040 The Romanian Queen’s Problem (UNFINISHED)

[[[UNFINISHED]]] Leon and Evangeline help the Romanian White Queen were with a problem.

[Evangeline volunteered for wolf bodyguarding! She couldn\’t possibly have an agenda!] -02:49 Feb 25
[Leon wasn\’t too sure about letting Evangeline tag along!] -02:50 Feb 25
Leon: Uh, Evangeline, I don’t know … It might get dangerous. The messenger didn’t say what kind of trouble it was but … -02:51 Feb 25
Evangeline: There isn’t many opportunities for Brutus to spend with wolfpacks, it should be an experience! ….Besides, I need to convince all of the wolves in town that I am inedible. *Either way she was determined to go!* -02:53 Feb 25
Leon: *Deep sigh and he ran his fingers through his hair! He was not going to win this one, he knew it! He’d been around Cissy long enough to know when a woman had her mind set!* Well … okay but … *He held up his hands.* Gabriel’s not somewhere in the far corner of the world, is he? -02:55 Feb 25
Evangeline: Oh no… At least, I shouldn’t think so. ..He does occasionally disappear at odd moments. But I think every thing will be just fine! Why would anyone want to hurt the White Wolf? She’s always so lovely! -02:58 Feb 25
Leon: *He sighed!* I don’t know but we better not keep her waiting. *He and Evangeline were headed down to where they’d seen the White Wolf and her pack last, that private spot of land close to the lake.* -03:00 Feb 25

As they drew closer to the fence, the bushes rustled. At least a dozen weres in hybrid wolf forms stood up and looked threateningly at them! “This is private land. Get off,” one of them said!

Leon: We came to see the White Wolf. *He moved slightly so Evangeline and Brutus were behind him.* I’m Leon Santos. These are my friends, Evangeline and Brutus. -03:03 Feb 25

At first it looked like they were going to get turned away! But finally a line split down in the middle! One of the wolves motioned! “Follow me” and led the way further into the property!

Evangeline: You’re mighty well fed wolves, I bet you eat all sorts of nutricious wolf meals, like deer and cats. Not unappetizing humans… blech. -03:11 Feb 25
Leon: *He was giving her a strange look and hoping the wolves don’t take Evangeline’s words as an invitation.* -03:24 Feb 25
[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:25 Feb 25

The wolves didn’t reply and instead they were shown to the basement where they’d met the White Wolf last.*

The basement was almost entirely dark with few sources of light. From the shadow came that familiar amused voice. “Your mate will not like you here like this.” she commented!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -03:32 Feb 25
Evangeline: Ms. Grey doesn’t know I invited myself… I think she might have locked me in a closet otherwise. *Evangeline smiled. Sometimes life was safer when on didn’t tell Ms. Grey the details.* -03:32 Feb 25

“The Carnatelli will not be pleased, either.” mentioned the voice. Stepping out of the dark near one of the corners was the very large Romanian Queen… Snow white fur and teeth to match! She stopped a few feet from them. “This business has even I vexed. My rival has chosen to send something that my pack cannot seem to be rid of.”

Leon: We’re here to help in any way we can. *He said.* Please tell us what’s wrong. -03:41 Feb 25

“A most frustrating of creatures.” started the white wolf. “Casting of magics, giving my pack-” she paused having to scratch behind her ears, “the itches. Disappearing before we can sink out teeth in to him. Luring out others with treats and then snapping them in to traps. I am now missing four.”

Evangeline: *That didn’t sound much like an assasination to her, but it was rather peculiar!* Were they killed or just captured…? -03:48 Feb 25

“Captured. No blood has been spilled but I am sure there is the matter of time. I wish to seek the missing and destroy this creature before it makes an attack.” explained the queen. …She leaned forward sniffing in to the air and inched closer to Leon. “The lost pup has found his father. You smell of Wulfric.”

Leon: *He blinked and lost his composure for a bit.* Uh … Yeah, uh. So um, getting to the topic at hand … What can you tell us about the wolves who are missing and leads on this creature? -04:06 Feb 25

The White Wolf seemed to be very interested in sniffing at Leon now as she circled him “They are the fools that cannot control their impulses. Where a meal looked more important than the job at hand. …The creature smells of part human and of something else I cannot decipher. It comes across the lake with new traps every evening.”

