Gabriel is frustrated trying to find out why Evangeline still had a vision when he locked them. He is visited by the Fates and given a warning!

[Evangeline falls asleep in the weirdest of places these days! In this case, she is curled up in a room full of books, with a couple resting on her lap!] -02:07 Mar 29
[Gabriel is usually only this frustrated when Evangeline is conscious and lecturing him.] -02:08 Mar 29
Gabriel: *Gabriel paced in front of her, not making so much as a whisper! Old tomes suddenly appeared in front of him, opened themselves, pages flipping like mad, only to close and disappear when it became apparent what he wanted was not there! It was impossible! The spell was still in place. Evangeline’s gift for her sight … She could still see and yet, these prophecies!* -02:10 Mar 29
Evangeline: *Content in her chair, his frustration didn’t seem to bother her sleeping form. Gabriel was often frustrated and since he was so nearby, there was no reason to be disturbed! * -02:12 Mar 29
Gabriel: *Nevermind that he hadn’t needed to do this kind of research for … centuries! Nevermind that he was irked that one of his spells might be backfiring in ways it was never supposed to! It was a source of pride for him. His will absolute!* -02:14 Mar 29

A faint breeze drifted in the room. A cool autumn wind, despite there being no windows. A red maple leaf dropping to the floor near Gabriel’s feet.

Gabriel: Unlike my wife, I do not entertain guests. *He said. The shadow wolves appeared, shifting at his feet. He stopped pacing and the tome he was looking into disappeared.* -02:16 Mar 29

“Yet you seek us, Great Darkness.” came the voice first. Appearing nearby was a plump woman with a round face in familiar burgandy robes. The middle-aged woman from the prophecy vision! She merely smiled.

Gabriel: You seem rather amused. *He replied.* I find it irksome to say the least. You circumvented my spell and are trespassing. Introduce yourselves. -02:20 Mar 29

At the opposite side from him appeared the old, scrany woman in a black cloak. She looked far more annoyed than the first, and it was obvious in her voice! “Meddling with Fate is a tresspass. And consequences might be dire, Oh Darkness.”

“Oh – we are consequencing? I thought we came to helpful today!” Was the third voice. The youngest woman covered in silks and shiny sparkles. She waved at the wolves!

Gabriel: *… Fate, was it? That would explain a number of things.* I sealed my wife’s gift. Why did you choose her to manifest. *The wolves stopped shifting so much and actually seemed more calm. Instead of shadows, they might as well have been real wolves, lying on the floor, watching what was going on.* -02:26 Mar 29

“Seal a single gift, yet not all. Your wife is not the ordinary psychic, but a True Oracle.” The middle-aged woman leaned to pat a wolf on the head, but her body didn’t seem to be physical – only an apparition!

Gabriel: There has not been a True Oracle for generations. If that was true, the Oracles would have sought her out the moment her psychic gift appeared in the first place. -02:32 Mar 29

The Old Woman huffed. “Long gone are the days that Darkness and Light have absolute knowledge… See how he assumes, like a witless child!”

Gabriel: Hold your tongue, Crone. Or I will give you something else to add to that stick up your ass. -02:34 Mar 29

“Oh, those Oracles have locked themselves away for so long, they don’t have a clue what is True and what Is To Be!” The young one seemed very amused at seeing the Elder get chided. Rocking on her feet with a wide grin.

The middle-aged woman remained patient and smiling. “What DO you seek from us Great Darkness? Were Prophecy not enough?”

Gabriel: I wish to know why you chose Evangeline. And do not tell me it is because she is a True Oracle. -02:41 Mar 29

“We do not Choose. Destiny is nothing more than seeds planted by Fate. Choices are made by those who live.”

“We are the First True Oracles. Born to repair the balance that was broken when Darkness and Light waged war. Where once we walked the world, we have now transcended. We cannot decide Fate, but we may always plant the seeds…”

Gabriel: What of my child. -02:48 Mar 29

“What a special surprise! He is not of our doing, but of yours! Yet, he will come and restore the world where all those before have failed!”

The middle-aged woman now seemed amused. “Did you think we dictated the creation of your child, Great Darkness? He came to you of his own accord. His words of Prophecy his own.”

“A male Oracle… it’s ridiculous.” scoffed the old lady.

Gabriel: *A special surprise, indeed. It was little wonder Evangeline was so happy to be pregnant.* I do not like others meddling in my affairs. I have had enough of that to last an eternity … Jealousy does not become you. *He remarked with a smirk.* I wanted to talk to you concerning Anthony. He is neither Darkness nor Light and yet he is gathering power at an alarming rate. -02:55 Mar 29

“Oh… should we tell him? Is that against the rules?”

“He is at partial fault for it, he doesn’t deserve hints.”

Gabriel: I suppose if I should somehow destroy the universe … again, I would not be the only one to claim the honor of being responsible. *Quite frankly, if they didn’t give him hints at least, they would be just as responsible as he for the consequences.* -02:58 Mar 29

Still amused, despite the threats, the middle-aged woman spoke. “Great Powers come in Threes. Darkness, Light, and one other… The Other so small, so insignifigant that his presence was unheard of. Ignored and unnoticed, his anger grew. As Darkness and Light created and destroyed – He Devoured. As they grew weaker, he grew stronger.”

