Dark is being stalked by a woman and asks for Evangeline’s help!

[Evangeline is having a very good day! Snacks in the spring courtyard while trying to sew together curtains!] -12:41 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Curtains weren’t exactly an exciting task, but when she tried to help with lessons at Oracle and there was an accident with smoke bombs and devil rabbits, they made a big huff about her going home! As if she were worried about devil critters…* -12:43 Apr 04
[Dark stalks into the spring courtyard where Evangeline is sewing curtains!] -12:46 Apr 04
Dark: … That’s it! I’ve come to the conclusion that crazy women are drawn to me and will curse me until the end of eternity! *He ruffles his hair with both hands and growls!* -12:49 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline paused mid-string with a curious tilt of her head.* Have the faeries stolen your pants again? -12:49 Apr 04
Dark: No. *He huffed, then shot a side-glance at some hiding in the bush.* But if they even think about it, I’ll know and I’ll tear them to shreds with my bare hands! *He bared his fangs at them which sent them scattering!* -12:53 Apr 04
Evangeline: Oh. Then what’s the matter? You are all bristling and frustrated! And it isn’t about Caroline or you would have broken one of my pillars! *That’s how she knew when they had a fight. One of both of them would come to the castle and break things. She supposed because it could repair itself!* -12:55 Apr 04
Dark: Grr … It’s that woman I told you about. She took things the wrong way SOMEHOW and is even more in love with me than she was to begin with! Then Caroline caught me with her and now I know I’m in more trouble than I was before! GAH! -12:58 Apr 04
Evangeline: Didn’t you tell her that you were flattered but you weren’t interested? You have to make sure you are clear! *He might have been too nice about… once or twice she had been too nice about things and gotten in trouble! Thankfully that was before she ever met Gabriel, or it would have been a mess!* -01:01 Apr 04
Dark: I said it exactly the way you told me to, line for line, word for word! *He emphasized his point by slapping his hand against his palm. He huffed again!* It didn’t work! I’m gonna have to pull in more drastic measures! But in the meantime, I need you to talk to Caroline so she doesn’t smite me or something. -01:02 Apr 04
Evangeline: Maybe I should talk to this woman too… If you said it word for word, then there is no reason for her to be so confused now! *Evangeline was already putting away her threads.* -01:04 Apr 04
Dark: Oh no, you don’t. *He was shaking his hands.* You are not confronting the crazy angel bitch and getting captured or tortured or something because of me. You’re married to the most egotistical, overprotective, possessive, ruthless jerk ever. I don’t need to get in trouble with him, too. -01:06 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Now she paused while folding up the curtain fabric, looking completely perplexed!* She isn’t trying to have MY child, I don’t think she will have a problem with me. ….And he is very kind, you know. Not a jerk at all! -01:10 Apr 04
Dark: *He huffed!* The point IS that you need to stay here and out of danger. Can’t you go talk to Caroline first? I know you can summon her. She’s always giving you more of those marbles of hers. -01:13 Apr 04
Evangeline: Of course I will talk to her, but it’ll be much better if I talk to that woman first and get it all straightened out. Otherwise Caroline will want to do it, and um… now is not the best time. *Caroline was not herself lately, and every little thing that incited rage could be the thing that made it worse! The less people that got caught in the crossfire the better.* Where does that woman stay? -01:16 Apr 04
Dark: *He dropped into a chair and massaged his temple.* I don’t know. She just sort of pops up! But she’s been showing up around my favorite ice cream spot lately … -01:17 Apr 04
Evangeline: Ooo, ice cream! *Two birds with one stone! Evangeline packed her things in to a basket, then was up out of her seat to fuss Dark back up as well.* I would love some ice cream! And if we find her there, I’ll make sure she understands you are absolutely unavailable. She’ll have to listen to your mother! -01:20 Apr 04
Dark: *He scratched his head!* This sounds like it could go horribly wrong and backfire on me! But I can’t resist ice cream … *He stood and huffed.* -01:24 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his with a grin.* Don’t worry. I am a woman too, and women listen to other women. I’m sure it’s not nearly as bad as you think. -01:27 Apr 04
Dark: *He gave her a doubtful look. On the other hand once she met her …* Fine. You sure you don’t need a coat or something before we go. -01:28 Apr 04
Evangeline: *She shook her head.* Every time I take a coat, he decides it’s too warm for us. Icecream will be just the thing! -01:31 Apr 04
Dark: Fine fine. *He teleported them outside of the ice cream shop, a small little place with only a handful of tables, and opened the door for her.* She’s not here. -01:33 Apr 04
Evangeline: It’s a good thing we’re here for icecream too then. Maybe she finally understands! *Sliiiding up to the counter, Evangeline tapped her chin while she thought about what to order… she finally decided on the biggest milkshake they could make, and was so very tempted to order two!* -01:35 Apr 04
Dark: *He looked around as she ordered.* Yeah … *He didn’t sound very sure. He ordered an ice cream cone with a triple scoop and waited for Evangeline’s shake!* -01:39 Apr 04
Evangeline: *One giant milkshake and she was sipping away and leading Dark back outside to have a seat at one of the tables under an umbrella. So sweet! …though, not as good as the milkshakes Gabriel brought her. Those were so much more satisfying!* See, you were all worked up over nothing. I’ll be able to talk to Caroline this evening, and it will be just fine. -01:43 Apr 04
Dark: *Ice cream cone in hand, he was licking his ice cream, sitting hunched in his seat. He was waiting … waiting … Every fiber of his being poised for flight or fight.* Yeah. Yeah, maybe you’re right. -01:45 Apr 04
Evangeline: You could relax a little bit? It’s nice to go out and do something. Everyone has been so tense and nervous lately, and there is so little to worry about. …At least you can wear pants! *Peering down at her bare legs, she was wearing another dress today. Pants and skirts were starting to get uncomfortable, and now she was getting huffy.* -01:49 Apr 04