Evangeline: If it comes every evening, I bet we could catch it… or at the very least follow it back to it’s lair? *Evangeline wondered why it would capture wolves, though… Did it eat them?* -04:13 Feb 25
Leon: *He was used to being sniffed but not after being reminded about Nicholas!* That sounds like a good idea. But the fact that it has new traps each time it comes … we’ll probably need an expert tracker or something. -04:15 Feb 25
Evangeline: *Evangeline started digging around in her pockets, pulling out various odd things from pepperspray to candy, a squeeky wolf steak, and stones… until she found her scrying crystal!* I should be able to follow it if it comes tonight! -04:18 Feb 25

“I shall accompany you. I am sure the son of Wulfric will be an ample guardian.” responded the White Wolf, with that amused tone again.

Leon: *He blinked again!* Uh … Wha …? Um … You know, it’s real er, cold outside … *He coughed politely!* -04:32 Feb 25

It was a peculiar expression to see a wolf smile and bat her eyes, as she swished her tail. “You are far too young for I… but your father is quite handsome. Come with me. There is a place to watch unseen.” Padding past them, she led the way up the stairs.

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed, following behind the wolf. Nicholas Wulfric was a gentleman with a gentle aura… but she would have liked to see how handsome he was too!* -04:49 Feb 25
Leon: *He grinned sheepishly and followed.* So uh … you … know Nicholas, huh? For a long time? -04:58 Feb 25

“Wulfric would be an ideal mate for one such as myself. A natural leadership, strong lineage. Our children would be fine wolves. If you were not so young, you would make a suitable alternative.” the white wolf seemed to have no problem discussing such an interesting topic as she lead the way out of the basement. When they reached outside she sniffed the air before continuing around the side of the house. They were headed for the trees.

Leon: *He couldn’t help but flash another sheepish grin!* I’ll uh … tell him you said hi. *He went quiet when they started for the trees.* -05:10 Feb 25
Evangeline: Of course, you would have to fight Ciara Grey for him and she’s absolutely vicious when it comes to other women! I am only Leon’s friend, I cannot imagine what she’d do to someone that really wanted to take him! *Mused Evangeline out loud… That was actually an interesting thought! For a woman that would not admit her feelings, she was very possessive!* -05:12 Feb 25

There was a soft chuckle from the White Queen. “Ciara Grey is an alpha female. An alpha female will let no other touch her mate.” In to the trees she walked, her fluffy tail swishing behind her. She continued deep in to the brush until she stopped a spot well hidden by vines and bushes. There was a perfect view of a bank clearing on the edge of the lake. Tracks in the sandy dirt and an odd looking… plate sitting out there. A very delicious smelling plate!

[Evangeline has timed out.] -06:03 Feb 25
Leon: *This made no sense to Leon! Who or what was this creature and why capture wolves? He sniffed the plate.* Mmm … Yeah, delicious. *It was all he could do not to lick his chops.* -06:03 Feb 25
[Evangeline can\’t smell anything, can\’t see anything, and worse… can\’t feel anything but brambles poking her legs!] -11:06 Feb 25
[Leon was right beside Evangeline, scoping things out!] -11:07 Feb 25
Leon: *He just hoped they could find whoever was responsible before wolves started turning up dead! The last thing Cissy needed was to have to deal with something like this at a time like now!* -11:08 Feb 25

Waiting for something to happen could be dull work, it seemed like forever before something in the distance out on the lake seemed to be drawing closer.

The White Queen ducked low in the brush as she sniffed the air. “It draws near.”

Evangeline: *Plucking a thorny vine off her pants, Evangeline made sure to keep herself quiet!* -11:14 Feb 25

Looming on the water, coming nearer, it was a fairly large boat. Big enough to hold several people and one very large cage. …But when it reached shore, there didn’t seem to be anything alive on it! It just stopped in the shallow water.

