043 The Confusing Date

Something to Think About

Lily gets talked in to helping Hannah ask Conrad on a date.

Leon argues with Ciara about Victor.

[Lily has Hannah, and somehow has to help her ask out Conrad? She\’s not sure if she likes this idea!] -02:58 Feb 18
[Conrad was outside waiting for Lily!] -02:59 Feb 18
Conrad: So what do you think, Brutus? *He was leaning against the wall, looking down at the werepup sitting at his feet.* Did she get abducted by Eugene and his cronies again? -02:59 Feb 18

Brutus wagged his tail, tongue hanging out! He barked a couple of times! He definitely thought she had been!

Lily: *Lily had not been kidnapped… but yet, planning a kidnapping! So she had a very peculiar expression on her face when she walked out of class with Hannah bouncing right beside her!* -03:03 Feb 18

Hannah: Hi Conrad! *Smiled and waved Hannah, with her best of smiles and cutest of blinks!*

Conrad: *Saw some movement from the corner of his eye. He turned and smiled at Lily–until he saw the expression on her face! Then he studied her and blinked!* There you are. We were wondering what was keeping you. *He looked beside her.* Oh, hey, Hannah. How are you doing? -03:06 Feb 18

Hannah: Just peachy. Lily invited me over, isn’t that right? *She elbowed Lily gently, it was so hard to contain giggling!*

Lily: R-right. *Hannah didn’t have to be so enthusiatic about it! …Conrad didn’t even know he was going to get asked out yet!* Hannah has been talking about you all day. *She leaned to give Brutus some pets!* -03:10 Feb 18
Conrad: *He looked from Lily to Hannah.* Uh … Gee, that’s awfully nice of you, Hannah. But it’s better to just uh, put what happened that day behind you and uh, move on. *So awkward!* -03:14 Feb 18

Hannah: Jeeze, you’re as bad as Lily! *Not detered at all, she grabbed on to Conrad’s arm… and captured Lily’s to lead the way off to Lily’s place! The faster they get there, the faster OPERATION DATE was in to play!* I bet you’re always doing heroic and exciting things aren’t you? It’s reeeeaally awesome.

Conrad: *He suddenly found himself being dragged and happened a glance at Lily! There was something going on here and he had the feeling he wasn’t going to like what it was!* The things I do … It’s not for the fame or anything. -03:19 Feb 18
Lily: *Captured…! Snapping her fingers for Brutus to follow, she was taking it in stride! …so far! This was typical girl-stuff, boy-catching… it should be easy!* He can ride horses too. -03:20 Feb 18

Hannah: Ooooh, really? I love horses. I bet we have lots of other things in common, too. What about music?

Brutus ran up to catch them and walked next to Lily!

Conrad: *He kept giving Lily glances to see what the hell was going on here! But she wasn’t even looking at him … This was very suspicious!* Music. I haven’t thought of that very often. -03:23 Feb 18
Lily: You know, maybe you need a day or two off work so you can do… things! Not even enough time to listen to music, that’s not good. *That seemed like a subtle enough opening.. she thought. …Why couldn’t Hannah just ASK him!* -03:27 Feb 18

Hannah: Yeah! Time off for a little fun! You’re always so serious, Conrad! I bet you’re toooons of fun when you’re not working.

Uh-oh! That was Lily’s cell!

Lily: *Fully expecting it to be her mother, she answered quickly or face the consequences!* Hello? -03:54 Feb 18

Leon: Hey, Lily! How’s it going?

Lily: I’m bringing someone home. *She still wasn’t sure how that idea was going to work. But she bet Leon would help one way or the other.* You don’t mind do you? -04:00 Feb 18
Conrad: A friend? *He paused.* Uh … Is this a guy? *He sounded uncertain. Could it be her mother was somewhere close by?* -04:02 Feb 18

Leon: A friend? *He paused.* Uh … Is this a guy? *He sounded uncertain. Could it be her mother was somewhere close by?*

Lily: *The first smile since she stepped out of class!* Not a guy. She– -04:03 Feb 18

Hannah: We could GRAB a guy on the way! I know this really cute Italian…! *Hannah chimed in!*

Ciara: What’s this about guy? *Ciara Grey might have had internal radar about these sort of things… appearing behind Leon looking suspicious!*

Leon: *Wolfish grin as he held the phone and turned to face Ciara.* Cissy! No. Not a guy at all. She. Lily specifically says ‘she’. *He looked ready to bolt out the door with the phone in hand!*

Lily: *Placing a quick hand over Hannah’s mouth, she could hear her mother’s voice over the phone! Drats! She wasn’t sure if that would help or make it worse… She always picked on Conrad!* …Can you keep mommy distracted when we get there? We’re only five minutes away. -04:09 Feb 18

Ciara: I’d hope so. *With wolfy grins, it was so hard to tell if he were up to something or not… But for the moment she returned to her chair and book, casting Leon the occasional look!*

Leon: *Still wearing his trademark wolfy grin!* Now, Cissy, you know you can’t be screening Lily every moment of her life. *Into the phone, he said * Sure thing. Talk to you later, Lily. *He hung the phone up.* So, Cissy, what should we have for lunch?

Conrad: *Was interested about this Italian, Hannah had mentioned. He opened his mouth to say something only to shut it again.* -04:14 Feb 18

Hannah: *With Lily hanging up the phone, she broke in to a wide grin with Shades in sight!* So everything is a go, right? Hey look, there’s Shades! I can’t believe you live in such a cool place! I bet you get your own huge suite room, huh, Conrad?

Ciara: Fried wolf’s tail and a side of wolfy ribs? *Ciara replied, not looking up from her book!* …and I don’t screen her entire life. I just intend to screen boys.

Conrad: *By now he’d gone quiet as he saw little hope of convincing Hannah otherwise. He slept on the couch in the living room and that was only when Ms Grey was certain he wasn’t sneaking into Lily’s room. Or so she often made it seem.* -04:20 Feb 18
Lily: *Lily was trying to think of nice thinks about Hannah that Conrad might be interested in… Which turned out to be harder than she thought, as she could only think of things she liked doing with Conrad! ….and that didn’t seem fun for someone like Hannah! Lily waved at the doorman out front before leading to the elevators.* Um… Hannah has been talking about going out for milkshakes, I think you know all of the best places in town, don’t you? -04:21 Feb 18

Hannah: I would love to go out for milkshakes. *Hannah agreed and hinted, hoping maybe he’d ask her out first!*

Conrad: *He blinked! Oh, he had a real bad feeling about this!* Yeah, I do. But sometimes the homemade stuff is better. -04:28 Feb 18

Hannah: *Hannah batted her eyelashes at him with a practice flirt and bumped him with her shoulder.* Are you offering to make me one? I bet you make the best milkshakes.

Lily: *In to the elevator and hitting the suite code. Lily might have groaned out loud! Thankfully, she had that look on her face hidden as she glanced up at the ceiling.* -04:32 Feb 18
Conrad: *He scratched his head and grinned sheepishly.* I’d be glad to. I’ll make milkshakes for everyone. -04:45 Feb 18

DING! Top floor! The penthouse suite!

Brutus was the first one out! Woof woof, he went!

Lily: *Lily held back a laugh, exiting the elevator, tugging Hannah along with her. Hannah was going to have to try a lot harder to catch Conrad’s attention!* Maybe going to Hannah’s house to make some. *Ack, there was her mother.. Walk quick..!* -04:49 Feb 18

Ciara: FREEZE! *Ciara was up and out of her chair as soon as she heard that elevator!* The least you can do is introduce your friend… who is not a boy.

Hannah: *Hannah stopped, forcing Lily to stop too! …and stared in wide-eyed amazement at the blond! Ciara Grey wasn’t a movie star, but she was surely the most talked about person in the city! Right along with that Anthony Carnatelli guy!* Wow… Hi! I’m Hannah! I go to school with Lily, and Lily is going to help me with boy stuff. *She cast a great big grin over at Conrad!*

Conrad: *He blinked.* Uh … Um … I think I hear Leon in the kitchen. I’ll go help him! *He was headed there before anyone could stop him!* -04:53 Feb 18

Leon: *He was just finishing up stuff in the kitchen when he heard the elevator and Cissy. He nearly crashed into Conrad who had just walked into the kitchen.* Oh hey. What are you doing in here?

Ciara: *…If that wasn’t the most blatant display of “I want THAT boy”, then she didn’t know what was.* I see that we have a specific boy in mind already.