The door’s chime rang and the sound of sharp heels against the tile echoed in the small space. The woman who walked in was beautiful. Tall, fair, with long rich auburn hair. She wore heels, a very short miniskirt and a lovely red top. She walked past Dark and Evangeline without so much as a glance but her fingers trailed up Dark’s spine. She went to the ice cream counter and chatted a bit with the employee. -Dark

Dark: *Lick lick lick–He froze and shot straight up! He tried not to look at her but knowing she was there and NOT looking was driving him mad! He clenched his teeth. He was not going to look. He was NOT going to look! But damnit, she was wearing that perfume again and it made his heart beat faster and it made his body tingle …* -01:56 Apr 04
Evangeline: I think I will have to wear knee high socks for awhile… *After a sip of her shake she was looking back up at Dark who seemed to be completely disturbed!* I guess she is here then! *Evangeline looked around to see which one!* -01:59 Apr 04
Dark: *His fangs were growing and the thing that was pissing him off was that he knew she would know and she would just take more pleasure from it.* … Evangeline. We gotta leave. Now. -02:01 Apr 04
Evangeline: *Evangeline frowned… he was really afraid of her! He might not have been born hers, but he was still her son! And she didn’t like the thought of some woman scaring him to death. She sat down her milkshake, it was practically empty by now!* She upsets you. No, I think it’s better I take care of this now! *She slid from her seat. After scanning the place, it was easy to tell which had her eyes on Dark… The woman with the short skirt had a very distinct aura!* -02:05 Apr 04

The woman was still at the counter. The employee had his back to her. She was watching him, one arm over her middle, her other elbow on the first, fingers on her chin. -Dark

Evangeline: *She pat a hand over Dark’s head before she approached the woman. With a bright smile, she tapped her on the shoulder and offered a hand to shake.* Hello! I’m Evangeline. You know Dark don’t you? *She pointed over her shoulder just in case.* I wanted to speak with you about him. -02:12 Apr 04

The woman turned from the counter to look at Evangeline, then looked over at Dark and smiled. “Ahh … A friend of Dark is certainly a friend of mine,” she said, taking Evangeline’s hand and shaking it firmly. Her voice was soft and rich. -Dark