Leon: *He also ducked low on the ground and slowly urged Evangeline to do the same. His body was tense as he waited to see what would happen next!* -11:18 Feb 25
Evangeline: ..I hear something weird… *She said softly, finally ducking down too. …It was such a strange sound and she couldn’t quite figure out what it was!* -11:19 Feb 25

Yet there didn’t seem to be any sounds at all. Just the water in the lake. Bugs. Cars way off in the distance. ooooh, but that plate smelled SO good. It was practically begging someone to come take a bite! Was that… prime cut T bone steaks?

Leon: *Mmmm!! In an attempt to ignore the delicious temptation of what was on that plate, he focused on what Evangeline was saying!* S … s … sound …? *He gulped and bit his lip. This was going to be HARD!* -11:23 Feb 25

The White Queen seemed to be controlling her urges just fine, but was very curious about the empty boat. “I hear no sounds. Yet… there is a presense here.”

How much meat was piled up on that plate? Six..? Twenty…? … Fifty steaks? So fresh! Like they were cut off the cow not five minutes ago, just screaming to be eaten and enjoyed!

Leon: *There was a whimper starting down at the back of his throat at the thought of all that wonderful meat! He finally had to bury his face in the grass and cover his head with his hands. Dirt. Grass. Nothing meaty to smell here. No sirree!* -11:30 Feb 25
Evangeline: I… I’m not sure. It’s… a bit like music, but very strange. Out over there. *She pointed a finger through the bushes, the direction of the boat on the lake shore!* -11:31 Feb 25

Taking a deep breath, the White Queen was trying to catch a scent of the creature or any other intruders. But now, she too was only smelling that wonderful plate of meat. Snorting and rubbing her nose with her paw, the white wolf gave a growl. “There is an enchantment here. Dangerous enchantment.”

Leon: *He shut his eyes as he started to rub his face against the grass! He was too busy trying NOT to think about the meat–the delicious, succulent meat–that he didn’t notice that his tail had grown! Or that he was beginning to change into wolf form until he’d grown a snout and a furry body!* -11:35 Feb 25

There is no enchantment here. Just a free, delicious, juicy, wonderful meal. Fresh, succulent, meat waiting to be devoured! Inviting! Calling!

Evangeline: Oh, I see! It’s a wolf trap! This shouldn’t be a problem! *…and just like that, she was crawling out from under the bushes and walking out towards the plate and the boat on the lake shore!* -11:39 Feb 25
Leon: *He lifted his head and opened his mouth to tell Evangeline to come back when he sniffed the air and–OOoh, the meat! His jaws were already beginning to drool! He put his head back down!* -11:44 Feb 25

The White Wolf tried to snap her teeth and catch the psychic’s clothing before she got far, but she was quick for a human! Following her out… the scent of the meat was even stronger… and becoming increasingly harder to ignore. “You are taking too many risks, human. …Although we might try and test a piece of this meat… ”

Evangeline: Stay away from those steaks and it should be all right. *Replied Evangeline, circling around the plate with a wide birth so she could get to the boat. …There didn’t seem to be any people here, but the sound was stronger now… She crawl in the boat.* I bet it’s in here somewhere. -11:47 Feb 25

Sooooo delicious. Meaty ambrosia just within reach! One little bite wouldn’t hurt anyone. Try the steak. One little steak.

Leon: *Maybe … if he just got … a little closer. You know … to keep an eye on the meat! He moved forward on his belly, an inch closer than before but … maybe he had to get a bit closer to be sure … He quickly buried his muzzle in the dirt!* -11:51 Feb 25

The White Queen sat down next to the plate and stared at it. Stared hard. Very hard. …Leaned over. Sniffed. …LICK! Quickly backing up after the lick! “Nothing seems to be wrong with these steaks.”

And to top it all off, it was quite possibly the best steak ever tasted. SO YUMMY.

Suddenly the bushes right beside them rustled and out jumped a large pale yellow wolf with dark blue eyes, landing right over the plate of steaks! “I would advise against this, Madame Octavia.”

“You stand over them now, there is not a thing wrong with them.” Growled the white queen! She padded around the other wolf and the plate, daring to try and get herself another lick!

