041 The False Betrayal

Evangeline is at a church to purify stones. Anthony shows up for a ‘plot’. Evangeline has a vision spelling Gabriel’s doom if he kills Anthony – and stops him. Anthony makes it sound as suspicious as possible, as if Evangeline has been working for him. Evangeline decides maybe it’s better if she left, sparing Gabriel from any more traps caused by her. Lily convinces Gabriel to speak with Evangeline, but Evangeline still insists she’s leaving. Anthony drops in on her again for taunting, telling her what her vision was about. More proof for Evangeline to leave town. Lily tries stopping Evangeline, but she’s going anyway.

Evangeline gets on the subway on the way to the airport, but it turns out it’s haunted by a human turned demon. She has another vision – this one tells of her own death! It’s so strong that even Gabriel feels it and goes after her! He saves her again and she tries to explain that this is why she needs to leave. Gabriel pulls her in to a hug and refuses to let her go or leave. Evangeline finally agrees to stay because he wants her to.

[Evangeline is… blessing stones today! With real holy water!] -12:40 Mar 02
[Gabriel was away on \”business\”! Evangeline had a couple of hunters from Oracle to escort her today! Ms Grey said something about not wanting to be responsible should anything happen to \”that vampire\’s little psychic\”!] -01:18 Mar 02
Evangeline: *A church was the only place to get holy water! Not because holy water needed to be religious, but because a good priest knows how to purify! Now she was working with that stone from the leyline!* -01:20 Mar 02

Evangeline had found out so much about those hunters! One was named Charlie and he’d been with Oracle for several years! He had two children and was divorced! He was a decent guy if a little quiet!

Evangeline: It would be nice to see kids at Oracle! ….Then again, maybe having little kids in the middle of training sessions would really make those poor trainees more stressed out that necessary… *She liked Charlie! It was always so nice to get to know the people that worked so hard to keep the city safe!* -01:24 Mar 02

Charlie grunted in agreement from where he stood not too far away at her side! His partner who called herself Jinx was a newbie in Oracle! She’d just become a full fledged hunter but was known to be reckless and headstrong!

Evangeline: *Jinx was an interesting individual! Strong ladies were always very impressive, and made her giggle when they made the males get jealous.* Ah, here we go! *Pulling the stone nearly bigger than her hand out of the water, she dried it off with a soft towel.* This was the last one! -01:30 Mar 02

Jinxie said it was about time and Charlie hoisted his gun up! They helped Evangeline pack up her things and started to head out! … Suddenly something made them stop and Charlie told Jinx he was going to check it out! She was to continue to escort Evangeline back to the car and no “but’s”!

Evangeline: *Evangeline opened her mouth to suggest she might help him look around too… But maybe it was a better idea not to be difficult! It wasn’t like trying to train newbies and deliberatly finding trouble…* We’ll wait outside for you, Charlie! -01:39 Mar 02

Charlie was gone! Jinx went for the door only to open it and start to swear! It was beginning to rain and rain hard! Stupid storms!

Evangeline: *A huff! As nice as natural water was for stones, she just spent all that time purifying them! It wouldn’t do her any good to get them wet again!* Bother! Maybe it will end soon? It’d take hours to cleanse everything again! -01:47 Mar 02

Jinx grumbled under her breath and looked around for Charlie! She called out for him but still no answer! What the hell was keeping him?! … Probably a quick trip to the bathroom! In the meantime, the priest came from the pews and asked if Evangeline had accomplished what she had come for.

Evangeline: *Poor Jinx… Having to accompany her was probably the dullest job in the world. Ms. Grey really shouldn’t have made such a fuss. Turning, she smiled towards the priest.* I did. This place was a wonderful find! -01:52 Mar 02

The priest smiled and said he was happy he and the church could help! He began talking about his congregation and their spiritual welfare when Jinx made a loud huff! This had gone on long enough! She was going to find Charlie so they could get back to HQ and she could get a nice hot bath! She told Evangeline to stay here and then told the priest to watch Evangeline! Then she stalked off!

