039 Testing the Vampire

Ciara wonders just how Gabriel knows when Evangeline is in danger and tests it out.

[Leon was having a playful tug of war with Brutus!] -03:29 Dec 13
[Ciara was sipping coffee and chatting with Evangeline.] -03:31 Dec 13

Brutus was growling as he tugged on that rope! He had quite the firm grip!

Evangeline: Brutus is nearly too big for me to pick up now. I had no idea he would grow so fast!

Leon: Wow. Someone’s been eating his vitamins! *He had a firm grip with both hands on the other side of the rope and pulling for all he was worth! At the moment they were locked in a stalemate!* -03:34 Dec 13
Ciara: I’m not sure how you afford to feed him. *Ciara hadn’t counted on having Evangeline as a house guest too. Although considering Gabriel was so attached to her, she shouldn’t have been surprised!* -03:36 Dec 13
Leon: *Was leaning backwards with Brutus refusing to let go on his end! Leon wasn’t one to go easy on a pup because he was … well, a pup, so he was giving it his all! Brutus was definitely growing!* -03:37 Dec 13

Evangeline: *A big smile!* Thankfully I’m not buying his dinners. Not that I haven’t been payed fairly by Oracle, but sometimes I think Brutus eats a whole cow a day!

Leon: *Glanced up at Evangeline and laughed!* I kind of figured that. You’re not complaining about Brutus’ eating as much as Cissy does mine! *He winked at Ciara!* -03:39 Dec 13
Ciara: Gabriel seems to have himself a nice little family going. *Ciara made a face at Leon!* You eat far more than a single cow, thankyouverymuch. I may as well invest in a cattle ranch. -03:40 Dec 13
Leon: Oh! A cattle ranch! We could make a campfire and make s’mores and can play the guitar and sing those frontier songs! *He seemed very excited with the idea of a cattle ranch!* -03:42 Dec 13

Evangeline: A cattle ranch is a great idea! You know farm living is very healthly, and you’ve all that fresh food, and I bet there would be so much more peace and quiet. More time to spend with Leon!

Leon’s grip loosened on the rope just the slightest! Brutus took advantage and pulled for all he was worth … resulting in both him and Leon falling backwards with Brutus holding the rope in his teeth!

Leon: OOofff! *He fell backwards and slowly got up into a sitting position! He sighed!* Cissy says everytime we go on a vacation strange things happen. So she might be reluctant to go anywhere like a cattle ranch. If you ask me, strange things happen whether we go or stay. -03:45 Dec 13
Ciara: *For a moment she tried to imagine herself living in the country… That was just… no. Frowning, she took another sip of her coffee.* I wonder… if you moved out to the country, would Gabriel be going to..? -03:45 Dec 13

Brutus bounded at Leon and put his front paws on his knees! He dropped the rope into Leon’s lap, tongue hanging out and tail wagging!

Evangeline: Your life is just naturally exciting! *Evangeline paused and tilted her head to think about Ms Grey’s question!* I’m not sure I would like living in the country. I would always have to leave for visions anyway, so it’s just much simpler to stay in the city.

Leon: So it’s a rematch you want, huh? *Leon used his trademark wolfish grin as he grabbed the rope and dangled it in front of Brutus’ face! But just when Brutus was about to snag it, he pulled it away! He finally let the puppy grab ahold of one end!* Let the game begin! -03:48 Dec 13
Ciara: *Which didn’t answer her question at all! Ciara set down her cup.* Some of those new boys at Oracle told me some interesting stories about Gabriel’s teaching habits, especially when you’re involved in the classes. I think the last incident was someone’s broken fingers…? -03:51 Dec 13

Brutus barked once before he grabbed that rope! He was more than up to the challenge! He got a firm grip and began to tug away from Leon!

Evangeline: *A sheepish look!* I do ask him not to worry so much about those training exercises. I mean, they [i]are[/i] accidents, but he always says ‘serious actions give serious consequences’ or something like that. Which I understand, but he’s a little hard on them, don’t you think?

