037 Asking Wulfric a Favor

Ciara realizes Leon needs to spend time with his father and learn wolfy things,and asks Nicholas Wulfric to teach his son.

[Ciara never had any intention on staying in bed for long! ] -02:19 Feb 22
[Leon was stuck in bed until further notice! … No matter how healthy he said he was!] -02:21 Feb 22
Leon: *Pout!* I keep telling them I’m fine. I don’t know why I have to stay in bed. -02:23 Feb 22
Ciara: Mostly because you’re flight risk. *And far more injured than her… she was already hopping out of bed now that no one was around to complain about it.* -02:25 Feb 22
Leon: … Flight risk?! *He crossed his arms.* So not … *He glanced over at her and raised an eyebrow.* Not as much as you are, anyways. -02:26 Feb 22
Ciara: The distinct difference is that I’m not running off in to danger unarmed with no idea of what I’m doing. *Oh, she was MAD. Mad enough where she wasn’t quite sure what she was going to do to him yet! But it probably involved torture! Easing out of bed, she felt wretched… but that still wasn’t going to save him!* -02:29 Feb 22
Leon: *He was still pouting.* I just lost it. I got all emotional and stuff. *He frowned!* -02:32 Feb 22
Ciara: I told you I was fine. *For a moment she had thought about beating him senseless with his own pillow. …Instead she crawled in to HIS bed and scowled.* You can’t go beating up everyone that picks on me anymore. They’re a lot bigger and meaner now. -02:34 Feb 22
Leon: Sure I can! I would have done that if I hadn’t gone overboard like I did. Would have been just fine. *He nodded.* -02:35 Feb 22
Ciara: Riiiight. So overboard that Gabriel Carnatelli seems to think my whole family needs a babysitter. -02:39 Feb 22
Leon: *Wolfish grin!* Heh heh … I’m sure he doesn’t er, think that. -02:44 Feb 22
Ciara: Uh huh. Thanks to you he and his psychic are going to stay with us. Your fluffy little love puppy too. Conrad will have to sleep on the couch, and I may as well invest in a cattle farm. -02:46 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her another wolfish grin.* How many times do I have to tell you Brutus is not my ‘love puppy’? *He suddenly turned serious.* I didn’t have much time for anything. -02:47 Feb 22
Ciara: *Eyeing him carefully…* And you still won’t if you get yourself killed doing something stupid… -02:50 Feb 22
Leon: *That broke him out of serious mode as he flashed her another wolfish grin.* I know. It’s just … well, I got real worried and couldn’t think straight. -02:52 Feb 22
Ciara: *She covered his mouth with her hand.* Do you promise you’re not going to do anything like again? -02:54 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked at her and then he gave her that uncertain look. It was plain to see he wasn’t quite sure he could do that if something happened to her.* Mmm … -02:59 Feb 22
Ciara: *A raise of her eyebrow and a smirk!* ..Do you at least promise to be armed with weapons and men? -03:00 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked again and this time, it was his turn to raise an eyebrow! Weapons?! Men?!* Mm … -03:04 Feb 22
Ciara: *She dropped her hand, exasperated!* Then take Gabriel! I’m sure he’ll just love the opportunity. -03:06 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin!* But he’s your bodyguard. I’ll be fine. I’m a were, remember? I’ve got it made. -03:11 Feb 22
Ciara: And look at where you are right now. *She poked him in the chest!* You were just fine on that crazy rescue mission with Evangeline, so where were your wolfy skills tonight? -03:13 Feb 22
Leon: *He tilted his head slightly to one side, scratched his head.* Uh … You know … I really have no clue. I figured they’d bail me out but … looks like that wasn’t the case. -03:14 Feb 22
Ciara: …I ought to be putting you through hunter training. Maybe some of Evangeline’s insane methods will do you good. -03:19 Feb 22
Leon: *He quickly put on a pout!* Please no. They might end up using me as target practice! And you know you love my furry tail! -03:20 Feb 22
Ciara: No one has shot off Brutus’ fluffy tail yet. I’m sure you can run faster than Brutus. *She gave a wicked grin!* -03:21 Feb 22
Leon: *He pouted at the thought of his furry tail!* Isn’t there someone else I can go to for lessons? -03:23 Feb 22
Ciara: A wolf needs a wolf for those sort of things. There’s not exactly a lot of wolves in Oracle… *There could be in the future though… What was she supposed to do with wolfs running wild all over the place? And the only other wolf SHE knew was–… Ciara frowned!* -03:27 Feb 22
Leon: *He put on that "ah well" grin on his face!* Heh heh. Never mind. I’m sure I’ll make do. It just takes practice that’s all. *He gave a small shrug and yawned, ready to go to sleep again.* -03:30 Feb 22
Ciara: How about you take a nap. I think I… have something to discuss with my new vampire of the guard. -03:32 Feb 22
Leon: *He gave her a wolfish grin! A nap sounded great!* Hee hee. Okay. Goodnight, Cissy. Sleep tight. *He stretched and was out just like that!* -03:33 Feb 22
Ciara: *A soft sigh as she watched him for a moment… Then it was time to put her game face on. Slipping out of bed, it was time to track down Gabriel for their first official co-op mission. And everyone knows if you want Gabriel, you threaten Evangeline. Ciara hunted down that class!* -03:36 Feb 22

