Dark and Meri escort Evangeline to look at houses near potential schools and Anthony shows up! Caroline’s shadow is unlocked!

[Evangeline wasn\’t kidding when she talked about looking at houses. No better time than the present to find a good school district, right?] -12:12 Mar 03
[Dark has no clue why *he\’s* here instead of Gabriel!] -12:13 Mar 03
Dark: Not that I uh, don’t enjoy spending time with you, Evangeline, but … why the hell am I here instead of Gabriel? -12:13 Mar 03

Dark: testing -Dark

Vlamerias: *Vlamerias was holding one of Evangeline’s hand and holding one of Dark’s hands in hers. She swung their arms slightly as they walked and hummed to herself!* -Dark

Evangeline: Gabriel hasn’t quite been convinced that a house is a good idea yet… But I think if we get one now, we could make it safe by the time he starts school! *It was an excellent plan!* -12:16 Mar 03
Evangeline: Gabriel hasn’t quite been convinced that a house is a good idea yet… But I think if we get one now, we could make it safe by the time he starts school! *It was an excellent plan!* -12:16 Mar 03
Dark: Quite convinced? *He raised an eyebrow at her!* He wrote the book on stubborn … *He huffed and rolled his eyes.* Then again, he’s got a weak spot for you. It’s like … you get away with stuff most people can’t even think of doing in Gabriel’s presence. -12:17 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *A soft giggle from between them! It was always fun to listen to Dark and Mommy! She was so glad she came along! But that made her think of Mommy’s idea to go to human school for awhile … She didn’t like the fact it would mean time away from Glaer and Mommy!* -Dark

Evangeline: I’m sure other people could talk to him more and convince him of things if they actually took the time to ask him and try. *She grinned down at Meri.* What do you think of this neighborhood? It has a lot of pretty trees! -12:20 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She glanced around, thoughtfully.* Yep, lots of trees! *She seemed like she was listening for something.* I hear one of those tree ladies down that way. *She pointed down the block.* -Dark

Dark: Heh. Yeah … Sure they could. *He snorted.* So, why’d you choose this neighborhood anyways? -12:22 Mar 03
Evangeline: A tree fairy maybe? That’s a nice thing to have in a neighborhood! *Evangeline pointed towards the park down the street.* There’s a nice park nearby. And the school is within walking distance so one of us can always walk him to school! -12:24 Mar 03
Dark: *He looked in the direction Evangeline was pointing.* Doesn’t seem like it’s near any leylines … -12:28 Mar 03
Evangeline: Nope! I thought it might ease Gabriel’s mind if there was as little danger nearby as possible. And we’ll have years to settle and make sure! -12:30 Mar 03
Dark: *Dark laughed.* You’re really serious about this, aren’t you? -12:31 Mar 03
Evangeline: I am! I want him to grow up learning as much as he can about the world. He’ll have a lot of talent, and I hope he grows up as nice as you are. -12:33 Mar 03
Dark: *He blinked.* Wait, nice as me? *He huffed.* You shouldn’t talk like that. Caroline always teases me about being a ‘nice guy’ and as dangerous as a kitten. -12:34 Mar 03
Evangeline: Is it so bad to be nice? You care about people and take care of them. There aren’t many people in the world that do that! Oh look! I like that house! *She pointed to one down the road that was blue with white shutters and two floors!* -12:36 Mar 03
Dark: *Dark ruffled his hair.* Man, but I didn’t start out that way! It took me how long just to tolerate being in the same room as humans for more than five minutes. You remember! -12:38 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline laughed and nodded.* Kill everyone or eat them… because they were weak and worthless. But you know better now, yes? I want my son to learn that too. He won’t be able to learn unless he gets to live with them too… I just have to convince Gabriel. -12:39 Mar 03

Vlamerias: You can do it, Mommy! *She didn’t need the vote of confidence but Meri liked to support her. One of the hunters had called her a “straw” for “sucking up” and she had gotten him back by turning him into a toilet scrub brush and convincing an ogre it was something to reach that itch between his toes.* -Dark

Evangeline: And what do you think about trying school too, Meri? You could start in a grade a little higher than his! -12:43 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *… To this day, the hunter skittered past her and didn’t meet her eyes when he was anywhere near her! She blinked.* I don’t know, Mommy … I don’t want to be away from you or Glaer for very long. I can check up on him for you often! -Dark

Evangeline: Some time with humans that aren’t hunters would be good for you… And it would make me feel a lot better letting him go to school if someone was nearby to protect him. You would be his special guardian? *She knew Meri wouldn’t refuse, but she wanted to make sure Meri felt loved and appreciated like Dark needed too!* -12:47 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She still looked uncertain!* Mm … It’d be tough. You know how much I love using magic, Mommy! *And she wouldn’t mention it but she worried about her Mommy! She didn’t want anything bad happening to her or for her to feel lonely.* -Dark

Evangeline: You’re doing so well so far… and I think you could get away with it for a little bit if you’re clever! *She rest her hands on Meri’s head and kissed her forehead.* And you won’t need to worry about me during the day, I’ll be fine! -12:54 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *A long, deep sigh! She never could refuse a request her Mommy made, especially one sealed with her hands on her head and a kiss to her forehead!* Alright then, Mommy! I’ll do it for you! … Um, but what about Glaer? *Mommy was one of her masters but he made up the other half!* -Dark

Evangeline: Gabriel and I… will probably argue about it for months. Maybe even until last minute! But he did agree that having you nearby would be best. He’d be safe without his mommy and daddy always hovering… *She definitely didn’t want to smother him!* -12:58 Mar 03
Dark: *He snickered.* Yeah, you two argue up and down about things but it never lasts for long. -01:00 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She smiled! Thinking about her and Gabriel was always nice! It was more than she ever thought she would have…* Although sometimes making up after an argument is fun! -01:05 Mar 03
Dark: *He coughed.* Let’s … move on. So this school you wanted to check out … it’s K-12? -01:08 Mar 03
Evangeline: It’s just elementary and middle school! *She grinned wide at Dark… he never liked to hear about her and Gabriel being romantic! She skipped ahead, holding Meri’s hand to take a look at the school grounds. There was no school today and everything was empty and perfect for examining!* When he’s a teenager, I can trust him to go to a school a little farther away. -01:10 Mar 03

