038 Lesson with Wulfric

Leon has his first lesson with Nicholas.

[Leon felt as good as new and Cissy hadn\’t mentioned anything about lessons so he was certain he was in the clear!] -11:49 Feb 22
[Ciara has been keeping a secret!] -11:50 Feb 22
Leon: MMmm!! *He was sitting in the cafeteria wolfing down his seventh steak in the past 15 minutes!* Delicious! -11:53 Feb 22
Ciara: *This was a different situation… She hadn’t ever been worried about Leon getting angry with her since… since forever! And even back then she never did anything worth him getting seriously angery about. If his recent serious-leon moments were any inclination of what it could be like, Ciara wasn’t so sure it would go over well. …For now she was just going to get coffee and keep an eye out for their arriving ‘guest’.* -11:54 Feb 22
Leon: *He licked his chops!* Mmm! That was great! Thanks, Cissy! *He stood!* I better get going. Time for a nap! *He was headed for the door!* -11:56 Feb 22
Ciara: Haven’t you had enough naps today? *Taking her coffee with her, she was practically on his heels! In fact, she’d been on his heels all day, yet always had a good excuse.* -11:58 Feb 22
Leon: *He blinked! Cissy had never mentioned having too many naps to him before!* Uh … Yeah. *He stopped and tilted his head slightly at her, right before they’d gotten to the doors!* Um … You feeling okay, Cissy? *He put a hand on her forehead to check for a fever!* -12:01 Feb 23
Ciara: *She tilted out of the way.* I’m fine. You act more like a cat than a wolf with all that napping. Might as well start purring. -12:03 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked some more but didn’t try to put a hand on her forehead again.* Heh heh. *He flashed a wolfish grin.* I guess you’re right. -12:05 Feb 23

The door opened!

Leon: *He automatically moved to step back.* Oops. Sorry about that … *He looked to apologize and then blinked again! There was the shock on his face!* … What the hell … -12:07 Feb 23

Nicholas Wulfric gave a small smile. “Greetings, Leon. I hope you are prepared for your first lesson.”

Ciara: *Clearing her throat, she seemed to find great interest in what was on the ceiling.* I talked to your father the other day… -12:08 Feb 23
Leon: *His body stiffened and he was either going to stalk away or tackle Nicholas!* … Cissy, what the fuck is he talking about? *He demanded in a low voice.* -12:08 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked and turned to look at her!* What?! Talked to him?! Why?! -12:08 Feb 23
Ciara: There are things you need to learn, and who better to teach them…? *She started off weakly… Before she spoke a little louder!* If I have to set things aside for what’s good for me, so do you! -12:10 Feb 23
Leon: Good for me?! Him?! *His eyes narrowed as he looked at Nicholas!* The last time he did anything for me, he did more harm than good. If any at all. You’re wasting your time here. And mine. Get the hell out of Oracle. *Then he stalked around and out of the cafeteria.* -12:12 Feb 23
Ciara: Leon Santos! Don’t you walk away from me! *Coffee cup still in hand, she stalked down the hall after him to snag the back collar of his shirt.* You’re going to talk to him, whether you like it or not. *Ciara hissed, as she dragged him back towards the other end of the hall.* -12:15 Feb 23
Leon: Grr … *He blinked and was dragged a few steps before attempting to stop her, planting his feet!* Cissy! I’ve got nothing to say to him other than to get the hell out of my life! And nothing to do with him either … except maybe beating the crap out of him. *He muttered under his breath.* I’m as eager to learn as the next wolf but you’ve got something coming if you expect me to learn from him. -12:17 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t letting go, so if he wanted free he was going to have to wiggle out of that shirt!* Yeah? Then why don’t you come along to one of the training rooms and beat the shit out of him? I would be more than happy to see it! In fact I dare you! -12:19 Feb 23
Leon: *That made him pause! He blinked.* Wow, seriously? *He stopped struggling and looked over his shoulder at her!* -12:20 Feb 23
Ciara: Absolutely. I might even hold him down for you. …Unless of course you’re afraid to bother, even though he’s here practically begging for another punch in the face. -12:22 Feb 23
Leon: *The way he was looking at her he was suspecting this to be some kind of ruse!* Hmm … Okay. So, when I beat him up, you’ll be convinced I don’t need lessons and send him away? -12:23 Feb 23
Ciara: I will personally throw him out the third floor window. All right? -12:25 Feb 23
Leon: *He flashed her his trademark wolfish grin!* You got yourself a deal! Pinkie swear? *He offered her his hooked pinkie.* -12:26 Feb 23
Ciara: *Oh, Cooties… Did you ever fall in to a trap! Releasing his shirt, she hooked his pinky with hers and gave a most wicked smirk!* Pinkie swear. Now c’mon… You have a father to beat up. -12:29 Feb 23
Leon: *He was oh so confident about this! He nodded!* Right! *he marched back to the cafeteria where Nicholas still waited by the door!* Okay then. Cissy and I made a deal. When I beat you in a fair match, she’ll forget this lesson thing and I can get rid of you. Got it? -12:31 Feb 23