Lily: *Her own sheepish expression… and Conrad was running! …Not that she blamed him at all, Hannah was pretty intimidating for a girl.* Please don’t make a big deal about it… -04:55 Feb 18
Conrad: Uh … Running away. *He glanced over his shoulder as the door closed.* But the kitchen isn’t far enough. -04:57 Feb 18

Hannah: Is it really that obvious? *Of course she knew it was, she was trying hard to make sure Conrad got the hint!* Maybe you can give me a hand! Lily said Conrad hasn’t even had any off time, and I just know he’s way too shy to ask for time to go on a date.

Leon: *Blinked and stared at Conrad for a very long time! … Then he burst out laughing!* Oh, this is a classic! The boy who stood up against the likes of Michael and Anthony Carnatelli is intimidated by a member of the female species. *He clapped him on the back.*

Ciara: You might be right… *Ciara mused over the thought… Keeping Lily safe was a top priority and the fact Conrad took it seriously and hadn’t bail earned her respect. …But he was also a young man and young men needed to go out and do things besides slay demons and sleep on her couch. …She might say the same for Lily, but that was an entirely different situation!* …I believe you’ll have to be a bit more direct with Conrad.

Conrad: I wish I had your sense of humor and your optimism. *He mumbled under his breath.* But to tell you the truth, I don’t want to ask her out. -05:01 Feb 18
Lily: *Lily blinked! Her mother actually approved of this idea? Lily wasn’t sure if it was a plot or.. or… well she wasn’t sure what it was, but it was confusing!* You’re going to let him go on a date? -05:01 Feb 18

Leon: *Blinked, interested about this little tidbit of news!* What’s this? *He stepped away from Conrad to open the door a crack and get a look at her.* Hm. Is she the one?

Conrad: Yeah, the one Lily brought with us. *He moved to stand behind Leon.* -05:02 Feb 18

Leon: *Turned around and let the door close.* I don’t know. She seems nice enough. What’s the problem?

Ciara: *Ciara smiled, and for once it wasn’t sarcastic or wicked!* Dating is healthy… granted, I might be a little…picky… about things, but I don’t see why Conrad can’t go out with girls.

Hannah: *Hannah jumped up and down for a moment and clapped her hands!* Awesome! See Lily, I told you it wouldn’t be a problem! Should I just go ask him out then? Oh, oh… maybe it would go better as a double date, what do you think, Ms. Grey? I can totally call up one of my guy friends for Lily!

Lily: …No, thank you! I think I’d rather stay home! *…And not just because she could see her mother making a huge deal about it! The last thing she wanted to do was talk awkwardly with some stranger.* -05:06 Feb 18
Conrad: I uh … I just don’t um … You know. *He scratched the back of his head, looking real unsure of himself! How could he put into words that he just didn’t feel that uh, "spark" with Hannah?* -05:06 Feb 18

Ciara: …Why don’t we worry about Conrad and see about finding Lily a nice young man later. I’ll tell him to get lost for the evening, and you can… pounce. *That she smirked about.*

Lily: *A scowl on her face… she’d start up the "man" battle later. When she could point a finger at her mother and Leon without throwing Hannah in the middle of crazy family drama.* He’s cornered in the kitchen why don’t you just go pounce him in there. -05:11 Feb 18

Leon: *Walked out of the kitchen!* … Now who’s pouncing on whom? Sorry to interrupt. You must be Hannah, Lily’s classmate. My name is Leon. It’s nice to meet you. *He stopped beside Ciara, giving Cissy a wolfish grin.*

Hannah: It’s a pleasure! Lily has told me a lot about you, you’re Ms. Grey’s boyfriend, right? * Hannah leaned to glance at the kitchen door.* Conrad is coming back?

Ciara: …He is not my boyfriend. *Quietly, she moved towards the kitchen. She’d heard out Conrad so the girl could catch her fish. …Then it was time to have that ‘talk’ with Lily.*

Leon: *He looked at Hannah and grinned, a nice, normal grin.* I’m still trying to get Cissy out on another date. *He winked at Cissy before she disappeared.*

Lily: *A mild victory, but one nonetheless, Lily grinned at Leon!* Hannah is looking for a date herself, but I was probably the worst person to ask… -05:18 Feb 18

Hannah: *Hannah giggled!* You make it sound like I was asking YOU on the date. I’m not exactly shy, but it’s sooo much easier when you get friends to help.

Conrad: *He was in the kitchen, pacing! He was trying to find a way to tell Hannah politely but firmly he wasn’t interested in her!* Hannah … I can’t ask you out on a date. I … I don’t like you that way. *He shook his head and ruffled his hair!* That sounds stupid. -05:23 Feb 18

Ciara: …I hope you’re not turning her down because you think you need to revolve your entire life around Lily. *Ciara asked as she stepped in to the kitchen… She eyed him carefully.*

Conrad: *He turned around!* Ms Grey! *He ruffled his hair and took a seat on a stool.* It’s not that. I mean, it’s my duty to protect Lily but um … there’s also that matter about … uh … that … vampire. -05:27 Feb 18

Ciara: I can understand how that might be a problem. *Hrmm… Giving advice on this sort of topic was not something she ever expected to do… Ciara leaned against the counter as she crossed her arms.* It’s really unpleasant to spend your entire life focused on one very evil thing.

Conrad: Yeah but what if that one very evil thing is still around, still a threat to you and the people you love? *He stood up.* I can only imagine what she’s up to right now, the lives she’s destroying, what she plans to do next. I’m protecting Lily because well … Lily is real special. I don’t want anything bad happening to her. -05:37 Feb 18

Ciara: …I can’t believe I’m going to say this but… You can’t stay with Lily twenty four hours a day. We all want Lily safe, but not at the cost of enjoying your life. I think after all you’ve been through that you deserve a chance to live your life just as much as she does. That includes friends and girlfriends.

Conrad: *He was silent for several moments and he stared down at his hands clasped in his lap.* You’re … right. Thank you, Ms Grey. But uh … *He looked up at her.* Hannah? *He looked doubtful.* -05:44 Feb 18

Ciara: She’s adorable and clearly infatuated with you. Is she not your type? *Ciara couldn’t help the smirk… Reguardless of whether or not he liked the girl, it might still do him some good to go out on a bad date just for the experience of it! …A perhaps she was wicked!*

[Lily somehow got talked in to being Hannah\’s dating assisant. This was weird.] -12:09 Mar 09

Last time on Vampyres… Hannah talked Lily in to helping her ask Conrad on a date! Lily begrudgingly obliged… Conrad cnfessed to Leon that he didn’t want to ask Hannah out and then was cornered by Ciara… who was actually being helpful instead of terrorizing! For once!

[Conrad was still not sure about this …] -12:27 Mar 09
Conrad: I … I guess I do have to try and get a life outside of Oracle and hunting … *He reluctantly admitted!* B–But … Hannah?! *He could think of at least a few other girls he’d rather ask out than her. He wasn’t quite sure he’d make it very long on a date with her.* -12:28 Mar 09

Ciara: Maybe without Lily there for you to hide behind, you can get to know Hannah better. I’m sure she’s not as bad as she seems. *…Actually, the girl looked far too perky for her own good. But, this was something the boy needed to try.*

Conrad: *At the mention of hiding behind Lily, he grinned sheepishly.* -12:34 Mar 09

Leon: *He laughed softly and patted Conrad on the shoulder!* You do need to get out of here for awhile. As charming as Cissy is for company, you need to try something new. *Then he winked and put a finger up.* At least … just this once. Then if you don’t like it, you can always say you gave it a try.

Hannah: *Practically clinging to Lily in a death grip of a hug off in Lily’s room, Hannah was actually nervous!* What if he says no when I ask him out? Wait, do you have any perfume? Lady Style Magazine says a man can’t resist a girl that smells heavenly.

Leon: *He was still wearing that wolfish grin when he stepped behind Conrad and basically pushed him back out of the kitchen! He looked over at Ciara and blinked innocently!* … What?

Lily: No… and if I did you’d just smell like me and not you. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? *Lily was trying to pry Hannah off her without looking distressed or screaming about personal space!* …You’re squeezing the life out of me! -12:41 Mar 09
Conrad: Oooofff!! *He staggered out of the kitchen and looked up to see Hannah and Lily were gone! He stood up and straightened his shirt.* -12:41 Mar 09

Ciara: You do realize that if he doesn’t run screaming for that girl, he’s going to be miserable all night. Right?

Hannah: You’re a genius! Ack, my bad! *Hannah let go, prancing over to the mirror to fluff out her hair a bit and practice her best alluring ‘come hither’ face.* Okay, so I’ll just… ask him out. I bet your mom totally jazzed me up!