Vlamerias: Mommy, is Glaer alright with you being away from the castle for so long? *Mommy was so busy already! How would she find time to raise her son, teach at Oracle, and tend to business at the castle?* -Dark

Evangeline: *A sheepish look crossed her face.* …do you mean today or in a few years? *It was one of the rare times she didn’t let him know where she was going first. He wasn’t open to the idea of a house yet, and she didn’t want to have another fight with him…. but was too excited to not -at least- have a look at places!* -01:14 Mar 03
Dark: *He blinked!* He doesn’t know you’re not at the castle?! -01:15 Mar 03
Evangeline: Not exactly… But I didn’t leave alone and I really don’t have to ask him permission every time I leave. *Though she would do -almost- everything he asked, sometimes she didn’t like being told she wasn’t allowed to do things either.* -01:18 Mar 03

Vlamerias: OOhh! They have swings and there’s a slide and a playground set! *Her eyes were wide and she was too distracted to take much note of the conversation!* -Dark

“Which is quite a shame. He would love to know where I was.” The voice came from off to the side, sitting on a bench, dressed in a suit. Legs crossed at the knee with his hands in his pockets. -Dark

Dark: *He hadn’t even noticed him! But as soon as he did, he was pulling Evangeline and Meri behind him.* You’ve got some nerve, asswipe. -01:26 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Her initial panic was brushed away as quickly as she could. Including locking her thoughts away should Gabriel check on her! It was instinct and those prophecies that suggested Anthony would be nearby again…. and she needed to make sure Gabriel never ran in to him!* …don’t call Gabriel, please. He can’t come here. *She whispered quickly to Dark!* -01:27 Mar 03

Anthony: *A smirk crossed as his face as he stood and gave them a sideways glance.* No respect for your own creator. Your own father, even. I merely decided to pay a visit when you were free … But you’re never truly free are you, little Seer. Or you, my own flesh and blood. -Dark

Dark: *Dark clenched his teeth but when Evangeline whispered not to call Gabriel, he huffed. She so owed him an explanation for this later! -01:33 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She gripped the back of Dark’s shirt, to make sure he wouldn’t try to attack Anthony either! She was scared, terrified even… but she trusted the prophecies would end well! So today wouldn’t be the end!* Dark is Gabriel’s son, not yours! You’ve tried to take what was his and make it yours, but it won’t ever be yours. -01:36 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She couldn’t help but lean a bit to the side to sneak a peek at Anthony! She knew him on sight! Glaer wanted him ripped to shreds! She quickly bit her lip and ducked behind her Mommy! She couldn’t think of Anthony too long or he would know Anthony was here and come! And from the sounds of it, Mommy didn’t want him here! And if Meri wasn’t careful, his hatred for him would manifest itself in her and she’d attack him!* -Dark

Dark: *His fangs were growing and he had been making a lightning ball–he could feel the tingle between his fingertips–but Evangeline’s hand on the back of his shirt stopped that! He settled for glaring, although he REALLY wanted to give Anthony a piece of his mind! And then some!* -01:38 Mar 03

Anthony: I may have failed once or twice but I am getting better at it. *He finally turned around to face them.* You know how the saying goes … Try. Try. Try again. *A wicked grin spread across his face.* Until you succeed. -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline held tight to Dark’s shirt, just like with Gabriel if Dark tried to kill Anthony it might go badly the very same ways!* You won’t succeed, because I know you won’t succeed! You are wasting time trying to play games with Dark and Gabriel. I won’t let you! -01:45 Mar 03

Anthony: *The wicked grin didn’t disappear.* You won’t let me? How does that make you feel, Dark? The avatar of Light being protected by a human woman? It’s bad enough you hide behind your lover’s legs. Now you’re too feeble to do the protecting. Is looking tough the only thing you can do? -Dark

Dark: *He blinked. Wait a minute, how the hell had Anthony known he was Light now? And about Caroline?* I’ll show you what else I can do! -01:49 Mar 03
Evangeline: Dark, please don’t! He wants to trick you! *Evangeline scooted out from behind Dark to push him back!* Meri take him home! -01:51 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *She blinked!* But Mommy–! *An order was an order and she didn’t know what else to do but trust in her Mommy! She held tightly to Dark’s hand and the two of them POOFED! back to Caroline’s loft!* Warrior Lady!! *She pounced on Dark’s head and covered his eyes!* -Dark

Evangeline: *Better! A relief to get Dark out of the way, even if she didn’t have someone to hide behind. Dark and Gabriel were more important right now!* I won’t let you play games with them. I won’t summon Gabriel and he is not going to chase you down. -01:58 Mar 03

Anthony: *He closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly.* Mm … I suppose you have me there. *He lifted his head and opened his eyes.* You are so very perceptive. *He started walking toward her slowly, like a shark to a wounded dolphin.* Honestly, how long do you think you can keep me from them. I have been at this far longer than you have. I will have my prize … Or prizes. I do like that word better. -Dark

Caroline: *There went her calm quiet afternoon of reading. Caroline set aside her magazine to eye Dark and Meri.* A problem, Small Lady? -Evangeline

Dark: Damnit, Meri, get off! *He growled! He was so close! But he couldn’t see a thing!* -02:01 Mar 03

Vlamerias: *If anyone could her Mommy, it would be Warrior Lady!* Quick! Mommy needs your help but no one’s allowed to summon Glaer! I had to bring Dark here! It’s Anthony Carnatelli! -Dark