Evangeline: *What a pretty lady! Evangeline smiled wider.* Actually, I am his mother! He has told me a little about you… that you met recently? But I think he is worried that you have the wrong ideas about him… -02:18 Apr 04

“His mother? How interesting! You seem far too young to have a son as old as Dark!” -Dark

Evangeline: I guess you could say I am older than I look… or he is younger? Anyway, he said you were interested in him for dating, or marriage. Or was it having babies? Well, he is not available for things like that and I’m sure he hasn’t been able to express it well. -02:28 Apr 04

“He’s not? What a shame! … Where is he?” She leaned a bit to the side to see past Evangeline but wouldn’t you know, he was gone! -Dark

Evangeline: *Evangeline glanced over her shoulder and… blast! Dark Escaped! He really was that upset!* Hmm.. yes. I would really appreciate it if you left him alone. You’re very nice, I’m sure you’ll meet someone interesting soon! -02:38 Apr 04

“But there isn’t anyone like Dark. He’s one of a kind.” -Dark

Evangeline: *She turned back to grin at the woman.* He is special, like his father. But you should find someone who loves you! Not chase someone who doesn’t. You understand, yes? -02:43 Apr 04

The woman sighed and nodded. “Yes, I understand.” -Dark

Evangeline: Great! Thank you very much! *Evangeline waved just a little before heading back to the table where Dark was -supposed- to be. Now where did he run off to! Everything was just fine now, and if Gabriel caught her outside the castle alone he was going to be furious!* -02:56 Apr 04
[Evangeline can\’t believe she lost Dark in the span of five minutes. That hasn\’t happened since she first met him and he was trying to escape her lessons!] -02:43 Aug 04
[Dark is gone and nowhere to be found!] -02:44 Aug 04

There was no sign of him anywhere! It was like he had up and vanished! The woman was paying for her ice cream and sitting at another table to enjoy it!

Evangeline: *He wasn’t at the table. He wasn’t in the bathroom. Evangeline even stepped outside to see if he was hiding because he was embarrassed to have her talk to the girl! But he wasn’t there either. …and it was so unlike him to leave her alone like this!* Blast it! *With a stomp of her foot, she turned around to go back inside and approached the woman a second time.* ….um, excuse me. I don’t mean to be a bother all over again, but did you happened to see where Dark went…? -02:47 Aug 04

The woman blinked. “No. I’m sorry. If you see him again, let him know he can call me anytime he needs company.”

Evangeline: Are you sure, because he was sitting right here the entire time we were speaking, and well… *Evangeline didn’t want to say that the woman HAD to of seen just because she was a borderline stalker! That would be so rude! This was one of those rare moment she missed having constant visions.* You wouldn’t let his mother worry, would you? -02:56 Aug 04

She smiled softly and patted Evangeline’s hand. “I’m sure he’s around here somewhere. If I see him, I will let him know. Why don’t you tell me how to reach you?”

Evangeline: Hmm. You can ask for Evangeline Clark at Oracle. I’m sure you know where that is. *Now she understood that suspicious feeling Gabriel so often had right before something bad happened!* Sorry to bother you. *Attempting not to huff, or pounce on the woman to shake all her secrets out, Evangeline left the parlor quickly to step outside and around the corner. ….Then she waited! She’d spy and find out what the girl was up to then bail Dark out of trouble!* -03:02 Aug 04

She nodded. “Doesn’t everyone.” It seemed like ages had passed until the woman finally emerged. She left the parlor and paused outside to straighten her clothes before beginning to walk down the street in the opposite direction, away from Evangeline.

Evangeline: *Following people subtly was one of the rare things she was actually good at! It came in handy all those times she needed to stalk after a person to tell them visions. Evangeline kept at a reasonable distance. Not too far to get left behind, but not too close to seem suspicious. The woman practically glided as she walked… she must not be entirely human…* -03:09 Aug 04

The woman finally disappeared into a tall building Evangeline might have recognized as a high end residential building.

