036 Attempted Assassination

Someone tries to assassinate Ciara Grey under the orders of Anthony Carnatelli and nearly succeeds, prompting Ciara to admit that she needs real security. She officially enlists Gabriel as a personal guard, and seemingly getting Evangeline as part of the package.

[Ciara is working two jobs and refuses to delegate. …That means double the supply orders and threatening shippers!] -02:19 Feb 19
[Leon was taking a nice long nap somewhere comfty!] -02:28 Feb 19

“Do you think we should wake him?” a passer by asked his buddy.

Leon: *Snore snore!* Mmm … But I dun wan’ the mashed potatoes … *He turned over.* Just … rare … Mmm … *More snoring!* -02:30 Feb 19
Ciara: *A very long list… At least through running a hotel gives her plenty of experience to know what is necessary of running a slayer organization. Food, supplies… only extra stops include weapons. And dealing with weapon shipments had to go and be FUSSY. Ciara was growling under her breath keying in things to her phone!* -02:31 Feb 19
Leon: *He was sleeping at Oracle HQ in Ciara’s office but people came in and out so often when she was away! Some passing hunters had come to see what the noise was about!* -02:40 Feb 19

Someone in a gray uniform, which is what all these people wore, handed her a clipboard to sign to verify she’d inspected the shipment and that it had arrived in perfect condition!

Ciara: *A silent scoff as she took the clipboard and read over the documents, checking off the list here, signing things there… Of course things arrive in perfect order, it’s always getting things back to Headquarters that pissed her off. Ciara was signing her name and moving to make sure she had people to pick up the crates.* -02:44 Feb 19

The employee thanked her and disappeared! But then there was a CRASH! and people rushed over to one of the trucks! Nothing worth–Wait, that came from one of the trucks headed to Oracle HQ! What if some of the merchandise had been damaged and they still expected her to accept the damn things?!

Ciara: *…she could feel a headache coming on. Gritting her teeth, and strongly resisting that urge to start screaming and stabbing people through the nose with her pen, now she was going to have to spend another two hours making sure they didn’t break her shit! …Nevermind, she couldn’t not scream at them!* If ANY of that is damage every last one of you is going to personally put it back together…! -02:50 Feb 19

There was another employee coming from the wreckage! “Ms Grey! We’ve had a little accident with one of your crates. I assure you, we will handle everything.”

Ciara: Right, like you <i>handled</i> dropping everything! I have two other shipments I need to inspect! *Shemight have reached out to strangle him, but pointed an angry finger instead.* Get it all cleaned up, and don’t you dare leave this dock until I check it again. -03:03 Feb 19
Ciara: Right, like you handled dropping everything! I have two other shipments I need to inspect! *Shemight have reached out to strangle him, but pointed an angry finger instead.* Get it all cleaned up, and don’t you dare leave this dock until I check it again. -03:04 Feb 19

“Yes, Ms Grey.” He turned to go only to turn around again. “And, Ms Grey …?”

Ciara: Uh huh? *She rest her hands on her hips… If he told her something else was wrong, she was going to throw him off the docks.* -03:09 Feb 19

“Anthony Carnatelli sends his regards …”

Leon: (stupid enter button!) -03:18 Feb 19

Huh? The employee suddenly wasn’t there! He was right behind her! “Anthony Carnatelli sends his regards …” And then a knife came out of nowhere and thrust forward with every intention of killing her!

Ciara: *With a mental curse, she was quickly moving, flinging her elbow back to crack him in those nose. Ignoring that sudden sharp pain at her side, she was already pulling a gun from the harness under her coat and spinning to shoot!* -03:30 Feb 19

People came running at the sound of gunshots! But the assassin was knocked back a few steps and managed to give her a toothy grin before leaping on some crates! He got out by some opening in the roof! A skylight or something!

Ciara: Son of a bitch…! *Ciara very nearly chased him down, but she was bleeding and feeling a little weird and… The last thing she wanted to do was pass out so the bastard or god knew who else could finish her off! Quickly putting away her gun and pressing a hand to her side, she was pulling out her phone and calling her office!* -03:39 Feb 19

BRING BRRRINNGG! “Hello, Oracle Corporation, Ms Grey’s office. This is Tanya. How may I help you?”

Someone was trying to give her first aid and get her off of the phone while someone called the ambulance!

Ciara: Back off! *Ciara at least pushed the one away trying to get her phone… How was she supposed to know if any of these people weren’t also working for that Carnatelli!* Tanya, do me the favor of telling Leon to come get me. …and the docks because I’m not going to any hospital! *She hissed very loudly!* -03:46 Feb 19

Tanya blinked! “Right away, Ms Grey!” She was out of the chair and into Ciara’s office in no time flat!

Leon: Mmm … *Snore snore! No matter what Tanya did, shaking him, splashing that cup of cold-okay, lukewarm–water on his face … he didn’t budge!* -03:50 Feb 19

“LEON! LEEONN!! Come on! Ms Grey is in trouble!” she said exasperated!

Leon: Cissy! *He bolted awake, grabbed his keys and was suddenly streaking for the door!* -03:50 Feb 19

A startled Tanya scrambled to the doorway to see him already down the hall! “LEON! The docks! She’s at the docks!” And then she lost track of him!

