042 Gabriel’s Mark

Evangeline takes Lily (and Conrad) on a girl’s day to thank her for talking to Gabriel. They discuss girly things and relationships while Conrad covers his ears half the time. Conrad and Lily go to fetch icecream, leaving Evangeline alone. She’s stopped by a couple of cops who intended to take her off somewhere, but they see “Gabriel’s Mark” and run off scared! Evangeline is prompted to ask Gabriel what that means… as well about why she’s not edible, and even why no one will give her a kiss (thanks to Lily’s subtle teasing!). Gabriel answers all her questions, including why no one will dare kiss her… and finally offers to give her a kiss since she’s so determined about it.

[Evangeline is taking Lily out for girltime, because Lily was so sweet in talking to Gabriel! ] -01:25 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily wasn’t sure how that was sweet… But Evangeline promised milkshakes, and that couldn’t be passed up. …And maybe she was curious to know more about Gabriel and Evangeline’s strange adventures.* …and he just shot them? Just like that?

Evangeline: *At that, Evangeline looked a little embarassed!* Gunshots hurt so much more than I expected, I hadn’t realized he was the one that took me to the infirmary. If I did, I might have asked him not to be so… rough! Those poor trainees were horrorfied to even be around me for days! They thought he’d shoot them too! -01:33 Mar 05
[Conrad was tagging along and … covering his ears!] -01:34 Mar 05

Lily: I don’t really blame him, though. They were being stupid. Training to be an Oracle Hunter is very serious. *Lily turned to glance at Conrad… fighting back a grin! Did he really have to cover his ears the whole time? They weren’t even talking about anything weird.*

Evangeline: It’s selective punishment and he’s not following the same rules for everyone. *Evangeline wagged a finger, as if she were starting on another lecture. Likely, Gabriel had to listen to the same one!* He doesn’t shoot people or break bones when they get in to accidents with someone. I am not supposed to be treated special, that’s unfair to all of those hard working hunters! -01:40 Mar 05
Conrad: Well, boy, at least we get to go for a walk and see the sights. *He had to take a break from covering his ears to look down at Brutus!* -01:40 Mar 05

Lily: Uh huh… Since when do boys not treat their girlfriends special?

Evangeline: Girlfriends? Gabriel has a girlfriend? *Evangeline blinked, looking genuinly confused! As far as she knew, Gabriel hardly spoke to anyone… But then he did go on plenty of missions without her!* -01:43 Mar 05
Conrad: *He raised an eyebrow. Maybe this was a good time to cover his ears …? It was so hard to tell. Girls got sensitive about these sort of things!* -01:46 Mar 05

Lily: …you’ve gotta be kidding me. *Lily muttered, giving Evangeline and examining look! …So Lily turned around while stille walking, to ask Conrad!* When someone shoots people for you, saves you from evil, and even sleeps in your bed… That would be dating, wouldn’t it?

Conrad: *He blinked and scratched his head.* Yeah, I would think so. -01:50 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline stopped to rest her hands on her hips.* Dating is.. is going out for dinner, staying in for movies, and going for moonlight walks. …And he sleeps in bed with me because he can’t sleep otherwise. -01:51 Mar 05
Conrad: *He blinked.* Wait … Wha …? Er, nevermind. *He shook his head.* -01:52 Mar 05

Lily: Then if it’s not being in love then what IS it? *Lily asked as she stopped. Maybe she didn’t know a lot about this sort of stuff, but there was a thing called common sense!*

Brutus was suddenly fascinated by a tree! -Conrad

Evangeline: …I didn’t say it wasn’t love. It’s simply not dating! …It’s a good thing we’ve gone out today, there’s a lot of things I’ll have to teach you two! -01:56 Mar 05

Lily: *Now Lily had about the same expression on her face as Conrad! Rolling her eyes, she was following Brutus to see what he thought was so interesting!* What’s the difference? Does everything really have to be that complicated?

Evangeline: Well, dating doesn’t always mean love is involved, for starters. You’re looking for love. Bother, I explained this to Gabriel once, now what did I say…? …Conrad! You tell her about dating, from a boy’s point of view! -02:02 Mar 05
Conrad: *He blinked!* Me?! I … honestly can’t say much. I mean, it’s different for someone like er, Gabriel compared to someone like me. -02:05 Mar 05

Brutus peed on the tree and then tried to roll around in the dirt! -Conrad

Evangeline: Then, what is it like for you! You are much better to ask than Gabriel, I don’t really think he’s interested in relationship things anyway. *Evangeline found a bench and took a seat. This was a good place to stop and let Brutus run off some energy before they were anywhere he could swallow whole!* -02:09 Mar 05

Lily: Yeah, Gabriel’s only in it for… what did that jerk at Oracle say? For the food?

