Evangeline has a ball in her ballroom and Gabriel steals her away. She applies some “interesting” advice from Caroline!

[Evangeline is wearing a pretty sleeveless sheer ball dress, that starts with lavender at the top and fades to light blue… She feels like a fairy flower every time she twirls!] -10:33 May 15
[Gabriel slipped into the ballroom, wearing a mask and a hooded cloak.] -10:37 May 15

Vlamerias: *She was wearing a short dark blue gown perfect for looking like a princess but not tripping over anything!* Mommy! Mommy! You look beautiful! -Gabriel

Evangeline: *Convincing Gabriel to let her have a party was very hard work. But he couldn’t give her a ballroom and then not let her have a ball! Everyone looked so pretty, and she loved getting to twirl and dance and not worry about someone trying to eat her!* Thank you! Are you having fun so far? There are even little devil sized people to dance with! -10:40 May 15
Evangeline: *Convincing Gabriel to let her have a party was very hard work. But he couldn’t give her a ballroom and then not let her have a ball! Everyone looked so pretty, and she loved getting to twirl and dance and not worry about someone trying to eat her!* Thank you! Are you having fun so far? There are even little devil sized people to dance with! -10:41 May 15

Vlamerias: Yep! And the devil rats are having fun, too! And there are so many people! Everyone dressed up tonight! -Gabriel

Evangeline: Everyone is always so worried about everything… this is a nice change of pace, I think. So many smiling faces! * In fact she couldn’t quit grinning either, standing there swishing her skirts back and forth and debating who she would kidnap to dance, next!* -10:47 May 15
Gabriel: *The devil rats had made quite a buffet line, one that stretched from one wall to the other. He saw all kinds of food to placate just about any type of eater that was attending. He took a piece of candy. It looked and tasted like the one Evangeline often gave him.* -10:48 May 15

Vlamerias: *She giggled as a young boy with pointed ears about her height bowed.* Hehe, excuse me, Mommy! *She took his hands and they disappeared onto the dance floor.* -Gabriel