Leon: *Leon folded his arms and his wolfish grin turned a bit sheepish!* Er … Well … It’s a chance we gotta take.

Lily: *Lily still wasn’t so sure it was such a great idea… But it’s not like she owned Conrad. …Why was she even thinking about it anyway? Some time alone might be nice!* …She usually helpful, yeah. I guess you better go ask him, if you’re gonna. -12:46 Mar 09

Hannah: Yes! Right now! I’m going to do it! *Making her best super hero pose, Hannah got up her courage and swung open Lily’s door on her mission to catch herself a Hottie!*

Conrad: *He cleared his throat, took a deep breath!* You can do this, Conrad. Deep breath. You’ve battled vampires, werewolves, a demon or two … Getting asked out by a girl or er going out on a date with one … It shouldn’t be hard for you. -12:51 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara couldn’t repress a grin as she moved to make herself a quick cup of coffee. Better to leave that girl to her man-chasing without adults in the way.* Makes me wonder… have you had enough experience with others girls? I mean… having a love-puppy with a psychic and all… *At least by now she had decided that it wasn’t Leon’s puppy, and that silly psychic was infatuated with a vampire. …But it didn’t stop her from teasing.*

Leon: *He opened the door a crack, peered out of it and watched Conrad prepping himself. There was a wistful look in his eyes, almost sad.* In the long run of things, I guess I haven’t. But I’ve had a lot of time to think and dream …

Hannah: Conrad! *There he was, out in the hall looking just as gorgeous as can be! Like one of those super hot army guys! Ooh or that guy from that cool supernatural show, Haunted! Hannah was giving her best super cute smile.* I was wondering, as long as you’re not doing anything tonight… Would you like to go out?

Lily: *This was good. A night alone to do homework and watch tv. ….that didn’t stop her from hanging behind the door and trying to listen to what was going on in the hall!* -12:54 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara wasn’t expecting a serious answer. She poured a little sugar and creamer in to her cup.* Dreaming usually ends with being disappointed with what you get… or don’t get. *She paused…. thinking about what she finally settled on when she gave up dreaming.* …Not that reality turns out much better.

Conrad: *He blinked and swallowed.* Uh well um … Me …? I uh … s–sure. -01:00 Mar 09

Hannah: Really? Aiiee!! *Such a loud squeal of delight, that surely even three floors down could hear her! Hannah bounced to give Conrad a hug and kiss his cheek before she released and dashed back to Lily’s room to spread the news!* Guess what, guess what!

Lily: He said yes…? *That was a look of surprise from Lily, who might’ve thought maybe it was a scream of despair rather than… such a happy Hannah!* …then you should stop gossiping and go on your date. *Turning Hannah around (after having to pry her off again) Lily was pushing her out the door and down the hall back towards Conrad!* -01:06 Mar 09

Leon: *He glanced back up at Ciara, gave a grin.* I’m not so sure. Some dreams never die.

Ciara: Says the wolf that’s only been on a date with a wicked witch. *…And it sounded like Hannah got her date too! Ciara scooted around the corner towards the door so she could spy too!*

Hannah: *Hannah only needed pushing as far as the hall before she was excitedly grabbing Conrad’s hands and beaming with grins!* Let’s go for milkshakes! And I know this totally great drive in that’s only a few blocks from here. A movie under the stars is so romantic! *Hannah was already pulling him for the elevators waving to Lily and giving her the ‘Good Job!’ wink over her shoulder!*

Lily: *A half hearted wave. He actually said YES. …It was a good thing! Yeah.. Evangeline would say something about it being fun and experience and… fluffy cuddles or some nonsense. With a silent scoff, Lily headed for the kitchen! Maybe Leon had some chocolate cake!* -01:18 Mar 09
Conrad: *He blinked! She moved awfully fast! He found himself being carted out the door before he could even stammer a sentence! But maybe it was better he get this over with as soon as possible!* -01:35 Mar 09

Ciara: *Ciara made sure to get out of the way of the door as her daughter came marching in. …THERE was an expression she hadn’t seen in quite some time!* So… I see that Hannah caught her fish. *A casual comment as she moved to a stool next to the counter.*

Lily: Yeah. SHe practically through him over her should, really. *Around the counter, Lily pulled open the fridge… and frowned!* Is there any cake left…? -01:38 Mar 09

Hannah: * She did move quick! Hannah wasn’t shy!* You have your guns with you even now right? I bet it’s pretty exciting being a bodyguard!

Conrad: *He coughed politely and swallowed!* Um … Yeah, I do. But it’s pretty routine stuff you know. -02:16 Mar 09

Leon: *He moved away from the door when Lily came in and watched as she looked in the fridge.*

Hannah: So much like a knight, you know! Rescuing damsels, fighting monsters… All you need is a princess! *Of course she leaned to bump against him with a flirty bat of her eyes!*

Ciara: I think the wolf ate the last piece. He might make you more if you pout enough. *Let’s see… Now, will she bring up the topic of getting Lily to meet nice, handsome… appropriate… men, or behave.* Are you feeling alright?

Lily: *It’s an emergency and there’s no cake…! A small huff escaped her before she pulled out the carton of eggs to set on the counter, and then fumbled around for the rest of the ingredients. What else went in cake besides chocolate?* I just want cake. …And don’t you even dare to bring up boys. -02:23 Mar 09
Conrad: *More sheepish grinning! He scratched the back of his head!* I don’t know about that … My life is pretty busy. It’d be selfish to ask someone to bear it. -02:28 Mar 09

Leon: Here. Let me help you with that, Lily. It’s the least I can do. *He helped pull out the rest of the ingredients.* I can also make some cookies if you’d like.

Ciara: ~I~ wasn’t, but now that you mention boys… I don’t see why you shouldn’t try dating yourself. You wouldn’t have to stay at home being envious of your friends going out.

Hannah: Oh please! Busy is an understatement! I could never do what you and Lily do! I think about that monster and I start shaking all over again. *Thinking about it gave her the willies, so she quickly made sure to think about how amazing Conrad was during that rescue!*

Lily: Cookies would be great. *Lily stepped out of the way long enough to lean on the counter and scowl at her mother.* I’ll go on a date when you go on a date. …and I’m not jealous. There’s nothing to be jealous of. Hannah is weird, but I like her… -02:32 Mar 09

Ciara: If that’s a promise, I’ll just flip through my little black book right now. *Ciara slid out of her chair with a smirk! She was wise enough not to press the jealousy issue… But trying to get Lily out and doing something besides hang out with the hunter was a challenge.* I could have a date by this weekend. *She said as she and her mug exited the kitchen!*

Conrad: *Truth be told, he didn’t feel like thinking about Michael …* So … Hannah, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? -02:38 Mar 09
Lily: …. *Blink.* ….Raaagh! *Lily stomped her foot on the floor as the woman walked out!* What’s wrong with her?! Did she get her brains sucked out? -02:38 Mar 09
Conrad: *He blinked!* … Wait a minute, Cissy! *But she was gone! He closed his eyes and sighed.* Sometimes I wonder why I bother … *He scratched his head and gave a wolfish grin.* If you see it around, let me know. *He joked.* -02:39 Mar 09

Hannah: *Oh! He was interested in learning more about her! That was encouraging!* I’m majoring in Theater, so after college I’m going straight out to L.A. to be an actress! Although I think Imight settle for being a super model and designing my own fashion lines! But it’s not nearly as interesting as talking about you, though. Are you always going to be a bodyguard?

Leon: *He blinked!* … Wait a minute, Cissy! *But she was gone! He closed his eyes and sighed.* Sometimes I wonder why I bother … *He scratched his head and gave a wolfish grin.* If you see it around, let me know. *He joked.*

Lily: *Lily turned around, crossing her arms as she leaned against the counter. Still scowling, she studied Leon carefully…* Why do you bother..? It’s like she’s mutated in to the most miserable human on the planet. She’s even worse to you… -02:45 Mar 09
Conrad: *He laughed softly.* Maybe not. I dunno. I never thought about it. I guess it just doesn’t seem that urgent so I just avoid it. -03:03 Mar 09

Hannah: You know, when you’re not working with Lily anymore you could always come and be my bodyguard!