Evangeline: *Such a classy part of town! It would be a lovely place to live… Evangeline thought about it for a second, but she definitely thought having a small house would be better for the- Oh right! Following the lady! Evangeline skipped down the sidewalk quick and slipped in to the building, looking around quick to try and spot her!* -03:20 Aug 04

People moved out of the woman’s way as she walked. She made her way into the elevator where she disappeared! It appeared that she was in a hurry to get to something!

Evangeline: *Maybe she owned the building… Once Evangeline reached the elevator, she waited and watched the numbers to see what floor it stopped on. Then she was pressing the call button and waiting for one to drop so she could catch up!* -03:23 Aug 04

Evangeline watched as the elevator floors lit up all the way to “P.” Unfortunately she discovered there was no button for “P” on the elevator button panel. Instead there was a card slot which she could only take to mean you needed a card key to get up there.

Evangeline: *Now what was she going to do! She couldn’t go stealing one. If she asked for Gabriel’s help, he’d be furious she was off alone! But if she called Caroline, Dark would be furious! Bother… why were men so difficult!* Huuum. I guess we’ll have to pick the lesser of two evils! *She pat her tummy before digging around in her pockets to find one of those marbles. Once the elevator doors were closed and no one was with her, she summoned up Caroline!* -03:34 Aug 04

The woman rode her way up to the top and then stepped out into a wide courtyard. It was filled with carefully managed patches of grass and trees and bushes as large as a football field. At the other end was a rather large castle complete with towers and unfurled flags.

Caroline: *Caroline had clearly been doing something strenuous and possibly bloody. For when she appeared she was breathing hard, with a fist balled up, her clothes discheveled and covered in suspicious looking patches of dirt and blood!* ….?! If this is not an emergency, my lady, I swear… !

Evangeline: I am so sorry! But yes, I do think it is an emergency? *Evangeline mirrored Caroline’s surprise… but then she was immediately launching in to explanations!* Dark was having trouble with a girl you caught him with, so he asked me for help so I told her to leave him alone and she agreed but then he was gone so I followed her here but I can’t reach her floor without a card! -03:39 Aug 04
Dark: *He groaned and opened his eyes. His head was pounding and he was on something soft … His throat was dry. Crap, what the hell had he done this time? He rolled over onto his back. Okay, so he had clothes on … That meant he wasn’t napping at home.* -03:42 Aug 04

Caroline: *With that rushed and obviously missing valuable details blurb of nonsense, Caroline pieced it together. Dark got himself in trouble. Looking non too pleased, she changed her stance, placing a hand over the panel and growling something that sounded more like a curse than a spell.* Where she went isn’t exactly on a floor in this building. Does your husband know you’ve left home?

Evangeline: *Evangeline shook her head.* I didn’t expect to be out longer than a few minutes. Will we be able to get there? *She was curious now! That meant the elevator was a doorway to somewhere else? Like one of the doors in her apartment led to the castle!* -03:44 Aug 04

The woman’s clothes and hairstyle had changed as well. She wore a long gown that matched her eyes, a low neckline, long sleeves and a small tiara. The enchanted suits of armor standing guard in various places, some cloaked in camouflage spells, saluted her as she passed.

Dark: *White … Everything was white. He sat up and shook himself awake. Yeah, he was definitely not home! He was in some kind of castle. Some big room, lots of space, white furniture everywhere. He huffed.* -03:46 Aug 04

Caroline: Yes, we can. But Gabriel is not going to be pleased when we return. *Caroline didn’t need a card to activate the portal, but it did require one hell of a spell. A small knife appeared in her hand, where she proceed to cut her palm and pressed it against the panel. Before Evangeline could blink twice there was a bright flash and a DING! The elevator doors open out revealing a courtyard. Caroline was no longer a mess, but dressed what looked like clothing for a battle! A dark brown leather vest and boots laced up tight. Even her hair was braided.* Don’t wander, Evangeline. And don’t trust the people here. They aren’t as friendly as most you meet.

Evangeline: *This was… this was a very different place! It felt as if they had been taken to an entirely different world. Like when traveling to the Devil World! But this place was so bright, cheerful, and very beautiful! Evangeline found Caroline’s clothes so curious… they looked old, but very fine! When Caroline started walking, Evangeline was quick on her heels.* There’s a castle here! Where are we now? Is Dark here? ….oh, look at the gardens…! -03:55 Aug 04

Tiny faeries flew this way and that! They hovered around Evangeline, sprinkling glittery dust over her!