Nicholas gave another small smile, his polite one. “If that is your decision, I will abide by it.” He gave a small nod of his head.

Ciara: *Ciara probably had a better chance of beating Nicholas Wulfric than Leon did… But she would keep that to herself.* Well then, gentleman. Follow me. *Wiggling a finger for them to follow and sipping her coffee along the way, she escorted them to the room she had prepared specifically for… wolfy training. It required a few unusual suggestions from Evangeline, but it was easy enough to get together on short notice.* -12:35 Feb 23
Leon: *He was feeling real good about his chances of winning! It hadn’t occured to him that his dad outweighed him in experience, age, and a few other factors. So when they got there, he looked around and whistled at the room.* -12:41 Feb 23
Ciara: Evangeline has made herself useful. Seems she’s picked up a few things about wolfs with that pup tagging behind her all the time. I’m sure this should do fine. *Ciara and her coffee made sure to get out of the way. She took a seat on a desk, crossing her legs underneath her.* -12:44 Feb 23

Nicholas Wulfric stepped to the middle of the clear area and waited.

Leon: *He smirked as he stepped to face his dad.* Don’t think I’m going to go easy on you just ’cause you’re old. *He stretched and slipped his jacket off, throwing it over a bench nearby.* -01:01 Feb 23

Nicholas was rolling up his sleeves. “I would not assume such a thing.”

Ciara: *Sipping her coffee, she grinned.* You’re not supposed to taunt before you attack, Leon… -01:06 Feb 23
Leon: Just thought I should warn you. Here I go. *He took a deep breath. This was the moment he was waiting for. Pay back! He ran forward and threw an uppercut to Nicholas’ jaw!* -01:07 Feb 23

Nicholas didn’t even blink. He stepped back, tilted to the side slightly to avoid the follow up uppercut that came immediately afterwards. Then he stepped backwards when Leon got too close and caught the fist sailing for his face.

Ciara: A hit for the face is so expected. Perhaps if you try something a little different. Pull his tail. -01:12 Feb 23
Leon: *His eyes narrowed and he clenched his teeth! Then he tried a fist to his father’s ribs to get him to let go and give him the upper hand!* -01:16 Feb 23

Nicholas didn’t even look like he was struggling! “You have left your tail exposed while in human form? That is a mistake. A tail, although necessary, as a wolf, is merely decoration and a liability in human form.” He promptly twisted Leon’s arm and forced him to turn, then pinning his arm behind his back.

Leon: *He growled and tried to get some kind of hold on Nicholas so he could throw him over his shoulder or something!* Hey! I happen to like my tail! -01:23 Feb 23
Ciara: It is nice and fluffy to pet. *Ciara frowned behind her cup… should she help? He needs to learn these things himself, but… She never did like leaving him to fight by himself…* -01:24 Feb 23
[Leon has timed out.] -01:55 Feb 23
[Leon is back!] -02:54 Feb 23

“You may have grown but you are still a pup, Leon. You are a wolf but no one ever told you what it truly means to be one.” Nicholas adruptly released Leon!

Leon: *He was suddenly released and ended up, staggering forward! He stopped himself before he ended up eating the floor! He turned around and shook himself.* Hey! I’ve been on my own for at least thirty years! I know how to take care of myself! -02:57 Feb 23
Ciara: …Until you walk in to a warehouse filled with god knows what and end up in the infirmary. -02:59 Feb 23
Leon: *That stopped him and coughed.* It was … just a mistake, that’s all. *He glared at Nicholas.* That still doesn’t change anything between you and me. -03:00 Feb 23

“But things have changed. You have been on your own for thirty years and suddenly been thrust back into other people’s lives. No longer a shadow, a memory. You are flesh and blood to them. Should you meet your demise, they will feel your loss. That is the burden you must bear. And the realization that you cannot run from who or what you are any longer.”