Leon: *He looked up from beginning to mix those ingredients for Lily’s cake.* Hm? *He was silent for a moment.* She hasn’t been that bad … yet. *He said after awhile.*

Lily: We are talking about my mother, aren’t we? The same woman that does nothing but complain and make crazy snooty insults? *Lily pulled over a stool so she could eat little chocolate chips with ease.* I don’t ever remember her being that way. -03:35 Mar 09
[Lily doesn\’t know why she doesn\’t like this date idea, she just does! And Leon isn\’t helping!] -08:20 Sep 30


[Leon was innocently making cookies–and (excuse the pun!) dishing out advice!] -08:21 Sep 30

Hannah: *Where as Hannah was out on the street with Conrad, on a real date! …and suggestion he could totally be HER bodyguard! She even batted her eyelashes at him, super sweet!*

Leon: Your mother is pretty complicated … *Leon finally admitted.* But she has her moments. Pass me some of that sugar, could you please? -08:23 Sep 30

Conrad: *He grinned sheepishly!* So uh … nice weather we’re having … *Awkward! Very awkward! Wasn’t there some manual for guys who got ambushed into a date on the spot?*

Lily: *Lily moved to grab the sugar and slid it across the counter.* She’s a lunatic. …How am I supposed to date anybody anyway? It’ll probably end up just like with the Professor. -08:25 Sep 30
Lily: Teehee! You don’t have to be shy with me, Conrad! We’ve known each other for a little bit, right? *She pounced to capture his arm and cling!* You’ve had to been out on dates before, right? -08:26 Sep 30

Hannah: Teehee! You don’t have to be shy with me, Conrad! We’ve known each other for a little bit, right? *She pounced to capture his arm and cling!* You’ve had to been out on dates before, right?

Leon: *Leon began putting the ingredients together and began to mix–by hand. He’d accidentally broken the electric egg beater and Cissy refused to get him another until he learned to control his own strength!* When you find a guy worth dating, I’ll distract her when it comes time to interrogate him. I have to admit, it’s pretty confusing. One moment, she doesn’t want you to go. The next, she’s pushing you out the door. *He leaned forward and said in a whisper:* I’d chalk it up to hormones or an approaching mid life crisis but then she’d just beat me like a rug. *He stood straight and shrugged.* -08:29 Sep 30

Conrad: Dates …? Um … No. I’ve been pretty busy with work. I don’t mind the work at all. Busy stuff you know. *Ack, she had his arm! He cleared his throat and kept walking. Where were they going anyways?*

Lily: *Lily blinked. …. Then laughed! This was why she liked Leon! He was funny, and easy to talk to and nothing like her mother.* I don’t know what the big deal about it is anyway. They’re going to go out and have dinner, then get kissy and stuff. And Ijust know it’s going to get kissy, Hannah can’t stop talking about him. -08:32 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah I can see where following Lily around is soooo busy! *Hannah tugged his arm, she seemed to know exactly where they were going!* I mean, you’re not going to work for her forever, right? How long do these sort of missiosn last, anyway? A few months before you’re on a new one?

Leon: *He was thoughtful.* Hm. If things get er, kissy, I’m pretty sure Conrad will be out the door faster than you can "popcorn." I just hope Hannah’s not looking for a serious commitment or a second date. *Stir, stir, stir … Stop! Scrap the bottom to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He hated when he scooped up the last of the batter and found flour on the bottom.* -08:34 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and was silent for awhile.* Uh … Lily’s case is a special one. I mean, it’s tough being a heiress’ daughter and she’s been through a lot. I guess … my next mission is … when she decides she doesn’t need me anymore.

Lily: I didn’t think he was Hannah’s type either, but I don’t know… She’s cute and bouncy. Cheerful and nice. Would make a good girlfriend. *Lily moved to steal more of those chocolate chips!* I guess he was bound to go on dates eventually. -08:37 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah stared at him for a minute! Special case? Man, the look on his face!* …Don’t tell me you totally have the hots for Lily!

Leon: *Leon did NOT see those chocolate chips disappear!* Hm. We need something else. *He rummaged through a brown paper bag and pulled out a bag of white chocolate chips and a bag of peanut butter chips. Then he added those in!* Eventually being the key word here. He’s still very much a hunter with a mission and he’s a dedicated one at that. Besides Hannah is far too coute and bouncy. If it weren’t for my upbeat attitude, I’d have stuck her in the pot for stew later. -08:40 Sep 30

Conrad: *Bright flush of the cheeks!* What! No, that’s–that’s totally inappropriate. She’s Ciara Grey’s daughter. One day, she’ll have all that money and marry some guy who attended some Ivy League college just so he’d have something to brag about.

Lily: *Lily snickered again!* Evangeline is cute and bouncy, but the only one that wants to stick HER in a stew pot is Mommy. …Hannah’s said Conrad can’t stay with me forever. A guy has to have a life and friends and girls. And I really don’t let him do that. -08:42 Sep 30

Hannah: Oh my god! You DO! Hahaha! That’s so cute! *Hannah released his arm long enough to give him a big hug!* Look at you blushing! I swear, you’re some kind of dolt huh!

Leon: *That made Leon chuckle.* She says she wants to but everyone knows something serious like that would have to go through Gabriel first. Anyways, did you ever think Conrad wants to stay with you? He’s not the type to do something simply because he’s getting paid to do it or someone told him to. *Time to pull out the pans, check to make sure the oven was ready!* -08:44 Sep 30

Conrad: *That made him blush even more!* It’s not like anyone’s ever mentioned that before … And I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention it anywhere Ms Grey could eavesdrop. *He couldn’t begin to imagine what she’d do to him … impale him with one of her swords, no doubt. And that was if he was lucky!*

Lily: Isn’t that the point of being an Oracle Hunter? Do what you’re told and paid to do? And he’s a good hunter too. Most of them there were complete morons until Gabriel started tutoring. Plus, Mommy would want the best there and next step up would be Gabriel himself and he’s busy having to save the world. *He left those other white chocolate chips unguarded, they were now captured!* -08:48 Sep 30

Hannah: Are you kidding?! You can’t just have a big crush on someone and not tell them! *Hannah stopped in her tracks! Ideas! Brilliant Ideas!* Well this changes the entire plan for tonight. I was going to take you to the movie theatre and make out with you in the back row, but we totally can’t do that now.

Leon: *Yep, he didn’t see those white chocolate chips disappear either! He was scooping out large spoonfuls of cookie batter and lining them up! The more chips in them the better!* Yes but Conrad is different. Call it wolf’s instinct. Although just the fact that neither the gnomes or your mother scared him away should be proof of that. And she’s pretty damn scary when she wants to be. But back to the topic, most Oracle hunters join for the pay or revenge. Conrad made it clear he’s not after any of those things. -08:51 Sep 30
Lily: I know, but… *Lily huffed, resting her chin in her hands and her elbows on the counter. She didn’t even know what her own problem was! There wasn’t even anything to complain about it!* It doesn’t matter, I guess. I do wonder what they’re doing, though. -08:53 Sep 30

Conrad: *He blinked! And blinked again! He opened his mouth to say something but hearing Hannah confess her original plans–that left him speechless!* Oh no. If I admit I have a crush on Lily, Ms Grey will fire me or transfer me. It’s not appropriate for a bodyguard to have a crush on the woman he’s supposed to be guarding.

Hannah: You kidding? It’s romantic and super awesome! It’s like romance movie gold! I bet you’re totally blowing her mother way out of proportion. She look super helpful to me. No one is gonna stand in the way of blooming desire and lustful passion! …You’re not like, shy in the sack are you? You know, making out, second base and beyond?

Leon: *Leon offered her the bowl with the left over cookie batter and quite a bit of it left, too!* You know, I’m having a hard time picturing Hannah with Conrad. In fact … *He put the pans into the oven!* I have an easier time picturing you on a date with Conrad. -08:57 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad coughed!* Sheesh, you’re not much for subtlety, are you?

Lily: *Lily was mid-lick of the spoon before she stopped and cast him a weird look.* Were you sniffing the cleaning chemicals again? Cause that’s just impossible. -08:58 Sep 30

Hannah: When it comes to the affairs of the heart, you can’t just sit around waiting! You gotta take a woman in your arms and kiss her stupid! *And from the looks of her, she meant every word! She stared at him again before she finally rolled her eyes and grabbed his arm.* Come on! We’re going on Dating 101. I am going to turn you in to the perfect man, so when you ask out Lily you won’t look like a total moron.

Leon: C’mon, you know I only sniff those cleaning chemicals so I can get those gnomes in shooting range. *He blinked.* Which reminds me, I’m running out of pointed darts … *He blinked as if he suddenly realized he was talking about something far more important!* So back to the topic, nothing is impossible. That’s what the government said my chances of survival in the outside world were and boy did I prove them wrong. -09:02 Sep 30

Conrad: *Awh man, she was right! And although a part of him was jumping for joy, another part wasn’t so sure!* She’s my best friend. It’d just make things more awkward and–you’re not listening to me, are you.