Evangeline: I hope she doesn’t break one of Charlie’s arms when she finds him. *Mumbled Evangline with some humor!* -01:57 Mar 02

A loud clap of thunder! The priest jumped and then apologized to Evangeline! Storms had scared him since he was a small child! He had faith God would see him through each and every storm–literal and metaphorical–but he still jumped whenever a storm made a lot of noise!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t jump… but she did frown!* I understand, I really do… I was never afraid of them when I was little, but it seems lately when there is a bad storm it always comes with something unpleasant. -02:02 Mar 02

Several moments passed by … It was strangely silent and suddenly very empty! Where had everyone gone?!

Evangeline: *…Speaking of unpleasant! How strange! She tilted her head to listen… not a footstep or sound of breathing!* … Are… we playing a joke on me? I really don’t mind but… *She moved to reach out and see where that priest was hiding!* -02:08 Mar 02

Anthony: … Looking for the priest, Ms Clark? *His voice whispered in her ear and his breath was on her neck. He was right behind her!* I am afraid he is a little … hung up at the moment.

Evangeline: *She might have died on the spot, her heart making such a sudden lurch! Evangeline stepped forward and spun around, holding her cane up to keep him at a distance!* Hung up…? *…Maybe she didn’t want to know what he meant!* -02:13 Mar 02

Anthony: *He didn’t move an inch, like a cat who had spied its prey.* Mm hmm. *A nod.* You appear so surprised, Ms Clark. Did you think after that little episode in your head, I was just going to leave you be?

Evangeline: No… But if you think I am afraid of you, you are mistaken. *Evangeline bravely said! Where were Charlie and Jinx…? She could call them for help but, they’d surely be killed…. if they weren’t killed already!* -02:21 Mar 02

Anthony: *He still hadn’t moved! He was obviously more content to watch her and let her squirm!* No …? Your voice sounds more brave than you do, Ms Clark. I merely came to give you my thanks for all your hard work and service on my behalf.

Evangeline: *How maddening! If only she were as brave as Ms. Grey, she might knock his head off! Evangeline took a few steps back instead.* You use me to hurt Gabriel. I won’t let you do it again. -02:25 Mar 02

Anthony: Silly girl. *Now he was walking, one step at a time with his hands clasped behind his back!* You never had a choice to begin with.

Evangeline: There is always a choice! *Backwards walking still with her cane up.. She slid a hand in to her pocket, wrapping her fingers around that leyline stone. He won’t get in to her head again…! But then she was blinking, overwhelmed. A dark sinking feeling. Having to move her cane to lean on, or she’d sink to the floor… A confusing vision!* -02:48 Mar 02

Anthony: *He chuckled softly as he was getting closer.* So young and foolish. Everytime Gabriel saves you, everytime he risks his life and well-being for you … It won’t be long before I get what I want.

Evangeline: What you want…? *Too close, he was too close! Retreating down the pews, she turned to run! This was something very bad wrapped around Gabriel… She needed to tell him before it was too late!* -03:04 Mar 02

SLAM!! The doors burst open, sending in a gust of wind and rain into the Cathedral and threatening to blow out the candles at the front!

Evangeline: *Evangeline didn’t think she had even turned around so quickly in her life!* Gabriel…! I have to tell you something! -03:11 Mar 02

Gabriel: *He didn’t give Evangeline a chance to speak! He was already sprinting for Anthony, guns drawn as he shot at him!*

Evangeline: *…Shot down, killed, nevermore… But still an opened gate and blood on Gabriel’s hands.. this was..* WAIT! You can’t! *Practically stumbling forward, she skirted around Anthony to throw up her hands and block Gabriel’s way!* Don’t kill him…! -03:36 Mar 02

It wasn’t quite clear who was more surprised, Gabriel or Anthony! But just as quickly, Anthony was smirking from behind Evangeline.

