044 A Fight Between Friends

Leon and Ciara have a fight! Leon is invited by the White Queen’s daughter to join their pack. Ciara has a talk with Nicholas Wulfric.

Ciara: Of course I was serious! If Lily wants to see me dating before she’ll try something herself, then that is what I’m going to do! *Speaking of which, she was pulling a phonebook out of her desk. Those numbers she didn’t bother to keep in her phone.* -04:07 Mar 09
Leon: Lily just needs some time. You can’t rush her into this. And why the hell do you have a black book anyways? With your luck, they’re numbers to vampires and werewolves and who the hell knows what else. -04:10 Mar 09
Ciara: I don’t want my daughter becoming a reclusive basket case. *Ciara was already flipping over the book to look at the numbers.* I know exactly who is who, thank you very much. What do you think I did while you were gone? -04:14 Mar 09
Leon: Let me see … *He started counting off fingers.* Seduce vampires, marry vampires, kill vampires, repeat cycle. Go searching for your lost daughter, bury yourself into some reckless plan of vengeance … -04:17 Mar 09
Ciara: Right, because my entire life has been all about crazyass vampires and revenge! *Ciara snapped the book shut just to poke him in the chest with it!* Where do you think Lily came from? She’s not some demon hybrid. I had boyfriends and lovers. I had an entire lifetime without you, and I don’t think you ever bothered to ask! -04:21 Mar 09
Leon: And where is he now, Ciara? *He asked quietly. He paused and when she gave him that look, he continued.* … I didn’t think so. I realize you’ve had a life but I don’t like to pry. If I was going to ask what you’ve been up to, it would have only been fair for me to share what I’ve been through. -04:24 Mar 09
Ciara: *He was actually going to dare and try to bring that up! …and then she’s willing to bet he’s going to skirt around the whole issue!* You are so absolutely clueless, it’s just.. mind boggling how you can prance in here and tell me how to talk to my daughter when.. When I can’t even get you in to a serious conversation without trapping you with meat! -04:29 Mar 09
Leon: *He gave a wolfish grin.* I’m a wolf. It’s hard to argue when it comes to meat. *He blinked.* If you wanted to share your life with me, it would have helped if you’d started things off. You know, say something like "Leon, guess what I’ve been doing these past twenty years …" -04:32 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara just scowled right back at him. …Tempted to throw the book at him too.* And then you would tell me about your great escape and all would be right as rain, fuzzy puppies and glittery sparkles just like that stupid psychic spits out? Maybe I don’t want to share my life anymore! I’m so tired of you and everyone else trying to tell me what I’m missing! -04:37 Mar 09
Leon: I haven’t judged you once, Cissy. Sure, I’ve questioned what you’ve done and the reasons why but I never once judged you. And I’m certainly not telling you what you’re missing. If you felt there wasn’t anything missing, you wouldn’t be bothered so much about it! -04:40 Mar 09
Ciara: *Hissing through her teeth, she turned around and flipped the book open again.* The only thing that bothers me is you. So if you’re done trying to busybody your way in to my business, you can leave. -04:43 Mar 09
Leon: Fine. I guess it’s time I moved on with my life anyways. There’s nothing for me here. *And he walked off, intent on just leaving. He wasn’t going back to Shades either. He didn’t have any possessions there.* Ooofff!! *He bumped into someone in the hall!* Excuse me! I uh … didn’t see you … -04:47 Mar 09

“Oh! Excuse me!” said a surprise woman! She was just as tall as Leon, with ebony black hair and golden eyes. …and absolutely stunning! “Are you Leon Santos?”

Leon: *His mind went blank and for what seemed like ages, he stood there. He finally shut his mouth and nodded.* Uh … Yeah. Can I uh … help you with something, Miss? -04:53 Mar 09
Ciara: … Damnit. *As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Made worse as he walked out the door. …What the hell did he expect from anyway?! That she could just… talk about everything and then it wouldn’t be terrifying anymore?! …GRRR. She tossed the book on her desk. Ciara Grey kicked a puppy while he was down. That was low even for her. …she was going to have to apologise.* -04:55 Mar 09

There was a soft giggle from the woman. “I heard you were the up and coming Alpha of Oracle. My mother insisted I should meet you.” She held out her hand. “My name is Olana.”

Leon: *Awh man, he’d made her giggle! He could never get Ciara to so much as crack a smile unless she was teasing him mercilessly! When she said "alpha", he had to crack a sheepish smile and he shook her hand.* Hello. It’s a … pleasure to meet you, Olana. But uh … I’m no alpha. My dad er, Nicholas is but definitely not me. -04:59 Mar 09

Still holding his hand, she leaned forward and tilted her head with a subtle sniff. “You smell like an Alpha.” she said. “Nicholas Wulfric is your father? I was wondering why you were so handsome.”