Vlamerias: *help her Mommy -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline immediately started walking backwards to keep a distance! She couldn’t panic… if she did, Gabriel would come…* You think that age gives you the upper hand, but it doesn’t! Fate doesn’t want you to harm Gabriel or Dark, and Fate shows me what I need to see… *Maybe she could scare him right back!* You won’t ever win. -02:03 Mar 03

Anthony: *He snorted.* Fate is a fickle mistress. Nothing is written in stone. I will win, Evangeline. No matter how many souls I have to steal and devour. -Dark

Dark: MERI!!! *He tried shaking her off but–damnit! She was really stubborn! And he couldn’t cast spells if he couldn’t see!* -02:07 Mar 03

Caroline: *That is all she needed to know. Following from wence they came, Caroline jumped the spell. She dropped right behind Anthony, a solid steel sword in hand that she quickly thrust at his back! Unannounced and without warning!* -Evangeline

Vlamerias: I’m sorry, Dark! But orders are orders! Mommy is always right about these things! -Dark

Anthony: *SSSCCHHIIINNKKKKKKKKKKKK! The sword went right through! He looked down and then glanced over his shoulder!* What a pleasant surprise … I just had it dry-cleaned. It is a small price to pay to finally see the Lady Shade in person. -Dark

Evangeline: Oh..! *Evangeline covered her eyes! Having Caroline there was a relief but at the same time…!* Caroline, take me home! -02:17 Mar 03

Caroline: *She would! As soon as this bastard was dead! The sword was pulled out, and in a smooth swinging motion it back around again to try and slice off his head! Gabriel may not be able to kill the man, but she sure as hell could!* -Evangeline

Anthony: No formalities? Your minions lack the most basic of courtesies. *He raised an eyebrow as the sword came swinging toward his neck! He disappeared and reappeared … behind Evangeline! Worst yet, he had his arm around her and his hand on her stomach while his head was lowered to her ear. He looked at Caroline.* What will your husband do when I tell him I touched you like this, felt your child moving under my very hand? That my breath touched your ear and I was so close, I could do anything to you? *He whispered.* -Dark

Caroline: *Sonofabitch! Her sword vanished… there would be no attacking with him holding Evangeline like that!* …keep talking, vampire. Her husband is not the one you need to fear. *She growled!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Fear..! It wouldn’t be hard for Evangeline to imagine… but she knew he was just trying to scare her. Make her summon Gabriel! She shook her head.* I’m not afraid of you. He’s not coming! -02:30 Mar 03

Anthony: No …? Not even if I did this? *He suddenly turned her around and kissed her hard! Bruising her lips and attempting to force it open with his tongue! He held her tight, not caring if he bruised her body!* -Dark

Caroline: Gabriel!! *Evangeline wouldn’t summon him, but this was past acceptable..!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: *She struggled to move and worse, she couldn’t scream and tell Caroline to stop…! Only a soft whimper escaped her as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried very hard to pretend like she was fine so Gabriel wouldn’t come!* -02:44 Mar 03

Gabriel: *Evangeline suddenly found herself in front of Caroline! Anthony found himself face to face with Gabriel just before silver claws tore deep gashes into his chest and torso!* -Dark

Anthony: *He looked down at the gashes in his body which began to bleed.* Late as usual, Gabriel. -Dark

Caroline: *She grabbed Evangeline, and poofed the woman away to her loft where Dark and Meri could take care of her! With Evangeline safely gone, Caroline didn’t bother with marbles, she cast spells directly. Her own shadow growing to take up Gabriel’s and Anthony’s. To rise up from the ground and start wrapping around the vampire.* Go to your wife before she does something else foolish! -Evangeline

Dark: MERI!! *He was still struggling to get the little devil off of his head! He couldn’t see a bloody thing!* -02:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline was shaking…! Dropping on to the sofa so suddenly, but not seeming to notice she was somewhere else! She pulled her arms over her head, just trying to block thoughts and images from her mind!* -02:59 Mar 03

Vlamerias: Mmmpphhff! No! I can’t let you–Mommy?! *Oh no! Something was wrong! She jumped off of Dark’s head and landed in front of Evangeline!* Mommy? -Dark

Gabriel: *He was snarling and diving for Anthony’s throat! He was going to make what he did to Michael seem like paradise compared to what he was about to do!* -Dark

Anthony: *He was laughing as his wounds healed up!* Did you enjoy the show, Gabriel? You have such a soft, delicious wife. She has the most wonderful mouth. -Dark

Caroline: *Shit and double shit! Caroline jerked hard on the shadows, yanking Anthony down to the ground and sliding him across the grass until he was out of Gabriel’s reach. Oh, she wanted to see him dead… but she was not one to ignore Evangeline’s warnings!* Your WIFE’S wishes! Do you remember them? Let me deal with him! -Evangeline

Dark: Evangeline?! *He stopped and looked around! He could smell Evangeline but–Oh wait! Now he could see her!* Holy crap, Evangeline … *He sat down beside her and put his arm around her to give her a hug.* -03:05 Mar 03

Gabriel: *He landed neatly on the ground and saw Anthony just out of reach! He was about to bolt for him when Caroline’s mention of his wife stopped him in his tracks! He growled and adruptly disappeared but he reappeared in that plane of darkness. He howled his fury and tore at the shadows that slipped through his fingers over and over again! He wanted blood! He wanted–needed Anthony’s blood!* -Dark

Evangeline: *She needed him to come back! If he stay away… all of those thoughts and images would come true! Everything Anthony promised would be true! Choking back sobs, she gripped Dark’s shirt and pleaded with him!* Make him come home…! -03:08 Mar 03