Leon: *Laugh!* Cissy would probably do the same thing if I was in your place, Evangeline! Right, Cissy? *He flashed her a wolfish grin!* -03:57 Dec 13
Ciara: Well I don’t know, Leon. Evangeline is more like the little princess of Oracle. At least a wolf has teeth. *For a moment it looked like she was going to grab a couch cushion and throw it at him!* She seems to bring out an interesting little protective streak from that Carnatelli. -03:59 Dec 13
Leon: *At the mention of a wolf’s teeth, he ran his tongue over his own teeth.* I guess you’re right. But before we bailed Gabriel out, you worried about me all the same! *Another wolfish grin!* Besides, Gabriel’s a hero. Isn’t that what they do? -04:02 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Little princess…? That drew an odd look from Evangeline. She never thought of herself like that!* Leon is right… it’s really not unlike how you care for Leon! I think it’s wonderful!

Ciara: *Choosing to ignore the comparison of Gabriel and herself, Ciara eyed Evangeline again.* He is lke a hero. Saving the little princess from danger after danger. Be it the ultimate evil, or a woman asking questions… Almost flawlessly, doesn’t he? Every time you’re in trouble? -04:06 Dec 13

Brutus was going “GRR!! GRR!!” Leon might not be as focused on this game but he was! He pulled and he pulled!

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave a soft smile and a little shrug.* Almost. When I first came to the city I thought it was funny how he would appear, and now when I think about it I get warm fuzzies.

Ciara: *Flashing a rather dangerous looking grin, Ciara rose slowly from her chair.* Anthony Carnatelli already figured that out and has used that to his advantage a few times, hasn’t he? But, I wonder how exactly he knows… *Ciara leaned over the edge of the balcony wall to peer down.* -04:12 Dec 13

Evangeline: …How Anthony knows or Gabriel? *There was a confused look on her face… Of course anyone with sense could see Gabriel cared for her saftey, even if he didn’t always realize… But now she was curious how Gabriel always came to help when she was in trouble, even those moments he had no idea something happened to her!* I really hadn’t though about it before!

Leon: Maybe … coincidence? *He suggested with a small shrug, now half-listening as he turned his attention to Brutus who was going to be dragging him around the place at this rate!* -04:16 Dec 13
Ciara: It could be a coincidence. I think we should give it a little test and see. If you’ll just come over here… *Ciara took Evangeline’s hand and pulled her over to the balcony wall. Evangeline was pretty light, so there shouldn’t be any real danger. …And if the worst happens, she can always call up a dragon for help!* -04:25 Dec 13

Evangeline: How to test something like that, though? Not that I think it’s really neccessary… I promised Gabriel that I’d try to stay out of trouble, and your suite if nearly the safest place in the city.

Ciara: A little imagination, Evangeline. *Without warning, and quite carefully Ciara swung an arm around Evangeline’s waist and grabbed a solid hold of her wrist… Then dipped her backwards over the wall, with enough leverage to take the woman’s feet off the ground! It looked more like a dance move than anything, and as long as the woman didn’t squirm, Ciara should be able to hold her! ..She was little heavier than expected…* -04:30 Dec 13
Leon: *Looked up and was about to go back to his game of tug of war–!* CISSY!! OOOfff! *He let go and fell backwards again!* -04:31 Dec 13

Evangeline: *A yelp…!! Being swept off her feet was one thing, but not on the top floor balcony!* Ms. Grey, I thought I didn’t have to tell you that I can’t fly..!!

Brutus proudly walked past Leon with the rope in his mouth! A second straight victory!

Leon: Cissy! You can’t possibly–! *He scrambled forwards, only to fall and scramble to his feet again! He joined Ciara and stood behind her!* Ciara, are you nuts?! -04:36 Dec 13
Ciara: Be still! You weigh more than you look. *She still had Evangeline braced pretty well on the wall… so she made sure to tilt her a little farther!* Call it an interest in social science. It’d take a least two minutes before she hit the pavement below. -04:37 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Was suddenly standing on the railing of the balcony!* … I trust you have a good reason for this. *He had one eyebrow raised and his head tilted slightly to one side!*

Gabriel: *right beside Evangeline

Leon: *Winced and shut his eyes!* We are so dead. *He muttered when he heard Gabriel’s voice.* -04:39 Dec 13

