Hunters think they’re getting a free ride with Evangeline sleeping. But Caroline gives them one hella wicked lesson. When Gabriel arrives, she tells him her fear about Evangeline losing blood to their child. Gabriel sneaks Evangeline blood in her food!

[Caroline walks in to the huge gym, to find Evangeline sleeping on a chair and several hunters goofing off and playing with beanbags.] -12:34 Feb 23
[Vlamerias somehow ended up with her head on Evangeline\’s lap and her legs tucked under her!] -12:37 Feb 23
Caroline: …and the lesson plan today is what exactly? *She asked loud, to get everyone’s attention.* -12:38 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *At the sound of the Warrior Lady’s voice, her eyelids fluttered! She watched through squinted eyes but was still too sleepy to do much more!* -12:39 Feb 23

Some of the closer guys stopped tossing a beanbag around. “Eh? Something about learning how to get along with faeries. She was sleeping when we got here!”

“Yeah, and we’d like to keep it that way. How the hell is screwin’ around with faeries supposed to help train HUNTERS?” Bawled out another guy.

Vlamerias: *A wide YAWN! Filthy humans and their dirty mouths! She’ll plot revenge later and teach them a lesson! For now, she tilted her head so she could watch what was going on!* -12:42 Feb 23
Caroline: I see. A problem with Evangeline’s choice of lesson plans? *How amusing. Normally they were happy to have a nice safe lesson from Evangeline, compared to the shit they had to deal with in other classes.* -12:43 Feb 23

“C’mon, FAERIES? Really? How is that ever supposed to be useful on the field when fighting vampires and demons and shit!”

Caroline: Is that so? I suppose you want to have a training lesson with something a little more dangerous and exciting. Demons, perhaps? -12:44 Feb 23

“Demon fighting lessons do sound a little bit more on topic…” responded his buddy.

Vlamerias: *That piqued Meri’s attention and chased the sleep from her eyes real quick! … But she was still very tired! Her head jerked up but then she yawned and blinked.* -12:45 Feb 23
Caroline: Then demons it is. Get your weapons. You’ll want to use real rounds. *Caroline didn’t explain what she meant. She only turned away to walk towards one of the far walls. Before anything she took a metal chair to unfold and sit out. Then out came one of her marbles. With a POP she cast a spell across the entire gym!* -12:47 Feb 23

Everything in the gym started to dim, as vines and greenery grew up the side walls and the floors were covered in dark moss. Big trees whooshed up from the ground, going as high as the auditorium ceilings. The room was cast in a shadowy twilight and looked like a small clearing in a forest. At the one end of the gym left Evangeline’s chair, circled by a ring of violets.

“Uh… okay, what the fuck are we supposed to do now?” The second guy asked after loading up his weapon.

Vlamerias: *The hair on the back of Meri’s neck stood up and she made a low sound at the back of her throat like a soft almost inaudible growl! This wasn’t good! Not good at all! … But ssssooo sleepy …* -12:51 Feb 23
Caroline: Protect Evangeline and subdue the demons. They’re rather fond of human blood, and her soul is a valuable collectable. *Caroline held out an arm, a whisper of a spell coming out in a daemon language that Meri would recognize. A summoning!* -12:52 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *That woke her right up! Oh no, a summons! And a serious one at that! Nothing like imps would come this way! She got up with a start!* Warrior Lady, please no! Not my Mommy! -12:53 Feb 23

In the center of the gym, right in the middle of the group of hunters, three sigil circles appeared. Rising from the floor like beasts from a grave, three shadow creatures climbed up. When their bodies became solid they were all nearly half the size of elephants! All sported sharp teeth and claws, with glowing red eyes, and wasted NO time in jerking outward to attack the nearest bodies to them!

“What do you me- HOLY SHIT!” The first guy had to jump out of the way of swinging claws and roll across the ground to get out of the way. Others with scattering in confusion, pulling their guns or bringing out scrolls if they knew how to cast!