Caroline: Mine now. *Witty words would do no good with a man like this. Caroline wrapped her shadows tighter around the vampire, summoning up one of her onyx spikes and letting it grow to the length of a long spear. Without giving a chance for his scathing banter, she stabbed it through the shadows aiming for his heart!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He blinked! She was holding onto his shirt so tightly that her knuckles were white! And the look in her eyes ….!* … Evangeline. *If only Gabriel knew how much his being away was hurting her ….! Then he had an idea!* Keep thinking of him. *He put one hand over the marking on the back of her hand. Another hand over her wedding ring.* -03:12 Mar 03

Gabriel: *Dragon wings spread from his back and he threw his head to the sky and howled again! It was blood curdling and lasted for what felt like an eternity! He suddenly shifted to the dragon, Darkness, back to Gabriel and back and forth.* -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline was trying so hard to think of Gabriel now. Now that she was away from Anthony and it was safe for him to come to her! Yet now she couldn’t block those others thoughts either… things Anthony promises to do to her… things he would do to her son! Memories of what had happened before! These were things she didn’t want Gabriel to see!* -03:15 Mar 03

Anthony: *He was moving to stand but the onyx spike impaled him with another SSSCCCCHHHIIINKKKKK! The question was if she’d gotten his heart … His body wasn’t moving …* -Dark

Vlamerias: *Meri watched Dark and Mommy. Poor Mommy, she looked so torn! She wrapped her arms around Evangeline’s body.* You’re not alone, Mommy. You can do it. Happy thoughts! You’re going to raise a son and you’re going to make him lunch and see him off at school! You and Glaer will have lots of fun with him and teach him stuff! And he’ll never be alone! -Dark

Caroline: *Caroline was not going to make a mistake again, checking the body for death of movement. She wanted his soul and would hold it as a very special prize. She pinned him hard to the ground while casting her spell… the words to summon his soul up from his body and draw it in to a marble orb!* -Evangeline

Anthony: *The body didn’t move but the soul within struggled for life, for freedom! It was time to move on … for death was only the beginning!* -Dark

Gabriel: *As Gabriel, his fangs were long and he was breathing heavily! All those memories Evangeline couldn’t block from him from Anthony’s brutal kiss to the promises he’d made … everything … it wouldn’t let him go! Deep down inside, he knew he belonged with Evangeline and she was the only one who could calm this but … He was still so angry!* -Dark

Evangeline: *Her son… her son that was so special he came in a vision to ask Gabriel to take care of her! He would only be born if Gabriel was with her. That she clung to! Her baby needed her, and he needed Gabriel! Just as she wanted him there with her to hold her and make these awful feelings go away!* -03:24 Mar 03

Caroline: *More power to the spell..! She needed more! The soul was fighting, stuggling… yet not enough! Something about it felt wrong and familiar at the same time… Yet she almost had it! Caroline added more to the spell! Just a tiny bit more!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *His breathing began to slow. His fangs disappeared. He started to think clearly. Evangeline. Their son. He didn’t belong here. He needed to get back … The dragon wings disappeared. He slowly stood and the claws vanished. He reappeared in Caroline’s loft.* … Evangeline. -Dark

Anthony: *As Caroline added more power, the soul began to twist, like a snake in her grasp with its head moving backwards to bite her! It was so difficult to keep hold of!* -Dark

Evangeline: *She couldn’t bring herself to words or even to stand! There was guilt and relief and so much pain! Sniffling she reached out a hand to him.* You have to stay here… but everyone isn’t here… -03:33 Mar 03
Dark: *The realization dawned on him …* Caroline. *He disappeared and reappeared at the playground!* Caroline! *What was she trying to do?!* -03:34 Mar 03

Gabriel: *He sat down in the seat Dark had vacated as he took her hand.* -Dark

Caroline: *Every curse word Dark had ever screamed was running through her head. She was SO close! The soul was almost hers! ….But then there’s was Dark’s voice. He wasn’t supposed to be there – and the distraction was costly! Her concentration wavered and the soul snapped. Her spike cracked in half. And Caroline was quickly trying to regrasp the spell before he got loose!* …god damnit…! -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t want to cry… to make him worry over her. But she couldn’t stop herself! She shifted in to his arms, still shaking. Squeezing her eyes shut again, almost wishing she could erase all of those thoughts and memories. That awful taste at her mouth and the way her skin crawled… She only wanted to feel Gabriel!* -03:39 Mar 03

Anthony: *The soul snapped but suddenly rebounded back to Caroline, seeking to attach itself to her like a leech and drain her power!* -Dark

[Dark logged out of the chat.] -((03:41 Mar 03))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((03:42 Mar 03))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -03:42 Mar 03
[Evangeline doesn\’t want the last person to kiss her to be Anthony!] -07:34 Mar 04
[Gabriel is there in body … but what about mind?] -07:35 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She wants to comfort her Mommy so much! But this doesn’t seem like something a small devil should watch! She slips behind the couch!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He seems preoccupied, even with his arms around Evangeline! He had been so close! He should have killed Anthony much sooner!* -07:36 Mar 04

Caroline: *While Caroline… she was quickly recoiling from the soul that broke free, now trying to latch itself on to her like a leech! This was NOT a road she wanted to go down today! She directed a new spell now, one to block the soul from her body as she prepared a new capture spell!* -Evangeline

Dark: *He muttered under his breath, a swear word or two!* Damnit, Caroline, don’t do it! This is Anthony we’re talking about! It’s probably booby-trapped six times over! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *He was so angry with her… he didn’t have to say it. And now she was concerned that he would push her away! There were so many images in her head. Wicked promises and pictures of memories she knew wasn’t hers… but another woman’s! Evangeline tugged on Gabriel’s coat.* Please don’t think about him. -07:39 Mar 04

Anthony: *The soul was quite persistent! It battered against the spell block, taking the form of a snake now as it grew and began to twist around and around!* -Gabriel

