Evangeline convinces Gabriel to spend some father-son time with Dark.

[Evangeline feels the pull of fate! …which means she has to convince people to do things that they don\’t want to do!] -12:29 Feb 28
[Gabriel is taking a nap in the autumn courtyard under a tree which means no one else is in there!] -12:29 Feb 28
Evangeline: *It was completely unnecessary for her to sneak. …but still, she tip-toed quietly across the courtyard until she peered around the tree where her sleeping husband lay. How cute! Not that anyone else would think it was cute, but he was handsome when he was sleeping…* ..hmm. *Pulling up an extra long blade of grass, she dangled it just over his nose!* -12:33 Feb 28
Evangeline: *It was completely unnecessary for her to sneak. …but still, she tip-toed quietly across the courtyard until she peered around the tree where her sleeping husband lay. How cute! Not that anyone else would think it was cute, but he was handsome when he was sleeping…* ..hmm. *Pulling up an extra long blade of grass, she dangled it just over his nose!* -12:34 Feb 28
Gabriel: *His nose didn’t so much as twitch!* I assume you have a very important reason for this, Evangeline. *She knew he enjoyed his naps!* -12:34 Feb 28
Evangeline: *She had to stiffle her giggling. Evangeline supposed had anyone else dared to waken him, they’d have been thrown over the wall. …he did it once before!* Do you remember when I mentioned you and Dark should spend more time together..? I haven’t seen you spending time together yet… -12:36 Feb 28
Gabriel: It is on my to-do list, Evangeline. He is tending to his duties as Light and I am taking a much deserved nap. -12:41 Feb 28
Evangeline: *She stepped out from behind the tree and leaned over him.* What if I asked him to come over and you sat around being sleepy and talking together? You wouldn’t have to move from the spot. -12:43 Feb 28
Gabriel: I cannot take a nap if I am talking. -12:45 Feb 28
Evangeline: No… but you would be spending quality time with Dark and talking about important mentor type things, like powers, possessions, women, and cursing! *He was so very stubborn about this! It wasn’t like she was asking him to bring home another Obsidian! This was Dark!* -12:47 Feb 28
Gabriel: I have been his mentor long enough, Evangeline. -12:50 Feb 28
Evangeline: He isn’t going to learn everything in a few short years… And there is more to it than teaching him how to fight or throwing spells. *A soft huff… reasoning alone would not be enough, and she could’t tell him the entire meaning of the prophecies or he was going to be a raging ball of worry! …More than he was now! Evangeline leaned down further until she picked up both his feet and tried to tug him.* We’re going fishing with Dark! -12:53 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He finally opened his eyes.* I do not fish. -12:54 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Tuuug! By sheer willpower, she intended to move him across the courtyard towards one of the ponds.* We’ll learn how to fish today. I bet one of the creatures in the pond could teach us. Then you and Dark can talk while I supervise. -12:57 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He refused to budge!* … Evangeline. -12:57 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Tug!Pull!Tuuuug! Then an EEP and a ploof of leaves when she lost her grip and dropped to the fallen leaves! …that was tiring! Now she needed a snack… and perhaps a wagon to roll him on to.* Is it so bad to spend time with Dark? He thinks you hate him, and I know that isn’t true… -01:00 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He wasn’t quite sure whether to smirk, laugh, or raise an eyebrow. He stood and bent to pick her up.* Why would he think I hate him. You and I both know I do not. -01:05 Feb 28
Evangeline: Because he’s young and the only time you ever spend with him, you’re beating him up or saving him from trouble. Or yelling at him for interfering! He needs to know you care for him, and will support him, and he’s not just a tool to be used… *That list bit was almost too much information. Once she was back on her feet, she shook leaves off her skirt…. then captured his arm! Now he can’t escape!* -01:08 Feb 28
Gabriel: We do not get along in other cases. *He wasn’t trying to escape just yet but he didn’t need to try very hard to do so.* -01:11 Feb 28
Evangeline: You might get along if you -tried- to spend time with him! *Evangeline huffed again and let go. This wasn’t working at all! She would have to try something else…* …Well all right then. I will take him fishing myself and teach him things that boys should know. I’ll tell him why he should never play cards naked and what happens when you wake up yeti, and I think we might take a trip to Bolivia and I’ll show him vampires and why he is very different from them! *She started marching away!* -01:15 Feb 28
Gabriel: *A slight raise of the eyebrow.* You are insane. *… Which he knew was generally his way of telling her she’d won the argument.* -01:16 Feb 28
Evangeline: No, I think meeting real Bolivian Vampires is just what he needs! *She wasn’t going to smile… had to keep a straight face. Evangeline turned around and clasped her hands behind her back.* Would you like to join us? -01:18 Feb 28
Gabriel: I will go. -01:23 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline hopped and clapped her hands!* I need a picnic basket of food… I can summon Dark! He couldn’t be too busy at all today. *In fact she was already digging in her pockets for one of the marbles Caroline made her for Dark-summoning!* -01:25 Feb 28
Gabriel: … I married an intelligent woman. *He remarked dryly and had a picnic basket with food in one hand in no time.* -01:28 Feb 28
Evangeline: *Evangeline popped one of the marbles for the summon. Then she closed her eyes! As sometimes when Dark was napping at home, he was naked, and she didn’t need that shock again!* -01:29 Feb 28