Vlamerias: *With a hiss, she dropped to the ground in front of Evangeline, back arched, on her hands and feet! Her eyes glowed red and her fangs grew! She was so tired! But she’d defend her Mommy to the end! Arrogant humans!* -12:57 Feb 23
Caroline: *Caroline took a seat on the metal chair. A cup of tea appearing in one hand and a magazine dropping on to her lap.* I know Gabriel. From his greatest weakness down to where I can hide from him and never be found. Do YOU? Hmm, you might have if you understood Evangeline’s lesson. Know your friends as well as your enemies. If something happens to her, he’s not going to find ME here over her body. *With that, she took a sip of her tea and turned a magazine page.* -01:00 Feb 23

“The fuck kind of lesson is THIS then?!” The guy shouted, chasing down one of the demons that was already starting to ram through several other hunters towards Evangeline!

Vlamerias: *Her hair turned white and the wind picked up around her! Focus! She had to focus! Defend Mommy! Protect Mommy! Keep Mommy from harm! She could do this! She wasn’t just a devil! She was a princess! She was the Infamous One and his Bright Lady’s familiar! She would not let them down!* -01:04 Feb 23
Caroline: Same lesson. If you know your enemy, you know how to combat it. *Another turn of the page.* Do you know how to fight Blood Demons summoned by a Master? -01:05 Feb 23

This time no one had any complaints or comments to throw back at Caroline, They were all distracted by the demons! Several hunters circled the scorpion shaped demon, trying to herd it backwards with some light spells. Another hunter was currently being picked up and thrown clear across the gym in to the vine covered walls. The last demon nearly impaled three hunters with his giant horn and was getting increasingly closer to it’s target!

Vlamerias: *Focus! Focusfocusfocusfocusfocus! Forget being tired! Think! Blood Demons! Um umm … Strength varied according to the strength of the person who summoned them! … But Warrior Lady wasn’t a pushover … Meri couldn’t attack her in the hopes that defeating her would end the spell!* -01:08 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Meanwhile, despite all of the noise, Evangeline was still sleeping soundly! He legs draped over the side of the chair and her head propped against the back. She was so very exhausted and there could be an earthquake and she’d likely not awake!*

Caroline: Vlamerias, you’re wasting your energies… *Calm as an undisturbed pond, Caroline was still reading her magazine as if there wasn’t chaos going on around her. She didn’t even bother to look up to see what was going on!* -01:10 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She hissed and growled in reply! She didn’t trust these idiots to defend her Mommy! They were useless except as fleshy decoys!* -01:15 Feb 23

Someone must have gotten hurt, because there was a sudden and startled scream followed by a whole barrage of gunshots! One of the demons broke free from a group, looking like a giant bear, it ran and leapt over several heads. Dropping to the ground with a BOOM right in front of Meri, but not yet crossing the circle of violet flowers surrounding Evangeline’s chair. It opened up it’s massive jaws and SNAAAAAARRRRLLLLED!

Vlamerias: *She growled, baring fangs!* Touch my Mommy and suffer my eternal wrath! -01:20 Feb 23

The demon snarled again, saliva dripping from razor sharp teeth! He stomped a foot closer, just barely nicking one of the flowers on the ground and not seeing the sizzle of smoke from it. It rose a paw to swipe at Meri, but chain wrapped around it’s arm! Several hunters were holding on to the other end, now dragging the beast backwards!

Caroline: *That was when she did look up, but only for a second. Things were still under control, though Vlamerias was going to have a fit any moment.* …I am sure there is at least ONE person in this room that took the time to research the demons they were so eager to slay? -01:26 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *Another hiss at the demon being dragged backwards!* Go pick on someone your own size! No one touches my Mommy! -01:28 Feb 23

Lots of grunts and gunshots. Spells being cast in all directions! But the demons were still fighting. Hunters were being tossed, swiped, near impaled and squashed! Where the group that managed to get the bear demon under control, the scorpion one broke loose! A hunter that jumped in it’s way before it reached Evangeline, was tossed aside like a rag doll. Then it was swiping down a huge claw, ready to do the same to Meri! But as it’s claw passed through the flower circle, only ashes fluttered down over Meri and Evangeline! It lost a claw with a screaming howl!