Lily: It is too. And I don’t even have to explain why to an intoxicated wolf! *She licked the spoon with a very serious look of contemplation. One far too serious for just thinking about cookie dough.* Besides, it’s all a lot of trouble, and people die, or get kidnapped and who knows what else. -09:07 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon was an innocent wolf! The only thing he was intoxicated on was chocolate!* Hm. I guess I should tell your mother the good news then. *He was thoughtful and he scratched his chin.* -09:09 Sep 30

Hannah: Sure I am! She’s your best friend, and you think that making out with her will ruin it! Ha! Not if you know how to do it right! *Hannah dragged him off until they were at one of the small park areas and plopped him down on a bench. She plopped herself right next to him.* You gotta put the moves on her! So… sneak your arm around me pretending like you’re streching. It’s a classic!

Lily: Huh, What good news? *Was he really high? What was he talking about?* -09:10 Sep 30
Leon: The good news that you’ll be staying with us for a very long time. If people thought about all the bad stuff and never took the time to enjoy the good things, like going on a date with their very best friend … then we’d all be screwed. To put it bluntly, Lily, Conrad is a hunter. The odds of him living to be a ripe old thirty are very small given his line of work. Shouldn’t you spend as much time with him as possible now, instead of regretting it later? -09:13 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked at her as if she was nuts.* Wait a minute. I’ve seen those scenes in the movies. The guy tries that on a girl and the girl turns around and either slaps him or pushes his arm off. I can live without the shame.

Lily: *That wasn’t really the answer she was expecting! Lily frowned.* He isn’t going to die that soon… he’s almost thirty as it is. *She was balancing the spoon between her fingers with the expression that she was considering throwing it at him!* Why do you have to put it all logically like that? It’s way more complicated! You’re just all biased cause you know Mommy loves you. -09:16 Sep 30

Hannah: Ugh! You gotta put the moves on her somehow! You got any better ideas, smartass? You haven’t even told her you like her, yet! …you haven’t kissed on ANY girls have you.

Leon: I’m forty … something or other. I believe I’m entitled to being biased. *Leon shrugged a bit.* These cookies are taking so long. Would you like some chocolate milk? I made sure to buy lots of it. *He opened the fridge to reveal at least a dozen bottles of the stuff!* -09:18 Sep 30

Conrad: Uh … no … *Conrad said slowly. Hannah was the last person he expected to be telling these sort of things to!*

Lily: Yeah, just a little bit. *Darn Leon! She was going to take back every nice thing she ever thought about him! Now she was thinking about Conrad in ways she really shouldn’t be. After all, he was still ordered to be here and he IS out on a date with Hannah. And what’d she know about this kind of stuff anyway?* I bet a date would be weird, anyway. -09:22 Sep 30

Hannah: Oh man, you’re really behind! Okay, uh… quicky and dirty lessons! No tongue on the first kiss! As little slobber as possible, um… Don’t go grabbing boobs either, that’s not romantic at all. Oh! And make sure you brushed your teeth and didn’t eat anything that smells. ….Sex, though that’s gonna be a hard lesson. *Hannah was tapping her chin as she thought about that one.*

Conrad: *At the mention of sex, Conrad was up on his feet and beginning to walk away! Now things were getting real personal!*

Leon: It wouldn’t really be a date, would it? It’d be two best friends hanging out. That’s sort of how me and your mom were … except she involved pixies and the occassional dragon and I just wanted to destroy stuff. *Leon poured her a little chocolate milk in a glass.* -09:29 Sep 30

Hannah: *It took her a minute to realize he was escaping! Hannah hopped up and was dashing after him!* Wait a sec! What I say?! That’s not a touchy subject is it?!

Lily: We do that all the time now, though. *She took the glass and took a sip, frowning down at the contents.* Mom always acts weird after you guys do stuff now.

Leon: It’s the little stuff that count. *Leon looked at her thoughtfully.* Is what you two do all the time not enough for you? -09:36 Sep 30

Conrad: Let’s uh… leave the sex part out of this, please. *Sure he had a crush on Lily but he wasn’t looking to “get her in the sack” so to speak! That was just wrong!*

Lily: I never said anything like that! I was just talking about stuff. Maybe not so happy that Hannah talked me in to helping get a date with Conrad. And not so happy with them going on a date, but that doesn’t really mean anything besides me being a posessive wacko like my mother. And that’s bad! -09:39 Sep 30

Hannah: *Wow! Guy had issues! Or maybe Lily did? That got her imagination working all sorts of ways!* Ooooh. Okay. I get it. I know exactly what you need then!

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and looked at Hannah, finally stopping. He really shouldn’t ask but on the other hand …* What’s that?

Hannah: Hannah’s Guide to Subtle and Cute Testing the Waters Flirting! Guaranteed not to cross any lines, spook friends, or fail miserably! And it’s really simple too. You can even try it tonight.

Leon: *He smiled.* My apologies, Lily. But you know your mother’s only possessive because the people she loves were taken away from her once before. *He looked at the oven.* It’s about time … *He pulled out the cookies and put them on the table to cool off.* -09:48 Sep 30

Conrad: *Hm. That didn’t sound too bad … Yet. And his face said as much.* Um … Okay. I’ll give it a try then. How do you start …?

Lily: Which makes me getting all jealous all the worse… Not that I am jealous, but… you get the idea. *She’d pounce a hot cookie if she could get away with it. Lily tried to be patient.* -09:51 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon had another idea in mind. He pulled out a minature fan from the drawer, plugged it in and turned it on high, aiming it at the cookies.* How about some ice cream? Then we can make cookie ice cream sandwiches. -09:52 Sep 30

Hannah: Sweet! It’s really easy so listen carefully… you… try to hold hands and cuddle on the couch! Tada! *Hannah even waved her hands along with the tada!* Never fails! You watch tv at home and scoot closer until you get a nice cuddle. If it’s all awkward, girl’s just get up and pretend to go get a snack then sit in a different seat!

Lily: Mile high cookie icecream sandwhiches? *The fun was trying to eat it before the tower toppled! She drummed her fingers on the counter. How long was this date gonna last anyway? Had to of been over an hour or so and Conrad didn’t come running back like Leon said he would.* -09:56 Sep 30

Conrad: *Wow, that wasn’t as bad as he’d figured it’d be!* And … that’s it?

Leon: With the whip cream and nuts and everything. *He said with a wolfish grin.* Your mother let me buy all sorts of toppings but I’m not allowed to chew on furniture, her shoes … or attempt to pee on hotel guests’ legs. -09:59 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah! And you just try that a couple times until it’s normal. Girls don’t cuddle with friends. *Hannah gave him a bright grin.* And I should know! I am the top authority on dating.

Lily: Probably wasn’t the best idea to go pissing on guests while she was still home. You’re a really terrible role model! *THAT was a funny day. Hell, she would have done it too if she had the parts. Those guests were jerks!* -10:04 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad coughed politely.* This was … not the way I intended on someone finding out about my crush … *Hell, he hadn’t intended on ANYONE finding out about that!*

Leon: *Leon’s grin turned a bit sheepish.* When you gotta go, you gotta go. I’m just glad she didn’t throw me over the balcony like I was sure she was going to. Oh, the look on her face … -10:06 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah pointed and laughed!* Haha! You totally just admitted it! God, it’s not such a big deal! It’s just dating. You know, she spent days trying to convince me not to ask you out, so I bet she’s super jealous!