Evangeline: *Evangeline was doing what Evangeline does best! Springing strange things on trainees! For this class she was attempting to aim and fire dummy crossbow bolts, but her aim wasn’t exactly accurate!* Be still, I can’t hit you!

Brutus was having the time of his life, watching! “Woof! Woof!”

Ciara: *Clearly she was tired, for this scene was far too amusing than it should be. Ciara snatched the crossbow out of Evangeline’s hands.* You’re not loading it correctly. *Aiming carefully… she fired! Just missing someone’s head!* …I suppose I need your vampire for a bit. -03:40 Feb 22

Evangeline: Oh… They shouldn’t make those things so complicated. *Evangeline clasped her hands behind her back, smiling.* Are you supposed to be out of the infirmary so soon? I’m fairly certain that you were ordered to bed rest for at least a few days.

Ciara: I don’t need your advice, Evangeline. *Reloading a fresh bolt, she turned and aimed at Evangeline!* There’s something I need to do, and then maybe I’ll sit for a spell. -03:44 Feb 22

Those hunters, despite being choked up around Ms. Grey were trying to signal here NOT to go aiming that thing at Evangeline! That’s insanity!

Evangeline: It’s rather dangerous to go out to places like that when you can barely stand. Would you like me to go for you?

Gabriel: I see your preference for summong people is to irk them. *He replied, suddenly between Evangeline and Ciara!*

Ciara: You reveal far too much about yourself when it concerns Evangeline. …But we’ll speak about that later. I need to speak with that wolf in the moving graveyard. *…She did at least lower the crossbow.* -03:51 Feb 22

Gabriel: Nicholas Wulfric. If you can tolerate yourself to travel with a Carnatelli, I can take you there.

Evangeline: *Just barely peeking around Gabriel, she frowned.* They like to eat everyone that goes there. I hope you don’t taste good.

Ciara: *Ciara supposed she could tolorate a Carnatelli for Leon’s sake! ….She gave a rather wicked grin at Evangeline.* We’ll just take you as well, Evangeline. That way they’ll be distrated with eating you while I finish my business. -03:55 Feb 22

Gabriel: If they wish to eat, Ms Grey, it will only be fair to warn them of the problems they will suffer. *He paused.* Such as indigestion.

Evangeline: …Do you think I’d give a wolf indigestion? *Now Evangeline wondered! Maybe if she kicked them in the tummy… but she’d probably be well chewed before swallowed.* … I’d like to go, anyway. In case I can help?

Ciara: By all means, we’ll make it a family trip. *Ciara replied sarcastically, if at least a small bit amused that the vampire had a sense of humor. …Barely.* Let’s go, then. Before Leon finds out. -04:01 Feb 22

Gabriel: Indeed. This way. *He walked out of the classroom and outside into the hall.*

Ciara: *Ciara followed, disreguarding the shocked looks of those hunters… And having to shake Evangeline off her arm!* -04:24 Feb 22

Evangeline: Class dismissed! *Evangeline waved to the class before taking Ms. Grey’s arm… and getting shook off!* You don’t want to look wobbly when you talk to wolves, do you?