Caroline: Quiet and stay back there! *There was a certain amount of concentration that it required to capture a soul, especially one so strong. And Dark was the ultimate distraction!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *He didn’t even look at her! At first it appeared like he was going to give her the silent treat! Seconds turned into minutes …* This has gone on far too long. I will end this. *He spoke so softly! He might have been speaking to himself!* -07:44 Mar 04
Gabriel: *treatment -07:44 Mar 04

Dark: *Something was wrong! Why couldn’t she see that?! But if he intervened now … she might drop the spell and be completely vulnerable! He growled and clenched his teeth!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: He has done it all before with her… But I don’t care what he does to me, I don’t want you to chase him and something happen… *She had to explain why, didn’t she? Make him understand how important he was! No matter what she saw or what happened to her! As long as he stayed with her, all of it would be fine! She tugged on his jacket again.* You won’t leave me because he kissed me? -07:51 Mar 04
Gabriel: *Something in his eyes changed when she mentioned the kiss. He wrapped his arms tighter around her and pulled her closer until she was in his lap.* … I will not leave you because he kissed you. *He knew how much she wanted to erase those memories and the scent and taste of Anthony off of her. But she needed those memories. And he had promised he would not erase or lock her memories anymore.* -07:55 Mar 04

Anthony: *Now the soul was … growing bigger! And … stronger?! It seemed to be drawing power from something ….* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Dark was standing too close and seething…. and she was losing her grip on the soul as it grew! Should she let it loose, it could tackle the nearest able body. And what would be a better prize for Anthony than taking back what he lost plus the powers of Light? Suddenly, she dropped her soul stealing spell. With a shove of her second hand, she pushed her shield so hard it violently threw Anthony’s soul back towards his fallen body!* -Evangeline

Anthony: *The soul flew back toward the body but stopped adruptly over the chest! It swirled around and around in circles as if tempting her to try and drain it again!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Burying her face at his shoulder, she was trying not to emote those feelings towards him. The more she felt it, the more he wanted to fix it… and the more he would want to leave.* And you remember that you promised never to me again? You can trust me? -08:03 Mar 04
Gabriel: If I do not end this now, he will return. Over and over … He will never rest and you and our son will never be safe from him. -08:07 Mar 04

Caroline: *Oh she wanted to… To raise her hands and cast a spell that man had never seen before.. nor would ever see again. Even then her fingers twitched and her shadow rose behind her with that wide hollow smile. …Caroline was still debating it! But there were things Evangeline had said… * Flee while you have the chance. The next time you meet me, will be your last. -Evangeline

Anthony: *The soul took that warning and disappeared into the body! Then the body dissolved! … The soul reappeared, without the body, in the den of a large mansion, flying back and forth between two out stretched hands. Anthony laughed softly and stroked the soul.* The Lady Shade getting all worked up over an artificial soul. How quaint. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline tilted back, lifting a hand to brush over his cheek.* But do you trust me..? I won’t let him hurt you… and I know you won’t let him hurt us. I know you will be able to protect us when you need to. -08:12 Mar 04
Gabriel: I need to protect you now. This would not have happened had I tracked him down and killed him … Or killed him when Galisteu had the chance. -08:13 Mar 04

Caroline: *Caroline waited several moments until she knew he was gone for sure… and then it was a loud growl and a wildly thrown spell! One so heavy, it cracked the ground for several feet and split a tree in half!* SonofaBITCH. -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline couldn’t lie… she didn’t want Anthony anywhere near her again. His mouth or teeth or hands..! And her thoughts were plain as day across her face and in the way she shivvered. But for Gabriel’s sake..! She just shook her head.* But the price you would have to pay is more than I want to give. I want to feel safe but.. but I don’t want it at the cost of you…? -08:19 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He was upsetting Evangeline. It was time to change the subject. This was an argument they would have back and forth for sometime.* … What were you looking for before all this happened, Evangeline? *He cupped her cheek with one hand and stroked her hair with the other.* -08:20 Mar 04
Evangeline: *A nibbling of her bottom lip, unsure if she should say… he was shifting the conversation, but if he was going to stay with her…* I wanted to look at neighborhoods and houses. I tought if we had a few years to prepare, it might feel safer…? -08:25 Mar 04
Gabriel: *So many things he was tempted to say!* … You are insane. -08:38 Mar 04

Dark: *He huffed. He was relieved Caroline was safe … but now she was pissed and Anthony would return!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: It was a nice place and there were no leylines nearby and there are friendly tree sprites in the park and the homes are nice family houses where he could invite his friends over..! -08:41 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He smirked at the thought of their son returning with friends!* Normal humans? -08:42 Mar 04

Caroline: *He was going to come back. No doubt about that. …she could have done that so differently! Summoned the shadows right away. Not called Gabriel. Sealed his body and soul a different way, so it couldn’t feed on power… feed on it from WHERE? It wasn’t entirely her! Caroline paused her angry stalking to glare at the tall shadow smirking as it stalked with her. She waved a hand to make it disperse.* …And what possessed YOU to return back here, knowing Anthony would love to take you back? -Evangeline

Evangeline: ..I was hoping a few human friends. *He smirked… it was funny how that one thing could relieve her so much. Evangeline relaxed just a bit to brush her fingers over his mouth.* Are you angry with me? I took Dark and Meri so I wouldn’t be alone. -08:46 Mar 04
Gabriel: Friends are important. *He knew his friends had saved him and Evangeline countless times.* He may grow as slow as a human does. *Which would help ease things. If he grew up too fast, he would be disoriented and not be able to make friends quickly enough. If he grew too slow, his friends would outgrow but not outlive him.* -08:51 Mar 04
Evangeline: *She took his hand, placing it at her stomach so he could feel. It wasn’t very big yet… but she could always feel him!* He does.. like a normal baby! I’m glad it won’t be so fast. *There was a thoughtful look crossing her expression.* But he does need a lot to eat… I never thought I would be sick of food. -08:57 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He felt the life growing inside of her and it made him feel …* It is different to create life with you than it is to create life as Darkness. -09:00 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She couldn’t take it anymore! She jumped up and looked over the edge of the couch!* Oh, what does he look like, Mommy? -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled for the first time since the outing.* Because he was made special..? *She tilted her head at Meri and gave it some thought!* Um… right now I suppose he looks like a jelly bean. But when he’s bigger he’ll look like me and Gabriel! -09:03 Mar 04