Evangeline: * Evangeline waved to Meri! Now for a dance herself… She had already danced with a very nice elf, the centaur who was a little cranky, and even the minotaur woke up to dance at least once. But who she REALLY wanted to dance with was…. Gabriel! Evangeline grinned ever wider, sneaking her way through people until she came across an old man in a cloak.* What do you think about the dancing? Everyone looks lovely, don’t you think? -10:53 May 15
Gabriel: *He smirked behind his mask as he finished the candy. The sword he often used instead of the Diablo Animus had been transformed into a tall staff. He leaned on it as he turned and he bowed even lower.* None look as lovely as you, fair lady. -10:56 May 15
Evangeline: The faeries would be so sad to hear that! *She clasped her hands behind her back and tilted on her feet.* Would you like to come and dance with me? You can’t come to a ball and not dance. -10:58 May 15
Gabriel: *His voice was low and cracked every so often.* I would, fair lady. Alas, this old back o’ mine. I would not humiliate myself or my dance partner in front o’ so many. -11:02 May 15
Evangeline: No? *Oh, she wanted to grin even more. But she forced herself to frown, still tilting on her feet.* That’s too bad… I wouldn’t take steps too quickly and I’m sure you’d enjoy dancing with me if you tried! -11:05 May 15
Gabriel: I am certain, my lady, you dance even more gracefully than the mistress of this very castle. They say she is stunning, that her beauty filled the loneliness that is Darkness, and made him whole. -11:10 May 15
Evangeline: *Evangeline had to move her hands to cover her mouth before she started giggling!* Then it might surprise you to know I am the mistress of this castle? And I may be very insulted if someone refused a dance with me… -11:12 May 15
Gabriel: Ah to insult such a woman is a sin most terrible. But the bigger insult is that your husband is not here to prevent someone from whiskin’ you away. -11:13 May 15
Evangeline: *Chewing on her bottom lip as to not let a giggle loose, she shrugged her shoulders and swayed.* …maybe so! I think my husband might have forgetten all about me. Now I am left lonely in a sea of people! -11:15 May 15
Gabriel: It grieves me to allow such an injustice. *He bowed low and offered her his hand. He leaned the staff against the table.* If I may … -11:18 May 15
Evangeline: You’re very kind. *She took his hand, and resisted the urge to drag him away to the dancefloor too fast!* -11:20 May 15
Gabriel: *He smirked behind his mask and moved behind her, shuffling his feet.* -11:22 May 15
Evangeline: *With a great deal of patience she led him out to the center floor and arranged one of his arms around her waist and took his other hand in hers for a simple waltz.* Do you like my party? Everything almost glitters and there’s so many different colored gowns. It looks like my gardens! -11:26 May 15
Gabriel: *He let her arrange his arms just so and actually let her lead for awhile as if this was his first waltz.* It is truly remarkable, my lady … Do you mind if I call you my lady? I would not want to insult you. -11:27 May 15
Evangeline: You can call me anything you like. I’ve many names now. *She liked this game… If only because he seemed very mysterious and she could see other guests in the room whispering and wondering!* And what name would I call you? -11:29 May 15
Gabriel: What name would you like to give me, dear mistress? *He could tell she was enjoying this and it helped to trifle with the inhabitants’ evening. They were growing too lazy.* -12:08 May 16
Evangeline: I am not very good with names… I could call you Mister Old Man, or maybe Stranger Sir? *Now she was actually trying to debate something clever and interesting. Devils always seemed to given them very fancy titles…* …Or maybe I won’t call you anything, and you can remain elusive and mysterious? -12:13 May 16
Gabriel: *He tilted his head to one side.* I like that. Being elusive and mysterious. It’s so hard to be at this old age o’ mine. -12:15 May 16
Evangeline: Well, you are doing a very good job, I think. There is an entire ballroom of very curious people wondering what old man has whisked me away! *Now she was grinning again. She thought who he was would be obvious, but then she supposed she had a bit of an advantage also…* -12:19 May 16
[Gabriel has returned!] -12:36 May 16
Gabriel: *He smirked as he stepped back and pulled her close.* You do not think I am being too wicked. -12:36 May 16
Evangeline: *She laughed softly and smiled wider.* I could imagine much worse wicked things. Besides, what harm is there in dancing with a sweet old man? My husband shouldn’t mind that! -12:38 May 16