Not too long later …

Leon: *He screeched to a stop in front of the dock warehouse and scrambled into see her surrounded by people! He bolted to her side!* Awh man … What the hell happened! -03:53 Feb 19
Ciara: *Frustrated and tired… It was imossible to think when surrounded by fussy people and trying to be aware of Carntatelli assassins! She’d never been more glad to see Leon!* It’s nothing. Make everyone go away or get me to the car. -03:57 Feb 19
Leon: *Nothing?! His expression said as much but he nodded.* It’s alright. It’s alright. *He told the people.* I’ll take Ms Grey to the hospital thank you. *He knew it would be impossible to get them all to leave so … he had to gently pick her up and get her to the SUV. He laid her down in the back seat but didn’t move.* Now what the hell happened. -03:59 Feb 19
Ciara: A bad judgement call on my part, apparently. Don’t worry, I’m not dying. *hurt, but not dying… At least that was enough to flash Leon a grim smile. That Carnatelli was going to be mighty pissed.* -04:03 Feb 19
Leon: I’m taking you to the doctor. *He said firmly, obviously not quite convinced! He closed the door and climbed into the driver’s seat and off they went toward the nearest hospital!* -04:06 Feb 19
Ciara: I don’t need a doctor. What I need is a glass of wine and a bigger gun! *…And a plan! She has been a bit careless… Especially knowing the lengths Anthony Carnatelli went to harass that crazy psychic and Gabriel. She was lucky to just get a knife!* -04:08 Feb 19
Leon: … Tell me what happened and I might just take you to the infirmary at Oracle HQ. *He glanced at her from the rearview mirror.* -04:10 Feb 19
Ciara: *Blinking, she wasn’t sure if she were amused or surprised… he was serious!* I don’t think it’s anything you need to worry about. I can take care of it. -04:13 Feb 19
Leon: I beg to differ. *He replied, very serious!* You’ve been running around like Super Woman, you know damn well you’re on everyone’s hit list … and you were almost killed today. That constitutes as something *I* do need to worry about me. Me and Lily and a ton of other people. -04:15 Feb 19
Ciara: …I wasn’t almost killed. If he was serious, I’d be dead by now. *Ciara muttered… which was fairly serious. …But still wasn’t something Leon needed to worry about.* All I needed was a ride from someone I trusted, there’s not any reason to get worked up about it. -04:19 Feb 19
Leon: *He was silent … Too silent!* … Lily, it’s Leon. *He was on the phone!* Could you and Conrad get to Oracle HQ, the Infirmary? … Trust me, you’ll find out why as soon as you get there. -04:21 Feb 19
Ciara: Have you lost your mind! Lily has enough to be concerned about! *Hissing she was trying to scramble forward, possibly to beat him senseless!* -04:24 Feb 19
Leon: Oh no. *He said after hanging up and keeping his phone well out of her reach.* You don’t want to take this seriously, I’ll talk to someone who will. I mean, Cissy. Now calm down before you bleed to death or something. -04:25 Feb 19
Leon: *it -04:25 Feb 19
Ciara: I WAS perfectly calm! …and serious! There are consequences to what I do, and I understood them when I got involved. I don’t see any reason to go flipping out about it or getting my daughter worried over it! -04:27 Feb 19
Leon: *He shot her a dark glance in the rearview mirror.* I hear plenty of talk about consequences involved but did you ever think of the people involved?! Namely me and Lily?! *He looked like he was going to say a hell of a lot more but he shut up and focused back on driving.* -04:30 Feb 19
Ciara: You- *Ciara paused… she didn’t think she had ever seen such a look from him before. Not even when she was after Anthony herself.* I was trying to keep you out of it… -04:33 Feb 19
Leon: *He still looked mad but he also looked a bit guilty.* Yeah, well … it’s too late for that. *He parked in front of Oracle HQ and turned the car off. But he didn’t get out right away.* No matter what happens, you can’t be so reckless. No matter what the stakes, there will always be someone mourning for you. *He suddenly looked out the window.* Oh, here we go! *He climbed out and picked her up gently, seemingly back to his old self!* The sooner we patch you up the better. -04:35 Feb 19

The Infirmary was full of doctors and nurses! As soon as Ms Grey arrived, they hurried Leon over to a bed so they could bandage her up and do what they had to do.

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t wanting to let go of Leon, but she wasn’t going to make a scene in front of employees. There was enough gossip as it was.* … I’m not finished talking to you. -04:39 Feb 19
Leon: *He flashed her a wolfish grin but stayed right there until she’d been patched up and ordered to rest in bed for awhile! He sat down by her bedside.* Uh … so, want me to get you the Wall Street Journal? -04:40 Feb 19

Lily: *Lily was thinking the worst when Leon called her! Surely it was the end of her mother, and finally someone got pissed off enough to finally kill her! …So she sighed with a breath of relief when she arrived and Ciara was okay. …Then she was really, really mad!* …She’s not getting a newspaper! She’s getting chains and a padded cell! *Lily announced from the doorway!*

Conrad: *He was right behind Lily as always with Brutus beside him, to boot! He’d been wondering about this call Lily had gotten from Leon … especially since he’d mentioned the Oracle Infirmary!*

Ciara: *A bed ridden groan…! As if having to stay put wasn’t bad enough.* I’m perfectly fine. I think you should locking up Leon for making people needlessly worry. -04:43 Feb 19
Leon: I think that’s the greatest idea ever. *He glanced over at Cissy and coughed.* Ahem. I mean … I was uh, hoping for something a little more um, er less on the er … cell thing. -04:43 Feb 19

Lily: Oh right… Stuck in bed because you were stabbed and you’re just fine. I talked to those doctors before coming in here. I suppose you’re going to tell us you tripped.

