Evangeline tries to be “sexy” with silly results!

[Evangeline was wearing the \”sexiest\” dress she had in her closet!] -12:53 Apr 01
Evangeline: *…which really wasn’t sexy at all, considering it was just another simple sundress and now it was starting to feel a little snug! But this was all part of her assigned mission by Mel and Fran for her to… do something she really couldn’t remember now! Wrapping Gabriel around her fingers?* -12:55 Apr 01
[Gabriel has just returned from hunting again and opens the door …] -01:03 Apr 01
Gabriel: … Evangeline. *She seemed nervous, yes. More nervous than usual. And she was wearing a sundress.* -01:03 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Home so soon! Well, that was okay… she was spending this evening looking like a sex kitten? and very non-oddly trying to move furniture around in the room she picked out for their son!* Good evening! -01:05 Apr 01
Gabriel: If you wished to move furniture, you could have gotten the centaur or the minotaur to do so. *He closed the door behind him and tilted his head slightly as she continued to move things.* -01:09 Apr 01
Evangeline: *With her back to it, she was trying to slide across the floor. Should she have worn cat ears? That seems kind of silly!* The minotaur is trying to get his rest again, and the Centaur is our for a walk with one of the tree spirits, so I really didn’t want to bother them. I am not sure how I like the room yet, in any case! -01:11 Apr 01
Gabriel: And the ogre. The golem. The creature you say resembles the Bandersnatch from Alice in Wonderland. -01:16 Apr 01
Evangeline: I don’t have to ask them all favors every time I need something! I can move furniture myself. *Mel said she was supposed to sound like a vixen while she spoke, but she was so frustrated with trying to move the dresser, she was just plain breathless! How heavy were baby dressers supposed to be anyway?* …I’ve almost… got it! -01:18 Apr 01
Gabriel: *She always insisted on doing things the hard way. He walked over to her.* … Evangeline. *He offered her his hand.* -01:20 Apr 01
Evangeline: *He was so sweet…! Now, Fran said she was supposed to be aloof and mean! Even slap him around a bit, because she could get away with it while she was pregnant. …But that was just TOO mean! She chewed on her bottom lip with indecision.* I just wanted to inch it a bit to the left, away from the window? -01:23 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked. Was she afraid he was going to push it right out the window?* A bit to the left away from the window and not an inch more. -01:25 Apr 01
Evangeline: *And a smirk from him… she was smiling wide before she could catch herself! As soon as she realized it, she was trying to put that serious look back on her face. She stepped away from the dresser to cross her arms and point.* Okay! -01:28 Apr 01
Gabriel: *She hadn’t taken his hand but he raised an eyebrow, tilted his head, and looked at her with something akin to amusement. She was moving much more tense than usual. He decided something seemed more interesting than the dresser … He pushed his finger against a corner and the dresser slid a bit to the left, away from the window and not an inch more. But then he circled around Evangeline, not quite touching but with a predatory look in his eyes.* -01:31 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Oh dear! He was suspicious! She shouldn’t have smiled… and now she really wanted to! Evangeline was biting her bottom lip again to try and surpress it. Tapping her chin and focusing on the dresser.* I think… maybe a little more to the left. *Whew! Perfectly normal sounding! What was the next step again, ignoring him?* -01:35 Apr 01
Gabriel: … New perfume, Evangeline. *He still hadn’t touched her. But he was very curious. There was something going on. Either she was keeping a secret from him or trying something new.* -01:36 Apr 01
Evangeline: Orange blossom, I think. I thought it smelled like summer. *…not quite ignoring him, but she did find a new one she liked! She pointed at the dresser.* ….to the left? -01:39 Apr 01
Gabriel: Fair enough. *She’d answered his question so he’ll move her dresser.* A little more to the left. *He was still circling her but the dresser did exactly that.* -01:44 Apr 01
Gabriel: New dress. -01:47 Apr 01
Evangeline: *He was trying to figure out what she was up to… Like a shark! Did sharks smell fear? Evangeline tried to stick with Ignore, not paying attention to what he was doing and only eyeing the furniture!* …yes, it’s new too, but I didn’t quit get the right size. *Normally she would ask if she looked all right, but Fran said not to do that! Evangeline pointed at the dresser again.* It’s still too close to the window. -01:48 Apr 01
Gabriel: *A smirk.* It seems a bit snug but it brings out your curves. *The dresser shifted just a bit away from the window.* Make up. -01:50 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Maybe not a shark… more like a wolf! And here she was just like Little red being asked all of these questions! Or wait, was it backwards?* Franchesca wanted me to try a blush! *Evangeline hadn’t wanted to sit still for much else. Makeup was never one of her favorites… Oooh, maybe that tipped him off? She shook her her and pointed to the other side of the window.* Maybe it would be better over there. -01:55 Apr 01