Gabriel: *His eyes narrowed slightly and flashed red.* Out of my way. *He hadn’t lowered his guns and he didn’t look like he was about to anytime soon!* -03:47 Mar 02
Evangeline: No! I can’t let you kill him. Please, we need to go home! *He was going to be furious, but she would explain once they were safe!* -03:50 Mar 02
Gabriel: *One gun disappeared.* … No. *Then he moved her out of the way by wrapping his arm around her back and bent her forward and to one side! BANGBANGBANGBANG! went the other gun!* -04:02 Mar 02

Anthony: *He smirked.* Isn’t she the loyal little psychic? *He taunted just before Gabriel began shooting at him! He jumped backwards a few feet and then up on the altar, right next to the cross he had nailed the priest to. The priest was bleeding heavily. The smell of blood and death was in the air. The fact that the two hunters were nailed to the pillars on either side did not help things either.*

Evangeline: Listen to me! *He has to stop…! Evangeline moved to pounce on his gun arm!* You’re not going to kill him! -04:06 Mar 02

Anthony: *He was smirking.* Every step of the way, Gabriel, every little obstacle I have planted. I haven’t seen you this weak since your days with … that human woman. But now you have a new weakness and it is no surprise it is another human woman. One who has had you under her thumb since day one.

Evangeline: Excuse me?! You…. You shut your mouth! *The words in her head for Anthony Carnatelli were a lot ruder than that! But Evangeline was trying to pull Gabriel around and towards the doors!* We have to leave right now! -04:17 Mar 02

Anthony: Farewell, Gabriel. I will get what I want. *He chuckled softly as he turned around and disappeared into thin air!*

Gabriel: *He was wrestling to get to Anthony and at least move his arm! But as soon as Anthony disappeared, he shrugged the seer off easily and slipped his gun back into the holster! Then he was gone, too!* -04:27 Mar 02
Evangeline: …wait! Gabriel! *He wasn’t listening…! But he was going to be obliterated! Evangeline turned down the isle quickly, she would have to get those hunters and… and… They were up there. The priest as well. Blood that smell of death she hadn’t notced until now. Evangeline dropped to the floor.* What has he done… -04:32 Mar 02

Outside, there was a rumble of thunder! Then something began ringing! It was Charlie’s cell! He usually had it in his pocket but now it was coming from under one of the pews!

Evangeline: *Ringing… It took her moment to slowly come to attention, moving instinctly towards the sound. Picking it up, she held it a second before answering… What was she supposed to do…! This was so horrible!* …H…hello…? -04:42 Mar 02

It was a hunter from Oracle checking up on them! She wanted to know what was keeping the little party from heading back to HQ!

Evangeline: I think… *Taking a deep breath, she couldn’t fall apart now! Evangeline rubbed her eyes and tried to keep herself from sniffling!* I think they might be dead, but I don’t know, I can’t feel anything here! Anthony was here and I couldn’t let Gabriel kill him, and I didn’t have a chance to explain…! *She didn’t mean to blurt it all out, but this was terrible! Charlie had little kids and Gabriel wasn’t here!* -05:07 Mar 02

The hunter dispatched someone right away! It took them several minutes to get there though! And after that, they wanted to know exactly what happened!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was having a very hard time trying to figure it out herself! But, it was a painful, dawning realization that maybe she did understand what happened.* …I am nothing more than a trap. A very effective bait to catch Gabriel.. I… help kill people! This is… this is my fault. -05:35 Mar 02

Evangeline was a real mess! They asked her to get into the car and they’d take her back to HQ and the Infirmary. They would take care of everything here.

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head and moved away from anyone that would try to usher her somewhere!* I’m not going back to Oracle. I… I’m just going to go. *And by going, she really meant going! To Ms. Grey’s first, where should would get her important things and tell Lily to take care of Brutus. She was far too dangerous to remain here.* -06:04 Mar 02

But it was still raining real hard! If she wasn’t going back to HQ, surely she could use a lift to Shades?

Evangeline: No. I would like everyone to stay away from me and I will get there myself. *If someone else where to die… Evangeline couldn’t bare to think about it! Making sure Charlie’s phone was given to someone, she snatched up her cane and headed out despite the storm!* -06:10 Mar 02

Someone phoned Ms Grey right away! But she was away and they were patched through to her daughter, Lily instead!