Evangeline: *Even through high pitched screaming she didn’t wake! …though she did frown, and swat at whatever was landing on her face and tickling her nose. Then it was right back to sleeping sound!*

Gabriel: *A chain someone discarded whipped around the screaming demon’s neck from behind! Then a figure in a dark coat ran up its back, over its shoulder, and to the ground past the circle of violets without marring the flowers! The demon quickly came crashing down with a quick jerk onto the circle!* -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Blood Demon Ash all over the place, and almost every hunter in the room was nicked and bloodied, which was only making the demons stronger and more violent. Caroline didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or let the whole lot of them get slaughtered for the stupidity! ….And there was Gabriel! It figured something crossing the circle would be enough, even if it was just ashes.* Now you’re ALL in trouble. Look what you did. -01:41 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She had her eyes shut and was preparing herself for the final blow! … When nothing came, she opened one eye and then another! She made sure she was all in one piece, made sure her Mommy was, too! Then she saw the boots, up the pants, to the shirt and coat …* Glaer! -01:43 Feb 23

PLOOF! The scorpion demon was ashed in seconds. The same could be said for the bear beast and the one with a giant horn. The bear had a hunter in his teeth ready to start chewing, while the horned demon started charging through shooting men towards Evangeline’s chair!

Gabriel: *He glanced at Meri and put a hand on her head.* Impressive spirit, Vlamerias. You deserve a special treat. -Vlamerias

“Caroline, you’re a fucking BITCH!” screamed that one hunter! He had a huge gash down his gun arm, and was limping trying to grab another weapon to free his chewed on friend!

Vlamerias: *That compliment alone made her feel so much better! She puffed out her chest and held her head high!* Thank you, Glaer! -01:46 Feb 23

Gabriel: *He walked to Evangeline and kissed her lips. He’d missed her.* -Vlamerias

Caroline: *Caroline laughed, turning another page of her magazine.* Was this not what you asked for? To face the real thing and feel the rush of glory that comes with slaying monsters? -01:48 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Evangeline stirred. It was only ever Gabriel that was worth waking up for! She smiled sleepily at him, before realizing there was quite a bit of shooting and screaming going on. …and this didn’t look like the gym at all!* Did I miss my lesson?

Vlamerias: *She grinned sheepishly, hands clasped behind her back!* Warrior Lady gave the lesson for you, Mommy! Or um, a pop quiz. -01:51 Feb 23

As if on cue to announce it’s presence, the charging horned demon crashed through the circle of violets trying to trample towards the chair. It’s entire body disintergrated in to ash, throwing itself over Meri, Gabriel and Evangeline. That was when all the hunters in the room finally realize there was a protection circle around the chair! Much grouching began!

Vlamerias: *She blinked and dusted ash off of her.* Is it over *now*, Warrior Lady? -02:00 Feb 23
Caroline: *With a snap of her fingers the magazine vanished along with her cup of tea. Caroline stood, throwing out another marble. It rolled across the ground until it stopped with a POP under the last and final demon. Like being sucked in to quicksand, it was drawn in to the ground. When it vanished, the strange surroundings of the gym also faded away.* … Be it learned well that a hunter, a GOOD hunter learns as much as he can about every race. BEFORE their stupid asses meet them in battle. I suggest the lot of you spend time in the Oracle Library when the Infirmary is through with you. -02:00 Feb 23

The one guy flipped Caroline the finger with his only good hand. The rest of the hunters were trying to pick themselves up and shuffle out to get to the Infirmary.

Vlamerias: *She suddenly let out a WIDE yawn and touched Evangeline’s hand.* Mommy, can I take a nap now? I’m really tired. -02:03 Feb 23

Evangeline: *Evangeline was more than a little confused, but glad the lesson went well. …and something in here smelled SO GOOD! She was starving!* Oh, Meri! Of course! I bet it was a pesky lesson. *Evangeline moved to sit proper in the chair, giving Meri a quick kiss to the forehead.* You get as much rest as you want.

Caroline: Vlamerias, you can remember I would never do anything that would harm your Bright Lady. I am very impressed with how brave you are. *Brave and fiesty. One the child grew up, she was going to be the fear of all Oracle and the Devil World alike!* -02:06 Feb 23
Vlamerias: *She let out another yawn but stifled it at the last moment!* Thank you, Warrior Lady. Um, I think I panicked. Stupid humans. I don’t like Mommy having to rely on the lot of them. Good nap, everyone! *She crouched down to the ground, then sprung for Evangeline! In mid-air, she transformed into a tiny pure black furry kitten and landed lightly on Evangeline’s lap! She dug her paws (without the claws) around, before turning in a circle once and lying down. She was curled up.* -02:10 Feb 23