Dark: *He followed her and that creepy shadow of hers.* I was worried about you … again. Anthony’s a sneaky bastard. -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He kissed her lips gently.* His mother is special. -09:12 Mar 04

Vlamerias: With Glaer’s gray eyes and your hair, Mommy? -Gabriel

Caroline: *Her shadow hovered a bit behind her, casting a wider grin at Dark before it dropped to the ground and vanished to a normal shade.* A bastard that chooses to use the worst sort of weapon on a woman like Evangeline… *Enough for her to ball her fists up and need to take a deep breath to calm herself! There would be no sense in wasting energy on her anger. But..* And if you were taken, she would have done something so stupid for nothing. … Ugh..! I could have sealed him faster! -Evangeline

Evangeline: Beautiful eyes and dark hair and he will this smile..! *Evangeline grinned, resting her hands at Gabriel’s cheeks to turn his mouth up in that smirk!* -09:18 Mar 04
Gabriel: Your Mommy appears to enjoy my smirk much more than others. -09:19 Mar 04

Dark: *Dark gave the shadow a disturbed look.* Do you know why she wouldn’t let you summon Gabriel, much less summon Gabriel herself? She insisted I not fight Anthony. *He snorted.* I’m the avatar of Light. I could have handled him. -Gabriel

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Um, Glaer, am I going to be his familiar, too? Or just yours and Mommy’s? -Gabriel

Gabriel: He’s going to be too young for a familiar of his own for sometime. Officially, you will be mine and your Mommy’s. But I will appreciate your help in keeping him safe. -09:26 Mar 04

Caroline: Evangeline has said that if Gabriel kills the man, he could take over Gabriel’s body. The body he has now isn’t his original. I suspect the clones he makes are partially so he has something powerful to slip in to should someone manage to kill him… -Evangeline

Evangeline: He’ll be a troublemaker and need a little devil to keep an eye on him, for sure! Can you imgagine..? *Evangeline sure could! It was almost all she did now, and she welcome the happy thoughts in place of the dark ones!* -09:30 Mar 04

Dark: Crap. I didn’t think something like that was possible. Sure when Gabriel was just a Carnatelli. But even when he’s Darkness? -Gabriel

Vlamerias: He’ll be just like Mommy and help people? -Gabriel

Caroline: Evangeline seems to think so, doesn’t she. And how often is Evangeline wrong when it concerns Gabriel? Or you, for that matter? She deems to keep both of you safe, and I don’t intend to let that bastard anywhere near you. *Her shadow wasn’t sleeping. It was so rare that she called it, but when she did it usually went away when she told it too. …it was being defiant today, and that meant she had tapped too deep!* I may have to go hunting. -Evangeline

Dark: Hunting? For Anthony? -Gabriel

Gabriel: Your genes for helping others run deep, Evangeline. *He smirked.* -09:42 Mar 04
Evangeline: And he is as protective as you are… He has more than just my gift if he could make himself known like he did. *That had her thinking again… Those prophecies all led up to the birth of her son… was he going to be someone extra special? She was grinning again! Every mother wanted to believe her child would be amazing!* -09:46 Mar 04
Gabriel: He is the son of Darkness and the immortal psychic. He is very special. *He kissed her forehead.* -09:48 Mar 04

Caroline: Aye. He wants someone to chase him, so he will be chased. It just won’t be the ones he’s expecting. I may not be able to take his soul but there are other ways to seal a power… *Things she didn’t care to discuss with Dark. Caroline took a moment to repair the damages she did to the ground and tree…* You should check on Evangeline. -Evangeline

Dark: *He was watching her. There was something she was not telling him, of course. He hated being kept in the dark like this! No pun intended. He ran his fingers through his hair.* Caroline, don’t. Don’t go after him and … do what you’re thinking of doing. -Gabriel

Caroline: *Caroline turned and cast him a wide smirk… so similar to the one her shadow had been wearing!* And what am I thinking of doing, Dark? You can’t fight him, and everyday he is running loose is an opportunity for him to slip in and do something to you or Evangeline. I won’t stand by and wait. -Evangeline

Dark: *He didn’t smirk back or had the energy to glare or throw a tantrum.* I don’t know, Caroline, and that’s what worries me. If Anthony’s too much for someone like Gabriel … I just think me and Gabriel might not be the only ones he was taunting. -Gabriel

Caroline: You forget that I wasn’t the one born just a few mere years ago. I understand what he’s capable of and what I’m capable of. *It wasn’t that she was offended or jealous… but ever so often she felt herself gritting her teeth at this sudden shift of protector-protected!* -Evangeline

Gabriel: *A growl!* Do you? Do you really know what he’s capable of! It might have been a few years but I’ve come a hell of a long way! Anthony’s capable of<i>anything</i>! No matter what you’re packing in your arsenal! *Stupid woman! Older or not, she was being pig-headed, stubborn, narrow-minded, selfish, conceited–!* -10:06 Mar 04

Dark: *A growl!* Do you? Do you really know what he’s capable of! It might have been a few years but I’ve come a hell of a long way! Anthony’s capable ofanything! No matter what you’re packing in your arsenal! *Stupid woman! Older or not, she was being pig-headed, stubborn, narrow-minded, selfish, conceited–!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *These urges to show him just how little he knew were getting more and more frequent these days! It was a warning sign she was ignoring, choosing to scowl back at Dark with a cross of her arms.* And you think that you know me little vampire? A few years of hard training and gaining an avatar soul does not make you the authority of what can and cannot be done. You do not understand the power of souls. Perhaps you can go back to your father and ask him. -Evangeline