Evangeline: He IS right. You really should leave those steaks alone. *Hmm… There wasn’t a radio, or any stones… or even any seals of magic on this boat. So where was the sound coming from? Evangeline crawled in the cage sitting on the boat to take a look. Ah ha! There was another steak in here, it just wasn’t singing!* -12:06 Feb 26

SHINK! The bars of the cage fell closed with a sudden clank! …The boat started drifting away from shore. Whilst that delicious, so juicy plate of steaks on shore was still begging to be eaten.

Nicholas: The wolf hunched forward a bit so his head was between the queen and the steaks. “You are not thinking, Madame Octavia. Please, clear your mind.”

Groooowwl! “Mind yourself, Nicholas Wulfric.” She snapped her teeth at his nose as a threat and circled around him again. …But… she paused, giving herself a heavy shake before backing away and planting her rear on the ground. “…How vexing. They so wish to be eaten.”

Evangeline: *…Well, this certainly explains how it worked. Wolves are lured in with a plate of tasty meat, and then tricked on to the boat somehow to get floated away to… Oh… This wasn’t good. The boat was moving! Evangeline fussed with the bars on the cage.* Um…! If you’re not too enchanted, I think I am in trouble! -12:14 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He hadn’t budged from his position over the plate, even when the white wolf snapped at his nose!* Leon, go to Ms Clark and help her. Madame Octavia.

Leon: *He lifted his head and shook himself! He bounded towards the boat and Evangeline!* -12:23 Feb 26

The boat had moved quite a few feet away from shore now, despite not seeming to have anyone on board to control it!

Evangeline: Well, I do believe there is an enchantment so only wolves will be caught, but I didn’t think the cage would shut if just anyone crawled in. They really didn’t consider this design well. *Evangeline tried to explain… but mostly about hiding her nervousness about this boat! Thelast thing she wanted to do was have it tip over with her in a cage!* -12:27 Feb 26

Wulfric.” Octavia replied, still remaining sitting and occasionally eyeing that plate. Though she seemed to be regaining part of her senses… There was a mission here! And that human was drifting off. “…I will thank you, Wulfric, for your assistance.” stated Octavia before she was up quickly and bounding after Leon. Perhaps a bit stiff about the embarassing rescue!

Leon: *He ran toward that boat like there was no tomorrow! He had to get Evangeline off of there! He went as fast as he could and finally took a leap for it!* -12:34 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He lifted his head and ran after them but not before dragging that plate and dropping it into the water!*

THUNK! The boat gave a dangerous lurch on the water with a big wolf landing on one end. The cage slid across the boat’s floor to the otherside! …It continued it’s route across the lake!

Evangeline: *Evangeline might have screamed ‘Don’t jump!’ had she seen him leaping! Instead all she could do was give a frightened squeek as the cage slid… and a relieved sigh when they didn’t go tipping over. …yet!* Please don’t do that again! I am far too young to have a heart attack! -12:38 Feb 26

Octavia, herself took a great running leap over the stretch over water… but being swift and light on her feet she was able to bounce off the edge of the boat, over the cage and land gracefully on the other end of the boat. …Minus any turbulance. “It seems we shall have a free ride to the creature’s lair.”

Leon: *He scrambled to right himself as he almost went over the edge! Then he glued himself to the floor of the ship! That was awfully close!* -12:45 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He ran alongside the boat and then leaped on top! He landed on the boat and then used it as a springboard to use up all that momentum and land on top of the cage! He then stepped off of it and looked over at Evangeline.* Are you well, Ms Clark?

Evangeline: *All these leaping wolves! Instead of shaking a fist, she merely huffed!* I can’t get the cage open and there aren’t any locks… So I suppose when we reach the other shore, someone will be waiting. As long as no one tips us, I’ll be just fine. -12:50 Feb 26

“It will not be expecting three uncaged wolves, I am sure.” replied Octavia with some humor.