Conrad: *He looked over at Brutus.* Come on. I think we should leave these two alone. *He headed out the door to wait outside.*

Ciara: Is there no one around here that can keep their mouth shut? *Ciara growled… and sighed. …What WAS she supposed to say?* No… No I’m not. It seems I may need to… adjust my daily habits… -04:50 Feb 19
Leon: Like slowing down a bit? Actually delegating some of your workload? *He suggested with a raised eyebrow.* -04:51 Feb 19
Ciara: Absolutely not. This entire place would fall apart! …A personal guard or something. Maybe a dragon. *Scoff. Delegating her work… Now was not the time to leave Oracle to any idiot.* -04:54 Feb 19

Lily: Dragons are hardly dependable enough. …but I know someone who is. That could take care of anything that happened. *Lily crossed her arms… it was a little wild of an idea, and she wasn’t even sure he’d accept. …But she bet Evangeline could talk him in to it.*

Leon: *He blinked at Cissy.* You’ll actually hire a bodyguard for yourself? *He could hardly believe his ears.* -04:57 Feb 19
Ciara: *A sheepish glance at Leon.* Contrary to what I normally say, I know I’m not indestructable. *…Then cast Lily a suspicious look.* …If you’re going to suggest me taking Conrad, you can forget it. He already has a job to do. -04:59 Feb 19
Leon: Heh heh. *He flashed her a wolfish grin.* -05:01 Feb 19
Leon: *He glanced over at Lily, too!* Hm? Who did you have in mind? *He honestly couldn’t think of a lot of people who could fit the criteria required … like tolerating Cissy!* -05:02 Feb 19

Lily: *Lily shook her head slowly.* Not Conrad. … But I think Gabriel Carnatelli could do it. He has always come to help me and he’shelped Leon. There’s probably no one better.

Ciara: *Silence. …followed by sudden laughter, then a few ‘ows!’ of pain, and more snickering!* I’ll be in the grave before I ask that Carnatelli another favor! -05:05 Feb 19
Leon: *He blinked and by the expression, he liked the idea!* Ooo Gabriel! That’s brilliant! *Wolfish grin! He and Ciara were so alike!* … You could consider the alternative. Padded cell. -05:05 Feb 19
Ciara: *Her laughter stilled to a slow wicked smirk.* I’d like to see you try and put me anywhere. You can forget it. -05:08 Feb 19
Leon: Fine. *He stood and folded his arms.* Cissy, Lily and I will hire Gabriel for you. Lily …? -05:09 Feb 19

Lily: *Lily nodded!* Evangeline is here lecturing a class, he wouldn’t be too far.

Leon: Great! *He gave another wolfish grin and started for the door.* -05:12 Feb 19
Ciara: Wait a damned second! *Ciara growled, pushing away blankets to crawl her way out of bed.* Even IF I let you bully me in to this idea, he has his own concerns! Like that fool psychic and her pup! -05:12 Feb 19
Leon: *He stopped and turned to look at her.* He has a lot of concerns but he seems to be juggling them rather well. Don’t you think, Lily? -05:14 Feb 19

Lily: I would get out of bed if I were you. Cause we won’t be here to pick you up off the floor! *Lily mimiced Leon’s wolfy grin as she waved to her mother! Ciara could try and follow, but she wasn’t going to get anywhere like that!* Let’s go, Leon.

Ciara: *wouldn’t -05:16 Feb 19
Leon: *Leon couldn’t help but chuckle at Lily’s wolfish grin! That was one hell of an imitation!* Yes. Let’s go get this done! Be back in a little while, Cissy! *He followed Lily out!* -05:16 Feb 19

Lily: *Lily was flashing that same wolfy grin at Conrad and Brutus when they walked out, and headed for the room Evangeline said she’d be in. A Werepup babysitter needed to know these things. …Stepping in the class, Lily had to pause for a moment trying to figure out exactly what was going on…* …Uh.. Evangeline…?

Conrad: *He and Brutus blinked at Lily and then turned and blinked at each other.* This could only mean trouble. *He told the werepup.*

“Woof!” went Brutus!

Evangeline: …Did Brutus eat another stand again? *Evangeline paused… There was a rope in her hands and tied to the other was the legs of three hunters. They didn’t look too pleased about it, but Evangeline didn’t seem to notice!*

Leon: *He had to stand behind Lily and peered over her shoulder! He’d heard some strange stories about Evangeline and Gabriel’s unorthodox teaching methods but this?!* -05:21 Feb 19

Lily: No… * She was raising a finger to point at the hunters and ask what that was all about but…. Maybe it was better she didn’t!* I wanted to ask Gabriel a favor.