Dark: Oh! So now you’re an expert about everything, aren’t you? Fine. Go ahead and kill yourself for all I fuckin’ care! But when your body becomes someone else’s plaything, that’d be your fuckin problem! Stupid bitch! I never want to see you again! *And then he was gone!* -Gabriel

Caroline: *Another growl… As if that was the first time she ever heard that phrase. …Hell, she’s heard it at least six times in the past week! Instead of chasing him down, she vanished! Reappearing back in her loft… where it was still occupied.* …. Still here? -Evangeline

Evangeline: *Evangeline hadn’t realized they were still in Caroline’s place! But she came back without Dark!* …Dark is all right? -10:25 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow. But it wasn’t Caroline he was looking at, rather it was her shadow. If he noticed Dark was not with her, he didn’t show it.* We are leaving. *He stood in one smooth motion, Evangeline in his arms.* Vlamerias. -10:26 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *Meri’s smile vanished when Warrior Lady appeared! Something was … different about her!* Um, ready! -Gabriel

Caroline: He’s fine. We just had a difference of opinion. *Caroline stomped her foot and twisted… getting that shadow back where it belong!* -Evangeline

Evangeline: All right… we will see you soon, okay? *Not that Caroline looked ready for company! But one person at a time!* -10:31 Mar 04

Dark: *He huffed and growled and muttered and swore! He didn’t even know where he was! It was a place full of snow and light and … Gah! This place was too bright for him anyways!* -Gabriel

“But you came all this way. Surely you don’t want to leave empty handed” … The voice echoed. -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He shut his eyes! There was a pounding headache!* What! Who the hell is it?! *He created a lightning ball!* -10:42 Mar 04

Dark: *He shut his eyes! There was a pounding headache!* What! Who the hell is it?! *He created a lightning ball!* -Gabriel

Vlamerias: Please be careful, Warrior Lady! *She said, hugging his leg!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *And then they were gone!* -10:43 Mar 04

“All this time and you don’t know the sound of my voice? Whatever are they teaching you? … Nothing useful, that’s for sure.” The voice was definitely female. It laughed. -Gabriel

Caroline: Yes, careful… *Caroline muttered at the now empty room. She glanced down at her shadow again. It lying on the floor as innocent as could be… Once upon a time she was chided for using Shades. He didn’t like it when she used them and she obeyed. But back then there wasn’t so much at stake… The shadow on the floor smirked wide.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: … Evangeline. *He said, now that they were back at the castle and he was lying her on the bed.* -10:48 Mar 04

Dark: *Realization dawned on him!* … Light? *He squinted but he couldn’t see a thing!* But wait, you’re–you’re dead! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline slipped her arms around Gabriel’s neck. Stiffling the yawn that was trying to betray how the morning’s misadventure had really drained her… But she didn’t want to let Gabriel go!* Uh huh..? -10:48 Mar 04

More laughter. “Dead?! Silly boy. Just because I’m not physically here doesn’t mean I’m dead. You have my soul, after all. … Really, Dark, however have you lasted so long without knowing the basics?” -Gabriel

Gabriel: Things are not right. *He was waiting for her to let go of him but she wasn’t. And she may not understand …* -10:50 Mar 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline looked sleepily confused for a moment, but she shifted enough to stay sitting up. …Yet didn’t release Gabriel.* You can’t go. I know you want to and they had a fight, but you can’t be the one to go to them… -10:53 Mar 04
Gabriel: Caroline’s shadow is emanating its own energy. It never has before. Dark has gone to a place he never has prior to now. Light’s sanctuary. *Dark possessed Light’s soul but his control was tenative at best. Anything upsetting could cause that control to slip.* -10:56 Mar 04

Dark: *Dark opened his mouth to curse the voice but stopped! He glanced down at the ground. The snow glared back at him against his shoes. He kicked his shoes off. Caroline had bought him those shoes. He wanted nothing to do with her and thus with them!* … No one ever tells me anything anymore. -Gabriel

Evangeline: *How could she explain it without scaring him or making him worry… Well, she would stick with truth!* They will be fine today. It can only be one at a time, it can’t come crashing down all at once. But… if you will stay with me, you could send someone to stay with Dark just for tonight…? Tomorrow I will take care of him! -11:01 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He didn’t like the sound of that! … But first things first …* Did you have someone in mind. -11:03 Mar 04
Evangeline: *She nodded!* You sent Meri to him before, so she could listen and let him talk. She’s a very good listener and that’s all he needs right now. And Meri could tell him your worries about Caroline. *Meri was young… she would understand his frustrations and let him get it all out!* -11:06 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He was so tempted to leave and go see Dark himself! But the other times he’d gone after him had not ended well! He nuzzled her cheek and lifted his head.* … Vlamerias. -11:26 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She poked her head over the foot of the bed!* Yes, Glaer! *She had overheard everything but she couldn’t get ahead of herself!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: Find Dark. Talk and listen to him. Tell me what his troubles are when you return. -11:31 Mar 04
Evangeline: ..and don’t tell him unless I am with him too! *She added quick!* -11:31 Mar 04

Vlamerias: *She giggled!* Yes, Mommy! Yes, Glaer! *She jumped to her feet and curtseyed so low her knees touched the ground!* I won’t let you or Mommy down! *And then she POOFED!* -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* It was simpler when my familiar had one master. -11:35 Mar 04
Evangeline: Do you regret having me in your life? *Though she wasn’t afraid that he did… sometimes she was afraid he resented her. Especially when they argued over such important things..!* -11:38 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He shifted to lie down on the bed beside her.* … I do not. -11:40 Mar 04

“I know all too well the feeling. People expect so much of you. Then they use you and when you finally begin to speak your own mind … they turn on you. They don’t deserve you, Dark. They are so fortunate to have you. But they don’t appreciate you. And they never will. That is how nature works.” -Gabriel