Leon: Heh heh. Uh, thanks. *She had a nice grip. Firm but gentle, too.* So … your mother …? -05:05 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara almost talked herself out of it… but this was just one time she couldn’t leave it be. So as she stepped out of her office, she was surprised to find him standing there with a woman. …And holding her hand.* …Leon, I wanted to talk to you. Who is this? -05:10 Mar 09

Olana didn’t release Leon’s hand, but merely smiled at Ciara! “I am Olana. You must be Ms. Ciara Grey. …Oh, I just remembered. I really need to get home. Leon, can you walk me…? It’s a bit dark outside.”

Ciara: He can’t. Leon needs to stay here and talk to me. I’m sure you can find someone else to escort you home. -05:20 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked and looked over at Ciara. What was with her?* It can get pretty dangerous out there. I’ll be glad to walk you home. Uh, see you around, Ms Grey. *With Olana still holding his hand, he walked away and toward the door. It … felt strange and in a sense, wrong to leave Cissy like this but … this was what she wanted. He couldn’t stand in the way of her happiness.* -05:22 Mar 09

Olana rest her other hand on Leon’s arm as they walked, and leaned closed to whisper in his ear. “Is she your boss? I’m not getting you in to trouble am I?”

Ciara: *Ciara was blinking in confusion until they were down the hall out of out earshot!* …what the hell just happened? -05:26 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked and gave a sheepish grin.* No … She’s … she’s just an old friend of mine. Besides, I can never turn down such a lovely woman like yourself. So where exactly do you live? -05:28 Mar 09

“I live in this wonderful house by the lake with my mother and family.” Olana replied with a smile. “Mother says you’ve been there before. I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to meet you until now!”

Leon: *He scratched his head and thought for a moment.* Well … You seem familiar somewhere but I know we haven’t met before. I’m glad we finally got to meet, though. -05:34 Mar 09
Ciara: *Still standing in the hall, Ciara crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the floor. Of course he was angry. Maybe too angry to even notice that gorgeous, flirty bimbo practically clinging to his arm. Why would she care what sort of hussy he’s taking home? She told him to leave and he was doing it! …Now why did she want to throw someone off a g’damned building!* -05:36 Mar 09

Another soft giggle! “I hope we can be friends! The reason I came to see you, was because Mother wanted to invite you in to our family. To become one of us.”

Nicholas: Ah, Ms Grey, you are here late, are you not? *He said, stopping behind her.*

Leon: *He blinked!* Wow. That’s very kind of your mother. But what did I do to deserve an offer like that? -05:42 Mar 09
Ciara: I came to get something. *This was not a moment she wanted to speak with Nicholas Wulfric… then again…* Do you know a woman with black hair and gold eyes? Named Olana? She asked Leon to take her home. -05:43 Mar 09

“You’re so charming! Have you really not realized your own strength?” Olana was laughing, but it was with good nature! “You are an Alpha, but I fear maybe you have not had a chance to really live like one, have you?”

Nicholas: *He was studying her thoughtfully like he usually did. But whatever he saw, he held his tongue.* Ah yes, Olana. She is Lady Octavia’s daughter. I believe you know her as the White Wolf.

Leon: *He laughed softly.* Actually no, I haven’t. It’s … been pretty busy for me all this time. And I haven’t spent a lot of time with other wolves. -05:49 Mar 09
Ciara: A wolf. *A stunning wolf. One that could have walked her own damned self home.* …dark outside my ass. Where the hell is she taking him? -05:49 Mar 09

“You must be horribly lonely! I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without my family around.” Olana replied, she really looked very sorry to hear that! By now they were heading out of Oracle and on down the street.

Nicholas: *There was a small smile on his mouth but it disappeared just as quickly as it formed.* I can only assume she is taking him back to her Pack. I did suggest Leon spend more time with wolves.

Ciara: I see. *What great timing. He might want to stay with them. ..and not with her. And.. good riddence! No more Leon! …again. Frowning she tugged on her ear, trying to convince herself it was a brilliant idea. …Then again, she hadn’t apologised yet, could she really let him go without saying she was sorry?* …Where exactly is her pack? Near the lake, isn’t it? -05:58 Mar 09
Leon: *He smiled.* I’m sorry. I’m not getting you down, am I? Because that was completely opposite of what I was going for. *He wasn’t really paying attention to where they were headed. He was just enjoying spending time with this mysterious wolf and not thinking about … what’s her name.* -06:09 Mar 09

Olana favored him with a brilliant smile. “Absolutely not. I have to say, it’s so easy talking to you. Ah, here we go!” It wasn’t long through crossing the park when they came upon a familiar gate! Olana stepped right through a hole where there were missing planks. “Come this way. Mother will be so pleased to see you.”

Nicholas: That is correct. I am aware you do not need it but do you wish for an escort, Ms Grey?