Evangeline: I think that guy was confused. I don’t even cook. -02:13 Mar 05
Conrad: *He scratched his head.* What he meant to say, Evangeline is … Well, some vampires. They er … keep their food. Kind of touchy about it, too. -02:20 Mar 05

Lily: *It was Lily’s turn to cover her ears! Arms over head even to make sure she didn’t hear a word, Lily took great interested in kicking a pine cone around for Brutus to chase!*

Evangeline: I can understand that. But I never cook for us, so it hardly makes any sense. -02:24 Mar 05
Conrad: *He huffed.* No, I mean … They say he’s just saving you so he can bite you and suck your blood. -02:37 Mar 05
Evangeline: *A blink!* Well… no! He’s never asked! *Evangeline frowned as she thought about.* He said I tasted like apples, I wonder if he lied so I wouldn’t be upset? Wolves will eat just about anything, I might taste terrible. -02:40 Mar 05
Conrad: Um … I uh, guess you’ll have to ask him sometime? -02:40 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily pulled her hands from her ears, looking rather startled at Evangeline!* Apples and wolves…?

Brutus sat down and started to scratch! This collar was rather itchy!

Evangeline: *Cough! Maybe this was not a topic they should be discussing around Lily! Evangeline quickly changed subjects!* You know, I am surprised the weather is no nice today after all of the storms we’ve been having! -02:42 Mar 05

Lily: I think you and Gabriel are both kind of crazy… *Admitted Lily, accepting the topic change, but returning to the original discussion!* I would say worse than my mother and Leon, but at least you’re not trying to kill each other.

Evangeline: *Evangeline smiled!* Everyone shows love in different ways, you know. Have you ever seen your mother argue with someone like she does with Leon? -02:55 Mar 05

Lily: …Not really… She always shut them up and made them leave, or left herself…

Evangeline: There you go! Ms. Grey argues with Leon because she loves him and doesn’t want him to leave! It’s really very sweet! -02:56 Mar 05

Lily: *That… made so much sense, it was insane! …and could be put in to practive! A mischevious look on her face as she plotted the ideas!*

Conrad: *He blinked and saw that look on Lily’s face! That could only mean trouble for Ms Grey and Leon!* An ice cream stand. Anyone want a cone? -03:06 Mar 05

Brutus barked! He’d love some ice cream!

Lily: Yes! Let’s get ’em, Brutus! *Lily just grinned at Conrad as she past by him towards the icecream stand! At least Brutus learned not to eat carts and buildings now!*

Conrad: What flavor would you like, Evangeline? *He asked after Lily and Brutus had passed him by! He couldn’t begin to imagine what she had planned!* -03:10 Mar 05
Evangeline: I’ll be fine here for a moment. You can both get ice cream with Brutus. *Evangeline smiled! Getting icecream would be a date… ..There was a thought!* -03:12 Mar 05
Conrad: *He smiled.* Okay. We’ll be right back. *He disappeared for a moment, leaving Evangeline alone with her thoughts!* -03:32 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline wondered if they ever thought about it themselves… always being together like that! But maybe she would be meddling, and she meddled enough with Leon and Ms. Grey! Twitching her feet, it was still and interesting thought. ….And DID Gabriel think about girlfriends?* -03:36 Mar 05

As Evangeline was thinking, a couple of cops showed up! “Excuse, miss, but you’ll have to come with us,” one of the men said!

Evangeline: *Obligingly Evangeline stood up, but she looked pretty confused.* Is there something wrong? …My puppy didn’t try to eat anyone, did he? -03:59 Mar 05

“Yes, miss. Now if you could put your hands up. We’d like to make sure you’re not carrying or are armed with anything.”

Evangeline: …I don’t think you can arrest someone for dog bites… At least, you couldn’t in England. *Evangeline raised her hands anyway, she heard plenty of stories about poor people getting beaten up by police just for looking at them funny! And she always had rotton luck!* -04:02 Mar 05

The cops were nodding–until one of them hit the other’s arm! “Check it out! That mark on her wrist! Isn’t that–?!”

His pal blinked! “That’s Gabriel Carnatelli’s mark! Awh man, we’re in deep shit! S–sorry, ma’am! Sorry to bother you! Please don’t tell Mr. Carnatelli!” And they were suddenly gone, scrambling away!