Lily: *Doing homework was occasionally sleepy business… ‘Thankfully’ the phone woke her up! She answered sleepily!* …What? I mean, Grey residence, can I help you?

The hunter apologizes for waking her up and says it’s urgent! Anthony attacked a church and killed three people, a priest and two hunters! Ms Clark is alright but she’s shaken and insists that she’s dangerous! She went out into the rain and although someone went to help her with an umbrella, she refuses to go with them!

Lily: Where is Gabriel? *Lily replied, suddenly finding herself very awake! Things don’t happen without Gabriel involved. Especially when it’s Evangeline, and extra especially when it’s Anthony.* Shouldn’t he be there with her…?

The hunter has no idea where Gabriel is! All Ms Clark said was that Gabriel had been there but she couldn’t let him kill Anthony! She was also calling herself some kind of trap for Gabriel!

Lily: …Is he dead or something? *Why else would he not be there with her? Trap or not? Muttering something about things not sounding right, she got up from her desk to check the suite. Maybe he was here and waiting for Evangeline!*

Gabriel: *He was in the suite, taking apart and putting his guns back together! He did it so quickly! His back was to Lily!* -06:33 Mar 02

Lily: *She almost announced that she found him, but hesitated as she lowered the phone. He looked so tense that he might snap someone’s neck with a single look! Lily circled around, keeping a safe distance just in case.* …. What’s the matter?

Gabriel: *His jaw was clenched. He never stopped taking apart and putting those guns back together. It was several moments before he said something and even then, it felt like a lifetime.* … Four hundred fifty-six years, five months, three weeks, two days, fourteen hours, twelve minutes, five seconds. -06:39 Mar 02

Lily: …That’s a long time for something to be the matter. *And unless he had been time traveling, there was definetly a lot more going on!* What happened…?

Gabriel: *He looked up at her and his eyes flashed red until he glanced away and got control of himself again.* That is how long I have been hunting down Anthony and Michael. -06:45 Mar 02

Lily: *A look like that could make anyone nervous, but Lily still slowly sat down in a chair as she frowned. It was a long time to be hunting someone. The hunter on the phone said people had died and that Evangeline stopped him from killing Anthony. That would make anyone furious. ….But that didn’t seem to make any sense.* But she stopped you? Is that why she’s not here now?

Gabriel: … Indeed. *He replied.* I will finish this, with or without her betrayal. -06:52 Mar 02

Lily: *At the word betrayal, she looked obviously doubtful.* Don’t you think it’s odd that you never noticed she was his minion? What if it wasn’t him she was trying to save?

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* … I have to kill Anthony. No matter the personal cost. I cannot be saved. -06:58 Mar 02

Lily: Evangeline seems to think the same way… doesn’t she? She’s always done things without thinking about the consequences to herself. Like when you came to help me at school.

Gabriel: … Indeed. I will … talk with her. *He placed his guns back and headed for the balcony. A gust of wind and some sprinkles flew in as he turned to face Lily.* My … thanks, Ms Grey. *He closed the doors behind him and was gone! From Shades, he began searching outward for her, leaving no corner unchecked.* -07:08 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Meanwhile, where Evangeline was supposed to be returning to Shades, she… she just couldn’t seem to bring herself to go back just yet! Soaking wet, she stopped midway to lean against a tree. She felt sick, strange and most of all very guilty!* -07:11 Mar 02
Gabriel: *It didn’t take long to find her, one more piece of evidence that she was innocent. No one in Anthony’s employ would leave themselves vulnerable to be found unless–* … Get out of this rain. *He said from behind her.* -07:14 Mar 02
Evangeline: I like the rain. Go away. *She didn’t want to do this… but she had to! If he were going to stay safe, she needed to!* -07:17 Mar 02
Gabriel: You are letting your emotions control you and not thinking coherently. -07:20 Mar 02
Evangeline: I am thinking more clearly now than I have in months. *Clearly… but not at all happily. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and put on her best smile.* I wasn’t supposed to stay here. I miss London. Brutus will enjoy staying with Ms. Grey’s family, and you will not have to be concerned about me. -07:23 Mar 02
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* And your reason for keeping me from killing Anthony. -07:25 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Her smile faultered until it faded away to a frown.* …Maybe he was right after all, and everything I say or do has been to his benefit. *…She should tell him about the vision… but what if it were all true and it were another fake vision? If she stopped him for nothing…? Shaking her head, she moved to pass by him.* I have to go. -07:30 Mar 02
Gabriel: *He watched her walk past him. There was something suspicious going on here but he would have to check on something first.* If that is your wish. *And then he was gone again!* -07:32 Mar 02
Evangeline: *Evangeline was so thankful for the rain! No one would see her cry! He knew she was leaving now, so maybe she could just get a plane ticket and ask Ms. Grey to mail her things. She really needed to get away from here before she caved in and changed her mind!* -07:34 Mar 02