Gabriel: Aahh … This old back will give out soon and my heart swells from dancing with such a beautiful woman. Only one woman can make me feel this way, despite my wicked life. -12:40 May 16
Evangeline: So soon? I thought we might dance all night and until the sun came up. One night for you away from being so wicked? -12:42 May 16
Gabriel: But dare I keep you, fairest mistress. Your husband will miss his cuddles and waste away in longing. -12:43 May 16
Evangeline: *Evangeline giggled.* That is true… but he could have also stayed to dance with and all night and claim his cuddles too. -12:45 May 16
Gabriel: Humor an old man weary of life and kiss me, my sweet. Perhaps that will invigorate my bones and give me strength to dance until dawn. *He lifted the bottom of his mask enough to expose his mouth.* -12:48 May 16
Evangeline: *She seemed to give that some consideration!* Hmm. I only give kisses to my husband… But since you are in need, I could spare one. *Tilting on her toes she gave him a quick, chaste kiss. Men that aren’t supposed to be her husband, won’t get a special one after all!* -12:52 May 16
Gabriel: What a lucky man! To enjoy even sweeter kisses than the one you gave me! Surely your husband will detest and punish me for such actions! Ah but I treasure it all. -12:55 May 16
Evangeline: *She was grinning wide again.* He isn’t so cruel. My husband is kind and compassionate. He takes good care of nice people, and has given me everything I could have wanted. -12:57 May 16
Gabriel: *He patted her hand.* For being so good to such a lonely man, I wish to thank you. However … it is a gift best given in private. -01:01 May 16
Evangeline: *Her head tilted, curious!* A private thank you? I didn’t think you were so shy! -01:04 May 16
Gabriel: *He bowed.* Yes, I fear you will not enjoy my gift. -01:10 May 16
Evangeline: Oh no, I’m sure it’s a very nice gift! I’d very much like to see what it is? *Now she was extra curious. How could she -not- enjoy a thank you gift? He was a wicked tease!* -01:12 May 16
[Evangeline loves playing with Gabriel. It doesn\’t end with accidents like training lessons do.] -02:57 May 17
[Gabriel could tell Evangeline was enjoying this–so was he.] -02:59 May 17
Gabriel: It is outside if you wish to see it, fair lady. Ah … But you will have to trust me. It is outside and for your eyes alone. -03:00 May 17
Evangeline: Hmm… Since you have been so sweet, I can trust you. Outside we go! *She offered him her arm to take. And a wide smile!* -03:03 May 17
Evangeline: Hmm… Since you have been so sweet, I can trust you. Outside we go! *She offered him her arm to take. And a wide smile!* -03:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He knew everyone was watching. They wanted to say something or intervene but they’d never seen the like before. Good. He didn’t like the thought of someone flirting with Evangeline. He took her arm and stroked it.* You give me so much joy in this old heart. If I had a wife like you, I would never leave you alone as long as your husband does. -03:05 May 17
Evangeline: Really? I wish he felt the same. Sometimes I think he forgets how much my heart breaks every time he is away. *Evangeline led the way for the doors, just grinning at a few people as they passed by. They looked so startled and pensive. Did they think Gabriel would swoop out and set fire to a stranger?* -03:08 May 17
Gabriel: … Does it? You poor love, on the other hand … your husband is … who again? My old mind continues to elude me. *He walked alongside her and picked up the staff.* -03:11 May 17
Evangeline: *She giggled!* How can you know the mistress of the castle and not her husband? He is my life. The Darkness that holds me up and lets me shine. ..Maybe even my guardian angel! -03:13 May 17
Gabriel: *He hobbled next to her as they reached the doors.* Eh, I am old. So old. No one ever spies your husband. I heard them whisper about his shadow wolves. -03:15 May 17
Evangeline: *Oooh, she was really expecting a scowl! But with the cloak and mask, she would hardly be able to notice anyway.* You shouldn’t listen to everything people whisper. Those wolves are actually very cuddlie and love to play fetch. *Evangeline pushed open one of the doors to lead him out, pretending not to notice the ones in the ballroom that were trying to signal for her to stay!* -03:18 May 17
Gabriel: *His scowl turned to a smirk. He would probably be snickering if he was inclined.* Well, I hope others don’t feel that way, fair lady. The wolves wouldn’t be so intimidating. -03:20 May 17
