036 Unexpected Surprise

Evangeline is ill while trying to teach hunters… they find out she’s preggers!

[Evangeline is trying to give lessons today after feeling sick all week!] -12:45 Feb 20
[Meri is sticking close to her Mommy!] -12:46 Feb 20
Meri: Mommy, you don’t look so well! How about you take a break and give the hunters a pop quiz? -12:47 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying to fan herself with the lesson list, and just smiled at Meri.* And give them a easy day after a long break? If someone could open the windows, that would help! We just need a little fresh air. -12:48 Feb 20
Meri: *She watched one of the hunters scramble to do it! She would usually be up in a heartbeat but she was so worried about her Mommy!* do you want something cold to drink, Mommy? How about a pillow? -12:49 Feb 20

A couple of the hunters were really hoping for that ‘easy’ day. “You could cancel today’s lesson! What’s so important about summons, anyway?”

Evangeline: I’m fine, no one is escaping my lesson! Miss Caroline told me that you’ve all made a mess of your last summoning lessons, so we’re going to try and pop in something fun to chase! *A glass of water almost sounded nice… but ugh! Even thinking about it make her quesy! It was far too warm today!* -12:53 Feb 20

‘FUN to chase’ when it came to these lessons always meant something unpleasant. Many worried looks were exchanged. “…Uh… what are we summoning?”

Meri: Maybe I should do it today, Mommy? Let me show them how it’s done? You know I’ve been practicing! *She really didn’t want her Mommy straining herself today! She needed to be home, relaxing!* -12:54 Feb 20
Evangeline: Well, all right… Meri will show you how to summon a devil dog. You do it the exact same way she does, okay? *Meanwhile, she tilted to look for the nearest chair… maybe a bit too much tilting! The room was spinning!* …But first, whomever is twirling the room really needs to stop. -12:57 Feb 20
Meri: *She was watching her Mommy like a demon hawk! So when she paused, looking for that chair, she was already beside her with her arms around her waist!* I’m here, Mommy. Someone help me get my Mommy to the Infirmary! *She ordered in a tone that booked no argument!* -12:59 Feb 20
Evangeline: Oh no, we don’t want to do summons in the Infirmary, that causes all sorts of… confusion… *One minute she was thinking about devil dogs chasing doctors, and the next she was near greeting the floor with a blackout before someone caught her!* -01:01 Feb 20

Worse case scenario for any hunter class, Evangeline passed out! The rescuing hunter hefted her up, while there was already another slapping his buddy before he started to babble and panic. “Quick! Get her out of the room! This time it wasn’t my fault!”

Meri: *She sighed softly and rolled her eyes. Is *this* the future humans are supposed to depend on? They were so doomed!* Oh, hurry up! My Glaer will be here any moment! -01:07 Feb 20

The one carrying Evangeline bustled out with her quick, heading off to the Infirmary. The others remained in the room, unsure what to do next. They weren’t -guilty- of anything, but it was all about perception with that Carnatelli! And if she was fine and came back to them gone, they’d get it just as bad!

Evangeline: *It was strange seeing spots and hearing everyone like they were under water, but she was fine! She grumbled at the whole lot of them. And grumbled more still when she was blinking weary eyes at doctors in the Infirmary, stealing her blood and fussing over her!* …I’m fine..! I just haven’t eaten! ….I’m going back to my class…! -01:11 Feb 20
Meri: *That left Meri standing in front of the door with a wicked smirk and her arms crossed!* Now … it’s time to summon a devil dog! So everyone, listen up! ‘Cause if you get this wrong, I’m not responsible for your soul being devoured by what you summon! -01:11 Feb 20

Gabriel: *Meri was right! it didn’t take him long to realize something was wrong! He often checked up on Evangeline to make sure she was alright so even that brief moment of dizzyness alerted him! He was walking down the hall to the Infirmary as the doctors fussed!* -Meri

Trying to get Evangeline to hold still so they could take blood for bloodtests and check her vitals was never an easy task. But not a doctor nor nurse would let her up out of bed and threatened to strap her down if she didn’t behave!