After what seemed like an eternity, the rain finally stopped. Evangeline found a bench to sit on that was still dry thanks to the tree it sat under.

Anthony: Poor little seer … already pushing everyone away. How noble. *He said as he folded his umbrella, tucked it neatly under his arm.*

Evangeline: *This time she didn’t jump in fear, or even move from her seat!* He isn’t going to come and get me this time. You may as well kill me. * It was better dead than continously bring so much grief to everyone!* -07:39 Mar 02

Anthony: *He chuckled softly.* Far too easy. I may be a lot of things but I am certainly not that bored. Tell me, little seer, why did you stop Gabriel from killing me?

Evangeline: You will do something to him… change him. But I am fairly certain you are already aware. *Her hands tightened around her cane… Gabriel should not kill him, but she was so sorely tempted to try herself…!* -07:43 Mar 02

Anthony: *He smirked.* Of course. I know all of my children, inside and out. Since I am about to pick your mind apart, I believe it safe to explain your little … hunch. I possess the ability to take over the body of any of my children and use it as I see fit. When one of them destroys this body, I claim theirs. Genius. *He leaned forward in front of her.* … Is it not?

Evangeline: *That is… much worse than she expected and the look of surprise on her face admited so! ….Then there was a sudden scowl from her as she moved quickly to thwack him with her cane! She’d beat him unconcious and… and… turn him in to a frog! Let’s see him steal Gabriel as a frog!* -07:51 Mar 02

Anthony: *He blinked, apparently surprised that she had some fight left in her! He stepped back!* You are just delaying everything. I have been doing this for hundreds of years. What chance do you stand against me?

Evangeline: Enough! *…she would try anything or go down in the attempt! What was that froggy spell…* Batrachos! *With that same spell she remembered from the poor Warlock, she cast! …And just in case it didn’t work, she swung her cane for his head!* -08:00 Mar 02
[Evangeline was just trying to cast a spell and knock the head off Anthony Carnatelli of all people!] -01:17 Mar 03
[Gabriel was … er, somewhere!] -01:25 Mar 03

Anthony: *He smirked.* You humans are so pathetic. I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you enjoy your few moments of loneliness and despair. Then, I will return for you when the time is right. Ciao, Ms Clark. *Then he turned and disappeared, leaving Evangeline all alone!*

Evangeline: *She was a goldfish in a fishbowl as far as he was concerned…! There was that little remaining spark she was so desperately trying to cling to, not to give in to that despair he so wanted to see… Cold and wet, with people dead and Gabriel gone, that was not so easy. Abandoning the bench under the tree, it was past due for her to go back to Shades. She was going to pickup her things and leave.* -01:31 Mar 03

Lily: *No one could get back to sleep after weird conversations, which was probably for the better. She never did finish her homework. So Lily sat on the living room floor at the coffee table, pretending to be interested in her work… and was pretty surprised to see a wet Evangeline arrive home. …And without Gabriel!* Gabriel was looking for you.