Evangeline: Excuse… me? *They were already gone! Running off like the devil was on their heels! That was strange! She rubbed her arms but didn’t really feel anything…* Weird.. -04:19 Mar 05
Conrad: *He came back to Evangeline rubbing her arms.* Hey, Evangeline. What was up with those guys? -04:20 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily had her ice cream and some for Brutus too! …and men running away. Could Evangeline go anywhere without something strange happening?*

Brutus sat down at Evangeline’s feet, eagerly waiting for his ice cream!

Evangeline: I really have no idea! I think they were going to arrest me, but they were all upset about a mark and apologized! Do you see anything? *She held out her arms!* -04:22 Mar 05

Lily: *Leaning she had Brutus prancing in circles before she gave him his treat!*

Conrad: *He took a lick of his cone and leaned forward.* Yeah–Er, Evangeline, I’ve never seen this mark before. Who bit you? -04:24 Mar 05
Evangeline: *A confused blink!* A lot of things have bitten me. Oh! Wait, well… I did ask Gabriel if he would tell me why wolves want to eat me. …Can people really recognize teeth marks? -04:27 Mar 05

Lily: They’re careful with the ones they want to keep. Like fingerprints only with teeth… *Muttered Lily, frowning slightly but distracted enough with Brutus!*

Conrad: But it doesn’t make sense. I wonder if Gabriel realized what he was doing when you asked him to. -04:32 Mar 05

Lily: *Lily rose to her feet, really trying to hide the wide grin that was threatening to pop up!* He’s about as clueless as Evangeline about that stuff, I think.

Evangeline: I’ll have to ask him. *Evangeline stuck her tongue out at Lily!* You’re a dreadful tease! I think I’ll find him and ask him. …Maybe the two of you can go out as a date! -04:38 Mar 05
Evangeline: and ask him -04:39 Mar 05
Conrad: *He flashed a sheepish grin at Lily, only to blink at Evangeline!* Who’s going out on a date? -04:42 Mar 05
Evangeline: You and Lily! Ice cream, long walk… a date! *Now she was the one teasing, but maybe it would set them to thinking!* -04:43 Mar 05

Lily: Then we can vanquish demons and rescue damsels before midnight. *…Evangeline wasn’t very subtle when she was trying to pick on someone. Lily cast a curious look at Conrad. Hannah kept saying he was a dreamboat!*

Conrad: *A soft chuckle as he finished off his ice cream!* Yeah, that seems to be what we end up doing. Never a dull or normal moment except when Lily’s in class. -04:50 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Turning to head for Oracle, Evangeline only smiled!* Yes, never dull… and more fun if kissing is involved! -04:51 Mar 05

Lily: There is a lot of kissing with Gabriel on your non-dates?

Evangeline: *She made a sudden stop, turning around slowly and trying her best not to look embarassed! What a question!* As a matter of fact, there is no kissing involved! Not even on our real date. …I am not exactly kissable. Even a frog ran away from me! -04:56 Mar 05

Lily: I guess you better ask about kissing from Gabriel too. *Lily didn’t mask her devious grin!*

Conrad: *He followed behind with Brutus, nervously smiling at any passers-by! This was embarassing!* -05:00 Mar 05

Brutus was walking along! He was one happy puppy the rest of the way back to Oracle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline huffed her way back to Oracle! And maybe she would ask Gabriel about kissing too! She can’t even give Hunters a kiss on the cheek for their good work without them choking up and running off! The first thing she did was look for one of Gabriel’s classes!* -05:03 Mar 05

Of course the best way to find one of Gabriel’s classes was to find the room everyone was limping or being carried out of!

Evangeline: *One can’t complain about well seasoned Trainees… they also gave the nurses good training! Evangeline slipped in to the class unannounced… but she really couldn’t be patient with asking her questions!* Do vampires really mark their dinner? ….OH! That’s what he meant about food! *She paused, suddenly realizing what that other comment meant… But that made her more curious about her question!* -05:11 Mar 05
[Conrad is now known as: Gabriel] -05:12 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He turned away from the last student struggling to get up from the floor with the help of a few classmates.* … What are you ranting about? -05:14 Mar 05
Evangeline: Some police officers tried to arrest me, but they saw a mark on me, asked me not to tell you, and ran away! -05:15 Mar 05

Someone in the back passed his partner a twenty. He sooo knew she was snack food!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* … A mark. *He held out his hand.* Hand. -05:18 Mar 05
Evangeline: *She gave him her hand, still looking fairly curious!* -05:20 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He studied it for a moment, silent and then released her hand.* That is correct. It would seem I inadvertently marked you when yielding to your incessant question. Do you wish me to find a way to get rid of it? -05:21 Mar 05
Evangeline: It’s fine. …Why don’t you ever try eating me, if I’m food? I know you said you don’t like feeding on humans, but wouldn’t it be easier instead of having to go catch a beastie? -05:24 Mar 05
Gabriel: … You are insane. *He replied.* -05:31 Mar 05
Evangeline: That’s not insane, it’s practical! …I think so, anyway. I suppose you don’t think I very tasty, then? -05:33 Mar 05

That hunter that thought he lost the bet snatched his twenty back. “Told ya he doesn’t feed off her.”