Lily: She must love you if you’re not dead yet. *….okay, she couldn’t wait. One of the cookies was stolen! She nibbled thoughtfully.* If there wasn’t all that missing time, when would you have ask mommy out on a real date? -10:09 Sep 30
Leon: *He was thoughtful for a moment and then he made a sour face.* Before she could go to the prom with Victor, that’s for sure. I still can’t believe she did it. He was such a pain in the ass. -10:22 Sep 30

Lily: Mom says you were super jealous of him and always trying to get rid of him. *Lily grinned behind her stolen cookie.*

[Leon curses the firefox browser!] -10:27 Sep 30
Leon: *Leon huffed as he pulled out the ice cream and started scooping it onto the flat side of the cookie.* Not that he ever got the hint–I was not jealous! -10:29 Sep 30

Conrad: *His face turned red again!* If she’s super jealous, she has a funny way of showing it …

Lily: I heard her talking to him on the phone not too long ago. I think he was surprised to hear you were back in town again. *She bet he’s piss on Victor if he got the chance! Smirk!* -10:32 Sep 30

Hannah: I did kind of make her help hook us up. God, I bet she’s as dumb as you are! She never checks out guys with me, but I know she’s not in to chicks cause she raves up and down about that english band Forsaken. Oh, we better get back before it’s late! Come on! *Hannah grabbed his arm and was dragging him down the street again.*

Leon: *He stopped piling on the ice cream to snort.* Sure he was. Hoped I was dead or something, no doubt. *He gave Lily a sideways glance.* Cissy didn’t mention him coming by or visiting, did she? -10:35 Sep 30

Conrad: *He blinked but he didn’t have time to talk, let alone get his bearings! Hannah suddenly had his arm and was pulling him down the street. And boy, was she strong!*

Lily: Um… I think she said she’d love to see him again and apparently something he said was hilarious, cause she laughed and it wasn’t that fake laugh she gives when someone is pissing her off and she can’t tell them to screw off. *She had to admit, she was pretty interested in seeing what the infamous Victor was like. Mom only complained about prom night going bad..* -10:37 Sep 30
Leon: *BLINK!* CISSY! *He yelled!* I’ll be uh … right back. *He said in his normal voice and then he was out of the kitchen!* CISSY! CISSY CISSY CISSY! *He marched up and down the suite for her!* -10:40 Sep 30
Lily: Sooo jealous. *Score! Lily was rewarded with a making a giant icecream tower all for herself. …Sigh. If only she wasn’t thinking about Hannah and Conrad!* -10:41 Sep 30

Ciara: *There was a tone she hadn’t heard in a while! And here Ciara was in her room going through her phonebook for suitable dates. Why was it so hard to find a decent date?!* …Shush! You sound like a yapping pup!

Leon: *Leon was careful to close the door behind him and then he let her have it.* I do not sound like a yapping pup–And what’s this about Victor possibly coming by! THE Victor! The pain in the ass Victor! *He added just in case she wanted to play that "what Victor are you possibly referring to? I know a dozen" thing with him.* -10:43 Sep 30

Hannah: *Hannah made sure to squeeze in a few more tips about snuggling on their way to the hotel. Like how to give soft touches, and hugs, and sneaky kisses! So when they were back at Shades and returning to the Grey Suite, she was grinning like a chesire cat!* Hellooo~! Lily! …. wow, is that her dad bellowing back there?

Ciara: Were you listening to me on the phone again? *Ciara looked unconcerned and went back to browsing her phone book. Without smirking. Like she wanted to.* He might be in town soon and wanted to see me.

Conrad: *The cuddling tip where you scoot next to a girl … that one Conrad could handle. The others she told him along the way … left him wondering but he made sure not to let her see the look on his face. He grinned sheepishly at Lily and coughed politely.*

Leon: Eww … *There was the disgusted look on his face again!* But he’s a pain in the ass, stuck-up, a pain in the ass, bratty, a pain in the ass, has germs that far worst than cooties … did I mention he’s a pain in the ass! Why the hell would you go see him, let alone NOT shoot him on sight! -10:48 Sep 30
Lily: You’re both back kind of fast..? *Yeah that was smooth. Of course, they could still hear Leon complaining in the back even if the door was closed! She pointed at the growing cookie tower.* Was it fun? -10:48 Sep 30
Leon: *are far -10:48 Sep 30

Hannah: Yeah it was super fun! God, but you were right, I don’t think we can date – uh, no offence Conrad! *Hannah leaned across the counter and whispered loud.* He talks about you too much, super turn off!

Conrad: *It was a struggle not to say something but he settled for scratching his temple and trying to remember Hannah had the best intentions–at least he think she did.*

Ciara: Probably because I actually LIKE him and that’s what friends do when they come in to town? It isn’t my fault you have some sort of jealous vendetta against him. *Now she cast him the smirk. If his tail were out, she bet it would be bristling and puffy!*

Leon: It’s not a jealous vendetta, it’s the downright truth! *He growled and started to pace.* That little bastard is up to something. He’s probably plotting how to do me in now that he knows I’m here … -10:53 Sep 30
Lily: *Lily opened her mouth.. only to shut it again! Hannah didn’t have to say that with him standing right there! Though… did he really only talk about her?* That’s um… too bad! Do you wanna stay have some ice cream cookies? Leon just made them. -10:53 Sep 30

Hannah: Naaaaw, I’m kinda tired, actually! Plus I totally have gobs of homework to do. You guys have fun! I’ll see you at school! *Hannah waved at Lily, and as she turned around gave Conrad the YOU GO BOY thumbs up of approval.* Ciao! *She practically skipped out of the suite!*

Conrad: *When he saw that thumbs up sign, he just about turned several shades of red! But he managed to control himself.* Yeah, the uh date didn’t go very far … *He mumbled and then he saw the cookie tower.* Wow, that’s a lot of ice cream.

Ciara: *Ciara rolled her eyes and tossed the phonebook on the nightstand. This was getting ridiculous.* Aren’t you getting a little overboard? I’ve known him just as long as you have, and not once has he ever done anything remotely “evil”. Stupid maybe, but not evil.

Lily: Leon was gonna help eat it, but he’s a bit distracted at the moment. *She scooted over and offered him a spoon.* …Sooo… What did you do on your date…? *She HAD to know!* -10:58 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad grinned sheepishly.* Would you believe we didn’t even make it into an ice cream shop? I guess I’m just a bad date. Thanks. *He took the spoon she offered him. Who could resist freshly baked cookies and ice cream?*

Leon: A little overboard, my tail. *Leon muttered, still pacing.* Just because he hasn’t done anything remotely "evil" that you know of, doesn’t mean he hasn’t done anything evil at all. I still say he’s up to something. I don’t like him knowing I’m here. -11:08 Sep 30
Lily: Does mean you’re a bad kisser? *It was out of her mouth before she thought about it! Lily turned her back to him with a big spoonful of icecream before he caught her looking stupid! Argh! Stupid Hannah telling her the Conrad-date plans!* -11:09 Sep 30

Conrad: *Conrad blinked and swallowed his ice cream before he replied.* I … wouldn’t know. We … didn’t kiss. *He got another spoonful of ice cream.* So, what is Leon upset about?

Ciara: What exactly do you think he’s going to do? Catch you with a tail and pull it off? You’re pitching a fit over nothing. …Christ’s sake sit down and quite wearing a hole in my carpet. *It was quite different to see a full grown Leon being pissy about Vincent. …She’d have thought he’d have grown out of it by now.*

Lily: Oh. *Yes! Wait… she didn’t care! He can kiss anybody he wants. Lily gave a nonchalant shrug of her shouldes.* Some friend of mom’s called and he doesn’t like the guy. And he must really hate him, cause he left me in here alone with cookies and ice cream. -11:14 Sep 30
Leon: He’s up to something and it’s not something as stupid as pull my tail off. *How could he make Cissy understand the term "dislike" had always been an understatement where Victor was concerned?* -11:17 Sep 30

Ciara: He didn’t even know you were here when he called. He wanted to see me, and frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing him again either. I don’t think we’ve chatted since high school. …If you don’t like it, you can stay here!

Conrad: I never thought I’d see the day Leon got real pissed off about someone. So um … want to go out and have some pizza?

Lily: *She managed to pull one of the ice cream cookies off the tower and was trying to eat it without making a mess.* Yeah! We should go tomorrow though. If we eat all of this and try to eat pizza too, we might die. *She cast him a grin.* Well, you might. -11:23 Sep 30

Conrad: *He grinned.* Is that a challenge?

Leon: I will. But if he takes one step into the elevator with you–and you know damn well I’ll know–I’m going into hiding before I do the world a favor and rip his throat out. *He growled and then he stalked out–and out of the suite!* -11:26 Sep 30
Lily: Nooo… If it was a challenge, you’re already half loosing! I’ve had several cookies already. *Lily showed him the current half eaten cookie!* -11:29 Sep 30

Ciara: What the fuck just happened?! *He had never flipped out like that before! …and freaking walked out too! She snorted, slipping on her shoes before stalking out of the suite herself. She was either going to hunt him down, or go rant at his Father. It was probably his fault, anyway.*

Conrad: *He laughed.* I am not worthy to take on such a champion. Okay, pizza tomorrow. But I didn’t get something to eat yet. That’s not fair.

Leon: *He was awfully fast when he wanted to be. By the time, Ciara had gotten to the lobby he was nowhere in sight!* -11:35 Sep 30
Lily: Since when is icecream and cookies not a suitable dinner? *It was a good enough dinner for her! …well…men needed meat as Leon would say.* There’s some left overs in the fridge, I think. Just barely. Someone oughta eat them before Leon does. -11:38 Sep 30

Ciara: *Lost the wolf. Why’d he have to be such a pain in the ass anyway! She ran her hands through her hair. What she ought to do is invite Victor over just to spite!* Damned wolf. Who am I supposed to rant at when you’re running off! …. I’m telling.