Evangeline: They seemed to be confused by what I find intimidating and what I don’t… *With the ballroom behind them, and the doors closed, it was much more silent. Just the faint sounds of music!* -03:24 May 17
Gabriel: *He looked around. Everyone was in the ballroom. Those who weren’t were probably in their own rooms asleep.* Ah … Now, I need you to close your eyes, fair lady. And trust me. I shall take you to your surprise now. -03:26 May 17
Evangeline: This is a well planned surprised for a mysterious old man, yes? *Evangeline closed her eyes without hesitation, and all the curiosity that she had! Surprises were fun!* -03:29 May 17
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Perhaps this old man met you for a reason. *Then he was leading her, hobbling, hobbling … slowly walking straighter. The staff disappeared but he still wore the mask and the hooded cloak. He still spoke in the old man’s voice.* We are almost there, fair lady … Slowly now. Almost there … *Then they stopped.* You can open your eyes now, fair lady. *They were in the spring courtyard and there was a blanket with a picnic basket and two glasses.* -03:33 May 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline opened one eye and then the other. She smiled!* I think I like this surprise! *She tilted her head as she smiled at him.* I think you look a little taller now. -03:36 May 17
Gabriel: *He lifted the mask.* A little. *He kissed her cheek.* Did you enjoy your first ball in your new ballroom. -03:38 May 17
Evangeline: It was beautiful. I like to see everyone happy and dancing. …and you are always my favorite dance! -03:40 May 17
Gabriel: *He smirked.* No doubt they’re wondering if the world is ending for an old man to whisk you away like I did. *He took her hands and kissed her knuckles.* You are beautiful. -03:46 May 17
Evangeline: Everyone thinks I’m going to let myself be kidnapped out of my own home. I didn’t think I was so silly. *He made her smile, though. She rocked on her heels before looking down at her feet.* Will you take off my shoes for me? -03:48 May 17
Gabriel: Anything for you, fair lady. *He smirked.* Almost anything. *He got on his knees and took off one shoe and then another, making sure Evangeline was balancing correctly.* -03:52 May 17
Evangeline: Just almost anything? *Evangeline was giggling again… what for her seemed more like a prince or king kneeling at her feet and very romantic, she was sure everyone else in her Ballroom would see and have all sorts of wrong perceptions of it!* -03:54 May 17
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as he put her shoes on the grass out of their way and stood. He kissed her lips.* Yes, almost anything. You find new ways to test those limits everyday, it seems. -03:57 May 17
Evangeline: You make me sound wicked! *Yet she couldn’t be offended, not when he laughed!* Would you… dance all night with me? And give me more kisses? Aaand…. smile? -04:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He raised an eyebrow.* You can be wicked when you wish to be. *Then he tilted his head slightly at her.* You see. You are testing those limits even now. *But he stepped back and bowed.* If I may have this dance, beautiful queen. -04:05 May 17
Evangeline: *Evangeline took his hand with a grin and twirled under his arm.* A wife should be a mirror of her husband, yes? To keep him satisfied but on his toes! -04:09 May 17
Gabriel: *He smiled and pulled her close. He kissed her cheek before putting his hand on his waist and holding one of her hands in the other.* A mirror in some ways. I am not as compassionate and forgiving. -04:11 May 17
Evangeline: I’ve seen you be compassionate and forgiving… And you always are with me. *And it was even more sweet when it was with others. But there was the smile she wanted, and here was the dance… now she just needed more kisses!* -04:15 May 17
Gabriel: *There was that urge to scowl when she said he was compassionate and giving but it was a smile instead since she’d added that last part. He kissed her mouth gently, once, twice, a little longer. The shadow wolves shifted around the far edges of the spring courtyard to deter anyone who might be stupid enough to interfere. He considered himself a patient vampire but that patience only stretched so far–and did not extend to cuddling time!* You are my wife. -04:17 May 17
Evangeline: Uh hmm. I very much like being your wife. *Her eyes were closed again in a dreamy sigh. Parties were always nice, but these moments with Gabriel she never tired of!* How long do you think if would have been for you to marry me, if I hadn’t gotten in to trouble…? -04:22 May 17