Evangeline: I hate the infirmary, and I am so very tempted to bite you! *An empty threat… She definitely did not want to be tied down to anything, so for the moment she let them do as they would. And pretended it wasn’t because it required more energy than she could dig up. Maybe she should have stayed in bed today!* -01:16 Feb 20

The hunter that was nice enough to drop off Evangeline at the Infirmary saw Gabriel in the hall. It took all of his training to keep a straight face and pray he could walk past him without comment!

Gabriel: *Perhfaps the hunter had not prayed enough! Gabriel paused but didn’t look at him.* What happened. -Meri

Gabriel: *Perhaps -Meri

Frozen like a deer in headlights, he scratched the back of his head and shrugged his shoulders. “Uh.. we hadn’t even started lessons yet. She just sorta… told us to stop twirling and passed out!”

Gabriel: Return to the class. You want to be prepared when Vlamerias decides to give you an impromptu test. -Meri

Gabriel: *Then he continued into the Infirmary. His arrival announced when every doctor, nurse, and patient in the room froze at the sight of him.* -Meri

He’d take Vlamerias over Gabriel anyday! He ran back to the class quick with all of the others!

Evangeline: *She was dozing again, lying in one of the beds and curled up with a pillow! She was more tired than she thought!* -01:33 Feb 20

The Head of the Infirmary, Doctor Morgan, coughed to break the silence and waved a hand for the others to scurry away. This was going to take a professional for the news. “Ahem. ….Gabriel. You’re here for Evangeline, I’m sure.”

Gabriel: *The look Gabriel gave him was a raised eyebrow. Would he have come for anyone else?* Say your piece. -Meri

He cleared his throat again. “I’m not sure how to explain… …Would you like to talk to her first?” He was beating around the bush, but this was a very odd situation!

Gabriel: *Strange. The doctors usually said their piece and went. What was it this time.* I want to hear what you have to say. My wife needs her rest. -Meri

“Rest is exactly what she needs. Though, I fear it may not be enough for her conditon… This is rather unprecidented, Certainly not advised, in my professional opinion!”

Gabriel: *Evangeline was not a normal woman.* Out with it. *Any more of this and he was going to shoot the doctor.* -Meri

“…Your wife is pregant. With 100% certainty, and I must digress, it’s not wise. Vampires do not breed with humans for good reason, they’re bodies are frail, and well YOU… Not a normal case by any means.”

Gabriel: PREGNANT?! The only reaction that showed on his face was his eyes narrowing!* I am taking my wife home. *He turned and walked away to Evangeline’s bed side.* -Meri

The Doctor followed close – but not too close! “I don’t believe you understand the gravity of the situation. The chances of survival from a pregnancy like this is slim, I highly reccomend termination.”

Gabriel: Evangeline is not a normal human and it will be up to her to decide. *He didn’t want to risk her life but she had often mentioned children. The way her face lit up, the sound of her voice when she brought the subject up.* -Meri

Evangeline: *Oh, that snapped her to attention quick! Evangeline pulled the certain from her bed, pointing a finger at the doctor with a dark expression.* You have three seconds to run. -01:52 Feb 20

The Doctor started to argue! “But this is not wise! Imagine what that child could be!”

Evangeline: One locomotive… two locomotive… *She growled back. That was his two seconds! And at the moment, she would be more than happy to see Doctor Morgan thrown in to the sun!* -01:57 Feb 20

Gabriel: *That reaction surprised even Gabriel who turned slightly and raised an eyebrow at the doctor!* We will discuss this. It is not your place. -Meri

The Doctor wanted to argue it, but the woman looked more dangerous than Gabriel did at the moment, and he wisely escaped before Evangeline gave the ‘kill’ command!