Evangeline: Oh! Then ask him! *…With that, she was tugging the rope trying to budge those hunters… to no effect!*

Lily: …*Lily glanced around… Kind of hard to ask him when she couldn’t see him.* …He’s not in here is he?

Leon: *He blinked. He’d been hoping they could ask Evangeline so she could ask Gabriel. As far as he could tell, the vampire had never outright refused her yet.* -05:26 Feb 19

Gabriel: … Perhaps you need something more to motivate your students. *He suggested, suddenly behind Evangeline! He hadn’t been there a moment ago and the only way in or out was through the door Leon was blocking!*

Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped tugging and frowned.* I was trying to knock them off their feet, but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. …Lily would like to ask you a question.

Leon: *He tilted his head slightly at Evangeline! So that’s what she was trying to do! He still didn’t get it though …* -05:32 Feb 19
Leon: *He raised an eyebrow at the hunters whose legs were tied.* … Indeed. *He turned to Lily and Leon.* Ms Grey. Santos. -05:32 Feb 19

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at the hunters whose legs were tied.* … Indeed. *He turned to Lily and Leon.* Ms Grey. Santos

Lily: *Knock them off their feet with a rope tied around their legs…? Was it a booby trap? Shaking the question out of her head, mostly at the sudden appearance of Gabriel, she was crossing her arms again.* My mother has finally gotten herself more trouble than she can handle, but even getting herself stabbed and still won’t admit it… I don’t think she can keep going the way she has been.

Evangeline: She really can’t. I keep telling her that soon she won’t be so lucky, but she is as stubborn as Gabriel about those things! *Evangeline had returned to tugging the rope! This time trying to pull in a sudden different direction, with no luck!*

Gabriel: *He glanced at Evangeline when she mentioned him and Ciara being similiar!* … I see. And you have come to a solution to this predicament of your mother’s.

Lily: Yes. You’ve helped me, and you saved Evangeline even though Anthony took her himself. I was wondering… if maybe you would take care of my mother too.

Leon: Yes, please. This is the only way other than throwing her into a padded room somewhere. *They were really desperate.*

Evangeline: That’s rather bad. It’d take a dozen people to get her in to a cell!

Leon: No. *He said simply. After a moment or two, he explained.* Your mother is headstrong and used to watching others, not be watched herself. She is intolerant of vampires, especially those of the Carnatelli bloodline. It will not work. -05:45 Feb 19

Gabriel: No. *He said simply. After a moment or two, he explained.* Your mother is headstrong and used to watching others, not be watched herself. She is intolerant of vampires, especially those of the Carnatelli bloodline. It will not work.

Evangeline: *Stopping her tugging again, she tilted her head with a thoughtful frown…* But… Ciara Grey bridges this world with the Magical world. Not to mention the work she does for Oracle. I can’t imagine how bad things could be if something happened to her.

Gabriel: Someone should convince her of that. She would practice more caution in the future.

Lily: * Lily fully expected a no… No one sane wanted to deal with her mother. (Of which she often wonders about Leon…) Yet, she had to try!* Maybe you can convince her? She knows she needs she needs the protection now, but she needs so much more than she thinks!

Leon: Maybe … there’s something we could do for you? I know you probably don’t need money or anything but um … something else? This is real important to us. You’re the only one we can trust with this. -05:51 Feb 19

Evangeline: …We’ll be able to foil Anthony’s plans all the more if we stop him from harming Ms. Grey. I am surprised he’s not tried to kill her in person after hiring you to Oracle.

Gabriel: *He thought it over or at least they could only assume he was! You could never tell what he was thinking!* … Very well. I will talk with your mother.

[Ciara was plotting to run away… but thought she might shoot everyone instead.] -01:42 Feb 21

Evangeline: Great! Oh! *Evangeline was nearly going to follow Gabriel with that rope and hunters tied to the other end…. She handed the rope to Lily.* You finish the class and we shall talk to your mother. It’ll be just fine, I promise!

[Gabriel watched Evangeline hand the rope over, silent as always!] -01:45 Feb 21

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus was jumping up and down, going for that rope. That looked like fun!

Lily: Thank you. *Lily wasn’t exactly sure what to DO with the rope and hunters attached… but was greatful Evangeline talked Gabriel in to her plot! …Now if her mother wouldn’t make a mess of it!*

Conrad: *He was as long as Lily on what to do and watched Brutus try to get that rope.* Maybe we should hand Brutus the rope and see what he does. *Maybe that wicked streak was beginning to rub off on him …*

Evangeline: We’re be right back! *Evangeline snagged Gabriel’s hang to tug him after Ms. Grey. Infirmary, infirmary…!*

Conrad: *lost

Evangeline: * we’ll

Gabriel: *He found himself being pulled to the Infirmary.* You are insane. I have no desire to speak to Ms Grey on any subject. -01:51 Feb 21

Lily: *At least it was a suggestion! Lily crouched down and handed Brutus the other end of the rope.*

Brutus was so very happy! He grabbed that rope and then he started to pull! Pull! Pull! PULL!!!

Evangeline: There isn’t any reason to be shy with Ms. Grey. I know she is a little… um… unpleasant, but it’s only because she doesn’t know you yet!

SPLAT! Those hunters hit the ground and were now being dragged across the floor by an over-excited werepup!