Gabriel: I trust you enjoyed yourself, Caroline. -Vlamerias

Caroline: It was an amusing way to waste an afternoon. I might have a few words with you, however. *It was her reason for being here in the first place… the lesson was just a bonus. There was something she needed to bring up to Gabriel, prefferably not in Evangeline’s earshot. She tilted her head to have Gabriel follow her to the otherside of the room.* -02:13 Feb 23
[Vlamerias is now known as: Gabriel] -02:14 Feb 23
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow but followed after telling Evangeline he would return.* -02:14 Feb 23

Evangeline: *How cute! Evangeline pet the small little kitten Meri, nodding to Gabriel. Meri hadn’t taken many animal forms, and this one was so small and furry! Now if she could just figure out what was smelling sooo tasty. She was definitely ready for something to eat!*

Caroline: *Once they were out of Evangeline’s hearing, Caroline was smirking wide.* I see you are handling Evangeline’s pregancy well. A few ashes and hell is summoned. -02:17 Feb 23
Gabriel: I did not summon hell. I merely came to lend a hand. -02:18 Feb 23
Caroline: You knew there was a protection circle, you didn’t need to come. That isn’t what I wanted to discuss, though. *Caroline gestured towards Evangeline.* She doesn’t look well. Too pale and barely functions for long without passing out, or needing to sit and rest. I know she’s eating and getting enough sleep… But I don’t think she’s eating what she needs… -02:21 Feb 23
Gabriel: You believe she needs to add blood to her diet. *Evangeline was eating everything she’d eaten before becoming pregnant. Blood was possibly the only thing left, besides glass and ore.* -02:23 Feb 23
Caroline: Yes, I do. When she’s awake she’s eating but if the child is going to be just like you… *It was hard to say that without smirking, despite the scale of the conversation. Gabriel’s spawn was not something anyone expected!* …he’ll need blood too. If she’s not ingesting it, the only other way to get the nutrition is from her own body. She can’t produce it as fast as she’s losing it… -02:28 Feb 23
Gabriel: Her mind may not be comfortable with it but her body will take it. I will deal with this. Is there something else you wished to discuss. -02:30 Feb 23
Caroline: You could sneak it to her in her food. *A devious smirk!* Be careful she doesn’t find out. But that’s all. I’m just afraid if she doesn’t get it soon, she’ll fall asleep and not wake up. A room full of screaming hunters and demons didn’t move her. -02:32 Feb 23
Gabriel: My thanks, Caroline. Good day. *He gave her a slight inclination of the head, then turned and walked away. He found Evangeline still sitting in the chair but she looked distracted by something.* Come, Evangeline. You appear hungry. -02:34 Feb 23
[Caroline is now known as: Evangeline] -02:35 Feb 23
Evangeline: It seems lately, I’m always hungry! *Evangeline scooped the sleeping kitty Meri in to her hands and deposited her safely in to a skirt pocket. Lately Meri either stayed in there, or she vanished to whatever strange magical dimension that seemed to exist in there! As she rose to her feet, she swayed a little bit, but was grinning.* You’re covered in ashes. -02:37 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* As are you. *He held her elbows to help steady her.* Have lunch with me in one of the courtyards. -02:40 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She blinked down at her clothes, taking a moment to try and dust them off.* I suppose Caroline decided not to use faeries for the lesson. I’d love lunch in one of the courtyards. Can it be the fall one? -02:43 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He kissed her forehead.* Of course. The devil rats already have everything ready. *She loved the autumn courtyard. It was a favorite. The devil rats would make sure no one was there to disturb them. They disappeared and reappeared in the center of the courtyard where a picnic was laid out! A quilt appeared in his hands and then he was wrapping her in it. It was one of hers. Where she’d gotten it from and the sentimental value he could only surmise.* -02:45 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She rubbed the corner of the quilt against her cheek, a bright smile across her face. It was something special a nice old lady in Germany made for her when she had to drop in and take care of a vision. Evangeline never did ask how Gabriel managed to bring all of her stuff from London!* What did Caroline have to say? I didn’t even have a chance to talk to her today, I think I fell asleep the moment I dropped in to that chair! -02:49 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He sat down with his back against the trunk of a tree, then held out his hands. Evangeline took them and then he helped her settle down so she could sit between his legs with her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist.* She found it amusing I would arrive for something she had under control the entire time. Are you thirsty. -02:52 Feb 23