[Meri is now known as: Gabriel] -02:01 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was so mad! But then, so unbelievably happy, she didn’t know if she was going to cry, squeel, or ask Gabriel to go bury the doctor in a volcano somewhere for even daring to -think- about taking this away from her!* The gall of that man! -02:02 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He bent to pick her up. Angry or not, she still needed to rest. He thought it better she have a chance to fume somewhere more private. They disappeared and reappeared at the castle where Gabriel lay her on the bed.* -02:03 Feb 20
Evangeline: He is lucky I don’t have a gun of my own. *…it was so hard to stay angry! She threw her arms around Gabriel’s neck!* Do you know what you’ve given me..! -02:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are shining brighter than ever, Evangeline. It does not erase the fact it puts your life at risk, either by the limitations of your body or my enemies taking advantage of it. -02:08 Feb 20
Evangeline: I don’t care! You’ve given me someone so very special, and if that doctor even -thinks- about looking at me cross-eyed, I am going to take great pleasure in covering him with barbecue sauce and leaving him naked with a pack of starving wolves. He’s our child. -02:11 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He was silent for a bit, thoughtful. But he sent Meri a quick telepathic message, telling her it was important she get to the Infirmary as quick and possible and erase the memory of the last 30 minutes of every man, woman, child, and other in Oracle.* -02:14 Feb 20

Vlamerias: *She giggled. This would be fun!! She weaved her way through the men wrestling devil dogs and running around the room to sneak into the Infirmary!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She eyed him… he was so silent and pensive! …she was almost afraid to ask!* …do you want him? Our baby? -02:17 Feb 20
Gabriel: I want you. I want you to be happy … The danger, Evangeline. My enemies are still out there. I cannot put you both at risk. -02:20 Feb 20

