A small visit to the Devil World. Dark’s big breakdown with Light!

[Evangeline was going to take a tour with a Demon, but some reason he thought she smelled tasty and then he disappeared! ] -02:09 Mar 23
[Gabriel decided he should check on Evangeline … just in case.] -02:10 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Minus one demon escort… Meri was sleeping, Caroline and Dark were still avoiding each other, and here she was all dressed nice and pretty with no escort! She huffed, considering if she could explore without one!* -02:12 Mar 23
Gabriel: You look beautiful tonight, Evangeline. *And there he was, right behind her! He lowered his face to the crook of her neck and nuzzled her gently.* -02:13 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Ooh..! What wonderful timing! Evangeline smiled wide, clasping her hands together in a soft giggle!* Are you still busy meddling in the affairs of prophecy? Or can you come with me for a walk? I lost my demon escort! -02:14 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head and raised an eyebrow. She was dressed like that to go on a tour with a demon.* Yes, I can escort you. -02:17 Mar 23
Evangeline: Wonderful! I’m not sure what happened to him. One moment he said I looked pretty and smelled delicious and the next – gone! *She turned to lean up on her toes and give his cheek a kiss. Then paused at his expression.* …I’m over dressed? Caroline said a Queen is supposed to look like a Queen especially in the Devil World. *It was another long velvet dress in a nice dark purple, so she wouldn’t be so bright! But now she wondered if she should have worn normal clothes!* -02:20 Mar 23
Gabriel: *Jealousy was not something he was akin to feeling, much less admitting to himself. He took her hand and kissed the back, the Binding Mark.* You are always a Queen to me, Evangeline. The Devil World knows who you are. -02:24 Mar 23
Evangeline: *She grinned.* Because I’m your Queen. I want to see everything here! They say there’s no sun and like it’s a giant labyrinth of caves and that in the wide open parts it looks like the ceiling is covered in stars! -02:27 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked, then offered her his arm.* I believe what you wish to see lies in this direction, my Queen. -02:29 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his arm, and really couldn’t stop smiling! It was like taking a royal tour in a foreign country!* Why do you think devils all love things that sparkle, even though they’re creatures of Darkness? -02:32 Mar 23
Gabriel: I believe the phrase is "opposites attract." *They started walking down the hall. He was not in a hurry and he wanted Evangeline to take it easy.* -02:36 Mar 23
Evangeline: Well… that would be the easy answer for it! *There was always a delicate balance between light and dark and good and evil… she wondered if they were to visit the Magical World if they would be drawn to opposites too? He thoughts were momentarily distracted by some of the carvings on the hallway walls. Lots of scary looking faces!* -02:41 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He noticed her looking at the carvings.* How are you enjoying the visit so far. -02:42 Mar 23
Evangeline: It’s much nicer than the first time I visited! Although some of the devils look pretty scary. A couple have jumped out trying to startle me and gave Meri such a fit! They love to gossip and chat though, so I’ve learned so many things! -02:44 Mar 23
Gabriel: Have you. Such as. -03:07 Mar 23
Evangeline: Well, most of the older generations are completely infatuated with Caroline! They say if she had been born demon, she would have been one of the Devil King’s consorts. And I found out that a lot of them like collecting souls but they really don’t care to do anything with them other than have something shiny! -03:11 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Caroline and the Devil King. Perhaps in a past life, she was one. *Improbable, of course! But he appeared to have developed a somewhat romantic streak recently.* -03:13 Mar 23
Evangeline: I hope that no one gossips that off to Dark. He’s already still upset with her, and when either of them get jealous it makes it so much worse. *Jealously was not something she ever encountered often… But maybe sometimes she did wonder if Gabriel had moments with women… even though he told her he didn’t!* -03:17 Mar 23
Gabriel: Caroline has had relationships before. This is Dark’s first. Time apart will do them well. -03:20 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline suddenly grinned.* You’re very right… Caroline won’t be able to do a thing about him, anymore than you can! But he’ll be all right. *She rest her head against his arm as they walked.* Do you think it’s easier when someone has been with other people first…? -03:26 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her smile but didn’t sto walking.* There are always exceptions. Dark is very young. In my case I have been around long enough to know an ordinary woman would not do. -03:30 Mar 23
Gabriel: *stop -03:30 Mar 23
Evangeline: Sometimes I wonder if everything had been different and if you never met me, what might have happened… But once I had a dream and talked to a nice lady and she explained that you have always chosen me, in every reality that’s been born. I don’t know if it’s true, but I like to think so. -03:37 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He smirked and stopped to nuzzle her cheek.* That is comforting, Evangeline. The life I had without was a dismal one and not worth saving. -03:38 Mar 23
Gabriel: *without you -03:39 Mar 23
Evangeline: *A soft giggle, followed by her sneaking her arms around his waist!* In a hundred years or more, can we still be like this? -03:43 Mar 23
Gabriel: I would not have it any other way, Evangeline. *He cupped her face and kissed her gently once, twice, then traced her lips with the tip of his tongue.* -03:44 Mar 23
Evangeline: *Evangeline decided he was a much better tour guide then a devil! Only Gabriel could make her knees weak and give her warm fuzzies! She returned his kiss with another giggle and tugged lightly on his sleeve.* My tour..? -03:49 Mar 23
Gabriel: *He lifted his head, still smirking, and offered her his arm again.* Of course. Meri is very proud to have you here. -04:00 Mar 23
Evangeline: *This time she wrapped both her arms around his and squeezed!* I think she is proud to have you also! Not to mention Dark and Caroline here too… -04:02 Mar 23
Gabriel: … Unless Dark and Caroline should attempt to kill each other before the visit is over. *He replied. They hadn’t tried it yet but it was only a matter of time. They were dangerous whether they were together or apart. It was a nuisance.* -04:06 Mar 23
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:07 Mar 23))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:07 Mar 23))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:07 Mar 23
[Evangeline likes things that glitter!] -03:22 Mar 24