Leon: *He frowned!* I haven’t been running at all! … Okay, maybe from the government … but that’s it! I know I’m a wolf. I’m Leon Santos. I’m not running from that. -03:09 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ironic that it was nearly the same lecture Leon gave her about needing a guard for herself. Granted, having to deal with a runaway parent must be harder than a defective Carnatelli… Just barely. …She remained silent for the time being!* -03:10 Feb 23

Nicholas: You insist on one thing but yet you sound doubtful of yourself. I have made many mistakes, Leon, but I have my reasons for doing what I thought was the right choice at the time. I betrayed your trust many years before but I ask for that trust again … You have a lot of potential and talent, Leon. But you lack the discipline to protect the ones you love and care for. Do you understand …?”

Leon: *He was silent and he stood there for awhile!* … I don’t know. *Then he glanced over at Ciara.* … Okay. I’ll do it. -03:54 Feb 23
Ciara: *There was a soft smile from her… before she came to her senses and sipped her coffee.* You might even get a reward. -03:56 Feb 23

Nicholas: Hm. *He gave Leon a deep, meaningful look.* That would depend on if you survive my training.

Leon: *He blinked!* WHAT?! Survive?! -04:00 Feb 23
Ciara: *Seemed to mimic Leon’s blink! Before giving a dangerous scowl.* …Survive? *…She wasn’t kidding about throwing him out a window…* -04:02 Feb 23

Nicholas: *He gave his small smile.* I have every belief you will. You are the son of an alpha and with a mate like Ciara Gray, you will need all the training you can get.

Ciara: Mate?! Would you like ME to join in on your little training, because I promise I’m a lot more dangerous than Cooties! -04:05 Feb 23

Nicholas: *He glanced over at Ciara and gave another small smile.* My apologies if I offended you, Ms Grey.

Ciara: Being polite isn’t going to spare you from a broken tail. *Ciara muttered something about assumptions and cooties shots under her breath before turning away.* -04:17 Feb 23
Leon: *He was still eying Nicholas warily.* … So what do I have to do? -04:54 Feb 23

Nicholas: *Another small smile.* We will begin in the morning. I recommend you get a good night’s rest. *He nodded to Leon, then turned and bowed to Ciara.* Until then. Good day. *And then he strode out!*