Vlamerias: *She hummed softly to herself! Spells like that were supposed to be nigh impossible to cast in Oracle! But … you found loopholes to exploit when you knew where to look and how to make use of them!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: There is nothing in the universe that you could give me that is more precious than this… There will always be enemies and dangers… can’t we have something special too? *He would want this, she knew he would… but even thinking that he might not want their baby was enough to make her teary!* -02:23 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He pressed his forehead against hers.* Do not cry, Evangeline. Please. -02:24 Feb 20
Evangeline: But you’re not answering me and this is so very important to know..! *She was so happy for it and wanted it so much, but if he didn’t want it too… that’d turn her whole world upside down!* -02:28 Feb 20
Gabriel: I have never given thought of having a child. But if I am going to have a child, there is no better mother than you. *He kissed her forehead and pulled her close.* -02:30 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Relief…! She couldn’t help a sniffle escaping as she hugged him tight and burried her face at his neck. But at least it was a happy sniffle!* He will be the greatest thing we have ever done…! I promise! -02:33 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are so certain it will be a son. *Although he was already considering who he had to kill before Evangeline’s pregnancy became clear … it was difficult to say how long he had. The doctor had been correct. A vampire fathering a child was unheard of.* -02:35 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned back to cast one of those wide devious grins. And was totally unapolagetic for it.* Yes. We’ve seen him. He’s going to have your beautiful eyes… …I want to tell everyone! They’ll be so excited! -02:37 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. That was true, they had.* Tell only a few. The rest of the world will wait. -02:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: Only a few…? You give me the most precious thing and I can’t even tell the world about it? *Not that she was upset about it! Evangeline was nuzzling his cheek, with a grin so wide she was sure her face would be sore later!* -02:43 Feb 20
Gabriel: Yes. I swear and ensure the silence and secrecy of everyone in this castle one way or another. -02:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: * I will swear -02:45 Feb 20
Evangeline: …that isn’t going to be an easy secret for me to keep, even if I wanted to! Before long they will see me and know. Not to mention the ones that could smell or sense! …Oh! I wonder if he will have a dark soul or a light one…? Imagine if he had both! *There were so many possibilities of what their child could be! She couldn’t wait to find out!* -02:48 Feb 20
Gabriel: No, but it will buy me time. *She was very excited about this!* -02:48 Feb 20
Evangeline: Buy you time for what, exactly? We’ll have nine months before he’s born… It won’t be hard to prepare at all. *She WAS excited, but he was still so stiff and pensive… Evangeline believed him when he said he wanted it, but he was still worried…* -02:51 Feb 20
Gabriel: Nine months come quickly for vampires, Evangeline. -02:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: Gabriel… what are you really worried about? Not just vampires? *She brushed a hand against his cheek… she wanted to brush all his worries away too. It was moments like this she understood why he sometimes kept things from her so she wouldn’t worry… She didn’t want him to always forsee doom!* -02:58 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He looked into her eyes and placed his hand over the one brushing against his cheek.* I will worry of it. You are ecstatic. I imagine you wish Caroline to know first. -03:00 Feb 20
Evangeline: She can wait. What’s the use of having a Seer for a wife, if you won’t believe her when she says all will be fine? It will. All I need is you with me, and our baby will be born happy and smiling. -03:03 Feb 20
Gabriel: A Seer who is not supposed to be haunted by visions and prophecies. -03:05 Feb 20
Evangeline: Exceptions are made when the Seer’s husband is turning pages in her mind and there are things he needs to see? I wondered how I could have had them after you took my gift, but now I am sure it’s because I was meant to be your wife. To help you when things are bigger than you are… *She grinned.* As hard as it is to imagine. Fate wants you to live, and I know I will be here for you. -03:09 Feb 20
Gabriel: Bigger than I am. *There was that subtle tone in his voice that told Evangeline he did not like the sound of that!* -03:15 Feb 20
Evangeline: You can’t control everything all of the time… There should be no worries about the future, just the pleasure of knowing that we have made a son that is as protective as you. *She drew his head down so she could kiss the tip of his nose.* I could remind you how he was made… -03:23 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You should rest. -03:25 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A huff!* I’m fine! It’s normal for a pregnant woman to have dizzy spells and such. In fact, I will probably pass out a lot, spend more days avoiding breakfast, and other terrible things husbands fear! …and since you won’t let me run bragging through Oracle, I will have to make do with you! *In fact, she was more than willing to test how much energy she had, for she took the opportunity to pounce on him!* -03:28 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He shifted so they wouldn’t wind up on the floor, landing on the bed with her on top of him! His arms went around her to keep her close and secure.* I will still not allow you to boast to the world of our child. -03:31 Feb 20