Caroline: Welcome to the Magical World. This isn’t quite the country I would have introduce you to first, but seeing as Dark has once again gotten himself in trouble… *Caroline glared at the faeries, but didn’t say a word about them or two them. She DID take Evangeline’s arm to lead her down the path before she found something shiny and got herself kidnapped too.* Did you happen to catch the woman’s name?

Evangeline: I… completely forgot to ask. Dark never told me. *Evangeline shook some of the glitter out of her hair. What a shame Meri wasn’t here too, she would have loved to see this! But Caroline was very serious, and Evangeline was starting to worry.* Is Dark in danger here? -04:05 Aug 04

“I’m home …” the woman’s voice rang out. The courtiers here were also finely dressed and smart enough to bow or curtsey as she approached. “Now where is my new toy …” It had been so much trouble to deal with the woman claiming to be his mother. It was about time she was able to enjoy his company.

As they walked, harp music began to waft through the wind. It was so beautiful it made them want to stop and listen some more, perhaps even find the source of the music and forget their worries …

Caroline: We are about to find out. *Caroline didn’t slow her pace even with the music playing. Her gripped tightened just a bit on Evangeline’s arm, even tugging her forward when the woman tried to stop.* Evangeline. There are a lot of enchantments here. Keep your husband in mind for me. *She was aware of guards out in the courtyard, all standing stiff and watching. Some that she couldn’t even see, but was sure they were there. They wouldn’t be stopped by them unless they were aggressive… but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t use other tricks!*

Evangeline: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so lovely. *And the music reminded her of cherubs and sweet lovesongs! She nearly lost her footing when Caroline pulled her, even frowning and trying to get her to slow down.* Do we really have to be in such a rush? I would love to take a look at the gardens! -04:14 Aug 04
Dark: Oooff! *He tumbled off the bed and jumped to his feet. He growled.* Damnit, why doesn’t someone turn the lights off?! *He walked over to one of the windows and looked outside … then cursed again!* Damnit to fuckin’ hell …! -04:15 Aug 04

Caroline: Sure, my lady. We can take a few minutes to browse the gardens while Dark is locked away in a castle suffering untold tortures. He won’t mind a few more moments.

The path up ahead appeared to be overgrown with vines and tree and the canopy so thick they couldn’t see the castle from where they were!

Evangeline: Right..! We are rescuing Dark! *What on earth was she thinking! She had nearly forgotten all about him. Evangeline started walking again, but their progress came up short with an over growth of vines in the way.* …I really don’t remember those being there before. -04:21 Aug 04
Dark: Crap. Crap crap crap crap crap!*He huffed! He was obviously *not* in the human world anymore … He made a look of digust. It smelled of flowers and trees and … light. He glanced around.* -04:22 Aug 04

Caroline: They weren’t. *It was good to know that the ones of this kingdom wouldn’t attack them. However, they were clever enough to know how to delay them. Caroline grit her teeth. She nudge Evangeline back a few paces, then she pulled out a marble from her pocket. With a shout, she cracked the spell open throwing a huge wave of green fire at the vines!*

Dark didn’t get so much as a chance to step foot outside. The doors burst open and the woman walked in. She giggled when she saw Dark. “Mm … If it isn’t the new Avatar of Light, it’s so nice of you to visit me.”

Dark: *He growled!* Visit you … You kidnapped me, you damn witch! *His fangs were growing. He made certain to keep at least a few yards of space between him and her. When she stepped forward, he stepped back. He couldn’t go out the door … he could try the window …* -04:28 Aug 04
Evangeline: *Fire everywhere! It was a shame to see such beautiful things having to burn! But Evangeline kept reminding herself that they were here for Dark. Caroline must not have been exagerating about enchantments, as Evangeline was finding it very hard to focus. Everything just seemed so inviting!* Could we not teleport to him? It would be faster? -04:37 Aug 04

Caroline: There are rules and protocol, my lady. Like the Devil World, there are things you can and can not do. *Using another spell she dispelled the fire and blew away the ash. Their path was open once again. She cast a smirk at Evangeline.* We don’t want to cause a war.