Ciara: *Ciara’s immediate instinct was to snap at him… but maybe she had done enough of that today. At least it would give her a chance to decide on what she would say.* …Yes, I think I would like an escort. -06:15 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked at the gate and then followed through the hole!* Wait … this is … *He pointed back the way they’d come and then ahead of them.* Is she… is your mother the alpha female of your Pack? -06:16 Mar 09

Olana beamed with pride! “Yes! One of the oldest and most respected packs in the city. Mother has said she was very impressed with the way you spoke to her.”

Nicholas: *If he was in the least bit surprised by this gracious consent, he certainly didn’t show it!* Very well. I will wait for you outside while you prepare yourself. *And he walked outside!*

Leon: I’m … still a little surprised myself. So … how is it being a wolf and just … doing wolf things? *He was rather curious about that! How would it feel to not have to worry about being human and just letting yourself be a wolf?* -06:23 Mar 09
Ciara: *Prepare herself, indeed. Ciara was aware that she’d need to watch her mouth or be wolfy food. …But if she had the chance to chop off that golden-eyed beauty’s tail… she might do it! Thus, Ciara made sure to grab her silver fencing foil to leave at her back… and nothing else. Locking up her office, she met Wulfric outside. …and huffed.* Being ancient and all… how often have you stuck your foot in your mouth? -06:24 Mar 09

“It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world! There is nothing like it!” And as if to demonstrate, Olana ran across the grass towards the house, quickly shiftly from human to an equally stunning black wolf! She stopped and stop down when she reached the top of the cellar steps, waiting for Leon!

Nicholas: *He chuckled softly. He sounded like Leon when he laughed or chuckled, just more reserved and indifferent.* Many times. I have always recovered from it.

Ciara: With your dignity intact, I’m sure. *Ciara walked with her arms crossed, tapping her fingers on her elbows. The old wolf was very much like Leon, it was strange.* …I don’t ever think while he’s around. The first thing that pops in to my head is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. At least before the worst thing I could ever say was cooties. -06:37 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked!* Wow … You’re good. I wish I could shift like that. *He huffed and scratched the back of his head. He was going to embarass himself for sure if he tried transforming now!* -06:41 Mar 09

A giggling wolf had to be adorable, but she shifted back quickly to beckon him down the steps with a finger. “Don’t be embarassed. I’m sure you’re a quick learner. Come now, she’s waiting!” Olana led the way down the steps!

Nicholas: But it is different now. It must be very difficult for you to cope with Leon, knowing that he has changed … realizing you have, too. Leon is still very much a pup, learning and enjoying himself.

Leon: *He blinked and followed after her. He’d met the White Wolf more than a few times but … this time it just seemed different.* -06:47 Mar 09
Ciara: You understand. I don’t know why he doesn’t get it. *Tap, tap tap of her fingers.* I could have asked him what happened. I wanted to even, but he makes that damned face everytime he thinks about it. I hate that face. -06:50 Mar 09

Down the steps in to the cellar, the place was unchanged from before. There were wolves sleeping, playing, chewing on things… And they were all very curious about the guest! “Mother, Leon walked home with me. He really is as nice as you said.”

“Welcome home, Leon Santos.” replied the White Queen. She was sitting just as regal as ever in her favorite spot. As if she had been waiting there just for him! “Do you like my daughter?”

Nicholas: There is much to be said between the two of you. Especially on Leon’s part. He must learn that one cannot change past but it will always be there. If you cannot share it with the ones he loves, he will always be haunted with it. The past never lets us forget our mistakes. He is trying to be brave and to keep himself free of the past.

Leon: *He swallowed, suddenly feeling very much in the spotlight! Wait, what was he supposed to call her again? Nicholas had mentioned it tons of times!* Thank you, uh … Lady Octavia. *At the mention of her daughter, he looked over at Olana and then back to her.* Yes, she is very lovely. Thank you for … inviting me. -07:02 Mar 09
Ciara: *Ciara went silent for a moment, thinking. She wouldn’t call it brave to avoid talking about things… just fear. But that may have just been her own problem.* …It used to be so easy. He was the first person I would come running to when something bother me. Christ, I still do it now! I get stabbed and I could have called an ambulance, and instead I called him! I’m completely out of my mind. -07:04 Mar 09

“You are always welcome with our pack, Leon Santos. I wish for you to join us. Perhaps one day you could inherit my throne.” Octavio responded, that light hint of humor in her voice.

Nicholas: *He chuckled softly.* That happens often … with the people we love. I was told Leon came immediately to your side.

Ciara: Yes, and he proceeded to yell at me the entire way back. Then his stupid furry behind went and did something stupid and I… *Silence. She nearly had a heart attack, and Wulfric knew the rest. She asked him to teach his son.* I don’t know if I can stand him… leaving again. I spent far too much time waiting for people to come back to me. -07:11 Mar 09
Leon: *He blinked. He wasn’t quite sure if he heard right!* You … want me to join your Pack? -07:18 Mar 09

Nicholas: I understand. *Now they were entering the park.* We are nearly there.