Evangeline: Hit the pavement?! *She was very nearly about to start screaming… So Gabriel’s voice was a big relief! Not that it stopped her from trying to squirm back to having her feet on the ground!*

Gabriel: You should not move. You are upsetting Ms Grey’s balance and hence your own. *He landed neatly on the ground and moved to help Evangeline upright and on firm ground again!*

Ciara: Gabriel! What a surprise! *Damnit woman, she didn’t actually WANT to drop her! Ciara pulled Evangeline back to the correct side and released her! She dust herself off, as if she hadn’t just threatened to throw a psychic off the building.* We were just having an interesting discussion about you. -04:42 Dec 13
Ciara: (Scratch mine!) -04:42 Dec 13
Leon: (I don’t see why we can’t just use both of ours!) -04:43 Dec 13
Ciara: (Okay! XD) -04:43 Dec 13
Leon: *Gulped! They were going to die painful, agonizing deaths for the sake of Ciara’s experiments!* -04:43 Dec 13
Leon: (LOL) -04:43 Dec 13

Evangeline: *On her feet where she belonged, and after taking a deep breath to calm herself back down… She stomped her foot and pointed an accusing finger at Ms. Grey.* That was a horribly wicked thing to do!! You scared me to death!

Gabriel: Indeed. *He replied.* I trust I have answered your questions. *For Evangeline, this was probably the moment he was going to disappear again!*

Leon: Um … Coffee? *He held up the pot and grinned sheepishly!* -04:46 Dec 13
Ciara: One questioned answered, but many more still to ask. *Ciara was unphased by Evangeline’s pointing.* You come to fetch her no matter the circumstances, I have to ask if you ever bother to consider when it’s a trap to capture or kill you. -04:48 Dec 13

Gabriel: *He ignored Leon’s offer for coffee.* It is always one or the other. However, the repercussions of not arriving at all is by far more disastrous.

Leon: *Polite coughing! He moved over to Evangeline.* How about … we leave these two to chat for awhile? -04:52 Dec 13
Ciara: One day someone is going to have sense enough to kill her before you arrive. What happens then? -04:53 Dec 13

Gabriel: … All hell breaks loose.

Brutus came back! He was tired of playing! Now he was just hungry and barked a few times to get his point across!

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded at Leon, but hadn’t yet moved… She wanted to hear the what-ifs too!*

Leon: *Soft sigh! He glanced over at Brutus!* Well, Brutus, I think it’s only you and me for now. Let’s get something to eat. *He wandered back inside and into the kitchen!* -04:56 Dec 13

Brutus barked and followed after him!

Ciara: *Ciara gave another dangerously wicked smile.* I suggest you stay and discuss this with me, or I might be tempted to see what happens when I lock Evangeline in an Elevator. *Tugging Evangeline’s arm she was following after Leon. It was shameless baiting! How much could the man take before he wasn’t Mr. Cool anymore?* -04:58 Dec 13

Gabriel: You have a streak in you. It is little wonder Anthony is fascinated with you so. *He remarked before she started following after Leon!*

Leon: *Halted when he heard Ciara coming up behind him! He gave Ciara that "You have got to be kidding me!" look!* Cissy! What the hell is wrong with you?! *He whispered!* -05:01 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Feels a bit like that rope Leon and Brutus were tugging! …But on the bright side, it was valuable bonding time for Ms. Grey and Gabriel! Evangeline managed to get herself loose from Ms. Grey and take a comfy seat! …Poor Leon was going to have kittens!*

Ciara: *Ciara paused a moment to eye Gabriel! He was going to try and bait her too, was he? We-hell, he was sparring with a champion now! Ciara just smiled wide at Leon!* What do you think about having psychic for lunch? -05:07 Dec 13

There was a ring on the comm-link! RING RING RING RING!

Gabriel: I believe that is for you, Ms Grey. *He replied instead.*

Ciara: *Always interuptions… Ciara moved and leaned on the wall as she pressed the comlink. Of course, keeping her eyes on Gabriel!* This better be important. I’m in the middle of a meeting. -05:09 Dec 13

Evangeline: Wolves shouldn’t be eating apples, anyway. *She mutter softly.*

Ciara’s secretary! She had a few visitors from Oracle who were very insistent on meeting with her as soon as possible! They kept saying it was urgent!