Ciara: I can walk just fine, thank you. I’d like to know how he tolorates your constant sunny disposition. -04:27 Feb 22

Evangeline: He just stands there and listens. Why don’t you ask him yourself, he’s standing right here? *Somehow she was going to have to break Ms. Grey’s fear of talking to Gabriel directly!*

Gabriel: *He turned and faced them. He pulled a knife out and cut his palm.* Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *There was a strong wind and a pulse of dark energy that whipped around them! The feeling of moving without actually moving and at a very fast speed! And then … stillness!* We are here. -04:49 Feb 22

They were in a thick forest somewhere and it was a bit chilly! And right in front of them was the Living Graveyard, miles and miles of graves and crypts and the eerie feeling they were being watched!

Ciara: *That was an experience…! Next time when she wasn’t feeling so loopy already, maybe it would come in handy!* …. Now we find an alpha wolf. *Shaking Evangeline off her arm again, she moved forward!* -04:51 Feb 22

Evangeline: *As stubborn as Gabriel for sure… Evangeline followed close behind Ms. Grey, just in case!* I can whistle for them, but I think they already know we’re here.

As they moved forward, it was so quiet they could hear themselves breathe! There were movements, figures darting around from the corner of their eyes, faint sounds of snickering and growls!

One of the figures stood, hunched forward, in human form but ready to turn into a hybrid wolf. “Heh heh. Just ’cause you got out last time, don’t mean you’ll get out this time. Ain’t that right, boys?”

Ciara: …Shut your jowels, fuzzy. Where is Nicholas Wulfric? -04:56 Feb 22

Evangeline: I don’t think that’s the best way to get results Ms. Grey. *Neither was sticking her tongue out at a werewolf.. so even though she wanted to, she kept her tongue to herself!*

The wolf growled and stiffened! But he didn’t attack! He was keeping a wary eye on Gabriel! “Lotta nerve. Why’d ya wanna see him for?”

The wolves were drawing closer …

Gabriel: *BANG BANG BANG BANG! He shot the ground in front of the wolves that were the closest, forcing them to stop moving.* -05:04 Feb 22
Ciara: I want to talk about his son. ..Leon Santos. *Had she thought about it, she might have brought that silver sword with her.. Ah well. This is what Gabriel was for.* -05:04 Feb 22

Evangeline: *At the sound of gunshots she jumped, and covered her ears with her hands.* …And we really don’t taste good! Not very nutricious at all.

Another figure stepped behind the wolf who’d spoken and walked around him. “Stand down.” The wolves growled but obeyed. Nicholas stopped some yards away. “Ms Grey, Ms Clark, Gabriel. What is this about Leon?”

Ciara: *Ciara rest her hands on her hips, giving that classic imperious look she was so good at giving.* What do you do with a wolf that can’t control himself? -05:12 Feb 22

“… I see,” he said as if she’d just answered his question for him! “Tutelage, of course. What trouble has he gotten himself into?”

Ciara: *Looking almost embarassed, she seemed to get that expression under control.* Old habits… And I can’t make him promise not to do it again. The only other solution is to make sure he doesn’t get himself killed when he does. -05:17 Feb 22

Nicholas gave a small smile. “He takes after his mother. How may I help you?”

Ciara: I really hate to ask… but seeing as I am already branching out to ask for help from people I’d otherwise rather see hanged… *Ciara gave a sheepish grin.* Leon needs you. If at least to figure himself out. You owe him that much. -05:27 Feb 22

He was silent. But then he finally nodded. “Yes, I do. I must make preparations and it will take a few hours. I will find you or …” He glanced over at Gabriel. “Or Gabriel will find me.”