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* … If one has a preference for apples and cinnamon, then you are tasty. Feeding has a potential for being disorderly, not to mention the side effects. -05:45 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Granted, she could probably read a book to learn these things… but it was easier asking Gabriel, he knew the best!* …Disorderly? What sort of side effects? -05:46 Mar 05
Gabriel: It is not uncommon for the vampire to get overwhelmed by thirst and hence, make a mess of things. He may very well kill, maim, or injure his victim in countless ways. Side effects for the victim who experiences constant feeding include lack of energy, lack of sleep, and an addiction to being fed on. -05:52 Mar 05
Evangeline: Oh! That makes sense then! But you’re not feeding on me, why would you mark me by accident. -05:56 Mar 05
Gabriel: Vampires mark their prey whenever they are being careful with them. -05:57 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline grinned.* And you’re always careful with me. I will leave you to your class now. *She turned around to leave, but paused…* Oh, but I did want to ask why everyone goes screaming in terror when it involves kissing me. *Turning back around, she would have liked to eye the trainees in the room, because they could answer too, but she settled for resting her hands on her hips.* -06:03 Mar 05

Crap! Did she really have to ask while Gabriel was in the room?! Now was a good time to put those sneaking tactics to good use and sneak out the door!

Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* Is this another of your incessant questions? -06:17 Mar 05
Evangeline: Questions are the best way to learn things. I would like to know! -06:19 Mar 05
Gabriel: … Indeed. *He looked over at the door and the unfortunate souls who almost but hadn’t made it.* You three. Answer her question. -06:23 Mar 05

Fuck! They all paused, but no one wanted to say anything! One of the guys puffed himself and tried to get angry about. “Hell, I’d totally kiss you, Evangeline. Right now if you want. I’m not afraid of g-OOMPH!” One of the others kicked him in the pants!

His pal craked a nervous grin! “Um uh … You’re er, pretty and uh, sweet …” He swallowed. He didn’t dare continue!

Evangeline: And I have cooties, is that it? *She was trying not to look offended, but… after so many people running, it would hurt a girl’s feelings!* -06:28 Mar 05

“It’s uh … well, it’s uh … something …” He gulped. “More than that. Do you uh … remember what happened to those guys who accidentally shot you?”

Evangeline: What does getting shot at have to do with kisses? *Evangeline looked confused!* -06:35 Mar 05

“Ask Gabriel!” said the one. …Who promptly turned around and ran for the door!