Olana nodded and smiled. “I know you are a little unsure of yourself, but you are a strong wolf! Mother has had so many wonderful things to say about you. I’m sure you could learn so much with us. And I would very much like to get to know you better.”

Ciara: *Ciara eyed Wulfric carefully, a slight frown across her face. For a wolf and the man that was ‘to blame’ for Leon’s entire life, speaking to him came far too natural. Maybe because he was so much like Leon…* You surprise me, Nicholas Wulfric. You’re not at all what I expected. -07:23 Mar 09
Leon: *He grinned wolfishly.* I have to admit … I like the idea. I like it very much. But … if I may … have some time to think about it …? -07:28 Mar 09

Nicholas: Hm? *He looked over at her.* If I may ask, what did you expect, Ms Grey?

“Take all of the time you need.” responded the White Queen. “You may spend the night with us and see what it is like to be a real wolf.”

Ciara: A pompous old bastard, mostly. Completely clueless, pompous old bastard. …I’m rather glad you’re not. -07:31 Mar 09

Nicholas: *He dipped his head as they approached the fence and he gestured her through the hole there first.* I see. *He chuckled softly.* How very amusing.

Leon: Thank you. So … is Olana your only daughter? *He asked, curious.* -07:47 Mar 09
Ciara: Don’t let it go to your head. I may bite you tomorrow. *Ciara ducked through the hole in the fence and took a look around… It ws fairly obvious where they were headed now, if the wolf tracks were any inclination. She headed for the cellar door.* -07:49 Mar 09

The White Queen smiled, showing her wolfy fangs. “No. I have many children. Olana is… a fine canidate for mating. Don’t you agree?”

Olana laughed softly. “Mother, you’ll embarass me. You shouldn’t tease.”

Leon: She is … *He looked at Olana, awestruck by her. She was–in every sense of the word–perfect. So why did he feel guilty?* -07:55 Mar 09

Octavia was very pleased to hear that he agreed! “A beautiful woman, a beautiful wolf. With strong blood and mind. It would be a pleasant union if you took her as your mate.”

Nicholas: *He followed Ms Grey and knocked on the door frame of the cellar as half of the door was missing!*

Before Leon could reply, there was a knock at the cellar door!

It was Olana that tilted her head slightly to sniff the air. “Nicholas Wulfric is here… with Ms. Grey. Shall I tell them we are busy with company?” she asked.

There was only a slightly swish on the White Queen’s tail. “…Perhaps we should ask Leon Santos. …Should we turn then away?”

Leon: *Ms Grey? And Nicholas? He couldn’t help but be curious.* No. Um … Would you excuse me for a moment, my lady? Olana? -08:11 Mar 09

There might have been a glimmer of a smile from the white wolf, but she simply nodded her head!

Leon: *He stepped outside.* What are you two doing here? *He glanced from Nicholas to Ms Grey and back again!* -08:14 Mar 09

Nicholas: I believe this is my cue to leave. *He bowed his head, excused himself and went into the cellar.*

Ciara: *That jerk…! He wasn’t supposed to take off! How was she supposed to remember what to say?* Leon, I… *How to say it… just say it! Ciara shut her eyes and stuffed her hands in her pockets.* I wanted to say I was sorry. -08:17 Mar 09
Leon: *Of all the things he could have possibly imagined, an apology was something he hadn’t thought of!* Wha … Huh … But … Apologizing? For what? -08:21 Mar 09
Ciara: *Did he really have no idea?! She opened one eye to peek then blinked at him.* …For saying you bothered me. And calling you a busybody. …and getting mad at you for helping. And for…. for not talking to you about things. About everything. -08:24 Mar 09
Leon: *He gave a small smile.* I … I want to apologize, too. There are a lot of stuff to talk to you about and I have to learn that I can’t act all carefree all the time. It’s just really hard. I don’t want to face what happened to me. -08:28 Mar 09
Ciara: …If it makes you feel any better, after you tell me I’ll be able to strap dynamite to every person that ever hurt you and throw them off a plane. *…and she was serious. Very serious.* -08:30 Mar 09
Leon: *He knew she was serious but he still couldn’t help but smile.* If we’re going to do that, it’s probably better if we have a nice pot of coffee first. And I’ll be glad to listen to you about … your life. -08:33 Mar 09
Ciara: *She loosely grasped his shirt before stepping forward and resting her head on his shoulder.* As long as you promise not to run away from home and join a damned wolfpack. -08:36 Mar 09
Leon: *He smiled, slipped his arms around her waist.* What are you talking about? I already belong to a Pack. -08:39 Mar 09

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