enough about girls! -04:09 Feb 15

Some of the hunters were beginning to show interest in this! One of them even started asking, “Can you–?” before his buddy gave him that “Shut the hell up, man!” look!

Frank was coming to just in time to see a dream and hear ‘female anatomy’. With an URK he rolled out of bed to dodge Evangeline! “I’m okay, I’m okay!”

Evangeline: You would have to have a good grasp of anatomy while on the field, in case of injuries and fights and such… A lesson couldn’t hurt. *Now where did Frank roll off too!* -04:15 Feb 15

“Grasp of anatomy…?” THAT brought some really interesting mental images to mind and surely Frank wasn’t the only one thinking it!

Gabriel: *Raised an eyebrow.* The corpses of a few new hunters should do nicely for an example. -04:19 Feb 15
Evangeline: *Blech! She made an icky face at the thought!* I wouldn’t want to poke at dead bodies, though. ….Why would it have to be new hunter bodies, anyway? Is there something wrong with old ones? -04:21 Feb 15
Gabriel: Simply because we have an ample supply right here. -04:21 Feb 15

“…I don’t think we need any new lessons, right guys?! We, uh, we know all we need to know. Yep, and so you can go on and have a nice breas- REST. Nice REST.” Cough.

Evangeline: They’re not dead, though? *Now those hunters were trying to shoo her out! Hmph!* All right, all right… But I’ll think about that lesson anyway. These things are just important to know. -04:27 Feb 15

The others grinned nervously and nodded.

Gabriel: *He left the room and stood in the hallway. He smelled … like Gabriel and … earth and rain and leaves … Where had he gone?! -04:29 Feb 15
Evangeline: *A curious expression at those hunters before following Gabriel out.* I don’t know what they’re so hissy-fitted about. …where did you sneak off to? -04:31 Feb 15
Gabriel: Here. *He pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her. A rock about the size of her fist, rough around the edges, a bit sharp, but definitely different from any other rock. This one felt warm, as if it was alive, almost … like a heart but not!* -04:39 Feb 15
Evangeline: Oh! This one is special! * She examined it a bit to see if she could figure it out.* Where did you find it? -04:41 Feb 15
Gabriel: You wanted a rock from the leyline, did you not? -04:42 Feb 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked!* I did. You fetched it just for me…? -04:43 Feb 15
Gabriel: I had other business there but I picked one up since you could not make the trip. -04:45 Feb 15
Evangeline: You’re always so very sweet! *She leaned up on her toes to kiss his cheek!* I can make something very nice with this. -04:47 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He was beginning to get used to the Seer’s strange habits so he only raised an eyebrow at her.* You will need your rest. The bus leaves early in the morning. *They had gotten to Evangeline’s–Gabriel’s room–and he led her inside.* -04:52 Feb 15
Evangeline: It’s so hard to sleep when in such a nice place. …and you haven’t sat still to try anything here. World savers deserve a little relaxation too. *And despite the beautiful place she couldn’t stop thinking about wraiths! Last thing she wanted to do was dream about one, start swinging fists, and scare everyone to death!* -04:56 Feb 15
Gabriel: … There is something bothering you. -04:59 Feb 15
Evangeline: *She quickly hid that guilty look with a suspicious one and a quick change of subject.* You aren’t afraid to sit still and relax are you? -05:01 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her but didn’t press the subject.* There is much to do and little time to sit still and "relax". -05:08 Feb 15
Evangeline: Ms. Grey says that too and she’s nearly mad. *Evangeline captured his hand to tug him over to a chair. She fussed at him until she got him to sit.* Mr. Greg told me all sorts of things about massage today, I can show you! -05:10 Feb 15
Gabriel: Ms Grey is human and too inexperienced. *He replied, although he found himself sitting in a chair.* -05:13 Feb 15
Evangeline: But for a human, she has her hands in nearly as many things as you do. *At least Gabriel didn’t get mad when she said they were similar… Ms. Grey tended to growl and threaten to throw her out windows. Moving behind him, she ran her fingers through his hair once or twice before gently rubbing his head.* -05:18 Feb 15
Gabriel: *He sat still despite any protests he might have had and was silent. For a vampire who saved the world so many times, he really did have great hair!* -05:21 Feb 15
Evangeline: *He did…! And it was much nicer than petting Brutus, not that petting a fuzzy werepup wasn’t nice… but a different nice! She took care to linger on certain pressure spots with gentle hands.* Besides, quiet moments make the scary ones less scary. -05:27 Feb 15
Gabriel: Indeed. Humans would not feel fear if they did not know bravery. *He was sitting very still and there was Brutus curled up on the bed!* -05:38 Feb 15
Evangeline: Not just humans, vampires too! Granted, I don’t think you’re afraid of much. *Fearless and patient… patient most of the time! He’d really get those hunters sometimes! Evangeline moved to his neck and shoulders, he really did need to relax.* -05:43 Feb 15

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