Gabriel: *His power and those missing pieces of himself.* In short, he can just as easily capture Dark and I and steal all of our power. -03:05 Mar 29

“The Void swallows all souls. Taking bright Light souls. Taking Dark souls. Like We, he has transcended body. Destroy him and there will be No Balance. Let him Feed and Existance will be devoured.”

“Yet, fear not for the future of This Reality, for balance has come in the form of a child! One that can one day stare deep in to the Void and keep balance!”

Gabriel: That is asking much … In every reality, I am married to Evangeline. -03:12 Mar 29

“Had you chose another, Destiny would be different. Had you chosen any of the seeds as the one to give you balance, all realities would be different. Yet… you have Chosen Evangeline. Where you have met her, you have chosen her. No other. And where she lives, you have found happiness, Great Darkness.”

“But, take heed, Oh Darkness. Void has also always been there. The Void has discovered what makes you strong. And in all realities seeks to destroy it.”

“The Oracles hide away because he seeks them. There are few True Oracles because he takes them. Now we come to the crossroads and Destiny is at hand. He does not like this.”

Gabriel: *It explained why Anthony went through so much trouble the moment he met Evangeline, taking pains to use her against him at every opportunity. Where Light had underestimated her worth, Anthony had found a king’s ransom. He had been quiet for so long and suddenly appeared …* He knows me too well. -03:23 Mar 29

“He knows Dark as well. Even now he has triggered what he can to shake his Pillar and your confidences. You have been given Prophecy. Heed Prophecy and his Will shall not come to pass. Fight Prophecy and all will be lost.”

Gabriel: … Evangeline will never let me hear the end of this. -03:28 Mar 29

“Love is the greatest Power! Where there is love, there is success!” Giving one of the wolves a hug, the youngest woman poofed away in a flutter of glitter!

“You are no longer the strongest power. It would do you well to humble yourself.” snorted the old woman. In cold chilly flurry of snow, she too was gone.

“Do you have a final question, Great Darkness?” Asked the middle-aged woman with a tilt of her head.

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at the Maiden and ignored the Crone. He turned to the Matron.* You say I have always chosen Evangeline, in every reality that I have met her. Is that Destiny or Love? -03:35 Mar 29

“The Heart choses what it wants. Destiny nor Fate can change that. Love, Great Darkness, is indeed a powerful thing.” With her final words, she was gone. A few red leaves left in her place.

Evangeline: Am I dreaming again…? *She mumbled with eyes closed, still mostly asleep, but shifting enough in her chair that one of her books had slipped to the floor with a THUMP!* -03:44 Mar 29
Gabriel: You should not dream in the library. *He replied, turning. The wolves quickly dissipated.* -03:47 Mar 29
Evangeline: Is it not good to? *She didn’t make any motion of getting up, but since one of her books was now on the floor, that was too much to ignore. Yawning, she sat up straight to rub her eyes.* You were talking to someone. -03:49 Mar 29
Gabriel: *He stepped over to her and kissed her forehead after she had rubbed her eyes.* Perhaps you have rubbed off on me and I have gotten into the habit of talking to myself. -03:53 Mar 29
Evangeline: *A smile! Were she in bed, she might have tugged him down for a snuggle. Instead, she set her other books aside and rose to her feet so she could sneak her arms around him.* Hmm, I don’t think that is the habit you’ve learned… I think it might be the one where meddling is involved? -03:56 Mar 29
Gabriel: I believe you are the advocate that meddling changes things when people are unwilling to take the chance. -03:57 Mar 29
Evangeline: And you are the one that tells me that meddling just gets me in trouble. *She rest her head against his chest to hear his heartbeat. A little fast… he was not as frustrated as he was, but there was something new!* -04:02 Mar 29
Gabriel: You never listen. *He slipped his arms around her.* Have you found something of interest. -04:05 Mar 29
Evangeline: Hmm, only that you are trying to keep secrets from me again… But I might forgive you for a kiss. -04:09 Mar 29
Gabriel: *He smirked.* You are insane. *But he kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her mouth, and then back to her cheeks again.* -04:16 Mar 29
Evangeline: *She grinned, locking her hands together behind his back.* Yes. Did they tell you anything you didn’t already know, or must you scour more books in here? -04:19 Mar 29
Gabriel: Things I suspected more or less. You are quite sneaky. -04:21 Mar 29
Evangeline: It’s hard not to notice them. Time always feels like it doesn’t exist… but I did think I was dreaming! *She had seen them so rarely, and only in prophecy dreams, or random sleeping moments! She did look concerned for a moment.* Are we in trouble? -04:25 Mar 29
Gabriel: Has the Crone been lecturing you. *He raised an eyebrow.* -04:27 Mar 29
Evangeline: No… but now I see that she has lectured you. *She grinned again, tugging lightly at his shirt.* The Matron likes to come to my dreams and talk to me about random things. -04:32 Mar 29
Gabriel: She has grown arrogant as of late. I sense she was once better company. -04:35 Mar 29
Evangeline: I think that maybe you don’t like an old grandmother huffing at you… *Of all the things for her to think was cute! But Gabriel probably never experienced having someone wiser than him… * But do you feel better now? Not so worried? -04:38 Mar 29

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