Evangeline: *A soft giggle was his reply.* You have become an over protective husband and father in a matter of days. I would love something to drink. Every time I close my eyes all I can think about is food! Which, I suppose is better than a few weeks ago when even the thought of food was making me ill. *Being hungry was definitely a step up. She settled comfortably against him. He was warm!* -02:56 Feb 23
Gabriel: Meri insisted I offer you as much apple and grape and orange juice as possible. She said it’s what she’s seen on TV. *He handed her a glass of fruit juice. The fruit itself would mask the taste of the blood.* -03:00 Feb 23
Evangeline: Poor Meri… she is so excited about the baby, but I’m afraid she’s been emphasizing with me too much. She’s nearly as exhasted as I am! *She took the glass and a sip. Her body relaxed as she gave a contended sigh. But she did pause to smell it before taking another drink. There was that smell! Just like the gym!* What kind is this? Were they serving it at Oracle today? -03:04 Feb 23
Gabriel: *Oracle … That’s right. The hunters had been wounded. Their blood had been spilt.* Another recommendation. It is to be expected. She loves you a great deal and you are one of her masters. -03:05 Feb 23
Evangeline: She would not be as stressed if you would worry a little less, too. *She teased him, as she moved to brush a hand against his cheek. Then it was drinking the rest of that juice as fast as she could swallow it! She WAS thirsty and right that moment it was divine!* -03:08 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He refilled her glass with the pitcher. The color itself masked the color of the blood.* I wish to know all is well. -03:11 Feb 23
Evangeline: You’ll be happy to know, I haven’t told a single person about our surprise yet, outside of Meri, Caroline and Dark! Even though every moment all I want to do is brag about it to everyone. *She smelled the juice again… there was cranberry for sure! Maybe a little pomagranite too. She took another sip before learning forward to snatch up a neatly cut sandwhich from a plate. She was switching from taking a bite and taking a drink.* When can I tell everyone? -03:16 Feb 23
Gabriel: *He smirked as he nuzzled her cheek.* … Evangeline. *Then again, she was very excited. She glowed when she spoke of it.* -03:18 Feb 23
Evangeline: Evangeline! *She mimiced his tone, but didn’t stop smiling.* I want to talk about babies and schools and ask people for name suggestions and… Hmm. I hadn’t thought about names yet! Have you? -03:22 Feb 23
Gabriel: *She was bursting to tell everyone! No doubt she would shout it from the window if she could! He was thoughtful.* No, I have not. I doubt I am good at names. As Darkness, it took me centuries to name the races I created … Very well. You may tell people you are with child. -03:24 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She squeaked a loud happy sound! And might have turned to pounce him if she didn’t have half a glass of juice and a second sandwhich in her hands! She settled for a very pleased tilting side to side. Now that she had something to eat, she was feeling so much more energetic.* I’m going to tell everyone I see tomorrow! Maybe even today! There are so many names to think about I bet we could get a million suggestions! -03:28 Feb 23
Gabriel: Indeed. Every name under the sun, every word ever spoken in a language other than English. *It felt … right to make Evangeline happy. He was nuzzling her cheek again.* -03:30 Feb 23
Evangeline: Well, we can rule out girly names! I don’t want my son mistaken for a girl. *She really wanted to turn and hug him… but first she drank the rest of her juice! Then she set down that sandwich and turned to wrap her arms around his neck.* Where did you put my husband wishlist? I think I scribbled a picture of him. -03:32 Feb 23
Gabriel: *His arms went around her waist. He raised an eyebrow.* You scribbled a picture of our son. -03:33 Feb 23
Evangeline: I did indeed. Just as I wrote a list of impossible requirements that no man could ever meet! *She tilted to kiss the tip of his nose.* -03:35 Feb 23
Gabriel: You are insane, Evangeline. *He kissed her lips gently, then pulled his head back and handed her the husband wishlist.* -03:36 Feb 23
Evangeline: *She unfolded the piece of paper, and immediately cough-giggled. It had hearts and sparkles, doodles and just as she remembered a lil waving stick figure of her son. She hadn’t seen the paper with her own eyes since the day she wrote it. Evangeline gave a soft smile.* Something reminded me about it the other day. Everything here has come true. …well, except the jellyfish monster! -03:42 Feb 23

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