Evangeline: Yes, he found me. *Evangeline didn’t stop to chat like she might have usually. She headed straight to her room and dug out that bag from under her bed.* -01:39 Mar 03

A sleeping Brutus woke up as he lay at Lily’s feet on the floor! He got up when he saw Evangeline and followed her into her room!

Lily: *It sounded like that “talk” didn’t go so well… Abandoning her work, Lily was up and following Brutus! She leaned in the doorway, looking fairly confused as Evangeline moved around the room and stuff things in to her bag.* You’re not leaving, are you?

Evangeline: *Evangeline only a paused a moment before continuing her packing.* I’m going back to London. I think… it’ll be better this way. Less danger and trouble for everyone. -01:43 Mar 03

Lily: What about Gabriel? And Brutus? *Lily asked… DID Gabriel even talk to her? Evangeline looked ready to snap!*

Evangeline: Brutus loves it here with you and your family. You’ll take care of him, won’t you? *Evangeline deliberatly didn’t reply about Gabriel. If she thought about him, she might not be able to go… Her back was packed and she pulled it up on her shoulder as she brushed past Lily. She only paused long enough to give Brutus a good pet and a kiss. …She didn’t want to leave him either!* -01:48 Mar 03

Brutus knew something was wrong. He whined and tilted his head at her.

Lily: *Lily was following her towards the door!* Yeah, but… Can’t you just wait a few days and then go? I bet if you talked to Gabriel you’d change your mind.

Evangeline: *A grim smile!* I know. That’s exactly why I’d rather not. *Evangeline stepped in to the elevator.* You can tell Gabriel that I… well. Tell him I’ll miss him and he was very kind. *She closed the elevator doors quickly before she found herself crying all over again!* -01:54 Mar 03

Lily: *Lily looked down at Brutus. * Are they crazy?

Brutus tilted his head up at her and barked as if saying “yes”!

Evangeline: *Breath slowly… As long as she breathed slowly, she could get through tonight. Evangeline left Shades! What she needed was a plane, but that was too far to walk on foot… Evangeline found herself heading to the nearest subway.* -02:00 Mar 03

Of course it was almost empty this time of night and oh so quiet except for the sounds of the subway trains zooming back and forth! The man in the ticket booth didn’t even look up at Evangeline when she asked for a ticket!

Evangeline: *Just as well for the silence and solitude… She was not feeling very sociable. Evangeline took her ticket and waited near the tracks until her train arrived. It would be a long ride compared to a cab, having to circle the city and wait for stops… But it was a chance to rest and pull herself together.* -02:09 Mar 03

The subway car she got into was empty! There was grafitti on the walls and on the seats, the cushions were uncomfortable and slashed and ripped in a lot of places!

Evangeline: *This place felt a little awkward… But as she sat down, she couldn’t be sure if it was just because SHE felt awkward or not. There was so much weighing down her thoughts, that there was no clarity at all. She set her bag down beside her and crossed her arms as she leaned back in her seat.* -02:22 Mar 03

The subway car jolted a bit but at least it didn’t throw her off her seat! Nothing happened for nearly an hour but then the lights flickered and Evangeline could probably hear movement at the front of the car!

Evangeline: *Evangeline readjusted herself in her seat as the lights flickered. She could feel the little bzz of electricity. There was the sound of movement inside the car… she hadn’t realized someone else was in here. Probably someone that didn’t want to be bothered either.* -02:30 Mar 03

Then everything went silent … until someone–or something–touched Evangeline’s hair, lifted it up as if examining it!

Evangeline: *A small gasp as she quickly scooted to the otherside of the seat bench! There was a reason for personal boundaries… sneaking up on people and touching was creepy! Controlling that sudden surprised she frowned and huffed!* Don’t touch strangers… -02:36 Mar 03

Whoever it was stopped but then Evangeline felt someone run their fingertips up her arm!

Evangeline: That specifically meant don’t touch me! *She shouted, hopping up from her seat to plop in to a completely different spot. Evangeline felt a little startled… this person was unreadable. Like they weren’t even there.* -02:57 Mar 03

Nothing happened but Evangeline now felt like she was being watched! And the sensation that whoever it was was hovering right beside her!