Ciara: *She wasn’t going to look relieved, she was too tired for that. Ciara just cast a wicked grin.* I’d leave Evangeline as a snack, but maybe another time. *The smile disapeared.* …Leon doesn’t know I came here. He’s probably not going to be pleased to see you… -05:38 Feb 22

Evangeline: …I am not a snack! *Muttered Evangeline softly… really, it wasn’t going to make it any easier to convince wolves she wasn’t tasty with comments like that!*

Nicholas gave a soft chuckle. “He will make do. He is a Wulfric, after all. Good day to you.” He started to walk back the way they’d come. “I will see you out.”

Ciara: There is that terribly polite family resemblance. Maybe that’ll come out in Evangeline’s werepup. *Ciara followed…. A grandfather would know about a wolfpup for sure.* -05:45 Feb 22

Evangeline: Crickets! We already told you he’s not Leon’s puppy. The only one that’ll have puppies is y-! ..Oh, look at the moon! It’s so pretty! *Eek. Nearly did it again! She really needs to keep quiet about these things!*

Ciara: Who will have puppies..? *…Now that she was reminded, she never did squeeze that out of Evangeline! Ciara reached out and captured the woman’s arms.* You know, I think we’re going to have lots to talk about while you stay with me at the suite. -05:52 Feb 22

Nicholas made a small smile at Ciara and Evangeline. Then he turned to Gabriel. “I hear many tales about you, Gabriel. You have been busy.”

Gabriel: … It is to be expected. *He replied.* -05:57 Feb 22

Evangeline: Gabriel rarely takes a moment to breath, he is always so busy. *Disentangling herself from Ms. Grey, though carefully, Evangeline inched herself out of harm’s way.* Careful, Ms Grey! You’re injured!

He chuckled softly at Evangeline, then he turned serious. “Many weres are questioning your ability to find this place so easily each time. They wish to speak to you. They wish for you to answer to them.”

Ciara: Someone else is about to be injured. *Ciara hissed after Evangeline… but didn’t pursue. Yet. …The wolf was posing some interesting questions.* Gabriel seems to have a knack for finding a lot of things. I’m interested in knowing myself… -06:00 Feb 22
Gabriel: Consider the irony, Ms Grey. I find many things except for the ones I seek to find. -06:02 Feb 22
Ciara: It always seems to turn out that way, doesn’t it. …You didn’t answer the Wolf’s question, though. -06:04 Feb 22

They stopped. They were at the edge of the Living Graveyard. Nicholas was studying Gabriel thoughtfully.

Gabriel: It is time to leave. *He replied, reaching for the knife to cut his palm and send them on their way.* -06:17 Feb 22
Ciara: Way to dodge the question, Carnatelli. *Ciara smirked… and waved goodbye to the man that was going to make her wolf very very upset.* -06:19 Feb 22
Gabriel: Crux crucis loginquitas, patefacio via. *There was that blast of dark energy, followed by wind, moving and then … they were back in the hall! A couple of hunters walking down the hall, stopped in their tracks when the group suddenly appeared in front of them.* -06:25 Feb 22

Evangeline: *Well…! That went very well! And Ms. Grey, despite being a little scary is now reaching out to others! That is a major accomplishment!* …Excuse us. *A smile for the hunters!* Wouldn’t you love a nap, Ms. Grey? Warm pillows and a fluffy wolf?

Ciara: …You’re not very subtle, Evangeline. *Ciara eyed Gabriel carefully… There were a lot of unanswered questions about him. Before she never cared to find out… but now there was going to be ample opportunity… Ciara didn’t hide the widening smirk.* Yes, I am going to check on Leon and sleep. Feel free to make yourselves at home in my suite. We’ll be having some lovely chats soon enough. *Ciara pulled a pair of keys and a keycard out of her pocket and dropped them in Evangeline’s hand.* -06:30 Feb 22
Gabriel: *He looked over at Ciara and then glanced at Evangeline.* -06:36 Feb 22

Evangeline: …You make it sound so dangerous… *And scary… but not enough that Evangeline couldn’t return a smile!* I’ll make sure everything is perfectly smoothed and settled, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Ciara: *There was probably not anything that could ruin the woman’s mood. Rolling her eyes, Ciara made her way back to the infirmary!* -06:39 Feb 22

Evangeline: I think she’s coming around slowly, don’t you? *Evangeline held up the keys for Gabriel!*

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