There wasn’t a sign of Leon anywhere! He might have gone for a brisk walk or gone to Oracle–there were so many places he could be!

Conrad: Waste not, want not as Aunt Marigold liked to say. *He went over to heat up the left overs.*

Ciara: *She was going to need a tracking collar on that wolf. That’s probably what Gabriel used on Evangeline. Would come in handy. …well… Ciara would stop by Oracle and speaking to that vampire and his psychic, and then she’ll harass Wulfric. Leon isn’t allowed to run off like this, for all she knew he could be hunting down Victor and- ….No, he wouldn’t do that would he?*

Lily: *Glancing around, she might as well clean up the mess Leon left for her! That’s the trouble with asking Leon for sweets, you always have to do the cleanup!* Ssssooo… whacha talk about on your date with Hannah? -11:48 Sep 30

Conrad: She did most of the talking … *He admitted.* I was trying not to get run over or walk into something. *He grinned sheepishly and then realized how stupid he looked, so the sheepish grin went. While he was waiting for the food to heat up in the microwave, he helped her clean up by washing the dishes.*

Back at Oracle, everything looked the same it always did–at least no one had burned it down or destroyed the entire headquarters somehow. Thank goodness! Evangeline was, of course, teaching a class and Gabriel couldn’t be far away.

Lily: *She had one of the towels as was trying to wipe down the counter. Trying to not be obvious and ask snooping questions where Conrad was concerned was hard!* …talk about… work.. any? -11:54 Sep 30

Evangeline: So, you see, you never try to grab ghosts with your bare hands. Some of them are really slim- Good Evening Ms. Grey! You look… like you need something? *Evangeline thought Ms. Grey looked ready to murder something, and only hope she wasn’t mad at her again!*

Ciara: I am looking for my wolf. He’s being exceptionally stupid tonight and I’d like to find him before he ends up on the news for murder.

Ciara: ….and why the hell is Jameson dressed in a sheet and covered in Jello?

Evangeline: I didn’t have a ghost for the lesson. Would you like Gabriel to find him, or should I end the class for tonight? *Leon never wanted to murder people, he must be upset! Evangeline considered!*

Ciara: Call up your damned vampire. I need someone that can actually hold down a wolf, not get devoured by one. *Though she did not fail to notice the room of sad-faces that class was not to be cancelled.*

Conrad: *He was going to look straight at the dishes in case he started turning red or grinning stupidly.* Well, she asked about my career goals and stuff. It’s not like I could say “I want to be a hunter my entire life.” *He stopped washing his dishes for a moment.* Hm. An entire life of fighting evil … I never really thought about that until now.

Lily: What, um… do you plan to do? You mentioned a karaoke bar once or twice… *Of course, that definitely meant no more bodyguarding, and no more being here!* -12:09 Oct 01

Evangeline: Hey… I’m not so delicious for wolves! Not that Gabriel admit it specifically, but I am not wolfysnack flavor!

Leon: Heh. Maybe one day … I mean, you’ll probably be wanting to go out and have a life … Might … settle … down someday … *But Lily wasn’t a normal girl and that’s what he liked about her. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t want a normal life, right?* -12:12 Oct 01

Conrad: Heh. Maybe one day … I mean, you’ll probably be wanting to go out and have a life … Might … settle … down someday … *But Lily wasn’t a normal girl and that’s what he liked about her. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t want a normal life, right?*

Ciara: Christ. I’ll summon him. *Ciara snatched the weapon off the nearest trainee, reloaded it the way it was supposed to be, cock and aimed at the psychic!* Take a step to the left, Evangeline, so you’ll land on the mat.

[Leon is now known as: Conrad] -12:13 Oct 01
Lily: Oh. Well, I guess… I thought I had a life now with yo- everything being the way it is. *She was going to die! Obviously she was getting all weird for no good reason! Focus on… spot on the counter!* -12:19 Oct 01

Evangeline: *Evangeline stepped to the left, and then she realized-* Are you about to shoot at me? *All the trainees had went silent! That was never a good sign!*

Conrad: *Don’t be a coward. Don’t be a coward … Crap, why was this so hard compared to all the other stuff he could do?* Um … We’ve been friends for awhile … haven’t we …? Done a lot … said a lot … Friend stuff, right? -12:22 Oct 01

Ciara: Don’t worry, it won’t be lethal. *Honestly, she did enjoy trying to see how far she could get away with it! BANG! BANG! Missed, with four inches to spare. Not bad! Of course, a couple of the trainees had fainted… Babies.*

Lily: Uh huh. A lot of stuff. Mostly insane stuff. But a lot. *That was a weird question. She paused to blink at him.* Why? -12:26 Oct 01

Evangeline: *A yelp and covering of her ears! She could have sworn she felt those bullets wizzing by!* Ms. Grey, can you.. maybe… not shoot at me!

Gabriel: *Gabriel was suddenly standing between Evangeline and Ciara, his back to Evangeline. And the surprise was, he hadn’t come alone! There was a young male vampire struggling to free himself from Gabriel’s grasp, Gabriel’s arm stretched out to the side! He was too busy struggling for freedom to notice where they were at first–and then he glanced sideways at the classroom! Gabriel threw the vampire without a second glance to the wall, his gun appeared in his now empty hand and he shot the vampire! The vampire hit the wall and then burned into a crisp! Ash was the only thing left and that fell into a pile on the floor.* What do you require now, Ms Grey. *The gun disappeared.*

Ciara: As dramatic of an entrance as always. I want my wolf.

Evangeline: *A relieved sigh! Eventually Ms. Grey would get bored of testing out how Gabriel appears, but she really wished she’d get bored a little bit faster!*

Conrad: It’s just … I don’t want to ever creep you out or make you uncomfortable … to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to go on that date with Hannah in the first place. -12:39 Oct 01
Lily: You didn’t? *Now she was going to have to bite her tongue and not say YAY. It’s not like she thought they were good together anyway!* …. But you don’t. Creep me out, that is. Like…. ever. -12:42 Oct 01

Gabriel: Of course. *He said as if it was the simplest thing in the world.* He can either be brought to you or you to him.

Ciara: My, you are accomidating. Are you so obediant for your psychic too? *Ciara flashed a quick smirk before it disappeared.* Take me where he is. I want to make sure he’s not mauling a friend.

Conrad: I figured I should ask you … you know, about um, creeping you out or anything. Then again, maybe I think too much … -12:53 Oct 01

Gabriel: *He smirked and flashed his fangs.* You mistake obedience for pity, Ms Grey. You are distraught without your wolf. *He turned to Evangeline.* It would seem dinner is my treat for the inconvenience.

Evangeline: *Evangeline nodded, not saying a word about Ms. Grey’s wolf dilema!* I’ll return home after class. Try not to torment each other too much!

Lily: *Lily wasn’t sure if she wanted shake her head or just laugh at him! Of all the things he could worry about, creeping her out wasn’t one of them!* You really don’t. *…Biting her bottom lip, she hestitated for a moment… but, she should prove it right? Lily dropped the dishtowel on the counter and slowly eased her way to Conrad and snaked her arms around his waist for a hug. Perfectly not creepy!* -01:02 Oct 01

Ciara: *She was about to show HIM some damned fangs.* Let’s go them, before he’s out too long!

Gabriel: *He opened his hand and a strand of hair fell into his palm. It was long and black. Leon’s hair. Then he took his knife out, cut his arm.* “Nos peto lupus unde is insolitus adveho. “ *There was a pulse of negative energy, the wind whipped around them and then they were gone!*

Leon: *Ciara, Victor … and himself. That left a lot of things to think out and he hadn’t bothered to figure out where he was going. He just kept walking, hands in his pockets, lost in thought. It was a wonder he hadn’t gotten run over or something. At least now, the weres steered clear. Before he’d returned to Cissy, each were he met was suspicious of him or wanted to kill him. He was just so … frustrated. So he hadn’t realized where he was until his feet touched the edge of a lake and he looked around. He’d obviously walked a long way because he was well out of the city and in some forest. Probably north. He stood there and stared into the lake’s surface, looking at his own reflection.*

Gabriel: *They appeared a few yards behind Leon who didn’t seem to have noticed them!*

Ciara: *The first thing she did, after making sure her body was still in one piece, was pick up a small pebble from the ground and chuck it at Leon!*

Conrad: *He blinked when he felt the arms and then he looked over at her. Then he smiled a little.* I … guess I sounded strange, huh? Thanks, Lily … *It was nice having her hug him like this, when they weren’t in the middle of a life-death struggle or had some creature after them.* -01:12 Oct 01

Leon: … What’d you do that for? *He muttered, still not turning to her. No surprise she found him. He was just surprised it took her so long.*

Lily: Unnecessary concern, really. *She should probably let go of him. But well… it wouldn’t hurt to hug a little longer! It was acceptable behavior!* -01:14 Oct 01

Ciara: Because you’re dumb and you have cooties. ….Why do you always come here when you get pissy? I had to get the damned vampire to help me.