Evangeline: Oh, he’s a wolf! I thought maybe he was afraid to speak or he’d swallow a steak! *Evangeline slunk an arm out from the bars, hopefully to pet the first wolf she got her hands on!* -12:54 Feb 26

“The pup is a bit old not to have voice his voice, Wulfric.” mused the white wolf. “Perhaps you need assistance in your teaching…”

Nicholas: *Evangeline’s hands found Nicholas first! He glanced over at Leon.* There is much to teach him, Madame. I do not suppose you are offering your elegant services?

Leon: *He looked like he wanted to say something but … because he couldn’t, he put his head down and tried to tune it out.* -01:00 Feb 26

“I am always available to aid the One of the Living Grave.” Octavia responded, leaning forward with a twitch of her ears. “I am sure, together we might teach him many things.”

Evangeline: *For an adult wolf, Nicholas Wulfric had very nice soft fur! Brutus was probably going to grow up nice and fluffy like this! It was very nice to scratch behind his ears! …She might have said something herself, but it seemed the White Queen was flirting, and it might be better not to interupt.* -01:05 Feb 26
Leon: *Ewww! He couldn’t believe he had to listen to this! Gah … As if he wasn’t even here, too! Oh, he wish he had a voice in this body!* -01:08 Feb 26

Nicholas: It is I who would be quite honored. It has been many years, has it not, Lady Octavia? *For an adult wolf, he was also taking being scratched like this with dignity!*

“It has been far too long since you have graced my pack with your presense. The day I met your pup, I admired the handsome resemblance to his father.” For her flirting, Octavia was still as regal as a queen. The psychic woman’s peculiar habits were strange, but not surprising to see from one that would ask questions about tasting to wolves!

Evangeline: *Petting a wolf was perfectly natural… Of course then she remembered this was Leon’s father, and if he were in man form that might be strange…. and just continued petting anyway. Wolves were made for petting, or they wouldn’t be so soft.* -01:25 Feb 26

Nicholas: It is always a pleasure to spend time with you and your Pack. Your wisdom and elegance have fashioned your wolves into a strong, tight knit group.

The ride on the lake went by without incident… The boat finally stilling as it ran up on to the shore of the opposite side of the lake. Here the trees were even thicker, leading way to a small isolated forest as part of the park. Everything here was dead silent.

“You are kind, Wulfric.” she hushed as they drew up on to shore. Slowly rising to her feet and hopping carefully out of the boat on to dry land. The quiet was deafening here.

Nicholas: *He watched the white wolf get off and put his head on Evangeline’s hand.* We will return shortly. *Then he moved and followed the white wolf!*

Evangeline: *With the boat on solid ground, she fussed with the bars of the cage again. It wasn’t opening yet, despite them being at their destination… and now she was going to miss everything!* Bother! I’ll just wait here! -01:38 Feb 26

On the ground, there was a path… something having been made with the constant dragging of cages back and forth from the side of the lake, to be sure. It led off in to the forest!

Leon: *He got up and moved over to Evangeline! He didn’t feel confident about leaving Evangeline here and the huff he made said as much as he sat down beside the cage!* -01:47 Feb 26
Evangeline: Are you sure you want to leave your father alone with the White Queen? I think she wants to be your mother in law. *There had to be a way out of this cage… She turned around to use her feet to push at the bars!* -01:50 Feb 26

Nicholas: *He sniffed the trail as they went and stepped lightly! He also kept his ears out for the slightest rustle!*

The White Queen watched the trees and the pat carefully as they strode forward. Not to hear even a small animal was a warning sign! Up ahead, there seemed to be a large building. An old abandoned place… but there were lights!

Leon: *He wasn’t quite sure whether he wanted to go to keep an eye on those two or stay so he wouldn’t have to look at them!* -02:02 Feb 26
Evangeline: Ms. Grey says he’s so much of a gentleman, that if she didn’t want to skin him alive she might have enjoyed his company! *Pushing wasn’t working… Evangeline measured the size of the holes between the bars… and attempted to squeeze through them!* -02:06 Feb 26
Leon: *He tried biting on the bars and seeing if that would work! Then he pawed at it! There had to be a way to open this damn thing! He tried not to think about Nicholas!* -02:23 Feb 26

Nicholas: Mm … I cannot hear any sound of the wolves. This is serious. *He waited to see if anyone would come out from there to go to the boat.*

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