She smiled. “Nah-uh-uhh …” With a gesture she weaved her spell and Dark felt something tighten around his neck. Then she flicked her wrist and he jerked forward, flying into the air and landing at her feet with a thud! She giggled and clapped, then circled him while twirling.

Evangeline: War would be a terrible thing, yes. *That was a sobering thought. Those lingering desires to frolick in the gardens were gone. Now she was worried! Evangeline kept at Caroline’s heels again, quite determined not to be distracted!* -04:49 Aug 04
Dark: Oofff! *He groaned and lifted his head. He ran his tongue over his teeth. He tasted his blood.* What the hell did you do?! *He wanted to attack her so badly! But that invisible thing she had around his neck wouldn’t let him budge!* -04:50 Aug 04

But because Caroline had burnt the vines, the trees and the grass were beginning to grow at a rapid pace everywhere! In a blink of an eye they were surrounded by a ring of trees and vines were moving to wrap around limbs and trip them!

Caroline: *She had nearly smashed nose first in to one of those trees. Now she was growling louder.* This is quickly becoming a nuisance. *Snatching up Evangeline, Caroline jumped! Leaping on to branches, over others, and through breaks in the trees. She found it a very tight squeeze trying to get out of the circle to land safely on the other side!*

Evangeline: *A soft yelp escaped her… she couldn’t help it! Gabriel had picked her up like this so often…. but Caroline wasn’t nearly as solid as he was, and she was certain the woman almost dropped her more than once!* …. are you sure we can’t teleport! -04:57 Aug 04

She giggled. “It’s just a simple spell, my love.” She looked out the window as if she’d heard something but then turned back and smiled. “Now let us begin …”

Caroline: Starting to reconsider. *Before something else tried to grow up around them, Caroline took off running across the courtyard! She had to dodge invisible guards, rocks, and apparently walls. Evangeline must be starting to weigh more than she looked, so by the time Caroline made it to the castle gates and set Evangeline on her feet, she was NOT feeling so patient anymore!* The Bright Lady Her Majesty Queen of Darkness Evangeline and her guardian the Lady Shade Bane of Devils Caroline Andraste requesting audiance. *By the end of the phrase she was snarling and making no effort to hide it.*

The little boy with the sharp ears and cat-like eyes at the doors bowed to both. He knew better than to question them. The doors opened and he stepped inside, gesturing for them to enter. “The Bright Lady, Her Majesty, Queen of Darkness Evangeline! And her guardian, the Lady Shade, Bane of Devils, Caroline Andraste request a royal audience!” The voice that rang out was loud and clear and deeper than any child’s voice had a right to be. Courtiers gathered, curious.

Above, the woman paused over the unconcious Dark. She growled! … Now?! Oh the nerve! But it was her duty while her parents were away. She swept out of the room and down the steps. “We are not taking audiences at the moment. Return later.”

Caroline: *Normally, a guardian was supposed to trail obediantly behind their patron. But Caroline stalked forward, passing by shocked and curious courtiers and only paused when she reached the end of long rug across the floor and that woman was coming down the steps.* You will take audience or I’ll burn your fucking castle down. Choose with care.

The woman raised an eyebrow. “Hmph. Caroline Andraste, come to curse and darken my family’s home with your foul magic once more. I have nothing to discuss with you … or your patron, misguided human that she is.”

Evangeline: Caroline…! *Well, so much for trying to NOT start a war..! Evangeline was quick to enter, but didn’t run. She stopped several paces behind Caroline. …if only because she suspected that she wasn’t kidding about burning the castle down.* What she means to say, is that we are here for Dark. We really can’t take no for an answer. -05:20 Aug 04

There were gasps and murmurs from the courtiers!

The woman smirked. “Do you have any idea whom you speak to with such disdain! I am Melissande, Princess of the Elven House of Rhyanon, the Firstborn of King Marek and Queen Isabeau. I do not take orders from the likes of you.”