Leon: Heh heh … *He shut his eyes and scratched his head while trying to flash his wolfish grin! But all he gave was a nervous smile!* -05:11 Dec 13
Ciara: …Why don’t you just send them upstairs, then. I’m sure they’ll enjoy this meeting! *Ciara had a feeling it was going to be those two meddlers come to complain about the Carnatelli. Let them have a good shock!* -05:13 Dec 13

That was a first! Ms Grey was usually very … against the idea of having these Oracle people! But she did as told and in no time at all, there was the ding ding! of the elevator starting to come up!

Evangeline: *Evangeline reached out to snag one of Gabriel’s sleeves. She didn’t think anything really bad would happened, but Ms. Grey was being wicked, and that was awful similar to when Gabriel was harassing those Oracle newbies…. and that usually meant someone went running and screaming!*

Leon: *Blinked!* Wait. Are those the same Oracle people as the last time? I don’t like them. *He ducked into the kitchen again!* -05:22 Dec 13
Ciara: *Arms crossed, Ciara blinked at the fleeing Leon.* …They already know you’re here, AND you’re working for Oracle! How scary could they be! -05:22 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Looked over at Evangeline but at least he didn’t start moving away or doing his disappearing act for that matter!*

The elevator was getting closer to the top!

Leon: Says the woman who took over an entire organization and turned it upside down in less than 24 hours! In this case, I’m going to play it safe and just stay in here, thank you! *He popped back into the kitchen!* -05:24 Dec 13
Ciara: They didn’t get fired. There shouldn’t be an issue. *Well… as far she she is concerned, there shouldn’t be. Ciara moved to wait at the elevator door.* -05:25 Dec 13

DING! The elevators doors opened and out stepped the two Oracle personnel from before! They greet Ms Grey just like they did last time and ask if they can speak with her!

Ciara: By all means, join me in the living room. *Ciara smiled her perfect smile, motioning a hand and beckoning them to follow her.* Of course you should be aquainted with Gabriel and Evangeline by now… If at least by name. -05:32 Dec 13

The two of them followed after Ciara but when they saw Gabriel and Evangeline … they instantly reached into their jackets!

Gabriel: *Was faster and he had his gun pulled out and aimed at them!*

The woman slowly put her hands up but didn’t take her eyes off of Gabriel! “Ms Grey, if you would like to explain why there is a Carnatelli in your suite …”

Evangeline: Crickets…! Why do you always pull the guns first! *Evangeline hopped out of her seat to scoot in between Gabriel and those Oracle people!*

Ciara: After that last little incident, I decided that it would be impossible to protect myself on my own. …So I asked for a little outside help. Isn’t that what you dears have been begging me to do all this time? *She was smiling like a chesire cat!* -05:40 Dec 13

The man reluctantly followed the woman’s lead! The woman looked over at Ms Grey as if she was dabbling in things she didn’t understand. “You cannot be serious! We have heard the rumors but … to enlist the aid of the enemy!”

Ciara: We have a common goal. For the sake of the greater good I can look over a few undesireable traits. …Besides, if he misbehaves I’ll just throw Evangeline off the building. *Ciara flashed Gabriel a sugary sweet grin!* -05:50 Dec 13

Gabriel: *Either he hadn’t heard her or he was just ignoring her at this point as he still had his gun out! But at least he had lowered it!*

Of course the Oracle people were not amused! “You are playing with fire, Ms Grey! It is one thing to do what you will on your time but when you bring a Carnatelli into the Oracle headquarters and give him free rein!”

Evangeline: *Of course Ms. Grey wouldn’t actually throw her off the building. ….she was pretty sure. But, Evangeline huffed and crossed her arms anyway. Ms. Grey needed some of her own medicene!*

Ciara: You are either ignorant to what goes on in the organization or just plain stupid if you hadn’t realized by now that Anthony Carnatelli had been pulling strings in Oracle for some time now. I am simply trading in for a model that actually works for Oracle rather than against it. Since I’ve taken control there have been less death and more shit gets done. So you want to tell me again that it’s a bad idea? -05:57 Dec 13

“Ms Grey, for the love of God! The results might seem spectacular now but he will turn against you–against us! And then it will be Anthony Carnatelli all over again!”