Gabriel: I am a vampire and a Carnatelli. That is all she has a desire to know. Ms Grey is narrow-minded and strong-willed. -01:55 Feb 21

Brutus was growling and having such fun! It was a good thing those desks and seats were pushed away or else there would be some broken furniture!

Lily: *Wince!* Sorry…! *Lily wasn’t sure if that was what Evangeline had in mind!*

Evangeline: Minds cannot be changed without taking chances. If she gets really upset, I’ll protect you from her!

Gabriel: If she agrees to this, it will be for the wrong reasons. She will do it either to satisfy her daughter’s concern for her welfare or to rebel against the Oracle. -01:59 Feb 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped at the infirmary door and frowned.* Isn’t it better to do it for the wrong reasons and things turn out well, than to not do it all and everything be worse?

Gabriel: … That would depend. -02:01 Feb 21

Evangeline: Depend on what? *Curiosity… she’d like to know all the reasons.. then she could wiggle around them with Ms. Grey!*

Gabriel: Upon your perspective of "well" and "worse". *He replied!* -02:05 Feb 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked! ….then smiled!* Than I think we’ll be just fine! *And with that she entered the infirmary with her best smile!* Good Afternoon Ms. Grey!

Conrad: *A sheepish grin at the groans and shouts coming from the men on the floor!* Heh heh …

Ciara: Evangeline. *…and Gabriel. Yes, she was going to kill her family.* I hope you’re here to talk about your very unsual lesson plans. *Ciara made sure to sit up at least. She wasn’t going to lie around with a Carnatelli lurking.* -02:12 Feb 21

Lily: Okay, that’s enough of that… *Lily moved to rescue the poor hunters and untie their legs before Brutus drug them around the whole complex!*

…but as soon as she moved forward, there was a CLICK! Another groan fron a hunter! “Don’t move, Miss Grey. It’s another trap! We’ll have to difuse it!”

Gabriel: *He smirked when she sat up like that. Her posture was answer enough for him. This was never going to work.* -02:14 Feb 21

Conrad: *He blinked!* … This must be Gabriel’s work. *Just how many traps did those two set up around here?!*

Evangeline: Not exactly…. Your family is worried about you, with good reason. *Evangeline hopped to sit on the edge of the bed.*

Lily: *Lily paused looking down to see the trap… but she really didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary!* I just have to stand here?

Ciara: *At that Carnatelli’s smirking, her eyes narrowed and she scowled!* They over reacted. But why don’t we get to the chase, Ms. Clark. They asked Gabriel to babysit me. -02:18 Feb 21

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus sat down and watched tue funny people!

Those hunters were disentangling themselves from the rope and Brutus. And looking really apologetic! “If you move, you might explode… or worse!”

Gabriel: … I refused. -02:20 Feb 21

Evangeline: …he refused because we haven’t discussed the details! You are wanting better security for yourself, aren’t you? Lily and Leon would be lost without you, and Oracle would be a disaster.

Ciara: *At Gabriel’s refusal it was her time to smirk! Of course, Evangeline was busy weaving her pretty words trying to mask the fact, she knew damned well that Carnatelli hated her as much as she hated him.* Pray, do tell, Evangeline… what would happen to you if your Black Knight was elsewhere? -02:24 Feb 21

Lily: You can’t be serious. *…Yet the hunters did look serious. She couldn’t panic, this was a controled environment! ….wasn’t it?* …I don’t want to see what happens if I move. Do something!

Evangeline: Oh. I thought that maybe you would stay with me. But now that I think about it, I don’t think my bed is big enough for three people. *Evangeline tapped her chin while she thought about it… They really did need to consider the details!*

Gabriel: … You are insane. *He remarked to her.* Truth be told, Ms Grey, I came to inspect the damage. It would seem Anthony did not try hard enough this time. -02:29 Feb 21

“There’s just one problem… Normally… it’s Evangeline stepping on the traps, and she gives us hints to disarm them…” Oh man… If it weren’t getting Gabriel mad at them, now they were going to have Ciara Grey killing them for blowing up her daughter!

Ciara: *She’s insane! …And Gabriel said it for her. Well, there was that in common.* I imagine, it was more of a warning than anything else. But I don’t scare easily. I can be more prepared next time. -02:34 Feb 21

Evangeline: …There’s no better preparation than having Gabriel, isn’t there? You did agree to let him work for Oracle…

Lily: I don’t think anyone will give you hints when you’re out on missions… *Crossing her arms to tap her fingers… she was certain Gabriel wouldn’t blow them up with real bombs. At least not at the risk of Evangeline. But she wasn’t too keen on finding out what he WOULD do!* …I guess I’m going to die. *She huffed!*

Conrad: … Should I go er, get Evangeline and Gabriel now?

Ciara: So I did. I’m still debating on whether or not I regret the decision. *Though she had to admit… Oracle had better hunters because of it. But spending time with a Carnatelli?* …I’m not staying at your place. I need to be at Shades. -02:43 Feb 21

“No, no, no! We can do this!” said one of the hunters. Mostly because it would be embarassing if they could disarm one little trap on their own! So one took Lily’s arm and another was examining the floor.

Evangeline: The Gabriel can stay at Shades with you. And I can let Brutus stay there too! So there will be nothing to worry about!