Conrad: *He laughed.* I probably wouldn’t know what do with myself if I didn’t have something to worry about.*He finally finished the dishes.* You know, whatever happens, you’re always my best friend. Pinkie swear. *He held up his pinkie.* -01:19 Oct 01

Leon: *Because he couldn’t hunt down Victor and rip his throat out, he wanted to say but he kept that thought to himself. He just stayed silent. She wouldn’t understand. She just thought he was nuts because he wanted to kill her little boyfriend.*

Lily: *She released him to move and lean against the counter as she linked her pinkie with his. Lily grinned.* Always best friend. -01:22 Oct 01
Conrad: *He grinned.* Don’t think this means I’m going to go easy on you when we’re playing cards. Or racing to see who can get to the lobby first. -01:23 Oct 01

Ciara: *Ciara waved her arms over her head, not that he was looking, flipped him the finger, not that he saw, and seriously thought about kicking him in the lake and leaving him there! …But she didn’t. She just stuffed her hands in her pockets and looked at the sky.* Gabriel thinks you’re being unreasonable. He says you should come home with me.

Leon: *Leon scoffed.* Gabriel probably thinks we’re both nuts and wonders why he bothers to help us in the first place.

Lily: I still think you cheat at cards. Nobody is ever that good, and I didn’t think I was that bad. *Now that she had his pinky, she turned his hand over to look at his palm. If she could figure out palming reading she could make sure he wouldn’t die before he’s thirty.* -01:26 Oct 01

Ciara: Honestly, Gabriel must like you a lot, because he doesn’t want you running around out here in the middle of the night alone and pissed off. Put his mind to rest and come home.

Leon: … Is that his mind or yours?

Ciara: His mind, my mind, I don’t really know the difference. Ms. Clark says we’re the same anyway. *Ciara scowled. She didn’t like the comparison, but she supposed there were moments…*

Leon: Unlike you, he probably wouldn’t mind me ripping Victor’s throat out. *That’s what it all came down to anyways. Victor.*

Ciara: Damnit. You don’t see me ripping the heads off any woman that comes near you! And believe me, some of them deserve it! He is my friend, I don’t see what the big deal with having a visit when he comes to town is!

Conrad: If you think I’m bad, you should avoid playing Uncle Joe. He’s a master at card playing. So … now that we cleaned up, what would you like to do? -01:37 Oct 01

Leon: It’s not a matter of being possessive. None of the women who come near me is as bad as Victor is. You’re just biased because he’s your ‘friend’.

Lily: I should probably do homework… *Which did not sound very entertaining at all.* We could watch the Science channel and pretend like I’m studying? -01:39 Oct 01

Ciara: You don’t have any evidence to even support it! You know, show me some damned proof besides “I don’t like him” and maybe I’d take you seriously. You haven’t even seen him since we were kids!

Leon: I don’t need to see him. I know what he looks like. *He buried his hands into his pockets.* You don’t think I watched the news while I was on the run? Victor does this, Victor does that. Whoop-de-doo. Just throw him a fricken’ parade already.

Ciara: You’re exaggrerating. How is that NOT supposed to sound like jealous rantings of a mad wolf?

Conrad: Jealousy … *He finally turned to look at her, his face serious.* You haven’t seen jealousy. But if it’s evidence you want, I’ll give it to you. *He looked past her and walked around her to stand in front of Gabriel.* Gabriel, I need you to take me somewhere. *He pulled something out of his pocket. A newspaper clipping ripped out of a newspaper. There was a picture of two men shaking hands under the headline "Brilliant millionaire strikes deal of a century." Ciara recognized one of the men as being Victor.* -01:51 Oct 01

Leon: Jealousy … *He finally turned to look at her, his face serious.* You haven’t seen jealousy. But if it’s evidence you want, I’ll give it to you. *He looked past her and walked around her to stand in front of Gabriel.* Gabriel, I need you to take me somewhere. *He pulled something out of his pocket. A newspaper clipping ripped out of a newspaper. There was a picture of two men shaking hands under the headline “Brilliant millionaire strikes deal of a century.” Ciara recognized one of the men as being Victor.*

Conrad: Sounds good to me. Learning is learning. *He smiled and then they were walking into the living room. He plopped down onto the couch.* -01:53 Oct 01

Ciara: If you’e going to see Victor it’s… completely forbidden! In fact, I don’t think I want you anywhere near him or you’ll wind up in prison somewhere!

Lily: *Making sure she had a supply of cookies and some of that chocolate milk from the fridge, Lily too plopped on the couch next to him, arranging everything on the coffee table and grabbed the remote!* If we’re lucky, it’s the one about supermassive blackholes and I won’t have to go to the library for extra research. -01:56 Oct 01

Leon: You were the one who said you wanted proof. *He said without turning.* I’ll avoid meeting your boyfriend just so you don’t have to worry about me ripping his throat out. *Not yet, at least …*

Ciara: Boyfriend?! What the hell, Leon! He’s not my damned boyfriend!

Leon: He’s a boy and your friend. That makes him a boyfriend, doesn’t it? *He turned to Gabriel.* Let’s go get that evidence. Ms Grey refuses to believe me until I get it. Apparently my instincts aren’t good enough for her.

Conrad: Here’s to luck. May the science gods be with us. *He laughed. Then he glanced at the door.* Leon and your mom have been away for awhile. Should we be worried? -02:06 Oct 01

Ciara: No, Gabriel is staying right here. After all, he is a boy and my friend, and apparently also my beloved boyfriend!

Lily: Knowing my mother, she’s probably throwing rocks at him and he’s begging her to be reasonable. *Lily curled up comfy, setting the remote aside once she found her channel. See, this was way better than him going out with Hannah!* -02:08 Oct 01

Gabriel: *Not a single emotion or thought crossed on his face but he took his knife out.* You, Ms Grey, were unwise to chase after your wolf so soon. You will have to learn, even he needs some time away from home. When he is ready, he will return. If he chooses to return. *He cut his arm and cast the spell. There was a pulse of negative energy and the wind whipped around Ciara.* … And I do not take threats to the Seer lightly. *Then she was gone! And she reappeared in her room at the suite!*

Leon: *He blinked! Cissy was gone!* Wait–where–how–? *He looked at Gabriel, speechless!*

Ciara: *…Ciara found herself sent to her room. Like a six year old kid. By a vampire.* YOU SON OF BITCH!

Ciara: son of A ahem.

Lily: *A startled jumped followed by an odd expression and a roll of the eyes.* …. I guess mother is home. -02:23 Oct 01
Conrad: *He blinked and scratched his head.* In the kind of life we lead, doors are just for decoration and slamming, aren’t they? -02:24 Oct 01

Ciara: *Fine, she was going to bed. But it wasn’t because HE sent her to her room. It’s because she was tired of dealing with stupid men! She got dressed for bed, snarling the entire time!*

Lily: Soooo much parental drama! *Lily grabbed one of the sofa cushions to pull over her head, and plop over to Conrad’s shoulder. Why could her mother just… make up with Leon and get it over with!* -02:28 Oct 01

Gabriel: *Gabriel handed the newspaper clipping back to Leon.* When all is said and done, all you have to rely on are your instincts. It is not wise to charge into things without thinking them through. Stay and think for as long as necessary to calm yourself, then return to Ms Grey’s side. *At Leon’s expression, he tilted his head slightly.* Tell me. When you were hungry, when you were beaten, when you were alone, what drove you to continue, in spite of everything.

Conrad: *He wore a sheepish grin and then he blinked.* Check it out. Super blackholes.

Lily: I’d like to see them get sucked in to a super blackhole. *She muttered darkly. …But she did pull the pillow down so she could see the tv. * -02:33 Oct 01

Leon: *He stared at Gabriel and then he smiled. He knew the answer to that. It was Cissy. The chance to see her again had kept him going.* Thank you, Gabriel.

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