Caroline: Lie and tell me he is not here, I beg you. Pretend that you can mask the aura of Light and give me the pleasure of casting that assinine smirk of yours in to the belly of the nearest volcano.

Evangeline: …Oh dear. *NOW Evangeline scooted quickly to put herself in front of Caroline. Her temper was flaring and this would not go well if she spoke like that!* I am very worried about Dark, and -I- would very much appreciate if you would return him to me? At the very least, let me ask him myself whether or not he wants to be here. Please? -05:30 Aug 04

She raised an eyebrow. “He is indisposed at the moment. Come back at a later date.” She turned and began walking back up the steps.

Evangeline: I’m afraid we’re not going to leave without him, Princess Melissande! If you won’t let me see him, I will have to stand aside and let Caroline retrieve him for me, and I have a feeling that she is not going to be very friendly about it. For the sake of your home, can I please have Dark back? -05:37 Aug 04

She turned. “Hmph. Fine. Andraste stays here. You may follow me up and see him.”

Caroline: *Caroline flashed a wicked, wicked smile. Unfriendly would be an understatement. She was already pulling the marbles out of he pocket, tossing them up and down in her palm. Ready to cast the spells.* Be warned, Melissande. Harm my Queen, and I will be the least of your fears.

Evangeline: Caroline, please… *She whispered as she passed… The woman was as bad as Gabriel! Evangeline started up the steps to follow the Princess. Hopefully this wouldn’t take long and they could leave before things got out of hand!* -05:41 Aug 04

She led the way upstairs. “I must admit. I did not believe you were Dark’s mother and yet here you are, the Queen of Darkness.”

Evangeline: It isn’t something I like to announce in every day conversation. But I care very much about him, and I don’t like to see him upset or taken advantage of. You understand, don’t you? *She hopes so, anyway! If this is indeed a kidnapping, it makes for a really strange situation!* -05:49 Aug 04

Caroline: *Caroline was teetering on the edge of snapping. It was evident in the way she paced back and forth. Slow and deliberate motions, as she stared down the over curious courtiers that lingered in the grand hall hoping to catch a good show. Her shadow seemed to be doing the same. Giving a grim smirk and a swipe at all who dared to step too close. Five minutes. That was all she would give.*

“I suppose …” She led the way to the room and opened the door, allowing Evangeline to go first. Dark lay on the floor, still unconscious. But as Evangeline moved toward Dark, she cast a spell to shrink the woman and Dark before capturing them into a box. Then she was summoning a griffon. “Take this box far, far away to the edges of the Magical World. Quickly.” The griffon, flapping its wings as it hovered outside, took the box in one of its claws and flew away. Melissand watched and waited for five minutes before she screamed!

Caroline: Evangeline! *At the sound of a scream Caroline bolted up the stairs. Perplexed by the fact it wasn’t the familiar scream of Evangeline! She was more than ready to start hurling spells, but when she burst through the door, there was no sight of Evangeline or Dark…. just Melissande.* …Where are they?

Evangeline: *Evangeline was so very confused! And a little annoyed! ….and a little amazed at being so tiny! Of course, it was impossible to stand in the little box as it moved about. She shook the unconcious Dark.* Dark! Dark? Can you wake up? -06:04 Aug 04

“It was terrible! I had decided to give the Queen and Dark sometime alone but when I returned they were gone! I’ve searched everywhere! Someone has invaded my home!”

Caroline: Do not play games with me, princess. I will burn your castle down out of sheer spite. But if something happens to my Queen, Darkness will burn your soul until eternity ends. *She wanted to burn it all down now…! But with Evangeline missing…. Caroline paced the room, looking for traces of an intruders, or perhaps where Dark might have been stashed away. His aura was so strong, it was impossible to miss. ….And it seemed to be getting farther and farther from her…!*

Dark: *Finally there was a groan. He lifted his head and shook it. His hand went to his neck.* Phew … The witch took it off. -06:15 Aug 04

She tossed her hair over her shouler. “I do not play games.”