Evangeline: *then

Ciara: You so easily volunteer your vampire and your were. What does he have to say about it? -02:50 Feb 21
Gabriel: Suffice it to be said, you do require the extra protection. -02:53 Feb 21

Lily: *Lily gently pulled the one hunter off her arm with a frown, but remained still while they examined the trap.* What if there were demons or warlocks in here? Wouldn’t you be taking too much time?

Ciara: *Eyeing that Carnatelli carefully, and then Evangeline… she let out a heavy sigh.* I hope you are aware that I won’t be accomidating. I’ll change my schedule were necessary, but there will be moments when I need to do things, and I refuse to have yet another person complaining about it. …and I don’t like ~lurking~ when I think I’m alone. Or spying. -02:58 Feb 21

A swallow from the hunters… They were just glad Gabriel wasn’t in here to make that comment come true! One had the idea to nudge Lily’s foot out of the way and replace it with his own! Ta da! She was free! …now they didn’t have to worry about an innocent exploding!

Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned! That was Ms. Grey’s way of saying “yes!” to the idea!* Don’t worry! He never spies or lurks, and I’m sure you won’t even notice him around most of the time!

Lily: *Freedom! Lily moved quick to hide behind Conrad before any more traps got themselves triggered.* Was training this odd for you…?

Conrad: Er … never. They just basically taught combat and knowledge about demons, spirits, you get the gist. It was never anything hands on like this before. I’m impressed.

Ciara: Perhaps not… But I’ll notice a parentless werepup running around. *Of which still might be a lovepuppy with Leon… maybe.* -03:10 Feb 21

Evangeline: Oh, don’t worry. I’ll make sure Brutus behaves. He’s really a very good pup if he gets enough exercise and food.

Ciara: …I don’t recall you saying I was also getting a psychic in this deal. -03:12 Feb 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline just smiled!* Gabriel won’t sleep unless I’m there. You don’t have to share your bed, either… I really don’t think we’d fit. Not unless you had a really big one. *Now she seemed to be thinking about it!*

Ciara: …You are insane. *She should have known…* All right. …If Gabriel agrees. -03:17 Feb 21
Gabriel: *He was silent for several moments, quite possibly thinking of everything or anything.* … Very well. -03:24 Feb 21

Evangeline: *Evangeline clapped!* Yay! You won’t regret it, Ms. Grey! …of course you won’t, you’ll be alive… But, it could be a lot of fun too!

Ciara: *Leon was right… Gabriel really doesn’t refuse Evangeline anything! She wondered if he realized it himself?* …You can keep your fun to yourself. In fact, go back to terrorizing your hunters before you make me change my mind. -03:29 Feb 21
Gabriel: *He was already headed for the door!* -03:33 Feb 21

Evangeline: Yes, Ms. Grey! *Grinning still, Evangeline hopped off the edge of the bed to capture Gabriel’s hand and leave with him! Not only would they help Ms. Grey, but Gabriel would get to see how a real family works!* This will be lovely!

Gabriel: … What are you planning this time? -03:35 Feb 21

Evangeline: …not really planning. How do you always know whay I’m thinking? We’re going to get to spend time with Ms. Grey’s family, and it’s going to be wonderful!

Gabriel: No one would risk an attack on Ms Grey or her family at Shades. -03:41 Feb 21

Evangeline: We certainly hope not. But you won’t be guarding and slaying all the time, regardless! …Oh! And there are holidays soon! That will be the best!

Back in the training room there was one very unfortunate hunter hanging from the ceiling and covered in suckerpod arrows. He saved Lily’s life, but no one saved his in time! He was threatening every one of his partners that dare to laugh.

Gabriel: This assassin Anthony sent. No professional would ever attempt such a clumsy assasination. -03:47 Feb 21

Evangeline: I don’t think he meant to kill her this time. He seems to prefer much more grand methods. Next time will be more serious. *Stepping in to the training room, it sounded like everything was going just fine!* Lily! Your mother has agreed and no one is injured. She was actually very pleasant about it! …Where has Leon gone?

Lily: *It was amazing how many traps could be put together in a room like this… She smiled when Evangeline and Gabriel returned!* I’m glad. …Um… *She glanced around, as a matter of fact she hadn’t heard a peep out of Leon since the two left the room.* … I have no idea. Do you think he’s upset about mother?

Conrad: *He was thoughtful!* He did seem … more tense than usual. Maybe we could go find him before he uh, does something stupid.

Evangeline: *Tilting her head, she slowly frowned.* …Yes, you should find him. He won’t think when he’s too worried.

Lily: *Odd that she had to play the parent so often! Lily moved to the door, turning around just long enough to wave at the hunters!* Thank you for saving me from the trap. Uh… good luck!

Conrad: Wait up! Bye Evangeline! Bye Gabriel! Come on, Brutus! *He followed Lily out!*

Evangeline: You saved an innocent life! Good job! That earns a gold sticker, even! *Evangeline put on her smile again for her class. They were learning very well!*

Lily: *In the hall she paused just long enough to speak to Brutus!* Okay, Brutus… We’re sniffing out Leon.

“Woof! woof!” went Brutus. He put his nose to the ground and began sniffing! Immediately, he led his way down the hall and to the parking garage!