Evangeline: *Very quickly she moved again to another seat and held her breath. A hand raising to rub her forhead from a sudden twinge of vertigo. Now was not a good time to be distracted with a vision, but she could never seem to block those away. It was like standing outside of herself watching a dream… and the images were most disturbing!* -03:11 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He was back in the warehouse at the docks, opening a crate that had just come in! He leaned forward to get the guns out of the box when he shut his eyes. There was a terrible pain in his head and jumbles of images. The only things he could make out was that it involved the seer. He didn’t see her face but he just knew it had to do with her. He grabbed his guns!* -03:17 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline slipped out of her chair on to the floor. This place was a coffin for everyone that walked inside. There was no one here to protect, how could she see herself!* -03:24 Mar 03

There were footsteps! Whoever it was hadn’t said a word yet and no sound of breathing either!

Evangeline: *There wasn’t a way out… No one could jump off a subway train. Evangeline scooted until she backed herself in a corner out of the way.* -03:45 Mar 03

Something grabbed for her arm to pull her closer, to pull her away from the corner! There was the touch of cold steel against her cheek!

Evangeline: *A quiet yelp! She shoved them back, trying to push herself free! Evangeline could scarcly breathe!* -03:58 Mar 03

The subway car screeched to a stop! The doors opened!

Evangeline: *Open doors! Another push, and Evangeline was trying to escape towards the doors before she found out the rest of that vision.* -04:16 Mar 03

Evangeline made it through the doors but … whatever it was was still after her! It was moving slowly but surely as if it was convinced she could never escape it!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stumbled out of the car, hesitating only a moment before picking a direction to run! She had to find the stairs or somewhere to hide! She dashed behind a pillar and leaned against it as she tried to catch her breath..!* -04:25 Mar 03

Just when Evangeline may have started to think she was clear … it reached out and grabbed her by her shirt to pull her back! Then it suddenly released her as if something had pulled it off! There was the sound of a “THUD!” as something slammed into a wall nearby!

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so scared, she couldn’t even scream! She may not have been afraid to die, but being tormented was another story! She slid to the floor against the pillar and covered her ears from the sound!* -04:42 Mar 03
Gabriel: Murus! *There was the sound of something slamming into a wall but this one sounded much closer to Evangeline! As if that thing had tried to come at her and run into something solid instead!* -04:44 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Gabriel’s voice! But with something slamming so close to her, she jumped! Evangeline scrambled quickly back to her feet!* -04:47 Mar 03

“Gggaabrrrriieeeellll … It’sssss been too long …” rasped the thing.

Evangeline: Y- you shouldn’t be here… *She managed to squeek out as she eased around the pillar to hide on the otherside. He wasn’t a part of that vision and he wasn’t supposed to come after her again…!* -05:08 Mar 03
Gabriel: You did not say goodbye. *He replied, moving between Evangeline and the thing that was like a human but not. A tall, lean shadow with long limbs wrapped in a coat.* -05:14 Mar 03
Evangeline: You still shouldn’t be here. Go home. *If there was no saving her in her vision, then maybe it should stay that way! He would always come and one day it would kill him!* -05:19 Mar 03
Gabriel: … I do not take orders. *He replied. He pulled out his guns just as the shadow charged forward, whipping its long arms at him!* -05:30 Mar 03

The shadow’s arms cracked the air like whips, so sharp and hard it left gashes in the floors and walls! Left, right, left, right, it slashed, trying to slice him in two or more pieces!

Evangeline: *Evangeline stayed out of the way, remaining hidden behind the pillar!* And you don’t listen…! I don’t want you here! -05:35 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He dodged the arms, moving closer and closer to the shadow! Left, right, left, right … Duck! Roll out of the way!* Your vision brought me here. -05:37 Mar 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline silenced, trying to understand what he meant… She hadn’t mentioned her vision…* It didn’t have anything to do with you… -05:39 Mar 03
Gabriel: No. It did not. *He crouched down and then sprung forward!* Levitas! *A ball of lightning flew at the shadow!* -05:42 Mar 03

The shadow flew backwards and landed across the room with a smoking hole in its chest. It tried to get up but it was in too much pain.