Leon: … Still the friggin’ most confusing guy I ever knew. *He muttered under his breath and scratched his head. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths.* -04:55 Feb 23
Ciara: At least I can say he has far more personality than my own parents. *With that wolf gone, she turned back around to eye Leon carefully…* …Are you mad at me? -04:58 Feb 23
Leon: *He finally opened his eyes and looked up at her. Then he gave her a faint wolfish grin.* I can’t get mad at you for looking out for me. God knows I’ve done that to you plenty of times. I’m just … confused … I guess. I mean, he suddenly pops up in my life. After all this time … I don’t know. I just don’t know how to treat him, how to talk to him. -05:03 Feb 23
Ciara: Call him Professor Jackass. I’m sure it will go over well. *Pretending she wasn’t relieved, Ciara hopped off the desk.* I suppose you can have a present for being such a good wolf today. *She grinned!* -05:05 Feb 23
Leon: *The expression on his face told her he wasn’t so sure but he looked up at her.* Hm? What kind of present? -05:08 Feb 23
Ciara: You look like I’m going to shave your fur off. *Which was always an idea, but not today. Coffeecup in one hand she grabbed his nose to tug him down and plant a kiss on his forehead. Then let him go.* Thus rewarded. Good wolf. -05:11 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked and then he laughed! He gave her a bright grin!* Thank you, Cissy. So uh … what kind of training do you think weres go through? -05:17 Feb 23
Ciara: I am the vampire expect, not the were… Maybe you should ask Evangeline since you’re so chummy with her and the pup. *One big happy wolfy family! A small scoff as she headed for the door.* -05:20 Feb 23
Leon: *He ran after her!* Come on, Cissy. You know you’re the only girl for me. Plus, she’s hooked on Gabriel and Brutus is from Romania or somewhere overseas. -05:21 Feb 23
Ciara: All I’m sure of is that vampire being attached to her. Evangeline doesn’t seem to have any problem chatting away with you and every other person here… I’m starting to think she’s some sort of witch or enchantress with everyone under her sunny spell. -05:23 Feb 23
Leon: *A small shrug!* Maybe she reminds him of someone. *He suggested out of the blue.* -05:24 Feb 23
Ciara: *Ciara paused in the hall.* …I wonder if she’s just food. He’ll never say no to her, because she’s feeding him! -05:26 Feb 23
Leon: *He coughed and had to pound his chest!* … Okay. Didn’t see that one coming. *He raised an eyebrow at her.* So you honestly think the ulterior motive of hanging around with her is food and hungry vampire? -05:27 Feb 23
Ciara: You practically roll on the floor everytime I offer you a steak. …No, I guess not. She couldn’t possibly be so daft as to offer herself up as a chewtoy. -05:31 Feb 23
Leon: *He flashed her a wolfish grin!* I only roll on the floor when the steak is offered by someone I truly care for. *He winked at her.* Anyways, I’m surprised you actually agreed to having Gabriel. -05:32 Feb 23
Ciara: *Swatting lightly at him for his awful winks, she only frowned slightly.* I don’t like the idea of him lurking around me, but it’s in Oracle’s best interests if I find out everything about him. His weaknesses are my weaknesses… someone has to have to sense. -05:36 Feb 23
Leon: *He chuckled softly.* Good luck finding them out. You don’t live very long without learning how to keep them. So … can I have some steak now? -05:37 Feb 23
Ciara: Ha. Spend fifteen minutes around that fanged idiot and you can see Evangeline is a weakness… But just how much of one, I’ll give a little test later. *Oh the wicked grin of a woman with a devious scheme. It won’t be hard to get the psychic alone!* …You ate not thirty minutes ago. Maybe you should be exercising for your wolfy training. I could chase you around the courtyard with a crossbow? -05:42 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked!* Hey! I’m getting some hardcore training tomorrow! No need to go rushing into things when I have a chance to take a break. -05:47 Feb 23
Ciara: Serious training takes a serious attitude. I might as well throw you in Gabriel’s classes too to make sure. -05:48 Feb 23
Leon: *He blinked!* Seriously?! But the stories I’ve heard! -06:01 Feb 23
Ciara: *That wicked smile again… By now she had entered the cafeteria for a fresh cup of coffee. Maybe a steak if he stuffed one in his pocket fast enough!* At least half of them are true. You’ll learn pretty quick with a Carnatelli trying to shoot your paws off. -06:04 Feb 23
Leon: *He swallowed! He definitely wasn’t looking forward to that!* Uh … But I’ll have my hands full with Nicholas’ er, class!@ -06:11 Feb 23
Ciara: I suppose so… Well, except when you’re at home. I think my balcony is big enough for private lessons, don’t you? I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t throw you off… ….and not catch you. -06:15 Feb 23
Leon: *He gulped!* Uh … You know, I’m not quite sure … *He scratched his head because he honestly wasn’t!* -06:16 Feb 23
Ciara: Leon… you’re far too easy to tease. Like a kitty, really. I might have to find someone with a little more fight to them. *Hopeless wolf… as if Gabriel would ever throw him off a building just because she told him to. ..She wasn’t Evangeline! …WOULD he do it if Evangeline asked him? She paused mid stir of her coffee while thinking about it!* -06:20 Feb 23
Leon: *He gave her an odd look.* Okay. What devious idea are you thinking of now? -06:29 Feb 23
Ciara: *Masking her expression she merely blinked at him.* Devious ideas? I don’t know what you’e talking about. -06:32 Feb 23
Leon: Don’t play coy with me, Cissy. I’ve known you too long. There’s an evil thought taking fruit in that head of yours. -06:43 Feb 23
Ciara: So what if there is? For once it’s not about you, so you can rest nice and easy before your big morning. *She retained that perfectly innocent look even as she found a chair and sat down!* -06:45 Feb 23
Leon: *He sighed and shook his head!* Well, I’m off to take a nap then. See you later, Cissy. *He waved and left her to her thoughts, sighing and shaking his head.* -06:48 Feb 23

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