Gabriel: As my Queen commands. *He was still smirking. The dresser moved to the other side of the window.* … New shoes. -01:56 Apr 01
Evangeline: Heels, the better to kiss you with? *-One- of them was a wolf, and the line just fit! Mel and Fran both said heels were very sexy, despite the fact Evangeline still occasionally had trouble walking in them. She had to practice for an hour! She finally rest her hands on her hips.* Now I think the bed has to be in the corner. -01:59 Apr 01
Gabriel: I hope your feet do not hurt. *He was looking her up and down!* Which corner. -02:01 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Whew… now he was just watching her and less stalking. She relaxed just a bit, turning to decide on which.* Um… This one! *Evangeline pointed to the corner at the opposite end of the room. That required the most moving, and she was told that a Man wrapped around your finger would move mountains for you! ….Which Gabriel always did for her anyway, so she was still trying to figure out how it all tied in to being a sex kitten!* -02:04 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He didn’t seem to be paying much attention to where she was pointing! He didn’t even look! And yet when the bed moved it moved into the corner she’d pointed at. He smirked.* This is easier than pushing, no. -02:06 Apr 01
Evangeline: *A mildly surprised look… well, it WAS easier! But moving furniture was supposed to have him worn out! Huff… well, on to the next step? More ignoring?* …. I think that works! Thank you! *With a side stepped, she was heading towards the door with a practiced walk towards the door. Keeping her balance with her hands out, and definitely not running.* -02:09 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He watched her walk, run … no walking. A hurried pace. He tilted his head with a smirk. What was she up to. Oh well. Whatever it was, he would let her do what she needed to. He would find a place to nap. He disappeared from the room and wandered into one of the courtyards.* -02:25 Apr 01
Evangeline: *What she was expecting was him to follow! That’s what they said he would do! So when she got back to her room and there was no Gabriel, she huffed. This was getting silly! How was she supposed to spring Feminine Wiles without him there to spring them? Evangeline slipped off her shoes… it’d be easier to hunt him down without them! So off she went on the hunt, he was making it very hard for her to play hard to get!* -02:29 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He had decided he would play a little hard to get. He shifted into a black wolf and was curled up on a boulder in the spring courtyard. Everyone was wise enough to steer clear of him.* -02:33 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Peeking through doors here and there, it took a bit before finding his presence in the Spring courtyard. Again she was surprised, as now her husband was a full taking a nap! A wolf was snugglie to be sure, but he wasn a man! Now she was sneaking up on him, huffy and not sure what to do about it! Pounce him anyway? …She finally decided for pulling one of Meri’s water balloons out of the water fountain and throwing it at him! Immediately covering her mouth and ducking behind it to hide!* -02:38 Apr 01
Gabriel: *Gabriel never did play fair. One eye opened as the water balloon came flying at him, then he was getting up, he swung his tail and hit the water balloon away from him and into some bush where a pixie was napping! He sat up, yawned, and jumped off of he boulder before walking away and into the castle.* -02:41 Apr 01
Evangeline: Oooh! *Evangeline balled up her fists and huffed even louder! He wasn’t going to play with her either? …he wasn’t angry with her, she was sure! Gabriel couldn’t try to be hard to get while SHE was being hard to get, that would just be impossible! She was up on her feet in no time, to chase after him!* -02:44 Apr 01
Gabriel: *Walking … walking … in that easy, graceful way wolves had of walking that looked more like gliding. He didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry or notice Evangeline following him. He went down one corridor, turned a left, went down another corridor, to a right … up some stairs, took a left …* -02:49 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline followed not too close, but not too far away. Chewing on the inside of her lip and trying to decide on the best way to catch him… He WAS nice and cute and furry, but that just wasn’t the same! After a moment she was getting rather curious about where he was escaping to. This wasn’t the way to their room!* -02:51 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He finally disappeared into a room and the door closed but not completely, leaving it open a crack! The room was dark!* -02:52 Apr 01