Evangeline: Oh good, you’re alive! Unfortunetly we’re in a box and I am afraid if we don’t get back downstairs soon that Caroline is going to do something wicked. -06:16 Aug 04
Dark: … Evangeline? *He sat up and rubbed his head.* Gah. The last thing I remember is that *thing* that calls herself a woman lassoing me with something. -06:18 Aug 04

Caroline: I’m glad. That will make it easier for you to return Dark and Evangeline to me. *Still prowling about the room she was trying to trace the steps. Something definitely came in and took them, but Caroline didn’t believe for a moment that Melissande had nothing to do with it. She bounced a few marbles in her hand.* They aren’t here. That means I can destroy this place without fear of hurting either of them. *To make her point she flung one of the marbles. It hit the far wall with a BOOM and rocks went flying and crumbling!*

She squealed! “Stop that! Stop that right now!” She stomped her foot!

Evangeline: I knew she was being sneaky! There’s just something so sneaky about her. It’s no wonder Caroline is so up and in a made fuss about her. …but really, Dark, we need to get out of this box. -06:23 Aug 04
Dark: … Crap, you said you came with Caroline? She’s gonna burn this place to the ground. *He looked around and then above.* I think I saw some light up there. *He attempted to climb but the inside was slippery and after several attempts, he was still no closer.* -06:24 Aug 04

Caroline: *Caroline threw another marble. Striking down another wall, but this time catching every near it on fire!* I am well practice in tearing down castles, Melissande. Wall by wall is very entertaining. Though, I wonder how your family would feel if I were to shake the entire foundations.

“You can’t! You’ll start a war! Everything will be all YOUR fault! Because you refused to just wait and go look for them!”

Evangeline: I tried to come by myself, but I really didn’t know how! She was fine at first, really. But then she was getting annoyed and… well. I don’t think she likes that woman. *Evangeline tried to help, but the motion outside the box was not helping her keep on her feet. In fact it was making her very sick! She finally had to plop and sit.* ….oh, and we’re very tiny, by the way! -06:27 Aug 04

Caroline: It won’t be much of a war if everyone in your kingdom is dead. I think the odds are stacked in my favor. *Illustrating her threat, she threw a handful of her marbles down at the ground. A deep rumbling started, followed by the walls and floor starting to shake!*

“No no no no no! guards, attack!” she shrieked. The enchanted suits of armor, hulking giants at least seven feet tall began stalking toward Caroline, swinging weapons and hurling balls of ice at her!

Caroline: You people can never fucking do it the easy way, can you! *Abandoning her marbles, Caroline started casting her spells directly. Running to dodge the ice balls, she stopped at the edge of the room to stomp a foot on the ground and cave in the entire floor! She, the armor giants and even Melissande went dropping down to the floor below!*

Dark: That doesn’t surprise me. There are lots of people Caroline doesn’t like. *He huffed.* Let me see if I can cast a spell. *He bit his lip to draw blood and tried to teleport. When that didn’t work, he tried again … and again …* Crap. This box we’re in must be magic proof … -06:40 Aug 04
Evangeline: Maybe you can punch your way through it! Or chew! …is it made of cardboard? *She knocked on the floor of the box to see. If they didn’t find a way out on their own, they would have to be rescued. And Evangeline could only imagine both Caroline and Gabriel tearing everything to pieces!* -06:44 Aug 04
Dark: *He blinked.* Eh … I guess it’s worth a shot. *He did some stretches, then pulled his fists back and started punching the box. Punch! Punch! … When that didn’t work his fangs grew and he started trying to chew the box!* -06:46 Aug 04

Melissande shrieked s they fell to the floor below! The enchanted suits of armor held fast and continued to attack Caroline while Melissande sat, trying to straighten her clothes and hair!

Caroline: *She landed crouched on her feet, but immediately rolled out of the way as a giant armor arm came swinging down at her.* It’s a selfish thing to let your kingdom burn when you can easily save it! *If a burning is what she wanted, Caroline was happy to oblige! She threw a huge wave of fire at the surrounding armor giants. Caroline made sure to let the fire wildly catch anything flamable! People included if they were stupid enough to be in the way!*

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