Speaking of interlopers, there were a couple now on the balcony scanning the courtyards trying to see where their Bright Lady was taken too. They were joyed to know she wasn’t stolen from the castle, but now they were sure she was being seduced by some evil incubus or worse! One of them was preparing a crossbow to see if they could take him out without him fleeing!

Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Longer, I believe. I cannot tell how much longer. You would have become a vampire and if you did not resent me for that, I would have resented myself. -04:24 May 17
Evangeline: You don’t want me to be a vampire? *She knew the answer, but the reasons why always confused her. He was so angry when she almost had that one vampire turn her!* …what ever became of Bael? -04:28 May 17

From the shadowy corner of the balcony, a shadow wolf launched itself into the air and snapped the crossbow in two. Another shadow wolf jumped onto the railing in front of the would-be assailant and pounced! -Gabriel

The person nearly screamed as they got took the floor. Their companion scooting backwards out of the way. “You wolves!” one hissed. “There’s an old man enchanting the Bright Lady down there! Attack him!”

Gabriel: *A soft sigh. He stopped dancing so he could just hold her.* I love you, Evangeline. A vampire is a beast driven by hunger. Blood is a vampire’s only goal. *He cupped her cheek and looked into her eyes.* No, you cannot use me or Dark as an example of vampires who are better than that. -04:31 May 17
Evangeline: i know you are both different. …but others are too? *There was no reason to argue about it again. She certainly didn’t want to be one! Sometimes curiosity just got the better of her. She finally sighed, tilting her head to kiss the palm of his hand.* You evaded my other question… -04:36 May 17

In reply, the shadow wolf in front of the would-be assailant snapped its jaws. The others moved off of the companions to snap their jaws as well and start herding them back from the balcony. -Gabriel

Gabriel: I did not kill him if that is what you wish to know. Caroline kept the promise she made to you. *He started dancing with her again, swaying from one side to the other.* -04:39 May 17

Confused and reluctant they headed back inside. The wolves were crazy… unless they were already planning to attack! They would just have to wait and tattled when Gabriel returned to the castle!