Lily: *Brutus was fast! Lily made sure to keep up on his tail… and wondering why Leon would run off like that!*

Conrad: *He didn’t like the looks of this! Especially when Brutus led them to an unfamiliar black car! Then he realized …* … Leon’s ride is gone.

Lily: *Lily looked surprised!* …Maybe he’s gone to get some ice cream? *Lily couldn’t imagine Leon doing anything crazy like revenge or payback… but… there was still not such a good feeling.* Maybe we should trail him and make sure…

Gabriel: *He couldn’t help but overhear Lily telling Brutus about sniffing Leon out!* … Santos will get them all into trouble. -04:18 Feb 21

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus barked. He sat down and looked up at them, wagging his tail!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying to get the hunter down!* He will… do you want to keep an eye on them too?

Gabriel: … It would seem I have little choice. I am leaving the raven. -04:29 Feb 21

Evangeline: I missed Fluffy! But you shouldn’t worry too much about me. I am surrounded by Oracle Hunters! *And her grin still didn’t falter when she let loose the one hanging upside and he fell with a THUD on his friends!*

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* Indeed. *But the raven stayed anyways! It perched on the back of a seat to keep watch!* -04:47 Feb 21

Conrad: … Hm. Now what? Do we just head back inside and wait?

Lily: I don’t think we should let him run loose if he is upset. I think my mother is crazy enough as it is. … Let’s find him, Brutus.

“Woof! Woof!” Brutus put hsi nose to the ground and began sniffing again. He led the way out of the garage and into the street!

Lily: *Lily snagged Conrad’s sleeve as she followed after Brutus. How much trouble could a semi-responsible grown man get in to anyway?*

Conrad: *He sighed!* The idea of him going out for ice cream is getting more faint by the minute.

Lily: He couldn’t do anything crazy… my mother would kill him.*Yet, it was always the nice people that suddenly cracked, wasn’t it!*

Brutus went down the street for what seemed like ages! He took a turn, went down that road for another couple of blocks! Then he took another turn! He finally led them to a hill and below that hill … the docks!

Lily: …He wouldn do anything crazy. *…By now, they had reached the docks and Lily was just trying to convince herself! She spied around looking for Leon!*

Brutus was too busy sniffing the ground! They bypassed all the busy parts and the people and the machine! He led the way further until all that noise subsided!

Lily: *Brutus had a good sniffer… He could probably fine anything in the city. Lily was still looking around carefully, though… Her hope that maybe Leon wanted to finish up her mother’s work, and absolutely NOT doing anything crazy like she was really starting to think he was doing!* …I have a bad feeling.

Conrad: *He was one step ahead of her! He’d pulled out his gun and was looking around! It was eerily silent here! He couldn’t even hear any seagulls or anything!*

Up ahead somewhere there were some banging and thuds! It looked like something was happening in that old warehouse!

Lily: That way… *She was tempted to call for Leon, but not if there was going to be trouble barreling at them… She headed in the direction of the warehouse, but quietly!*

Gabriel: *He nodded and they went off in the direction Lily pointed out. Brutus was heading off in that direction, too!* -05:28 Feb 21
[Gabriel is now known as: Conrad] -05:28 Feb 21
Conrad: *He nodded and they went off in the direction Lily pointed out. Brutus was heading off in that direction, too!* -05:28 Feb 21
Conrad: *He nodded and they went off in the direction Lily pointed out. Brutus was heading off in that direction, too!* -05:28 Feb 21

Lily: *In her head she was begging Leon not to be doing something stupid, but in the event he was… well, they would take care of it… and then she was going to pull Leon’s tail and let him watch Brutus eat all of his steaks. Lily practically tiptoed over to the warehouse doors, not so sure if she wanted to look inside!*

Inside, it was dark except for a shaft of sunlight coming in from a broken window. Someone was lying, curled up in the light with his back to them! There was no mistaking Leon though! At first it looked like he wasn’t going to move … but he stirred and slowly got up on his hands and knees.*

Lily: *Lily didn’t see anyone else… just Leon! But she was still quiet as she stepped inside until she reached him.* Leon.. what are you doing here…?

Leon: *He was breathing real hard!* … Lily …? *He shook his head.* Get back … This guy’s a bit … tougher than he … looks. Him and his … friends.

Conrad: *He was right behind Lily with Brutus tagging along!*

Lily: Then we should probably get going. *She muttered, not daring to take a look around. Him and friends? Trouble! Lily was trying to help Leon up!*

Conrad: *He moved to help Lily, kneeling at the side opposite her! They managed to get him to his feet but he looked pretty bad for a guy who’d just been missing for … half an hour!* -05:42 Feb 21

“Grrrr … Woof! Woof! Grrrrr!” Brutus growled, facing the door!

SCREECH … BOOM! The door slammed shut! “… Look what we got here!”

Lily: This is a nice mess. *Lily blinked over at Brutus.. and then door! That inner groan, of course it wouldn’t be easy. Boy, Leon was going to get an earful!* …We’re just leaving.

There was the sound of feet scurrying? Of snickers!

“Sorry, babe. We got other orders. This were here is close to Ms Grey and … we gotta kill him. We gotta kill you too. But you’re cute. We can have some fun first.”