Dark: *Dark HAD been napping! He appeared on the ground at their feet, naked and curled up, clutching a pillow!* Zzzz …. zzz …. -Gabriel

Gabriel: He naps without clothes. -01:35 Feb 28
Evangeline: Oh dear..! I’ve done it again! *Now she really couldn’t open her eyes. She had both hands covering them!* Dark, wake up please…! -01:36 Feb 28
Gabriel: *Gabrirel raised an eyebrow. It seemed like this was a common occurence!* -01:36 Feb 28

Dark: Zzzz … zzz … Not now, Mommy. I don’t wanna go to school. *He yawned and turned over.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It’s not a lesson today Dark, we’re going fishing..! *Mommy! She was used to Meri calling her Mommy, hearing Dark say it had her grinning silly… and reminder that she’d have someone else calling her Mommy soon enough!* Dark, your father is here! -01:38 Feb 28

Dark: *… Father …. Gabriel …* GABRIEL?! *He rolled onto his feet and faced them! Then he realized he was NAKED and grabbed the pillow to cover his crotch!* What the crap! EVANGELINE! What’s the meaning of this! -Gabriel

Evangeline: I told you, we’re going fishing. See, Gabriel.. he takes naps the same time of day as you do..! *She still had her hands covering her eyes, but she was grinning wide.* -01:42 Feb 28

Dark: Fishing?! Grr! *He growled but managed to compose himself enough to summon clothes! The pillow disappeared!* Why the hell are we fishing?! -Gabriel

Gabriel: That is merely coincidence, Evangeline. -01:45 Feb 28
Evangeline: Because families go fishing. And with Meri spending time at Oracle so she can rest, I was lonely and wanted to spend time with you and Gabriel..? *Convincing Dark was always so much easier than Gabriel! He always spent time with her when she asked!* -01:46 Feb 28

Dark: *He huffed!* … Fine. I’ll go fishing with you. Some family we are. A clone, a vampire, and a psychic. -Gabriel

Evangeline: And soon we’ll be a family with a vampire psychic! You’ll have a brother to teach fishing to! *Before Dark changed his mind, she took his arm and was leading the way across the courtyard to the ponds.* You and Gabriel can talk about things you want to teach him! -01:51 Feb 28

Dark: … Uh. Yeah about this pregnancy of yours … *He wasn’t quite sure what he felt about it! Caroline liked to tease him about it! He was just … feeling awkward!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: You don’t like it..? *Evangeline paused by the pond, and was -really- trying not to jump to conclusions. She understood not everyone was as excited as she was, but some people said things that hurt her feelings!* -01:58 Feb 28

Dark: Um, don’t get me wrong! I’m real eh, happy for you and Gabriel but … I don’t think there’s gonna be room for me in this little family anymore. -Gabriel

Evangeline: I see… *Evangeline didn’t hide the "I told you so!" look she cast to Gabriel. This was what she was worried about!* You shouldn’t think that way! You’re a very important part of our lives. -02:02 Feb 28
Gabriel: *His only reply was a raise of the eyebrow!* -02:03 Feb 28

Dark: You’re gonna be busy with the baby and Gabriel is busy as usual. I’ve seen and heard everything. About how big a baby is, what a responsibility, and a half-vampire even more! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Oh, just sit here! *She fussed at him to get him sitting down next to the pond. Then she was taking the picnic basket from Gabriel and fussing at him to sit too.* You’ll need some fishing poles. … Now, I wonder who you think is going to be a better person to take my son out to all of the best ice cream places? Or out trick or treating? -02:07 Feb 28
Gabriel: *He blinked as he dropped down into a seat! He snorted.* I remember the last time I took you out trick or treating … -02:09 Feb 28

Dark: *He blinked as he dropped down into a seat! He snorted.* I remember the last time I took you out trick or treating … -Gabriel

Evangeline: And who knows what might have happened if you weren’t there too. And think, Gabriel has taught you so many new things since then… I bet he could tell you stories of his adventures too. *…because so far she was doing all of the talking! Dark didn’t need bonding time with -her-! Evangeline took the picnic basket a fair distance and curled up in a nice spot. She was digging inside looking for the perfect treat!* -02:12 Feb 28
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((02:17 Feb 28))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((02:17 Feb 28))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -02:17 Feb 28
[Evangeline is supervising father-son bonding time. … She is also getting in to the picnic basket!] -09:43 Mar 01
[Gabriel and Dark have been sitting, silent with only the sound of Evangeline rummaging in the picnic basket!] -09:45 Mar 01
Evangeline: *She has acquired juice, sandwiches, veggies and dip… None of which she had any intentions of sharing. Chewing on a sammich, she was eyeing the both of them like a hawk! …Silence was better than arguing, at least?* -09:47 Mar 01