Dark: *He growled and kicked, sending snow flying into the air!* Yeah?! Well … nature sucks! *He huffed! Then he was pulling his jacket off! Caroline had given him that, too!* -Gabriel

More laughter. It sounded like chimes. It was … it was really kind of pretty! “Oh, Dark. Of course, it does. But you know who’s responsible for so-called Mother Nature, don’t you? It’s you. Or rather, you as the avatar of Light. And Darkness. He’s the real one to blame.” -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Now she could relax… Evangeline worried for Dark, but Dark was stronger than he even realized himself. All he needed was someone to believe in him. He would pull through! It was Caroline they would need to be concerned about… but for now, she was so tired and hungry, and most of all needy for attention! Evangeline curled herself up against Gabriel, sighing when she found just the right comfy spot.* Have you thought of any more names yet…? I read in a book that people used to give their sons their father’s Last name… -11:49 Mar 04

Dark: Oh shut up! *He turned and ripped his shirt off!* You’re just bringing him up ’cause he pissed you off, that’s all! Now you’re going to egg me on about taking him down so you can have your revenge! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Give them their father’s first name as a last name! -11:49 Mar 04
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Carnatelli? *There seemed to be an inside joke!* -11:50 Mar 04
Evangeline: You’re a little wicked I think… *She loved to hear him laugh! Evangeline rest a hand on his chest so she could feel that resonance of his voice.* I think I might give him Gabriel as a last name.. or a middle name? What do you think of Gideon, or Alexander, or Constantine, or hmm.. I like D’artagnan but that is what I would have named Dark… -11:59 Mar 04

“I must admit I have had my moments but I only meant to point things out! You are the avatar of Light. You have so much responsibility. Please, Dark … You know what I say is true. But do you really want that sort of obligation to burden you for all eternity?” -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He smirked.* D’artagnan? *He was going to use that from now on and tease Dark relentlessly!* I like Alexander. *He nibbled on her neck and whispered in her ear.* Carnatelli means carnage. -12:07 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused in surprise at the meaning, a dubious look on her face even while tilting her head just a bit.* Then it’s ironic you pick the name that means ‘protector of mankind’. Alexander would be a very good name… -12:10 Mar 05
[Gabriel enters.] -12:31 Mar 05
Gabriel: Which is your favorite name. *He nuzzled her neck.* -12:32 Mar 05

Dark: Yeah well, what’s your point. *He muttered! He felt really cold all of a sudden! Which was odd … he almost never felt cold! His hands fumbled at the opening to his pants! Caroline had given him these, too! Stupid woman!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: Hmm.. Alexander Gabriel! It has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? And he can choose if he wants to be Carnatelli when he is older? -12:37 Mar 05
Gabriel: You do not mind the risk of him taking Carnatelli. -12:41 Mar 05
Evangeline: Well… I think I rather he didn’t so people wouldn’t hunt him or shun him… but he is a part of you and if he wants it known that will be his choice? *Usually she would say it was his choice and leave it at that… but… she didn’t want people coming after her son like they way they did to Carnatelli!* -12:43 Mar 05

Something cold on his face made him stop and he found himself staring into Light’s eyes! She wasn’t real … He could see right through her but …! This couldn’t be right! She smiled at his surprise. “If you would only trust me. I can teach you so many things about being the avatar of Light. Things they never even dreamt of. They will fear you, Dark. They will hate you. But they will never disrespect you.” -Gabriel

Gabriel: You are very brave. -12:48 Mar 05

Vlamerias: *There was a loud hiss from behind Dark!* Begone, wench! -Gabriel

Dark: *He turned–forgetting he was naked!* MERI?! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *She smiled softly…* You make me brave… I could never do the things I do now if you weren’t here to take care of me… -12:52 Mar 05
Gabriel: That has proven a double-edged sword. You have no fear of me, such as the time you brought me back and my memories. -12:59 Mar 05
Evangeline: It was always selfish… I didn’t want to live without you. *She could say it was because the world needed him, and it was true, but…. but she was only thinking about how much she loved him and how much she missed him! How terrible it was when she thought he was dead, and how she never wanted to let him go again! Evangeline leaned to brush a kiss over his mouth.* I loved the vows of the binding spell because it meant I wouldn’t have to live if you were gone. ..is it strange…? -01:03 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He looked into her eyes.* No matter what you must live. Our child depends on you. -01:04 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Having Gabriel’s son… that did make a difference! But at the same time, a life without Gabriel… Evangeline just smiled!* Then you won’t do anything that would risk your life and leave us..? You will live for him too, no matter what happens? -01:07 Mar 05
Gabriel: Your welfare before mine, Evangeline. -01:08 Mar 05
Evangeline: And I couldn’t stand to live without you… you have me at a stalemate! *Stubborn man… but it was part of why she loved him so much! He would protect her at any cost… it just meant she had to be that much more stubborn herself!* -01:10 Mar 05

Light didn’t seem in the least bit disturbed! “The grown ups are having an adult conversation. Run along.” -Gabriel

Gabriel: *He took her hand, the one with the binding mark and traced it with his thumb.* It seems like an eternity go. -01:13 Mar 05
Gabriel: *ago -01:13 Mar 05
Evangeline: *She giggled, tucking her head under his chin.* When I first met you, you kept trying to get away from me… -01:14 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* And then you couldn’t wait to get away from me and return to London. -01:15 Mar 05

Vlamerias: *She POOFED! into her devil form, long tail and large bat wings! Pure white hair, dark red eyes, and fangs which she bared! She struck a pose! One hand on her hip, the other pointing at Light!* I’m going to send you packing first, White Witch! -Gabriel

Evangeline: You seemed like you could handle things at the time… *Even she could be wrong sometimes! Evangeline had that thoughtful look again.* If Anthony would have let me leave back to London, everything may have been so different… -01:19 Mar 05

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