Lily: Not much in the mood to play fetch. *Now she knew why people always used one liners in movies… they were trying not to sound terrorfied!*

Leon: *He tried to make his trademark wolfish grin! It came out as a painful grimace!* … Sorry. I really messed things up now.

Lily: At least it couldn’t get worse. *Conrad and Brutus would distract them and then she only had to make sure she and Leon snuck out… she could figure it out from there.*

Conrad: … Cover your eyes and get ready to run. *He whispered to Lily and Leon. He pulled out one scroll!* Declaro! *A bright light engulfed the warehouse.* -06:09 Feb 21

Lily: *Lily did as instructed while Conrad cast his spell… resisting the want to prod Leon as she tugged him for the door!*

There were shouts and curses! The bad guys began stumbling and groping around!

Leon: *He was going as fast as–Ow!–could!* Ow ow ow ow ow … *He muttered under his breath.* Lily, go. I’m slowing you down. *He whispered.*

Lily: Yes, yes you are. *But she wasn’t going to just leave him, no matter what silly thing he said. He was just going to have to hurt until they got out the door!*

They were just out the door until someone snagged Brutus and tackled Conrad!

Brutus growled and began to fight back!

Conrad: Lily, go! *He yelled as he wrestled on the floor, trying to get the thug off of him!* -06:22 Feb 21

Lily: Hey..! *No one was supposed to get left behind! …and no one was! Lily let go of Leon long enough to snag a fallen fire extinguisher off the floor. Then she was spraying it at their captures!*

There were shouts but then someone grabbed for the fire extinguisher and someone else grabbed for Leon!

Leon: *He growled and fought back but it wasn’t too hard to beat him down! He kept getting up though until they pulled him up and slammed him into the wall!*

Lily: *She wasn’t letting go of the extinguisher, and she gave them a boot to the face to prove it!* Get off!

Gabriel: … You and your mother share a penchant for trouble, Ms Grey. *He remarked from what sounded like right beside her!*

Lily: *Startled, she suddenly let go of the extinguisher.. and the beastie holding it!* I don’t exactly do it on purpose. *Gabriel! ….He was probably going to get real mad at the whole lot of them for being more trouble than it was worth…*

“Ooooff! … Hey let go! … AAAGGGGHHHHH!!” went the creature Lily had been fending off!

“Mel? Mel! What the fuck!” went someone from further inside the warehouse!

Lily: If you could do me another small favor and make sure we don’t die…! *With that, she was having to choose quick and dash to save Leon with a crowbar confiscated from the ground! He was the most injured!*

“What the fuck! It’s Gabriel! I’m outta here!” someone else said!

Suddenly they were all fleeing, leaving Lily, Conrad, Brutus and Leon alone with Gabriel!

Lily: *Good! That didn’t stop her from taking a swing at one of them though! They could nurse on that for awhile! …Lily might’ve looked like she was going to hit Leon with it too though, apparently a Grey family trait…* Are you okay, Leon?

Leon: … *He was awfully quiet and still now! Apparently those guys had knocked him good!*

Lily: *Sigh… poor Leon. Maybe it was better to be knocked out, Ciara wasn’t going to be happy. She turned around.* Conrad…?

Conrad: *He got up and joined them, along with Brutus!* … Yep, I’m here. -07:08 Feb 21

Lily: *A look of relief!* We should get him back before anything else happens. …Gabriel, thank you!

Brutus ran up to Gabriel. “Woof! Woof!”

Gabriel: *He handed Lily some keys!* You are welcome. Santos’ ride is on the other side of the warehouse. I will hunt the culprits down.

Lily: *Lily nodded slowly… then smiled. Yes… she really was liking Gabriel now!* Okay, now we get Leon in the car and to the infirmary and make patched up before Mother realizes he was missing.

Conrad: *He nodded.* Right. *He picked up Leon and slung him over his shoulder.* Let’s go. Yeah, thanks–Where’d he go? *He looked around for Gabriel!* -07:22 Feb 21

Lily: Doing what he does best, I think. *Jangling the keys to catch Brutus attention, she led the way to find Leon’s ride.*

Brutus barked. “Woof Woff!” He was mesmerized by the jingling keys and immediately started jumping for them!

Conrad: *He followed Lily and Brutus out of the warehouse, having to adjust Leon every other step.* Man, he’s heavy. -07:33 Feb 21

Lily: It’s all of those steaks he eats. *Upon finding Leon’s car she opened it up to help Conrad get Leon inside… even if she thought about strapping him to the roof! But since he was a wolfy at heart, he might’ve liked that anyway!*

Conrad: *With Lily’s help, he had Leon in the car in a little while. He looked around while Brutus hopped inside.* Do you want to drive? -07:40 Feb 21

Lily: Me? *She blinked. …She had no lisence, and she never even tried to drive before… Yet, the devious look on her face meant she was seriously considering it!* ….Next time where there’s not a helpless person in the back. *Grinning she handed over the keys.*

Conrad: *He chuckled softly and took the keys.* Good point. *He climbed into the driver’s seat and soon they were off.* -07:44 Feb 21

Gabriel: *Meanwhile, on the ledge a warehouse roof, overlooking the docks, Gabriel watched them drive away. He was holding a man in black by the neck, thirty feet from the ground.* … Now about your employer.

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