Dark: *Dark huffed and glanced around. He found a pebble and began tossing it into the air and catching it.* -Gabriel

Gabriel: … Nothing will change between us. -09:50 Mar 01

Dark: … Change can be good sometimes. And then some change can be bad. *He shrugged.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It really depends on the people involved, I think. *She added! Gabriel needed the help!* -09:52 Mar 01

More silence between Dark and Gabriel. Seconds slipped into minutes … five minutes … ten … -Gabriel

Dark: There’s one thing I never got. *He took a deep breath, then turned to Gabriel.* Back when Louis attacked me. Why’d you call me your son? Why not clone or mistake or artificial life form. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She opened her mouth to interject.. Dark was not a mistake! But this was Gabriel bonding time… She busied herself with drinking a third glass of juice and being patient. It was hard enough to get them to sit down, without her over-meddling. …it did make her wonder if her son would be more like Dark or like Gabriel.. or like herself? Or someone entirely different!* -10:14 Mar 01
Gabriel: I could not think of a more fitting word to use. For all the pain I have inflicted, my intentions are good. I will admit, at first, I wanted to test your limits. If I knew your limits, I could deal with you when you decided to turn … But as you said. Change can be good. -10:15 Mar 01

Dark: … Thanks. I think. *He finally tossed the pebble and watched it skim on the water surface. Once. Twice. Three times … and then it was gone.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Sometimes we get surprised by things that seem like a problem at first, but then turn out really amazing… right Gabriel? *Ha! She found cookies in the basket! Those immediately stolen to be nibbled on. If they wanted lunch, they’d have to actually try fishing!* -10:25 Mar 01
Gabriel: … Indeed. -10:27 Mar 01

Dark: *He blinked.* Enjoying the cookies? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline paused, looking only ever so slightly guilty..! She -might- have shared but… well. There just weren’t enough here, really!* …I am. If you like we can go out to get some cookies? -10:34 Mar 01

Dark: *He smirked.* Nah, I’ll pass. Caroline still teases me about an ice cream belly. -Gabriel

Evangeline: We could go out for a walk and take care of that too… *That was enough to make her look down and poke at her own stomach. There was just barely a hint of somewhere in there. Before long she wasn’t going to get to wear her usual clothes!* -10:38 Mar 01

Dark:Has anyone ever carried a half-human, half-vampire baby to full term before? -Gabriel

Evangeline: Um… I don’t know! I’m sure it’s happened before, but I’ve met one… Caroline said she hasn’t either, and she’s seen a million different things… -10:42 Mar 01

Dark: There’s a first time for everything. *He shrugged.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: He’ll need someone to help him, since he’ll be so different… You might show him some things, Dark..? I don’t want him to feel like he’s all alone. -10:48 Mar 01

Dark: Eh … You know how I feel about humans in general … But hey, technically you’re not human and the kid won’t be either. So sure. I’ll teach him the ropes. -Gabriel

Dark: *He snickered.* I’ll be more gentle than my teachers were to me. -Gabriel

Evangeline: Well, I would hope so! He’s going to start off so much smaller! *She tapped her chin, thoughtful.* He’s going to need to learn about humans too… I think when he’s old enough for school he’ll have to go to a normal one. But when he wants to invite friends over, we can’t bring them to the castle. Maybe we should look for a house…? -10:53 Mar 01
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He raised an eyebrow.* Human or not, it does not change the fact the child will be a target. An extremely tempting one. -10:54 Mar 01
Evangeline: But I don’t want him to feel locked away from the world..? And if he might be like you and Dark, I want him to meet all different kinds of people… So he understands why we take care of them! -10:57 Mar 01
Gabriel: And what do you intend to do when someone realizes who and what the boy is. He will, no doubt, need a special diet and a boy his age will find it difficult to suppress his powers. Or his tendency to do reckless acts of heroism. -10:59 Mar 01
Evangeline: He would be at least five or six before starting a school… I’m sure by then we could teach him how to mind himself in public! I don’t want our son to grow up always afraid that someone is going to hurt him. There’s always dangers, we could just take the extra steps to make sure he’s safe there…? *Evangeline could see that this was going to be an argument they’d have for the next couple of years. Yet instead of being frustrated, she was having a really hard time suppressing a smile! It was future plans for their baby!* -11:03 Mar 01
Gabriel: My extra steps differ from yours, Evangeline. -11:05 Mar 01

Dark: *He eyed the two of them, smirking to himself before reaching into the basket to find a breadstick. Not his choice but it would do.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Then between the two of us, I know we can make everything safe for him. Not to mention Dark’s help and Caroline. …and Meri! Meri might like to try a human school also! -11:07 Mar 01

Dark: *He snickered.* Your kid and Meri in the same school … That should be fun. -Gabriel

Gabriel: Some experience with children will not hurt. *He said, eying Dark!* -11:30 Mar 01
Evangeline: Don’t you think so? She needs some interaction with humans that aren’t Hunters from Oracle… they’re giving her a really bad impression since so many of them are cocky and make such a fuss. *She blinked at Gabriel eyeing Dark… and grinned!* -11:30 Mar 01

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