Evangeline: Today, maybe… but tomorrow..? Or the next day? I’m not afraid to tell the world and I dare someone to try and take him from me now! The fear they feel for the name Gabriel will pale in comparison to Evangeline! *Her attempt at a growl was foiled by her own giggling and the quick kisses she was trying to subdue him with.* -03:35 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are insane. *He raised an eyebrow at her again but reached up to cup her cheek as she giggled.* -03:36 Feb 20
Evangeline: Is it so crazy to want to show everyone what love can do? *She couldn’t stop smiling… even when she bent to kiss him again.* -03:39 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He kissed her back a little harder. having her so close, kissing him like this was beginning to have an effect on him.* -03:40 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She puuurred, a soft gentle sound so easily mirroring her contentment. Her promise to remind him how they made their child already on the mind, and readily shared with him as she tilted her head to deeping the kiss and hands moved to steal away some of his clothes.* -03:45 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He felt her hands on his clothes and did what he could to make her task easier. He nibbled on her lips and then slipped his tongue into her mouth to explore.* -03:46 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was rarely so impatient, but she couldn’t wait to have him! Without breaking away she had the buttons of her blouse undone and the shirt tossed away to the floor somewhere. The man had given her a child, and now she was very seriously contemplating ravishing him until the sun went out!* -03:55 Feb 20
Gabriel: *His hands moved down to find her arms bare and if he was surprised by her impatience, he didn’t show it! His hands continued down her body, down her sides, over her waist and hips.* -03:57 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A nibble of his lips and a brush of her tongue… followed by a huff as she sat up. Clothes were a bother when you wanted your husband! Evangeline scooted off him and the bed, making quick work of slipping off her shoes and pants… and then fussing to tug off his!* -04:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smiled at her and then moved to help her get his clothes off.* You are insane. -04:08 Feb 20
Evangeline: You say it like I have just won a very difficult argument rather than trying to seduce my husband. *She made sure to take his clothes and toss them well out of reach while he carefully set his guns aside. Had she gotten her hands on those too, they might not have been carefully put away either!* -04:14 Feb 20
Gabriel: *The guns were placed on the floor between the bed and the nightstand.* Are you trying to seduce me. -04:16 Feb 20
Evangeline: I might be… in a few months I may not be pretty anymore! *Her hands were on him again, and since she was trying to seduce him, she tried not to be too hurried.* -04:21 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He reached up to cup her cheeks.* You will always be beautiful to me, Evangeline. -04:21 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She grinned up at him, curling her arms around his waist and locking them tight. He said the sweetest things!* There’s not a woman in the universe as lucky as I am… -04:26 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He planted kisses over her face.* Your skin glows and your eyes sparkle brighter than all the stars in the sky. -04:31 Feb 20
Evangeline: Who is seducing who now, husband? *Her hands ran up his back and then down again. Followed by her soft giggling at squeezing his rear and the thought of all the ladies in Oracle that’d gossiped about wanting to that themselves!* -04:34 Feb 20
Gabriel: Seduction is merely telling the woman you love the truth. Are you enjoying my rear. -04:36 Feb 20
Evangeline: *..and he also knew when to say things to make her blush, regardless of how often they’d be like this! She hid her face at his shoulder.* I’ve been waiting all morning to have my hands on you. -04:39 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Now it was his turn for his hands to roam as his fingers slid between her legs.* I am yours, Evangeline. I always have and always will be. -04:41 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hum… heaven help the woman that tries to steal you…? *Her breathless statement probably didn’t sound as wicked as her earlier threats had, but she was much more distracted by the warmth of his skin and nuzzling between nipping kisses at his chest.* -04:46 Feb 20
Gabriel: *His hands moved down, slipping into her slit from the bottom and fingering her gently.* -04:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Her toes curled and she locked an arm around his waist just to keep herself from slipping to the floor in a pleased little puddle! Dizzy with desire was much better than being plain dizzy. Her head tilted back and she tapped her mouth with a finger to ask for a kiss!* -04:58 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He found her clit and he began to rub it even as he rubbed his hips against her! He kissed her gently at first and then harder.* -05:04 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Mumbled sighs against his mouth, it was so easy to forget who was supposed to be ravishing who! That finger that had beckoned him to kiss her was then tracing a path down his chest and stomach. A delicate hand gripping his manhood to coax him closer!* -05:11 Feb 20
Gabriel: *A soft muffled groan into her mouth and his shaft growing harder in her grasp let her know what she was doing to him. He moved his hips closer to hers even as he deepened the kiss and his tongue dove into her mouth again. His fingers rubbed her gently.* -05:13 Feb 20