Evangeline: *Evangeline rest her head against his chest. Listening carefully to the rhythm of his heart. She didn’t think he would lie to her… but sometimes he found ways around things. After all, he did mean it when he said ‘almost anything’!* Do you think over time some things won’t hurt as much to remember? -04:45 May 17
Gabriel: *He stroked her hair and nodded.* I do. Does something hurt to remember now. -04:46 May 17
Evangeline: *She shrugged her shoulders, laughing gently against his chest.* Somethings. But they are more easily forgotten when I’m with you. Everything else falls away and there’s just us and pretty stars. -04:50 May 17
Gabriel: *He nuzzled her cheek, then kissed it.* I love you, Evangeline. If anything I have ever done has ever hurt you … I am sorry. -04:51 May 17
Evangeline: *And this was why she loved him. He could not stand to hurt her, and he made her want to pull him close and kiss his worries away. She leaned back and tugged his cloak until he was close enough to brush a soft kiss over his lips.* You have no idea how much you mean to me… *She murmured against his mouth.* -04:55 May 17
Gabriel: *He smiled.* I know I mean enough that you will raise heaven and hell to get me. *He rubbed his cheek against hers.* -04:57 May 17
Evangeline: I can’t live without my husband, after all. *She snuck her arms around his neck to hold him close.* I would travel across worlds and black out suns for you? -05:03 May 17
Gabriel: *He was still smiling.* As I would for you. May I give you the world, Evangeline. -05:06 May 17
Evangeline: For now you could give me you, and I would be content with nothing else for the rest of my life. *She could definitely stare as his smile forever! Something so rare and precious that few had ever seen it!* -05:09 May 17
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* And you, Evangeline, will continue to have a very long life. I give myself to you. -05:13 May 17
Evangeline: *She leaned on her toes to give him another kiss, then whispered in his ear.* And if I gave myself to you, what would you do with me? -05:18 May 17
Gabriel: A great deal, fair lady. *He tugged on her dress.* But I want to get this off of you. -05:21 May 17
Evangeline: I have been wearing it all night. *Evangeline stepped back, twirled under his arm once more before stepping a few paces away. She turned her back to him and reached behind her to pull down the zipper, but stopped midway down her back.* …. you are sure you do not want the dress on me? -05:26 May 17
Gabriel: It is a lovely dress, Evangeline. *He smirked.* But for what I intend to do, you may want to get it off so I don’t rip it off. -05:32 May 17
Evangeline: Would you really? *She took a glance at him over her shoulder.. not sure if she believed him or not. But the grin she gave was definite proof she could be wicked sometimes too. And more proof still when she took her time pulling that zipper the rest of the way down.* -05:36 May 17
[Gabriel logged out of the chat.] -((06:03 May 17))
[Evangeline logged out of the chat.] -((06:04 May 17))
[Chat Cleared by: System::Timeout (A baby panda cries.)] -06:04 May 17
[Evangeline will never admit that she likes testing what she can get away with!] -04:11 May 19
[Gabriel is watching … and waiting.] -04:14 May 19
Gabriel: *He smirked and moved closer, moving her hair over her shoulder so he could kiss the back of her neck and start kissing his way down.* -04:15 May 19
Evangeline: *She shrugged her shoulders with a soft giggle, making no move at all to slip off the sleeves and let her dress fall.* Is it too late to ask what’s in the basket..? -04:18 May 19
Gabriel: … Yes. *His lips moved lower until he got to the small of her back.* Are you going to take the dress off or shall I start nibbling on you. -04:20 May 19
Evangeline: *For her that didn’t sound like a threat at all! But she slip off one sleeve and then the other to let the fabric fall to a pool of silk at her feet. Revealing nothing but pale skin and no undergarments in sight. She was chewing on her bottom lip to avoid giggling again. Sexy reveals were not supposed to come with giggling!* -04:25 May 19
Gabriel: *He stood and moved to stand in front of her. He tilted his head slightly as he looked her over, taking his time.* Evangeline, my Heart of Darkness, my reason for existing … -04:27 May 19
Evangeline: You look at me like you’ve never seen me before. *She grinned, reaching out to tug gently on his cloak.* How do you like my dress now..? -04:32 May 19
Gabriel: *He smiled as he bent to kiss her lips gently.* What dress. -04:34 May 19
Evangeline: *She would never have enough of him smiling! Evangeline tilted on her toes to kiss him again, brushing her briefly over his mouth. With very subtle movement, she was stealing his cloak away!* -04:37 May 19
Gabriel: *There was a soft chuckle as she stole his cloak. He slipped his boots off and pushed them out of the way.* -04:41 May 19
Evangeline: *Letting his cloak drop to the ground, she gave a slight narrow eyed but amused expression at his chuckling. Without a word, she was tugging at his shirt to steal it away too. Then she was after his belt!* -04:46 May 19
Gabriel: *She made short work of his shirt and his belt. He still smiled at her and managed to steal a kiss.* I am in trouble. -04:47 May 19
Evangeline: You are very much in trouble! I have half a mind to tie you up and do the meanest things to you! *In fact, she seemed to be seriously considering it… It ~was~ highly reccomened from Caroline… but Gabriel wasn’t exactly easy to tie to anything!* -04:51 May 19
Gabriel: Do you. *He raised an eyebrow. She appeared serious about it but she had never tied him up before.* -04:57 May 19
Evangeline: *She cast him an enigmatic grin, tilting his belt back and forth on one finger and hooking the waistline of his pants with another.* Maybe. I could tie you up in my bed and not let you loose for days… Then I can do whatever I wish with you and you’d not escape. -05:00 May 19
Gabriel: You are going to prove to me how wicked you are. *He wanted to tease her but it was so rare when she wanted to be wicked.* -05:06 May 19
Evangeline: I am the Queen of Darkness..? *With no real plan in mind, she tugged the waistline of his pants until he followed her to the blanket. With a bit of fussing she had him sit, then knelt behind him.* ….You won’t cheat, will you? -05:10 May 19
Gabriel: *He sat down, then glanced over his shoulder and up at her.* Cheat … How. *He wasn’t sure if she meant being unfaithful to her or cheating in some other way.* -05:13 May 19
Evangeline: *With a wicked sort of smile, she leaned forward to whisper in his ear.* Don’t cheat and escape..? I promise I won’t be too mean… *And to give an example of what she meant, she pulled his hands behind his back… but nothing else yet.* Do you trust me? -05:17 May 19
Gabriel: *Gabriel raised an eyebrow as she pulled his hands behind his back. He trusted her, yes. The problem being that he was giving up control. He didn’t like that.* … I will not cheat and escape. Yes, I trust you. -05:20 May 19
Evangeline: *Evangeline was grinning wide. Using his belt she bound his wrists together… but not too tight! He wouldn’t be uncomfortable. Then she was tapping her chin wondering what to do with him first. She hadn’t thought that far ahead!* Now you are mine! *She rest her hands gently on his shoulder, leaning forward to gently nuzzle against the back of his neck.* -05:25 May 19
Gabriel: *He tested how tight she’d bound his wrists together. He could still move them slightly.* It would appear I am. -05:29 May 19
Evangeline: *She brushed the back of her fingers softly down his spine, before pressing her lips to his skin and nipping.* ..and you are not scared? -05:32 May 19
Gabriel: *He chuckled softly.* Not yet. -05:37 May 19
Evangeline: *Debating on whether or not he -should- be scared, Evangeline inched her body around him. Very deliberately letting her breasts brush up against him as she went from nibbling on his shoulder to crawling on his lap.* You’re very brave, I think. -05:42 May 19
Gabriel: *She was having an effect on him but he didn’t let her know it.* For now. *He smirked.* -05:45 May 19
Evangeline: *She tilted her head, examining his face curiously.* Just for now? *With both hands she stroked her fingers through his hair, always so soft and fine! She finally let them glide down to rest on his shoulders again, as she took his mouth with hers in deep kiss. Tempting him with her tongue to open.* -05:50 May 19
Gabriel: *He grinned when she looked at his face, groaning softly as she kissed him. He decided to play the part and resist–but eventually gave in and opened his mouth for her.* -05:53 May 19

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