Evangeline: So unfair… *She was muttering soft under her breath. Slipping inside as quietly as she could! It was easy for a wolf… or a vampire! to see in the dark. There were either no windows or they were covered up with curtains, and now she was trying to spy where he was hiding. She was glad she left those shoes behind!* -02:56 Apr 01
Gabriel: *The door closed behind her and then familiar arms wrapped her waist from behind.* … Are you done playing yet, beautiful wife. *He nuzzled the side of her neck playfully* -02:57 Apr 01
Evangeline: *Evangeline jumped and yelped! Feeling silly for doing so, as she knew darn well he was hiding in there! She covered her mouth with both hands, debating if she would swat at him for startling her or if she’d turn and steal the cuddle she wanted.* Did my blush give it away? -03:00 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked and held her close.* If I revealed how I knew, you would only get more clever. You are already a force to be reckoned with, Evangeline. -03:02 Apr 01
Evangeline: I am not so sure… you didn’t fall for the feminine trap! Melanie and Franchesca gave me an entire list to go down. *And they thought they were so clever! She pulled his arms closer around her and leaned back against him. This was much better than having him move furniture around!* -03:06 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly in her ear.* There you have it. You used Melanie and Franchesca’s lists. If you had used yours, we could have avoided this altogether. -03:07 Apr 01
Evangeline: But I don’t even have a list! *Especially one so complicated. It was one thing for her to give people instructions for things, like trying to teach Dark how to date. But some of these things were just silly! She took one of his hands to hold the palm against her cheek. He was so warm, and this would have been a much nicer start to the evening!* -03:10 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He smirked.* Stealing snuggles at night. Mewing at me to make love to you. Making odd puns at inappropriate moments. *Slowly the room became a bit brighter. It was a bit larger than a closet, about the size of their room but there were candles everywhere and a table set for two with silver platters and everything else.* -03:13 Apr 01
Evangeline: I didn’t think I mewed, but that might be okay for a sex kitten? *Oh…! How pretty! She loved candles, and there were so many! Definetely a much better sort of evening! Evangeline turned in his arms, snaking hers around his waist to grin up at him.* -03:18 Apr 01
Gabriel: *He was still smirking.* You will always be my sex kitten. *He kissed her lips gently.* Have dinner with me, Evangeline. -03:19 Apr 01
Evangeline: *So handsome when he smirked and did such sweet things! Evangeline was still grinning wide, but she shook her head no!* I don’t want to have dinner with you… -03:21 Apr 01
Gabriel: No. *He raised an eyebrow.* -03:22 Apr 01
Evangeline: *She shook her head again.* No. *She leaned up on her toesm brushing a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth.* I would like something else..? -03:26 Apr 01
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((04:04 Apr 01))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((04:06 Apr 01))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -04:06 Apr 01
[Evangeline said No to dinner! What else could a girl want!] -01:55 Apr 03
[Gabriel smirked!] -01:56 Apr 03
Gabriel: What would you like, beautiful wife. *He was amused. This evening was not going as expected.* -01:57 Apr 03
Evangeline: *So smitten with him, she almost forgot to speak at all with all of her grinning!* I want you to touch me and hold me. Whisper soft sweet things that no one else will ever get to hear..? *If they had, maybe they would give her silly suggestions of things to do with Gabriel, but she much preffered having him all to herself.* -02:01 Apr 03
Gabriel: *The reply resulted in him laughing softly and the smirk softening into a smile–albeit one with fangs. He stepped back to kiss her knuckles and then pulled her into his arms and lowered his head to hear ear. He nuzzled her earlobe as he whispered.* … Evangeline. My Heart of Darkness. My one and only, my beautiful wife. I love you as no other man could ever love you. I treasure you even when you infuriate me beyond words. I see now why in every reality I met you, I have chosen you because, quite frankly, I cannot imagine ever choosing another. Having a child with you will be the happiest time of my life and no matter what happens, I will never regret making him with you. -02:06 Apr 03