Evangeline: *The way he moved or shivered with her touch always made her want him more! To drag him to the floor or kiss him as senseless as he made her! She squeezed his shaft, running her hand up and down. Not masking her grin against his mouth as she nipped at his tongue.* -05:21 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He murmured something against her mouth, something that didn’t sound English and sounded older as well! He growled softly!* … Evangeline. *He wanted her. He wanted her so much!* -05:25 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hmm? *The sound of her name on his lips was heaven, and wanted to hear it again… nearly as curious as she was about those other words! She tilted her mouth away to kiss his cheek, while brushing her thumb over the head of his shaft.* -05:29 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Another groan at the touch of her thumb across his tip!* I want you. I need you. -05:30 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Ooo.. just those words alone could make her knees buckle! She release him to slide her arms around his neck and kiss him hard!* Show me? Make love to me? -05:34 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smirked against her mouth even as he was sitting up and then shifting so she was under him and her head was on the pillow.* I thought you would never ask. *He lay on top of her with her legs spread, drawing one leg over his hips as he moved his hips up and slowly slid into her until he couldn’t move anymore. -05:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: *His wicked smirk! She wouldn’t close her eyes to miss that, even when he filled her completely! Her leg slid against his hip, curling around his waist as if to keep him captive.* You need no permission to have me… -05:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: As you need none for me. *He began to rock against her gently, a steady pounding as he lowered his head to one breast and began to suck at it. He wanted to take his time with her and let her know how much she meant to him.* -05:46 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She may not have had the same idea of taking time, tangling her hands in his hair before griping his shoulders tight with a quiet moan.* -05:51 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He continued sucking until her breast throbbed from the attention, then he lifted his head and moved to the other breast. He pounded her a little harder and a little deeper, drawing up the other leg over his hips.* -05:52 Feb 20
Evangeline: *Biting her lip, her hips met his with perfect rhythem. She pulled her hands away from him to curl her fingers in to the bedsheets before she dug her nails in to his skin!* -05:57 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He groaned softly at the feel of her nails biting into his skin, then he moving a bit faster, holding her a little tighter!* -05:59 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She breathed his name with an arch of her back. Her surprised cry following a sudden shudder, coming sooner than she wanted but impossible to hold at bay!* -06:06 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Her climax caught him by surprise but as he rocked against her a bit faster now, he found himself throbbing for release! Thrust in, thrust out, thrust in, thrust out … Then one more thrust and then a soft grunt as he came, pulling her close even as he shifted, lying on his side.* -06:07 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She was still trying to catch her breath even as she rolled in to him, burrying her face against his chest with a wide tired grin. She was seeing spots, but it was so worth the bliss..!* Hmm.. -06:10 Feb 20
Gabriel: *Gabriel moved one more time, so he could lie on his back with Evangeline on top of him. He pulled the blankets over her and rubbed her back.* I love you, Evangeline. May I never forget that. -06:11 Feb 20
Evangeline: Hmm, if you do forget, I think we will do this again so I can remind you… *purring, she was as close to purring as she could get! Resting her head against his chest to hear the way his heart beat.* -06:14 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* It was wise of me to wait so long until I found you to marry. -06:16 Feb 20
Evangeline: *She shifted, resting her chin on her arm so she could watch him.* Were you really never interested in another girl..? -06:18 Feb 20
Gabriel: Another girl, no. Certainly not after I met you. There was a time long ago I thought Light to be my better half but I learned otherwise. -06:19 Feb 20
Evangeline: She couldn’t love you the way I love you. *It was silly for her to be jealous of Light… all the time that woman could of had with Gabriel! She wouldn’t be with Gabriel now if Light had been his heart…* -06:24 Feb 20
Gabriel: You are everything she was not. Compassionate. Loving. Loyal. Passionate. Understanding. Patient. Determined … So many things. -06:28 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A smile!* You’re reading my thoughts again. I’m glad this is only for me… it’s something special I don’t have to share with anyone else. *She rest her fingertips at his lips, a curious expression.* Has some else ever stolen a kiss from you? -06:33 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He was thoughtful for a moment.* Not to my knowledge. Why do you ask. -06:33 Feb 20
Evangeline: There have been some that’ve stolen kisses from me. Like stupid warlocks and that incubus. But I’ve only ever given them to you. *It wasn’t something important, but she thought he needed to know!* -06:36 Feb 20
Gabriel: *He smiled.* Thank you, Evangeline. *He would deal with the warlocks later. right now, he was spending time with his wife.* -06:38 Feb 20
Evangeline: *A smile was even more rare than a smirk! She was grinning wide, content to watch him, even with exhaustion sneaking up on her.* I would not go warlock hunting until you know who to hunt, hmm..? -06:44 Feb 20
Gabriel: Indeed. *He nuzzled her cheek.* -06:46 Feb 20

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