Ciara: And if or when that happens I will have no issues putting the order to kill Gabriel Carnatelli myself. *That being as much as an assurance for them, and as a warning to that psychic and her vampire. Ciara was perectly aware on how things could go wrong.* In the meantime, was that all you came to say? More lectures about my habits? -06:09 Dec 13

“Apparently you have your mind made up.” The woman straightened her jacket. “Let’s go.” She and the man turned and left but not before casting a glare in Gabriel’s direction! They got back into the elevator and were gone!

Leon: *Popped his head out!* Is it clear? -06:12 Dec 13
Ciara: You’re such a big baby! Even Evangeline stayed out here to play gun shield and you’re hiding in the kitchen! -06:13 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Now that those Oracle people were gone, Evangeline decided she would try and teach Ms. Grey a lesson! She stood nice and straight, and tried to give that nonchalant look!* I don’t appreciate you making all those threats, Ms. Grey! I think if I hear another, maybe I’ll chop off Leon’s tail!

Ciara: … *Ciara paused to blink at Evangeline. …Then started laughing!* -06:16 Dec 13
Leon: It’d be my luck that they’ve got silver bullets in those things! *He walked out with Brutus in tow and they both smelled of BBQ sauce and steak!* -06:17 Dec 13

Evangeline: I’m serious! A chopped wolf tail and baked in the oven! … Or worse!

Gabriel: It would be far too messy. If you wished for a souvenir, I suggest a were’s coat or their teeth. They fetch a handsome price in apothecaries.

Ciara: *Still snickering, Ciara tapped her fingers on her arms and cast a smirk at Gabriel.* Your little princess sounds more like a very loud kitten. If you want to sound threatening, Evangeline, I suggest continuing to let Gabriel do the threatening for you. -06:21 Dec 13

Gabriel: I do not make threats, Ms Grey. I merely carry through with my promises.

Leon: *Loud SIGH!* Are you three going to be at it all day? We could do it over food, you know! Isn’t that right, Brutus? *He reached over to give the werepup a good scratching behind the ears.* -06:25 Dec 13

Evangeline: *Bother… that hadn’t worked at all. …and she does NOT sound like a kitten! Looking very much offended, Evangeline dropped back in to her chair.* I think food is a great idea! Brutus smells like barbecue and now I’m starving.

Brutus barked and wagged his tail!

Ciara: Yes, lets have lunch. We can eat and discuss Evangeline’s plans for future were puppies. Now that she spends all this time with Leon and I, there’s bound to be more. -06:30 Dec 13

Evangeline: *That perked her out of looking offended!* Actually, I had this wonderful idea! There’s so many homeless werepuppies these days, so wouldn’t it be grand if they had someone to go and be raised like proper young wolves instead of getting in to violent clans and trouble!

Leon: *Paused in the middle of walking out with some plates and utensils from the kitchen!* Wow. That’s not a bad idea! They’d have a chance to grow into law-abiding, constantly hungry citizens! -06:35 Dec 13

Evangeline: Yes! And it would be so much teaching and training puppies all day! They’d make wonderful staff at Oracle when they’re all grown up or just.. going out on their own and having families!

Leon: Which would be much better than them acquiring the taste for human flesh! And we wouldn’t have to hunt them down or mercilessly slay them! -06:40 Dec 13
Ciara: *The conversation had completely derailed to talk of werepuppy teaching and ridiculousness. Ciara looked down at Brutus, trying to imagine a room filled with pups. …She covered her eyes.* Aren’t we lucky there is Gabriel to appear and rescue you when a pack of pups get hungry and try to maul you both. -06:42 Dec 13

Evangeline: Oh, they’d never do anything like that. But it’s such good practice for raising young wolves! If you helped Leon with a class you’d be well prepared when you have your- Oh, I think lunch is ready! *Drats and drats again! She’s got to watch herself when she gets comfortable and chatty!*

Ciara: *That was the second time Evangeline had suggested puppies. Ciara inched towards Evangeline, considering dragging her off and squishing every last prediction out of her!* Is that so, madam psychic…? What else should I be preparing for with Leon…? -06:52 Dec 13

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