Evangeline: *He had that way of going above and beyond what she expected, and this was no expection! Stunned and breath held, when she finally took a breath it came with a sniffle and teary eyes! He had no idea how much it meant to her, and now she couldn’t find the words to say it!* Gabriel… -02:13 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek gently.* I told you, Evangeline. My only regret was not having married you sooner. I am sure if I had I would have been less … cranky, as Caroline often likes to tease me about. My life is not as predictable as I like to believe but I am happy you are here to share it with me, despite my hardheadedness. Yes, you are a sex kitten. You have your own style and way of doing it but believe me, you are very sexy. -02:20 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She was clearly over emotional, as now she just wanted to cry! Even so, she smiled wide with a shakey laugh. Latching on to his shirt, with no intentions of letting go.* I was worried that you might one day become bored with me. I wanted you to come home to something, so you will always come home to me? You always give me so much… *He gave her the world and everything in it! There was so little she could do for him in return!* -02:26 Apr 03
Gabriel: … Sweetheart, you give me things no one else would have ever given me. You will be amazed at how special you make me feel, giving me your heart and your love so readily. You say I made you feel safe the day I took you to the pier. I say you made me feel I was more than a monster spending time with me. -02:35 Apr 03
Evangeline: You have never been a monster. Not to me. You’ve always taken care of me for no reason at all and been so sweet, that I wanted to stay with you! *From that moment he shared his bed with her, she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep well without him again! At the time she thought she was crazy for thinking it, and now they were together while she was trying not to sniffle!* -02:46 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He made a soft sigh which might have sounded strange–certainly different–coming from him!* I treated you differently from others I protected. Valravn never let it go. I had never danced, kissed, stayed so long with a human and been so protective. It puzzled me. It was not until much later did I realize I had fallen in love with you. -02:53 Apr 03
Evangeline: *Evangeline leaned up so she could brush a kiss against his cheek.* When you took me from Wareham, I knew I loved you then. You could have forgotten about me and never thought of me again. But you came to find me and gave me a place of my own. -02:58 Apr 03
Gabriel: *A smirk.* I suppose I can stop using Brutus as an excuse. I would have done that and more for you, Evangeline … It seems to be one of Meri’s favorite stories. -03:06 Apr 03
Evangeline: Sometimes I wish I never had to think about it again, but I remember you and how it felt to hug you afterwards and I never want to forget! *All of those terrible memories.. even the ones that gave her nightmares even now! All of them were worth it. She brushed a hand over his smirking mouth. Even just for her to see his smirking.* When did you know you loved me? -03:11 Apr 03
Gabriel: … When Anthony trapped you in your mind and I was nearly erased. It was very risky and the worst trap Anthony has set. -03:27 Apr 03
Evangeline: It was risky. I didn’t want to hurt you… I thought I killed you and I would wake and you wouldn’t be there! Then he took you away because I left you. I never asked what he did to you while you were there. I was just so glad to find you and bring you back. -03:33 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He kissed her cheek.* It was a smart idea not to ask me. I would not have answered, unable to lie, and you would have felt so much worst. -03:37 Apr 03
Evangeline: But there is Dark now, so it was not all for nothing…? *She tugged gently on his sleeve. That was one thing that had not change. Sometimes he still withheld things from her, not wanting her to worry or be afraid. Evangeline was grinning wide again.* You’ve always made me feel safe. Even when the world felt like it was coming down around us. -03:40 Apr 03
Gabriel: Indeed. Despite the fact, I nearly killed him a number of times you have shown me his potential. -04:01 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She tugged on his sleeve again, pulling his arm around her so she could lean against his chest.* And you’ve shown me how nice it is to feel loved. I didn’t have very much of it before… -04:07 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He nodded.* You did not but you deserve every ounce I can give you. And every ounce our son can give you. *He kissed her forehead.* -04:09 Apr 03
Evangeline: *She grinned wide.* Our son will be amazing. *Evangeline paused just a moment, a peculiar look on her face. Then she took his hand to place over her stomach.* He’s small but always moving so much! -04:13 Apr 03
Gabriel: *He studied the look on her face and then looked down at his hand on her stomach. He smirked.* Like his mother. Always moving, ready to help people. -04:36 Apr 03
Evangeline: I recall you helping people too, husband. *She would have his son, and he might grow up just like Gabriel one day! If she grinned any more, her face would be sore.* Do you really think I am beautiful? Even though my dress doesn’t fit quite right and before long I won’t be able to see my toes? -04:39 Apr 03

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