Caroline: *Roaming the Devil World and dueling demons was all well and good when you’re trying to avoid someone. But by now Caroline was tired of giving Dark his space… he should be calmed down by now. Thus, she was dropping in to his room to test the waters, so to speak!* -Evangeline

[Gabriel is deep in thought!] -03:27 Mar 24

Vlamerias: Zzzz … zzz … *She was curled up in Dark’s bed, alone, and comfortable. What a big comfty bed!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: …I wonder if I will ever try to kill you! All sorts of strange things happen. *Evangeline couldn’t imagine herself killing anything, but the things they had to face always were unimaginable for her…* -03:33 Mar 24

Caroline: *When Caroline was crawling in to Dark’s bed, she didn’t expect to find a female! He could count his blessings that it was just Meri… however that did bring up some questions!* Small Lady… -Evangeline

Gabriel: It would be your right. I have tried to kill you before. *He didn’t like to think about it but it was true.* -03:38 Mar 24
Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her head against his arm again, a soft grin across her face.* You weren’t really you when you did. You’ve always tried very hard not to hurt me! -03:40 Mar 24
Gabriel: More so than any other human I ever remember coming across. You are a mystery, Evangeline. *It was just the two of them in the hall. They hadn’t seen or passed another creature since they started.* -03:47 Mar 24
Evangeline: *He had a way of making her feel so precious! She always liked to know what he thought of her when he first met her…* I liked the way you checked on me. No one had ever done that before. -03:53 Mar 24
Gabriel: Valravn never allowed me peace about it. I knew you were in a safe place but there was always the chance something could go wrong. I had to be sure. -03:55 Mar 24

Vlamerias: *She must have been very tired because she didn’t stir at all! But … in her hand was one of Dark’s crystals. A smokey gray quartz Evangeline had given him!* -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Evangeline gave a soft giggle.* I had a very big crush on you and I was so worried you would realize it and then not come to see me anymore. But it was so hard not to like you! -03:58 Mar 24

Caroline: *Caroline rest her head on an elbow for a moment, scowling down at the little devil. She hated to wake Vlameries. Hunting Dark down in the Devil World would be easy, but she didn’t want to do it if he was still pitching a fit and avoiding her. Something about this felt odd though. Dark always kept those stones on him, even if he never admitted he did.* …Small Lady, awake for me. *She nudged Meri gently.* -Evangeline

Gabriel: It was difficult to leave. You are a fasincating woman. I was surprised you were not afraid of me. -04:08 Mar 24

Vlamerias: *She stirred and then yawned. Her eyes slowly opened.* Hi, Warrior Lady. -Gabriel

Evangeline: There was nothing to be afraid of. In my vision you were protecting the world, and when you touched me I knew you weren’t scary. *Especially in comparison to Michael… Even now she could remember that feeling. Cold and chilling and giving her the shivvers!* -04:13 Mar 24

Caroline: Is there a special reason you are sleeping in Dark’s bed this eve, Vlamerias? I thought I might apologize and sooth his temper, yet he is nowhere to be seen. -Evangeline

Gabriel: Even when you brought me back and I threatened to drink your blood. You called my bluff. -04:15 Mar 24
Evangeline: *She nodded, grinning again.* I know you’re stubborn and you get upset and worried about me… But I’m stubborn too! I don’t think that anyone should have to suffer through so much and not get to have the good things too. Even Darkness should have a chance to be happy, yes? -04:19 Mar 24

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