Evangeline: Then you’re not supposed to be here! *He was far too stubborn…! Evangeline finally stepped out from behind the pillar… no more hiding. If she were going to die, he should let her go!* -05:46 Mar 03

Too late though! The shadow wasn’t moving very much!

Gabriel: *He turned and walked toward her.* You did not answer my question. Why did you stop me from killing Anthony at the church? -05:52 Mar 03
Evangeline: *There wasn’t such a shadow anymore, but it didn’t give her any relief… Evangeline frowned, taking a few steps back as he moved forward. * …He’s not going to die so easily… and he’ll have your body to live in… -05:57 Mar 03
Gabriel: *That made him stop and he raised an eyebrow at her!* And you saw that in your vision. -05:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: No… I saw you with an innocent girl’s blood on your hands and a gate. That you would lose yourself… be someone else. The rest he… he told me himself. -06:00 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He took a step forward but before she could move backwards again, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him. Evangeline suddenly found herself against him with his arms around her.* -06:03 Mar 03
Evangeline: Gabriel, don’t…! I have to go. *Leaving was already hard enough as it was! She tried to push him away.* -06:04 Mar 03
Gabriel: Back to Shades. *He replied although she might as well have been pushing against a brick wall!* -06:05 Mar 03
Evangeline: Back to London! I can’t… I can’t stay here anymore…. *Puuuuush! That irritated huff she tried to give sounded much more pitiful than she wanted it to. He was making this harder for both of them…* -06:09 Mar 03
Gabriel: … I still require your help. -06:10 Mar 03
Evangeline: You don’t need me. You really never did… I have been a distraction, and a danger, and I’m… I’m going to be the death of you. …You have to let me go. -06:13 Mar 03
Gabriel: Evangeline … *His voice trailed off as if he was trying to find the right words.* I … I am … sorry for not trusting your judgement. I … do … need you. -06:14 Mar 03
Evangeline: Don’t say that… *Evangeline tried to squirm away again, fighting back that urge of tears.* I am still dangerous…. I- I don’t ever want yo hurt you. -06:19 Mar 03
Gabriel: I will take my chances. You have done much good here. The bad things are not your fault. -06:21 Mar 03
Evangeline: But it is my fault! Because I’ve been here and.. and now innocent people are dead and you… *Evangeline couldn’t finish, a sob cutting off her sentence! Clutching his shirt and burying her face at his chest, she sniffled!* -06:25 Mar 03
Gabriel: Anthony has been doing this for many years. He is using you much like he is using me. Innocents die but the blood is not on your hands. -06:28 Mar 03
Evangeline: *A quiet sniff followed by a mumble suggesting that she didn’t really believe him… But she wasn’t trying to move anymore.* I really shouldn’t stay… -06:34 Mar 03
Gabriel: I must seek another way to stop Anthony. I believe you are the one with faith in the power of team work. -06:35 Mar 03
Evangeline: *There was a grim smile from her as she leaned back.* I don’t have to be here to help you. -06:39 Mar 03
Gabriel: *He was looking at her face.* You certainly cannot help me from London. The last time you left the pup pined for you. -06:48 Mar 03
Evangeline: He didn’t have Ms. Grey’s family to play with either. He would be fine. -06:49 Mar 03
Gabriel: If you are that intent on returning to London, I shall go with you. -06:52 Mar 03
Evangeline: *She had moved just to rub her eyes when she blinked and paused… A questioning look on her face.* I can’t leave to protect you, if you go with me. …. Do you really not want me to go..? -06:55 Mar 03
Gabriel: … Yes. I do not want you to go. -06:58 Mar 03
Evangeline: *How was she supposed to say no to that…* Then… I will stay because you want me to stay. -06:59 Mar 03
Gabriel: That is wise. *He picked her up and then he retrieved her bag, bypassing the groaning shadow.* -07:01 Mar 03

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