Gabriel: *He watched the hunters disappear out the door and moved for the door himself.* -06:43 Mar 05
Evangeline: Ahem. Gabriel… -06:46 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He stopped and turned to look at her.* They do not dare kiss you because of what I will do to them. -06:49 Mar 05
Evangeline: Kisses aren’t like gunshots or getting knocked off the desk! I happen to like kisses, or at least I’m sure I would if I could actually get one! *Evangeline crossed her arms and huffed.* Not even a kiss on the hand! -06:53 Mar 05
Gabriel: If you are that intent on receiving a kiss, I will give you one. -06:54 Mar 05
Evangeline: *Evangeline blinked… but look suspicious!* Would you really? You’re not going to trick me with a piece of chocolate, are you? Someone did that already. -06:56 Mar 05
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her.* I have no reason to trick you. You simply wish for a kiss and as no one else will do it, I will have to oblige. -06:58 Mar 05
Evangeline: Because you scared the whole lot of them, mind you. Hmm… Then, yes! I would like a kiss. -07:00 Mar 05
Gabriel: I am not responsible for any fear or intimidation humans feel because of my actions. *He walked up to her.* Where do you want the kiss? -07:03 Mar 05
Evangeline: You can’t give them scary looks and point guns and expect them not to be scared. *Evangeline grinned!* I think I deserve a real kiss, since it’s probably the only one I’m ever going to get. -07:05 Mar 05
Gabriel: … A real kiss? -07:06 Mar 05
Evangeline: … Have you even ever kissed someone before? *Evangeline hadn’t thought about that… * -07:07 Mar 05
[Evangeline was asking if Gabriel had ever kissed someone before! Because… teaching someone kissing without experience is probably not as easy as it sounds in her head!] -01:46 Mar 08
[Gabriel had offered to kiss Evangeline!] -01:56 Mar 08
Gabriel: … No. *He replied!* -01:58 Mar 08
Evangeline: Oh… Hmm. *Frowning, she took that in to consideration! What if she gave him an awful first kiss and for the rest of his life he thought it was terrible?* That may be awkward… Maybe I should ask Ms. Grey to show you first? -03:00 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow, wrapped an arm around her waist, and pulled her toward him!* … Brace yourself. *He lowered his head, covered her mouth with his and kissed her deep and long! He was gentle but demanding, lips moving against hers and stealing her breath away as he held her close! It was the kind of kiss always pictured and dreamed about in the movies and totally unlike him!* -03:03 Mar 08
Evangeline: Bu-!! *Well, she most certainly wasn’t expecting that! A soft sound escaped her, and once the surprise faded she returned the kiss with a shy curiosity! Her fingers curled slowly around his arm as she leaned forward!* -03:08 Mar 08
Gabriel: *One hand cradled the back of her head! The other arm was still around her waist! He was still kissing her but since she was responding, he slowed down a bit and gave her room to kiss back!* -03:11 Mar 08
Evangeline: *He was warm and kind… and making her toes tingle! So much better than she daydreamed about. Evangeline found herself smiling against his mouth, but she wouldn’t move for all the puppies in the world!* -03:17 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He held her close and slowed the kiss. Eventually he stopped and raised his head.* … However, that does not mean I have not learned how to kiss. -03:33 Mar 08
Evangeline: Uh huh… *She replied with her eyes closed, and not being able to repress that blissful smile! What a wonderful and unexpected feeling!* -03:37 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow at her!* You look ill. -03:42 Mar 08
Evangeline: Ill…? …No! I am wonderfully fine! *…and embarrassed! She really shouldn’t behave so silly with Gabriel! Pressing her hands to her face (drats! she was blushing!), she took a step back and cleared her throat.* You are a very good kisser. -03:48 Mar 08
Gabriel: … Indeed. I trust that answers your question. -04:04 Mar 08
Evangeline: Yes! …Although, now I wonder where you learn to kiss when you have not done it before! *Evangeline was really trying to repress that silly smiling. He always did those unexpected things, shouldn’t she be used to it be now?* -04:11 Mar 08
Gabriel: I have learned much. You humans enjoy this kissing very much. *He said!* -04:32 Mar 08
Evangeline: And I suppose you think it’s absolutely dreadful? *Still with warm fuzzies, she couldn’t find the will to be insulted! …but still curious!* -04:34 Mar 08
Gabriel: It was enjoyable. But I suppose it depends greatly on the one with whom you are sharing the kiss. -04:38 Mar 08
Evangeline: It is supposed to, yes! *Now she couldn’t keep her grinning to herself as she snagged his hand to tug him elsewhere.* There are probably classes to teach. Are you still going to make scary faces when people try to kiss me? -04:42 Mar 08
Gabriel: I do not make scary faces. *He replied as he was pulled!* -05:00 Mar 08
Evangeline: Then what sort of faces would you call them? *There were fresh recruits in Oracle recently.. ones that hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting their new instructors yet! She made sure to find their training room!* -05:07 Mar 08
Gabriel: It is simply my face. Any fear one feels when looking at it is entirely their own concern. -05:23 Mar 08
Evangeline: I suppose that means a No? *Evangeline smiled at him, tugging him in the training room… she wasn’t going to announce their presence or what they were doing there…. The trainees would figure it out!* -05:25 Mar 08
Gabriel: *He looked from the new fledgeling hunters to the Seer.* We are here. Why. -05:31 Mar 08
Evangeline: Most of the others have moved on to full hunters now. Thanks to you teaching, mostly. But there are always newbies, and newbies must learn quick! -05:35 Mar 08
Gabriel: You are dedicated to this teaching. If your life had turned out different, would you have been a teacher? -05:46 Mar 08
Evangeline: *The question came as a surprise! She had to pause and think about it for a moment… * I… don’t really know! It was never really a thought before, but I do really like it. -05:49 Mar 08

The newbies looked excited and tense as they mingled, looked around! There were other veteran hunters there, to answer questions and take care of orientation!

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